Questioning one's self

I’m not sure this is in the right area but I was wondering, Has anyone ever questioned why they felt a certin way. I’m still trying to figure out who I am after 18 years of debating this question I’m still as confused as ever.

Questioning one’s self

Could you elaborate a little more? Feeling “a certain way” is rather vague.

Questioning one’s self

In terms of Infantilism, I have before I found I’m not the only one. Once I found there were more people like me, I was able to accept myself for who I am.

In terms of general life, my personality has always come into question. Whether because of Asperger Syndrome or my own problems, I’ve been an outspoken outright douchebag. I don’t usually think before I speak, I don’t care what people think of me despite what I put down on the employee evaluations on many online applications, there are a lot of people who hate me and I can just as easily hate them back. When I was a teenager, yes, I usually questioned this and wondered if the reason I can’t make friends is because of this or some disorder or just because I’m an easy target. Now…I don’t particularly care about friends, I’ve adapted to the solo quiet existence and I’m okay with it.

Questioning one’s self

wow Jaks thats really deep and I agree with you there are people like you and I that just can’t seem to connect with anyone weather or not they are douchbags they just don’t fit but I’d much rather make freinds than go solo if I could.

I’m content with the way I am.

As for Infantilism, peronally, I’m still uncorfortable outside the E-comunities, i have experimented and shared it with a special group of people that I’ll never meet again (I can see a story coming out of that) because I was drunk and 1500 miles from home, truth or dare and I hate liars and hypocrits … sod the crap … I just hate myself … anyhow …………………. akward silence ……………………

Yes I still question myself, you need to do that occasionally or you’ll get stuck allong the path of life, but doing it constantly might mean there’s something not quite right in your life …. my psyciatrist would probably say it’s one of the big 4; Job, Money, Sex (romance) or Family. Although I suppose there are other things to be questioned………… yes I see a shrink didn’t you know my heads messed up …………. no …………. oops ………… shouldn’t have said that ………… but I don’t care anymore …………………. akward silence …………………… :slight_smile:

Questioning one’s self

Friends are a masochistic sabotage waiting to happen for me at least. It’s easy to make a friend, ten times easier to lose him/her depending on how douchebaggy something is that I say and how intolerant they might be.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t usually try anymore.

Questioning one’s self

Hey if I’ve finally come to terms with it in a few weeks almost anyone can and your 1 post from 500 lol and you must have made friends on here because you keep returning and you’ve not been kicked out friends don’t have to be people you’ve seen in person they can be anywhere and you might never meet them but they can be there for you when you need them…… :slight_smile: ……

Questioning one’s self

I return here for the stories and some of the news articles. Nothing more.

Questioning one’s self

Hhmmm…. you sure this is niether news or story (if that’s why your here stick to that) …. you post almost everywhere (not just news and stories which is what you read, i’ll behonest i don’t always read whole threds but again i only post on the one’s i’ve found enjoyable or on topics i like) …. you don’t come just to be a douchbag (your not a douchbag hust misunderstood for the most part) because going out of your way to that would waste too much time and compleate douchbags who might do that have better things to do (again your not a total douchbag) …. you aren’t here to be a moral compass (i’m sure victoriah does that allot especially when we argue, this wasn’t meant to turn into an argument or douchbag of the day competition, i just wanted to let you know that there are some people who care for you and i to be honest am sure you recipricate even if you won’t admit it) …. you might be here as part of the vowel police (sorry “save the vowel movement” from your signature) although they have more important things to do like bringing down msn …. you must like it here (you can get both news and stories elsewhere eg deeker, daiper world, CNN) …. it can’t be that simple, can it?? (as an open question i thought you might reply “i do/don’t like it because of…” to which i would have agreed with you or questioned your real motives to be here)

sorry, now i’m the one being a douchbag (meant as an appology forasking behind your real reasoning and for ruining the thred, also possibly conceading defete ojn this issue) it’s probably a good thing you’re here i could see myself taking your job if there was a vaccancy :slight_smile: (actually this is probably not true i try to emulate what other people do and thier persona’s because it’s a good way to get to know people, unfortunately i lock onto the most powerful persona in a convosation before i join in you happen to be the most powerful in many threds i talk on so i end up emulating you, blah blah blah, sorry my little sister is trying to talk to me [my voice of reason alot of the time], blah blah blah, [you shouldn’t post this] anyway this is another post i’m not going to bother with again posting a reply is pointless because i don’t care and i’m insane i’ve told you already)

(edit:anything in brakets)

Questioning one’s self


I knew you were annoying but you’re also full of shit.

So, the reason I post here is not because I’m rude but because I like the people here and I’m a vowel police, whatever the fuck that is.

That’s quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Especially the part where you imply I don’t like anybody, which I never said.

I don’t try to create friendships among people, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect or like people.

Oh, and by the way, when I say I return here for the stories and news articles, nothing more, when did the meaning of that become “I’ll never post anywhere else.”

Next time you feel like correcting me, read what I wrote.

Questioning one’s self

Jaks, you’ve been going out of your way to try and prove your point. Congratulations. You made a real great thread out of it…[/img]

Questioning one’s self

Actually I never really wanted to argue about this. I really didn’t, I thought it was a decent thread to post in. However, to be fair, I wasn’t the one who said “You must have made friends on here because you keep returning.” I don’t know what possessed him to say that, but don’t put all the blame on me, mmkay?

Orms Einbani and Valentine were the two people I would consider friends her.