Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 1

“But, you can’t go back!” Tina said, following me back downstairs to the nursery. “Who will take care of you?”

I had just told Raye I had decided I needed to go back to Alabama for a few days in order to decide what to do about college. I had been with them all summer, and now it was time for me to decide whether to go back to Alabama and continue my education, or transfer to the school there in Tennessee that really didn’t have all the classes I needed. We had been bringing up possibilities for several weeks, but apparently Tina had convinced herself that no one would really let me go, and this was coming as a real shock to her.

“Tina…” I knelt down so I was eye level with her. “I’m not a REAL baby, you know. I can take care of myself.”

“No you can’t,” Tina asserted. “Britney said you need her to take care of you.”

“I did okay before I moved here this summer,” I told her.

She looked me up and down, especially at the bulge the diaper made in my pants. “Yes - I can see that,” she countered.

“You know, you are going to have to tell Britney sooner or later if you decide to go back there,” Pam said from behind me. I stood and walked into the nursery, opening a dresser drawer and starting to pull out some diapers to pack for my trip. The girls followed me. “She’s gonna take it pretty hard if you leave,” Pam continued.

“Yeah - I know,” I said after a minute. Actually, maybe that was a reason to stay. Or maybe it was a reason to leave. Should a twelve year old be that attached to me? Although it wasn’t like we dated or anything; she just loved taking care of me. I was sure it was all completely natural … well - pretty sure, anyway.

“Look, I haven’t decided yet,” I said. “That’s why I have to go down there. I need to see both places and consider this. I need to get away from here so I can decide if it is really where I need to be right now.”

“You promised Daddy,” Tina brought up. “He asked you to help out while he was in Iraq. He’s not back yet, so if you leave you are breaking a promise.”

“We said I would stay here for the Summer,” I answered. “We never discussed anything beyond that. I’m sure he knows I was planning on going back, just like he knew I would not come until my classes were over last May.” In reality, it would have been much easier for me if he HAD asked me to stay, but his statements were the same as Rayona’s - he was sure if I stayed I would be a big help, but it was totally up to me and I shouldn’t feel pressured either way. They didn’t realize that not being told what to do is actually more pressure than being told what to do.

Tina had accepted that she was out of arguments to keep me from going, and instead resorted to following me around and watching me with Bambi eyes. “At least take us with you,” she said, referring to Pam and herself.

Well, this was simple enough. I wouldn’t have to look like the bad guy on this one - their mother would never let them go, and…

“That sounds like a good idea,” Raye said.

I blinked. “What?”

“They can go with you. It will give you some quality time - especially should you decide to go ahead and move back there,” she expounded.

“Umm - but I won’t be around all the time,” I said. “I’ll have to be on Campus and stuff.”

“So? Pam is 14, she and Tina will be fine by themselves for a few hours,” Rayona told me.

I paused. This was an interesting dilemma. I had promised to help out - it was the whole reason I came, and Rayona was telling me that getting the girls out of there for a few days would really be helping her a lot. All three females looked at me expectantly. A few years ago Pam and Tina and learned, while they were selling girl-scout cookies, that I was completely unable to resist Bambi eyes, and Tina was using them full force now. They had gotten their way on many things by using them.

I sighed. Tina took this as a sign of her victory. “I knew he’d say yes,” she said confidently.

I looked at her. “There are conditions,” I cautioned.

Her look turned suspicious. “What kind of conditions?” she asked.

“First of all, no public mentions, teasing, or trying to baby me,” I started.

“Public?” Pam stressed. She caught that pretty quickly.

“Yes - public,” I said. “I know too many people around there, so no bibs and bottles at restaurants, or mentioning my diapers while we are out, or any of that.”

“While we are out…” Pam repeated.

“Is there an echo in here?” I gave her a look and got only a thoughtful smile in return.

“And second…” I thought this could definitely come in handy… “While in my house, you have to live by my rules - just like I live by yours while I am staying here.”

Tina snorted. “YOU have rules?” she giggled.

“Yeah - one of them is that little girls who are sarcastic get their bottoms smacked,” I said, taking a light swing at her backside. She let out a little meep and dodged it; then she stuck her tongue out at me.

I turned back and began to pack other things in the suitcase. “How long are you planning on staying down there?” Pam asked.

“About a week, I would say,” I answered.

“Well then, you really DO need us. You really think 15 diapers are going to last you all week long?”

I blushed as I looked at the already half filled suitcase. “Diapers take up an awful lot of room. I’ll just take an extra pack of them in the trunk. That’ll make about 37, which should be plenty. Happy now?” Pam did not look happy until she also added a baby bottle and my pacifier and teddy bear from Britney to the packing. I rolled my eyes, but was secretly relieved that someone had insisted on me taking them. I had become attached to sleeping with both, and wasn’t sure I could now sleep without either one of them, let alone both.

“We’ll leave in the morning,” I said, finishing packing and closing the suitcase - after taking the pacifier and bear out. “I’ll put them back in the morning,” I promised Pam.
“After your diaper change and morning bottle,” Tina added, giggling. I just smiled - she may have thought she had the upper hand, but I had a few plans up my sleeve for my two adopted little sisters.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 2

Before drifting off to sleep, I worried a little about sleeping in a regular bed once I got back to Alabama again. I was sleeping exclusively in a crib now - including taking naps - and I had awakened several times right up against the side of the crib. Would I remember how to sleep in a regular bed, or would I end up falling out? It hadn’t been that long, but I had seemed to very quickly and easily regress during the summer.

I also worried about my current need for diapers if I moved back there. Rayona had suggested that it should be easy to repotty train me during the day, and I had already been wearing diapers at night before I even came. She felt I could easily slip back into my old routine just as fast as I had slipped into the baby role, but I doubted I would ever be the same - and what was more, I didn’t want to be. I was deriving quite a bit of comfort and pleasure from being treated as a baby, and others were getting pleasure from it as well, so what was the harm?

Still, I needed to complete my education, and there were no schools nearby with the classes I would need in order to transfer. I figured the best thing would be go down there, and talk to my advisors to see what they thought. I was considering taking a year off, but I didn’t dare tell Tina or Pam that for fear of raising false hope, in case I decided not to. I finally drifted to sleep, snuggling my teddy bear and sucking my pacifier. During the night I had strange dreams about me being back in grade school, and Britney being my teacher. In the dream, I had wet my pants in class and got sent to the school nurse, who turned out to be Pam, who then put me in diapers and sent me back to class in just a diaper and shirt. When I got back to the class, everyone laughed at me except for Tina, who had turned up in the dream as a classmate who was trying to defend me. It was all very strange.

In the morning, after Raye had changed my diaper, I dutifully returned my pacifier and teddy bear to my suitcase as I had promised Pam I would. Tina had snuck into the nursery before I was awake and nicked my car keys, and she and Pam were dutifully loading the luggage already. I wondered why they would do that, and had a few suspicions. Pam said they were just being nice (yeah, right) and Raye said they were afraid I would change my mind and go without them, so if they already had their luggage in the car I was less likely to do so. I felt they had other reasons, and I wondered what I would find “hidden” if I bothered to move the luggage around in my trunk. Then again, I also had a few things hidden.

The girls had already eaten breakfast, and now had to wait around while I had mine. Tina rolled her eyes as I began to eat and got a bib from the cupboard. “You’re going to be changing your shirt all the time if you leave,” she said, shaking her head while tying the bib around my neck. I decided not to point out to her that the only time I ever dribbled anything on the bib was when she, Pam, Britney, or Chelsea tried to spoon feed me. As it turned out, that is exactly what happened anyway, as they decided we could go faster if Tina fed me - and sure enough, I ended up needing the bib.

We finally got on the road, after Tina and Pam made one more trip to the bathroom. So that there wouldn’t be any potential battles over the front seat, I pointed out to Tina that I had a passenger side airbag, which meant that children under 12 couldn’t sit there. She pouted a bit, but took a seat in the back. Pam didn’t want her to feel bad, so she sat in the back with her. Raye gave us each a kiss goodbye (yes, even me) and warned us not to forget to call when we got there - and warned me yet again to drive carefully and that Pam and Tina would report back to her if I didn’t, and I already knew about her spankings. I blushed as the two girls smirked at this. She then told them that they better remember to mind my rules like they promised, or they would be facing a spanking for it.

We had a good time for the first part of the trip - talking, playing the radio, and so on. It took about two hours to get south (and west) of Chattanooga, and I stopped on the outskirts to fill up with gas and to let them use the restroom. Both said they didn’t need to go yet - and Pam asked if I needed my diaper changed yet. I didn’t.

It was a few minutes later that I noticed that Tina was wiggling a bit in the back. I didn’t say anything, until finally she said, “Umm - are we gonna stop soon?”

“Wasn’t planning on it,” I said. “We just stopped 15 minutes ago. Why?”

She blushed. “Well … I gotta go to the bathroom.”

“Tina! Why didn’t you go back there when we stopped?” I asked. I asked this even though I already knew the answer, just like everyone else does.

“I didn’t have to go then!”

The US Highway I used to make the trip runs through an area of Northeast Alabama which is pretty unpopulated for the most part. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We were in a stretch of highway where I happened to know we wouldn’t see any stores, gas stations, or anything for the next 20 miles at least. I knew this because I myself had been through great stress a few times on this stretch of highway, fearing I would run out of gas before finding the next service station. Still, I decided to exaggerate the timing a little.

“Well, I’m sorry, Sweetheart, but you picked a bad time for this to happen. We won’t see another place to stop for at least a half hour.”

“A HALF-HOUR!?” Tina exclaimed!

To which I added, “Maybe more. Can you hold it?”

Tina looked a little panicked. “Not that long!” she admitted.

“Well, I can only think of one solution then,” I said, opening the glove compartment and pulling out the Huggies size 6 diaper I had hidden there. I handed it back to Pam saying, “I think you better help your sister into this.”

Tina was aghast. “But…” she began, but I cut her off before she could even start her protest.

“Remember our agreement,” I told her. “My house (or car), my rules. You couldn’t go when everyone else did, and if you can’t hold it then the rule is you have to wear diapers. That’s why I have them on, after all. Course, I could just call your Mom and tell her you aren’t living by the rules…”

I looked at her face in the rearview mirror and saw she was resigning herself to defeat. “Oh, all right!” she huffed, laying down in the seat with her legs pointed toward Pam. I turned my attention back to the road, enjoying that for the moment Pam’s giggles were directed somewhere else other than myself. I waited until I saw Tina’s head pop up again, and when I glanced back I saw that Pam had removed Tina’s jeans altogether and left her in just a diaper. “Happy?” Tina asked sarcastically.

“Well - yeah, actually I am. If you weren’t wearing that diaper I might have a wet car seat.” Tina appeared to be trying to come up with some kind of retort, but as I already knew, that’s not easy to do when you are the one in diapers.

Tina didn’t let on when she used the diaper, but it was obvious that she soon had stopped wiggling around trying to hold herself. Pam asked if she needed changed, and she nodded looking somewhat dejected. I took another diaper (four had fit in there) from the glove compartment and handed it back, and Tina lay back down to be changed. She looked so sad about it that I began to feel bad - after all, it was Tina who had defended me so often.

“Don’t be so sad about it Tina, I’m wearing diapers too,” I said. “Now we can gang up on Pam.” When she sat back up she looked happier - of course, that may have also been because she was no longer wearing a wet diaper.

I noticed Pam looked pretty smug as she knew she would be able to make it without having to pee herself, and she had seen the extra diapers in the glove compartment and probably figured she had beat my little game. Little did she know I had plenty of other plans.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 3

Once we started to get back into civilization, I went through a drive through at McDonalds to get us some drinks. Tina had fallen asleep, and was very embarrassed when Pam woke her up to ask her what she wanted to drink - but the time she realized she had nothing on over her diaper, we were already pulling through to the window where everyone could see her.

After getting the drinks I pulled over into the parking lot and got out of the car to get something from the trunk. “Where you going?” Pam asked. “Need a diaper change?” she giggled. I stuck my tongue out at her and got into my trunk where I had put my diaper bag. From the diaper bag I pulled out all three bottles, and then poured our drinks into them. The girls couldn’t see what I was doing.

When I got back in the car and handed the bottles to them, the fun began. “What? Why did you put it in baby bottles?” Pam demanded to know. Tina wasn’t happy about it either, of course.

“I don’t want any spills in my car,” I reasoned. “This is the best way to be sure that the car will stay clean.”

“But…but… I don’t spill drinks!” Pam said. I reminded her that she had knocked over her glass of milk TWICE at supper just two days before - prompting Raye to tease her then that maybe she needed a baby bottle, which is what gave me the idea in the first place. “Well, I won’t today,” she defended herself. “I’ll just take the top off, and…”

“Leave the top on!” I told her. “Both of you!” Tina had begun to unscrew her’s as well. “Remember our deal? I make the rules, you follow them - and I want my car to stay clean. See - I’m using one, too.” I tipped my bottle up to drink from it.

“You’ve been using one for three months!” Pam grumbled, but she obediently screwed the nipple back on and began to suck on the bottle. I figured this was the first time she had to drink from a bottle for about seven years. Raye once told me a story that Pam and Britney had begged her to but them a bottle when they were in a dollar store and Pam seven years old at the time. She warned if she bought it they would have to use it, and they agreed to, so she bought one and filled it with water, and made them use it the rest of the day while they were shopping. I had laughed at the story, until Raye looked pointedly at my diaper and pointed out I didn’t have a lot of room to laugh.

About a half hour from our destination, the girls began with the normal “Are we there yet?” routine. I wondered if Pam was beginning to feel the effects of a full bladder or not, but she never let on if she was. She was aware by now that she was in a challenging situation and was determined to make sure there would be no reason to suggest she should wear a diaper! Being tricked into using a baby bottle was bad enough, and she was now suspicious of me. After a few rounds of this, I told them that the next one who asked if we were there yet was going to have to suck on a pacifier until we did get there. Tina felt this warranted her telling me that I must have hung around Chelsea too long as I was picking up her trickiness.

When we pulled into the parking lot and I announced we had arrived, Pam pushed her door open and jumped out as soon as the car was parked. This caused Tina to emit a small high pitched screech, as she had still not put her jeans on and she was now exposed in her diaper for all the world (or at least, all the parking lot) to see. I thought it was sort of ironic that she didn’t want to be seen, but the scream was likely to be something that would bring attention to herself. She quickly struggled into her jeans, and I don’t think anyone saw her. I did notice why she had not been wearing them up to that time - they were pretty tight over the diaper, and really any mother with diaper-age children would be able to tell she was in them just by looking at her.

Pam wanted me to let her in the apartment right away, and I knew she was definitely needing the bathroom. “Gee, Pam, what’s the rush?” I asked innocently. I did however go up the stairs and let her in quickly. Then I went back down and began to unpack the trunk, noting there was an extra suitcase - a Tinkerbell one - and wondered what tricks Pam and Tina were going to be up to with this. When I got back upstairs with them, Tina and Pam were excitedly talking, shutting up immediately as I entered. Yep - now I definitely knew they were up to something.

“Okay - here’s what we’ll do,” I told them. “I have a single bed in the guest bedroom, and I have a full size bed in my bedroom. I guess the best thing to do is just let you girls share the full size bed, and I’ll sleep in the guest room.”

“Can I take these diapers off now?” asked Tina. I smiled and relented - she had been very good about wearing them and had even allowed herself to be changed into a dry diaper without putting up any argument or even questioning it. I had expected her to protest being changed into another diaper, but she hadn’t seemed to even notice it. She took a pair of panties from her suitcase and went into the bathroom with them.

I decided there was no need to go out tonight. Instead, after calling Raye and letting her know everything was ok (I noticed neither girl mentioned the diapers or the baby bottles), we ordered a pizza and watched a few movies I had on VCR tapes. I let them stay up late, and they were probably tired from the traveling anyway, so there were no arguments when I said it was time to get ready for bed.

I went into the guest room while the girls brushed their teeth and got into their pajamas, and noticed right away that one of them had been busy back here - probably when I was on the phone ordering the pizza or maybe during one of the movies. A changing pad was laid out on the bed, a new diaper laying ready, and the baby wipes and powder close at hand on the nightstand. Also I noticed my pacifier and teddy bear were on the nightstand, and someone had thought to bring along my “Princess” night-shirt.

It was nice to still have someone taking care of me, but I rolled my eyes anyways before laying down on the pad to change my diaper. Just because they had thought to bring it along, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to wear the night-shirt either. After getting all this done and tossing my diaper in the diaper pail, I went to tuck the girls into bed.

Pam’s nose wrinkled as she climbed into the bed and the plastic sheet I always kept on the mattress crinkled loudly under her. “A plastic sheet?” she asked.

“Well, yeah,” I said. “That’s my bed usually and diapers do leak sometimes.” This caused her to wrinkle her nose again. “The sheets are clean!” I told her.

Tina was having no problem at all with it, since she had been sleeping on a plastic mattress cover at home for quite a while by this time. She had been wetting the bed before I got there, and it was already on her bed - then she slept in the other crib in the nursery for awhile - and now she was back in her room and hadn’t had any relapses, but her mother kept the sheet on the bed “just in case”.

“Can’t we take it off?” Pam asked.

“Hmm - I don’t think so,” I told her. “We better leave it on for now.” I nodded slightly toward Tina when she wasn’t looking, and Pam knew I was concerned about her having a relapse, especially since sleeping in a strange place and everything. At least, she thought that was my reason.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 4

I wrestled with my conscience a bit over my next move. It was a mean trick, in a way, but no meaner than kids do to each other at camp all the time. Further, I thought back to the times when Pam had teased me (and Tina) about wearing diapers - it would serve her right to see what it was like to wake up in a wet bed for once.

That decided, I waited until I was sure the girls would be asleep. I even went to the door, which was slightly ajar, and listened closely until I could clearly make out two patterns of deep, even breathing. Once I was satisfied that they truly were asleep, I headed to the kitchen for a large mixing bowl (which I had conveniently placed under the sink by itself a few hours ago, so that I would not make too much noise getting it when it was needed). I filled it as much as I dared with warm water, then crept back to the bedroom with it.

My diapers crinkled with each step, seeming incredibly loud to my ears. I imagined the consequences of Tina or Pam waking up as I did this, so I knew I needed to be extra careful. As I pushed my way into the bedroom, I noted that fate was on my side for once - Pam’s hand hung off the bed, as if begging for this treatment. I carefully raised the bowl til her fingers were in the water, all the while watching her face and her chest for any signs that she was waking up. The face never changed, the chest continued to rise and fall in the same easy pattern.

After a few minutes, I realized I had never done this before and I had no way of knowing how long it would take. A bowl this size filled with water gets heavy after awhile. I also realized I had no way of checking to see if Pam really did wet the bed. I decided I was going to have to just take the chance, and pulled the bowl away, retreating from the room. As I left the bedroom, I felt my own diaper suddenly grow warm and heavy - and wondered how I would ever be able to be repotty trained when I now wet my diapers so easily and without warning.

I dumped the water out and hid the bowl again, then checked my diaper. It felt like it was wet, but not saturated enough to worry about. I decided to wait and change in the morning - the bed was protected, just like my full size bed, anyway.

In the mooring I woke to arguing. “You wet the bed!” Tina was saying. I held back the urge to rush in right away to hear what was said first.

“I did not!” Pam retaliated. “I don’t wet the bed, YOU do!”

“I haven’t done it for a long time!” Tina replied. I guess to someone her age, two months can be considered “a long time”. “You’re wetter than me,” she went on.

At this point I got up and went to their room. Both girls were standing in wet pajama bottoms. To tell the truth, it appeared that it could have been either of them who wet, although Pam was wetter and was so more in the spot where it would be were she the one who wet. I wondered if she realized this and was just trying to cast the blame on Tina, even though she knew it was her.

“I can’t really tell,” I said. “You’re both wet. I guess we’ll need to follow the same rules here as at your house - if you wet the bed, you wear diapers to bed! Since I can’t tell which of you it was…”

Both girls began to immediately proclaim her innocence. Pam pointed out that she never had a problem wetting the bed and it was much more likely to have been Tina (ordinarily, I would have agreed, had I not already known it was Pam). Tina pointed out that Pam was wetter and her side of the bed was wetter. Pam said that Tina moved a lot in her sleep (which was true). Pam finally said, “I’d bet anything it was you, Tina!”

This gave me an idea. “Anything?” I asked her.

Pam looked at me warily. “What’d you have in mind?”

“Both of you wear diapers tonight,” I said. “Tomorrow, if you are wet, it means you caused Tina to have to wear diapers, and she gets to spank you. If she is wet, it means she made you have to wear a diaper, and you can spank her.” They looked at each other. “Any spankings would be on the diaper,” I added.

“What if neither of us is wet?” Tina asked.

“Then I guess we’ll chalk it up to a one time accident, and neither of you has to wear diapers anymore. If you are BOTH wet, I get to spank you both,” I warned. They looked a little worried now - neither girl was positive the other was to blame. After some thought, they both agreed. Pam agreed first, and I was pretty sure Tina only agreed then to save face.

I got them to help me strip the bed and then sent them both to get a shower and give their wet things to me. I was fortunate to have a washing machine and dryer in the apartment. They were in a hurry to get out of the wet pajamas, so they went into the bathroom together. A minute later, Tina came back out wrapped in a towel and handed the wet pajamas and panties to me, along with Pam’s bra. She giggled at the blush I got as I took them; I rolled my eyes and threw everything in the washing machine. Then I winked at Tina and said, “Watch this,” as I turned the machine on.

After a few seconds we heard a shriek from the bathroom, followed by, “Hey! That’s COLD!” Pam came out a few minutes later, wrapped in a towel and giving us both a dirty look.

“Hot water suddenly run out, Pam?” I asked innocently. She glared another moment, then stalked into the bedroom to dress. Tina went to get her shower.

When Pam emerged again, she was fully dressed and attempting to pull a hairbrush through her long dark hair. “You need to change that diaper,” she said matter-of-factly, looking pointedly at my lap. I looked down and realized the diaper had swelled quite a bit and was definitely in need of a change. It was strange how I didn’t usually notice these things by myself anymore.

“Hmm - I guess you’re right,” I confessed. “I’ll just wait until I can shower though.”

“Hope you don’t leak,” Pam said, in a voice that sounded as though she thought there was a good chance I would. Then she sighed and said quietly, as to herself, “And he thinks he can take care of himself…”

“Said the girl who can’t get a brush through her hair,” I quipped.

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Mom usually does it for me.”

“Come here - I’m no Mom, but I can give it a shot,” I said. She dragged a chair over and sat down in it in front of me, handing over the hairbrush. As I began to brush her hair, I ventured a question. “Do you really think it was Tina who wet the bed?”

Pam was quiet for a moment, before answering, “I haven’t wet a bed since I was six.” I decided not to point out that this didn’t really answer the question - I had a feeling she already knew that, and that was why she used it as her answer.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 5

After Tina was showered and dressed, I still had to wait a few minutes to get out of my wet diaper and shower. I was finishing up Pam’s hair when she came out of the bathroom, and she decided that meant I should do hers as well. Whenever Pam and Tina were together, there was no question they were sisters. Their facial structure was slightly different, but they both had the same dark eyes and the same long, straight, dark hair that their mother had. Tina could get a little wave or curl in hers with a curling iron, but it took a lot of work and never lasted very long. She had often teased that since I let my hair grow long, she was going to take a curling iron to it, but she hadn’t ever done so yet. With my dark hair and a face structure resembling Tina, I could be mistaken for a real brother, but my eyes are gray.

Tina’s hair was a little more tangled than Pam’s had been ( I think Pam used conditioner ), and was taking longer to brush out. Pam finally took over, with a “gentle” reminder concerning my current condition: “You’re diaper’s gonna leak and you’ll stain the couch if you don’t change it now!” I thought about explaining thin apartment walls to her and the concept of your neighbors being able to hear loud statements, but I wasn’t sure whether if that would help matters any, or just lead to more teasing statements about my diapering in loud voices.

Pam was right though, as when I stood up I could feel a tiny wet spot just beginning to form on the outer leg cuff of the diaper. It’s always a pain when you saturate the diaper so much that pee squishes out when you sit, and manages to run over the leak guard of the diaper. “Told you you shouldn’t have had so much to drink when we were traveling yesterday,” Pam teased as she saw how low the diaper sagged. That was true, she did say more than once, “Your diapers will leak tonight!” I was SO going to get back at her!

As I changed my diaper, I had to decide between the convenience of not having to carry along any extra (using a very thick diaper), or going with something more discreet. I chose the later - Pam and Tina would probably insist on bringing along a diaper bag anyway. This way I could appease them and get them to promise they would leave it in the car. At least, I hoped I could. It was also a plus that most of my jeans would more easily fit over a thinner diaper. The crinkle was going to bother me a little, but I’d have to get used to it.

Pam reverted to her earlier forms of teasing now that my diaper wasn’t evident, looking at Tina from time to time as I passed by and saying, “Did you hear a crinkling sound? Sounds like a plastic bag or something!” Of course, I still would blush almost every time, leaving more opportunity for her to giggle. I also found as soon as I came out of the bedroom that she and Tina had fixed breakfast - and I was having oatmeal and orange juice. Pam had conveniently located a large vinyl bib for me, and a baby bottle for my orange juice, and I knew she wasn’t going to take no for an answer when it came to feeding me.

“You sure are teasing a lot for a girl who may have wet the bed last night,” I finally said, eliciting a giggle from Tina for my side.

“Wasn’t me,” Pam said, sticking her tongue out. She did, however, drop the teasing for a little while.

I was watching both girls today and noting their actions, though they didn’t realize it. They didn’t know that what they did today would very much affect tomorrow. I had a choice to make, and their actions would play into my decision - I could stop my little trick now, I could make Pam wet her diaper tonight, I could make Tina wet her diaper tonight, or I could make both girls wet their diapers.

After breakfast, I decided what we would do today. I was thinking we wouldn’t stay very long - just maybe 3 or 4 days. This would give me enough time to talk to my advisors at the University, as well as see some of my friends. If I decided to leave for now and come back later, I could come back within a month and move my stuff from my apartment - I would have to give 30 days notice of intent to move anyway. I wasn’t going to worry about that just yet.

I also wanted a little time to show the girls around town, though, and let them have some fun. It wasn’t like we had to go back home right away - and I noticed the slight irony as that thought passed through my mind; I was already thinking of Tennessee as “home”.

There wasn’t a whole lot to do around town. There were a few historic homes and museums, but I knew they wouldn’t be very interested in that. I didn’t think they’d be all that interested in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame either. There was a dam that we could drive over that was interesting, along with a tower that had been built a few years back for the purpose of encouraging tourists, although it failed. This would make a good thing to see, since it was cool even though it failed to spur much tourism. There was also a mall, which I knew they would like, and a few sites I kept in mind to take them to late in the evening one night.

With this planned, I told them I would show them the dam (they didn’t show much enthusiasm there) and the tower which was only maybe a mile from there. As I expected, Pam insisted on packing a diaper bag for me. She even packed a couple bottles, even though I told her there was no way I was going to be drinking them. Once we got to the dam and they realized we were driving on it - rather than over a bridge as they first thought - they were more interested. I drove to the park on the other side and we walked on some of the trails there, and they talked me into playing a game of tag, and then hide and seek with them. We then went up and walked on the walkway on the dam.

After this we went to the tower, which is 300’ or 26 stories tall, depending on who you talk to. Apparently this makes it the tallest building in North Alabama (which is pretty sad for North Alabama, considering). It has a wildflower garden outside, and inside there is a pretty impressive aquarium. It’s a bit surprising to find something like it in what is really not a tourist area. At the top of the tower is a restaurant which revolves as you eat, giving a nice view of the whole city, plus the dam, and, on the other side of the city, the bridge.

I hadn’t told the girls about the restaurant, so they were nicely surprised that we were going to have lunch there. Tina got a little teasing of her own in this time, as she saw a stack of bibs while we were walking to the table and asked me if I wanted her to get one for me. I pointed out back to her that she was not too large to fit in a high chair.

While we ate, the bridge caught their interest, so we drove out to it after lunch. There was another park beside it, so we played a little more. Without thinking about it, after much running, I remarked that I was thirsty. A look passed between Tina and Pam. I started to tell her no, but Pam was already on her way back to the car before I realized what had just happened. Quick as anything, she was back carrying the diaper bag over her shoulder. She pulled one of the baby bottles from the insulated pocket and handed it to me. I gave her a “withering glare”, but took the bottle anyway. There was no one there but us as I started to unscrew the nipple.

“Oh, come on!” Pam said. “We took our bottles yesterday - it’s only fair.” I considered it for a moment, and she then said, “You know you want to anyway.” This was actually true - I DID want to. With a shrug of the shoulders, I said, “Oh all right - but you owe me,” and began to suck on the bottle.

This gave Pam a little leeway to go further. “Is your diaper wet?” she asked. I blushed and nodded. “With no adults around, I guess you’ll have to change it yourself,” she said, a little sadly. She picked up the diaper bag and handed it to me, and I took it and walked over to the little restroom. There were no other cars or anything, but I told the girls to wait outside the door and make sure no one came in anyway.

“What should we tell someone who wants to use the restroom?” Tina asked. “That they can’t because our brother is in there changing his diaper?”

“Well - just give me some warning that someone is coming then,” I said. As much as I had been wearing diapers, and seen by quite a few in compromising positions through the past summer, I was still very nervous about doing this on my own home turf. And as I thought that I realized - earlier I had thought of Tennessee as home, but just now I thought of this as home. I still had a big decision ahead to make.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 6

I needn’t have worried about being caught changing. No one was around the park the entire time we stayed. I changed my diaper, hearing Tina and Pam giggle outside the door as I ripped the tapes - you could hear everything because the walls of the restroom seemed to amplify every sound. Since I had to use the floor, I was glad I had invested in an extra large changing pad that basically the entire top half of my body, down to about my knees, fit on. Upon exit, I handed the pad to Pam and told her, “Remind me to wash this off as soon as we get home.” She took it between her thumb and forefinger, wrinkling her nose. After tossing it in the trunk along with my diaper bag, I gave her some hand sanitizer.

I was about to suggest we go on to the Christian Student Center at the local University to see if any of me friends were around. It is a different University than the one I attended (there are three in the area), but students from any of the area colleges were welcome. I made a lot of friends there, and there always seemed to be a few hanging around no matter when I dropped by. However, as I started for the drivers’ side door, Pam pointed ands said “What’s that?”

I looked out and saw she was pointing at the wall which was the beginning of the old railway bridge. I told her this, and both girls were intrigued. “How far out over the water does it go?”

I never really knew what happened to this bridge, as there really aren’t any railroad tracks around that area. I don’t know when that line was moved. All I knew was that the bridge went out a couple hundred yards and then dropped off into the river. It had no rails on the sides, and I had been out to the end of it a few times with my friends.

“Can we go out on it?” Tina asked. I thought about this. I knew I had told them before about this bridge and climbing out on it, and how cool I always thought it was. The problem was that it was owned by the TVA and they had put a gate across there to make sure no one climbed out there and ended up getting hurt. Liability and all. College students, of course, never pay any attention to this and we figured out how to squeeze through the side.

“Pleeeeeeeease?” They both said now. Oh great - the Bambi eyes again!

“Oh - all right - on one condition!” I told them. “Don’t EVER tell your Mom about this. Oh - and for gods sake - DON’T fall in!” I decided to leave out how I didn’t know how to swim and couldn’t save them if they did - or how we were just a couple miles upstream of the dam.

I led them out on it and showed them how to squeeze through the gate. My diaper made it a bit more difficult than usual for me to get through, but I did it. After spending a few minutes they were ready to come back - the thrill is in walking on the bridge with no sides around you, and going out to the very edge of it.

My permitting them to do this and my admonition that we could only do it as long as their Mom didn’t find out made me the “cool big brother” of the day. Once we were back in the car and on the way to the Student Center, they neither complained about what we were doing now, nor did they tease me about my diapers for the whole ride.

As I thought would be the case, there were a few hanging around. They were as happy to see me as I was to see them, we exchanged hellos and I introduced the two girls as my “adopted little sisters” without really going into the story. Most of my friends knew where I was spending the summer and why anyway. Lori is really good with kids and attracts them like bees to flowers, and in a few minutes she and my little sisters disappeared off somewhere. The Student Center has plenty that could occupy them - I figured they were either playing air hockey or watching TV. It gave me a chance to talk to the guys about the choice I was trying to make, as we played a few rounds of pool.

If I was hoping to have a clearer idea of what to do after talking to them, I was severely let down. Just as within my own mind, my friends had varied but conflicting advice. About half thought I should take some time off and stay in Tennessee, and the other half thought that would break the flow of my study, and I needed to get back to it as soon as possible. Likewise, half thought that the family was important and I needed to take care of them, and the other half thought they would be fine without me - and maybe that part was what bothered me most of all. If they would be fine without me, then I wasn’t really needed and my whole summer there was in vain anyway. If they did need me though, I didn’t really have a choice to return here - and if that was the case, would I resent them for it later?

Before we finished the last game, the girls came looking for me. I finished the round, and they went to the car ahead of me. Lori stopped me as before I went out the door. “They sure care for you,” she told me. “I invited them to come stay with me tonight in the dorm, but they said you ‘needed’ them and they better stay with you!” She smiled a little before adding the last part, “It was almost like they thought you were the little one and they were taking care of you.”

When I got back to the car, it seemed like Pam had been storing up her teasing waiting for me. “Good thing you came when you did,” she said as I got in the car. “I was about to get your diaper bag and bring it up and tell Lori you needed a change!” Tina and Pam both giggled. I blushed as I thought about that. I always had a crush on Lori, but I never pursued it because she was already in a relationship - with a good friend of mine. Pam caught my look right away, “Look at him blush! You LIKE her don’t you?” At least the teasing turned from the subject of my diapers to the subject of me liking Lori.

“Britney will be ever so jealous,” Tina warned. “I’d be careful if I were you.”

“Yeah,” Pam added. “She’s got that red hair you know - terrible temper and all …”

“Terrible temper?” I had to laugh about that. “I’ve never seen her get mad about anything! Now, CHELSEA on the other hand…”

“Oh no,” Pam told me. “Britney can be much worse that Chelsea. You just haven’t seen her get mad yet.”

“But he will when we tell her all about LORIIIIII…” Tina said the name in a sing song voice, drawing out the last vowel dramatically.

“And all about how he’d like Lori to babysit him!” Pam added. I rolled my eyes, but the girls laughed about this all the way back to my apartment.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 7

I pretty much decided because of this latest teasing incident about Lori and Britney that I would get both the girls to wet their diapers tonight. Besides, it would be too mean to make Pam be the only girl who wet her bed, and to have to get a spanking from Tina.

While we ate dinner (me once again with a bib and bottle), I asked them if they would like to go to a movie this evening. They both loved that idea, of course. After we ate I changed my diaper. When I came out, Pam motioned for me to lay down on the couch. Figuring what the heck, I did so, only to have her pull my jeans down to expose my diaper.

“Hey!” I tried to sit up.

“Oh, relax!” Pam put her hand on my chest and gently but firmly pushed me back down. “Chelsea said she did this to you all the time and you didn’t complain!” Pam picked up a pair of scissors and began to cut slits in the cover of the diaper while Tina watched.

“But, won’t the diaper leak now?” Tina asked.

“That’s the idea,” Pam said. “We want the diaper to leak into this…” She held up a second diaper.

“Now wait a minute,” I said, trying to sit up again.

“It’s like this,” Pam said. “If you wear a double diaper, you won’t have to get up to change during the movie. Plus, Tina and I won’t have to embarrass you by carrying your diaper bag in the theater.”

I thought about the threat - she probably WOULD make good on it. I lay back down and this made her smile. “Thought you’d see it my way,” she said, and I reflected, though not out loud, that Pam could be a lot like Chelsea sometimes. “Now lift your butt…” She went through the process of putting the second diaper on over the first.

I did try one other rather weak angle. “Your Mom probably wouldn’t like for you to be doing this you know.”

This, of course, only brought on the most obvious answer in the world. “Mom’s not here.” And as she said this, she fastened the last diaper tape. “And besides, it’s already done.”

I flexed my legs a little and realized I couldn’t get them all the way together - this was going to make me walk funny. Pam also pointed out that these jeans wouldn’t fit; she peeled them off me, and I had to go find a loose pair of khakis to go over the diaper. As I went to pull them up, I found Pam once again helping me. “Now,” she said, giving my diapered backside a few sound pats, “If you move away, who’s gonna help you do this kind of thing?” While with anyone else in the world this would make them want to move far, far away, it actually made sense to me. I wasn’t about to let Pam know that, but I had a feeling she already knew.

“Maybe Lori would,” Tina giggled.

“Okay - let’s not start that again!” I gave her a warning look, to which she simply shrugged.

Even though they promised not to carry it into the theater, the girls did bring my diaper bag along in the car. I paid for our tickets, then brought them through the concessions stand and told them each they could get an extra large drink. Both girls seemed to already know my thoughts, as they each insisted this would only make the other wet the bed even worse - until I reminded them that whomever it was, she wouldn’t wet the bed - just her diaper. I had the last laugh as they both blushed profusely.

I also got a large drink for myself (Pam said, “No worries about your bed being wet…”) Actually, as much as I was drinking, I suppose my diapers could easily leak during the night. I noticed that the drink was already working its way through my system as soon as I stood up after the movie. My diaper was heavier, and I knew I must have already wet it - and I couldn’t even remember doing it. It wasn’t too surprising that I had wet the diaper unintentionally - that had been happening for awhile - it was just that now, more and more, I didn’t even feel the diaper getting wet when I went, I just noticed later.

On the way back to my apartment, I stopped at the store and picked up a package of Pampers. These would be for Tina, as I figured they would not fit Pam. Tina would never use them all, but that was okay as I could slit the covers and use them as doublers in my own diapers. As for Pam, I would give her one of my own diapers. They would be a bit big, but she could make do with them (no pun intended). The girls didn’t come in the store with me, but both were quieter when I came out, as they could tell what I had bought.

Back at the apartment I finally got out of my wet diaper, while I sent Pam and Tina into the other bedroom with the pack of baby diapers, baby powder, and one of my diapers and told them both to get ready for bed. I told Pam to diaper Tina in the Pampers and use the adult size diaper for herself. She seemed ready to argue, but I cut it off with, “Do you need help?”

“No!” she said immediately. She stuck her tongue out at me, but her blush gave her away. The door closed, and a few minutes later I heard the familiar sound of diapers rustling and tapes being applied. There was also some amount of giggling, though I am sure they would have denied it had I commented on it.

I expected them to come out when they were done, but they never did. I surmised that Tina would not be that embarrassed, as I had seen her in diapers plenty before. However, I had never seen Pam in a diaper, and as far as I knew she hadn’t even worn one since she was a baby herself. She was too embarrassed to come out in it, and Tina stayed just to make her happy. They were going to go to bed early.

I went in to check on them, and both were in bed with a sheet covering them. “Are you both diapered?” I asked, getting embarrassed nods in reply. “I need to check to make sure it won’t leak,” I told Pam.

Her mouth opened and closed several times, and finally she sulked, “Oh, fine!” and drew the sheet back, then slipped her pajama bottoms down to reveal the diaper. I made her roll over so I could see the back as well. As I had assumed, the diaper was a bit big on her, but she had been able to wrap it around enough and get the tapes tight across the front so that there were no gaps. The tapes actually overlapped each other on the front of the diaper, and I briefly wondered if the largest Pampers might have fit her and Tina both. For never having diapered herself, she had done a very good job. I told her so, but she wasn’t sure just how much of a compliment that was.

I had brought them both a bed time drink (yes, I was definitely pushing it), making sure I brought them in toddler-style sippy cups. “Well, you don’t want to spill any in the bed, do you?” was my excuse when Pam glared at me. Tina accepted hers with no argument. I left with a sweet “Sleep well…”

I hoped they would. I had some work to do again tonight.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 8

I again waited until the wee hours of the morning (pun intended this time). Just like the night before, I got the bowl and filled it with warm water, then crept into the bedroom. It was so easy to get Pam, as she slept closest to the door, and just like last night, her arm again hung down out of the bed. This time she was sleeping on her stomach, and I hoped there was enough padding in the front of the diapers to absorb her “accident”.

I wished there was some way to check whether or not I waited long enough, but especially now that she was diapered I would just have to wait and see. Just as I was about to move around the bed and get Tina, she stirred and then sat up! I only had time to push the bowl under the bed and slide under quietly with it. A few seconds later I watched her feet pass by as she went to the bathroom. That was when I realized the one little flaw in my plan - either girl, having drank so much, could easily wake up in the middle of the night to go.

Once she was in the bathroom, I hastily slid out from my hiding spot and went quietly back to my own room. I wouldn’t be able to get Tina now, as even if she fell back asleep again quickly, there wouldn’t be anything left in her bladder. I also wondered whether or not she would be able to get her diaper back on straight after going to the bathroom - if she didn’t, and I did manage to make her wet, my bed would be wet again. It was protected with a plastic sheet, so that was no big deal, but washing sheets can get a little taxing after awhile.

I felt a little bad about Pam though. Now instead of both girls being wet, and getting a spanking from me, it would look like only Pam was having a problem, and Tina would get to spank her. At least it was only a spanking on the diaper; I knew from experience that this did not hurt very much - physically, anyway.

Once I was sure it was safe, I took the bowl back to the kitchen and dumped the water, hiding it in its place under the sink again. As I went back to my own bedroom (well, technically it was the guest bedroom, but mine right now), I idly wondered whether Pam’s diaper was as wet as mine was right now. I thought about changing it, but decided against it - if I did wet again before morning, it probably wouldn’t be that much. I drifted off to sleep, wondering what morning would bring.

The first thing I noticed as I awoke was that it would have been better if I had changed my diaper the night before. Giving the girls so much to drink had backfired on me in more ways than one - not only had it been enough to cause Tina to wake up, but since I drank a lot as well, my diaper had leaked during the night. At least I had all beds in my apartment protected by plastic sheets, so my mattress wouldn’t be wet, but I had hoped to not have to wash any sheets today.

The girls were quiet and I thought they may still be asleep, so I went through the process of changing my diaper - this time having to spread out my changing pad on the floor to do so - and then gathering up my sheets and my pajamas and carrying them to the laundry room. Since I was the only one up, I elected to wear just my diaper at the moment.

As I was putting everything in the washer, I heard a giggle behind me. I turned quickly and found Tina standing in the kitchen watching me (the “laundry room” was a simple closet off the kitchen). I rolled my eyes. “I thought you were still in bed,” I said to her.

“Pam is,” she said. “I got up a few minutes ago. You were making all kinds of noise and it woke me up. I was gonna knock on your door, but I could hear you were changing your diaper.” She giggled again as she said this, and looked pointedly at the new diaper I was wearing. “So - drank a little too much again yesterday, huh?”

“I guess,” I said, blushing. “What about you? Did your diaper hold up last night?”

“I didn’t wet it!” Tina said, somewhat indignantly, sticking her tongue out at me after saying it.

“Are you still…?”

“Yes, I didn’t change out of it yet,” she answered, pulling her nightshirt up to show me the diaper still taped around her hips. “Pam and I decided not to wear pajama pants over them, and go in just our nightshirts - just in case,” she said to my unasked question.

“Why is it so messed up?” I asked her. I knew of course, but I figured I better make it look like I didn’t. “It wasn’t like that when I checked you last night before bed.”

“I had to go in the middle of the night,” Tina said. “You know, you could have let us wear Goodnights or Pullups or something. Getting the diaper back on after I went was hard!” I smiled inwardly - a lot of girls wouldn’t have bothered trying to put the diaper back on. Since Tina did - she deserved a bit of a treat - perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing that I hadn’t been able to make her wet last night. Besides - even though she had got the diaper back on, she needed a lot of practice - it would likely have leaked, and I’d be washing two sets of sheets right now.

“Goodnight and Pullups aren’t as absorbent as a regular diaper,” I told her. Actually, I had no idea if that was true or not - I just liked the full diapers better. She seemed to accept it anyway. “Let’s go wake up Pam,” I said, turning the washing machine on.

The door was ajar, so we walked in. Pam was already awake, but laying in bed. “Time to get up,” I told her.

“Umm - okay. You go ahead, so I can get dressed,” Pam said nervously. She was so nervous, she didn’t even bother noticing that I was there in just my diaper.

I stole a glance at Tina. Of course I knew what was up, but she was looking very confused. “Can’t yet Pam - I have to check to see if your diaper is wet. Tina stayed dry last night.”

Pam’s eyes widened a little as she pulled the sheet up more around herself. “No…” was all she said.

“Well, okay, Tina can check you then,” I offered, acting as though I thought her embarrassment had to do with me checking her rather than because she was wet.

“There’s no need,” Pam said, blushing now. “I… it’s wet.” Her voice caught a little as she said this. I hoped she wouldn’t cry - then I’d really feel bad.

Tina’s mouth dropped open. “Pam - you wet the bed?” she asked in shock. As sure as she had acted the day before, I realized now that she hadn’t really been positive that it had been Pam who had wet.

“Actually, she wet her diaper,” I quipped. “The bed should have stayed dry.”

Both girls ignored me. “I - I don’t know what happened,” Pam said. “I’ve never had this problem before!”

I decided this was not about to be a total loss. “Now maybe you know how embarrassed Tina and I were when you teased us about wearing diapers.”

Pam nodded. “It is embarrassing. And not very good feeling either…” She wiggled a little. “So - umm - if you’ll go, then I can change, and…”

“Nuh -uh!” Tina said. “Remember the bet! I get to spank you!”

I thought Pam would argue, and it looked like she wanted to, but what could she say. She had been caught red-handed - Tina was dry, and she was wet. “okay, fine. Let’s get this over with,” she grumped, while turning over on the bed. Tina quickly pulled she sheets down, then lifted Pam’s nightshirt up, exposing her diaper. “Ouch!” Pam said, as Tina suddenly and without warning started her spanking. “Hey - not so hard, Tina - oww!”

I was surprised - I didn’t think it should hurt much, especially as much as the diaper padded Pam. Maybe it stung because she was wet though. Tina gave her a solid 15 spanks before stopping. At this point, Pam got out of bed, rubbing her backside and pouting. “You spank hard,” she said to her sister.

“Well, anyone who wets their bed, SHOULD get spanked. That’s the rule here. Right?” Tina asked me.

“Right,” I said, totally not thinking about it. I realized my mistake as soon as I said it, and so did both girls.

“Then, I guess there’s someone else who should get a spanking,” Tina said coyly, motioning me toward the bed.

Now, I was in charge here and I easily could have refused. However, the fact was, I felt bad about my mean trick on Pam - even if she did deserve it in some ways. If I let Tina spank me Pam wouldn’t be alone, and I could make it up to her in a small way without her even knowing that’s what I was doing. “Okay,” I relented. “I’ll do it ONLY because that was a good trick you got me with there. Just for today, that will be the rule.”

I started to lay down on the bed, but Pam stopped me. “Hold on,” she said. “Tina, you sit here.” She had Tina sit on the bed. “Now he can lay over your lap,” she said. She seemed to have forgotten her spanking and even her still wet diaper at this point.

I gave her a dirty look. “I COULD have showed her that for you, you know,” I said.

“I’m sure you would have if you’d have thought of it,” she shot back. I didn’t reply to that - she was right. I crawled over Tina’s lap and received my 15 spanks - except that Tina made mine 20, saying it was because I was older. Personally, I think she made it 20 because I didn’t react the same way Pam had. Pam was right that Tina spanked hard, but my diaper was dry and I didn’t really feel her spanking very much, loud as it seemed.

I left to get dressed and allow the girls to do the same. Pam insisted that she needed a shower “right now!” so I knew we would have to wait awhile before going anywhere today - she took long showers. Instead of waiting, I decided I would head over to the college (which I didn’t live very far from) and talk to them about my classes for the coming semester. I had to make my decision soon, and I wanted to see what they had to say. If I had enough general education classes left, I could take most of them at the University of Tennessee, near where Rayona and the girls lived. That way I could stay there for awhile longer - most likely until Bob came home from the Middle East.

I quickly dressed, then told Tina (and called to the showering Pam) my plans to take care of. “There’s not really anything you could do down there, so you can stay here and watch TV or play some of my games,” I said. Rayona had already told me that since the girls were old enough, they could stay alone for short periods of time, so I knew that would be okay. I’d only be gone for two hours at most.

It was nice to see the University again. Even nicer when the secretary and most of the Profs remembered me and I talked to them each for a bit, letting them know what I was up to now. I asked about my advisor - Bagents - who was in, and he invited me into his office even though I hadn’t made an appointment.

After explaining to him that I was living with my “adopted family” and it seemed like they would still be needing me to be around for awhile, I turned my question to Dr. Bagents.

“I’m not really sure what to do,” I said. “It would really help them if I stayed, but they don’t want to impose. They want me to come back and take my classes, if that’s what I need for the future. But I’m just not sure that leaving right now is a good idea - I came to help during the summer, and if they needed me then, what has changed between then and now? Are there classes I can just take at the University there?”

Dr. Bagents looked through my file and stroked his beard thoughtfully. Finally, he said, “I don’t think there are enough classes for you to make a good semester out of them at UT, especially if you plan then to come back here. It would be much better for you to take your classes through this institution.”

I felt like my heart had dropped into my stomach. “Well, I guess that settles it then.”

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 9

Dr. Bagents smiled. “Not quite,” he said. I looked up, surprised. “Family is very important,” he said. “Even adopted families,” he added, showing that he had listened to me carefully. “What we have here is a special situation, where you need to take care of your family, yet take classes from here at the same time. You can’t be here to do it is the only problem. Lots of other men who want to come here have the same problem. I think we have a solution to it.” I began to realize what the answer was, before he even said it. Why hadn’t I thought of it before? I was so dumb - the answer was so simple, and right in front of me the whole time!

I thanked Dr. Bagents after we set what I needed to do in stone and left. He would get the paperwork together for me, and I would come back later and sign the papers and get what I needed at the bookstore. Now that I had the answer what to do as far as my classes, I needed to make arrangements on other things, like my apartment and my furniture.

The apartment was easy enough - I was on a monthly lease, so I just had to give 30 days notice. My furniture was a little tougher. The Taylors had plenty of storage space, but I didn’t think hauling everything to Tennessee was the best option, especially since I wasn’t leaving here for good - just a semester or two. I drove over to the Christian Student Center and talked to the director there, who relented and told me I could temporarily store everything in one of the extra basement rooms there.

On the way back to the apartment I stopped at the office and gave notice that I would move out in 30 days. It was a somewhat less friendly “Good luck in the future” than I had received at the other two places, but then business is business. I then went back to the apartment, to find both girls sitting in the Living Room trying to look innocent and doing a bad job.

“What?” Pam asked, when I asked her what they were up to. “Nothing’s going on. Why would you think that?” I figured I would find out sooner or later anyway and decided to let it go for now.

“Well, I know what to do now,” I said.

“What are you going to do?” Tina asked.

“We have to stop by the University a little later so I can sign some papers and get my books at the bookstore,” I went on, purposefully evading the question.

“You’re going to come back here then and not stay with us?” Tina’s face fell.

“… In the meantime, maybe you girls can help me pack up a few things for moving. I have a month, but waiting until the last minute is never a good idea,” I said. I watched the girls’ faces for a reaction.

“But…so…” Tina was definitely confused now. “Are you going to go to the University, or stay with us longer?” she finally asked.

I laughed as I knelt down in front of her. “Both!” I told her. “I was so caught up trying to decide between those two extremes, I totally forgot that the University has more ‘Distance Learning’ students than Campus students. All the classes are on video. All the tests can be sent to a proctor. I can both take my classes AND stay with you for awhile - I didn’t have to make a choice between the two.”

Tina was happy and clapped. Pam was more subdued and displayed the enthusiasm that teenagers generally do, making it impossible to tell whether she was happy about my decision or not. When I finally broke down and asked, she shrugged and said, “I’m sure Britney will be relieved. I still might tell her about Lori though.” It wasn’t an answer to my question at all, but I knew that’s as close as I was going to get.

“Now there’s a few things I need to tell you,” I said, sitting on the couch between them, my diaper crinkling as I did so and causing a couple giggles. “First - this isn’t something I can do all the way through. After a semester or two, I will be coming back here. I can’t stay with you forever - or even just until you girls move out.” I winked at this. Once they both nodded understanding, I continued. “I’m going to need your help. It takes a lot of will power to make yourself sit down and do your classes if you don’t have someone watching. A lot of times you have a tendency to put it off until it is too late. So, I need you girls to realize that I will have to sit and do school work sometimes, and I’ll need your help to make certain I do my work.”

“That sounds fun,” Pam said. I decided I didn’t really want to know what sounded so fun about it to her. Lisa and I had played “School” with her once, and she had been a very strict teacher. “I bet Britney will help with that, too,” she added.

“Yes - I bet she will too,” I said, rolling my eyes. I stood up then. “So - I guess I need to look around and decide what I just can’t do without, and what can stay here until I move back.”

As I walked toward my room (well, the guest room that I was sleeping in, anyway), I saw Tina and Pam look at each other with a smirk. It didn’t really register until I walked into the bedroom. “Girls! I am NOT sleeping on ‘Sesame Streets Babies’ sheets!” I said, causing them both to burst out in giggles. As it turned out, they hid all my other sheets so I did end up using that bedding. They had also hidden my pajamas and left me with only the “Princess” night shirt to sleep in. That was ok - I had another little idea in mind for them. Pam had already forgotten about her bedwetting and I wasn’t going to bring it up again until that night, but I had another prank I had been thinking about, and they had just given me an excuse to play it.

I closed my door and did a quick diaper change, then the girls and I spent an hour or so packing up small stuff I had sitting out, like knick knacks and stuff. Pam had then gone into my closet, saying we should pack my clothes now and bring them back to Tennessee with us, and that would mean at least one thing less I would have to do later. Tina took to cleaning out my fridge (and scolding me for some of the old food I had left in there), and I got busy going through my baby things and deciding what I wanted to take with me. The diaper genie was a go for sure - and an old diaper bag I had. A few blanket sleepers for cold nights. All my diapers of course, as well as some cloth diapers I had and plastic panties (which caused more giggles from Pam). Most of my stuffed toys would be packed up for now. MOST of them - not all. I had a few favorites which I tossed in with my clothes.

Tina smiled when she saw the few teddy bears and stuffed bunny I had picked out, and proceeded to diaper them with some baby diapers I had saved to use as stuffers, but never got around to using them. When she asked what else we could do right now, I asked her to look in my cupboards and pack some dishes that I wasn’t likely to be using again until I lived on my own again. After a minute, I heard her in the kitchen saying, “Wow - this is a big bowl. How come it is wet?”

I swallowed nervously and attempted to keep my voice calm and steady as I replied that it probably just had some water drip into it from the pipes under the sink. I could hear her packing it then, and realized I probably wasn’t going to be making either of them wet the bed (or their diapers) any more this trip. I still decided to make sure Pam wore diapers again that night, however. I wondered if she could be convinced to wear them a few nights after we went back, just to “be safe”.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 10

I decided to take the girls to Sonic for dinner - they’d probably like that - after picking up what I needed at the University. There was no need to stay any longer - I could come back in a few weeks to start tying up loose ends and moving things out. This evening I would show them the “haunted places” and tomorrow we could head back home - which was now to be my home as well for at least the next 5 months.

Two of the haunts I needed to show them while we still had some light. Once it was dark, all you would see would be blackness. Luckily it was summer, so we had light longer into the evening. I did have one little trick up my sleeve though.

“All these places are out in the woods, and there are no bathrooms around, so I want you to…”

Pam rolled her eyes as she cut me off. “So you want us to wear diapers.” Without waiting for me to answer, she said, “Come on Tina, I’ll help you get yours on.” I was surprised at how easily they relented on that, not that arguing would have done them any good in the end anyway. I did have to hide my smile when I heard Pam mutter, “I don’t know why I bothered to pack any panties in the first place…”

There are actually a lot of haunted places in that area, especially on the University Campus. It has been there since the early 1800’s so this is not too surprising. I had to choose just a few. After we got my books from the University I was attending, we went over to the State one, to their bookstore. There I told the two girls about Molly, an 11 year old who lived in the bookstore when it was just a house. For her 11th birthday, her parents bought her a puppy. It bit her and she contracted rabies and died. Many people have seen her on the stairs and in the upstairs window, and there is a famous picture of her ghost on the stairs. We looked at the window, since the bookstore was closed, but we could not see anything.

Next we went by Sweetwater Plantation, where strange things are said to take place such as faucets being turned on in the middle of the night, an old player piano starting itself up, and lights going on and off. Personally, I think it is all old wiring and plumbing, but it is a fun story anyway.

There is one place where the kids dare each other to sleep overnight. Very few ever make it all night - if any ever have. It is a large mansion that burned down, called The Forks of Cypress. The ruins are still standing and can just barely be seen from the road - five tall columns standing straight and still. It is always an eerie feeling driving past there. There are two cemeteries on the land - the family cemetery and a slave cemetery. Unfortunately, there is a large fence encircling the land and lots of no trespassing signs. I didn’t think us getting arrested would be a good idea (especially if it were then discovered we were all wearing diapers), so we just drove past.

Just outside of this land, if you know where to go (and I do), is the “Ghost Bridge”. I have no idea what a bridge like this is doing there - there is no road now, but there must have been one then. In order to get to the bridge, you must follow a little trail which is at the end of a dead end road, and where it seems to end at a fallen tree, climb over the tree. Then you see the bridge. It is eerily quiet and still and you never even hear any birds singing. There have been many sightings in the area. The story is that a runaway slave was hanged from this bridge.

Finally, as it was now very close to dark, I drove out to Henry Hill. I knew this place would thrill the girls because it ALWAYS works. Every state seems to have one of these and the story is always the same - a man broke down and was pushing his car, and got hit. Now if you put your car in neutral and turn it off, you will be pushed up the hill by his ghost. They say if you put flour on the back of your car, later you can check and you will see his handprints. I had remembered this and brought flour along so we could try.

The first time I had done this with friends, I was completely amazed. I don’t know why it works, but I was convinced that the car does roll uphill, seemingly on its own. The girls were equally amazed, and I had to do it for them several times. Finally, we stopped at an old church to check for handprints. Just as they were starting to debate over whether or not you really could see any prints, I yelled, “Look out!” Both girls screamed and jumped in the car, much to my amusement. They were not as amused, and I had a feeling I was going to pay for that somehow later. I found out later on that evening that Tina had been so surprised when I did that, she had wet her diaper. She didn’t really buy it when I pointed out that it was a good thing I had made her wear them then.

When we got back to the apartment it was, of course, getting late. I had a feeling that Pam had also used her diaper by then, but she wouldn’t tell me or let me check. She did change it before bed, but of course I told her she had to wear another diaper to sleep since she had wet the bed the night before. My diaper was definitely soaked.

Pam got her revenge on me as we were going upstairs to the apartment. She waited til I was halfway across the parking lot, then called out, “Oh - don’t you want your pacifier? It is still in the car!” This brought a round of giggles from Tina and a great deal of embarrassment from me. I never did find out how many neighbors might have heard her.

Tina waited a little longer before getting her revenge. After I changed my diaper and got my pajamas on, I walked out in the Living Room to find her handing me the phone. “It’s Britney,” she said as I took the phone. “She wants to tell you goodnight!”

As I said hello, the first thing she asked was, “Who’s Lori?”

I glanced toward Tina as I explained to Britney who Lori was, and she gave me an innocent smile. “So she’s not your girlfriend?” Britney asked. “Tina said she was your girlfriend.”

“Tina is telling stories,” I said. “I don’t even have a girlfriend.” Inwardly I slapped myself for having told her that. If I was hoping her crush on me would fade, this was not the right way to go about assuring that. “Why would it matter if she was?” I hastened to add.

“Well, obviously we’d have to tell her about your diapers and make sure she was able to take care of you well,” Britney said, as though it were the plainest thing in the world. I silently vowed never to let Britney meet any of my future girlfriends. “Make sure you let Tina check your diaper for snugness before you go to bed ,” Britney admonished. “She said you leaked last night.”

I told Britney goodnight and then fixed Tina with a long look. “That was WAY more than anything I did to you,” I said.

Tina stuck her tongue out at me. “That’s the whole point,” she said. “Oh - and I heard what she said. You might want to fasten the lower tape of your diaper on the right side again. It’s a little loose.”

I looked as she breezed past me to bed. She was right - I probably would have leaked again. Maybe having someone to look out for me (or more than one somebody) wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 11

The next morning, Pam was actually proud that she had been able to stay dry. “Are you going to tell Mom that I had an accident here?” she asked.

“I don’t think there’s any big reason to,” I reassured her. “You might want to wear a diaper on your own a few nights once we get home, just to make sure though.” She wrinkled her nose at me, and I was pretty sure she wouldn’t heed the advice. “Are you sure? I think we can scrape up a few extra among my stuff,” I teased her.

I made us a special breakfast of French toast, and the girls didn’t even try to get me to wear a bib or use my bottle at breakfast. Because of this, I decided I would not ask them, as I previously planned, to wear diapers in the car for the trip home. Besides, it might be difficult to find a place where they could change out of the diapers before we got all the way home, and I wouldn’t want to explain it to Rayona. While I might be able to fool the girls, it was unlikely that I could fool her.

However, Pam took care of that for me. “Don’t you want Tina to wear a diaper for the trip home?” she asked. “It’s a far ride - what if she has to go again and there is no place to stop, like last time?”

Tina didn’t object, so I said, “That’s a good idea - what about you?”

“Me?” Pam asked, caught off guard.

“If Tina is wearing a diaper and I am wearing a diaper, we don’t have to worry about stopping at all, except for you… Maybe you should wear a diaper too.” I rethought my earlier conclusion and realized I could easily stop at the rest stop just west of Knoxville and we could change there. I’d probably need a diaper change myself by then anyway.

Pam pouted a bit, but gave in. “Well, okay, I guess,” she said, taking the diaper I offered her from my hand. “These things are huge on me, you know,” she informed me. “I’m gonna have to wear a skirt now.” She ended up deciding on a scooter instead.

It took awhile to load the car. Since I was taking back some other things that would be essential for a longer stay than I had originally planned, there was a lot of stuff to fit. Pam laughed as she saw some of the things I was packing. I had a bag full of cloth diapers and plastic panties - including a pair with lacey frills across the back - quite a few stuffed animals, and two diaper bags stuffed full of baby paraphernalia. “My, don’t WE have quite a collection?” she teased. When she saw the lacey plastic panties, she simply looked at me with one eyebrow raised and a small smirk on her lips, and didn’t say anything more about them. I had also loaded up a few boxes of books I thought I’d need (or just wanted), my tapes and such that I needed for distance learning classes, more of my clothes, and a few other odds and ends.

Some of it I had to load in the back, which necessitated one of the girls sitting in the front seat. Pam could easily, but this would leave Tina feeling left out. I decided they would exchange seats halfway, and I would just have to find the switch to turn off the passenger side airbag.

Finally, we got on the road. Since it had taken awhile to pack, it didn’t take long before both girls complained of having to use the restroom. As for me, my diaper was already wet, but not badly so. We just happened to be on the same stretch of highway we had been on when we were on the way into town - pretty far from a public restroom and nowhere to go. Both girls grew quiet after awhile, and I wasn’t sure if they had used their diapers until we stopped for gas finally, and Pam grabbed another adult diaper and one of the Pampers and stuffed them in her purse before she and Tina went to the restroom.

We didn’t stop again until we reached the rest stop, and there I stopped as planned in order to change my diaper and let the girls change out of theirs. Back in the car, I ventured to tease them a little about their time spent in diapers. “I don’t guess you’d have wanted to go with me so much if you had known you’d have to wear diapers…” I finally said.

Tina turned around in the front seat and looked back at Pam for a second, and I glanced in the rearview mirror in time to see her roll her eyes. “What’s that mean?” I asked.

“You think you’re so smart…” Pam said. “How dumb do you think we are? Did you really think we wouldn’t already know you planned on finding every excuse in the world to treat us like babies?”

“But - why did you still want to go so much?” I asked.

“Simple,” was the answer. “We knew, as much as you declare your independence, you’d need someone to take care of you!”

I wasn’t overly happy with that answer, and I wondered if they truly had expected me to do that, or if they were just saying that now. All in all, I suppose it was pretty obvious. What Pam didn’t mention was her recent bout of bedwetting, and if she knew I intended to baby them, did she know about my little trick?

One other thing struck me just before we made it home. “Lisa, did you tell Britney that I decided to stay here when you called her last night?”

Lisa shook her head. “I never told her you had thought about leaving.”

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Chapter 12

Of course, once we were home, it was not long before Britney showed up to visit. I interrupted her playing with Pam for a few minutes to talk to her like I did with Pam and Tina, telling her that I was going to stay - for a little while - but that after awhile I would probably go back to Alabama. She nodded understanding, and I went on to explain my classes and how I would need to do them, which would mean I would have to be doing my homework sometimes when maybe she wanted to play.

She surprised me that week by helping me put shelves up in the nursery for my stuffed animals and other things, and we used another part of the basement to set up a television, an old style student desk for me (I felt like I was in Elementary School again), and a bookshelf to store all the videos and books. While putting my stuff in the nursery, I noticed she kept looking around. Finally I asked what she was looking for.

“Well…” She looked a little hesitant at first. “Pam told me you have a pair of baby panties with lace across the bottom. Do you really?”

I blushed and wished I hadn’t started this conversation. “Umm - yeah.”

“Oh.” That was all she said, though the same odd smile that Pam had earlier was now on her face. After a minute, she asked something else. “Do you have any OTHER girlish kinda clothes?”

Now I was really blushing. “Only some of the stuff Rayona bought for me before I stayed at Chelsea’s house last month.”

“Ah.” Her smile was bigger now. I was definitely not comfortable with the smile or the gleam I picked up on in her eye.

It was a couple days later that Rayona took me into the nursery for a private “talk”. Private talks are very rarely anything good, and this was no exception.

“Pam had something bothering her that she didn’t want to tell me about at first, but she finally did break down and tell me last night,” Raye said to me. “Can you guess what it was?”

Of course I could, but I decided the best course of action in this case was to remain silent.

Raye went on, not really having expected an answer anyway. “Can you tell me why my 14 year old daughter suddenly developed a bedwetting problem that only lasted for two days, and only when she was with you?” she asked.

This was not good. “Umm - being in a different place?” I tried.

“Never happened before when we traveled,” Raye countered. “How about you tell me the truth?” With that said, I knew I really didn’t have much choice, and I told her all about the plan to get the girls into diapers just to pay them back a little for what I had been through that summer.

“Wasn’t very nice of you to trick Pam like that, was it?” Raye asked. I shook my head. “You feel bad about it, don’t you?” I nodded. “Well, what do you think we should do about that?”

I definitely was not looking forward to this - I only had one spanking by Raye before, but I knew she spanked hard. However, I did deserve it. “I … I guess you should punish me…” I said.

“Punish you how?” Oh jeez. She wasn’t going to make this easy.

“I guess you should spank me,” I said, feeling butterflies in my stomach.

“I think that’s what you deserve,” Raye said. With that, she slid my jeans down, undid my diaper, and had me lay over her lap. I got 25 hard swats - but at least she only used her hand. I also ended up standing in the corner for 20 minutes. Pam giggled the next time I saw her, and I knew she had heard my spanking. Even so, I apologized to her. I never did find out whether or not she knew all along.

When the time came to go back to school, I found Britney to be a rather strict guardian, always asking me if I did my homework, and making sure I was watching the class videos and took good notes. She even checked my notebooks and scolded me if she found any doodling in them. And though my grades hadn’t been BAD before, they did go up once Britney was in charge.


Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

there should be more to this story. What about dad dose he come back ,or dose his friend live with girls for rest of his life. Also what happen when gets his first d- and Brittany finds out about it. It good story contine plzs.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Having the father come back would declare null the responsibility the main character feels in being there and thus cause a definite quandary to the continuance of the stories. Plus I don’t know how I would write it - you might notice that a rather common theme in my stories is the non-presence of an adult male other than the main character himself.

I do have plans for another sequel at some point in the future which would most probably figure in more Britney, sine I barely used her in this one.

One thing I have kept running in this story, which has not always been easy (and is something I didn’t even notice until I was nearly finished with the original), is the fact that the main character remains un-named.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

In same ways that’s okay then people don’t as many names,but he seem to be the only baby,or man, and little boy in story. The only other was there Uncle he was in the second story .
When do you think you squal will come out? I like you stories. Did you write Trailer Tyke story? sorry about the spelling.
Thanks lot :smiley:

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Valentine wrote the Trailer Park Baby, Toddler, and Tyke stories. My current story is Little Mall Tykes Daycare. I can’t tell you when the newest sequel to One Of The Family will be done, because I have other projects to finish first, including a new Sakura story.

Return to School - A One of the Family Story by VNL

Okay thanks for clearing it up. I like Little Mall Tykes Daycare. you are setup for amany parts to the story. Also I have a feeling that she will be spanked at home.