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I struggle with this myself, and what I’m learning to do is prioritize - what do I need to tell the readers right now that’s germane to the plot moment? I can reveal background and world aspects through conversation and action as I go along, and if they only get pieces that are immediately relevant at the moment, none of it feels force, and it feels much more organic as they are both engaged more in the plot itself while learning more and more about the setting and the character backstories as it moves along.

There’s a balance, of course, we don’t want to get all deus ex machina about it where we suddenly have a convenient plot point moved along by a previously unrevealed world component or backstory component, but hey, if you didn’t want anyone to know your character could fly until he actually needed to do so, that’d be proper for a superhero story, right? :wink:

You can still give hints and subtle suggestions earlier in the story. Wry smiles as someone mentions booking a flight, difficulty finding a coat that’ll fit comfortably (if he had wings), unexplained ability to traverse difficult terrain at surprising speed (“how did you get here so fast?”).

That way it’s still part of the character and the story without being a ‘I just ran out of ideas. Hmm. I know, he can fly!’ type introduction.

Not that I’m any good at that myself :slight_smile:

Well now I gotta go start my next chapter all over again. That was the big twist and now I think it’s just going to fall kinda flat unless I do something about it . :slight_smile: I think I can fix it though.
Maybe something like…

Todd smiled wryly anytime anyone mentioned diapers around him, although he wasn’t entirely certain the wry smile was even needed as his diapers were usually easy to see since he was unable to find any trousers which could contain them, or at least not contain them comfortably.

As if to prove the point, Sharron flew into the room taking a long measured look at Todd.

“Goodness! Look at you, how did you wet them so fast? It seems I changed you not five minutes ago!”

“You did, and I’m not sure that’s important right now, since I am trying to figure out if he meant you came into the room quickly, or perhaps you literally flew? It was crap and ambiguous - that whole sentence.”

“I agree” Sharon said with a wry smile of her own.

All kidding aside…
@WBDaddy and @BabyAnna That’s really good advice to be sure - I’m actively writing on the next piece here - and I will see if I can’t try that approach to pare things down to essentials (I don’t think I am so guilty of going overboard on the mechanics of description, conversation, exposition, flavor details - in fact I think sometimes I am a bit sparse there - I fall into this trap of wanting people to understand my chars emotions and thought processes and motivations and reasons for those motivations and contributing factors for the circumstances which prompted the situations in which those motivations … ad infinitum…) I need to find a way of explaining why they feel a certain way without it becoming a 10 paragraph flashback just to relate he peed his pants when he was five and it was a big deal for him at the time - maybe your ‘germane to the immediate plot point’ mantra might help.

This is a specific learning experience for me with my current project, walking a tightrope between world-building and maintaining focus on the actual story. Thankfully I have a great friend who is letting me put an editor hat on him for it.

I like the level of detail, in that helps me understand the characters and their actions. I prefer to read detailed, thoughtful stories like this one. I can tell time and thought went into writing this story, making me want to read the next installments.

On another note, I can relate to the idea of size 10 diapers. Before reading this story, I’ve often dreamt of going to the store and buying size 12 or 14 Pampers, that are just like the baby sizes, but made to fit me. One day, maybe…

Funny thing there - and I am definitely leaning into my age here. I am a Huggies loyalist all the way - and had a very strong dislike of Pampers most of my life (heresy I know…) I always hated that Pampers had an infant on the box - which I could never identify with. 3/4 year old me didn’t want to give up diapers, but I didn’t want to be a baby either. I grew up in cloth (based on family photos) but my mom used disposables when traveling and later when I was training - and I remember a box of Kimbies from when I was around 3. But as I grew up and wanted diapers I always found the infant on the box of Pampers off putting (to this day I still don’t care for it when people refer to all diapers as ‘Pampers’ - but the reverse of calling them say ‘Huggies’ doesn’t bother me much. There was one time though when a security guard searched my backpack and asked ‘are those your pampers?’ unprofessional sure, but made my day all the same)

So fast forward to teenage me - going to the drug store to buy diapers the first time and seeing as how I loved Huggies, their ads, packaging etc, I get a bag of depends #team kimberlyclark, get them home, rip open the bag and they’re fucking green, three skinny tapes. Not a damn thing about seems even mildly related to Huggies. Son I am dissapoint. Another paycheck later, work back up my courage, go to a different drug store and a box of Attends is sitting on the shelf. A box. hmmm it’s proctor and gamble so that’s one strike… but I remember Huggies in a box… what’s this on the box? A picture of the diaper on the back, with call outs to the leg gathers and stuff. All right, this might not be too awful. So a box of attends with the micropore liner went home with me. I opened the box and holy shit they were arranged in the box like they should be, and with the exception of the tape count these were much closer to diapers than those Depends were! That liner was scratchy as hell, but it was SOOO much better than depends - so I softened toward Pampers a bit that day and became an Attends loyalist - at least until they sold the brand off and they went to shit.

Now we live in the golden age of abdl diapers - and you can just about have your pick. Sadly I still haven’t found my 1988 Huggies thick (screw you super trims). But yeah maybe someday. I love both Crinklez (they work well for me) and Tykables (which aren’t cut right for me) - but damn if both don’t do a great job with their packaging - a detail which sells it for me.

Now if only someone would make a diaper with the plastic formulation like the 80s diapers had, with a full mat into the wings, and a layer of pulp in addition to SAP - I’d be a happy kid. But that feels kinda greedy when there are so many great products out there. Besides, they’ll do a real pull-up before they an old school disposable.

So yeah, you’d have my vote to just keep bumping the sizes up in Huggies, Pampers, Luvs brands… :slight_smile:

Hilarious that you mention the “Super Trims”. I wrote a piece several years ago called “The Wannabe Hypnotist”, which I set in rural South Carolina circa 1986 - for the specific reasons that:

  1. SAP was just barely becoming a thing
  2. Pull-ups didn’t exist.
  3. All diapers, including adult-sized, were plastic-backed.

I did casually mention Pampers Ultra, which had just been released that year and really weren’t trusted by most moms because they were bragging about being all thin when everyone knew that the best diapers were thick diapers!

Oh wow thank you :slight_smile: I don’t think so highly of my own tbh. It just takes a bit of practice. Read books you like and find what works, then practice writing them in your own. When you write, try to picture in your head what you want, and with practice it should just flow out. If you are thinking over each line it will probably sound choppy. At least, that is what I find, it might not be the same for everyone adn I’m sure there are more experianced writers with better advice.
(for example, they might not have mispelled “And” and “experienced” lol, which i just noticed in my own comment lol)

because they were bragging about being all thin when everyone KNOWS that the best diapers ARE thick diapers!

FTFY. :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Well, back then moms didn’t trust stuff until they knew it worked. I would have been a cloth baby in 1973 if my mother didn’t have to work full time and could afford diaper service.

I was born in 71. I remember my diaper pail, and I remember I had a dresser drawer with ‘rubber pants’ in it.

As an aside I’m 99% certain they were plastic pants and just misidentified by my parents to whom such distinctions were for some reason unimportant. I can remember being angry the first time I heard someone say plastic pants (I believe it was a contestant on Family Feud who answered ‘plastic pants’ and good ole Richard Dawkins explained that his were ‘killing him’) anyhoo - I was incredulous at the term - my parents were infallible and that was not what you called them. Took me until 93 or so and my first forray into the news groups and gopher to see my first rubber pants - Although I was over 20 by then - my last little real shred of childhood died that day when I realized that it was my parents who were wrong. LOL. yucking it up for the story here - but all true. When I saw those real rubber pants, I was like ‘ewww who would think that’s appealing’

Anyways I was in cloth, I think my mom did laundry / no service. She did use disposables on trips, and then when I was training. I was enamored with the tapes on disposables, I was given the ‘responsibility’ of holding on to the backs of the tapes (for the younguns out there - the tapes back then had backs on them like Band-Aids do - the tapes were not stuck to themselves back then) I loved holding the tape backs, and thought disposables were the best thing ever. Somewhere around my third birthday (I was a late trainer - at least for the early 70’s) I was being trained, and I guess I was only in diapers at night - I woke up one morning with an erection and no idea what that was about, only that reaching into my PJ and feeling the plastic of the disposable was really really nice. After a few minutes of this I decided I wanted changed, so I went and woke my mom up and asked her to change me. She was maybe a bit crabby at being woke up and she told me in no uncertain terms that I was a big boy and didn’t wear diapers during the day anymore. I was livid, but unable to articulate that I could be both, a big boy, which I obviously, and one who wore diapers during the day. I don’t remember what I said, just that I lost the argument (ha), and I can still remember this overwhelming sense of frustration at being so incredibly inarticulate and unable to even express how important it was to me. But I was finally ‘trained’ by the week of my 3rd birthday, and from that point on I pretty much resented every younger cousin, younger children of my parents friends, etc who got what I wanted.

Do you remember anything of your (original) time in diapers?

Shreds and pieces. I remember being 3 or so, playing with my (roughly a year older than me) brother in our bedroom, realizing I had to poo, but much too late to do anything but try in vain to scramble across the hall as it was coming out. Then face up on the floor with my grandmother’s scolding face over me, a package of generic diapers lying next to me.

I also remember being diapered at night a few times being old enough to suss out the tapes. Once when I stayed overnight at my aunt’s house - I just remember waking up and taking my diaper off and, since it felt sort of dry, proudly announcing to (and showing) my brother that I didn’t wet it, and then he explained that the yellow part meant that I did, in fact, wet it.

Most of what I recall surrounding diapers that awakened my fascination with them was when my mother and grandmother (we lived in my grandparents’ house) started running a daycare when I was 10 or so.

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