Renea - Former Military updated 4-25-13

This story is about me. This is a 100% true story. I know it is going to be critiqued but I am only giving you the story as best I can.
Ok let’s begin. I am Renea Harston. I am 23 and just started my 1st year of college. I have been in the military for the last 3.5 years and was recently medically discharged. I wear diapers due to an injury. I am going to start with the accident and then move through my experience over the last year or so from there. It may start gloomy, but I ensure you that I am happy now and accepting of myself and have come to love and depend on them. I do not consider myself a diaper lover but I can’t imagine how my life would be without them should there be a cure or not. I hope you all enjoy the story.

Chapter 1 – The Incident
I had been deployed for about 5 months. It was my first one. I had finish Military Police training, been assigned to my unit in Fort Stewart and upon arrival, told that I was deploying to catch up with my unit that had just left.
I will never forget that day. It was blazing hot. The middle of August is terrible in the desert. It was 1100 (11am) and I was on point to be the gunner for a truck in an escort convoy. We were already set up when I showed up to the truck line. We loaded up and I got in place in the sling. (What you sit on in the gunners turret. I waited as we rolled out. I hated being in the gunners seat on convoys. The dust always blew up in your face but at least you stayed a little cooler than everyone else.
We were about an hour into the trip when I heard the sound of metal clanging.
“SHOTS!” I yelled.
I swung around and laid down fire in the direction of the fire. Hoping I would get them down while our truck sped up through the area and we all picked up speed. I had my eyes open looking for anyone suspicious. I was rotating back and forth like a pendulum when I saw something shining against the sunlight.
“Something about 200 meters down!” I yelled below me.
The trucks started to slow a couple seconds later, but that’s what they must have been waiting for. That’s when I saw it coming in fast. It was definitely a rocket. The first one I had ever seen.
“ROCKET!, ROCKET!, ROCKET!” I kept yelling, but we couldn’t move fast enough. The rocket hit between our truck and the one in front. The guys below pulled me down just as we flipped sideways.

I woke up in a bed. It was cool and I felt like I had gotten beaten relentlessly. I could only open one eye. I looked around and saw a few machines, but couldn’t move my head. I tried to sit up but couldn’t and didn’t know why yet. I laid there for about 20 minutes when someone finally came in.
“Hey! You’re awake! You have been out for a long time. Let me get the doctor!”
the doctor came in about ten minutes later and started in with the standard questions.
“Hello, do you know who you are?”
That’s when I realized I had something in my throat and couldn’t speak.
“Oh, don’t try to speak. You have a tube down your throat to help you breath. Why don’t you give me a blink for yes and two for no, ok?”
I blinked yes.
“Ok, do you know your name?” I blinked once. “Ok, good. Do you know where you are?” I blinked twice. “Ok, I am going to give you a few option and you tell me what you think based on the number I give you. Do you understand?” I blinked once. “Ok, Good. 1. I know my name and know where I am, 2. I know my name and understand where I am, 3. I don’t know my name or my location, or 4. I know my name and don’t know understand where I am.” I blinked four times. “Ok, that’s not bad. I am going to do the same thing for your name and then your location.” He did the same thing for a few different questions until I answered everything.

The doctor began giving me a rundown. I had been in a very bad vehicle rollover. No one was killed but three of the five of us were severely injured. I had broken my back but was lucky because I had not damaged the spine. I had 80% reaction to touch on all extremities. He then gave me the bad news.
“Private Harston, you suffered some very extreme internal injuries. You really are one of the luckiest people I have met. You have had to have about 8 surgeries in your coma.” He went on to tell me that I had lost a portion of my liver, a kidney, an ovary, a portion of my large intestine, and had some nerve damage from the piece of metal they had to remove from my abdomen. At first I was in shock. I couldn’t believe I was even breathing. He began to explain the recovery process.
“You are going to be going through a rigorous program in order to get you better and stimulate the healing process.” He continued to further explain. Basically I would get the braces replaced my more mobile devices in the next couple weeks followed by getting me up and moving. Then came the part that will never leave me.
“Private Harston, due to the extensiveness of the nerve damage and some of the injuries there are a few things that you need to know. Due to the damage to your ovary we had to remove it. This means that your reproductive system may never work the same again. That doesn’t mean you will never have children, but the chances are slimmer. Next, you have problems with your legs forever. The nerve damage to your left was bad. Lastly, you had the worst damage to your kidneys, liver and digestive system. Private Harston……you will have issues regaining urinary and bowel control. We had to get somewhat creative in preserving your bladder and bowels. Compound that with the nerves we had to remove and relocate you may never be able to regain control over that.”
I just sat there and took in all the info. It all seemed like a dream, but I knew it wasn’t. Currently I had a catheter in and didn’t have bowel movements because I was on IV. I was told that would change over the next few weeks as my internal injuries healed.
Over the next few days the tube was removed and the neck brace as well. Finally came the day when they let me sit up in bed and removed the solid back brace.
That’s when I asked. “So what will I do once I start eating again? Is there some kind of medicine that will help with that?”
The nurse just smiled and said that we could go over all that another time. It would be a while before I would be eating. That’s when I started thinking about it. What would I do? How could I live in a normal world? What if I have to have a colostomy bag? Or some special machine?
“Are you alright?” the nurse asked. “You look scared.”
“No, just worried.” I replied. “I am just worried about being a freak.”
The nurse game me some meds and I drifted off to sleep.

update 4-14-13

Here is chapter two. Please remember that this is the all the hard stuff upfront. I promise you I am fine now and you will like the chapters as they go on.

Chapter 2
It had been about 3 weeks since the rollover. I had finally been cleared to have soft food and move around on my feet. The nurse came in with a walker and a couple leg braces.
“Hey hun, Are you ready to get up and moving?” she asked. She was stumbling some with everything she had in her hands. The braces fell to the ground when she started unfolding the walker.
“Am I really going to need all that?” I was looking at the walker.
She turned to me. “Listen, you need support. You haven’t been on your feet in over a month. You have nerve damage and healing internal injuries. If nothing else this will be a way for the doctors to assess how far you have come in recover.” She gave me a look and grabbed the rack that was holding all the IV bags and stuff.

She started with lowering the bed. Once I was all the way down she had me try to move my legs over the side of the bed. I had a hard time moving but was able to scoot them over. She put the brace on each leg starting at the bottom of the foot wrapping around the ankle and up to the knee. The upper part of the brace was strapped up once I was standing. She helped to pull me to my feet and laced them up. It felt great to be up, and to look at everything from a strait on view instead of from lying down.

“Alright, grab the roller and try to move forward.” She said. I grabbed it and shuffled my feet. She wheeled the IV pole behind me. I shuffled to the door before I was literally exhausted from the waist down. She had me shuffle back and I almost collapsed on the double mattress hospital bed.

“How do you feel?” She was standing over me holding me up in a sitting position. I was breathing hard and felt like I was sweating through my clothes.
“I – am – ok.” I panted. She helped me back into the bed and gave me some pain meds. I was really sore and wincing at the slightest movement. I drifted off in minutes.

I worked on walking over the next week. I was eating a little food here and there but it was trial and error. I kept cramping and they would have to knock me out and go in with something to clean out the issue. The walking got easier. A few weeks after the first try , I was full blown walking. I still had the braces and used the walker but was able to put weight down and take complete steps.

I was out doing my second walk of the day. We had just got back to the room and there were a couple nurses waiting for me. There was a cart beside them with a tray and a couple tools.

“Hey. We are here to remove your stitches.” She grabbed the pliers tweezers looking scissor handled tool and came over as the other nurse helped me to lay down. She started with the first stitch. I half expected it to hurt but it really didn’t. she was fast but smooth with it.
“Now for the catheter.” She said and turned around and grabbed the tray. I stared at her for a second then stopped her.
“Wait!” I hadn’t been prepared for that. “If you take that out how are you going to… regulate my functions?” I was really worried. I knew that this was going to happen at some point but I thought I would have had more time to ask the doctor about what the course of action was going to be. She was waiting for me to say something more as I just stared at her running thoughts through my head.
“I mean the doctor said I was not going to be able to….” I paused as I tried to say it. “…to control myself. How are we going to keep me from….making a mess.”
The nurse looked at me for a second and then sat down.
“Renea….we are going to give you protection for now. The doctor may decide to go another route, but for now you are going to have to wear an undergarment.” She waited for me to respond. They had removed and replaced the catheter before but not this.

“So….I am going to be wearing a diaper? Like a little kid? I can’t do that. Can we call the doctor? We need to figure something else out.” I probably looked terrified, because I sure felt that way. She looked at me and then gave me a smile.
“Listen, the doctor isn’t going to be able to do anything right this second. Let’s get this done and I will have the doctor in here by this afternoon, ok?”
I gave her a nod. “Ok, let’s get this over with.”

She got back up and they removed the catheter. It hurt a little but compared to the recent pains I had felt it was really nothing. I laid back as she pulled out “under garment” and unfolded it. The one nurse maneuvered me around as I help them so they could get it in place. They got it all taped up and packed up the cart.

I just laid there think about everything. That’s when I started to cry. I didn’t know how to handle all this. For the rest of my life I was going to have to deal with this. I would have rather lost a limb, I though to myself. The last nurse stopped and came over to me.

“Hey hun, don’t worry, we are going to do everything we can. Do you want me to call someone?” she was trying to be as comforting as possible.
“No…I just want to be alone.” I felt alone. She couldn’t understand…no one could. I just wanted to disappear at that moment as my mind raced with a million “what ifs.”
“Please just go.” She looked at me and got up.
“I will be right at the desk if you need anything.” Then she walked out. I sniffled and stared out the window to the darkness.

Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning very groggy. I can remember the first time I felt it. I was soaked. It felt like a blanket wrapped between me. I started to sit up and looked under the sheets. It was yellow pretty much everywhere.
The doctor came in around lunch time.
“Renea……you up. How are you today?”
I stared at him with a surprise at his question. “I am wearing a diaper sir. How good do you think I am? I have no control over myself and may never again.”
He looked at me for a few seconds and then sat down.
“Renea, I and a few of the other specialists have gone over everything. There is going to be nothing we can do. Now there are plenty of meds and devices that we can use, but I don’t think that is the best course of action. Listen…we have had quite a few soldiers come through here with similar injuries or needs such as yours. The army is going to medically retire you and everything you need, will be paid for. What I am trying to say is I am trying to spare you more surgery or constant maintenance for yourself beyond what you will already have.”
I sat there as he rambled on, but I knew where this was going. Something I had really known for weeks. That I was going to have to wear some sort of protection for the rest of my life. The thought made me shutter. I would be a grown adult wearing diapers in public and using them with little to no warning.
The doctor got up and grabbed my chart. “I am going to refer you to a counselor. She is the best here in this issue. She has helped countless people in your situation.” He wrote a couple things on the chart and left.
Nurses came in a few minutes later and asked if I wanted a change before they started shift change. I agreed and uncovered myself.
“Hey let’s get you up and see how your walking is too.” She helped me up and surprisingly I was doing great.
“Does this mean that I can get these off?” Pointing to the leg braces.
“Sure does!” She had me sit down and they extended my legs one at a time and took them off. It was already happening when I realized it.
I was going in the diaper. I guess all the food testing we had been doing finally caught up. I wasn’t pushing, squeezing, or anything. It was just happening. I could feel it spilling into the diaper. The nurse looked at me and noticed my face. I instantly started to cry. Just standing there with my head in my hands.
“Oh dear….don’t be sad. This is what you are wearing those for. Why don’t you lay down and we will help you out before we go.”
I laid down on the bed and she untapped the garment. She cleaned me up as I just cried with my head turned. She taped me up and grabbed the soiled diaper.
“Well I am going to head out hun. If you need anything just call.”
Can I get something to just help me sleep?" I asked looking at her with red teared eyes.
“Sure, I will be back with something in a min.” She scurried out of the room and returned seconds later and gave me a shot through the IV. I felt groggy in seconds and was out.

Re: Renea - Former Military

Wow. You’ve been through a lot. I want to start off saying thank you for serving the country (I assume the US, but I could be wrong). I’d also like to say that I’m very engaged in this so far. Usually, I don’t like “true stories” unless they’re little experiences because they’re either fake or really boring, in my opinion. However, you have quite the story to tell and from your opening statement, I can tell that you have a story of personal struggle and acceptance ahead of you. I also find it brave that you’re sharing this (with even your real name, unless you switched the name, which I wouldn’t blame you.)

I’d also like to thank you for not being disgusted with us as the ABDL community. We like to wear diapers for personal enjoyment while you wear them for need, although I have a feeling you’ll address that later on.

Also, don’t be discouraged if there’s ever a lack of comments and/or encouragement. There’s a lot of lurkers on this site (which I am guilty of often.) People ARE reading and I’m sure a good portion is engaged as well. I’ll try to comment with each update, but it may just be the same as covered in a previous comment I made on this story.

So in short, good start! I look forward to more.

P.S. you may want to to add a space between paragraphs to make it easier to read. I know you do when making a break in the story, but even inside a grouping, it makes it easier. A dashed line could be used during the time breaks, then :slight_smile:

Re: Renea - Former Military

Thank you so much. I am new to posting here and have just recently started getting the courage to tell my story. Yes I will address a few things throughout. I will be posting the next chapter today hopefully.

Re: Renea - Former Military updated 4-14-13

From a former service member to another thanks for your sacrifice and serving our country. The story is great so far and I am looking forward to more chapters. Again thank you for your service and your writing.