purchasing a ab gift for my gf

My GF is an AB and she extremely loves to do role plays of little toddler (she is usually playing 1.5-2 years old)
I thought to perches for her a figurine of her (there are several companies and people who can create any figurine from few photos) dressing up as a little toddler
what do you think about it? will she loves it?
would you like to receive such gift?


I’m not sending any photo of her dressed up as a toddler
I’m sending them photos of her from the social media with description how come I want it to be they do all the rest
(theoretically I can ask to do her totally naked based of her photos with cloths they don’t need any photo of her naked to actually do it)

I think the important question is whether she’d actually want a figurine of herself. I know I wouldn’t, and I can’t say as I know of anyone who would.

It’s an oddity, and only you would know if she is interested in something like that.

Now, if they do custom work, maybe she has a favorite character she would want to see in a cute outfit.

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