Ylanya let herself be led across the room, and sat on a strange device. Black, upholstered with padded black leather and long enough to lie on, she was sat on it sideways then Ellen bent down before her, grasped both of Ylanya’s ankles and swung them up onto the padding.

The device was wider by her feet than where she sat, and narrowed further behind her. Ellen pulled gently on Ylanya’s shoulders to make her lie down, revealing that the padding was just the right length for a tall person, still wide enough to support shoulders and head. There seemed to be televisions at the end, strangely facing the ceiling, a confusing configuration.

Ylanya tilted her head forward again as she felt something being pulled across the top of her chest, trapping her arms against her side. Ellen was fastening a sturdy strap that snapped into place near her arm.

“What is that for? Why are you doing that?” she asked in confusion, trying but unable to sit up.

Ellen didn’t answer, just leaned down and drew another strap across Ylanya’s waist. Ylanya wriggled and tried to escape but with her arms already restrained she could only use her legs for leverage, and Ellen swiftly sat across them both, the slim woman’s weight enough to hold Ylanya down.

“It’s ok,” Ellen said, breaking her silence with a gentle tone, “The straps are to keep you safe, stop you falling out and hurting yourself. But since you seem agitated by them, let’s give you a sense of security.” She reached down below the device and without sitting fully upright, wrapped something around Ylanya’s wrist. A loud click and Ylanya realised her arm was now fastened to the waist strap, letting her bend her elbow only a little and forcing her hand to stay by her side.

“Ellen, stop!” she demanded, “I don’t like where…”

She stopped at that point herself. Ellen had taken advantage of the open mouth to fill it, the taste of latex separating her teeth, holding her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. Ylanya could have screamed and made noise but surprise left her speechless, stopped her even resisting as the gag was strapped in place, soft leather bindings on both sides going above and below her ears, more clicks as something locked them into place.

Ellen moved around and fastened Ylanya’s other wrist, then stepped away briefly. She came back carrying a bag and put it down near Ylanya’s feet, then pulled off each of Ylanya’s shoes, the slingback heels sliding easily off her nylon clad feet.

Stepping forwards Ellen pulled Ylanya’s skirt up to her waist, causing a shiver in the supine woman. Ylanya didn’t resist as her tights and panties were pulled down, knowing she had little choice, knowing that this had always been likely. The only things she didn’t know were whether she wanted it or not, and what specifically was about to happen.

She’d known that when she signed up for this a week ago. “Stress relief,” promised the advert, “Escape your responsibilities and properly relax.” She liked the sound of letting go for a while, letting someone else worry about everything, having someone care for her every need. The advert had hinted at massage, suggested a soothing experience, offered tantalising inferences that a little more than that was part of the deal. Ylanya would never have visited a prostitute, didn’t want to pay for sex, hadn’t even slept with a woman, but a soothing massage that included intimacy? That was ok. Wasn’t it?

Her thoughts returned sharply to the present as she felt Ellen’s arm reaching below her knees, drawing them up. Ylanya decided she was paying enough for this, may as well co-operate and enjoy it, raised her legs by herself.

“Thank you,” said Ellen, “You’ll enjoy this. Come on, let’s see if we can go all the way.” She drew Ylanya’s knees past her hips, then her waist, kept going until they were above Ylanya’s shoulders. By now Ylanya’s bottom and hips were in the air, her body in a strange vertical foetal position.

“And relax,” said Ellen, “Everything else will be easy now.” She lowered Ylanya’s legs slowly back to the flat surface and smiled at the confusion on her client’s face.

“Yes, I’ve put something there,” she said, “Let’s get it safely fastened and we’ll be ready to go.”

Reaching down Ellen pulled thick padding up between Ylanya’s legs, forcing her thighs apart, her feet now needing the full width of the upholstered support below them. She watched Ylanya’s face go from confusion to realisation to shock, then back to confusion. By then she’d finished fastening the hefty disposable diaper in place and was already lowering Ylanya’s dress to drape over it, the white plastic no longer visible but an unnatural bulge revealing its presence.

Stepping back she laughed at the noises Ylandra was now frantically making and made shushing noises of her own.

“Oh, I know,” said Ellen, “You’re an adult, you don’t need diapers, you’re not incontinent.” She smiled nastily, held up a sleek gadget, pressed a button on it.

The device supporting Ylandya whirred beneath her and started to move, converting from a couch she was lying on into a chair, raising her from the waist into a reclined seating position. The televisions she’d seen earlier dropped from overhead in front of her, filling her vision, and she felt headphones pressing against her ears, holding her head in position so she couldn’t look away.

“At least,” chuckled Ellen, “not yet. But twelve hours of hypnosis videos will change that. Oh, stop squirming. It’s ok, I’ll change you. Celebrate, you get to relax now - no more nasty adult responsibilities for you, just like you wanted. Ever.”

Ylandra tried to scream in horrow but the televisions lit up, sound filled her ears and… it was too late now.


This story was very much inspired by the chair described within it (with the addition of Ally’s excellent suggestion of a safety harness):