Resturn to Shady Grove - Brandy

Return to Shady Grove Sorry I didn’t get this out last night. It was my brothers b-day and there was a case of a missing present which I didn’t find . And dad suprised us by taking us out to dinner. But here it is, and by the way most of this chapter was Edited by Uncle Ken!

Brenda Watson smiled as she looked in the mirror. Tomorrow Brenda and her fourteen year old daughter were moving too her new home in Shady Grove.
Brenda looked at herself in the mirror she was five seven and weighed about one hundred and thirty two pounds. Her blonde hair and blue eyes when she wore it down made her look more like twenty than the thirty-two years old she was.
Brenda had it going on, she had the body of a model and men were crazy about her. She usually wore her hair up when she went out and plenty of makeup. Just too make sure no one mistook her for a twenty year old.
In the annals of loose women there were none looser than Brenda. She had gotten the house from Rick and ex boyfriend. He made the mistake of catching Brenda in bed with a friend of his and putting her across his knee. The bruises on her buttocks made great pictures for the judge when she sued him. That is how she got the house in Shady Grove; the house Rick’s parents had left him when they died.
Brenda had thought nothing about it, just rented it and used that money too pay her lawyers. She had intended to sell it, when more good luck came her way. This older guy about sixty that she had spent time with passed on and left her a trust fund. It provided Brenda with about two grand a month for the rest of her life. Brenda felt she could get buy on that in a small town. Maybe even get a part time job.
Most of all Brenda wanted to get her troubled daughter Kendra out of this stinking city. Kendra was only fourteen years old and not even five feet tall. This girl, who had just reached puberty and had the body of and eleven years old, had been in trouble for years.
Kendra or Kenny had been arrested now seven times, mostly for shoplifting and drugs. One week she was a punk the other week she wore all black and acted like one of those Goths.
Brenda tried to discipline the girl but just did not have the tools. She knew Kenni was out of control, just getting the girl to go too school was a chore. Honestly Kenni could barely read and write at a third grade level. Not that Brenda was a rocket scientist she had quit school in the tenth grade.
Brenda knew nothing about Shady Grove other than it was a small town. The ninety-six explorer was packed and in the morning they would be on their way.
Kenni had mixed emotions about the move. She hated to leave her friends. Then again the cops were on too her here. One more arrest and she was going to juvie for sure. Shady Grove offered her new opportunities. Then again it offered her mom new opportunities for boyfriends. Kenni so hated the constant stream of new “Uncles” she had too endured.
“Ok Kenni time for bed we are leaving at four am in the morning and you need to get some sleep.”
“Gees Mom you have got to be shitting me it’s only nine o’clock I was just going out too say goodbye to my friends don’t wait up for me.”
“Kenni I am not kidding you are going no place now please just go too your room and get some sleep I have not got time to mess with you I need some sleep too.”
“Well that will be a change Mom you sleeping alone are you sure you can sleep. I am going out, fuck you if you don’t like it.”
Kenni headed for the front door but her Mom cut her off. Before Kenni new what was happening Brenda picked Kenni up and tossed her over her shoulder. She carried the kicking and cursing girl over her shoulder straight too her bedroom and tossed her on the bed. “Now try getting some sleep honey four o’clock comes really early.”
Brenda turned and walked out of the room locking the door behind her. It was the only way she ever punished Kenni locking her in her room. She could hear Kenni cursing her as she did.
The next morning Brenda finished packing the Explorer then went to fetch Kenni. She was sound asleep and Brenda just picked her up and carried her too the Explorer making her comfortable in the back seat.
At four ten am she hit the road, this is a second chance at a new life for me and Kenni thought Brenda I need not to screw it up this time.

Chapter 2

After three days of listening too Kenni whine and bitch Brenda spotted the sign three miles to Shady Grove. Both Brenda and Kenni were glad too see it, they were tired and even Kenni was looking forward to her new home.
As they drove into town it was Kenni that noticed it first. “Mom, stop the car what the fuck am I seeing are those kids uhhhhhh people wearing diapers.”

Brenda indeed did stop the car. “I guess it sure looks like it; Rick told me there was something strange about this town. Oh well let’s find our house.”
Brenda stopped for directions twice but soon found the quaint little three-bedroom home just a block off Main Street. They were just unpacking when a lady from next door came walking over, “Hi I am Sarah your neighbor.”
Kenni spoke up “well lady maybe you can answer a fucking question why are all these kids wearing diapers?”

Aunt Sarah: “Young lady your questions will be answered soon. That and your mouth washed out, we don’t tolerate that language in Shady Grove from adults much less children.”
Kenni flipped her off “Up your wazooo bitch”

Brenda: "Stop it Kenni Ma’am I am sorry for my daughters behavior thank you for welcoming us.

Aunt Sarah: “Oh sweetie you are not welcome yet soon you will be meeting with the town council. I would say in about ten minutes I suggest you listen to them.”

Sarah then turned and walked away. Brenda looked sharply at Kenni, “young lady you have made a great impression on that nice old lady now please go get cleaned up before we go see the town council.”

Kendra: “Shut the hell up, this place is a hell hole full of diapers, who in the hell would want to stay here?”

Brenda just rolled her eyes, “fine we’ll leave in 10 minutes and you will watch your mouth there.”

10 minutes later Brenda and Kendra were walking down the street towards the Building and Supply Hardware store where Aunt Sarah had told them to go. As they walked in they were met by a diapered clerk, Gina introduced herself and pointed them in the right direction.

Brenda thanked her and Kendra mocked her “is babies’ diapy nice and wet or do we have a stinky diapy baby?” Brenda just grabbed her daughters hand and apologized they walked into the office. There Uncle Frank and a couple of council members were sitting in the chairs around the office, among them were Dave, Gina’s husband. Chris, Uncle Frank’s son and, some of the more men of Shady Grove were there also.

Brenda introduced herself and her daughter to the board members, who in turn introduced them selves.

Uncle Frank: “Please sit down”

Brenda and Kendra sat on the two chairs in the middle of the room.

Uncle Frank: “I am aware that you have no understanding of the laws of Shady Grove, but so far both of you have broken the most important one. You may, and probably did, notice that all of our children are diapered. Shady Grove does not potty train their children. Young boys are potty trained the summer after they graduate high school. Young women are potty trained by there husbands at a time that there husbands decide. To the extent of my knowledge neither of you are married nor therefore you are considered children in this town.”

Kendra: “You guys are fucking lunatics, there is no way me or my mother are children and there is no way we will be forced into diapers isn’t that right mom”

Brenda started to agree but was quickly cut off by Uncle Frank, “young lady you will not swear in this town, or your bottom will feel the consequences, plus I know your type and I know you, you are 14 years old and you have been to prison 7 times, Brenda we also know all about you, you sued A good man that was just following the rules of this town, you recently lost your job due to your daughters behavior, your house is sold. You have a large trust to your name… shall I go on?”

Kendra: “Mr. Bossy ass, has done his homework, stay the fuck out of our lives Mr. Mom lets go”

Chapter 3
Brenda: "No Kendra, this is our last chance as a family; this is your last chance. Mr. Frank sir I am willing to commit to the laws of Shady grove and as Legal Guardian of Kendra she too will follow the rules of Shady Grove.

Uncle Frank: “you can start off by not calling me sir and referring to me as Uncle Frank and you should know as children in Shady grove, you cannot live by yourselves your house can be signed over to the county and you will receive a full payment which you will receive when you are 40, the same time you receive your trust.”

Brenda: “But Sir…Uncle Frank neither I nor Kenni know anyone in this town who would be …in charge of us?”

Uncle Frank: “Rick still owns the house that you live in for 8 more years he has volunteered to take custody of you two.”

Kendra: “This is fucking bull, Mom you have gone way to far this time, think about what you doing!!! You can’t make me do this I will not do this!”

Uncle Frank: “I warned you twice little girl there are no more warnings you will receive your first punishment right now, I will do the honors.”

Dave stepped up, “Uncle Frank I will do the honors if it is all right with you he was bad mouthing my wife when she walked in”
Dave grabbed the small girls wrist and pulled her toward him "little girl you need to learn some respect.

Kendra: “Fuck off, Mom stop him I will not put up with this”

Brenda: Please, she didn’t mean it" she walked toward Dave who was leaning Kendra over his knee.

But was intercepted as Rick stepped out of the corner and held her back “Brenda is for the best now come over here if you don’t want one too” Brenda had tears in her eyes as Rick lead her back to her seat and set her on his lap. Now Kendra was screaming as Dave pulled her short shorts down revealing a very thin thong. He soon was giving her 20 hard smacks turning her butt fiery red “this is for the potty mouth” then he gave her 20 hard fast smacks “and that is for ridiculing an adult.” By the time he had finished Kendra was wailing at the top of her lungs he pulled her shorts up and into his lap “it’s okay baby you’re forgiven but next time you won’t get off so easily.”

Soon the council was clearing out until it was just Brenda, Kenni who was still crying, Rick and Uncle Frank. Rick held Brenda’s hand as he led her to the back of the store where the diaper changing tables were located. Uncle Frank followed behind them carrying the crying child, he was attempting to sooth her, it wasn’t long before she started to quiet down. Rick easily lifted Brenda up onto the changing table, she started sobbing quietly. He shushed her and then removed her tight white shorts and then her thin silk undies. He then quickly removed the pubic hair with a razor and then lotion was applied. Then a thick white diaper was slid under her butt and lots of powder was added. Soon she was enclosed in a thick diaper, she was still silently sobbing when she looked down and saw it was a pink diaper, with a Barbie doll on it. She sighed as her $50 short were thrown away and she didn’t receive anything in return.

Kenni wasn’t so cooperative by now she had stopped crying and was ready for round two, she started swearing at Uncle Frank as he lay her down on the changing table. “You DO NOT swear little girl” he turned her over and Rick handed him the paddle that was hanging on the wall. First he laid 10 quick swats with the paddle, and then he used his hand for 20 more swats this time slower but with more force then it was back to the paddle with 20 quick hard swats to the behind.

Kenni was wailing at the top of her lungs… again. Uncle Frank paid no attention and then began with the process of diapering this small arrogant girl. Shave… Wipe… Lotion….New diaper…… Powder… It was easily completed Uncle Frank has had his fair share of “baby girls”, Kendra’s shirt was removed, not as a punishment but you can’t have a cute little girl running around in a sluttish shirt. Brenda looked at her daughter she didn’t look a day over 8 years old especially now with the thick diaper that had happy little sesame street characters dancing around on it.

Chapter 4
Soon Rick and Uncle Frank were walking out of the store, Brenda had Rick’s hand and Uncle Frank was carrying Kendra. Rick and Uncle Frank took them around town and introduced them to the local towns’ people. Then when arriving at the park, both girls were sent to play. The dodge ball game looked pretty harsh, the swings were baby style, so the just sat down and pretended to play in the sand.

Brenda: “If you stop swearing, you’ll see this isn’t that bad.”

Kendra glared at her “don’t even talk to me you bitch, you just ruined both of our lives, look at these people running around like a couple of fucking kids, this is bull thanks for ruining my life… again”

Kendra got up and walked away Brenda watched her and her eyes filled with tears, she thought this would make them, at least tolerate each other. Soon Rick who was watching near by came and set Brenda on his hip “what’s wrong baby?” Brenda spilled the beans about how neither her nor her daughter could stand each other and how Kendra just hated her guts. Rick just held her close as he had done many times before, he remembered when he used to baby her, without the diapers, and she simply adored him. He hoped that some day the trust and love between the two would come back.

About an hour later Rick told Brenda it was time to leave, and to go find Kenni for him. It didn’t take them long at all to realize that Kenni was no where to be found. Rick flipped open his cell phone and dialed the local police station, and not long after Aunt Sarah was out in charge of watching after Brenda who was by now a nervous wreck.

Two hours went by and still no trace of Kendra had been found, so local town members started a search party, and everybody was worried for their newest town member. It was beginning to get dark and the “children” who were also searching were beginning to get tired. The search had now extended all over and was narrowed down to the small wooded area just 1 mile from the park.

Shortly after a little girl with a sweater and a diaper started yelling “I found her, I found her, quick she’s running”. Dave who was the closest began to sprint after the girl who was quickly dodging trees and bushes.

Dave: “God, you a quick little girl” Dave panted as soon as he caught her “You better be ready for another spanking you won’t soon forget, if you haven’t noticed half the town is looking for you. You must be freezing” Dave took off the jacket and picked up the small girl still trying to break from his grip. He covered her with his jacket and walked to the clearing.

Everyone cheered and celebrated, this had been an adventure for the kids and the adults but it was past bedtime so they all kissed Kendra on the forehead or gave a quick little hug and returned home. As for Kenni, she had another thing coming, and it sure wasn’t hugs and kisses. Rick carried her back to Aunt Sarah’s house and then up into Gina’s old nursery.

Rick spanked 50 hard ones on her bare little butt and then 25 on her with a paddle. She was screaming when he was through but he just re-diapered her and put her in a footed sleeper. He then took her down stairs, she then was sent to the corner. Mean while Aunt Sarah was cooking a nice dinner and Uncle Frank was bouncing Brenda on his knee. Brenda was a little humiliated at first but now she was laughing her head off, Brenda all of a sudden jumped off and ran up stairs. Uncle Frank of course followed her to see what was wrong. It was just as he expected Brenda had her first wet diaper and was hiding under the crib crying her eyes out.

Uncle Frank: “come on out baby its okay”

Brenda: “No!”

Uncle Frank: “come out here now, or you can end up in the corner right next to Kendra”

Brenda crawled out still sobbing, and Uncle Frank lifted her up on the changing table. He took her out of her footed pajamas and quickly but efficiently got her into a dry diaper. He re-dressed her and carried Brenda back down stairs, and Aunt Sarah rewarded her by giving her a freshly baked cookie.

Uncle Frank: “this time you may have a cookie but don’t expect that every time you have a wet diaper, your Aunt Sarah just has a soft touch for little ones such as your self.” He yelled out to Kenni who was sniffling in the corner, after unbuttoning her crotch he determined her wet. “Aunt Sarah do you want this one?”

Sarah walked over and lifted Kendra out of her neighbor’s lap “my pleasure.” She easily carried the girl upstairs and unbuttoned the crotch of her pajamas. “You have to be good you know or else you’ll just receive more spankings and time outs, in Shady Grove you WON’T get away with anything… But don’t worry in time you will grow to love Shady Grove it’s a wonderful place for little ones to grow up.”

Kendra: “I” sniffle “will never love this place, only stupid as… people love this place.”

Aunt Sarah began un-taping her diaper and cleaning her up “Just give it a chance”. She rubbed the cool lotion on Kendra’s behind, she flinched, but it did feel good she thought to herself. After a clean diaper and a handful of powder Sarah was buttoning Kenni in her footed sleeper.

Aunt Sarah: “now that wasn’t so bad was it?”
Kendra decided to ignore the question and was carried back down stairs and placed in the high chair next to her mother. She grimaced as she was buckled in and then bibbed. The tray was placed on as well as a bottle full of milk. A bowl full of cut up lasagna was place in front of the two girls and a fork was given to them. They both began to dig into the lasagna neither had eaten any lunch or any breakfast for that matter. Neither Brenda nor Kendra touched their bottle, until they were informed that they didn’t leave the table until EVERYTHING was eaten and drunken. Brenda picked up the bottle and slowly drank up all the milk, while Kenni just crossed her arms and sat back in the high chair.

Chapter 5

It didn’t take long to have Brenda wiped off and down on the floor was watching the Little Mermaid and being such a “happy and good little girl” as Aunt Sarah had told Kenni. Kenni sat as still as a rock arms folded and eyes ahead, sitting in the highchair with only a bottle of milk sitting in front of her. She didn’t even look as Dave and Rick walked in and talked about how stubborn she was acting. But she did hear them talking about not being able to finish redecorating and cleaning out the house to fit the girls needs. Aunt Sarah of course volunteered their house…
Aunt Sarah: "…Of course, we have Gina’s crib as well as a old crib that we turned into a guest bed, I can set that up in the nursery no problem.

Rick: “That would be so great I owe you so much, oh and by the way their clothing should be in early tomorrow morning. I have so much work to do tonight… keep an eye in that little brat” he laughed and patted Kendra on the head “you be good my little munchkin” Kendra didn’t even look at him. “Bye Brenda, come give me a hug and a kiss good-bye” Brenda got up from the movie and tottered over to give Rick a hug and a kiss good-bye.

As he left she ran back into the living room and sat down in front of the TV. The movie was soon finishing and it was time for bed sure enough Kenni was still sitting in the highchair, and her milk hadn’t even been touched. Aunt Sarah sighed and began to let her out of the highchair, but Uncle Frank intercepted and lifted her onto his hip just as soon as her feet hit the ground.

Uncle Frank: “Sarah, will you please take Brenda upstairs and put her to bed. Kendra and I have some business to take care of.”
Kendra flinched as he said that but didn’t even look at him as he sat down with her on the rocking chair; he held her in a cradled position and put the bottle to her lips. Of course she responded by closing her mouth and her teeth as tight as possible. So Uncle Frank turned her over and gave 10 hard smacks to her diapered butt, since her butt was already as tender as it had ever been she started to softly cry. He put her back in the cradling position and put the bottle to her lips “Don’t make me get the paddle out!” She sighed and opened her mouth, the bottle was instantly in. She explored the rubber nipple with her tongue and just held the bottle there.

Uncle Frank: “Kendra do I really have to tell you what to do next? You know the consequences if you don’t do it…”

Kendra began to take a gulp from the bottle and it wasn’t as bad as she thought, until Rick walked in and aww’ed the sight, it took a sharp smack on her leg to make her begin again. So she closed her eyes and nursed the bottle, little by little the bottle had less and less left in the bottle. Rick and Uncle Frank chatted as if she wasn’t even there, and that’s the way she liked it. She was beginning to get heavy eyes as the bottle was almost done. Uncle Frank was keeping a steady rhythm rubbing her legs and holding the bottle for she when she was done he just plopped a pacifier in her mouth and continued to rock her to sleep. She didn’t even notice as Uncle Frank carried her upstairs but she did wake up just as soon as he began to re-diaper her in a THICK night time diaper. But he just carried her into the nursery and sat down in the rocking chair to put her back asleep.

Uncle Frank: “Sarah, she’s 10x’s more stubborn than you were and even more stubborn by tons than Gina, I will set the crib up in your room so we can keep an eye on her all night I’m afraid that she will try to run away again during the night.” He looked at her “But she is the most adorable thing, especially sucking that pacifier.”

Uncle Frank stood up and walked into the bedroom followed by his neighbor, Sarah. “Here” he handed the sound asleep Kenni to Sarah and began setting up the crib, first he rolled the daybed in and unattached the side rails, quickly latched the crib bars back in the holes and made the bed up with a theme of care bares. The crib now had bumpers and a mobile and a rubber sheet, complete with a bed set the side slid down and Kendra was placed inside. The sides were clicked, and Uncle Frank and Aunt Sarah closed and locked the doors and windows that lead outside. If Kendra were to run away, it wouldn’t be tonight.

Uncle Frank smiled at Aunt Sarah as she handed Kendra a teddy bear and kissed her fore head.

Uncle Frank: “I have to go home Karen will be worried sick, plus she’s all alone with those rascal kids of mine. If you have any problem at all don’t be afraid to call me. Just keep an eye on this one I’m sure Brenda will be a good girl for you.”

Uncle Frank was soon gone and the house was empty except for the 3 girls.

Chapter 6

The next morning both girls woke up early and re-evaluated their current status.

Brenda was running through the past day, and wasn’t very happy about it. “My god” she said aloud, and then she thought silently. “I was a complete idiot yesterday just because I wear diapers does not justify acting like a total infant if I ever want to get out of diapers of get my Kendra to even think of me as her mother again I have to start acting my age. Just have to be careful spankings hurt like heck.”

Kendra also had a troubled mind, “last night was nice, only when he was rocking me though those spanking hurt like hell today my ass is on fire! And my god, I have to pee like a race horse. Let’s see, my options, I put up a tantrum and make a big fuss, probably result in a spanking, which I defiantly do not want. Or I can just deal with it and wet my diaper, but up a little fuss and get my diaper changed.” With that Kendra wet her diaper a little and then a full stream came out she cringed at the thought of what she was doing and then stood up to hope out of her crib “wait” she said to herself, “Aunt Sarah” she yelled
Soon Aunt Sarah can running up the stairs and walked into the room smiling at Kendra “how does my baby girl feel today?”

Kendra: " My butt is sore, but I slept really, really good, change me… Could you please change my diaper?"

Aunt Sarah stood back stunned this was a 100 percent change from the night before. Although she could tell that Kendra was struggling to keep control of that nasty temper of hers. She slid the side down and picked Kendra up and together they walked into the nursery.

Aunt Sarah: “Good morning Brenda, how did you sleep last night pumpkin?”

Brenda sat up and then in an adult type of voice "I slept exceptionally well Sarah, thank you for asking me. How did you sleep?

Aunt Sarah was again stunned the girls were acting so different this morning “I slept very good thank you” Aunt Sarah laid Kenni on the table and unbuttoned her sleeper “my you are a wet little one this morning” Kenni bit her tongue, but then Aunt Sarah cleaned her up and put a little lotion on her butt being especially gentle. She re-diapered her in a care bear diaper “stand up please baby” she said helping her to her feet then she took off the entire sleeper “your all done baby.”

Kendra: “Please Aunt Sarah could I please have a shirt I’m not ready for this please, please, please.”

Aunt Sarah: “all right shhh its okay calm down just today though after this you will wear what an adult puts on you.”
She walked over to the closet and pulled out a baby t-shirt "this was Gina’s shirt but you can wear it today. The shirt had a cute little care bear on it and had cute little pink lace on it. Of course her diaper was in plain sight but this was 50% better.

Kendra: “Thank you so much Aunt Sarah! I will try to be good today I really will”

Aunt Sarah turned and lifted Brenda out of the crib and laid her on the changing table.

Brenda: “Sarah, I’m dry this morning I don’t need to be changed.”

Aunt Sarah took the sleeper off and checked her diaper “yes you are I’m guessing you want a t-shirt too?” She didn’t need an answer, she walked over to the closet and found a t-shirt that matched her diaper, pooh bear, on the diaper it was just a picture of baby Elmo catching butterflies, so Aunt Sarah picked out a t-shirt. She picked out another babyish t-shirt and held it out for Brenda to see. It was a yellow shirt with ruffles on the bottom and it had Elmo on it of course Elmo was in a cotton diaper sucking on a pacifier.

Brenda: “aww Sarah, couldn’t you at least give me a better one than that?” Sarah looked at her sharply “that one will do just fine.”

Soon all the girls were walking down stairs, and were put directly into their highchairs.

Aunt Sarah: “Here’s your breakfast, eat up quick it’s already 10:00 and we have a barbeque with Uncle Frank’s family, Gina, and Dave at 12:00 I expect you to finish everything.”

Aunt Sarah placed a bib on each of them and then placed two sippy cups filled with apple juice and oatmeal in front of them. Both of them finished everything in front of them with in 15 minutes.

Aunt Sarah: “You girls must have been hungry; I need to take a shower really quick you girls can play in your nursery while I’m in the shower.”

Soon after both girls were sitting in the nursery together.
Brenda: “Kenni, I want…”
Kendra: “Don’t even start Mom, I hate you okay… just drop it”

Brenda: “You don’t hate me and you know it, so just shut your mouth and start acting your age.”

Kendra: “Which age is that, my actual age, or the one you forced me into, I tried to get away but now I have a blistered butt and it’s all your fault”

Brenda: “Bull, you should have learned you lesson all the other times you tried to run away so just stop whining and open your eyes for once you being a little shit.”

They looked over at the door and saw Rick standing in the door way, not looking too happy.

Rick: “Why are you girls fighting? You two should learn to get along but for now both of you have earned a trip across my knee. When are you two going to learn? Especially you Kendra, yelling and screaming at each other will earn you nothing except a trip across my knee. Kendra come over here you’re first.”

Kendra started crying before she got over there. But Rick paid no attention as he dealt 20 hard spankings on her diapered butt. Kendra kicked and screamed and wailed the whole time. Brenda just stood wide eyed and watched knowing she was next. Rick let Kendra up and called for Brenda. Brenda froze

Rick: “you’re just going to make it 10x worse if you don’t get you’re little hinny over here.” Brenda backed away from him. “all right that’s 30 get over here now” Brenda just looked up at him teary eyed and slowly started walking toward him.

Brenda was screaming by the time he got to 10, and as he reached 20 she was kicking screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. All morning she had been holding her bladder but as he reached 30 she drenched her diaper and Rick could feel it. Both girls were now crying their eyes out, but their punishment wasn’t over the girls were led downstairs, to stand in the middle of the living room with their noses touching until Aunt Sarah came down from her shower if their noses came apart they would receive another 20 from Rick.

Chapter 7
Needless to say Aunt Sarah came down 15 minutes later and laughed at Rick. “I used this punishment on you and your brother when you were just a wee little boy. You would simply just stare into each others eyes as long as possible with nasty glares. And then when your time was up both of you would be the bestest of friends and gang up on me. They both deserved the punishment and I hate to see it end but both of these squirts need their hair done… I think you should wash Kendra’s hair in the sink and I’ll do Brenda’s upstairs in the tub then they need to be put up. But I will do that.”

Soon Kendra was getting her head dipped in the sink and the hose was rinsing it down. It seemed as if Rick had washed her hair 10 times but he just kept lathering it up. He washed her hair twice with Jerkin’s baby shampoo and then conditioned it.

Soon her head was wrapped in a towel and he was carrying her upstairs. Brenda’s hair was being blow-dried and combed straight. Usually she kept her hair curled but today she didn’t have a say.

Rick was toweling off her hair, and as soon as Brenda’s hair was dry Rick was combing it out and blow-drying it. Kendra glared at her mother who was getting her hair put into pigtails. Brenda was completely oblivious to what she daughter was doing but Rick wasn’t. He delivered a quick hard slap on her bare thigh, which made her jump.

Aunt Sarah: “Okay Brenda you’re done go into the nursery and play while I do Kendra’s hair. Kendra come over here and I will do your hair.”

Kendra looked at her mother’s blonde shoulder length hair bounce as Brenda walked away into the nursery. Brenda’s hair was in pigtail tied up with red ribbons, it looked so adorable. The last thing Kendra wanted was to have her hair put in pig tails she didn’t want to look cute. She just stood there for a second and then she received a nudge from Rick so she walked over and sat down in the chair that was in front of Aunt Sarah.

Aunt Sarah: “First thing’s you’re bangs are way to long and they are cute so gross. It looks like somebody took a hacksaw to your hair and then… I will trim up the back; your hair is just so uneven.”

Aunt Sara got out the scissors and began working on Kendra’s bangs, Kendra watched in the mirror as her precious 60 dollar hair cut fell away on to the floor. After they declared her bangs straight and even Aunt Sarah began to work on her hair, the way she had previously had it was to have the bottom layered it wasn’t split ends. But Aunt Sarah made it so in was a nice straight rounded hair cut. After she brushed it out it gleamed in the morning sun, her hair was so smooth and clean.

Aunt Sarah: “There! What do you think?” Looking over the freshly cut hair.

Kendra: “It’s boring and its little girl’s hair cut” she said in a dull monotone voice

Rick: “It looks beautiful, you look like a person now, just wait till you see it after Aunt Sarah puts it up for you.”

Aunt Sarah finished wiping away the hair from her face and shirt, and then did her hair up in pigtails that matched her mother’s hair. The only difference was that her mother’s hair was a golden blonde and hers was a nice reddish brown. It was one of the few things she got from her father, whoever that was.

Kendra pouted all the way to the nursery, and she was warned to “play nicely”. She sat on the opposite side of the room and faced the stack of toys. She pulled a tape player off the wall and turned it on to break the silence. She groaned as she heard children’s music begin to play. She looked over the shelf in front of her again; it was full of stuffed animals and music stuff including a small keyboard, and a harmonica. Kendra grabbed the harmonica, and began testing the different pitches and sounds. She played it very softly but then within 5 minutes she was bored with the harmonica and waddled to another corner of the wall. Kendra was disgusted with this wall it was filled with frilly Barbie dolls. “Yuck” she thought “I hate Barbie dolls.”

Then she got up and waddled over to another wall she was sitting next to her mother, but they just ignored each other. There were plenty of dress-up clothes on the rack, and when Kendra saw the long dress she pulled her shirt off and put the dress on. “Yey” she thought “now I have something toe cover my diaper, so what if it’s a dress.” She waddled over to the mirror “Damn these fricken diapers” she said under her breath “why do they have to be so damn thick?”

She laughed when she saw herself in the mirror, she had on a Yellow Beauty and The Beast dress on her hair was in pigtails with Yellow lace holding them up and a nice pillow taped around her butt. Rick laughed ash he walked in.

Rick: “you look just like a little princess Kenni but you can’t wear that to the barbeque you will get it all dirty. Come over here so I can change you back into you’re shirt.”

Kendra sighed and walked over to Rick; he undressed and re-dressed her, without so much as a hair out of place. Then he reached behind him into the bag and pulled out a brand new pacifier of course it matched her outfit. Rick pinned it to her shirt with a yellow ribbon and then put the pacifier in Kenni’s mouth. Then he did the same to Brenda, although she spit it out just as soon as he stood up.

With out delay they were hustled out the door and they were walking along the side walk toward Uncle Frank’s house. Kendra sucked hard on her pacifier as they opened the gate to see a yard literally full of people.

Chapter 8
Kenni wrapped her legs around Rick’s waist and held a little tighter than usual she was nervous. So on edge that Rick could feel her just tighten every muscle. She was searching the crowd until she had eye contact then she buried her face in Rick’s shoulder. Brenda was also nervous beyond comprehension although she hid her fear so much better than Kenni did. Of course there was the playing with the hair and no eye contact, she was terribly frightened and scooted closer to Rick’s leg. That is until Dave walked over to say hi to everybody. Brenda saw Dave as a knight in shining armor, but then Gina came and held his hand. She saw he was already taken, then she sighed, they always are.

They all walked over and talked to everybody, this place was unbelievable. Brenda looked around not one person was drunk, not one woman was way beyond sluttish looking, it was just like a utopia with diapers. Brenda sat down on the ground with a Kerr plop from her diaper and Kenni sat on Rick’s lap. Soon Chris, Uncle Frank’s son came over and asked Kenni, Gina, Dave, and Brenda if they wanted to join in a game of Freeze Tag. The 3 of them said sure, and Kenni was pushed into the game.

So all four of them followed Chris over where the rest of the “children” were playing. Kenni noticed for the first time she was sucking on a pacifier and spit it out, she was quite embarrassed. The rules were explained, the object of the game is to not be frozen. If you are caught you have to stand with your legs apart, and not move a muscle, hence the frozen aspect of the game, until someone dives under. Due to the age Dave and Chris were chosen to be “it”. There were probably 20-25 kids playing so boundaries were drawn.

Then Dave and Chris began the countdown 5…4…3…2…GO! It was wild mania kids were running every where trying not to get caught. Dave had gotten his wife first and she was standing in the position waiting for someone to get her back in the game. Kenni was being chased by Dave who was determined to get her out. But she turned and dodged and finally he gave up and went to his next victim. Kenni was out of breath already so she dove under Gina’s legs and they decided to stick together. Brenda on the other hand was getting caught every two seconds, she would get in and then Chris would chase her until she was out of breath and frozen again.

The game went on for a long time and eventually everyone was called for lunch. Gina, Brenda, and Kenni all were disappointed, they had enjoyed the game so much and Kenni and Gina were becoming friends.

After being hustled to a blanket spread out on the ground while Aunt Sarah prepared a plate for Kenni and Brenda, Dave, Gina and Uncle Frank’s family were also sharing the blanket. Uncle Frank’s family included his wife Aunt Karen, his 12 year old daughter Jenny and his 20 year old son Chris. Their plates were brought back and they were full of food. Kenni looked over her plate and saw corn on the cob, spaghetti, potato and macaroni salad and she knew the rule, you eat what was on your plate.

All the kids were bibbed and had a bottle placed in front of them, Kendra looked around and then just sighed this was just too much for her. She had been on her best behavior all day long and now she was just beyond redemption. She waited till Uncle Frank, Aunt Kendra and Aunt Sarah were gone and then told the other kids that she forgot her pacifier out on the Tag field and that she would be right back.

She walked calmly over to the Freeze Tag field and then took off running with all her might. She jumped the fence and ran down the street and just as she got around the corner she heard Dave and Chris coming after her. She knew she couldn’t outrun them both she needed to hide and she needed to hide quickly. She looked all around and then saw a bush and dove into it. She got as deep and as hidden as possible and stayed still and quiet while she watched Dave and Chris run straight past her and around the corner.

She calmly hopped out of the bush and ran straight the other way. She literally bumped straight into Uncle Frank’s chest, who had took off right after Jenny had told him that Kendra had hopped the fence was running. It wasn’t long before Chris and Dave both came running back; they were clearly out of breath.

Dave: “what the fuck Kendra, did you run track in school or something?!”

Uncle Frank: “Dave! Watch your mouth or I will use this belt on you; she is just a child, a child who will be severely punished…AGAIN. Kendra why do you do this, you were behaving so well today and then you pull a stupid stunt like this! I feel like I’m abusing you by giving you so many spankings, but you act so… so… I don’t know! I’ve never seen someone act like you, you need to start acting your age.”

Kendra yanked her arm away from Uncle Frank and sat down and sucked on her thumb and wet her diaper, really heavily so that Uncle Frank and the boys could see what she was doing. She dropped to her knees and crawled around in a circle and then pulled her thumb out of her mouth and cooed like a baby would then sat hard on her butt.

Kendra: “Like this Frank?!” She yelled “I am not a 2 year old and I will never be a fucking two year old! So what the fuck do you want me to do, I never agreed to be a baby again I never agreed on any of this so just leave me the fuck alone!!!”

Chapter 9

Uncle Frank: “Young girl you are just going to have to learn to accept our traditions and our laws. You may think you know everything and you are queen of the world but you are only 14 years old! 14 years old you want me to send a 14 year old girl out in to this big world?! Well I am not that kind of man”

Kendra: “Fuck the traditions, Fuck the law I lived on the outside world how can you expect anyone to accept this?! Nobody in the right mind could come from an outside life and live in here.”

Uncle Frank: “Gina did… Now let’s go back to the house you have a really good spanking coming and don’t forget your nap. But first the spanking”

Kendra: “But…”

Uncle Frank: NO arguing! I’m sick of listening to you whine and cry"
Uncle Frank picked up the kicking and very wet girl, Chris and Dave followed behind them. They finally got back at the party and went inside and upstairs into Jenny’s nursery in the corner of the small pink room was a chair with a paddle hanging right beside it. That’s where Uncle Frank was taking Kendra. Dave and Chris walked out of the room and let Uncle Frank handle “her” for now. Outside Brenda and Gina could hear Kendra screaming and crying it was obvious that she was getting her sound punishment. Brenda was tearing up and almost wished her daughter hadn’t been found.

Finally after a couple of minutes her punishment was ended she had stopped screaming but was still crying were loudly. Uncle Frank picked her bare butt up and carried her over to the changing table. Her diaper was already off due to the spanking but she was wiped off and then powered up, after applying a large amount of powder Kendra was placed in a very thick double diaper.

Uncle Frank: “This is part of your punishment; it seems that spankings only affect you while they still hurt, so this will be a reminder to you.”

Kendra cried louder but Uncle Frank just finished diapering her and then put her pacifier in her mouth. She silently cried and then was just sobbing so Uncle Frank took her to the rocking chair and softly rocked her back and forth. As she stopped crying he placed a bottle of milk in her mouth, and slowly she fell asleep.

Uncle Frank carried her to Jenny’s crib and placed her inside before returning to the party. Most the kids at the party were being put to sleep Rick was doing just that to Brenda he was rocking her back and forth with a bottle to her mouth and she was covered with a cute little pink blanket. Brenda was having a hard time not falling asleep, it had been a hectic day but she wanted to stay awake and to see what was happening but she slowly but surely drifted into a nice sleep.

Nearly 3 hours had passed before the children of Shady Grove were woken up. And it was Rick’s job to get Kendra outside and behaving. He loudly clomped up the stairs to Jenny’s cute little nursery where Kendra was soundly asleep. He really didn’t want to wake her up this was the only time she behaved. He went over to the corner and picked up the paddle and Kendra’s saturated diaper and took care of them.

He just sighed and then lowered the side to Kendra’s crib. Gently he rubbed her back causing her to stir, then he rubbed her hair and gently said her name “Kenni Kendra baby wake up… honey wake up”. She sat up and rubbed her eyes before reaching her arms out to the awaiting Rick, he picked her up and carried her downstairs. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes; she just didn’t want to wake up. Right before they went outside she remembered what she was wearing and struggled to get down.

Rick whispered in her ear “If you’re not good that double diaper will become a triple diaper with no shirt” She sighed and laid her head back down. “Who cares” she thought “Just let this horrible day pass… it will pass… I hope!” Rick sat on the ground and she nestled her think little butt into his lap.

Kenni: “Rick” she said tugging on his shirt “Can I have something to eat; I’m so hungry my stomach hurts.”

Rick handed Kendra to Uncle Frank and then he got up to get her a plate of food. This time there was chicken and the salads and a bottle full of juice.
She was bibbed and sat and ate her food between Uncle Frank’s legs. After her plate was empty it was refilled with a small slice of apple pie and a small slice of strawberry shortcake with a little scoop of ice cream on the side.

She smiled and devoured it down; she leaned back on Uncle Frank and finished her bottle. After a nice 2 course dinner she ran to join the kids in a game of Frisbee and not just any Frisbee… ultimate Frisbee.

Her diaper made it hard to run but she managed and by nightfall she was so exhausted and worn out by the time the game ended she could barely walk, Chris ended up carrying her while Dave carried his precious Gina. It was a long night but in the end even Kendra had to admit it was a very fun filled and exciting day. The only problem was the spanking and the fact that she needed to make a “poopie” in her diaper.

Chapter 10

As they walked home Kendra’s stomach hurt so bad that she moaned and whined all they way home, she couldn’t even stand walking instead she had Rick carry her. Brenda was having a slight version of the same problem; she needed to take a crap but knew she could hold it in a couple more hours. By the time they got home it was nearly 10’ O clock and they needed to get to bed.

They walked in the house that was rightfully theirs, but due to the stupid laws Rick took care of them and the house. Rick turned on the lights and they were stunned to see the entire house had been re carpeted and redecorated re furnished and it looked like a brand new house.

Rick: “Everybody in the town pitched in either with money or furniture food or time helping me get this place decent for you two can have a house to live in while you’re in Shady Grove. Let’s take a tour shall we.”

Brenda hopped up and down and took a hold of Ricks arm while Kenni just groaned.

Rick set Kendra down and made her walk, she clutched her stomach and leaned forward producing a very large hump in the back of her diaper, but she didn’t stop there. Just as soon she had finished pooping her uncontrollably wet her diaper to a very, very saturated and sticky state. She spread her legs out and cried at the top of her lungs.

Rick picked her up and plopped her pacifier in “there, there” he cooed “it’s only a poopie diaper you will have tons of them it’s okay… baby shhh”

She flinched as Rick’s back hand pushed the sticky mess all over her sore little butt cheeks. The 3 of them walked up the stairs and saw two rooms decorated in a bright pink and another room decorated with a baby purple color. They walked into the pink room and saw that the room was Kendra’s room. The rug was pink and the curtains were pink, the crib and the dresser, and the closet, and of course the changing table, were all made of a white oak. The crib was hand painted with Kendra’s name written in beautiful Pink letters with ribbons and hearts painted all over it. Rick laid her down on the changing table and untapped both of her diapers, the whole room soon smelled like a poopie diaper… a very unpleasant poopie diaper.

Rick saw this horrendous mess and just shrugged, and went to cleaning up the still pouting child. But after he had finished he didn’t re-diaper her instead he took off her shirt and carried her to the “girls” bathroom. Inside was a huge tub with tons of bath toys.

The room had a sink and a mirror just like a normal bathroom, the only thing that was missing was the toilet, instead a changing table took its place. Rick ran the bath water to a near perfect temperature. Soon both girls were butt naked being placed in the bathtub, getting washed off by a nice looking 31 year old guy.

As Rick bathed Brenda she looked at him, Rick was a tall guy, nearly 6’3 but he was built like nothing. His hair was blonde but darker than Brenda’s; it had a natural curl nothing major just a small wave to it. And his eyes were the best feature of his whole body. They were a dark blue bordering on the color green, and Brenda guessed he weigh no less than 230 lbs give or take 10 lbs.

As soon as they were finished both ran wrapped in a towel to their very own room.

Brenda ran instantly to the room that Rick pointed to, he eyes lit up. The whole room was luscious lavender, it looked a lot like Kendra’s room due to the changing table, crib, dresser, and stands but the whole room was stunning. She sat on the floor and dried her self off, and then her hair.
Rick came to Brenda’s room first, and picked her up to set her on the changing table. He laid her down and placed her towel over the top half of her and then applied lotion. He pulled out what looked like a extra super absorbent really thick diaper.

Brenda: “umm Rick can I have a normal diaper? I was good the entire day pretty please…”

Rick laughed “silly girl this is just thick because it’s a night time diaper it’s not a punishment!”

He diapered her up and then went to her dresser; it was literally stuffed with clothes. He picked out a night gown and slipped it over her head.

Rick: “I have to go get Kendra diapered; you can come if you want to.”

Brenda thought about if for a second and then hopped right next to Rick and grabbed his hand. Together they walked to see Kendra who was sitting on the floor playing with her toys. As soon as she saw them walk in she threw the toys aside and hopped up. Rick laughed but just picked her up and laid her on the changing table. He pulled out two of the diapers he used on Brenda and then poked holes in the first one. After applying lotion he slipped them both under her and sat her down, he put lots of baby powder on and them taped her shut, and then taped her shut again.
Rick: “There now you’re both all snuggly and cuddly”

He set Kendra down on the floor while he rummaged through her pajama drawer he pulled out an onesie. It was really cute and had 6 snaps on the crotch. On the front of the onesie it said “Mr. Happy Crack” and on the back it said “a dry Crack is a happy Crack” He snapped her up and then all three of them sat together in Kendra’s crib. Together they took turns reading Eric Carl’s book “The Grumpy Ladybug” After they were finished he tucked Kendra in and turned on the lullaby CD. He handed her bottle to her and then her pacifier before kissing her head and pushing up the bars.

They went into Brenda’s room and did the same thing, except he rocked her to sleep in the rocking chair, back and forth, back and forth until she was fast asleep.

Resturn to Shady Grove - Brandy

Chapter 11
Sorry this one took so long I’m sort of grounded from the computer (Shh don’t tell anyone) I’m kinda in the act of sneaking on.

Rick stretched out his entire body and groaned as her looked at the clock it was only 2’o clock in the morning and one of his baby girls was crying. He groggily hopped out of bed and walked down the hall. He looked like a zombie and refrained from swearing as he tripped over a stand in the hall way.

He walked until he figured out whose room the sound was coming from. It surprised him; Brenda was the one crying he yawned as he open the door and walked in. Right away he knew what the problem was; Brenda stood up in her crib and softly sobbed.

Brenda: “Rick why are you making me do this?”
Rick: “That’s the thing Brenda. No one is making you do this, this was you’re own choice. But I am glad you made this choice” he smiled sweetly at her. “Now let’s get that stinky diaper changed and get you back to bed.”

He pulled her bars down and lifted her onto the changing table. After having her nightie rolled up she diaper was removed and thrown straight into the trash. She was cleaned up, with tons of wiped and then Rick rubbed lots of lotion on before slipping a fresh diaper under her and applying lots of powder.

He lifted her up off the changing table and laid her back in her crib. Before leaving he turned her music box on and kissed her forehead.

Rick: “G’night sunshine, now you go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning”

Brenda smiled at him and said goodnight as he walked out of the room towards his own room. Both of them were asleep again before Rick even hit his pillow.

Morning finally came as Rick eagerly hopped out of bed, the fair was in town and neither of his baby girls knew! It was going to be a complete surprise and he hoped they would be as excited as he was himself. He chucked as he hopped in the shower “a 31 year old man” he said aloud “and
I still just LOVE the fair!”

As he hopped out and toweled off he was still bright eyed and had a grin up to his ears. He literally danced all the way too his bedroom to get dressed. As he walked pass Brenda’s room he saw that she was standing in her crib wide awake and obviously wet.

Rick: "I’ll be there in a couple of minutes honey; you just play in your crib for a little while. He got dressed in his favorite khaki shorts and his favorite Hawaiian shirt. Today sure was going to be a killer, it felt like 100 degrees in the house already and it was only 7:00. As he walked to Brenda’s room he flicked on the Air conditioner.

Rick: “G’morning sunshine, you are up bright and early are you sure you don’t want to go back to sleep?”

Brenda: “it’s too hot I can’t sleep” she whined

Rick: “Don’t worry baby I just turned on the AC soon it will be nice and cool in here”

Brenda smiled and reached her hands out “I still want to get up may I watch TV?”

Rick smiled and carried her down stairs he wanted to see how long she would stay in a wet diaper. He turned the TV to cartoons and walked into the next room to make a nice healthy breakfast. He opened the freezer and pulled out Eggo Waffles. He threw three at a time into the toaster and soon they were all golden brown, and ready to eat. After calling Brenda into the kitchen, he picked her up and placed her into her highchair with a bottle of orange juice and the waffles, and a special treat, strawberries.

After Brenda was all situated he ran up the stairs, and straight into Kendra’s room.

Rick gently and quietly slid the bars of the crib and gently nudged her awake.

Rick: “G’morning princess”

Kendra: “Rick I’m wet”

Rick picked the small girl up out of her crib and laid her on the changing table. Considering the fact the she had two nighttime diapers on, she was wet alright! He threw the double diaper away and re- diapered her up.

Rick: “how’s you butt feeling today Kenni?”

Kendra: “it hurts I am going to be a good girl today and go spanking free, I hope”

Rick: “That’s good I don’t want to have to spank you, I know there’s a good girl buried in there some where!” He said tickling her tummy.

Rick picked Kenni back up and carried her down the stairs and straight into the kitchen.

Kendra: “G’morning Brenda” she smiled

Chapter 12
Again shh I’m grounded!

Brenda smiled back and said G’morning to her daughter as she was placed in her highchair. Kendra even smiled as her bib was put on and her bottle was placed in front of her. She was determined this was the end of them god darn spankings, and if she was lucky these god forsaken double diapers! After Brenda was finished she was wiped of the sticky mess she had managed to get all over her fingers un-bibbed and she toddled all the way back to the cartoons.

Kendra ate up everything on her plate and as she was wiped off and taken down from the highchair, popped her pacifier into her mouth. Rick smiled Kendra had really taken a liking to that pacifier, Brenda wouldn’t even accept hers. Kendra and Rick hand in hand walked into the living room, and just as soon as Rick sat down Brenda got up and crawled into his lap. He chuckled to himself “maybe this would be an easy day.”

It wasn’t long before Uncle Frank, and his son Chris came knocking on the door. Rick and Brenda greeted them, and Brenda’s mouth dropped open when she saw Chris was in just a thick Spider-man diaper with a pacifier in his mouth. Kendra didn’t even notice she just lay on the floor kicking her legs back and forth, giggling at that silly Spongebob. The fact that Kendra wasn’t even putting on a show, Sponge bob was just her favorite show.

Uncle Frank gave a big hug to Brenda and smiled at Kenni and decided to let her enjoy her TV show. Chris who also loved Sponge bob took a seat right next to Kenni and soon they were both indulged in the show. Brenda could care less for Sponge bob so she followed Uncle Frank and Rick into the Kitchen, and watched them as they poured some coffee. As she noticed what she was watching her heart leapt, COFFEE. She had been craving coffee for a long time and immediately hopped up and down in anticipation for any type or style of coffee.

Rick knew exactly what she wanted; when they were dating it took her 4 large cups of coffee just to want to get out of bed. He pulled a sippy cup down from the cupboard and poured some apple juice in the cup and handed it to Brenda. She just frowned and drank it anyway, because hey after all, it wasn’t in a bottle. But she climbed onto Rick’s lap and just sat there smelling the coffee, when she thought he wasn’t paying attention she picked the cup up and tried to steal a sip. It turned out she didn’t get a sip just a smack in her bare thigh. She grimaced and then hopped off Rick’s lap and walked over to Uncle Frank and then managed to get situated on his lap.

She then gave Rick the cockiest little glare in the world.
Rick and Uncle Frank kept talking until they heard a loud bang in the living room they ran out to see what had crashed, carrying Brenda along for the ride.

As they ran into the living room they saw Chris and Kendra wrestling on the floor. Chris of course was winning but Kendra was giving a run for her money, and she wasn’t backing down no way in heck she was backing down. They were both giggling as Chris and her went tumbling into the couch, soon Uncle Frank, and Rick gave Kenni a hand.

Chris struggle to get lose as his dad and Rick had a hold of both his legs and his arms while the two girls tickle attacked his stomach. He literally wet his diaper from laughing so much until the tide turned again and the girls went for Rick. Without the 2 girls and Rick holding Chris down, Chris struggled to get free and took on his dad.

Meanwhile Aunt Sarah and Karen were walking up the steps to Rick’s house along with little Jenny, they burst through the door when they heard the ruckus going on inside the house. Immediately Aunt Sarah put a stop to it.

Aunt Sarah: “RICK AND FRANK!!!”

Everyone stopped what they were doing; Rick and Uncle Frank stood up and brushed them selves off.

Aunt Sarah: “I can’t leave you two alone for ten minutes, you were supposed to have the girls ready when we got her and they are STILL in their pajamas. Just what am I going to do with you two?!” she turned to Karen “You take Brenda and do her hair and diaper, and I will take Kendra and get her ready. Rick please get yourself cleaned up, Frank you too, and comb Chris’ hair it’s a mess.”

Everybody hurried off to get ready for the trip. Only the adults knew what they were getting ready for. Aunt Karen took Brenda up to her room and checked her diaper; sure enough it was still quite wet from the previous night. She helped her onto the changing table and quickly re-diapered her with her skilled hands. She then pulled the nightie up and off from Brenda’s head and then half dragged her into the bathroom to put her hair up. Her hair was put in a French braid and mixed into the braid were beads and ribbons of all colors.

Mean while back in Kendra’s room Kendra’s diaper was found dry and ready to go. So Aunt Sarah just stripped Kendra of her onesie and then took her into the bathroom as Brenda was just finishing.

Kendra: Aunt Sarah do I have to go without a shirt?!

Aunt Sarah: “Yes, don’t worry you will get used to it, you haven’t got anything to hide anyway.”

Kendra pouted as Aunt Sarah brushed the snarls out of her hair.
Aunt Sarah decided to put Kendra’s hair half up and half down. She combed the top half nice and tight while the bottom half was left out of the ponytail. They waited a second as the curling iron heated up, and then Aunt Sarah put tight curls in her hair. She pulled out some pink ribbons and added a few to the ponytail.

Kendra closed her eyes as Aunt Sarah carried her down into the living room where Chris, Rick, and Uncle Frank were waiting. Not 2 minutes later Aunt Karen came down with Brenda holding her hand literally shaking as she walked down the stairs.

Chapter 13
This one is really long, I could have split it up but that wouldn’t have been any fun.

It took no time before the adults were herding the children toward the door and into the van waiting outside. The van could fit 6 in the back seat and 2 in the front. So Brenda, Kendra and Chris were put in one van With Uncle Frank and Rick, while Jenny Aunt Sarah and Aunt Karen took the other car. Of course the kids were all buckled in to car seats, even Chris. Along the way they stopped to pick up Gina and Dave along with one of Jenny’s friends. Dave and Gina piled in to the now full van, while Jenny’s friend sat in the car. And just as soon as they were buckled in to their car seats they were off. The fair was on the far side of Shady Grove and it would take 5-10 minutes getting there.

Dave, Rick and Chris took turns telling ghost stories all the way to the fair and even succeeded in making Kendra scream once. It was obvious they had told the stories a couple of times before. Before the car ride had even gotten exciting, they had arrived at the fair. Everyone piled out of the van and took hold of an adult’s hand, or Chris’ hand. So Gina and Dave, Brenda and Rick, Chris and Kendra, Uncle Frank got Jenny and her friend. Aunt Sarah and Aunt Karen went to get wrist bracelets so the kids could ride any ride they wanted to, and she also got a sheet of 15 tickets for everyone, with each ticket you could play a game once.

Kendra looked around, the fair was packed, it was such a busy day and she had to get stuck with out a shirt “oh boy oh boy” she thought to herself. In reality it wasn’t that bad although Kendra was only looking at herself, nearly every child there had a diaper on with out any other clothes. She wanted to take off and to go have fun, on her own, but she could tell by the way she was being pulled around that wandering alone wasn’t on the to do list.
Kendra forgot all her complaints as she and Chris were walking up to the Ring of Fire, a really fun, and scary fair ride. It was basically a ride where you sat in train type of car and the train drove around the track. But the scary part was that the track wasn’t on the ground it was up in the air, and you went upside down and 102 miles and hour. The ride was a pure adrenaline rush!

There was also the ride called bumper boats where they got into these boats and you crash them into each other. They also went on some kiddy rides, like the merry go round and the Ferris wheel.

After riding almost all of the rides at least twice the group decided to play some games. It was nearly noon and the crowd was picking up, as they went through a thick section.

Kendra some how got separated from the rest of them. This could be her chance, she could run and never be found or spanked again or she could go find her Aunt’s, Uncle, Mom and friends. And that’s what she decided to do. Kendra looked around, and for the first time she felt so small and so lost. She started walking around looking for her family, but the fair was so big and scary she started to get worried that they would never find her. She had horrible pictures dancing through her mind, so she started running around looking and looking.

Kendra: "Where are they?! She whined on the verge of tears “Uncle Frank, where are you?! Come back” She said as tears started to fall.

She just sat down on a bench nearby and started crying, not on purpose or anything, she hated crying! It didn’t take long before she was all out wailing. She pulled her knees up to her chest and started rocking back and forth, soon her thumb found her mouth. It calmed her down a little, but the tears still kept her face wet and her other hand vigorously wiped them away. Her face was turning red and sore… A man came up behind her and picked her up, she screamed and scrambled to get away.

Man: “Shhh, shh its okay baby, I won’t hurt you… What’s wrong?”

Kendra just cried and vigorously sucked her thumb; the man carried her back to his family, who were sitting under a tree eating their lunch. He handed her to his wife thinking that she wouldn’t be as scary. His wife rocked her and soothed her “My name is Ginny, this is my husband John, and my daughter Katie” she said pointing to her husband and then her daughter who was asleep on the blanket. Ginny pulled a pacifier out of her daughter’s diaper bag and pulled Kendra’s thumb out of her mouth and replaced it with the pacifier. Kendra was quickly soothed, so Ginny handed her back to John.

He carried her to back to the information office and Kendra’s heart literally jumped when she saw her family. Uncle Frank came running over and thanked John over and over again, he even offered to pay him, but John quickly refused. John handed Kendra over to Uncle Frank, and then turned to go back to his family.

Kendra: “Wait” John turned around and smiled as Kendra held out his daughter’s pacifier

John: “You can keep it”

Kendra: “Thank you” she said as she reached out and gave him a giant bear hug

As John left Uncle Frank handed Kendra to Rick and they walked over to the park and sat a lunch. As Rick sat down and rocked Kendra back and forth, he just had to ask.

Rick: “Kenni baby, I just have to ask, did you try to run away and get caught or did you really get lost and were found by John”

Kendra: “I got lost, but honestly I did think about running, for some reason I didn’t want to, maybe it was the fact that I have a very wet, very thick diaper taped around my waist, or the fact that I don’t have a shirt on. I was really scared and then John found me”

Rick smiled and then stuck a finger in the crotch of her thick diaper “Wow! You really are wet we’ll just have to change that.” Rick laid her out on the grass and pulled out her diaper bag

Kendra: “RICK… NO!!!” she struggle to sit back up but Rick just gently pushed her back so she was lying down.

Rick: “Don’t you tell me no. You need a diaper change and you’re not going to walk around this wet”

He untapped her diaper and watched as she tightly clenched her eyes shut. He quickly double diapered her up, and she was done up all snuggly and cuddly.

Chris: “Rick will you do me next? I’m about ready to leak”
He lay down where Kendra had laid and waited as Rick found one of spider man diapers. Rick had barely finished when Jenny lay down and laughed “Me next!” she clapped and Rick found on of her diapers. Just as he had her taped up Gina and Jenny’s friend laid down in anticipation of a dry diaper.

Rick laughed “Dave! Some help please!” Dave came up behind Brenda and stuck a finger down her diaper. “This one needs a change too”

Brenda: “No…No… NO!!! Not here” Dave picked her up and laid her next to the two other girls who were waiting for a diaper change.

Rick: “Assembly line?”

Dave: “Assemble line!” he grinned

Rick got out the diapers and laid it in front of the girls as Dave began removing the diapers. Rick wiped as Dave followed behind him as he removed the wet diapers and slipped dry ones under them. Dave applied lotion as Rick powdered, and then they taped them all up together, they laughed hysterically and high-fived.

Rick: “We still got what it takes”

Dave “Oh yea! Three baby girls 5 minutes?” They high fived again and laughed.

Aunt Sarah: “Okay lunch is ready”

Dave and Rick helped the three girls up and they all joined together and sat on the blanket.

Kendra: “I forgot my pacifier over there” she pointed laughing at her own joke.

Chris wrapped his arms around her chest while Dave and Rick grabbed hold of her legs “not this time” they laughed “no running away today!”

Kenni: “What… don’t you trust me?” she smiled sweetly
They all looked at each other and tightened their grip “nope”

Aunt Sarah: “Okay, okay kids lets get that lunch in you”

Rick: “Where’s the duct tape when you need it” he said as he walked over and grabbed the bottles of juice out of the cooler. He handed the bottles to Chris and the rest of the children before grabbing a couple of sodas for the adults.

Soon every body was all set with their lunch and were diving in. It didn’t take long before every body was finished and Aunt Sarah was digging through the cooler pulling out brownies and home-ade cookies along with a couple more bottles of milk to put the children to sleep with. Everybody had a brownie and the cookies were put away for after naps.

Soon Brenda was being rocked to sleep sucking on her bottle of milk, Chris was putting himself to sleep Uncle Frank had Jenny and Aunt Karen had Jenny’s friend. Kendra was being rocked to sleep by Aunt Sarah, and Dave of course had Gina. After they were all asleep the kids were laid on the blanket, they were fast asleep and they were covered up with a light blanket. Rick slipped Brenda’s pacifier back in her mouth and immediately she started sucking on it. While the kids were asleep Dave and Rick took off to play some games and enjoy the stores. Uncle Frank, Aunt Karen and Aunt Sarah stayed around to watch the kids, but they had fun after starting a game of cards.

Rick and Dave who were old buddies were just like kids, without diapers they played all the fun games. They played darts, and basketball, and all those impossible games to win but they ended up with arm full of stuffed animals, noisemakers and gag jokes. About an hour later they came back to unload their prizes, they also had smoothies and fried dough for all the adults.

Chapter 14

Chris was the first one to wake up; he never slept more than an hour for a nap. He quickly but carefully got out of the covers, and walked over to his dad. Uncle Frank quickly checked his diaper “you’ll be okay for and hour or so.” So the next round of cards Chris was dealt in, and not long afterwards Brenda woke up. She walked over and sat on Rick’s lap and even helped him win in the game on cards. Rick checked Brenda’s diaper really quick and determined her dry.

It had been two hours since the kids had been put to sleep so Uncle Frank asked Rick, Chris and Dave to wake them up. Big mistake, Rick and Dave pulled out the noise makers which included firecrackers little kazoos maracas and fire bombs. Dave passed them out between the three of them, and they quietly tip-toed over to where the kids were sleeping.

Dave: "On the count of 3 okay… 1…2.

Uncle Frank: “you do it, you three will have my belt to face and if you think I’m kidding just drop or pull one of them fire crackers!”

They groaned and then put the noise makers away, and then they knelt one by one beside each and every sleeping child and woke them up slowly and gently. By the 3rd kid they had their hands full, literally as Dave woke Gina up she crawled on his laps of he sat down with her and rocked her. The same happened with Chris and Rick. Chris had his sister, Jenny and Rick had Kenni. So Aunt Karen took Jenny’s friend, Beth and rocked her awake. It seemed like nobody wanted to wake up, so Rick and Dave filled all their bottles half full of soda and passed it around with cookies. Rick held the bottle as he rock Kendra back and forth, he laughed as he woke her up a second time after she fell asleep.

It didn’t take long for the sugar to affect their bodies and soon they were jumping for joy.

Uncle Frank: “Okay, who’s ready to play some games?”
They all jumped up and down and shouted “ME!!” Kendra and Brenda even got caught up in the excitement and started jumping up and down.

Uncle Frank: “But first, diaper changes if you need them just lay down on the blanket”

Kendra and Brenda literally jumped off from the blanket just like it was on fire as soon as he said that, but Dave popped out of no where and checked their diapers.

Dave: “Kendra go lay down, you are soggy enough to fill a swimming pool. I guess you’re okay Brenda.”

Kendra lowered her head as she lay next to Chris. Chris saw that she was still quite embarrassed about the whole deal, so he reached down and grasped her hand; she looked at him and smiled unenthusiastically.

Uncle Frank and Rick changed Chris and Kendra at the same time, and of course Kendra got another double diaper.

Chris: “Dad make mine a double too, please”

So together they toddled off the blanket so it could be folded up and put back in the van. The kids waited while the adults loaded everything in the trunk, everything except the diaper bag. Chris decided to be mischievous and walked over to the diaper bag and pulled out the baby powder. His face unexpectedly changed and he spread his legs out and walked like a cowboy.

Chris: “Okay who’s first, I know how to use this powder and you will like it” he said in a cowboy accent.

Kendra stepped up “I’m not afraid of you Chris, so whatchya going to do about it?” she stepped closed and Chris grabbed the front of her diaper, pulled it out, and squirted loads of baby powder into her diaper

Kendra: “I can’t believe you just did that” she laughed as she pulled away from him, before taking off as he threatened to do it again.

Chris: “Okay who wants to be next?” He began to chase everybody around with the powder bottle in his hand “mwahahahah, nobody can stop me now” he said as he caught a hold of Jenny and sprayed a jet of powder in her diaper, he laughed evilly as he walked toward Brenda and caught a hold of her. Just as he opened the front of her diaper Rick and Dave caught him from behind.

Dave: “That’s where you’re wrong!”

Dave and Rick pulled him to the ground and everybody piled on top of him.

Rick: “Brenda will you do the honors?” he said handing her the bottle of talcum powder. She smiled and took it with a smug grin on her face. She pulled the front of his diaper and squirted it all down the front. Chris struggled as they turned him over so he was lying on his belly.

Brenda handed the bottle to Gina and she gladly took it and filled his diaper up with it. After that they let him up, and laughed as he tried to shift the powder, Kenni and Jenny were doing the same thing. Uncle Frank, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Karen came back with 3 strollers for the smallest girls.

Aunt Karen: “Jenny you’re in this one” Jenny clapped and ran over and sat in the stroller she waited to be buckled up.

Aunt Sarah: “Beth you’re in this one” Beth also ran over and hopped, and smile as she was buckled in.

Uncle Frank: “Kenni you’re with me” he smiled half expecting her to be happy.

Kenni: “Uncle Frankkk I don’t want to ride I can walk okay?”

Uncle Frank: “umm no not okay, you have already got lost once and that was during a calm part soon the crowd will be 2x more dense now come on, we’re waiting for you.”

Kendra frowned but walked over and sat in the stroller, her stroller was just like Jenny’s and Beth’s. There was a strap on that went up between her legs and two straps that her arms went through and they buckled by her chest, but that wasn’t all. After she was buckled in a bar clicked in front of her that was t-shaped it made it so each leg was through a separate hole. Of course the strollers were all so very adorable and the bars were all padded, even though Kenni didn’t admit it the stroller was very relaxing. Brenda and Chris and Gina had to hold on to the strollers or hold on to Dave or Rick’s hand.

And then they were off to play some games, of course the smallest girls who were in strollers only got to play games which didn’t involve getting out of the stroller, there were plenty of games that they could play though.
Kenni grabbed the 5 softballs and whipped them at the cans. Soon they were gone. She got a big cuddly clown stuffed animal for winning; the next game they played was darts. Chris literally lived for this game, even after Kenni had missed all the balloons Chris came right up behind her and popped 5 balloons with his 5 darts. And of course all the guys had to try to ring the bell on the Strength O’ meter. They all got a large rubber sledge hammer and had to hit the top of it to get a prize. Only Chris got a prize and that was only because kids win every time. Brenda and Gina tried the kid size Strength O’ meter and of course they one a blow up squeaky sledge hammer.

After a whole load full of toys and more noise makers everybody had 1 ticket left so they all joined into a game together, this was a game where you had a water gun and you had to squirt inside a hippo’s mouth and to fill him up with water. The first one filled up gets a large stuffed animal, second gets medium and third gets a small prize.

The host of the game handed a large Scooby doo stuffed animal to Jenny; she was the winner, a medium stuffed animal to Gina and a small one to Beth.

They were about to leave when Kenni shouted Wait I have another ticket, so they turned around and let Kendra pick out any game she wanted to play.

Kendra: “Gina, can you win me one of those sledge hammers? I really want one of those!”

So Gina stepped up to the plate and swung the sledge hammer, she was considered a kid so she automatically one the game. Kenni thanked her as she was handed her sledge hammer decorated with frogs. Uncle Frank looked at his watch; it was almost 5:00.

Uncle Frank: “Okay here are the options we can stay here and have some chicken wings or we can go out to eat, it’s your choice.”

They all huddled around the strollers and voted on staying here and they walked and rolled into the food pavilion. It only took 5 minutes till the chicken wings were brought out. The best part about it all, there was no need for bibs, nobody has clothes on to keep clean!
The waiter brought out the freshly baked chicken wings along with celery and 3 pitchers full of soda.

Waiter: Umm would you like some high chairs for these kids? He asked

Uncle Frank: “Yes please bring out 5 of them if you would, thank you. Rick, Dave and Chris go help him carry those out.”

It was not long before they came out with the highchairs; Kenni muttered under her breath “I should have run when I had the chance… It never ends does it?”

Every body helped situate the highchairs around the table, while Rick and Dave un-buckled Kenni, Beth and Jenny. Dave held Kendra just in case; he didn’t feel like chasing a small girl through a thick crowd. Kenni was the first person sat in the high chair, followed by Beth, Jenny, Brenda, and Gina. They were pulled up to the table and the feast began, Kendra smile, she just loved wings and she was beginning to get hungry. There were every type of wings… barbeque, sweet and sour, hot, and mind there were nearly 6 dozen wings sitting on the table! Kenni and the rest of the kids had 6 put in front of them to start on. And boy did they dive in, and make a mess in the process!

Uncle Frank: “Holy cow, you kids were starving, does anybody want more?”

Everybody groaned and shook their head no, the table was empty except for a large pile of bones, but they quickly changed their minds when the waiter cleared the table and brought everybody, their own fried dough.

Rick laughed, Kendra was a complete and total mess she had managed to drop a chicken wing and got sauce on her chest, but she forgot her hands were covered in sauce and wiped sauce all down her tummy. She had sauce on her chin and all around her mouth. And on top of it all the powder on the fried dough made it 3x worse but Aunt Sarah and Aunt Karen came to the rescue with a box of wipes. They set to work cleaning off the sticky, messy sauce off from everybody including Chris; the only person to stay remotely clean besides the adults was Brenda.

Chapter 15

One the way back home it was nearly a perfect silence, Brenda and Kendra and Jenny had all fallen asleep in their carseats. Gina had her head lying on Dave’s lap; her eyes were beginning to get heavy. And Chris had his head against the window, eyes relaxed and exhausted.

Finally after the 10 minute ride back into town Uncle Frank helped carried Brenda and Kendra into Rick’s house, Dave and Gina followed behind. Tonight Dave and Gina would be staying with Rick, at least for a little while. Brenda who had roused up as she was carried inside walked into the living room and just sat down on the floor, before long she was fast asleep. It was 6:30 so Rick just turned some music and sat Kenni on the floor beside her mother. Dave and Rick went out in the kitchen, Gina had her legs wrapped around Dave’s waist and he head was resting on his shoulder.

By 7:30 Rick decided to wake Brenda and Kendra up so they would sleep during the night. They both woke themselves up by stretching and yawning, while Rick turned the movie Shrek on. Soon Gina, Brenda and Kendra were all sitting on the couch, laughing at the silly antics of Donkey and Shrek. It wasn’t long before Kenni got an idea; she waited till Gina was engulfed in the movie and then started screaming and crying at the top of her lungs.

Rick and Dave came running out and Rick picked up Kendra and rocked her back and forth as she continued to cry.

Rick: “What’s wrong? Gina, do you know what happened?”

Gina: “Sorry Rick, I was watching the movie”

Kendra: “She hit me” she wailed and pointed at Brenda before burring he head in Rick’s shoulder.

Rick: Brenda! I thought you were better than that you can not hit Kendra. What do you say to her?!

Brenda: “I…I didn’t hit her… I promise I didn’t”

Rick: “You hit Kendra; why else would she be crying? You know better to hit people and now you’re lying to me? What do you say to Kendra?”

Brenda: “BUTTTTT I didn’t do anything…” Rick looked at her sternly “I’m sorrry Kendra” She walked over to give Kendra a hug. Brenda wrapped her arms around her daughter “bitch” Kenni whispered in her ear. Rick took Brenda out to the kitchen and put her in the corner.

Rick: “You know better…20 minutes; I do not want to even glimpse you’re nose.”

After the 20 minutes were up Rick called for Brenda “Will you be a good girl for me, and play nice with Kenni?”

Brenda: “Yes” she moped.

Rick: “now give me a hug” Brenda walked over to Rick and crawled on his lap, he cradled her and gave her a big hug. “I know Kenni deserves to be hit sometimes but if she does anything, you just come tell me, now go play, Kenni and Gina are upstairs playing in the nursery.”

Brenda ran upstairs to the nursery and saw Gina sitting playing with Barbie’s while Kenni was back in a dress up outfit, this time it was a one piece Tigger costume. Brenda walked straight up to Kendra and confronted her, “You had no right doing that you know damn well I didn’t touch you, I have never touched you, and maybe that’s where I went wrong. You’re just lucky I didn’t get spanked!”

Kenni smiled, “To bad huh? Nobody wants you here, even this hell hole could be heaven…without you, any where why don’t you get the fuck out of my life!”

Gina got up and ran down stairs, while Brenda and Kendra kept yelling and swearing up a storm. By the time Rick got upstairs Kenni was on “Fuck-off you bitch!!”

Rick yelled at the top of his lungs "ALL RIGHT!! YOU TWO DOWNSTAIRS …NOW!!!

Kendra just crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at Rick “Make me, Jerk.” It wasn’t two seconds before Rick had her in his arms heading down stairs with Dave pulling Brenda along behind him. Once they got downstairs Dave pulled Brenda over his knees and ripped her diaper off, while Rick did the same to Kendra. Right away they both were receiving 50 spankings by hand, and then 10 with a paddle. They were both screaming and crying at the top of their lungs by the time their punishment was over. Rick and Dave carried then upstairs and into their own separate room.

Dave double diapered Brenda and then carried her into Kendra’s room Kendra was still on the changing table having her third diaper taped in place, Rick was still lecturing her “…you were so close Kendra, why couldn’t you have been good for a couple more hours.” he looked at Dave, “You can give her a bottle of water and put her in her crib they are going to bed early. Kenni say sorry to Dave, for swearing in front of him and Gina!”

Kendra just started wailing even harder as she was put into her crib with a sore rear and a full bottle. Brenda was carried into her own room and she received the same treatment, straight to bed.

Rick and Dave met up in the hall “I just don’t know about those two… I’m really sorry about them”

Nearly 4 hours had passed and Brenda was still sitting straight up sucking on her empty bottle. The words that Kendra had shouted at her still burned through her mind, and then she made her decision. She hopped out of the crib along with her blanket; she walked straight out of the bedroom and tip-toed down stairs. She didn’t even look twice as she walked out the front door and straight into the road, sprinting all the way down the street and turning into the forest when Kendra had hid.

She collapsed at the mouth of the forest, and cried hysterically. “Why does my daughter hate me so much all I want is what’s best for her I love her so much and every time we meet eyes all I see is a burning hatred in her eyes, it’s just not fair I love her! Where did I go wrong?! Am I that bad of a mom?” She stood up and looked at herself, she was covered with dirt and wearing only an extremely thick diaper. “Fine mom I am” She went to rip off the diaper and then remembered it was the only clothing she had she un-clenched her fist from the thick wad of cotton she had wrapped around her waist. Brenda walked into the forest with her chin nearly touching the ground, tears strolling down her face in a silent cry. She walked deep into the forest and laid her blanket on the ground. She curled up and fell into a troubled sleep.

Rick woke up and frowned when he looked out the window, it was pouring, the roads were wet and he couldn’t see 5 feet in front of the drive way. He stretched out and tottered out of bed he walked into Kendra’s room, she was sitting straight up and frowning “I didn’t sleep well” she whined.

Rick sat down on the edge of her bed “Brenda didn’t really hit you yesterday did she” Kendra frowned and nodded her head no "You know you should try to be nicer to her after all she is your mother, your only mother and she loves you soooo much, you don’t know how many nights she cried herself to sleep after fighting with you.

Kendra: “But Rick we have only been here umm 3 days and 2 nights now.”

Rick: “I wasn’t only talking about in Shady Grove; we used to date… if you remember… I know why you didn’t sleep well. It’s because you feel guilty, you know you said some very hateful and wrong words to your mom.”

Kendra: “I just am so mad at her for making me live… Well THIS life” she said picking up her bottle and pointing at her diapers.

Rick: “It’s not that bad is it? Just hear me out… Here you have a loving family, healthy meals and tons of toys to play with. I know you could like this place if you’d just give it a try. And maybe you could give your mom another chance too?”

Kendra: “I guess, I’ll just have to do my best, lets go wake her up” she smiled.

Rick smiled “not so fast baby how’s your diaper?”

Kendra: "Wet, now can we go wake mom up?

Rick smiled and picked her up and together they went down the hall and before opening the door Kenni hugged Rick and whispered “thank you” into his ear.

Chapter 16
Brenda was waking up to a soggy dreadful morning, her diaper was soaking wet, and her blanket was wet and muddy. She was colder than an ice stick.
Brenda: “I’m going home it is cold today.” She got up to her feet and looked around, “which way is home” she thought…

Brenda looked around everything looked different than it did the previous night.

Back at the house Rick and Kendra were frozen with fear as they looked at the empty crib. Rick set Kendra down and ran down stairs calling Brenda’s name over and over again. He called Uncle Frank, and Kenni sat at his feet listening to as much of the conversation as possible “Frank this is Rick, no I won’t calm down! Brenda is missing; she wasn’t in her crib… No, no I looked all around, she is gone, no Kenni is right here… Last night? Last night they went to bed early Kenni and Brenda fought and then they were spanked she was double diapered and then she was put to bed. I don’t know how long she has been gone…Yeah… yeah I’ll call the police, see you in a couple of minutes.”

Rick ran franticly around the house and then paced back and forth until there was a knock on the door. Rick practically jumped to the door and opened it up it was Chris and Uncle Frank.

Uncle Frank: “Chris you are in charge of Kendra keep an eye on her, we don’t need two missing. She probably needs breakfast give her some cereal a banana and some juice in a bottle, make sure she gets bibbed and then get some clothes on her it’s freezing in here.”

Kendra waddled to Chris and he picked her up, he carried her upstairs and searched through her drawers. Finally he found an onesie and a cute t-shirt, then went to her closet and picked out a pair of overalls. They were pants and he pulled out a pink hoodie. He went to dress her…
Kendra: “Chris, I have a really wet diaper, can you change it?”

Chris: “Sorry Kenni, only adults can change diapers, I’m not aloud to yet.”

He dressed her in her outfit, her diaper obviously stuck out but she was getting used to that aspect, now she was nice and warm and looked like a teeny teenie bopper. He finished it off by pinning a pacifier to her hoodie and brushing her hair out. Chris was dressed in the same way he had jeans on and a hoodie. He carried her into the kitchen and put her into her highchair, after bibbing her he served exactly as his dad had said. Half way through the meal Kendra started to softly and silently cry.
Chris: “OOOhh baby, what’s wrong?”

Kendra: “My mommy’s gone and it’s all my, fucking fault, I was a stupid bitch and I deserve to go to hell…”

Chris was quite taken back by the swearing but he gathered himself up “KENDRA! You do not swear there is no situation that can make swearing acceptable; I don’t want to hear another dirty word out of your mouth… do you understand?”

Kendra started sobbing louder “I’m sorry Chris” Chris took away her tray and unbuckled her. Soon they were sitting in the living room rocking chair. Chris bottle fed Kendra and listened to Rick and his give a description to the police.

Five minutes later a search and rescue team and a k-9 unit was being set up. Chris and Kendra were taken to the fire hall where most the kids of the town were taken. It was raining out so they weren’t allowed to help search but most of their parents were searching, so they were left at the fire hall.

The fire hall had nearly 35 kids of all different ages from 2-32 and there were only 3 adults watching them, but the older “kids” were a big help and kept the younger kids out of trouble. Kendra hadn’t stopped crying or worrying about her mom who was all alone in the freezing cold.

Brenda just wandered around her diaper now full and leaking; she had taken her sopping wet and muddy blanket off the ground and wrapped it around herself. Slowly she wandered in the direction she thought was home. She was shivering, tired and muddy. But she did what she had to do she bent over and messed her diaper. Then she sat down and cried…

The k-9 unit had followed the scent all the way to the edge of the forest, but the scent was weak due to the heavy rain, and the k-9 unit kept losing the trail. It was up to the search and rescue team along with the volunteers to find the not so little girl. Deeper and deeper they wandered into the forest, until one of the dogs started barking wildly. The dog was not a trained part of the k-9 unit; she was just a reliable hunting golden retriever that had picked up the scent. Her owner let her loose and just shrugged “She’s probably just found a rabbit of something, just ignore her.”

The golden retriever dodged the trees and then the scent grew stronger, she knew that Brenda had recently been there, in fact that was the very spot that she had slept. The dog sniffed around and then took off in another direction, the trail was strong and fresh and she was getting closer.

No time seemed to go by and soon that old reliable retriever found the girl lying on the ground softly crying. She sniffed her and Brenda jumped, and then hugged the soft warm dog. The dog huddled close to Brenda and then lay down across her lap, if nobody else the dog would keep Brenda warm and safe.

The search party was on a all different route, a totally wrong route, they had been searching for nearly 5 hours since that old man’s hunting dog had ran off and he was beginning to worry about both the girl and his faithful friend.

Okay 100 pts to the first person that guesses…. What’s my favorite type of dog???

Chapter 17

Okay sorry this one is so short

The search party was called off at 7:00 pm that night on account of rain, but it would be resumed bright and early in the morning. Uncle Frank and Rick devastated went to the Fire Hall where a warm ham dinner was waiting for all the volunteers. Kendra darted through the crowd coming in and searched for her Rick and her Uncle Frank, and most of all her mom. But she could tell by the long faces on the people that walked through, her mother was no where to be found. The water works started again as Kendra sighted her Uncle Frank; he was sopping wet, as all the rest of the volunteers were. Uncle Frank ran to pick up Kenni “Don’t you worry baby, we WILL find your mom, okay we will find her, Kenni look at me… Don’t you even doubt me for a second WE WILL FIND YOUR MOM!” Kenni forced a smile on her face “You promise?” She said. Uncle Frank pulled her into a hug and then handed her to Rick “WE Promise” Rick said.

Just as the volunteers were sitting down for the first meal of their day, Brenda and her new found friend were still sitting close together under that maple tree. The rain beat fiercely on their faces and Brenda’s bum was nearly covered in water as the puddle formed around them. Finally she decided it was her turn to do something, this dog found her, she could find the way home.

She stood up, in the darkness and held tight on the collar of the Goldie. “HOME! Find home” she said soon she was stumbling along cold and wet in a whole new direction, the dog sniffed and searched and looked for the familiar scents of this forest home. It only took two hours till they reached the mouth of the forest. Shady Grove had never looked so brilliant, as magnificent in Brenda’s eyes as it did now. Brenda could hear someone off in the distance yelling 5 more minutes and she would be home.

“DAWNNNN, DAWNN Where are you girl… DAWWWNN.” The golden retriever took off after the man’s voice, and Brenda followed closely behind him. The man laughed as his beautiful golden retriever came running around the corner “Where have you been girl? Chasing rabbits again Huh How many did ya catch?”

Dawn ran back toward Brenda and then back toward her master, until Brenda finally followed him. “Oh my goodness, Dawn you are such a good girl” he said as he ran toward Brenda and scooped her up in his arms. She soon learned that they had been searching for her all day long and that everybody was at the fire hall having a dinner, and that Dawn was this guy’s dog, his name was Eric Bezel. Eric wrapped Brenda up in his semi-wet coat and happily carried her towards the fire hall with Dawn happily trailing behind him.

The man burst through the door, “Dawn wasn’t chasing rabbits this time! GUESS WHO I FOUND” Everyone clapped and Kenni was the first one out of Rick’s arms “MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY!!!” Kendra ran up to Brenda and wrapped her arms around her “I’m so sorry, don’t you ever leave me alone again!” Eric handed Brenda to Rick, who immediately took her into the back room, “you stink” he said sarcastically. She laughed “Well that’s a warm welcome, thanks Rick” he un-did her diaper and that’s when it hit Brenda and she cringed

Brenda: “I’m in for a spanking aren’t I?”

Rick: “Why would you be in for a spanking, you have every right in the world to leave.”

Brenda: “Then why did you spend all that time looking for me?”

Rick: “Because you disappeared in the middle of the night and I had no ideal where you were, plus you’re dressed rather skimpy to go back into the real world, and you have a daughter sitting in the next room, a house and a trust that you need to decide what to do with… Shall I go on?”

Brenda laughed: No just get me in a dry diaper, and some warm clothes, bib me, let me eat, wrap me in a warm blanket and rock me to sleep, and tonight please heat my milk to just the right temperature."

Rick: “I think I can handle that list of demands” as he pulled out a warm towel and dried her off, before putting her in a footed sleeper. He carried her out to the table and handed her to Uncle Frank. In the short time it took Rick to fix her a meal she must have received 50+ kisses and hugs, but she really did enjoy the attention.

Chapter 18
Well I’m back and this chapter is short, and boring but hey I’m rusty so bear with me.

Rick walked back carrying a large plate full of Ham and potatoes and corn, fruit salad, beans, and it looked delicious, especially after not eating for a whole day. Brenda’s stomach was turning and it felt like she was going to puke. So she was bibbed and sat on Rick’s lap where she cleaned her plate, and then leaned back into Ricks arms.

Brenda: “Rick, I’m so tired, can we go home now?”

Rick smiled: “Yes baby we can go home, its way past your bed time!”

After one big good-bye and a thank-you and a blowing off kisses, Brenda, and Kendra were in their car seats driving home in the rain. Uncle Frank and his family followed behind them, along with Aunt Sarah. They pulled into the drive way and ran into the house, Rick held the door open for the rest of the people.

Finally they were all nice and warm sitting together on the furniture cuddling and falling asleep. Chris had Kendra in his arms, as he was putting her to sleep, his eyes were drifting also.

Uncle Frank awoke Chris less than ten minutes later and carried Kendra up to the bedroom. He quickly undressed her and then put her in a footed sleeper, just like her mom. She was put down with a pacifier and then she got a nice kiss on the forehead. “Nighty night princess” Uncle Frank said as he pulled up the bars to her crib.

Rick was laying Brenda in her crib at the same time, looking down at her with loving eyes “don’t you ever do that again Brenda, I was far beyond scared and hurt! Please if you ever want to leave this town just please tell me, I will understand”

Brenda looked down and apologized for the fifth or sixth time within the hour. She was truly sorry for running away, and she was content being here, being taken care of, being diapered. Brenda just needed to get over her foolish pride and stubbornness. Every other “child” was happy in Shady Grove, and it even seemed like Kenni was enjoying herself, for once. Rick kissed her goodnight and then met Frank and Sarah in the hall.

Soon Chris, Uncle Frank, and Aunt Sarah were heading home, worn out from the long day.

The next morning Rick was the first one awake, he checked the girl’s room, and wasn’t even a bit surprised when he found Brenda still asleep.

He walked into the bathroom and stripped his clothes before stepping into the hot water. He finally woke up all the way and then just relaxed in the shower, he smelt of sweat, and he felt unpleasant. The previous day had been exhausting, and he was looking forward to feeling human again.

As he stepped out of the shower he heard Kenni calling his name softly. He dried up and slipped some clean clothes on before going into her room.

Rick: “Hmm, I think my baby girl needs a bath”

Kenni: “That does sound really good Rick; I guess I can be good for that.” She smirked

Rick let her out of the crib and then returned to the bathroom, to fill a bubble bath for her.

As soon as the bath was almost over filling with a thick layer of bubbles Rick helped Kendra undress and then told her not to make a mess.

Kendra: “You’re not going to bathe me?”

Rick: “I think you will do just fine all by yourself, just make sure you call me when you’re done and I’ll help you get out and all dried up.”

Kendra smiled and jumped in the bubbles, enjoying her freedom “This might take a long while!”

Rick laughed and walked out of the bathroom allowing Kenni some privacy.
Kendra just relaxed and went under the bubbles, emerged in the warm water.

Chapter 19

Brenda rolled over in her crib listening to her daughter giggling in the bathroom; it was a delightful thing to wake up to. She was still sleep deprived and beyond tired, but for some reason she could not fall asleep. She sat up and reached for the bottle at the end of the bed, and then pulled a stuffed animal close to her chest. She just didn’t feel right, her
chest was tight and she was having a hard time breathing, and she was far beyond cold.

She called for Rick in an unusual whiny voice, he came smiling in.

Brenda: “Rick I feel yucky” she whined

Rick: “aww” he put the side of her crib down, and carried her into kitchen. He set her down and then ran back upstairs to get the thermometer. He carefully knocked on the bathroom door and then quickly let himself in “5 minutes Kendra and then its Brenda’s turn” he grabbed the thermometer and ran back downstairs to read Brenda’s temperature.

He stuck the end of the thermometer in her ear and clicked the button, after a couple of seconds her temperature read 99.6 degree’s.

Rick: “Well the good news you aren’t dying, you’re going to be fine”

Rick set her up on the couch with a breakfast tray and some cereal. He called Aunt Sarah for some help, and then went upstairs to help Kenni out of the bath tub.

Rick: “you ready princess?”

Kendra: “Yes sir, thank-you for letting me relax, I love long bubble baths!”

Rick lifted her out of the tub, and wrapped her in a towel before lifting her up and carrying her into her room.

Rick: “Well it’s another cold dreary day so why don’t you pick out an outfit” Kendra scrambled to run in to her closet until Rick picked her back up and carried her to the changing table. “After we get you in some
diapers” he laughed.

He rolled the towel to her belly button and quickly taped her up in two thick diapers before lifting her down. He laughed as she waddled to the closet giggling; even he had to admit she was a cute little sucker.

Clothes were Kendra’s favorite subject so she didn’t even delay as she ran to her dresser pulled out a cute pink onesie, then back to the closet for Capri’s and a warm care bare hoodie. She took the big was of clothes to Rick and then let him help her get fully dressed.

Kendra happily ran to her crib and grabbed her pacifier along with her favorite teddy boy she was in a good mood this morning! She ran up to Rick and nearly dragged him down stairs just for the fun of it.

Kendra seeing her mother ran over and gave her a kiss on the head “You look like crap Mom, did you have a rough night?”

Brenda smiled “I’m fine just need some rest”

Aunt Sarah popped out from the kitchen with a nice bowl of ice cream for
Brenda; it was complete with whip cream and a cherry and literally made Kendra’s mouth water.

Kendra: “I want to be sick too; can I have some ice cram, Aunt Sarah? Pretty please with whip cream and a cherry on top…”

Aunt Sarah: “I guess you can have some ice cream too after you eat up a nice healthy breakfast.”

Kendra smiled, and ran all the way into the kitchen, went to the drawer; pulled out her favorite bib. She waited for whomever to come and lift her into the high chair. Rick came out laughing at Kendra “have a little sweet tooth do we?”

Kendra: “Yes, Sir I love ice cream, and am looking forward to having a bowl full of my own!”

Rick: “I guess that means you better get eating” he said as he placed her bottle and some cereal in front of her.

Kendra literally dove in as Rick struggled to slip the bib over her head, to prevent an up coming mess.

Chapter 20

I feel this story is no where near the ending but due to recent “stupidity” on the board and being sick/ sport starting, I feel it is easier to just end this story.

Kendra and Brenda eventually were near inseparable, they simply adored each other! Over the next few years they enjoyed many wet and dirty diapers together, many laughs, and even some tears. Rick and Brenda were married in Shady Grove Park after 3 years of living together and by the honeymoon Brenda had her first dry night in a little over 3 years.

Kendra, who was the bridesmaid for the wedding was also living a very happy life, she proudly wore and used her diapers whenever. She in finally starting her freshman year in high school, and is getting decent scores mostly in the B+ range.

Well let’s just take a peek at a normal day in the new life of Brenda and Kendra…

Kenni proudly skipped into the house after holding up her Spanish spelling paper. “Daddy, Daddy look!”

Rick: “Fantastico, wonderful Kenni now go show you’re mom”

Kendra runs into the kitchen “Mommy, Mommy I got a 98 in Spanish, that’s so close to a 100 it’s not funny”

Brenda: "That’s great Kendra, do you want some supper I just made you some homemade soup. Kendra was carried back downstairs and placed into the highchair and bibbed, she received her normal bottle and her normal bib, and a delicious venison soup. She gulped it down, and smiled even more when some ice cream was put in front of her. “MMM thank you Mommy that was delicious, can I take my bottle in the living room with Daddy?”

Kendra ran into the living room and plopped right smack dab on Rick’s lap. He positioned her and then rocked her back and forth as she nursed on the bottle. This was becoming a routine for Kenni and just as Rick predicted Kendra was asleep less than five minutes later as he replaced the bottle with her pacifier.

Rick carried Kendra upstairs and put her into her crib, where she slept tight until nearly 2 hours later when Rick came upstairs to wake her up.
Rick: “Now if you want to sleep tonight you had better wake up baby” he told Kenni as he lifted her out of the crib “now I think my girl has a stinky diaper… Do you need a change?”

Kendra: “I guess so…” she sighed but started to giggle as Rick scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the changing table.

Rick: “Kenni me and you’re mommy are so proud of you, you are 100% more mature and grown up since your first day in Shady Grove”

Kenni: “Daddy, how can I be more grown up, I can’t even tell when I wet my diaper now and I drink out of a bottle, there’s no way I’m more grown up.”

Rick: “Baby, when you came here you were a spoiled little brat who couldn’t care less about anybody but herself, and now you respect everybody you meet, you try hard in school. I have never been more proud of you in my life.”

Kenni jumped up just as soon as her diaper was sealed and gave Rick an extremely big hug “I love you Daddy.” Rick smiled and returned the hug “I love you too baby, I love you too”