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In the last 2 months maybe it was longer like 3 months. When I made 6 or maybe 8 posts all of them said unapproved until someone approved it. I even posted in venting anger yesterday and it said unapproved until someone approved it today. Why?

It’s definitely been much longer than 3 months. As far as I know your account has been on moderated posting for a least 2 years. I assume @Ally knows more than I do about the specifics as the only information I have is in some old files of Clawdia’s, and I couldn’t find any related notes in those.

Thanks for moving it to the appropriate thread. I thought where I posted this was the approprate thread. Is there anything I can do to get automatic approvel privileges back?

Let me talk to Ally about the situation. Like I said, I don’t even know why you were placed on moderated posting.

After discussing things with Ally we’ve decided to remove the moderated posting status from your account. :slight_smile:

Cool thank you Ally and Penguin