Redical City Ch. 1 & 2

This is a Superhero fiction story I have been writing for a long time now. This is the version I think will acctually last long enough to be finished to so that is good : P

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Chapter One; Madness at a Mall

The cool air blasted Sam in the face as he flew through the air. The blissful weightlessness nearly overwhelmed him as he flew through empty space, the earth far below him. His mind filled with serene happiness as he felt himself begin to soar even faster through the air.

The dream ended abruptly as he was ripped back to reality by the anguished cries of his aging history teacher. Sam felt himself become suddenly alert and flung himself back into an upright position, but did so a little too fast and was sent tumbling backwards out of his desk, sending an uproarious laugh throughout the entire class room.

“Mr. Hoffman! If you can’t stay awake in my class, then you won’t be staying in it at all!” The man’s graying hair had become ruffled in the fit he had gone into and now stood completely out of order. An unusual sight for this normally clean, well kept man. His eyes bulging at the young man on his classroom floor however, was fairly common.

“Yes sir, Mr. Lymite,” Sam said as he got to his feet and sat in his chair. He had gotten used to the numerous empty threats he got from this man, and being in his year before last, didn’t very much care. Still slightly blushing he brushed his medium length dark brown hair out of his bright green eyes. The eyes that found their way towards the spot where his long time friend Jessica sat, her hair swaying slightly, like she had just turned away a split second ago. Sam now found himself gazing upon her long silky red-brown hair.

They had been friends for so long; almost all of Sam’s memories seemed to revolve around her in some way. Sam hated having embarrassing moments in front of her, moments like the one just passed. He had always (normally absentmindedly) tried to act “cool” around her. He had liked her for so long, but had never felt the nerve to say, for fear of loosing the friendship.

Sam was brought out of his own little world by the droning school bell, signaling the end of the class. As he walked passed the still angrily mumbling teacher, he tried to make his way through the crowd towards his friend.

“Hey,” Sam spoke over the buzz of the packed hallway.

“Oh, hi. How was your nap?” she said with the sly little look she always gave him when teasing, lamely at that…

“Ha… you’re hilarious, you know that?”

She laughed slightly. “I tell myself that every day. So what class do you have now?” she asked him as they had made their way out of the crowd into a fairly empty section of hall.

“How long did I sleep? 'Cause last time I checked, that was the last class of the day. On a Friday no less,” he said with his own sly grin.

“Really? Wow, I completely forgot. So what are you doing tonight?” she asked as they stopped at her locker. She entered her combination and the locker swung open.

“I don’t know yet. Maybe rob a liquor store… beat the crap out of some little kids… you know the usual. What about you?” Sam joked while keeping a straight, serious face.

“Oh, I have nothing planned, just watch some vids. You know, the norm,” she said, finishing with her locker and closing it. They walked down the hall towards where Sam’s was.

“What kinds of movies?” Sam asked, opening his own locker and replacing his books for his motorcycle helmet and leather jacket. He swung his jacket over his shoulders and they both walked towards the exit.

“You know me.” She said with a smile.

“Chick flicks…” he said rolling his eyes. “If you change your mind then let me know.” He said as they broke out into the fresh air outside of the massive school building. “So, you steeling a ride from me again today?” Sam asked as he walked, Jess following towards his bike.

“Like there was any doubt?” she said as they both climbed on, Sam pulling his helmet on while Jess pulled his spare on over her beautiful face. Sam pressed the ignition button and his helmets visor flickered to life. A speedometer, a clock and other digital read-outs coming into focus around the boarder of the visor.

‘I love the Twenty-third century,’ he thought to himself with a smile. With a rev of the engine, they were off.

They decided to go the long way to Jess’ place, so as to enjoy the great spring weather. They rode over the bridge that connected the island portion of Redical City, to the main land. The two youth lived in the most inland part of the massive city: a district called Altone.

Towards the end of the twenty-first century, war erupted. The largest cities of the world were the targets of the first attacks. And within only a few months, the life on planet earth was nearly completely whipped out, yet they still longed to fight to the death.

What little government that was left after humanity realized that they had all but killed itself, decided the best thing to do was cut their losses with the destroyed nations of earth and began building several giant cities in the least populated sections of the planet.

The first, and largest city was built into the cradle of the Gulf of Mexico, becoming the refuge for the entire western hemisphere. Named Redical after the man who had picked the location. While other cities were built in Asia, Africa, and even the ant-arctic, but the biggest of all was still Redical City.

A few decades after the completion of the City, its population had grown immensely due to people from the outside world coming in search of better lives. Then, something unexpected disrupted the peacefulness of the city. An eruption of terror exploded onto the city as a strange race of what could only be described as monsters began killing people.

No one knew where they had come from, but as they began whipping out the human population, the city formed a police force to fight this new ‘species’.

Now, years later, the creatures have been forced back to a city that they have built. It sat along side Redical, looming over it like the shadow of a tidal wave, towering over a boat.

But most don’t dwell on this, they live their lives, trying to forget what might happen to them or their family in one of the not so uncommon attacks. Most staying as far away from the alien looking city of black towers that jut from the ground outside the walls as possible.

Sam brought his bike to a silent halt outside of Jessica’s apartment building. First Jess got off the bike, then Sam, they both removed the helmets and made their way up to the building’s front door. The sun hung low in the now orange sky as they came to a stop.

“So have you changed your mind about what movies you’re gonna watch?” Sam asked absentmindedly scratching the small patch of hair he had let grow under his lower lip.

“Not at all.” she said with her smile. Sam just gave her look a mock disappointed, and turned to walk back to his bike.

“Oh! What are you doing tomorrow?” he asked turning back to see her fiddling with her keys.

“Me? Oh, um, nothing why?” she asked, turning to look him full in the face.

“I was wondering if you would go to the mall with me… and Alex. I know he’s not your favorite person, but he is trying to act like a friend, and that’s worth the time at least. Plus I don’t think he has any other friends” Sam said being as sincere as he normally was when talking about anyone.

Alex Thirst hadn’t always been on the best of terms with either Sam or Jess, but Sam always tried to give people more chances than it seemed they deserved.

“I don’t know…” she said, and Sam could see the apprehensive look on her face in the setting sun. “Call me tomorrow and I’ll let you know. Now get home, the sun is almost down.” She said in her typical caring way. Sam realized she was right as he gave his smiling nod in her direction. It was never a nightly occurrence, but being out at night had much higher risk of being attacked by the monsters that dwelled near the city.

Sam mounted his bike and was off through the streets of the small part of the city. Soon on the other side of the district, an old church came into sight. Spires and flying buttresses becoming clearer and clearer as he sped closer, the large clock atop a high tower clearly set against the darkening sky as the stained glass on the high-ceilinged ground floor stood out with a faint glow from within.

He rode around to the back and parked his bike inside of a small garage. He made his way towards a door located in the back of the large church, before walking inside and locking it behind himself.

The fading yellow walls seemed to lazily greet him as he stepped inside, kicking off his boots. He looked over the small, nearly cramped room, the table in the far right corner had several large stacks of paper and other things, the two old chairs on either side seemed to droop with fatigue, their faded, cracked leather almost making tired faces in the back rest of the chair.

He continued through the kitchen, leaving his jacket on the table along with his helmet, and walked past his father’s bedroom. He continued on through the hallway and found the sliding pocket doors to his father’s office open, the rooms light spilling out into the hall. Sam looked in on his father working at his desk.

Balding-head shinning in the light of the room, his cross hanging around his neck as he hunched low over the papers on his desk.
“Hey Dad.” Sam said leaning on the doorframe. Sam knew this wasn’t his birth father, being a priest he couldn’t marry or have children of his own.

He had never known his real parents, but his dad had told Sam long ago that he had taken him in as a very young child and Sam had never looked into his true lineage. The way he saw it, his parents where either stupid kids who had gotten in over their heads, or they just hadn’t wanted him. Either way he would rather wonder than find out for sure.

“Oh, hello Samuel.” He spoke in his raspy, yet cheerful voice. Sam took in the rest of the room as his father began talking rapidly about his day. There were shelves upon shelves full of what anyone else would call junk, but as far back as Sam could remember his father was always building something, including the motorcycle that now rested outside.

The cabinet behind his father’s large wooden desk was also made of a very deep, rich wood. Sam had never been aloud to look inside however, his father always said it was confidential documents about those who attended the church.

“…So how’s Jessica?” Sam zoned back in to hear the last few words of the ramblings.

“She’s fine… you know, same old, same old…” Sam sometimes hated the fact that his father always correctly guessed the reasons for him being late for anything.

“I’m sure she is.” He said with a wink that Sam never liked seeing his father do. “Well, it’s time for this old man to get to bed.” Sam hurried forward to help the trembling, aged man out of his chair.
Sam had started noticing things like this happening a lot with his father. His mortality seemed to have began catching up with him and Sam hated seeing this man look as weak as he did on these occasions. Sam watched the man shuffle off out of the room towards the doorway to his own room. Sam set to work turning off all the lights in the small house built onto the back of the large church and then made his way into the actual church and shut those lights off.

He made his way back to his room and looked over the mess of items strewn across it. His cloths in heaps all over the room, books piled atop the shelves instead of in them. His bed sat against the far wall which he slowly walked towards, stripping off his shirt and falling onto his bed.

The material of the soft and silky bed sheets, cold to his bare chest as he lay, eyes closed, taking in the room with his other senses. The faint sound of his father’s snores coming through the wall to his left, the smell that hung in the air that for a reason beyond him reminded him of Jess… He flipped over on to his side and reached for one of his most treasured possession, an antique electric guitar.

Whenever friends came over they would laugh at him for playing classical music, but Sam loved the sound of the nearly forgotten age of rock or metal. The guitar was a beaten up, faded black color, it looked poorly treated in it’s time, but that was what caught Sam’s eye.

He swung the strap over his shoulder and began strumming. His fingers finding their way around the frets as his eyes closed and he just focused on the feel and sound of the instrument.

The mall entrance was crowded as Sam, Jess, and Alex hopped off the bus. They made their way in through the crowd and began making their way through the mall. Alex’s greasy dark hair was combed back out of his face, his cloths seemed a size or so too big on his thin frame. He was a very fidgety guy, always looking over his shoulder.

They walked around the mall for a while, looking in stores and messing with the clerks. They had stopped for lunch and were laughing at the spectacle a couple was making over a very stupid misunderstanding, when a scream echoed through the mall from a floor below.

Sam, always rushing into situations to try and help people, ran to the ledge looking down from the food court into the center of the mall. There, on the ground floor, was a pack of Mutants. Sam realized that it wouldn’t be long till the authorities arrived, but till then someone had to keep these monsters from hurting anyone.

Sam turned to his friends.

“I have to go,” he said, and began running even though he heard Jess yelling after him.

He was down the stairs to the middle floor in a flash and jumped nearly the whole staircase, landing on the main floor in a run. Mobs of people fighting their way passed him, trying to escape. Sam finally saw the Mutants clearly as he rounded the final corner
into the main court of the mall.

Two seemed to be barely sentient, they hunched over almost to the point of being on all fours. Their thin legs dwarfed by the massive arms and torso, yet everything about them seemed to scream how horribly strong the beasts were. The third was the most human looking. He had close to normal looking skin if you could see it through all the fur-like hair. He had a long dirty main of hair and a patchy beard over his muzzle of a mouth, looking a lot like some kind of lion or werewolf.

The more-human-one was clearly the leader of this little gang as he had been the one yelling at the kids they had been circling the whole while. Sam had been taught that even though all Mutants were dangerous, the older, more ‘evolved’ ones had more control, while most acted as mindless, viscous beasts. So seeing the wolf leading the others didn’t come across as a shock in this bazaar situation.

Sam felt his gut wrench as he realized what his body had started doing seemingly on it’s own.

“Hey!” he cried out over the screams of people trying to get away. “Leave those kids alone!” Almost instantly, the three shifted, making their way across the floor to the young man standing as upright as he could.

“Looks like we have a little hero here, huh?” the wolf-man said in a strange voice. Sam had never heard one of these things talk, let alone be this close to one before, and was almost openly taken aback by the strange voice and the way it formed the words it spoke. The other two didn’t laugh, they just narrowed their eyes, their large, blood shot, vibrant eyes.

“Not everyone is afraid of you freaks,” Sam found himself going on autopilot, his hands were shaking slightly. He didn’t like whatever was inside of him that always got him into these situations. But whatever it was, it always seemed to get him through those same situations.

“What do you think you are? Talking to us like that, your going to get skinned if you don’t watch that dirty little human mouth!” Roared the werewolf, it’s dark red eyes widening furiously as he towered over Sam.

At this moment, the skylight above them smashed, glass rained down upon them. Sam looked up after the rain of glass had stopped to see armored figures dropping out of a helicopter-like craft hanging low over the now smashed skylight. These were the police force that had been assembled to fight the Mutants in the case that they attacked humans. Sam had known it would only be a matter of time before they showed up.

In the confusion, Sam saw the wolf creature begin to run for it, escaping into a hallway, Sam chasing after him. He ducked around and between the black body-armored police, who had begun opening fire on the other two Mutants who had themselves begun attacking the soldiers.

Sam was running only a few feet behind the Mutant, it’s smell filling Sam’s nostrils. Sam saw the end of the hall was coming closer and closer as they ran. Sam saw the beast began to turn as he neared it and Sam leapt towards him. They collided and were both sent toppling into the wall opposite the hall they had just ran the length of.

Sam felt the werewolf’s elbow hitting him in the jaw and soon felt warmth spread down his chin from his mouth. He spat out blood as the creature got to its feet. Sam dove for him again and caught him around the knees and wrenched its legs out from underneath it.
Sam got to his feet first; the Mutant let out a roar of anger as he pounced on Sam. Sam punched up into the hairy ribs of the man on top of him. With another roar, it plunged it’s claws into Sam’s side under his ribs.

Sam’s scream echoed through the long corridor. Sam found strength he didn’t know he had and kicked the Mutant off of him, sending him falling backwards. Clutching his side, Sam got to his feet, as the wolf-Mutant did the same. The warmth spreading across his middle and down his neck and onto his chest made Sam feel dizzy, his head seeming to empty and feel lighter than normal, but still he stood strong.

Sam saw the monster before him start to run towards him. Whatever had been telling it to get away only seconds ago was now being over whelmed by a desire to kill this interfering kid. Sam watched as the clawed fingers tensed and became ridged, ready to be used in a split-seconds notice.

As the beast leaped through the air towards Sam, fangs bared and dripping with drool, eyes livid, Sam held his breath, waiting for the right moment. He saw it, and leaned forward as his foot flew up just in time to connect with the wide open chest of the Mutant, who quite abruptly stopped his forward motion and dropped to the ground with Sam’s foot on its chest the entire time.

The wheezing sound coming out of the beast’s snout-like mouth was almost sickening. Sam, spitting more blood, watched as the creature made terrible retching sounds trying to catch it’s thoroughly gone breath.

Sam slowly walked passed the crumpled body, delivering a swift kick to the side of its head, knocking it out cold. He continued out into the main floor of the mall, as the black armored men ran passed him into the long hallway, making Sam realize how fast all that had happened.

More men rushed towards Sam once he made his way into the middle of the large, round, open room. One began to look over his wounds as another walked up in front of him and removed his helmet.

“Young man, I am Lieutenant Sean Howell. On behalf of the B.I.R.D., I would like to thank you for your immense bravery,” he spoke in a strangely irritating voice, Sam had no idea why, but the sound of his voice was nearly enough to punch the man out right there. His short blond hair sticking out in every direction from wearing his helmet.

Sam recognized the name he had dropped too. The Bureau of Internal Redical Defense, was the name of the task force that was formed to police the Mutants. Sam looked over the man’s uniform. It was black, like what old SWAT teams would wear, but with modern technology and kevlar-steel armor plating. He had badges embossed on his chest plate to show some kind of importance.

On his left shoulder, large white letters spelled out B.I.R.D. and it had what looked like the head of an eagle or falcon or something in profile, either way, they sure seemed to run with the whole winged creature motif.

“It’s ok, if there was anyone else to do your job for you, maybe I wouldn’t have this chunk missing from my side,” Sam said flatly. He looked down at his side and saw that it hadn’t been as deep as he thought, that creature must have missed slightly, because they were only a few shallow puncture holes, so he walked passed the few men who had been trying to treat him.

“We insist on giving you some type of compensation,” The blond man said walking quickly to keep up with Sam, who had seen that Jess and Alex weren’t watching over the railing above, and guessing they had been ushered outside.

“You want to pay me back?” Sam said stopping and turn towards the man. “Start doing your jobs so people like me don’t have too,” he said coldly, spitting out the last bit of blood in his mouth before he continued out the doors, dozens of people packed tightly together on the other side.

After what felt like hours of fighting his way through hundreds of reporters and people asking him questions like ‘why did you do it?’ and ‘oh my god, are you ok?’ Sam finally saw Jess on the other side of the street, waiting for him, by herself…

“Hey, where…” Was all Sam could say before Jess ran over to him, looking first at his bloody chin, then examining his side. He pulled away slightly and finished asking where Alex had gone.

“Oh, little worm ran away with some lame excuse. Are you ok?” she demanded after filling him in, not taking her hands away from him, or looking away from his battle wounds. After a few minutes of this, they began walking towards the bus stop.

For the bus shuttle ride, and most of the walk towards Jess’ place, she hardly said two words to Sam. As they rounded the corner onto her street, Sam couldn’t stand the silence anymore.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, trying to make eye contact, but she didn’t look at him.

“Nothing,” she said flatly, a slight quiver in her voice.

“Okay, now I know something is bugging you,” Sam said stopping and turning her head so she looked him full in the face, “Now, what’s wrong.”

“Why do you always do stuff like that to me?” She said loudly, tears peeking out from under her eyelids.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about?” Sam said, subconsciously seeing where this was going.

“Why do you always have to put your self in such danger? And it isn’t even for friends, or family… it’s for complete strangers, or people who openly hate you! It makes me feel like I’m not good enough to be around you! You’re this… saint, and I’m just this stupid girl in the way!” she was now full out crying.

“Well, what do you want me to do? Only help people if I owe them one?” he shot back angrily. “If I didn’t help those kids, their blood would be smeared all over the mall, and they wouldn’t be walking away from it! I don’t know what it is, I just need to help people. I figured you would be proud of your best friend for saving lives.”

“Sam, I am so proud that you stand up for people who can’t defend themselves. I mean, it’s a all to rare thing to find anyone who will stand up for any and everyone just because he knows it’s the right thing to do. But at the same time, I hate that the guy that I love is putting his life at risk for people who don’t even thank him.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Love…” Sam said, eyes foggy, face turning red slightly. As Jess realized what she had said, her face turned so red her nose lost all definition. She turned quickly and practically ran the rest of the block towards her home.

Sam stood there for what felt like hours. His feet seemed as puzzled as his mind and thus, couldn’t figure out how to work.

“She said she loves me… after all this time… she loves…me,” he said under his breath, over and over he played back what had just happened. Sam’s mind filled with such joy at the news that he hardly noticed himself walking in the vague direction of the old church.

Sam made it home just as it was beginning to get dark outside. He was lucky as his father was once again, in his study. Sam slipped into the bathroom and stripped off his blood stained shirt. He inspected the holes in his side. They were each about an inch deep. Nothing to bad, but they looked to be healing already.
He climbed into the shower, washing what little dried blood still clung to his body. When he got out and threw the blood stained cloths into the garbage and made his way to his bedroom, towel around his waist.

In his room, he got dressed and noticed how hungry he was and made his way back out into the main body of the house, and shuffled towards the kitchen. He entered the kitchen to see his father sitting at the small table, eyes fixed upon the television built into the wall.

His father’s level of focus made Sam look to the TV himself, and there, he saw a paused image of himself and the wolf creature fighting. It had been on the news, and they had found security camera footage showing the fight. Sam’s attention shifted back to his father, whose eyes looked almost as livid as the hairy creature who had lunged at Sam only hours before.

“Samuel, please explain to me why you are picking fights with Mutants,” he spoke in a very steady, unreadable voice. Sam’s hunger long forgotten, he tried to sort out the days events in his mind.

“What were they saying in the report?” Sam asked.

“They said you jumped in as several kids were about to be killed,” His father said not looking away from the screen. “And that when the police arrived, you ran after the one who had gotten away. And because of you, they got all three.”

“That’s about it,” Sam said, walking towards the fridge and getting a drink. When he turned around, he saw his father smiling back at him.

“Then I’m proud.” His father said nodding and turning back to the news and watching the rest of it. Sam watched the footage and loved that they even had footage of him telling off the blond haired Bureau agent, allowing him to see the look on the man’s face which he had missed in his dramatic exit.

Afterwards, Sam found his way to his room and half watched a few things on TV, checked a few emails, one from Alex, saying sorry for ditching (Jess had been right, his excuse was lame). After all that, he picked up his beloved guitar and began playing for an hour, until he drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Two; The Family Secret

“What are you talking about? I had to go help my grandmother get to a doctor’s appointment!” Alex nearly bellowed (he always seemed to go over-the-top on these things), as he sat facing the wrong way in his chair, as Sam and Jess rolled their eyes at the excuse while waiting for the class to start.

The rest of the weekend had gone by quickly. And before Sam knew it, they were all in school again. Jess was clearly trying to avoid eye contacted at seemingly all costs. Sam couldn’t remember ever being happier to be sitting in school. Knowing that the girl next to him, the one he felt he had always loved, loves him in return.

As the classes dragged on and other students trying to tell him how they saw him on the news, like he hadn’t been aware of what happened, Jess still seemed to go out of her way to avoid him. Sam was even to preoccupied to sleep in class, trying to see if Jess was glancing his way. As the day came to a close Sam was disappointed to have not gotten to really talk to Jess about what had been said only two days before.

For the rest of the week, they seldom talked, she found other ways home and Sam found himself taking long rides through the city alone. Jess grew more and more distant as the days turned to weeks, turned to almost a month.

Sam solemnly made his way outside through the ocean of youth hurrying out into the world, hoping to enjoy themselves now that they are free from school for the day. He walked to his bike in the parking lot as he pulled on his jacket and pulling his helmet down over his face.

As he mounted his bike, he saw Jess making her way towards him. Sam pressed a small button on the side of his helmet and the visor slide back into itself, and he watched her walk up to him and then stood in awkward silence for a moment.

“Hi,” Sam said, finally breaking the silence.

“Hi… can I get a ride?” Sam simply nodded and handed her the spare helmet and slid forward slightly. The ride went as well as it could, silent but Sam had excepted it to be, he was simply happy that Jess was so close to him. As Sam was about to turn onto Jess’ street, he felt a small tug on the back of his jacket. He then saw her hand stretching passed his head, pointing straight.

They kept riding for a while and then finally stopped in a dirty, back street. They both dismounted the bike and made their way towards the fire escape on their right. They climbed up to the roof, which they used to go to as kids and just waste time.

“So…” Sam said, not wanting to fall into the silence that had plagued the past month.

“Ok Sam, I love you… there, I said it,” Jess said, leaning on the small wall that ran around the edge of the roof. “The reason I’m your friend, the reason I am always looking at you when your looking somewhere else, is because I have loved you for as long as I care to remember,” Sam walked across the roof and joined her at the wall, looking out over the harbor.

The ambient sound from the street below filled Sam’s ears, he didn’t want to come on to strong either. He saw a few wet spots on the ledge, and Sam realized Jess now had tears running down her checks. He reached out and turned her face, so she was looking him in the eyes.

“Jessica, that’s what I have wanted to hear for so long,” Sam said looking deep into her eyes. She blushed but didn’t look away. Sam moved his hand and covered hers with it, giving it a small squeeze he just smiled and continued looking into her eyes, they slowly began moving towards each other.

The dull droning of the school bell brought him out of his dream. And the weight of reality crashed down on him like a rock on an ant. He tried to look natural and not let his complete and total disappointment with his world show on his face as he walked through the hallways.

For the second time (or at least too Sam it was the second time) he walked quietly to his parked motorcycle and mounted it. This time, Jess didn’t come into view. He sat there for a moment, hoping to see her emerge from the crowd, but no sight of her. With the roar of his engine, he sped off wildly through the streets.

He felt angry at everything, every fiber of his being trying to find something to blame for his let down. He longed to be with Jess so badly, his own mind was beginning to fool him into thinking he at long last did.

He made his way to the same rooftop he had (in his mind) just been with Jessica on. He stood in the same spot, looking out over the harbor and onto the glistening skyscrapers that looked back at him. He stood for hours, ignoring his phone and everything other than the view and the thoughts running through his mind.

He had known Jessica since he was seven and loved her since he was seven and a half. Now, only days from his eighteenth birthday, he had not managed to tell her how he felt. He knew how lucky he was to still have her talking to him, he must have seemed creepy in their youth, always following her around trying to become her friend. They hadn’t truly become friends until a few years after they met.

It was in grade five, one night Sam’s father had heard a loud noise in the sanctuary of the church building. When he investigated, he found Jessica, curled in a ball trying to sleep on a pew. She had run away from her home and her abusive father, and was looking for somewhere to stay for a few days.

Sam’s father being who he was and still is, greeted her with open arms. For Sam, having her staying with them was great, and before long, they were close friends. After that point, Sam never had to try and sneak into her company, she was just always there.

Sam’s whole body felt strange, his mind ached but he thought it seemed like more than just a heavy heart, or stress. He had had moments like this before, but it wasn’t because of Jess, it hadn’t been caused by anything really. At least nothing he had noticed a pattern in.

His body and sometimes his very brain would just ache, burn even, sometimes for hours on end. When he would ask his father, he would get a strange look on his face and just dismiss them as growing pains.

His bones themselves seemed to burn now, he staggered across the now dark rooftop. He stumbled down the fire escape, back into the alley, his legs giving out and he fell to the ground. He cried out in pain as his head felt like it was going to split open, he saw several drips of blood, running from his nose before his vision blurring completely. He felt himself vomit from the pain, his whole body now seemed to be trying to rip itself apart.

“Jessica…” he whispered as everything faded away.

When Sam’s eyes finally reopened, they were met with a very strange sight…

All he saw was blue sky meeting darker blue water. He blinked several times and then began taking in the rest of his surroundings. He stood with his arms out stretched in either direction, wind colliding against him from every direction. He blinked again and realized he was standing atop the largest bridge connecting the island of Redical, to the district of Altone.

The shock of his new surroundings made him loose his balance and he began tumbling forward. As he fell through the air, he felt himself twisting and turning and as the ground grew closer and closer, he felt himself almost instinctively right itself in the air and he landed on his feet, and he felt fine. He had just fallen what must have been a hundred feet, but he didn’t even feel any different than if he skipped a single step on a flight of stairs.

He was in such a daze, he didn’t realize he had landed in a small gap of the zooming traffic of the bridge.

His mind felt like it exploded as his vision faded out and refocused, but this time, he was driving a car, and could see someone standing in front of his own the speeding car. And in the split second he saw this image, he realized the person in the way, was himself.

His vision fazed back and he turned quickly to see the car coming towards him. He couldn’t react fast enough and his eyes shut as the car collided with him and he felt the full force of the impact, but just like with the fall, it felt like nothing, as if a small child had just ran into him instead of a car.

As his ears filled with the screeching halts and commotion that an accident would cause, he opened his eyes, and for the second time in mere seconds, was utterly shocked. Rapped around his midsection, like tinfoil, was the remains of the once speeding car, his body once again completely fine as the owners of the stopped cars saw, and got out to try and help.

As several large men, pulled Sam free of the twisted metal and plastic of the car, they realized he wasn’t bleeding, or hurt at all for that matter. A buzz filled the crowd as people began screaming “Mutant!” or “Monster!” as the large men dropped Sam like he was something dirty they had just touched by accident, Sam saw that the crowd was forming an angry mob.

Sam tried to reason, but when he didn’t even know how to explain, they began trying to lash out at him, and trying to hurt him. Sam fought them off with great ease and began running. He had never run so fast in his life, nothing you would expect form an old comic book or anything, but he couldn’t remember ever seeing anyone run as fast as he thought he was going.

Before long, he felt he was safe enough to start walking, and he racked his mind trying to figure out what had happened to him. Last thing he could remember was blacking out in the alley way in the early hours of dusk, and then, he was on top of a bridge in what felt and looked to him to be the late morning, or early afternoon.

He had fallen over a hundred feet and was hit by a car all in under five seconds and he managed to walk (or run extremely fast) away from both without as much as a scratch, he thought lifting his shirt to see only a slight redness where the car had hit him. As he looked, his normally flat stomach now had a full blown six pack, he checked his arms, and they too looked like he had spent a solid week doing nothing but lift weights.

“What’s going on?” he asked no one in particular. He felt himself getting dizzy. He sat on a bench that was set into the sidewalk against a building that was to his left.

It must still be the early afternoon he reasoned, because the streets weren’t very busy. His mind mulled over what had happened in the last five minutes. And he lulled over what a member of that angry mob had said when they called him a Mutant.

“Could I be a Mutant? I mean, I was an orphan. I never looked for my real parents. Maybe my father… was some Mutant, and my mother some poor woman who had been raped to provide soldiers…” As Sam had been taught, this is where the mutated beings had come from. Sam thought about all of this for what felt like hours.

He made his way home after a few more hours on intense thought. He walked in and got some food, he had been hungry ever since he came to on that bridge but had been to involved with his thought to stop anywhere for food. As he finished he heard his father moving around deeper in the house.

“Dad, can we talk!” Sam called out as he finished his food. He left the kitchen and found his father, as always, sitting at his desk in the study, but today he looked much more unkept, tired, papers spread across his desk in a mess that continued across the floor.

“Samuel! Where have you been?” his father cried out as he got up and rushed towards him.

“What do you mean? Oh last night, that’s what we need to talk about.” Sam said taking his seat across from his father’s large armchair. Sam had always been able to talk to his father about almost anything, but Sam wasn’t sure how his father would take this…

“Sam, you have been missing for the passed two days,” his father said completely seriously.

“What?” Sam yelled. “No, I went out yesterday after school… it was one day…”

“No Sam, you have been missing for two days.” His father said looking deeply into Sam’s eyes.

“How could I have been gone that long?” Sam had thought it had been only one night, could it have been two whole days. And despite all this, what he wondered most, was if Jess had noticed his absents.

“What happened?” his father asked.

As Sam explained, the look on the aged face seemed to darken. As Sam finished restating the events that Sam remembered, the old man looked completely out of character. Heavy shadow cast over the blazing blue eyes, his slightly hooked nose flared as he breathed heavily.

“Dad, is it possible that my biological Dad… that my real father was a Mutant?” Sam finished.

“The suppressant must have worn off completely…” his father seemed to say to himself more then Sam. His face flushed slightly as he began talking again. “Sam, I believe it’s finally time for you…” he struggled to find the words, “time for you to learn…the family secret.”

At this his father stood and turned around to his large wardrobe-like cabinet, unlocking it and opened it. Sam watched as he began pulling the empty shelves out of place until just a metallic back panel stared back at them both. His father motioned for Sam to come closer, as he slowly made his way around the large desk, his father stepped into the seemingly small space.

Sam looked inside and realized it was a lot bigger inside than it had looked, his father motioned for him to step inside. Sam reluctantly did and his father pulled the door shut behind him. The small space was light by a faint green glow coming from somewhere over head. Sam saw his father fiddling with some thing on the wall next to the closed doorway.

Sam felt the tiny room begin to move and realized that where they stood was quickly rising. After only a second, the door opened and Sam stared, mouth open as his father stepped out into the strange room.

On the far wall, stood the reversed image of the clock that told the time to the surrounding area, making Sam realize they were inside the clock tower. To his far left was a large computer, beside that sat a small island table, connected to the computer at each one’s base.

The walls were clean looking and metallic, just like the floor, except the floor was metal grating, below which was dark, empty space. Several levels divided the room, each seemed to have a specific purpose and reason for being there.

As Sam moved further into the room, he saw more and more high tech devices, racks of gleaming guns lined a section of the wall to his right. Everything seemed to be what you might find in an army base. Sam made his way slowly around the room, almost forgetting his father, who now was sitting down, in the large chair that sat in front of the computer.

“What is all this?” Sam finally asked.

“Sam, let me tell you a story.” His father said as Sam sat in a less elaborate chair across from his father.

About a decade after Redical City was constructed, the Cities’ Council, felt it necessary to build up defense systems incase any of the other cities outside ever threatened us. They gathered the city’s most intelligent scientists and set them to work trying to find ways to insure the survival of the new utopia. ‘The Project’ as it was called, consisted of men who were the tops in their fields men who believed that this city was the last chance that man kind had at survival.

As the scientists worked, the question arose; who could they have defend the city? If they used young men who had found a home in the city, they would be harming the very population that they were trying to protect. After nearly a month of just building weapons and equipment, they still had no army, and they turned their attention to this new problem.

They began with cloning. They would take the most physically fit men from the growing populace. They would make a dozen clones and move onto the next man. Being surrounded by human DNA all day, gave the scientists an almost intimate knowledge of its structure. This allowed them to become able to reproduce human DNA without an original frame.

As the experiments continued and the solders became more and more sophisticated, one of the scientists working on the project found a way to unlock the untold trillions of parts that make up atoms. As he perfected this and began doing this to subjects, it forced them to take huge leaps in a human’s natural evolution.

The new creatures they had begun making were infinitely more powerful than the human clones who had already created and began training, should anything happen. The creatures were all different even if they came from the same DNA sample.

At first, the scientists only thought them to be stronger physically or have strange deviations in their body structure, extra fingers or arms, that sort of thing. But before long, the creatures who never seemed to build body mass, the ones who had been labeled ‘failed’ because of their unfit state, began showing strange… abilities… Telekinesis, telepathy, and many other… ‘powers’.

This caused the government to become afraid of these outwardly peaceful creatures. Though they had never harmed a soul, the ones ultimately responsible for the existence of these beings choose to eliminate every last one. All but one scientist was outraged, seeing these creatures like sons and peaceful creatures.

They tried to steel several, but were only able to get one away and hide it.

The one scientist who agreed with the government, washed his hands of this and left, dropping off the radar completely. The creations were exterminated, the other scientists left to a lab they had constructed just beyond the city walls, teaching the being they now called Adam.

Before long, the once peaceful being began lashing out, knowing more about what was going on around it than was thought to have understood. Knowing full well why it’s ‘brothers’ were gone and he remained. As the months went by, Adam became more and more violent, demanding to leave and find the men who killed the only family he had ever known.

As anyone could have guessed, he escaped, killing everyone who stood in his way, even those who had raised him. Once out in the world, it tried to find the men behind ‘The Project’, and eventually was actually able to find them.

But, when he struck, the clones that the council had been using as a small police force, defended them and nearly killed Adam, but he escaped, leaving the city. Adam changed its name to Radium, and years later he brought back an army of freakish beings to fulfill his biding.

Some say he had found people living outside the city, and had been able to, turn them into creatures like he was, and from there they began taking women, forcing them to bare their spawn… but no female Mutant has ever been seen… but I digress…

“The rest as they say is history, that is everything we know, that the public have never been told, these are just the incriminating tale of how monstrous beings came to be. I tell you these things because this story means more to you than you could possibly imagine.”

Sam was silent for along time after this point, his mind unable to take most of the information. After what felt like hours of quiet thought, he broke the silence.

“You were the scientist who left, aren’t you?” Sam asked.

“Yes, and once the Mutants started to grow in number, The council searched me out and found me here, in my church,” he paused, looking around the room.

“They told me that I alone had the knowledge that could save the city, that since the city and thus Humanity as a whole was being threatened by a whole race of super humans and Mutants, then only another could hope to save it. They had me create you Sam,”
Sam couldn’t believe his ears, his mind spinning off with thousands of different thoughts and questions.

“So I created you,” his father continued. “Raised you as a son, instilling the very humanity that is telling you ‘This couldn’t be…’ at this very moment, gave you the sense of morality that comes with being human.” He paused slightly, looking at a corner of the room which had a small shelf behind glass, full of vials that had a soft glow to them.

“I gave you a suppressant that I had synthesized, so that as you grew, your powers and abilities would remain unknown to you. But this has obviously worn off, meaning that it is time to leave childish things behind you Sam, and become the man who will save this world.”

Sam felt sick to his stomach; Mutants had always been something… sick and wrong. To find out that he in fact was one of these things was almost mortifying. But at the same time, it made a lot of things click. Not just the blacking out in that alley, but being able to fight and beat that Mutant in the mall, standing up for people and walking away almost completely unscathed.

“Wait a second… you said ‘…everything we know’… who’s we?” Sam asked.

“Me, the council, and the B.I.R.D… We have tried to prepare a place for you there… for when you’re ready, which needs to be soon Sam, things are… getting worse,” his father said looking passed Sam out a doorway that allowed a glimpse of the city in the distance.

“Worse how?” Sam asked.

“Thing’s like the incident in the mall are becoming more and more frequent. The Mutants just aren’t afraid of us anymore, they know they can do more to us than we can to them, and they are liking it. we need them to be afraid of us again, we need them to know that we have someone who can fight them head to head…”

“Me of course…” Sam filled in as his father trailed off.

“Yes… Sam it is why you are alive.”

“What is this place?” Sam asked after another long train of silent thought.

“I built this for you for when you were ready. I have known since your first fight at school, when you stood up to a child twice your size because he was bullying other kids,” He spoke with a sound of pride filling his voice. “That’s when I knew that I had raised you right, that someday, you would fight and save Redical City.”

“Dad… this is so much to take in…” Sam spoke with a shaky voice, his hands shaking slightly, his head aching.

“Samuel, calm down. We will take this slow,” his father said trying to reassure him. Sam’s body steadied itself, he flexed the fingers on either hand a few times and they stopped shaking.

“You still haven’t told me what this place is,” Sam pointed out as he rose from his chair and made his way over to the large rack full of different guns.

“I built this as a safe place for you, full of weapons and whatever else you may need when you step into the shoes that have been laid out for you,” his father wasn’t so much talking to Sam as he was talking to the room at large.
Sam thought for a long while, all the possibilities running through his mind, the faint glow of the setting sun on the other side of the bright white clock face showing they had been there through the whole day.

“Alright dad, how do we do this?”

“You’re sure you are ready for this?” his father asked.

“No, but that doesn’t, matter does it?” Sam said honestly.

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