Sally's Problem

Sally’s Problem

Sally burst into tears. She had meant to go to the toilet during break, but it was her turn to hold the skipping rope and Danni and Sarah wouldn’t let her keep playing with them if she didn’t contribute.

Now it was painting, her favourite class, and she desperately needed to go. That was bad enough, but Miss Andrews had barely listened to her plea to visit the bathroom and given her a stern, “You should have gone during break. Wait until lunchtime.” Just two minutes later and the pain from her bladder was too much, and she started to cry.

Miss Andrews looked across. Clearly the poor girl was in distress, so she walked briskly across. “Oh Sally. You really need to go that badly?”

Sally sniffled as she looked up. “Yes,” she sobbed, “can I please go?”

“Ok then,” allowed Miss Andrews. “See you in a few minutes”

Sally fled the classroom, ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. A few moments later she pulled some scratchy paper from the roll, had a quick wipe and went to wash her hands.

On her return to class Miss Andrews greeted her. “Feeling better now?” she asked.

“Yes thank you,” said Sally. “I’m sorry, I really needed to go.”

“That’s ok,” replied Miss Andrews, “Now, how’s that picture looking? Oh, I like that tree.”

Class continued, and life went on.

[Author’s note: This story was inspired by so many ABDL stories that start with a similar scenario. Unfortunately the characters in this story all decided to act realistically, so it finished surprisingly fast]

I can’t believe you would dare to write such an unrealistic story. Everyone knows she would have wet herself and would have been put in diapers. I mean that is the law is it not?

No diperz? No gewd. Diperz > reality. :nope:

JK! JK! Hah, this was awesome. Perfectly normal characters instead of a deranged psycho teacher who refuses to let the little girl go potty, then when she pees herself, the teacher sentences her to DIAPERZ 4 EVAR (and of course, all the other adults in the kid’s life would have agreed she needed diapers cuz…diaperz) :yes!:

And life went on?

What happened next? I need to know!
What picture did she paint?
There was no mention of her flushing the toilet. Was it automatic, or did she carelessly leave it unflushed?
What happens when she goes home? Will her mother dream up some poorly-contrived reason to accuse her of “acting like a baby?”

4/10 I can’t fap to this.


There’s some creative people out there.

Nice story, though not too subtle on the satire.

FWIW, my babygirl had a nun that refused to let her go to the restroom, even to the point where she peed her pants, in class.

More realistically, the school did NOT make her wear diapers, but rather put her in an old school uniform skirt that was obviously different than everyone else’s. So there’s balance…

And there was an incident in the news recently about a kid being made to wear a diaper. And another one where grade school kids were being inspected by the janitor for poopy underwear. So it’s not as if shit doesn’t happen so to speak.

I can see where people would be annoyed by the people who fetishize such things in their stories.

It’s for this reason that some kindergarten classes (like mine) have a toilet area at the back, so little kids don’t need to go wandering off. But these girls might be a bit old for that.