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Robin Charon's Daybreak

When Linda heard the soft splashing sound she immediately recognized it as a water source, and felt compelled to follow that sound as though upon reaching it marked the end of her journey.

She could not remember how long she had been lost in the forest, but this day it no longer mattered to her if she found her way out or not. All she wanted to do was quench the pangs of thirst that licked at her throat like a fiery serpent’s tongue, and threatened to strike her down where she stood. Linda’s calmness in this situation surprised even her. It was almost as though the surrounding forest was whispering a silent lullaby in her ear.

Natural beauty seemed to be in full swing in this surreal realm. Radiant sunlight dazzled treetops and glistened wondrously off dewdrop covered spider webs. As the brook came within view it was as if the lullabies had ceased to be heard. Linda took off running and upon reaching it dropped to her knees and gazed into its clear surface. Suddenly, her face took on a look of horror as she realized the reflection in the water was not her own, but that of an elderly man. Linda’s horror intensified as the man opened his mouth and spoke, his voice coming on like a thousand screams into her mind. Linda gasped as her world fell to a state of nothingness.

Chapter 1
The Curtain Rises

Linda awoke with a start and just stared at the darkened ceiling of her room. “What was that about?” She quietly asked herself before sitting up in her bed and flicking the lamp sitting upon her nightstand to the “On” position.

As the light from the lamp flooded the room Linda’s eyes spied the green paperback book sitting by her bedside. A slight smile crossed her lips. “Of course!” Linda chuckled; “I really need to lay of the fantasy books before bed.” Still smiling, Linda eased herself back to upon her pillow before being greeted by the tense shriek of her black digital alarm clock.

Upon the clock’s auditory assault’s completion a quiet knock came upon the soft cream-colored door against the Western Wall of Linda’s room. “Coming Mommy!” Linda giggled as she pulled herself out of her bed, her diapered rear crinkling behind her as she approached the doorway. On the way she passed by a full-length mirror and stopped briefly to take a look at herself.

Linda Aven was a tall woman of 23, and had an aura of strength about her. However, it was not physical power but might of the will. Upholding the belief that she alone controlled her destiny. Raven waves frame her beautiful shoulders and silently, gracefully slide down her body to the small of her back. Two orbs of deep emerald, like exotic jewels are held in prime position upon her visage; a visage of which an optometrist may classify as “triangular” but wouldn’t come close to describing the intricacies of it’s structure.

Her clothing that morning was simple. Her sea-green pajama top reached down toward her waist, but fell short by a few inches. Moving down her body her waist becomes an interesting matter. Wrapped about Linda’s unusually thin waist was a light pink disposable diaper; special-ordered by her mother to be extra cute. The phrase “Mommy’s baby Linda” written in cute block letters across the plastic front giving it an adorably childish appearance. Linda loved them.

Finished at the mirror, Linda completed her mini-trek to the door and opened it. She was immediately greeted with a big hug from her mother; whose appearance closely matched Linda’s except a bit taller and brown hair.

“How is my little girl today?” asked her mother smiling sweetly.

“Good today mommy.” Linda replied in a voice full of youthful giddiness.

“I’m glad you’re feeling good.” said her mother before loosening her tight motherly embrace and following up with, “Now let’s get my little girl changed and dressed for the day.” Linda nodded and took her mother’s hand before stepping out into a massive hallway.

Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Chapter 2
A moment in Time

Linda’s family was well off. Her father; Scott Aven, was a big businessman from Southern California where he not only made his fortune, but also gained the reputation of never failing to close a deal. Her mother was no slouch either; a graduate from a prestigious law school, Kira Aven (Born: Kira Onvicent) was a successful criminal defense attorney with a 97% success rate.

As Kira and Linda walked down the hallway toward her destination they paused and glanced at an old grandfather clock they had purchased at auction only a month back. “6:03” said Kira before pressing onward. “Seems we’re a bit ahead of schedule this morning.”

The pair moved onward down the hallway until the finally reached their goal; a door marked with a small sign which read, “Baby Linda’s Closet” Kira gently released her daughter’s hand and firmly gripped the door handle. The knob twisted counter-clockwise and the door swung inward. Taking Linda’s hand in hers once again, they both in turn stepped across the threshold into the “Closet”.

Trying to describe this room in just a single word would be a challenge for even the most enlightened scholars, although settling for two you could get “Massive” and “Pink”. This could also be incorrect, therefore I will paint a more vivid picture for you. The closet was about the size of a high school chemistry classroom, (The kind with both a normal seating area and a decently sized lab area for experiments.) and twice the headroom. The carpet beneath their feet was a lightly colored eggshell white, while the walls and ceiling were both painted the same light pink as Linda’s diapers. Along each wall was a row of black rings with small but legible writing underneath. The writing read things like “Shorts #3” and “Jackets #1” and each ring pulled out a discrete section of wall containing a normal sized closet filled with the desired article of clothing. With all the sections closed, the room almost seemed empty, but against the far wall were the items; a large plastic bin and a large wooden changing table. Linda’s changing table.

Upon reaching the table, Kira lifted Linda and placed her upon it. (With Linda’s help of course, Kira would probably have trouble otherwise.) Linda reclined on the blue padded surface, and as she stared at the ceiling, began to shift her thoughts to the past.

Linda’s birth was far beyond the reach of her memory, but after certain questions presented themselves her mother sat down and spoke with her on it. She told of how it was a difficult birth, potentially deadly for them both. Luckily they both survived, but while Kira made it through without permanent injury, the process was not quite so kind to Linda. She had received irreversible damage to both her bowels and bladder, forever altering the course of her life.

A group of loud ripping noises flung Linda back to the present. “My, my Linda. You really soaked this one.” Said Kira as she removed her daughter’s wet diaper. Linda blushed a bit and replied with a quiet, meek, “I know.” Kira leaned down and gave Linda a small motherly kiss on her forehead and went back to work. Linda smiled and resumed her train of thought.

Linda spent many years oblivious to the fact that she was different. Only in third grade, by the callous taunt of a fellow female student did she become aware of her “Unusual” condition. While an unhappy memory, Linda clearly remembered later that year the girl (Whom she remembered as being named Sara Jenkin) had developed a strong stomach virus and was put back into diapers for a month to make it easier to clean up her messy accidents. Linda soon readopted her role as “Mommy’s baby girl”, and soon grew to welcome her treatment with literally “open arms”.

“All done honey.” Said Kira as she finished tying Linda’s shoes and helped her down. “I must be really absent minded today.” Thought Linda, “I totally missed getting dressed.” Sure enough, while she was lost in her thoughts her mother had finished changing her and dressed her in a pair of black jeans and her ‘Aku-Shoujo’ T-shirt. “It’s probably going to be on of those days.” Said Linda, chuckling to herself. Walking out of the room, through the hallway and down the stairs; Linda entered the dining room and sat down for breakfast.

About midway through the meal her father joined them. He was a tall man, short blonde hair dominating his head, and a pair of sharp brown eyes stuck like pushpins in his skull. He greeted his wife and daughter with a low mumble and sat down to his sausage, eggs and pancakes the cooks had prepared.

Silence held it’s reign upon the family for several moments before Kira decided to shatter it. “Are you going over to your friend’s house today Linda honey?”

“Yes Mommy. Me and Tasha are going to go see that movie that just came out, and afterward we’re going to the mall,” Linda replied excitedly.

“Alright, just remember the rules dear. Tasha changes you while I’m not there.”

“Yes mommy I understand.” Linda replied. Finishing breakfast, Linda kissed her parents goodbye and moved toward the front door, snatching up her diaper-bag on the way.

As she gripped the door handle she heard her mother’s voice calling after her, “Remember Linda,” Kira began, smiling. “Don’t bring home any strange men.”

Giggling, Linda replied, “I won’t Mommy.” As she stepped out into the lovely spring morning. Walking toward the garage, Linda smiled to herself and quietly said, “It’s going to be a wonderful day.”

Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Chapter 3
The Brown Haired Goddess Takes the Stage/A Bold Decision

Nastasha Renkov, (or “Tasha”) was more than just a friend to Linda. She was someone whom, over the years, Linda had developed a strong bond with; she became her love. A joining of heart and soul more powerful than the moon’s pull on the sea, than the strength of time. (It was admittedly a bit cliché)

Pulling out of the garage, Linda pushed the button for the gate control that had been custom installed into her car’s dash. Stopping at the gate, Linda allowed it to fully open before passing through and turning west toward Tasha’s place of residence.

Waiting for Linda outside her small, yet beautiful powder-blue house stood Nastasha. While a little shorter than Linda, it was clear to even the casual observer that she was a bit older and certainly more mature. Curly, brown hair tumbled down her head and creeped along her shoulders; not unlike moss on an old college library, with eyes an outstandingly stunning deep shade of blue. As always, she held herself in a professional manner, and was dressed like she was going to be attending a business meeting at one of the many office buildings that were located downtown. Linda often joked that someday they would have to go out and buy her some ‘fun’ clothes, but in truth didn’t mind Tasha’s sense of style at all and loved her just the same.

Upon spotting Linda’s vehicle, Nastasha quickly stepped through the wooden gate in front of her and moved toward the curb. Linda smiled and opened the passenger door for Tasha, giggling in anticipation Tasha entered, wordlessly, a blank look on her face. She slowly turned toward Linda, her expression growing steadily harder. “Are you ok?” asked Linda, sounding concerned.

Tasha stared at her for a few more seconds before breaking out into laughter, “I’m sorry Linda,” she began, her Russian accent gracing the interior of the automobile. “Sometimes you just need to laugh.” Linda nodded and leaned over, planting a small peck on Tasha’s forehead.

“Alright!” said Linda as she started the engine, “Now let’s get going. Wouldn’t want to be late to the feature would we?”

Nastasha moved to Linda’s town with her parents from Russia about five years prior. They met while attending the local college and quickly became friends. About a month later while in a study session at Tasha’s house, (It was hard to find any peace and quiet at Linda’s house) Linda tearfully told her about her need for diapers, after she made a bit of a mess in the one she was wearing.

Thinking she was going to lose her best friend, Linda was taken by surprise at what happened next. Tasha reached over and looked inside the bag Linda had brought with her. Retrieving the necessary supplies, Tasha made quick work of cleaning Linda up and taping a fresh pink undergarment about her waist.

Linda was too shocked by her friend’s actions to say anything, until Tasha spoke up, breaking the silence with a calming, “It’s ok…” and together they shared in the first kiss of their newfound connection. (There was probably a detail or two left out here and there, but that was about how it happened)

Upon reaching the theater and finding a parking spot, (which was no easy feat) Linda approached the ticket stand with Nastasha following close behind, and purchased two tickets to the movie. Smiling, Nastasha took Linda’s hand in hers and together they passed through the giant double-doors.

The movie harkened back to the films of the past… Meaning of course that it revolved around an over-used plot, with a cast of flat, transparent characters, some of whom were blatantly ripped from classic films, (all of whom Linda was familiar with) which were most likely misrepresentations of their literary counterparts, set in space. (Which means of course the theater was packed)

Linda didn’t care though. She was perfectly content sitting in the back with Tasha, their hearts beating as one as their lips danced from peak to soft luscious peak. Their libido rising and rising as the air around them condensed into a fine mist.

–Some time later–

Tasha looked down at her wrinkled jacket and ran her hand smoothly over it again and again, in an attempt to restore it’s original pristine appearance. Having done so, she turned back to a smiling Linda and began to speak, “You are really something special Linda.” Linda smiled a bit wider, but her expression soon changed slightly as a familiar odor wafted through the immediate area. Tasha took a few whiffs before a look of confirmation crossed her face and warmly embraced Linda between their seats. “Where is your diaper bag?” she whispered calmly into Linda’s ear.

“It’s…” Linda began. Realizing it had not been on either of their arms when they walked in. “It’s still in my…”

“There it is.” said Tasha, cutting Linda off. She leaned down and carefully pulled the bag onto her lap. Pulling the strap on over her shoulder, she took Linda’s hand and led her up off her seat down the stairs, and toward the door to the lobby.

“I don’t remember either of us taking the bag in with us,” said Linda, but Tasha didn’t seem to hear her, which was unusual seeing as how the credits had just finished rolling and the theater was effectively empty. The fact the movie was over also struck Linda in a puzzling manner, seeing as it felt like only thirty minutes had passed since it had begun.

Passing quickly through the lobby, the pair entered the women’s room and stepped into the largest stall. Tasha turned and engaged the lock before wheeling back around to Linda and pulling down the extra-large changing table with the words ‘Enhanced for your child’s safety with donations from Kira Aven’ in silver letters across the side.

“Hop up little Linda”, said Tasha, patting the padded surface of the table. Linda nodded and climbed up the side, rolling onto her back and squishing the mess around her diaper in the process.

“Ready.” said Linda weakly before reaching down to unfasten the clasp on her jeans.

Tasha stopped her. “Allow me, little one”, she said, smiling. Tasha reached down and opened the clasp. She then proceeded to slowly pull Linda’s jeans down, stopping when she had enough room to open Linda’s messy pink diaper without ruining her clothing.

“Brr!” shivered Linda, combined feeling of the chilled restroom air and the cool padded surface touching the back of her silky legs.

Tasha nodded, “It is a bit chilly in here, I’ll make this as quick as possible.” She swung the diaper bag in front of her and produced from it a diaper and a small container of baby wipes, both of which were placed next to Linda’s feet. Tasha then set the bag and the ground and got to work.

Cold air flooded Linda’s nether-regions as the tapes were removed with a series of quick ripping noises, her legs twitching a bit involuntarily. “Bottoms up Linda” said Tasha, patting Linda’s thigh softly with her smooth, delicate hands. Linda complied by bracing her feet in a secure manner on the surface and pushing off. While Linda slowly lifted her pert little rear, Tasha carefully removed excess mess using a clean section of the used pink garment. Having finished that, the diaper was rolled up and placed in a small bin with the words ‘Empty Daily’ written on it. Next, a fresh disposable was unfolded and placed under Linda, immediately followed by Tasha applying a cool baby wipe to Linda’s soft cheeks and wiping her from bottom to back before pronouncing her “Clean enough on that side” and gave permission for Linda to lower herself down so that her front could be sufficiently cleaned. Doing so found Linda’s bottom resting comfortably on the warm, friendly surface of the fresh garment, as she waited patiently for her second favorite part of the changing process.

As the wipe coursed its way down Linda’s smooth skin a wave of pleasure overtook her. She wasn’t left to enjoy much of it however as Tasha started to speak, “Linda, I have been thinking. I believe it is about time we told your father about us.”

Linda was surprised, but nodded, “You’re right, sneaking around like this is really putting a strain on us. I’ll tell him tomorrow.”

Tasha smiled, as she taped Linda’s new diaper snuggly about her waist, “I’m glad we made this decision Linda. I love your parents as much as I love you, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them or betray their trust.”

And as they held each other in a warm embrace, Linda smiled, as this was her all-time favorite part of the change.

Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Chapter 4
Shattered Affection

Music Played While Writing:
Yuki Kajiura’s “Fiction” Album
hide’s “Best of Psychommunity” Album

Warning: Language

After returning from the mall, the afternoon passed much like usual. Day soon turned to night, and daybreak found Linda lying in her bed, wondering how she should approach telling her parents about her and Nastasha. Of course she didn’t get much thinking in before the shriek from her black alarm clock made mincemeat out of her train of thought. This also meant she was almost out of time as soon following the assault to her ears was a quiet knock on her door. The moment of truth was nearing.

Her change passed quickly by without much notice on her part, and soon the whole Aven family was sitting around the breakfast table. Scott Aven’s face buried in the local business section of the newspaper. This was it; she couldn’t break a promise. Especially to Linda, as she meant the world to her. It was now or never.

“Mommy, Daddy?” Linda began, “I have something I need to tell you both.”

Seeming slightly annoyed, Scott slowly lowered the newspaper from his face and responded with a lackluster, “Yes?”

Linda’s heart was pounding in her chest, but with a quiet smile, and a gentle, “Go ahead honey.” She was ready.

“It’s about Tasha,” she started again.

“You guys didn’t get into a fight did you?” asked her mother concernedly.

Linda shook her head slowly, “No, nothing like that. It’s just that.” Her heart started racing again. “I…um… I… I love her… and she loves me.”

The look on Kira’s face made it clear she was taking her time to process the information that had so clumsily stumbled out of Linda’s lips. Soon the look faded as she rose from her seat and took a small walk over to her daughter’s seat at the table. Smiling, she leaned over and gave Linda a big hug, “I will always be there for you Linda… no matter what.”

A loud crash came from Scott’s side of the table as his fists slammed into his plate, shattering it into pieces and tearing a large gash in his hand. “The hell you will!”

“Scott!” Kira yelled back at her husband, “We should be supportive of Linda… no matter what.”

“Supportive of her?!” Scott all but screamed, “What about me? Am I the only one with morals in this damn household? Am I the only one who just wants a normal family?”

Tears began to flow from Linda’s eyes as the scene unfolded around her, “But Daddy…”

“Daddy nothing Linda! I suggest you start packing, because in an hour I’m sending security to escort your diapered ass from the premises. You are no longer welcome in this house! You are no longer my daughter!” Scott pulled a cell phone from his pocket and waved it around in his right hand. “And don’t think you are going to rely on your little bank account to live on either, because I’m calling the bank right now and having them transfer all the cash back into my master account.”

“Scott! You know you can’t do that…They won’t let you!”

“Oh but they will Kira my dear, the bank president Jerry Slim owes me quite a few favors… big favors. And I suggest if you don’t want to end up like that little bitch over there you will keep your mouth shut.”

“But… She’s our daughter…”

“Like I said, I no longer consider her a member of this family. And… she better get started packing. I wouldn’t want to have to have her arrested for trespassing now would I?”

“But Daddy…” Linda sobbed uncontrollably.

Kira gently placed her hand on Linda’s shoulder, “Come on honey I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.” Leaning over she whispered into Linda’s ear, “I’ll try talking to daddy later, trying to talk right now will only anger him further.”

Nodding, Linda followed her Mother up the stairs to begin the chore of packing. She was still sniffling a bit when they reached her old room, but still managed to keep it mostly together, “Mommy? Do you think you will be able to convince Daddy to let me come home?”

Kira smiled down at her daughter, “Of course baby, but in the meantime.” Kira carefully withdrew a small amount of cash from her purse, “This should last you for a few days at least, and maybe you could stay over at Tasha’s to cut living costs a little more.”

Linda nodded but deep inside she knew she couldn’t face Tasha. She felt too vulnerable and decided in her mind that she should try and spend the next few days by herself, thinking things over.

Having packed enough clothes and diapers for a few days, Linda slowly got into her car and drove toward the gate. Her gate control button still worked, but knew that in a few days they would probably change the receiving frequency on the gate, making her button totally useless. Carefully, she exited the driveway, turned right at the first intersection and headed toward the city looming in the distance.

Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Chapter 5
Life of Shadow, Will of Iron

“Here we stand in ravishing rain.
Joy is like pain. It feels like a miracle.
You can’t turn back; you’re in chains.
Never again, return from a cynical world”

  • From “Cynical world” written by Yuki Kajiura[/b]

As sunlight filtered silently but warmly into her room, Linda awoke as her eyes
fluttered open to greet the dawning of a new day within the comfort of her warm bed. Linda threw a look about the room in surprise, “What a horrible dream.” Glancing down she found her diaper drenched in the yellow bodily fluid but paid it no mind, as she knew her mommy would be knocking at her door soon to help her.

Soon the anticipated knock came clear as a bell through the cream-colored door and as she did every day, Linda answered the knock with a resounding, “Coming Mommy!”

Her mother’s voice penetrated back through the door toward her, “Hurry Linda, you don’t want to keep Ms. Jenkin waiting do you?”

This statement seemed to puzzle Linda. Was she not seeing Tasha today? Who was Ms. Jenkin? The name seemed familiar, but the connection eluded her. She shrugged it off and upon reaching the door began to turn the handle slowly.

The door nearly ripped off it’s hinges as some horrendous force threw it open to reveal a great blackness before her.

Linda jumped back only to come in contact with a person who seemed to be standing behind her the entire time. Turning around, she immediately recognized the grimacing face of Scott Aven, her father.

Before she could say anything however his left arm shot out and took a death-grip upon Linda’s neck and began squeezing. His expression slowly shifted into a wicked smirk, “You’re nobody now… little bitch.”

Linda shrieked as best she could as the last of the air exited her lungs and she felt the cold nothingness envelop her.

“When the night turns to day,
And you turn 'round and say,
Magic Mirror please tell,
Is this heaven or hell?”
-From “Answer to the Master” by Def Leppard

Linda shot up with a start and surveyed her surroundings. She was sitting up in the same ghastly motel room she had been renting for a week since getting thrown out of her parent’s house. It had been rough but she wasn’t quite ready to take her mother’s advice and ask Tasha for a place to stay. As long as her money held up…

It was then when she noticed the smell; The thick acrid stench of urine. And felt the dampness of the blankets about her thighs. Her diaper had apparently leaked during the night. She needed to clean up a little bit.

No sooner had she risen out of the sodden bed however did a loud knock resound from her door and a gruff male voice called out from the other side, “You’re out of time lady! I’ll give you another hour until you need to be out of there, so… unless you have some more cash I suggest you better hurry.” Adding, “But if you really need a place to stay my room is always open, but of course we would need to find a way for you to pay me back.” Letting out a perverted chuckle he seemed to disappear down the hall.

Linda narrowed her eyes, “Who did that pervert think he was?”

“You’re nobody now… little bitch.”

Linda shook her head, her raven locks swishing about. “Even if I am nobody now that still doesn’t give him the right.” She sighed, “Guess I need to cut my alone time shorter than I planned on.” Grinning, she added, “It’ll be good to see Tasha again. I feels like an eternity since I saw her sweet face last.” Upon gathering her things and changing her diaper, Linda headed out to her car, leaving the bedding to the perverted motel owner as payback for his little comment.

The engine began to purr like a kitten as Linda turned the ignition, unexpectedly sending a wave of chills down her back. Something was wrong, she could feel it. But what could it be? She soon shrugged it off and pulled out of the motel parking lot; making great time as she followed the city streets toward Tasha’s house.

Passing by a news kiosk, Linda pulled over and purchased the day’s newspaper and glanced over it back inside her car. Her eyes widened in surprise by what she read next. It seems an anonymous source tipped off the investors about her father’s decision to disown her, and they quickly pulled out of Scott’s company, claiming they refused to help fund the antics of “some rich tyrant”. It seemed that his business was now as bankrupt as his sense of morality.

Refolding the paper and placing it on the passenger seat, Linda restarted her automobile’s engine and began once again to head towards her love’s place of residence. All the time considering how she should feel. Scott was still her father, but he had disowned her… abandoned her… all for being who she was. Being who she was meant to be.

Upon reaching Tasha’s house Linda could immediately sense something was wrong. Tasha’s front door was wide open and the door handle was severely damaged, as if there had been a clumsy amateur robbery.

Linda quickly rushed to the open door and stepped inside, worried. There she froze in terror and immense shock at what she observed.

Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Chapter 6
The Girl Who Shouted “No” at the Heart of Reality

Linda involuntarily trembled at the sight before her. Nastasha lie on the floor in the middle of her living room, a large wound located on her stomach providing fuel for the puddle of crimson death beneath her. Rushing over, Linda cradled Nastasha’s head in her arms.

“Tasha!” Linda exclaimed, her eyes welling up with tears for her love, now just a cold lump of flesh in her hands.

Suddenly the front door slammed shut and a familiar voice boomed from the shadows, “Why hello there Linda…”

“Dad?” asked Linda, still a little overcome with grief.

The figure in the shadows just chuckled, “Linda, Linda, Linda… what did we discuss?”

Linda froze in terror at the tone of the figure’s voice as her bladder burst, the yellow impurity staining the interior of her newly changed garment. Her suspicions answered as Scott, wearing a plaid green shirt and dark slacks, stepped within Linda’s vision, a Colt Python held in his right hand.

“Daddy?” Linda pleaded, pulling Nastasha’s body in close, “What… What’s going on?”

“Linda, I just took care of an obstacle that was separating us.” His grin turned dark, “So now we can be a family once again.”

Linda gasped, “What about mom? What happened to her?!”

Scott pulled a small, slender object wrapped in white tissue paper from his breast pocket with his left hand and tossed it toward Linda, landing it about a foot to her right with a light crinkle.

Linda’s eyes widened in fear as she placed Nastasha on the floor in front of her, plucked the small wrapped object from its resting spot and held it between her trembling fingers, feeling the small bump in the center with her thumb.

Linda glared up at Scott, her teeth clenched in anger, “What have you done to her?”

Scott tapped the barrel of his Python against his temple, “Your mother…” He shook his head, “I mean that whore, Kira… she ruined me. Tipped the investors off and ruined all I worked to achieve!”

“No!” Linda all but screamed, “You ruined yourself! Don’t blame others for your mistakes!”

Scott growled and quickly approached Linda, bringing a black boot right into her face, the object flying out of Linda’s hand and landing on the carpet, “No! She was filthy! The whole Onvicent family is filthy!” A deranged smirk grew on his face, “You think I married her for love? Ha! The only thing that witch was good for was her money! Though I do admit she was a pretty good lay, and a nice, convenient way to further the Aven bloodline…though I guess that part didn’t work out like I had planned.”

Linda’s consciousness began to fade, but she managed to shake it off. She raised her upper body off the floor, and noticed a strange glinting coming off a small tear in the tissue paper. Tears welling up in her eyes, Linda forced her neck to twist back toward Scott, “You… you killed her! You’re an insane monster!”

Suddenly, Scott began to break into laughter; “I’m not insane…” He walked back toward a wall and placed his finger beneath a light switch, flicking it on in a smooth motion, illuminating figures previously unseen.

A resounding “Surprise!” exploded from all corners of the room, as all the figures became unidentifiable.

Linda looked around, still a bit groggy, “Mommy? My friends? What’s going on here?”

The body of Nastasha began to stir in front of her; “You were always one to ignore obvious details Linda. Like oh say… a pulse.”

All the guests began to laugh heartily as Linda looked around in confusion, “I don’t understand! What’s going on here?”

Her mother stepped forward, “It’s a surprise party honey. Me and your father made up… you are welcome back to the house anytime.”

Linda smiled, “Really?”

Kira smiled, “Of course, but first I’m guessing you need a change.”

Linda giggled, “Yes Mommy”

Kira leaned down and began to remove Linda’s pants. She leaned down into Linda’s face and smiled, her hot breath creeping along the bridge of Linda’s nose as her voice became unmistakably that of her father, “My, my Linda. You really soaked this one.”

“What!?” Linda exclaimed, her vision fading.

Linda’s eyes flashed open revealing the still unlit interior of Tasha’s living room, Scott kneeling over her.

“I said,” whispered Scott, “You really soaked this one.”

With a series of loud rips Linda’s diaper flew open, the cold air rushing onto her nether regions as Scott continued the change.

“Why are you doing this?” Linda yelled, suddenly realizing her limbs seemed to be bound to the floor.

Scott placed a new diaper under Linda’s bottom and taped it securely, “The change is just a courtesy my girl.” He stood up and retrieved the gun from a nearby shelf; “The chains are just so you don’t move.”

Linda began to cry, “Please don’t do this daddy!”

Scott smiled, “It’s ok Linda… soon we’ll all be together.” He aimed the Python at Linda’s chest and fired twice, Linda’s lungs collapsing as her life began to seep away through them.

Linda’s face pleaded back at her father, but only a warm smile was his return as he pressed the barrel into his right temple and squeezed the trigger slowly.

The muzzle flashed as his body dropped to the floor, and darkness began to overtake Linda’s mind. Everything started to get fuzzy as she continued to suffocate, her consciousness fading to black.

Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Chapter 7

Linda screamed as she sat up and looked nervously at her surroundings. She appeared to be in a peach-colored room, a small window on one wall, a few cracks of sunlight streaming through Venetian blinds.

A slightly accented but familiar voice lilted from beside Linda, “Sweetie? Are you alright?”

Linda shook some of the cobwebs from her head and looked over at Tasha, looking quite concerned from her place on the bed, next to Linda. Linda spoke with a slight stutter, “T-Tasha? B-b-but… I thought.” A sudden image of twin lights flashed through her mind, followed by the scream of the old man of a dream past.

Tasha put her finger to Linda’s mouth and then proceeded to hug her tightly, “It’s ok…”

Linda began to tear up and hugged her back equally as tight, “Is it over? Is this horrible nightmare all behind?”

Tasha shook her head sadly, “I’m sorry to say it’s not. I need you to wake up, Linda.” A clearer image of oncoming headlights filled Linda’s mind.

Linda tightened her grip a bit, “But I don’t want to leave you, Tasha!”

Tasha laughed a little bit, drying Linda’s eyes, “Come on Linda, you of all people should know that this isn’t real, and that while reality isn’t perfect, it’s all we really have in the end.” Tasha then leaned in a whispered a few more words to Linda and seemed to cheer her up a bit.

“You’re right, I feel a bit silly now.” She chuckled a bit and smiled as the blackness began to overtake her as a last phrase filled her mind.

“I love you sweetie…”

Linda awoke again to the sound of short electronic beeps coming from beside her bedside table, her body felt weak and battered; through the haze she could tell her leg was quite broken.

“She’s awake!” Yelled an unfamiliar female voice, most likely a nurse.

She heard a bit of commotion coming from outside the room but paid it no mind as she turned her sore neck toward the window, small streams of pinkish light filtering through.

The warm smiling face of her mother came rushing into her line of sight a few tears running down her cheek, “We thought we had lost you, baby.”

Linda smiled back weakly, “I thought I had lost you too…”

Kira gave her daughter a concerned look.

Linda shook her head, “It’s nothing mommy…”

Kira smiled again, “I’m just so glad you’re ok, your father and I were worried sick…”

“What about Tasha? I bet I gave her quite a scare.”

Kira’s expression suddenly took on a noticeable change.


“I’m sorry Linda, when you got into that accident, the passenger side took the brunt of the damage. Tasha was in fairly bad shape and remained comatose for a few days and last night she… she passed on, baby.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you when you wake.” The words Tasha had whispered so quietly came creeping back into Linda’s mind.

Linda was visibly shaken, no words crawling out of her mouth, set agape. Finally it all sank in and Linda broke into quiet sobs, reaching out her arms accepting her mother’s hug, “She said s-she would be here for me…” Her words took on a frantic denial.

“It’s alright honey… I… Sorry, I’m just not sure what to say.”

Linda silently held onto her mother as she tried to recall the lying face of the dream-witch impersonating her lovely Tasha, her words echoing around in Linda’s head.

“While reality isn’t perfect, it’s all we really have in the end.”

“Come on Linda, you of all people should know that this isn’t real”

“I need you to wake up, Linda.”

“Why?” thought Linda, “Why did I need to wake up when I have nothing else to live for?”

“I love your parents as much as I love you, and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them or betray their trust.”

“Your father and I were worried sick… Your father and I were worried sick…”

Linda opened her eyes and looked up at her mother, some of her sadness fading away at a realization of intention, “Mommy, Tasha told me I needed to come back and I…”

Kira stroked her daughter’s hair gently and wiping the tears from her eyes, “It’s ok baby, you need to rest now. Then tomorrow we’ll see to getting you back on your feet.”

Linda nodded, closing her eyes a bit as her mother leaned in and planted a kiss on her forehead. Quietly she left the room, letting her daughter sleep.

“I love you sweetie,” came a whisper from the doorway.

“I love you too…” A small tear ran down Linda’s cheek and melted away into the white pillow beneath her head.

[b]“It was like waking from a nightmare. Not a screamer, where impacted fears took on simple, terrible shapes, but the sort of dream, infinitely more disturbing, where everything is perfectly and horribly normal, and where everything is utterly wrong.”
-Turner “Count Zero” by William Gibson

“There’s no place like home”
-Dorothy Gale “Wizard of Oz”[/b]

Re: Robin Charon’s Daybreak

Oh my goodness! I’m practically crying! That was an incredible trip… and I really hope that in some ether of half-forgotten ideas she finds a girl like Natasha again. Time to cry more! :’(