Random Short Story by OfficialForumNoobie

One shot wonder, no more chapters.

I’ve always hated these types of parties. Anyone who’s gone through high school can tell you what I’m talking about: the parties put on by the super popular that can’t be missed for fear of not knowing what happened when you return to school monday morning, but can’t talk about because of the gregarious amounts of alcohol consumed. Of course, I was never helped by the fact that I not only wasn’t very popular, but also didn’t drink. I was amazed that I’d been able to garner this invitation anyway, but now that it was given, I couldn’t make some excuse and spend the evening like I’d planned: in my diapers on the couch.

Now, I’m not going to patronize you and tell you what a diaper fetish is, you all know. So when Thursday came around and I finally made up my mind that I was going, (although I was alone on both the male and female companionship front) I decided as well that this stupid gathering wasn’t going to ruin all of my fun. When Friday night rolled around, I was diapered, crazy as it seems.

Now, before you go off on a tangent and start calling me crazy for wearing diapers to a high school party, you need to know the kid hosting. His basement has about the same speaker power as most large nightclubs, and he was never one to spare the speakers. So I knew I was in no danger of being heard, and the number of girls that had danced closely to me in the last three months combined was enough to make me know that I wouldn’t have anyone grinding my crotch that night.

I arrived at the party, and sure enough, the loud techno was already grinding out a dance beat, the heart rythm of a gyrating beast that filled the dance floor, winding and writhing its way to fill every nook and cranny of the basement. I almost literally couldn’t hear myself think.

The first hour or two passed almost uneventfully. I made small talk with the other lucky-inviteds, and just bade my time until the night was over and I could pray I didn’t get killed by one of the kids on the way home.

That’s when it happened, though. A girl that I’d been eyeing (and every other guy in school too) came up to me and starting talking. Now, I’m not sure if it was the scotch on her breath or her inability to stand up straight that gave her away, but suffice it to say she was rather drunk. Anyway, she kept telling me about her cousin that thought I was really cute, and that I needed to come meet her.

I followed, figuring I had nothing better to do.

When we arrived at our (assumedly) intended destination, I found the girl’s cousin playing, of all things, Twister, with a number of other good-looking and partially disrobed girls. Many of the males at the party stood off to the side looking on with a mixture of jealousy and anger. It took my guide about three minutes to remember why we were here, and about fourteen seconds after that to start convincing me that I should join. Finally, I caved and started playing, figuring I’d win in no time.

The cousin, who I’d learned was the Strawberry Blonde with her left hand on yellow, seemed nice enough. In fact, I’ll be honest: she was very nice, and also the only other person in the game that wasn’t flat out drunk.

We played for a few minutes, and we found our heads together more and more as we talked in loud tones over the louder music. I started to really like her, even though I didn’t actually know her name. I was startled out of my growing serendipity, however, when she, in an attempt to move her left foot to read, rested her knee solidly in my crotch, and my now wet diaper. She studied my face for what seemed like an eternity, and while I tried to hold off any emotion, I know my cheeks at the least blushed a little.

Her only response was to disentangle herself from the game and start walking away. I thought my cover was blown and my shot lost when she motioned for me to come with her. We retreated together to a nearly secluded part of the basement where she pushed me up against the wall in the near-dark. Quickly, almost before I knew it, she reached her hand into my pants, plunging it into my diaper. I looked to see how she’d react. She smiled and impish grin, and then pressed her body close to mine while she kissed me in an unexpected display of passion.

I never did learn her name.