Uh, hi! So this has nothing to do with Dream (obviously) and is based on an old Wattpad story with a similar name. Also, due to me having more experience writing in a playscript style, the dialogue may not be formatted to usual standards. Enjoy (:

Sarah woke up at eight to the incessant bleeping of her alarm. She groaned as she turned off her stupid clock. “Ay Sarah, I know we’ve been friends for a few years, but like, that alarm is bloody annoying. It might be a deal-breaker.” Her best friend, Melanie Hughes, exclaimed. Sarah bashed her camp bed dwelling friend on the head with a pillow. “Shut it you! Anyway, about the roadtrip we’re going on tommorow…” She said, “Does your Mum have to come as well? Like, I get that we’re only 13 and 14, but I could sooo drive to like… New York or some shit.” She joked, only to receive her pillow in the face.

The duo were soon to go on a road trip with Melanie’s Mother, and due to their early start, they’d stayed at Melanie’s house, on the terms that Sarah got the bed and could have her alarm clock on the bedside table. Either way, it was fun, and they had wrappers to clear up.

Soon the two girls were in their daytime clothes, bags backed and ready to get going. And it was still only six thirty! “You two’re gonna be well behaved I assume?” Melanie’s mom teased. The girls nodded and walked outside into the motorhome. Sarah saw a bottle of weird looking medication poking out of Mrs Hughe’s bag. “What’s that stuff?” Sarah asked. “Ah, glad you asked! They’re my vitamins! I’ve taken them since I was a kid! Glad to see the youth of today interested in us elderly folks!” She exclaimed excitedly. Was everything exciting for a 48 year old? “Ey, how about you try them?” She asked. “Sure Miss!” Sarah said as Melanie threw the vitamins to her best friend.

Soon, the trio were strapped in, Melanie and her mother in the front seats, Sarah sat on the sofa with an added seatbelt. “Right, do we have everything?” Melanie’s Mother asked. The two teens responded with a resounding ‘no’.

It was around half an hour into the journey when Sarah felt her stomach churn and realised she needed the bathroom. “Hey Mrs Hughes, I need the bathroom!” She said, urgency clear in her voice. Why couldn’t she go to the bathroom? Their motorhome had no bathroom. Hence why the Hughes managed to afford it in the first place. “Ah… I thought this might happen. Are you okay with doing a cheeky bush wee if we pulled over?” She asked the girl. Sarah blushed. “Uh, no. Sorry, it’s just a little weird and there are cars going past and…” Melanie’s mom nodded. “I understand, my little melon’s the same.” She told Sarah. “Wait, you call your daughter your ‘little melon?’” she asked, getting sidetracked. Melanie’s blush told her all she needed to know.

Sarah soon realised that they were swerving off of the motorway and into a lay-by. “Why did we stop?” Sarah asked. Melanie’s mom took off her seatbelt and walked over. "Me and Melanie used to have this little rule that it wasn’t an accident if it was in a travel diaper. While it’s been around… Gosh, a decade or so since we’ve needed that rule… Anyway, the point still stands. Sarah blushed. “I… Alright…” She responded. “Perfect dear. Now, could you take off your seatbelt, pants and panties, I’ll explain the rule in full. Sarah nodded and began doing as asked. Melanie and her mother had been her naked before, it was still embarrassing though. She looked over at Melanie who smiled encouragingly back at her. Melanie was so nice. Soon, her panties were off and she was diapered. It was so fluffy, like a cloud, and entirely noticable. Shit. “Isn’t this a little large if I’m only using it once?” She asked. “Well sweetie, due to this stop, we can only stop about once every four hours or so. We won’t be able to change you that quick so…” Sarah looked up at her with embarrassment. She felt her floodgates open, her pee flood out, turning the diaper yellow in seconds. And that wasn’t all. For the first time in years, Sarah had shit herself. She felt tears stream down her face and Mrs Hughes cuddle her like she was a baby. Calm down little one! Now, how about you sit upfront with me, Melanie, you can sit on the table because of Sarah’s not accident.” Sarah wanted to protest, but she was too tired. This was exhausting. “Listen Sarah, if feel like you might have an accident, it’s better to let it out, so you don’t hurt yourself and whatnot.” Sarah nodded and strapped herself in, soon letting sleep take her over.

This is only 821 words. The other chapters WILL be much longer.

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Sarah felt herself being shook as she regained consciousness. Everything felt fuzzy and she was disoriented. “What?” She murmured. She looked around, everything suddenly clearer. Great, she was awake now. Why did she feel like her ass and upper leg area was in a pool? “Oh shit!” Sarah thought, she was in a soaking wet diaper.

“Hey sweetie! I didn’t want to wake you, but anyway, we had to stop for gas and ate some food so…” Melanie’s Mother said. The Hughes family were sat at the table in front of her, she was in the car seat that had been turned round so that it no longer faced the windscreen. “Oh.” She said. “Anyway, how about you come and eat over here!” The middle aged woman requested. Sarah blushed when her diaper crinkled as she moved around, and noticed how she basically waddled due to the size of the diaper. “Wait, this is like a highchair…” Sarah stated. “Ah, I can tell we’re all a bit tense here, how about you sit in and we’ll talk.” Sarah lifted up the bars and the three point harness on the seat and sat down. “Just gonna strap you in sweetie, you are sitting in a chair like… This… After all…” Sarah nodded. “So uhm, we, me and my mom think that you need to wear diapers 24/7.” Said Melanie.

Sarah nodded, until the words sank in. Her face changed to a look of horror. “WHAT!” Sarah said, mortified. “Yeah, well, you had like 3 accidents…” Melanie said. Sarah thought for a moment. Perhaps that made sense. As disgusting as diapers were, she had had quite the accident. Sarah began to cry as Mrs Hughes embraced the teen, Melanie joining into the hug later. “Uhm…” Melanie said, “We think that to help you move to your new life wearing diapers, it would be better for us to act the age of most diaper wearers. Like a baby, or a toddler…”

The tears didn’t stop.

Melanie, her best friend since she’d first been in diapers back when she was an actual baby thought that she was a baby just because of her accidents. It made sense though. Right?

“Okay, so we have some rules you need to follow for now Sarah…” Melanie stated. Sarah gestured for her to continue. “Rule one, use your diapers, rule two, make sure your diaper is visible so it’s easier to check when you need to be changed, rule three, sit in seats suited for your age, rule three, call my mother mommy and me your new big sister, rule four, depend on us!” Sarah was astonished. Why was this happening. “Wait, why do I have to call you mommy? I already have a mom!” Sarah said. Mrs Hughes sighed. “Listen honey, I told your old Mommy about you needing diapers and showed her a picture of you in your diaper and she said she didn’t want you anymore!” She said.

Sarah was… Sarah was more than mortified, if there was even such a thing. Just because she had a few accidents her mom no longer wanted her? And now Melanie and her mommy were going to adopt her. Right, the rules.

“Okay sweetie, first, I’m gonna take off your skirt! Rules are rules and I can’t fully see your diaper, then we’re gonna change you info a new diaper and after you’re gonna finally eat some food!” Sarah was exhausted. “Sure Mommy.” She said plainly. “Good girl!” Said her new mom.

True to her words, soon Sarah was stripped of her skirt. It wasn’t as embarrassing as it would have been for her a day ago, or perhaps a few weeks ago. Then, her old, soiled diaper was in the bin, no evidence of her accident’s left. And she was soon strapped back into her highchair, Melanie spoon feeding her some yoghurt mixed with a few of her mommy’s vitamins. And everything was fine.

Soon, they were back on the road, except this time Sarah was in a children’s car seat, wearing a newly soiled diaper, pacifier in her mouth. Mommy had requested she checked out an UsTube channel with a name she couldn’t quite see (seemingly by design) and it turned out to be pretty fun. She checked out one of the first videos shown on their channel titled ‘Teenage Baby Starter: Messy Baby!’. The video was fun, yet repetitive and she seemed to just zone out to the video. All in all, it was a good first day of her new life.

It was soon bedtime for Sarah, around 6:30. Her mommy tucked her into bed in her crib with a fresh star covered diaper, wearing no shirt. Babies didn’t sleep in shirts after all, especially not in the summer.
Sarah couldn’t help but be excited about what waited for her tommorow. She yawned, her vision going dark. Hopefully tommorow would be as good as today.

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Sarah woke up, feeling disoriented. She tried to reach up to rub her eyes but realised she couldn’t. Her thumb was in her mouth. “What?” She thought. And then everything came back to her. Right, she was wearing diapers because of her accidents and now she had a new mommy and sister.

She sat up and realised her night diaper was soaking wet and a little brown. The moon shaped wet indicator had long disappeared. While from what she could remember, most diapers got all clammy when she was in them for too long, her diapers seemed to be special. They were just a bit cold, that was all.

“Mommy?” Sarah asked, not daring to leave the confines of her crib without approval, though the thought embarrassed her. She heard a distant ‘yes’ from somewhere in the motorhome. Soon, her mommy in all her glory was there, right in front of her! “Aww look at you, you little stinker! Guess you did need diapers 24/7!” She teased, before picking up her new baby girl. She was very small after all. Sarah flushed slightly. It’s not like that wasn’t true, it still hurt to be pointed out, just slightly. “Do you need a change of diapers?” She asked Sarah. “Yes Mommy!” She exclaimed, happy to be out of the cold undergarment.

Her mommy carried her out into the kitchen, where a collapsible changing table she’d not seen before was. Guess mommy came prepared, just in case she or her big sister had an accident, not that Maddy would. Speaking of Maddy, just as her mommy took off her old diaper, the girl in question walked in! “Big sis!” Sarah exclaimed. “Hey little one! You getting a change?” Madeline asked her. “Yeeah, I kind of went potty when I was asleep, guess you and mommy were right!” Sarah said to her big sister. “Aww, not like you’ll need to worry about going to the potty again for quite a few years! Maybe not ever!” Madeline said. Sarah was unsure about that.

“As much as I like my diaper, I do want to go potty again at some point!” She explained, hands in the air to show her point. Her mommy looked down at her, slight pity in her eyes, mostly happiness. “When girls don’t go potty at your age and forget how, they can never learn how to ever again! Your body doesn’t allow it.” Her mommy explained in a slightly condescending tone, as if talking to a baby, like she was now. Sarah thought for a moment about the potty training she’d lost, if she’d ever had it at all, it was fuzzy.

“Well, that’s enough talk about big girl potties! Time for our plan for the day! At ten o’clock we’re going to be going to the doctor’s to get you a checkup, after that, at about eleven, we’re going to go for a long walk around this small town called Looue, then we’re coming back here. Any thoughts?” Her mommy explained to her and her sister.

“Yeah, what about people seeing my diaper?” Sarah asked her mommy, slightly nervous. “You’ve always worn your diaper clearly in public, remember? Like yesterday, when you were in the car and only wore a shirt!”. How could Sarah have forgotten? Her mind changed slightly to process this new information. She was sure she’d done something else before. Right? Oh how could she forget, mommy was always right.

And with that, they were back on the road, headed quickly towards the doctor.

Soon, the family of 3 arrived at the doctor’s. Sarah was a little nervous to go in, but her mommy calmly put her into her pushchair. She looked at the sign on the roof, something weird she couldn’t quite make out, just like that UsTube channel. She could read everything else though. They were soon in a waiting room, where there were lots of other big babies just like her! Most of them were in their mommies and daddies’ hands, the others were in the most amazing play area ever, filled with blocks, stuffed animals and rocking horses that looked too big for everyone there. Most of the kids in the play area had their diapers in clear view, just like her. “Baby Sarah, what’s got you so distracted?” Mommy said, knocking her out of her thoughts. She pointed over to the play area and her mommy sighed

“Alright, you can play in there.”

Those magic words filled her with joy! What would she play with first? Mommy carried her over and placed her delacately down on the floor with a loud crinkle. It didn’t hurt or anything, the diaper cushioned her ‘fall’. A girl came over to her. “Hey!” The girl said excitedly. “Wew’ wearing the same diapeas!” The girl said. Sarah looked down and her messy diaper, and then at the other girl’s equally as messed diaper. “Oh yeah! Wanna be friends!” Sarah said. “Sure!” The girl said. She introduced herself as Alice as they stacked up some blocks, her telling Alice her own name in return.

“So how long have you been wearing diapers, Alice?” She asked. “Uhh, I dunno! A few years or something! Mama probably knows!” Alice explained, sounding confused. “Ah, I’ve been wearing diapers for about a day! My old mommy didn’t want me, so new mommy has been helping me!” She said. Alice nodded. “Alice honey, we have to go to our appointment!” Some rich looking lady with a fancy bag said. Alice groaned, but crawled over to who was presumably her mama. At least she had a friend now!