Progressions and Regressions (Chapter 12 Uploaded)

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I’ve read a few :slightly_smiling_face:. I appreciate that.

I really like your story and can not wait until I can read some of your story

Chapter 12

We arrived to our local mall. Mom parked the car and came around to my side to unbuckle me out of the car seat. Hayley had already unbuckled herself and jumped out of the car.

I was still trying to process the fact that I was 9 years old and the one stuck sitting in Hayley’s baby car seat while mom let Hayley, my 4 year old little sister sit in my big boy booster seat.

After mom unbuckled me, she took the pacifier out of my mouth. I realized I was still sucking it on automatic without thinking about it. I have to be careful about getting too used to the pacifier, I told myself.

After Mom took the pacifier out she said, “Sweetie, are you going to behave like a big boy today and not complain.”

I said “Yes mommy.”

Mom said “Okay then” and put the pacifier back into the diaper bag. She lifted me out of the car seat.

Mom then said to Hayley and I “I want you both to stick close and hold my hand. It’s busy here at the mall and I don’t want you to get lost.”

We walked from the parking garage into the mall with Hayley and I each holding one of mom’s hands.

The first store we walked into was for mom. Mom purchased some workout shoes. She had joined a new gym with some of the other moms in the community and wanted some new shoes. In the 2nd store we went to, mom told Hayley and I stay on a bench outside the changing room while she tried on some yoga pants.

Hayley and I sat there for a few minutes when I felt the need to pee. I hoped mom wouldn’t be too long so I could tell her I needed to go potty. As this was happening, Hayley got up and started walking towards one of store clothing racks nearby. I said to Hayley “Mommy told us to stay here.”

Hayley responded saying “Relax I’m just going to be right over here looking for a second.”

I decided not to say anything as I didn’t feel like confronting my sister and causing a scene in the store.

As Hayley was looking at the clothes on the rack from about 40-50ft away, a lady that worked at the store came up to me and said “How are you doing little one, I wanted to come over here to check on you. I see your big sister left you to go look at some of the clothes over there.”

Wait did she just call Hayley my big sister. I didn’t know what to say other than “I’m good thank you.”

Luckily Hayley was far away that she didn’t hear anything.

The lady responded saying “Okay cutie.”

Hayley came back to the bench a couple minutes later. She asked me who that lady was that came over and what was she talking to me about.

I just said “She’s a lady that worked here and none of your business” sticking my tongue at Hayley.

Hayley brushed it off saying “Okay whatever little bro.”

I said “Hey I’m not your little bro, don’t call me that.”

Hayley then sat up straight and said “What are you going to do about it.”

I said “I’m going to tell mommy.”

Hayley said sarcastically “Awe are you going to be a little tattletale again and tell mommy on me.”

I got a determined look on face and said “Yes I am.” I wasn’t going to back down to my punk little sister.

My sister responded saying “Oh yeah who do you think she is going to believe. Don’t forget what happened in the car earlier. Mom called you the little brother so that makes you my little bro.” Hayley said winking at me.”

I tensed up when my sister said that and got super flustered. I hesitated then said “Th that was a a accident sis. M mommy didn’t mean to.”

My sister just laughed at my response and turned away like she had no more use for me.

I felt so ashamed and vulnerable at that moment.

It was 10 more minutes by the time mom came out of the dressing room. As mom was paying and checking out with her new yoga pants, I said to her “Mommy I have to go potty.” I had to go pretty bad at this point.

Mom said “Okay sweetie we’ll go right now after this lady finishes checking us out. Hayley do you need to go too?”

“Yes mom I do.”

Mom said “Okay then.”

We left the store moments later and were walking in the mall looking for the nearest restroom. I was trying to walk carefully as I didn’t want to make any fast or sudden movements with the now painful pressure from my bladder. Mom kept dragging me along telling me to keep up.

We finally saw a restroom and were turning the corner when I realized I started losing control.

Oh no! I thought. Here we go again.

By the time we reached the bathroom I completely soaked my pull-up. I wet so much that the pull-up actually leaked a bit, creating a small wet spot on my overalls that mom saw.

Mom looked down at the wet spot on my overalls and said “Wow sweetie another accident. We were here at the bathroom and you couldn’t hold it another minute.” She had a sad, discouraged look on her face.

Mom then turned to Hayley and said “Sweetie are you still dry”

Hayley said “Of course mom”. Hayley looked annoyed that mom would even ask her that.

Mom responded saying “Good girl. Can you go potty in one of the stalls over there while I get your little brother changed?”

Hayley said “Yes mom I was about to go over there.”

Wow I thought. Mom is calling me the little brother again not even correcting herself anymore.

As Hayley walked into one of the stalls, Mom turned to me and lifted me up off of the ground and carried me against her hip to the changing table in the bathroom.

She set me down, unsnapped my overalls and tore the sides of my very wet pull-up throwing it in the trash. She wiped me down with a few baby wipes and went through the diaper bag and came out holding one of the Huggies diapers she brought.

I saw the diaper and started crying and throwing a tantrum saying “Don’t put me in a diaper mommy please I’m not a baby.”

Mom said “I’ve had enough of your whining.” She fumbled through the diaper bag again and pulled out the pacifier.

Mom pushed it in my mouth saying “You are to suck on this and keep it in your mouth until a say you can take it out. Clearly you’re not ready to be a big boy. I’m putting you back in diapers until I feel you’re ready for potty training. You are to use your diapers no questions asked.”

I continued to cry knowing there was nothing I could do except suck on my pacifier.

Mom taped the diaper on me and re snapped my overalls pulling them back up my body. She picked me up and set me on the ground.

Moments later we heard a flush from one of the stalls and Hayley walked out saying “Mom I went to the bathroom.” Hayley just went to the bathroom like it was no big deal and she has been doing it forever.

Mom said “Great job sweetie. That’s how a big kid does it.” Looking at me as she said it to make a point.

The thickness of the diapers made my overalls puff out with an unmistakable bulge that Hayley saw. Hayley pointed at me and asked mom “Why is Carter wearing diapers like a baby?”

Mom responded saying “Because Carter is still a little baby, not a big kid like you are Hayley.”

Hayley was so proud when mom said that saying “Thanks mom. I’ll be sure to be a good big sister and show Carter how to be a big kid like me.”

Mom said “I appreciate that honey.”

I gave my sister a dirty stare through my pacifier. She was being such a kiss up to mom.

As the three of us were walking out of the bathroom the diaper caused me to waddle when I walked just like a baby. I had a hard time keeping up while mom was holding my hand.

As we started walking through the mall, mom saw the rental strollers and said “Sweetie I think it would be good idea to rent one of the strollers for you for the rest of our shopping today. You are having a hard time keeping up and it will make it a lot easier on me as well with the shopping bags.”

I wanted to scream at her saying no you can’t do that, but with the pacifier in my mouth, I knew I could say nothing.

Mom put a dollar bill in the machine to pay and before I knew it she had her arms around me picking me up and putting me in the stroller.

I was tired and out of energy to argue at this point. It was only a few short minutes before I started dozing off to sleep to the sound of the stroller wheels turning as mom was pushing me through the mall.


Awww little carter now is the baby if the family at least he still wearing his clothes since he wet a little is gonna be mortified if he leaks more and have to walk only in a diaper rsrs ! I think in the next chapter he gonna be awake in middle a diaper change in the bathroom! And his mommy gonna continue like is this normal rsrs ! Curios to see what gonna happen in home maybe carter gonna sleep in the crib

Ps can imagine carter being obligated to try his new “baby” clothes in the mall and his mommy saying she needs this clothes to change him easy in case of a dirty diaper

I can’t believe this story. What about the Dr appointment she was supposed to make. Mom degrading her son down to a toddler wow . Now any smart parent can figure it out his wetting problem is do to losing his dad. Now boy is also having problems with growing. Another reason a smart parent would make a Dr appointment. Well I’m not reading anymore I’m sure you and some other really don’t care. But force baby a child is wrong and it’s abuse.

It’s a fictional history sooo it’s not real !! You don’t have to believe ! So I don’t know your intent with this mean commentary! If you don’t like don’t read