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RSI's Master List Backup

Just in case I lose the file on my computer, these are the ones that have been uploaded by me and other people. I don’t need to touch these (updated as fast as I can):

Kristin’s Desires by Emi 1-45
One of the Family by Vickie
Intertwined by Dementia’s Knight
Switching Sisters - A Story for Tali by Vickie
The New Girl by Vickie
The Trip - A Story for my Fairy Baby, Elizabeth by Vickie
Efficiency: A Sequel to Motivation by Elizabeth
Motivation by Elizabeth
Miracles by Elizabeth
Priorities: A Sequel to Efficiency by Elizabeth
A Small Misunderstanding by Elizabeth
Red Christmas by Elizabeth
Peppermint Apricot by RSI
The Amazing Wonder Cure for Writer’s Block by Elizabeth
Return to School - A One of the Family Story by Vickie
Very Old Parody I Wrote by Vickie
Duplication: A Sequel to Priorities by Elizabeth
Improvisation: A Valentine’s Day Story by Elizabeth
The Danger of Hypnotic Suggestion on Little Sisters by Elizabeth
A Penni Saved: The Ground is Getting Closer by Elizabeth
Mel’s Final Diaper: Father’s Day by Elizabeth
Mel’s Gift by Elizabeth
Raven’s Claw - Just The End of the Word by Elizabeth
The Death and Rebirth of Aeris Delaroca by Elizabeth
My Life as a Real Teenbaby by Brandy Child
A Punk’s Tale by WingZ
I Survived Nicaragua by Brandy Child
The World of Dreams by Iceblumist610
Mission for Maternity Ep1 by seventyeyes
The Problem with Moody Little Sisters by Iceblumist610
Angel by Kenk7us
Undercover Babies by Kenk7us
Katy Matthews Private Eye by Kenk7us
Trading Spaces by BabyStevie26
What Happens to Naughty Little Girls by SallyKA
The Mother-In-Law by SallyKA
Sweet Little Husband by SallyKA
Dan’s Fate by SallyKA
Meg and the Meteors by SallyKA
Rosie’s Role by SallyKA
Mommy Will Be Home Soon, Sweetie by SallyKA
Sally and the Bottle by SallyKA
Marcie, Marcie by SallyKA
Knowing Douglas Archambeau by WingZ
Darkness Surrounds by Brief Life
Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth
A Woman Unspermed by SallyKA
Little Millie’s New Job by SallyKA
Puppy Eyes by Brandy Child
Runnin’ Down A Dream by Brandy Child
Shanghaied by Kenk7us
If You’re Not Sure, Just Ask by SallyKA
Little Chris’s Skiing Holiday by SallyKA
Shots of Change by Matt007
Sally and Larry by SallyKA
Diapergirl by Kenk7us
The New Beginning (Revised) by Nexus
Surrogate by Calliope
Trailer Park Baby by Valentine
Chance Meeting by Lillian
Sharleen and I 2 (The Sequel) by Tali
Sharleen and I by Tali
Proposition 2 - Equal Diaper Use by Teekabell
Managing Mom by Mandi
Dealing with Darcy by Mandi
Just One Time by Mandi
Smiling, Secrets & Sailing [Short Story] by Mandi
Daddies Little Girl [Short Story] by Mandi
Lacey’s Big Change by Mandi
The Christmas Tie by Mandi
The Story of David Mayter by Baby Jake
Aden’s Revelation by Baby Jake
Ami by Jay Manney
It’s a Comfort Thing by Jay Manney
Natalie Vs. Veronica by Spokane Girl
Little Millie Gets On by SallyKA Pts 1-2
Committed To a Change by Orms Einbani
The New Addition by Nexus
Push Button Babies by Urson
Average Joe by Asmodeus
A Compendium Fantasia by Asmodeus
Street Magic by Yami_Joeys_Dog
Evil’s Return by Yami_Joeys_Dog
A Story With No Name by Kerrigan
A New Life by Collin
Claire de Lune by WingZ
The Special Cherry–SE by Eyebrows Mulligan
The Return of Katy Matthews by Kenk7us
RSI’s Daybreak
The Diapered Vigilante by Mr. Hawk
R.O.O.M. by Teekabell
Letters to Mama by Robehouse
Infinite Shape by Orms Einbani
Four the Archive by Long_Rifle
Diapered Dandy: Birth of a Hero by Dementia’s Knight
Checking it Twice by Lizzie
Hope and Fear by Lizzie
Original Research by BFboy
Four Corners by WingZ
Diapered Dandy and the Circle of Thorns by Dementia’s Knight
Diapered Dandy and the Freedom Phalanx Reserve by Dementia’s Knight
A Song of Yuletide by Elizabeth
Circumstances by Nighthawk
Ghosts of my Past Ch 1-3 by Vickie
Lies My Parents Told Me by Elizabeth
Diapered Dandy and the Fate of the Universe P1 Ch1-9 by Dementia’s Knight
Living Incognito (incomplete) by Jamiemorris
Happy Time Daycare (incomplete) by Jamiemorris
Who New by JamieMorris
Little Mall Tykes Daycare 1-5 by Vickie
Recapitulation by Elizabeth
Implausibly ZigZag (incomplete) by Jamiemorris
http://Stoppbedwetting.com (incomplete) by Jamiemorris
24: Kim’s Bad Day 12:00PM-10:00PM
Skye’s the Limit ch1-6
Noticing Natalie 1-3.3 by D
The Journey by Hepsh
Natalie vs. her Parents ch10 by Spokane Girl
Inuyasha diaper days 1-5 by mialee101
A Period of Adjustment 1-15 by Sunny
The Curiousity ch 18 by Soxfan08
Banyon Sisters 1-3 by Lizzie
Life’s Path ch1 by Masstb
Hannah in Nappies ch 1-39 by Sunny
Diaper Friends pt 1 The Sleepover by gmottl
Op. Lighthouse: Nexus ch6 pt1 by RT
A Story About a Girl That as of Yet Lacks a Title by Nemo
Moving Forward 1-8 by Ambivaalense
The Evolving Diaper Revolution by charlie22
X2 1-12 by Falz
Another Part of my Irritatingly Untitled Story. Read It. Now by Nemo
The Study 1-3 by JamieMorris
The Unexpected Vol.1 by toucher_terre
Let Bygones be Bygones by toucher_terre
Buffy: The Ring of Innocence by Falz
Power Rangers Turbo: Trust a Stranger by Falz
De Facto by toucher_terre
Chronicles of Vickie: Ep. 11, Cherry’s Long Journey Home by Vickie
Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana
Katie’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana
Danielle’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana
Jennifer’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana
The Dollhouse by NeEkOlAh!
Beth’s Christmas Present by Spokane Girl
Looking Back at Tomorrow by toucher_terre
Eye Love You by toucher_terre
Muskahovie Summer by WingZ
Kimmyrella by Robehouse
A Very Sakura Christmas by Vickie
Kimmylocks by Robehouse
How Do You Spell Baby? by Baby Rox
In For A Penni by Elizabeth

RSI’s Master List Backup

Random Short Story by OfficialForumNoobie
Baby Valley by CyberDiapered
Alien Misunderstanding by Write and Left
Bishonen Diaper Lover - Anon
Middle School Sucks - Callie
Terry’s Grandma - Urson
My Date with the Olsen Twins by Unknown (Posted by BabyMike2)
The Olsen Twins by Unknown (Posted by BabyMike2)
New Short Fantasy: Pampers Freelady by Bonsai
A Story for Tony by Jennifer Loraine
The Misadventures of Missy by Unknown (Posted by Widowmaker)
Peter’s Diary by Sissy Baby Paula
It Happened on the 16th Story by He who is me
Karen’s Story by baby k
Bedwetting Siblings by Sunny
Mixed Blessings by Unknown (Posted by Widowmaker)
The Other Side - Catharsis
Terry’s First Visit to Grandma’s - Urson
Flashbacks - Trish
You’re Not Going to Believe This - Jayden
A Slip of the Finger - Jayden
Getting on with It - Jayden
Brother’s Keeper - Anon
More Diapers For Eriko - CyberDiapered
Omelvex’s Sweetie Pie - Incognito Himitsu
Another Nighthawk One-Shot
The Longest Summer - Draco
Eriko’s Weekend as a Baby Girl - CyberDiapered
Jessie’s Regression - Baby Jack
Tonya - Maxx
Layton and the Three Bears - Winnie Cooper
Anna’s Little Secret - KenK7US
A One-Shot by Nighthawk
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