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Saving Twins by Babyme (or Lilme)

This story wasn’t strictly completed, however, after chapter 24 it stops quite neatly and has been posted around like that. Besides which, it’s over 89 pages long, making it worth a read (because it’s also pretty good).

A PDF version of chaps 1-24 is hosted here


Susan and Christy were playing a game of checkers in the recreation room at the foster center where they have now been for the last year. The girls hated the place even more than they hated the chumps they kept getting stuck with. They have been in and out of foster homes since they were twelve. No one seemed to be able to handle the twins. They were unruly, outright rude, and very quick to lash out with their tongues at anyone they had something to say to. The last foster parents sent them back in record-breaking time, forty-eight hours. The two girls thought it would be rather amusing to respond to an eight o’clock curfew by drugging the parents with Tylenol PM, then sneaking out for a night on the town.

The girls never used to be this way. They were hardened by the death of their parents. When the girls were just ten, a drunk driver hit their parents head on while they were out shopping and killed them instantly. To make matters worse, their only living relatives, their aunt and uncle (to whom they had no close ties with, it was by default that they got the girls), gave them up for adoption at the age of twelve. They never wanted children and couldn’t handle the psychological downward spiral the girls were in from the shock of the death of their parents. They hated to do this, being that they were family. Their greatest fear is that they would perceive this action as rejection, and add to the problem. They had no choice in the end. They simply couldn’t deal with the problems the twins were having. As time passed, their behavior worsened. They became progressively unruly and rude. Several of the homes they were placed in lasted more than a few months, but the twins always ruined it for themselves in the end.

Chloe was getting very tired of dealing with these two. They were trouble. She knew if she found just any home, she would be getting them back before the month was out. That was why she was glade to hear that the Barclays were free again. If she moved quickly with the paperwork, she could have Susan and Christy placed with Mr. And Ms. Barclay, and maybe they could straighten the girls out. She didn’t know what it was they did, but they have always taken “troubled” children and turned them into fine young adults. As far as the center could tell, it was a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication to the kids. They have taken in three children in the past twenty years, all were troubled, and the Barclays have raised them into beautiful people. Perhaps they would consider taking the twins, especially considering their particularly troubled state. She would find out.

Chapter 1

Julie was sitting on her front porch, drinking lemonade and listening to the sound of the wind rustling through the trees as she rifled through the book in her lap. The June air was warm and cozy. Summer would be here soon and it was her favorite time of year. Tom was out in the barn working on one of his furniture pieces. A wooden chair, she believed. He had taken up woodworking years ago and loved to build anything from chairs, cabinets, and lawn furniture, even birdhouses. She especially liked the birdhouses. Not only were they very pretty, but they attracted all kinds of bird life along with the feeders. She almost always had her bird watchers book with her when she sat on the porch. Today was no exception. Julie was trying to find a picture of a red-breasted bird that she had seen up on one of the feeders a few minutes earlier.

She was momentarily thinking about how much Brian loves the birds. He would sit out on the porch quietly, sucking on his pacifier, and watch them. They still sat out there sometimes when he came home to visit, though he was no longer in diapers. He was their first adopted child. They got him when he was fifteen. She and Tom were only in their mid twenties then, a long time ago. They were in their forties now. All three of their adopted children were out in the world trying to make it on their own. Alice had just left a little over a month ago, the third child. She went to college and was currently working on a degree for forestry. Joseph, the second child, was married now and had a baby girl of his own. Brian was still kind of a loner. He kept to himself for the most part except for his family, which he constantly kept in contact with. One thing Julie made sure of was that all three kids had strong family values. They didn’t grow up together, but the three of them were pretty close. She thought about this for a moment, and decided it was probably due to similar experiences in the retraining they underwent under the care of Tom and herself. They all came around a lot anyways, so they often played with their younger foster siblings when they were here. They always lent a helping hand.

As her thoughts were shifting through the memories of her three children, the phone rang. With a sigh, she got up and went inside to answer the call. She set her bird book down on the coffee table, picked up the phone and said hello.
“Oh hello Chloe… no, I’m not busy at the moment, what can I do for you?”

Chloe explained the situation to Julie and she knew where this was going. After Alice, she and Tom were considering retirement from the adoption business. They loved their kids but were getting older. Lately, a discussion of wandering abroad in an RV was the hot topic. They weren’t sure they were going to do it, but it was inviting.
“Chloe, I don’t think that Tom and I are going to take on anymore adoptions, not to mention that dealing with one child was very time consuming, to say nothing about taking on twins.” Julie couldn’t imagine having to break down two girls at one time, let alone one.
“I was really hoping that you might be able to take on this particular case.” Chloe immediately added, “These girls have been in and out of many homes, no one wants to take them, and they desperately need someone who can give them the attention and love they need. I can’t think of anyone else who could pull it off.”

There was a moment of silence on the phone as Julie’s head reeled. Her heart went out to these two girls, but what about her and Tom? They were finally going to make time for themselves.
“I’m begging you” half whispered Chloe.
“Let me talk it over with Tom. I can’t commit to anything else right now. This is as much his decision as it is mine.”

With that said, the two ladies said their goodbyes and hung up. Julie stood there for a moment, wondering what Tom was going to say. If these girls were as bad off as Chloe said they were, they would require a complete breakdown. This took time with only one child, but with two, and twins no less, their bond to each other may make it more difficult to accomplish this feat.

Julie loved children, babies even more so. She personally had no problem with keeping after two babies. She loved the work, the challenge, being a mother, being needed, and having fun with her kids. She actually liked regressing her three kids for this reason. There was always the chance that might not be necessary, but with the condition these two were supposed to be in, she doubted that. The psychological damage sounded pretty bad. It was Tom that was in question. He helped develop what they now called “The Breakdown” system. He was as much for it’s use as she was. He enjoyed being a father and a daddy to the fullest extent. However, after Alice, he had his heart set on making time for just the two of them. It had been so long since they had the house to themselves except for the time the children came to visit. She wondered how to broach the subject with him.

Chapter 2

The twins were sitting in the recreation room still playing a game of checkers with each other when Chloe walked through.
“There may just be hope for the two of you yet, I think.” She said as she passed by and went out the opposite door to the cafeteria. Christy looked at Susan with a puzzled and annoyed look on her face and said
“What was that supposed to mean?”
“When have you ever known me to be able to make sense of that woman’s cryptic bullshit, Christy?”
Christy shrugged her shoulders in response to the curt statement and went back to the game. Neither of the girls had any idea just how much their life was about to change.

Chapter 3

Tom was in the middle of hand carving one of the wooden legs to the chair he was working on when Julie walked into the barn. He didn’t see her come up behind him, and she stood there for a moment, admiring the steady craftsmanship he was applying to the leg.

She finally reached out and put her hand on his shoulder, not meaning to startle him, but managing to do so just the same. With a slight jump he spun around to face her.
“Oh Julie, you shouldn’t creep up on me like that, you’ll give me a heart attack.” He said half smirking
She responded with obvious sarcasm and a smirk of her own, “Yeah, at your age you need to watch out for that, huh?”

Tom gave her a look that said, “I’m not that old”, then pulled her into himself and mockingly bent her over his arm, like in a waltz. He lowered his face so that it was hovering less than an inch from hers, like he was going to kiss her, and said “My heart was attacked the day I first laid eyes on you my dear, and it’s never recovered”. Then he did kiss her.

She loved that he did things like that. It was kind of corny, but she liked that about him. He knew he was being corny, and knew it made her laugh most of the time. It would have made her laugh this time if it weren’t for the seriousness of the conversation that was about to take place.

Julie stood up from his arm on this thought and when Tom saw the way she was looking as she thought about this, he knew something was up.
“What’s up, my only true love?”
“We need to talk.” She replied

They made their way over to the bench that was against the far wall and she proceeded to bring him up to speed with the conversation she had just had with Chloe. After she was done explaining the situation, he looked out into the barn, in thought. He wasn’t really looking anywhere, but just mulling over his own thoughts. Julie let him think for a moment before asking him what he was contemplating.
“Like yourself, I feel for these two girls. I definitely agree that they need special attention. They will require a complete breakdown and I agree with you that being twins, this may take longer than usual. How old are they?”

Julie was dumbfounded. This was not the reaction she expected. She had expected him to remind her of their recent desires for self-exploration in the frontier of no children at home. Instead, it would seem that he is giving more than serious consideration of taking these girls on.
“Um, fifteen.” She finally muttered out.
“Well”, Tom replied, “that gives us plenty of time to try and help them. I love our children and do miss having them around, it would be nice to have that again. I will say this though; this is going to be tougher than anything we have done before. Not only are they more needy than our other three children were, but they are twins. Twins have a bond that can’t be broken. The trick will be to break them together. It won’t be possible separately. Because they have each other to fall back on, this will be harder. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m up to it if you are.”

With that said, they continued to discuss possibilities and arrangements. They still had the nursery and the furniture that went with it. They would need to stock up on a few things in the mean time. Their Breakdown plan was very involved and kind of expensive, due to the nature of some of the items they required. Money was not a problem with these two though, they retired early in their thirties as substantially wealthy people. Tom’s business sold for a lot of money when they decided to sell it and retire early.

After their long discussion, it was determined that they would take the twins on and Julie would call back tomorrow with the answer.

efore you read this next chapter, I’d like to say that after much thought, I almost omitted it. I read it after I wrote it and thought it looked like something out of a Stephen King book. However, I feel that it has strong relevence to the story. One reason might be intuitivly obvious, the other… you shall see. And… diaper days are coming.

Chapter 4

Black. No, not black, but dark. Very dark. Where was she? Christy’s mind was foggy and disorientated; she had no idea where she was. She looked up and could faintly make out something shifting overhead in a diagonal direction. She took a step forward as she was watching this shifting mass, feeling that she was on solid ground. As her mind started to clear her eyes began to adjust to the dim light and she finally recognized the clouds moving overhead. She looked down and saw that she was standing on pavement. Following the yellow lines in the center of the road into the darkness, she could just make out the hill ahead of her. She looked behind her and could only see the road fade into the darkness maybe about 100 yards or so before it went completely black. Not too far off the road was a house, surrounded by woods. One light was on in one of the downstairs rooms.

She had a bad feeling about this place. It wasn’t right. Something wasn’t right. As she started to head towards the house, faint lights appeared far off in the distance. They were getting closer rather quickly. She didn’t know why, but she kept thinking that whoever was coming down the road, needed to stop now. The closer the car got to her, the stronger the feeling became. She turned her head in the other direction and could barely make out the faint light breaking over the hill. It was moving somehow, slowly back and forth. Without knowing why, she turned back towards the oncoming car and shouted, “STOP, oh god you need to STOP”. The car didn’t stop it just kept getting closer.

The lights over the hill were getting brighter. Back and forth, back and forth. The car coming on the flat road was almost on her. She stepped off to the side of the road as it neared. Everything in her was screaming. This wasn’t right. This was bad. Why wouldn’t they stop? Couldn’t they feel it?

As the car heading towards her came to the bottom of the hill, the lights breaking over the top of the hill came into view. The vehicle was swerving into the oncoming lane. In the blink of an eye, and one of the loudest crunching and glass breaking noises she’d ever heard, the swerving car ran head on into the oncoming car. Glass and debris flew everywhere. Then silence. All Christy could hear now was her heart pounding in her chest. She saw the front door of the house fly open, and a young woman run out. She paused for a moment looking out into the road, seeing the twisted wreck, she continued to run towards the cars and past Christy as though she weren’t even there.

Christy started to walk towards what was left of the two vehicles. As she neared them, the pounding of her heart became louder. When she was directly in front of the wreck, she could see what looked like two figures inside of the car. The pounding of her heart became even louder. She moved around to one side and saw the young woman from the house staring into the car with a hand held over her mouth in disbelief. The pounding increased. It was so loud now it almost hurt her head. She rounded the twisted smoking metal shards on the ground and peered into car. With utter horror, her eyes flew open in realization; it was her par…

With a scream, Christy sprang up out of bed like a bolt of lightening. She was sweating profusely. Susan, who was sleeping in a bed next to her, was startled awake and just stared at her sister as she was lying there. She was having that nightmare again. It happened several nights a week now. Susan wanted to talk to her about it but Christy wouldn’t say anything about the dream. She had a vague idea of what it might be about though.

Christy slowly sank back into the bed and pulled the covers over herself, tears streaming down her cheeks. How many damn times did she have to endure that nightmare? She wasn’t even there when it happened, but it was so real in the dream. She couldn’t handle it. She put her hands over her face and closed her eyes, trying to calm herself back down. The sheets were damp with her sweat, and as usual when she had this nightmare, she had wet the bed too. She didn’t care though, she just wanted to go back to sleep and forget about the dream. She would clean up herself and the bed in the morning. In only a few hours, they needed to get up and get ready for the long trip to meet their new foster parents. She just wanted to sleep.

Chapter 5

Tom was the first one up this morning. He made his way downstairs to the kitchen to start some coffee. Julie would be up shortly and she liked it when the coffee was ready for her. They had a lot to do today before the twins got here. They had to finish some modifications to the nursery, which would be locked up from them at the start. They also needed to finish their regular room, which they would be starting out in.

At first, they thought perhaps bunk beds might be kind of cute for their regular room. They saw a set that was specifically for girls, with all kinds of pink lace around the trims and sparkly bed sheets and comforters that matched. However, after thinking about it, the girls probably wouldn’t like it. It was a little too cute. Girls that age were usually past the cute stage of their tastes. So instead, they got them separate twin sized beds (realizing the pun as it were) and normal white sheets and spreads. They would let the girls pick out their own stuff in the future when they went shopping, or at least as much so before the regression started.

Tom and Julie would lock the nursery before they got here because they always gave their children the chance to make the changes themselves. They fully believed that they would end up using the nursery before too long, but it was only fair to give them the chance first.

“Mmm, I knew I smelled fresh coffee.” Julie said as she came into the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the cupboard.

Tom smiled and put an arm around his wife, kissing her on the cheek. Julie put her hand up to the side of his face and returned the kiss, feeling the stubble there as Tom had not yet shaved this morning.

The two of them sat down at the kitchen table and began to talk about the things they needed to do today before the girls got there.

“We need to finish the crib first and get the nursery locked up.” Julie said. They were changing it from a twin-sized bed, to a queen sized bed. They decided that the girls would sleep together in the crib when the time came. The decor of the room was already that for girls, being that Alice was the last one they had in there, so that was not a problem.

“I’ll take care of the regular room while you work on that.” Finished Julie. She needed to bring the new beds up and set them up.

After an hour or so of talking out the things they needed to do, they got up and got themselves ready for the day. They were both excited to see the twins. They would be here in about five hours or so.

I’m not entirely happy with this chapter, but it’s more of a necessary quick skip to get into the main story.

"Momma loves her baby, and Daddy loves you too.
And the sea may look warm to you baby, and the sky may look blue.

Ooooooooo oooooooooo babe, oooooo oooooo ooo baby blue."

-Pink Floyd: The Thin Ice-

Chapter 6

The twins were happy to be getting out of the Foster Center, but were not sure what to expect when they got to the Barclays. All the other foster parents they were sent to were lame. They were always upset and yelling at the girls. Susan was thinking how much she missed her real parents when they made a left turn off of the highway onto a side road.

The twins were surprised at how beautiful this stretch of road was. Big maple trees and thick patches of underbrush tightly surrounded it. They drove past a clearing that opened out into a field. There were wild flowers just starting to bloom over the open mass of land. As the car moved further down the road, they drove into dense woods on both sides.

After a few miles, the car slowed and turned up a gravel driveway, ahead was an old style farmhouse. It was a beautiful two-story home with a big front porch and even had a weather vein on the roof. The house was a brilliant white with red trims and shutters. In the front yard were several large flowerbeds, which were beautifully arranged. On the side of the house were two massive weeping willows.

Susan and Christy’s jaws dropped as they stared in disbelief. This place was amazing. On the other side of the house were a playground and swing set, and another tree with a tire hanging off of a branch by a rope. Susan thought they must have children.

Behind the house was a giant red barn. There were big wooden doors at the front end with a light overhead. Parked in front was a green mini-van. Latticework covered the sides of the barn and vines were growing up through the wooden cris-crosses. Beyond the barn was an even larger yard than the one in front of the house, beyond that, open fields, which grew wild with grass and flowers. Looking out over the fields, the girls could see the dense woods far off in the distance.

The car stopped in front of the barn next to the mini-van. Looking at the back of the house, they could see a fenced in area with several trees, a picnic table, a clothes line, and the back door of the house which led into a screened in back porch.

Just as the two girls were getting out of the car, Julie and Tom walked out of the barn, with big grins on their faces. They waived to the girls and said “Hi there.”

“Uh, hi” Christy said, unable to think of anything else to say. Susan had just ignored them and continued to look around the property. Her lack of response was very intentional.

“Why don’t you two girls have a look around while I talk to Tom and Julie?” said Chloe as she made her way around the car to greet them.

“Yeah, we’ll do that.” Christy said as they both started walking towards the huge field behind the barn.

Chloe had an apologetic look on her face as she shook the Barclays hands. She wished the girls would have just a little respect once in a while.

“It’s ok Chloe,” Tom said “I’m sure it’s going to take them a little time to get adjusted here before they warm up and have more than a couple of words to say at one time.” He had chosen to ignore their cold shoulders.

“Well, we got most of the paperwork and preparation done last week, and now I suppose its time to leave you with the girls. I just wanted to say thanks again for taking them. I really hope this works out. If anyone can help these two, it’s you.”

Julie returned, “I think that we’ll all do fine in the end, Chloe. It’s going to take them some time to adjust, as it will for us, and I think that given the chance, any relationship can blossom into something beautiful.”

After saying their goodbyes, Tom and Julie looked at each other for a moment, and then started to head around to the other side of the barn to meet the girls. They were excited, but weren’t quite sure what to expect from these two. Chloe had told them many things, and they intended to be cautious.

Susan and Christy were out beyond the yard behind the barn, right on the edge of the field where the grass started to grow wild. They were looking out into the field thinking how big and beautiful this place was when Tom and Julie came up behind them.

“Hi girls” Julie said

The twins were startled out of their thoughts and turned around to face their new foster parents. The girls really didn’t know what to say as they stood there, and so only stared back in silence.

Tom and Julie looked over the two girls. They were very pretty. Both had long brunette hair that went half way down their back. Their eyes were a crisp blue, and they both had a figure that was probably starting to turn most boys’ heads. Tom and Julie weren’t overly large people, but compared to them, the twins were rather small. This would prove useful later on.

“I’ll tell you what,” Tom finally spoke “Why don’t we show you your room, and you girls can put your things in there and unpack, if you want. After that, you can take a look around or whatever else you’d like to do.” Tom wanted to give them a little space on their first day.

“Ok.” The girls said in unison.

They started to walk back to the house, stopping only to pick up the girls luggage which was still sitting on the gravel driveway, and Julie asked with a smile, “So who’s who?”

“I’m Susan and she’s Christy. Most people can’t tell us apart so it’s not a big deal if you can’t get it right, we’re used to it.”

“I see. I’ll try my best to keep it straight.” Julie replied as she noted that Susan had a very light birthmark on her lower left ear that Christy didn’t.

“So what do you girls think of the place so far?” Tom asked

Christy replied first, “It’s ok, it’s not what I expected though, we’ve always lived in the city.”

Susan was looking around as they walked back to the house and saw the playground and swing set again, and added, “You have kids?”

Seeing where her gaze was, Julie said “We have three other adopted children, but their all out on their own now for the most part.”

The twins were glade to hear this, neither one of them had the patients to be around kids and found them rather annoying at times. Susan thought it was kind of odd though that the playground and swing sets looked kept up and well used, not like they had been sitting there for many years.

The four of them made their way into the house from the back porch, which was really nice. There was wicker furniture and coffee tables set up and a throw rug on the floor. Christy thought it would make a nice place to sit and read her books when she was in the mood for it.

They went inside the house into the kitchen. Tom and Julie had kept the “farm house” motif. The sink was a huge double porcelain basin sink, in the middle of the floor was a very nice wooden table with four wooden chairs around the sides. On one side of the wall was a woodstove, which they only used in the winter to help heat the house. Even the cabinets above the sinks and counter tops went with the country look. The only things that stood out, were the cooking stove and the refrigerator, which were modern appliances.

They went out of the kitchen and down a short hallway to the staircase that led upstairs. They past the first door on the right and stopped at the second door, which was on the left.

“This is our room here, and this door is to the upstairs bathroom.” Julie said as she pointed to the other door across from theirs. “Tom and I have our own bathroom in our bedroom, so you girls can do what you want with this one.”

They continued down the hallway and stopped at the last door on the right. “This is your room.” Julie held her arm out to motion the girls inside. Susan stopped before entering and pointed to the first door on the right they had passed and asked, “What’s in that room?”

“We use that room for storage, and it’s the only room in the house you are not allowed to go into.” Tom answered as he pushed gently on Susan’s back to direct her into her bedroom.

They set the luggage down on the floor and let the girls look around. There were two beds side by side with a night table between them with a lamp on it. Each girl had their own dresser on each side of the room. Susan took the bed and dresser on the side of the room with the two windows looking out over the weeping willows in the yard.

Christy sat down on her bed, and blushed gently. There was a rubber sheet on the mattress underneath the covers and she thought to herself, Chloe and her big mouth. Of course that was kind of silly because Tom and Julie would find out eventually that she occasionally wet the bed, but it was the fact that they knew already that bugged her, and put rubber sheets on the mattress.

Julie saw the look on Christy’s face as she sat on the bed but didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to embarrass her or make an issue of it. She just wanted to make sure that the mattress wasn’t ruined, which would be a valid concern for both girls before too long, which is why she put one on both of the beds. Plus she thought maybe Christy wouldn’t think so much of it if there were one on Susan’s bed too.

“Well, we’ll leave you two to get settled in. I’m going to start dinner and it will be ready in an hour or so. In the mean time, feel free to look around, but don’t wander off too far.”

Again, in unison, the girls just said, “Ok.”

Tom and Julie left the girls to their room and headed downstairs. So far, aside from a little awkwardness, things were going pretty well. They hoped the girls would warm up and want to talk. Tom and Julie wanted to ask them a lot of questions about themselves and get familiar with them. Dinner usually had a way of bringing out conversations and so they looked forward to the meal.

Saving Twins by Babyme (or Lilme)

Chapter 7

Dinner hadn’t gone exactly as they’d planned. The girls didn’t really say much as they ate. Tom and Julie tried to start conversations, but to no avail. The most they got were some trivial details about their time at the adoption center, and a couple of sparse details about other adopted parents.

As they were eating dessert, Julie went over the house rules. They were nothing serious, just some common courtesies. Pick up after yourselves, help with the chores around the house, if your going out somewhere then let someone know, ten o’clock curfew and in bed by eleven-thirty for the summer.

“Can’t we stay out later than that?” Christy asked. Susan added, “That’s kind of an early bedtime for summer don’t you think?”

“You girls are only fifteen. There’s no way your staying out later than that.” Julie retorted, and thought she had been rather generous.

Susan let out a light sigh of discontent, and Christy didn’t like it either.

Wanting to change the subject, Tom smiled, spoke up and said, “Lets get this table cleared, then we can do whatever we want for the rest of the evening.”

On that note, they picked up their things and brought them to the sink. The girls watched TV for the rest of the evening. Tom and Julie sat on the back porch after cleaning up a little, somewhat disappointed at the lack of interest from the twins.

The next several days were the same thing. The girls went outside to explore a few times, though. They had found the path that went deep into the woods for a half mile before it came to a very large pond. The area that the path came out onto was like a small beach. The waterfront was clear and clean. A small dock extended out over the water and had a ladder on the end. Susan and Christy liked this place and came back to it everyday to swim, though Tom and Julie would have preferred someone were there to make sure they were ok, but were more happy that they had found something constructive to do.

Christy liked to read her books in the evening. She was an avid Stephen King fan and sat out on the back porch when she was engrossed in the pages of “Rose Madder”, the current novel she was reading. Susan on the other hand just sat and watched TV.

This went on for almost two weeks when Tom and Julie decided to get them some mountain bikes. They bought two that were the right size for the twins, with helmets.

They were out on their fourth day of riding, and as usual when they got out of site of the house, the helmets came off. The girls didn’t like them, but Tom and Julie insisted they were them.

The two were out all day riding around on the back roads, looking around. There was nothing out here. They didn’t see any other houses, and were only passed by one car the whole day.

It was getting later in the evening when the girls finally started back towards the house. Susan came up next to Christy and said “Race?”

“I’ll cream your sorry ass!” Christy said as she started to peddle faster.

Susan shouted, “The hell you will!” and started to catch up to her sister.

They were neck and neck racing down the dirt road they were on. Christy started to peddle as fast as she could to get out ahead of Susan as they came to the last road that went to the house. With her sister right on her tail, Christy tried to take the turn onto the other road as fast as she could. She started to make the turn when her back tire started sliding out on her. Susan saw what was happening and hit her brakes and steered around her sister at the last second, almost running her over. Christy went down hard as the bike slid out from under her and she made a loud humpf noise as the ground knocked the wind out of her. She hit her head as she landed and slid about two feet before she came to a stop. The bikes handle bars twisted and bent as the bike flipped over before stopping.

“Oh SHIT!” Susan shouted as she jumped off her bike and ran to her sister. “Christy, you ok?”

At first Christy couldn’t speak, she was still getting over the shock of having the wind knocked out of her. After she finally gasped a few breaths, her head started pounding.

“Son of a bitch!” Christy shouted as she put one hand to her head and balled the other one into a fist. Her head hurt badly. She drew her hand away and looked at the small amount of blood that was on her fingers.

Susan looked at her sister’s hand, then at her head. There was a little blood, but it wasn’t bad. Looked more like a scrape. Her clothes were in a sorry state though. Christy’s jeans and shirt were ragged and dirty, her arms were dirty and red from the road rash, and her hair was a tangled mess.

Susan walked over to her sister’s bike and picked it up, the helmet still fastened to the crossbar. Christy wasn’t going anywhere on it, the front tire and handle bars were all messed up. They were still a few miles from the house and the sun was setting.

The girls walked their bikes back to the house. It took them an hour to get back and when they finally got there, it was quarter to eleven. Tom was just getting into the van to go out and start looking for them.

Tom ran over to them after he got a look at Christy and asked if they were ok. Julie came out of the house and ran over to them when she herself got a look at Christy.

“What happened? Are you ok?” Julie asked

“I’m fine, just a little sore. I fell off my bike.” Christy said as she leaned her bike up against the house before starting inside.

Tom spoke, “Lets take a look and get you cleaned up. We were starting to get worried when you weren’t back by ten, but I’m glade your ok.”

Julie went to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit from one of the cupboards. The girls went in after her and sat down at the table while Christy was looked over. Tom was tending to the scrapes on the girl’s arm while Julie was trying to assess the cut on her head. It occurred to her after a few moments of cleaning it that it shouldn’t have even been there. Julie casually asked them what they had been up to when it happened.

“We were racing each other.” Susan answered. “Christy tried to take a turn a little too fast.”

Julie carefully asked her next question as she was applying anti-bacterial ointment to the cut on Christy’s head, “Wow, this must have really hurt when you wiped out.”

There was no denying the fact that Christy wasn’t wearing her helmet, but Julie wanted her to say it on her own. And she did.

“Yeah, I think I saw stars when it happened, and I still have a little bit of a headache.”

“So you weren’t wearing your helmet?” Julie cut in, in a disappointed tone.

Susan and Christy both looked up at Tom and Julie in surprise. They stared at each other for a moment before Julie said, “I asked you a question.”

Christy looked away and mumbled, “No, I guess I wasn’t.” She was more annoyed at being confronted about it than she was anything else. Both the girls thought it was stupid that they had to wear helmets.

Julie continued on, “You guess you weren’t? Hmm, well I guess you just lost your biking privileges.”

Christy thought to herself, 'Yeah, well, I guess it’s not like I can go anywhere on it now anyways, duh."

Susan thought this whole thing was lame. Suddenly Mr. And Ms. Parenting were power tripping.

Tom looked at the clock, and then looked at the girls and said, "On top of that, your curfew is now nine o’clock and bedtime is 10:30.

“WHY?” Both girls cried out.

“Your curfew was ten, and it was almost eleven when you got back.” Tom told them.

“That’s not our fault,” Susan bleated out. “We had to walk back with our bikes, it was at least two miles. Christy couldn’t ride hers, you saw it!”

“That’s true, and I would agree with you if you had been wearing your helmets like you were supposed to. Now it’s nine.”

Susan shot up out of her chair and almost shouted, “That’s friggin bullshit.” and started to walk out of the kitchen to her room.

Julie ran around the table, came up behind her, grabbed her by the ear and kept heading down the hall and up the stairs to the bathroom.

“Oww, what the hell are you doing, owwww” Susan shouted as she tried to pull Julie’s hand away from her ear, only making it hurt worse.

“I’ll tolerate many things in this house Susan, but foul mouths are not one of them.” Julie said as she tugged the girl along by her ear.

She led Susan into the bathroom and grabbed a bar of soap. Susan was very pissed and wouldn’t open her mouth. Who did this woman think she was?

Julie smacked her once, hard, on her behind. As Susan opened her mouth to let out a yelp, the bar of soap was shoved in. She was reaching up to pull it out when Julie quickly said “You touch that soap before I say you can take it out, and I’ll tan your hide!”

Susan’s face turned beet red. She couldn’t even fathom being spanked. She was fifteen, not five. Just the same, she wasn’t about to find out if Julie meant it and stood there with the soap in her mouth. The taste was awful. She had all she could do to keep it in her mouth, gagging periodically.

Julie told her as she sat there, “Decent people don’t swear, and young ladies don’t talk to their elders with disrespect. You ever talk to me that way again, it’ll be a year before you can sit”

After about ten minutes, Tom came upstairs with Christy so she could get herself cleaned up for bed. Julie let Susan take the soap out of her mouth and then told her to go to her room and go to bed. The girls really didn’t know what to do with what had just happened, and were in a daze. Nobody ever stood up to them like that, nobody, since their real parents.

Tom and Julie were both one of the most kind, loving, and gentle people you could ever meet, but they didn’t hesitate to punish. It was always swift and indifferent. It was how children learned.

Chapter 8

Susan lay there in bed, staring through the ceiling at nothing. She was deep in the shock and confusion of her own thoughts. Christy was fast asleep in the other bed. The alarm clock on her dresser said that it was two am. She had no idea what time it was herself; she had been replaying the events of earlier over and over in her mind. She kept asking herself if it had really happened, then feeling the pain her ear was in, it would seem that yes, it had. She could still taste the soap in her mouth as well. It wouldn’t go away. It was awful.

Random memories of her parents started to trickle into her thoughts. Once, they took her and her sister out for ice cream, but the shop was closed for the evening, so they went to the store and bought some. They were home laughing and eating their ice cream, when Christy suddenly flung some through the air at their mom. Before they knew it, ice cream was flying everywhere.

Susan thought of Christy not wearing her helmet. She thought for a moment that Christy could have been more hurt than she was. The helmets were so stupid though. It didn’t feel right on her head and she thought it looked bad. On the other hand, this whole episode tonight wouldn’t have happened if they had been wearing their helmets. But they were so dumb.

Her thoughts shifted to her father. He was helping her learn to ride a bike without training wheels on. He was pushing her down the side walk, and after warning her, let her go. She rode for about ten feet in a wobbly line before she fell over as the bike came to a stop. She sat there and cried holding her elbow, she had scraped it. Her daddy picked her up and after consoling her, kissed her elbow.

She suddenly thought of the way Julie had grabbed her ear. Even now, she could feel it throbbing lightly. The soap taste in her mouth was overbearing. Susan still couldn’t believe she was threatened with a spanking. She wasn’t even sure Julie had meant it. She couldn’t have. Susan, for some reason, thought that foster parents couldn’t spank.

The humiliation of standing there with a bar of soap in her mouth was too much. She was dragged by her ear, for crying out loud. She was fifteen, not five. This was crazy, and she needed to get out of here.

Susan got out of bed and woke up her sister.

Christy groggily asked, “What?”

“C’mon, get dressed. And keep your voice down, we’re leaving.” Susan whispered.

Christy whispered back, “What? Are you nuts? It’s the middle of the night. Where are we going to go, we’re in the middle of nowhere?”

Christy, like Susan, was a little more than upset at the nights turn of events, but she sorta liked the Barclays, and this was by far, the nicest place they had ever lived.

“Who cares, just get dressed and get moving.” Susan hissed

After a few moments of hesitation, Christy got dressed. The girls tip toed over to the bedroom door, and it took Susan several minutes to open it, she went slowly and gently so she didn’t make any noise. They quietly made their way down the hall and down the stairs. They tip toed their way to the back door. It took Susan a moment, trying to be quiet, to unlock the deadbolt and unclasp the chain lock. She was turning the knob to the door and was about to start opening it when Tom cleared his throat.

With a jump and a startled shout, the girls spun around to see Tom and Julie standing directly behind them, with their arms folded across their shoulders.

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Chapter 8 continued

With a jump and a startled shout, the girls spun around to see Tom and Julie standing directly behind them, with their arms folded across their chests.

Susan’s heart leapt into her throat, and Christy was scared stupid. God only knew what was going to happen to them now. They hadn’t even heard them come up from behind.

Julie finally said, “You two are really starting to disappoint us. We thought you might get here, see how different things were, and come around and start acting like young adults. We’ve been patient, generous, and gone out of our way to try and show you that we care about you. Now I see that was just wishful thinking.”

The girls stood there with their heads lowered. Susan just didn’t want to look at them, Christy was actually feeling guilty. She didn’t really want to leave in the first place.

She continued on, “I think that you girls need help. You can’t go through life the way you’re heading. You’re heading for trouble. Where did you think you were going to go? Anything could have happened to you. You could have gotten hurt, or, you could have been picked up by someone. Don’t you two ever stop to think about consequences?”

Susan and Christy continued to just stand there, they still didn’t know what to say. Susan personally found the whole thing demeaning.

“Well, there are consequences to this. The two of you are grounded to the house for the next three days. You can also go to bed at nine o’clock. If you show us that you can be trusted to stay in your beds and sleep when you’re supposed to, I’ll set it back to ten-thirty. Until then, I don’t want to hear a word about it from either of you.” Tom added.

The twins were escorted back up to their room. Neither one of them said a word, Susan was not happy at all but still had the taste of soap in her mouth to remind her to keep it shut.

Tom and Julie looked at each other as they walked back into their bedroom, it was time to set things in motion. The regression would finally start. Tomorrow would be an interesting day indeed.

I hope I’m not losing reader interest. I feel like the story is moving too slowly? I didn’t want to rush it though. I wanted an indepth look at the dynamics of the foster parents and the girls decent. Let me know what your opinion on this is please.

Chapter 9

Julie woke back up around six am. She lay there thinking about how to proceed today, while Tom still slept on next to her. Sometime over the next day or so, she wanted to get out and buy the girls some new clothes. The ones they had were starting to get a little worn, and she wanted to start dressing them in more youthful tones, to start the process of regression. The girls probably weren’t going to like what she had in mind, but she wasn’t going to give them the choice either.

Her attention was suddenly drawn to the noises in the twin’s room. It sounded like Christy had woken up from her dreams again, which meant she had sheets to clean today. She felt bad for the girl, and wished she’d talk about it. Christy wouldn’t say anything at all about the matter. That was ok though, today she was going to introduce the shell to the girl’s room. Christy’s nightmare this morning would make that easier.

The shell was just that, a seashell. It was the size of a football and was rather pretty. It had a blue pearly tint to it. Inside was a little radio with hours of recorded waves breaking on a seashore, occasionally a few seagulls added their own noises as well. What wasn’t so obvious was the expensive recording that was stealthily dubbed with it. It wasn’t the sound of the sea that was important, but something else recorded with it that was the intended purpose. Set to a low volume though, the sea sounds were very soothing and she thought Christy might benefit from it.

Later that day, Tom was out in the barn working on his chair, Susan was in the living room watching TV (annoyed by the fact that a good portion of the channels were blocked to anything over PG-13, but she didn’t dare say anything about it), and Christy was on the back porch reading her book.

Julie sat down next to her on the wicker love seat, with the shell in hand. “Sweetie, I want you to have this.”

Christy set her book down and took the shell from her. She was looking it over when she saw the on button just inside the lip of the shell. She turned it on and could faintly make out the sound of waves beating against a shore.

“It’s very pretty.” She said. “I like the sound of the ocean too.”

Julie added, “I thought it might help you sleep better. You should turn it on right before you go to bed. Brian, our first child, used to have bad dreams at night. He said that the sound of the waves were very soothing, and he had nothing but pleasant dreams when it played all night.”

She would try anything at this point to stop the nightmare she was having, smiled and said thank you.

Julie stroked the back of Christy’s head with her hand as she got up to go into the house, smiled back and said, “your welcome sweetie. I hope it helps.”

Later that evening, as the girls were getting ready for bed, Christy put the shell on her dresser and turned it on.

“What’s that?” Susan asked.

“Something Julie gave me to help me sleep better. It’s really nice.”

Susan listened for a moment, and then said “You don’t mean to leave that on all night do you?”

“Yes, and don’t touch it, I like it. Julie said it might help keep the nightmares away.” Christy said defensively.

“Whatever. If I can’t sleep with that thing on tonight though, your not turning it on tomorrow night.”

The girls climbed into bed and turned the lights out. A minute later, Tom and Julie came in to say goodnight. They were pleased to see the shell was on.

Not too long later, Christy was half asleep, engulfed in the sounds of the waves coming from the seashell. She could almost see the beachfront and seagulls overhead as she drifted into unconsciousness. It was so soothing, so peaceful. There was something else about it too, something in the background. It was… she didn’t know, it was just soothing.

It took a while for Susan to fall asleep. She found the sounds to be a little annoying, but her sister really seemed to like it, so she let it play.

The next morning, Christy woke up refreshed and awake. She hadn’t had a good nights sleep like that in a long time. She hadn’t dreamt that night, but that didn’t mean anything yet. A few more days would tell. She was wet though, which was really odd. She only wet when she had the nightmares. Maybe she had it and didn’t remember, though that would definitely be a first.

She got up and cleaned herself up and got dressed for the day. Susan was just waking up as she headed downstairs for breakfast. She felt really good today.

Susan joined them in the kitchen shortly after and as they ate breakfast Julie asked how the girls slept that night. She was pleased to hear that Christy had a good nights rest. Susan didn’t seem to really care either way.

“Well, I’m going to go into town today and get you two some new clothes. The ones you have are getting pretty beat up. You were on your best behavior yesterday, so today if you like, Tom can take you to the pond and you can go swimming.”

Susan thought it was dumb that Tom had to take them to the pond, but they were supposed to be grounded and decided not to make an issue of it. She was still getting over the soap ordeal.

Julie left for the city an hour after breakfast. The girls wanted to go out and play, but weren’t allowed out of the house. They moped around most of the morning, watched a little TV, Tom gave them a puzzle to work on and it brightened their moods for a little while. A little later that afternoon, they did indeed go to the pond for a swim. Tom himself jumped in a few times to cool off, but mostly sat there and watched the girls play in the water.

They were walking back to the house and saw the van in the driveway. Julie was home. The girls would have preferred to pick out their own clothes, but Julie had reminded them that they were grounded and that meant staying in the house.

The three of them walked inside, after hanging their wet towels on the clothesline out back. Tom called out for his wife “Julie?”

“I’m upstairs in the girls room.” She shouted back

Susan, Christy, and Tom made there way upstairs to see what she had bought the girls. They entered their room and stopped dead in their tracks. The bedding had been replaced by sheets and spreads with Disney cartoons printed on them. Christy’s bed had The Little Mermaid and Susan’s bed had Pocahontas. What was more alarming than that, were the piles of clothes on top of the beds that Julie was putting away in their dressers. Amongst the vast selection were a lot of Osh Kosh shortalls and overalls in pinks and pastels, a handful of sundresses, a bunch of t-shirts with pink and baby blue trims and other bright colorful patterns, some even had cartoons printed on them. There were shorts, socks, and underwear with cartoons on them. Julie apparently had a thing for Disney. There were one or too jumpers, and they even had pajamas now too. Fleece and cotton bottoms and tops made up the selection. A few of them had nighttime themes printed on them, one pair in particular had little sleeping teddy bears in the crook of the half moons that were plastered all over the fleece. Julie thought these in particular were the cutest things she’d ever seen.

The girls stood there with their jaws open, staring in disbelief. All of their regular clothes were gone. They had nothing to wear now except clothes that had the going theme for a five to ten year old.

I havn’t had a chance to edit or proof read this, but I think it’s ok. I wanted to wrap up the rest of the their day before I had to go to work.

Chapter 10

Julie smiled at the girls as they took in their new wardrobe. She wasn’t sure how they were going to react to all this, and prepared herself for anything as she said, “Why don’t you girls get out of those wet bathing suits, and we’ll get you into something more comfortable?”

Her voice was starting to take on overly sweet tones to it. It was subtle, but definitely there.

Susan and Christy were not about to take off their swimwear in front of these two. They had long since past the age of self-consciousness and modesty. And as for the clothes, Christy was a little weirded out by it, but Susan wasn’t going to have anything to do with it.

“I don’t think so!” Susan blurted out. She had put up with a lot so far, but this was too much. She started to walk out of her room and added, “You people are friggin nuts!”

Tom grabbed her by her upper arm firmly, and pulled her back around into the room. He made his way over to Susan’s bed, pulling her with him. He sat down and pulled the girl over his lap.

Susan recognized what was coming. She panicked and started thrashing about, trying to break loose from Tom’s grip. The girl was getting out of hand.

Christy started to dart over to help her sister when Julie pulled her back. She tried to get loose, and got two sharp smacks to her bottom. The thin bathing suit didn’t pad much of it, and she let out a cry as tears spilled down over her face.

Susan was giving Tom the challenge of his life when he finally got her arms pinned and had her firmly in place. He administered ten quick sharp smacks to her backside, as Susan cried out. When he set her back down, she stood staring at the floor with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You’ve been warned about swearing in this house!” Tom said, pointing a finger at her to drive home the point. “I think you need to apologize.”

Susan stood there for a moment, speechless. All she could concentrate on was the stinging pain in her butt.

“Well?” Tom said in a sharp and firm tone


Julie cut her off and said, “Look up here, young lady.”

Susan slowly looked up at her foster parents, suddenly drawing in a shaky, heaving breath. Staring at them through her tears, she said “I… I’m sorry.” She quickly looked away again.

“Now,” Julie continued on in her sweeter tone, “as I was saying, lets get you out of those wet clothes, and into something for the evening.”

Both the girls just stood there for a moment, and Julie added, “Neither of you has anything that we haven’t seen before. It’s ok, please get undressed.”

Christy did as she was told, and started to undress. Susan was still in shock and just stood there, crying. Tom went over and helped her out of her suit as Julie laid out clothes for the girls on the ends of their beds.

She couldn’t help but stare at her sister’s butt. Christy couldn’t believe how red it was. Hers wasn’t feeling that great either but she doubted it looked that bad.

They were both blushing, as they stood there nude, in front of these two people. They hadn’t been seen that way, or seen each other that way since they were nine or ten.

Tom gathered up their wet bathing suit pieces and headed out of their room. The girls just stood there not knowing what to do next. Julie stopped putting away their other clothes for a moment and kindly said, “If you need help getting dressed, I’d be more than happy to help you.”

At that, the girls slowly started putting the clothes on that Julie had laid aside for them. Both girls were given one of the pastel shortalls, shirts with Loony Toons on them, and underwear sporting Daffy Duck.

Susan felt ridicules as she buttoned the other strap over her shoulder. Christy didn’t know what she felt. Her feelings about this were confusing. She knew she was a little too old for this, but for some reason wasn’t overly opposed to it. She didn’t know it yet, but on a subconscious level, she was starting to get comfortable with it.

A few hours later, they all sat down to a late dinner. Christy winced a little as she sat at the table, it took Susan a minute to sit down and get herself somewhat comfortable.
They had noticed how their pork chops were cut up for them, and the apple juice they were given to wash it down was in smaller plastic cups, versus the glasses they had been using.

It was now nine o’clock, and it was time for bed. They went into their room and changed into the pajamas that had been laid out for them on the ends of their beds while they had watched TV. The soft pink cotton of the pajamas was very cozy.

Tom and Julie came in to tuck them in for the night. They kissed both the girls on their foreheads and told them goodnight, as they turned on the shell, turned out the lights, and left their door open just a crack.

Christy was asleep in minutes, Susan wasn’t far behind her. They were both exhausted from the day’s events. Susan lay there drifting off, thinking that she wanted to get up and shut off that stupid shell. She almost started to get up when she decided to leave it on after all. It sounded nice actually. Kind of soothing, and there was something else about it, something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. It was just soothing.

Chapter 11

Sitting in her bed, Susan was listening to the raindrops hit the rooftop, and thinking about the situation she was in. Daylight was breaking outside, and she could just make out the seashell on Christy’s dresser in the soft hue of light that was starting to fill the room. The sounds of the sea and the raindrops on the roof were almost trance-like.

She looked down at the pajamas she had on, then at the sheets that were on her bed. Her sister was still asleep, and as far as she knew, their foster parents were still asleep, but she felt embarrassed sitting there in those clothes just the same. She was fifteen, not five.

What she really couldn’t believe was Tom spanking her. He actually spanked her. She always made a conscious effort on some level or another to maintain her composure, and keep a tight rope on her feelings. She hated the way she felt when she was spanked. She was amazed at how badly she had handled it. It was so demeaning, and she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and guilty. What bothered her the most though, was that she had cried, right in front of them.

When they weren’t in trouble, Tom and Julie could be pretty cool though, she thought to herself. What she couldn’t understand was the way they were being treated.

Susan looked around the room in the growing light of the morning and let out a sigh, as she wondered what today would bring. She was about to lie down and go back to sleep when she heard Tom and Julie’s door open.

Julie came in their room and saw that Susan was up. She smiled and said, “Good morning, sweetie. How’d you sleep?”

She had actually slept very well. She woke up about an hour ago and felt pretty good. She felt well rested but only said, “Ok I guess.” She was still feeling awkward about last night.

Julie smiled and made her way over to Christy. She gently rocked the girl’s shoulder and called her name. Christy awoke and stared up at her for a moment before sitting up. She stretched her arms and yawned.

“Well good morning sleepy head.” Julie said as she smiled

Christy started to shiver and pulled the blankets around her to warm up. She had wet her bed again, but again, there were no dreams. This was starting to upset her a little. She sat there and was going to wait for Julie to leave before she got up and took care of her wet clothes and sheets.

Julie guessed what the girl was waiting for and didn’t miss a beat.

“Tom is downstairs and will get you breakfast. Before you go down, make sure you wash up.” Julie said to both girls, and then looked at Christy. “Take off those wet pajamas sweetie, and leave them on your bed. I’ll take care of them.”

Julie went into Christy’s dresser and got her another pair of pajamas to wear, and handed them to her after she’d taken the wet ones off. Christy wanted to take care of the stuff herself; embarrassed that Julie would be handling her wet clothes and sheets, but did as she was asked.

The two girls made their way to the bathroom to get washed up for breakfast. Julie went about making Susan’s bed, and pulling the wet sheets off of Christy’s, to bring to the laundry room. She laid out their play clothes for the day, turned off the shell, and then grabbed the bundle of wet sheets and clothes and headed downstairs. Taking care of two girls was a lot of work, and there was going to be more of it later on, but Julie couldn’t have been happier. This is what she truly loved to do.

They had cereal and toast for breakfast, and topped it off with a cup full of orange juice. Afterwards, the girls went up to their room to get dressed for the day. They wanted to go outside, but it was raining and they were still grounded. It was getting really boring having to stay in the house, and so sat in front of the TV most of the morning.

Julie didn’t like them sitting in front of the TV all the time and thought to herself that she needed to get them some constructive activities to do, or some games or books. Christy liked to read books, but she wasn’t going to be able to read the one she was on for much longer. Part of the regression process including censoring a lot of the things they were allowed to do, appropriate for their regressed age. She would have to find her some good children’s books. Her reading taste was beyond simple stories and children’s tales, but she had some good ideas of what she could pick up for her.

She was watching them watch TV from the doorway to the living room, wondering what she could do in the meantime. She was thinking how pretty their hair was, and thought maybe they’d like to do something with it. Julie walked in and said, “I was just thinking what pretty hair you girls have. I would love to do your hair if you’ll let me. I’m pretty good with braids.”

The girls looked up from the TV. This actually brightened their spirits a little. Susan always wanted to try braids, and Christy liked doing anything to her hair. It was fun.

Tom, who was watching TV with them, decided it was ‘girl time’, and excused himself as he went into his den to use his computer. He smiled at the girls as he walked out, he was happy to see them excited about something.

“So what kind of braids can you do?” Susan asked

“Many kinds, I’ve done hair for people on an informal basis, and I’m pretty good at it. You two have great hair, there’s a lot of options here.” Julie said as she ran her fingers through Susan’s long dark hair.

“Can you do a French Braid?” Christy asked

“Of course, and I think it would look great on both of you, if that’s what you want.”

Susan and Christy were ecstatic, and decided to let Julie do their hair in French Braids. They were so happy to be doing something else that they had completely forgotten about the things that had happened over the past few days.

As they took their turns sitting on the floor in front of the couch between Julie’s legs getting their hair done, the three girls talked about things that girls talk about. Their hair, their nails, boys, the things they liked to do.

Julie was so happy that they were finally opening up a little. They were fun and great to talk to when they were behaving themselves. She finished up their hair and took them to the mirror in the hallway to the kitchen, so they could see their own hair in the mirror that was on the wall there. Susan and Christy looked themselves over, admiring the work Julie had done. They looked so pretty. It also accented the clothes they were wearing, but neither of the girls noticed, they were too wrapped up in the moment.

Tom came out and looked the two over, astonished at how well the braids suited the girls.

“You two look so pretty, I’m glade you let Julie do that for you. She’s a wiz with hair.” He said with a smile and a wink to his wife

The girls smiled and thanked him, then ran off to the living room to poke and prod at their new hair.

“I’m glade to see their coming around.” Tom said

“I know, I just had so much fun doing their hair, they’re really sweet when they want to be. We still have a ways to go yet though.”

Tom answered, “We’ll get there. How about I make the girls lunch and maybe they’d like to play a board game or something afterwards?”

“Sounds great hon. I’ll get them when lunch is ready.”

After lunch, all four of them played a few games of Clue. The girls were really starting to show some signs of coming around. They had dinner later that evening and talked the whole way through. Tom and Julie were more than happy at the days unfolding. They were also starting to fall in love with these two girls. They could be fun to be with and cute, when they opened up.

Later that evening, as the girls were brushing their teeth and getting ready to go to sleep, Julie was putting clean sheets on Christy’s bed. The Lion King was plastered all over this set. As she was grabbing pajamas and laying them out on the girls beds, she was thinking about getting Christy something to wear at night if she kept waking up wet every morning, which was very likely. The shell had different effects on different people.

It was one thing when the wetting was once in a while; it was another when it was every night. It wasn’t comfortable for Christy, and Julie didn’t want to have to wash sheets everyday, though she really didn’t mind, but it was a lot of extra unnecessary work. On top of that, it would help the introduction of things to come later on.

The girls changed into their pajamas and climbed into bed. Tom and Julie said their goodnights and left. The girls were soon asleep with the shell playing in the background. It had been a nice day.

Saving Twins by Babyme (or Lilme)

Kind of a short chapter. I had more I intended to put in with it, but it didn’t really fit with the going material, so It will go into the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 12

“Hold still.”

Christy was trying to put a couple of the wild flowers they had just picked, in Susan’s hair. The girls were out amongst the wild grass in the field just beyond the barn.

“Look at this one. It’s so red.” Susan said as she bent over to pick the one she was just looking at. Christy let out an exasperated sigh and told her to hold still again.

“There, I got it.” Christy finished.

“How do I look?”

“You know, it’s funny, you look an awful lot like me! Copy cat.” Christy joked.

“I think you mean you look like me. If you remember, I’m five minutes older than you, so who’s the copy cat?” Susan retorted.

The girls giggled as they checked each other’s hair to make sure the flowers would stay put, before heading back to the house.

It was late afternoon; Susan and Christy had been outside most of the day. Tom was in the barn working on his chair again; Julie was in the house reading her bird book. It had been a week since the twins were ungrounded, and that couldn’t have made them happier. There hadn’t been much to do in the house until Tom and Julie had taken the girls to town a few days earlier.

They were petrified at first, of being seen the way Julie was dressing them. She wasn’t about embarrassing or making a spectacle of the girls, though, and had laid out more plain clothes for the trip.

They had gotten groceries, as well as all kinds of games, books, activities, and even some arts and crafts. A quick stop was made at a medical supply store and Tom had come out with a package that he’d stuck in the back of the van. They were told to never mind, though Christy had found out later that night what it had been.

It took Julie an hour to convince her to wear the pull-ups for bed. Christy wasn’t going to wear diapers, and Julie had to assure her that they weren’t, showing her the cloth like outer cover and absence of tapes. Susan had thought to herself the whole time that was happening, that it would be over her dead body before they got her into one of those.

Christy didn’t know why she was wetting every night. She hadn’t had her dreams since the shell was brought into the room. She hated waking up wet and cold every morning, and that was mostly what got her to try the pull-ups.

Susan herself had started to notice that lately, it was getting just a little more urgent to get to the bathroom when she had to. It almost felt like it was going to let go, even though she was holding it.

They were back in the open yard behind the barn when Susan said, “You don’t mind them making you wear diapers at night?”

“Their not diapers.” Christy said abruptly, coming to a halt.

“Yeah, well, they look like diapers to me.”

Christy curtly said, “Yeah, well, their not. Their pull-ups, and I wish you’d just shut up about it.”

Christy hated that her sister kept poking at her about the dang things. They weren’t diapers. She had felt bad enough being put in them, without her sister constantly reminding her of them.

“Look, I don’t know why I’m wetting the bed all the time, but it sucks. I didn’t want to wear those things, but Julie wants me to. I wake up in a warm dry bed and that’s all I know.” Christy just wanted to drop the subject.

Susan answered, “Whatever. And what’s up with that anyways, Tom and Julie totally have you wrapped around their finger.”

Christy got a look of disgust on her face and said, “No they don’t. I just don’t like being spanked every time I turn around, I don’t know about you. And why do you have to be such a pain, looking for something to throw up in their faces every chance you get?”

She was referring to Susan’s latest efforts to annoy Tom and Julie by getting the stuff out of the dresser herself, instead of putting on the ones Julie had selected. Julie though, was choosing to ignore this and kept laying out Susan’s clothes.

“I’m not a baby, I don’t need someone telling me what to wear. I’ll do what I want, when I want.” Susan said stubbornly.

The truth was, Susan really did like the Barclays. She couldn’t admit that to her sister, but most of all, she couldn’t admit it to herself.

“Look, I’m sorry.” Christy said, wanting to change the subject, seeing that her sister was getting a little upset.

“Yeah… me too.” But they are diapers, Susan thought with a smirk.

Christy smiled back, though she didn’t know what Susan was smiling about, but it made her feel better. As if to finalize the make-up, they hugged each other.

The two girls checked their hair one more time before going to show Tom and Julie. The wild flowers looked great tucked into the braids.

Tom sat down on a stack of old crates in the barn as he listened to the girls continue walking back to the house. He would need to talk to Julie tonight after the girls went to bed.

Some of what he’d just overheard was starting to confirm their suspicions about the two. If they were right, they were going to have to change some of their regression tactics to compensate. But it was definitely not a problem, just necessary information.

Chapter 13

Susan woke up and lay there for a moment. The light of day was just starting to fill the room. She had just had the most peculiar dream and was thinking about how vivid it had been.

She had been playing outside with Christy. The two girls were being watched over by Tom; Julie was nowhere to be seen. They were playing with some dolls and were giggling and laughing all the while. She and her sister got up to run inside for something, when Tom called her over. When she got to him he had said, “I think someone needs to be changed.”

She looked down at the coveralls she was wearing, and saw the huge wet spot between her legs. She looked back at Tom, he smiled and told her it was ok, and then he looked past her at Christy. Susan turned around to see her sister holding out one of her pull-ups.

That’s when she’d woken up. The strangest part of the dream though, was not that she’d wet herself, but how she had been feeling through the entire dream. She had no idea how to interpret those feelings. When she had been playing with Christy, she felt unbelievable joy and happiness. She had been so content to sit there playing with her sister. When Tom had pointed out that she was wet, she had felt uncontrollable disappointment and frustration. When she saw Christy handing her the pull-up, she’d felt overly embarrassed and upset. She had very little control over her feelings and emotions. That confused her.

She started to get out of bed, wanting to forget the dream, when she felt the cold dampness in the sheets. A sudden rush of anxiety and panic hit her. She almost started crying, when it subsided. She sat there for a moment feeling like she’d just been on a roller coaster ride of feelings. What the hell was happening to her?

She didn’t want to think about the fact that she’d wet the bed, and chalked it up to a wet dream. Nothing more. It won’t happen again. Then she realized that Julie was going to know. She took care of their clothes and made their beds every morning. There was no way she wasn’t going to know, and she was going to try and stick her in pull-ups at night.

Susan got up and started to make her bed. She was going to have to try and hide it. Just as she was smoothing out the covers, Julie walked in.

“Good morning sweetie.” She said

Susan jumped around, startled. To her amazement, before she could stop herself, she blurted out, “I didn’t wet the bed.”

Julie was halfway to Christy’s bed to wake her up and stopped. She looked at the lower half of Susan’s pajamas.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s ok. Just take off your wet pajamas and I’ll get you some clean ones.” Julie said in a sweet tone. She added, “Don’t worry about your bed, I’ll take care of it.”

Susan stood there for a moment, before she undressed. She couldn’t understand why she had suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to say what she’d said. If she’d just kept her mouth shut, she might have gotten away with it. She was too preoccupied with this to care that Julie had handed her new pajamas, and she was putting them on, instead of getting her own.

Christy was up at this point from all the commotion, and was watching this. Julie turned the shell off and started pulling out their play clothes for the day, as she got out of bed.

Susan went to the bathroom to wash up for breakfast and she followed suit after she’d taken her wet pull-up off. She was thinking about her sister wetting the bed, and was feeling a little guilty as she thought that Susan was getting what she deserved. Maybe now she wouldn’t make fun of her pull-ups though.

After breakfast the girls got themselves dressed for the day and went outside to play. Tom and Julie sat at the table a while longer, drinking their coffee.

“Susan wet the bed this morning.” Julie said. “The shell is starting to take hold of her.”

They had been worried that it wouldn’t. It had affected Christy already but not her. It didn’t always work on everyone. Joseph had to be hypnotized repeatedly to make him more susceptible to it. It had not been easy explaining to him why they were taking him to a hypnotist.

Tom said, “Good deal. I don’t think it’ll be long now before we can move into the next phase. The trick is going to be splitting the regression paths that their on at the right moment.”

“That will be tricky.” Julie says “I think it’ll be one of those ‘you’ll know it when you see it’ kind of things. In the meantime, I don’t look forward to trying to get Susan into the pull-ups tonight. She definitely won’t want to wear them.”

She thought for a moment that it would have been nice if they’d thought of that when they had the shell made. Suggestions that would let them be more comfortable with the idea of being put into diapers and such. They couldn’t think of everything though.

The shell did a lot of things; it was a very complex recording. There were several recordings actually that were inserted into it as the regression progressed. Different phases. The phase that was in there now was to suggest to the girls that they were safe, and it was ok to let their guards down. It also suggested that they start wetting the bed, and themselves during the day. Another suggestion in this phase was that the emotional control they had developed as they grew up might start coming undone.

They also had all the phases laced with suggestions of liking the shell and it’s soothing sounds. The only drawback to all this, was that they never knew which suggestions would take hold first. It all depended on the person and their susceptibility to it. They had to recognize and work with what happened as it happened.

Tom said, “Yeah, I’m not looking forward to it either. Susan is a lot more emotional than Christy.”

The twins were not what he and Julie had expected. They had handled the death of their parents and the string of rejection since then, in their own very separate ways. Christy never really healed from it. Her wounds were still open. She looked to her sister for support and used her as a crutch. Susan on the other hand was a little more complicated. Her wounds had healed, but in an unhealthy manner. This manifested itself through her emotions and the way she dealt with life.

“Oh, by the way, Brian called yesterday and said he would be coming home later this week.” Julie said

“Hey alright. It’s been a while since he’s been home. I’m glade he’s coming. It’ll also give a chance to get out for a night.”

Tom smiled as he stood up. He leaned over and put his arm around his wife, and hugged her for a moment, then started to clear the dishes from the table.

It was getting later in the evening, and Susan was not looking forward to bedtime. Christy hadn’t said anything to her all day about the wet bed, and she was thankful for that. She just knew they were going to try and put her in a pull-up tonight, and was working herself up just thinking about it.

She and her sister sat watching their cartoons on the TV. It was now about ten to ten when Tom came in and said, “It’s time to get ready for bed girls.”

“But there’s still ten minutes of this show left.” Christy half-whined.

They went through this every night. They watched their cartoons an hour or so before bed time, and were cut off about ten minutes before it was done.

“I know, but it’s time to get ready for bed, c’mon, lets go.” Tom patiently said

Christy let out a sigh and got up and started heading upstairs. Susan sat there and kept watching the TV. She knew what was coming and didn’t want to move.

“Let’s go sweetie, it’s time for bed.” Tom said again

She just sat there watching the TV, she knew Tom was probably going to get her upstairs one way or the other, but didn’t know what else to do, she didn’t want to go. She wasn’t going to wear diapers.

“Susan, I won’t tell you again, if I have to come over there, you’re not going to be a happy camper.”

She sat for a moment longer, then reluctantly got up and headed upstairs. Christy was just pulling on her pajamas and climbing into bed.

On her own bed, were some of the nighttime theme pajamas and a pull-up, waiting for her.

“I don’t need that.” Susan said as she grabbed her pajamas and threw aside the pull-up.

Julie told her, “Sweetie, it’s ok, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Those will keep you dry and warm.”

“I’m not wearing a diaper. I’m not a baby. I only wet cause I had a wet dream. It’s not going to happen again.” Susan defensively argued.

Tom said, “Susan, we know your not a baby, and their not diapers, their pull-ups. They won’t make you any less of a big girl and we’d like you to wear them.”

Susan suddenly got annoyed at the big girl reference and the way they were speaking to her, like she was a child.

“I’m not wearing that stupid diaper. You can call it what you want, but it’s a diaper. I’m an adult and I don’t need one.” She said as she got undressed to put her pajamas on.

As she was starting to put the top on, Julie grabbed her pajama bottoms and said in a flat and stern tone, “If one of us has to hold you, while the other puts the pull-up on you, we will.”

Christy wished her sister would just shut up and put on the pull-up. It wasn’t a big deal anyways, what was her problem?

Susan was suddenly struck with the urge to cry. She could feel the despair creeping up inside her and couldn’t control it. It took a lot of effort to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes, but she was NOT going to cry in front of Tom and Julie.

Tom added, “Do you wanna go to bed with a sore behind?”

She definitely did not. Suddenly, it occurred to her just what she could do. She hated putting on the pull-up with everyone standing there watching her, but did it just the same. They were bulky and soft, and rode high on her tummy. She felt stupid standing there like that and was more than happy to step into the pajama bottoms when Julie held them out for her to do so.

After pulling the bottoms up, Julie said, “There, now that wasn’t so bad was it? You’ll feel a lot better in the morning, you’ll see.”

Julie smiled and went to kiss her on her forehead. She turned her head away with a pouty expression on her face, and Julie kissed the side of her forehead just the same.

Susan got into bed and buried her face in her pillow. Tom and Julie turned on the shell, said their goodnights and left the room

A few moments later she turned on her back, pulled down the pajama bottoms, took off the pull-up, and threw it across the room. She was pulling her bottoms back on when Christy whispered, “Your going to get into trouble you know. What’s your problem?”

Susan ignored her and buried her face back in her pillow. She didn’t care. She wasn’t going to wear diapers. She wasn’t a bed wetter.

The soothing sounds of the shell filled the room, and before too long, both girls were asleep. Halfway through the night, Susan’s bed suddenly became very wet as the girl slept on. Her pull-up lay on the floor in the far corner of the room.

Chapter 14

Julie got up and put her robe on. Tom was already up and getting dressed. They had been awake for a half hour now, talking about doing something special with the girls today. They thought it might be kind of nice if they took them to a movie tonight.

Tom headed out of the room and downstairs to start breakfast for everyone. Julie headed to the twins room to get them up for the day. She went in and saw that both girls were still asleep, and stood there for a moment watching them. She could just hear their breathing over the light soothing sounds of the shell. Christy shifted in her sleep, drew in a long deep breath, and was then motionless again. Julie couldn’t help but smile as she thought of the things the girls did when they were playing, so carefree and happy. That was the way it should be.

She was still smiling as she made her way over to get the girls up and turn off the shell, when the pull-up in the corner of the room caught her eye. ‘That stubborn little girl’, she thought to herself.

She stared at Susan for a moment, thinking how to handle this, then started to get Christy up, quietly.

Julie whispered as she gently rocked the girl’s shoulder, “Christy. Christy. It’s time to get up.”

Christy sat up in bed and wondered why Julie was whispering, then remembering the pull-up she whispered back, “Is Susan in trouble?”

“No hun, I just want to talk to her alone, okay?” she smiled, “Go get washed up for breakfast, we’ll be down shortly.”

“Okay.” Christy whispered back.

Julie waited until she left the room, and then went over and picked up the pull-up from the corner. She sat down on the edge of Susan’s bed and stared at her for a minute, thinking to herself. Perhaps if they were alone, she could talk to her about it and get her to agree to wear the pull-ups. Bluffing their way with threats obviously wasn’t going to work, and they didn’t really want to punish her over it. It wasn’t that serious. It could send the wrong message.

Susan woke up as Julie was nudging her shoulder. She turned over in bed and saw her sitting on the edge with the pull-up in hand. Sitting up in sudden panic, she could feel that her bed was wet and cold. She had wet again. She felt like she was going to cry, and with a hard swallow, squashed the feeling like a bug. She wasn’t going to bawl in front of Julie. She still couldn’t understand why her feelings were out of control like that lately, and sat there waiting to be lit into.

“Susan,” Julie started, “Tom and I just want you to be comfortable. We’re not trying to intimidate, embarrass, or control you. We want you to be happy and feel loved. You do know that we love you don’t you?”

They really did. Both her and Tom thought the world of the twins.

Susan sat there staring down at the sheets. Her feelings at this point were so complex and confusing, she didn’t know what to say. She was feeling guilty at having taken off the pull-up. She was feeling awkward about being put in them. What was really hard for her to handle, was her feelings about Tom and Julie. On one hand, she really wanted to please them. On the other hand, she felt the same feelings about them that she had about everyone else since they were put into foster care.

She just couldn’t get over that barrier. She was suddenly struck with feelings of love and lose for her parents.

Julie reached out, put her hand under Susan’s chin, and gently lifted her head so that she was looking at her. She could see it in her eyes; the girl was struggling.

“Sweetheart, I know that the last five years must have been so hard. I could never know what pain that has caused you. You lost your parents, and that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to a child. They loved you so much, and you loved them more than anything in the world, I know.”

Susan’s memories of her parents came flooding into her mind. The way they looked. The way they always spent time with her and her sister. The fun things they used to do. The way they would console her when she needed it.

She couldn’t hold it anymore; she missed her parents so much it hurt. Tears started to roll down over her soft cheeks as she stared into Julie’s eyes.

“I know I can never replace your mother, and I wouldn’t want to try. Tom and I love you so much and we want to make you girls so happy.”

Julie’s voice started to quiver a little as she spoke.

“If you’ll give us the chance, Susan, we’ll continue loving you, that’ll never stop. We’ll look after you and take care of you. We want to play with you and share in your joy and pain. We want to be there to comfort you when you feel blue. We want you to understand that you can lean on us when you need to.”

Susan broke down completely and started sobbing. She wanted those things so badly. The pain and loneliness was so overwhelming and she was tired of feeling like she was alone. She tried to speak between the sobs, “I… miss… them… so much!”

Julie could feel the girl’s pain and started to cry herself. She grabbed her in her arms and rocked her. Susan cried into her shoulder for a long time, as Julie stroked the back of her head, “Shhhh, its okay sweetie. Shhhhh.”

After a while, Susan quieted down. She looked up at Julie with red puffy eyes.

Julie stroked the side of her face, smiled and said, “C’mon, lets get you cleaned up and dressed for the day. I think we cried enough to soak the rest of your bed.”

Susan laughed and let out a shaky heaving sigh, as she got up and let Julie help her get ready for the day. She felt better than she had in a long time.

Chapter 15

Christy came into the kitchen and sat down at the table. She could smell the bacon that was cooking before she even got to the stairs. She was very hungry. She watched as Tom picked up a pan from the stove, maneuvered it through the air so that the eggs slid past the side, flipped in the air, and gently landed back in the pan.

“How’d you do that?” Christy asked. Whenever she had cooked them, she had to all but muscle them off the pan with a spatula, with nothing left but scrambled eggs.

Tom turned around to see Christy sitting at the table; he hadn’t even heard her come in. He smiled and said, “Well, you see, they started making chickens that lay anti-gravity eggs. When you crack them open and cook them, they actually float a little above the pan. That way, they don’t stick and break when you try to flip them.”

Christy gave him a look that said, ‘come on, your obviously pulling my leg’.

Tom laughed as he put Christy’s plate together and told her, “Teflon and Pam. A chef’s two best friends.”

Christy giggled as he set her plate and a cup of juice down in front of her. He went back to make Susan’s plate and wondered where she was.

“Where’s your sister?”

Christy started to answer with a mouth full of eggs and toast.

“Chew your food first, sweetie.” Tom told her.

After she swallowed the eggs she said, “Upstairs I think. Julie wanted to talk to her cause she took off her pull-up last night.”

“I see” Tom said, wondering how long that might take as he put a cover over Susan’s plate and set it aside.

Christy asked, “She’s not in big trouble is she?” It had been ten minutes and they still weren’t down yet.

“Nah. Julie probably just wants to see if she can talk some sense into the girl.” Tom answered.

Christy personally didn’t understand what her sister’s problem was. She had gotten used to wearing hers. In fact, she kinda liked the feeling it gave her. She couldn’t really put her finger on it, but somehow it made her feel… secure.

Tom set aside another plate for Julie, and then sat down at the table with his.

He said, “We were thinking about taking you two out to a movie tonight.”

Christy became very excited, “Oooo oooo what’s playing?”

“I think were going to see A Cinderella Story. It looked kind of cute.”

“I saw the preview for that on TV, it does look cute. I love Cinderella.” Christy said

Tom smiled, happy to see that she was excited about it. He and Julie were rather impressed at the fast progress the girls were making. It was only a month and a half or so ago that they were quiet, distant, and seemed uncaring.

Tom was looking up at the clock wondering how long Julie and Susan were going to be (it had now been about twenty minutes), when they came walking into the kitchen. He smiled at Susan and said good morning.

“Good morning.” Susan answered with a smile of her own.

He could see she had been crying, and saw that part of Julie’s shirt was damp. He raised his eyebrow and gave his wife a questioning look.

Julie motioned with her hand and gave a quick semi-smile and shake of her head. It was ok and she’d tell him later.

Tom got up and got the other girls their breakfast as they sat at the table. He would just have to wait to find out what happened.

Christy looked at her sister and then at Julie. She didn’t know what took them so long but Susan seemed to be ok.

“Can we go swimming today?” Susan asked as Tom set her plate down.

He said, “We certainly can. There aren’t many days left before it starts getting cooler outside, so I think we should take advantage of that.”

Christy said, “Guess what Susan? We’re gonna go see a movie tonight!”

“Oh cool, what are we seeing?” She asked, excited.

“A Cinderella Story.”

The girls chattered on and Julie sat there eating her breakfast and was thinking about what had happened. She felt really good about Susan having gotten that out of her. Both girls had a ways to go yet, but had come so far. She was beginning to wonder though if they would require a full regression as they had initially thought. Things were going so differently than she and Tom had originally anticipated. In either case, for the effects of the regression and progress they had made so far to take hold, they would need to at least remain as they were for some time. All wounds could be healed, but it took time. The girls needed a nice long break from life and reality for the changes to take hold. They would be returned to their proper ages when the time was right.

She and Tom would need to talk about this again.

“Did she spank you?” Christy asked

“Noooo. I told you we just talked.” Susan told her again.

The girls were climbing up one of the willow trees on the side of the house. It was almost time for lunch and they’d be going swimming later in the afternoon.

“About what?” Christy was getting annoyed that her sister wouldn’t say.

Susan was getting annoyed that her sister wouldn’t drop it and said, “Stuff.”

“Are you gonna wear the pull-ups now?”

Susan replied, “Yeah, whatever. It’s not a big deal.”

She would wear them but was still a little thrown off by it.

Christy decided to change the subject and asked, “You remember the tree house we had in the backyard?”

Their dad had built them a tree house in their backyard when they were little. They had all kinds of dolls and a table and little chairs in it. There had been a Fisher-Price stove against one of the walls and a tea set on the table in the middle of the floor. The girls used to spend hours up there playing house and drinking tea with their dolls.

“Yeah.” Susan said kind of distantly

“Maybe Tom could build us one up here.” Christy added.

Susan stopped climbing, looked oddly at her sister and said, “Don’t you think we’re kind of old for that now?”

Christy looked at the pink Osh Kosh shortalls her sister was wearing, pointed at the Winnie the Pooh monogram with Tiger on the front of it, and said, “Uhhhh, I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like we’re young enough. Besides, who said you can’t have a tree house when you’re fifteen?”

It hadn’t occurred to either of the girls that the clothes they were wearing, and they way they were being treated these days, was a little more than out of the ordinary. But then, that was more of the shell’s doing. They put up a fight initially, only because they felt like they were “big girls”, but once into it, never really thought it out of the ordinary.

Susan thought about having a tree house for a moment and said, “I guess it would be kind of fun wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, we could have a girls club, no boys allowed of course, 'cept for Tom, he’s cool.”

The girls giggled at this thought. They weren’t exactly going to have a problem with boys raiding their tree house.

Susan added, “We could even sleep out here sometimes.”

The twins continued to talk about their girls club as they climbed up to see who could get higher. Just as they were nearing one of the upper branches, Julie called them for lunch.

They climbed down and ran in to eat. The girls enthusiastically told their idea to Tom and Julie as they ate, they were very excited about the whole thing. Tom said he’d think about it. He wasn’t too crazy about nailing a clubhouse in his weeping willows. Julie didn’t see why not and shot him a playfully menacing look, and then it was agreed that he would build the girls their tree house.

After lunch, Julie sat on the front porch with Susan, showing her some of the birds at the feeders and reading some of the information about them to her from her bird book. Susan thought the Blue Jays were pretty, though they could be pretty mean to other birds about their feeders, as they were kind of territorial. Tom and Christy decided to fly one of the kites they had gotten the girls, out in the field. It took them a few times to get it off the ground; as Christy was running, the kite kept turning over and nosing into the ground when Tom let it go.

After an hour or so of letting their stomachs settle from lunch, Julie helped the girls get dressed in their bathing suits to go swimming. She had bought them really pretty one-piece suits with frills around the waists. The girls looked so cute in them.

All four of them made the hike into the woods to the pond and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and having fun. They played a few rounds of marco-polo, though it was a little more difficult in a pond than in a pool, but managed to make great use of the dock and shore.

When they got back to the house, Julie got the girls back in their play clothes and suggested they try a different style for their hair. The girls decided on Lace Braids this time around and loved they way they looked. Julie had just the thing to accent the look, and got some of the glitter makeup that Alice had liked so much. The resulting look was just too precious with the makeup applied across their upper cheeks and nose, and they took a few pictures to hang on the wall later on.

They ate dinner that evening, then got dressed to go into town for the movie. The girls were very excited, they loved going to the movies. They went to the later showing, which wouldn’t end until it was past their bedtimes, but it was a special occasion and was over-looked.

As they were watching the film, the girls kept whispering and giggling; Tom kept dozing off and he snored just lightly. Christy had to get up and rush to the bathroom several times. She had gotten a very large soda from the concession before the movie had started. She too was starting to notice that lately, it was becoming a little more urgent to go when she needed. As with Susan, it felt like it was going to let go, even though it felt like she was holding it.

It was now eleven-thirty and they were walking out of the theater. The girls just loved the movie, though Tom thought it was definitely kind of cheesy (what parts he’d been awake for), but didn’t say so. They buckled the girls in the back seat of the van and started for home. Both of them were rather tired now. Susan had trouble keeping her eyes open but managed. Christy fell asleep about half way there. She was out for the count.

They pulled into the driveway and Tom parked the van. Susan groggily made her way into the house and upstairs and Julie followed her to get her ready for bed. Tom undid Christy’s seat belt and lifted the girl into his arms. She was a little heavy for him but managed just fine, the girls were small enough. She stirred a little as he lifted her and then laid her head on his shoulder, still fast asleep.

Susan got dressed for bed after Julie had gotten her pajamas and a pull-up for her. She laid down and Julie covered her with the sheets. She was out like a light the second her head hit the pillow. Julie bent over and kissed her goodnight.

Tom lay Christy down on her bed. He didn’t want to wake her and so gently undressed her and put her in just the pull-up. He went to the closet and grabbed one of the comforters, tucked her in, pushed aside the little bit of hair that was out of place over her forehead, and then kissed her goodnight.

Julie turned on the shell, shut off the light, and left the door open just a crack as they walked out.

“What a great day it was.” She whispered to tom as they walked down the hallway and into their bedroom.

“It certainly was. I can’t believe the difference in those two lately. I think this is going to be a little easier than we thought.” Tom said as they started to get ready for bed.

“Famous last words dear, don’t jinx us now.” Julie replied, smirking.

Tom chuckled at this and hoped that he hadn’t.

They got into bed and cuddled with each other for a while before drifting off to sleep.

It had been yet another good day.

Chapter 16

Tom looked around the nursery for a moment. He couldn’t help thinking that it was a shame they weren’t going to need it. With the progress the girls were making, it just wasn’t going to be necessary.

Julie had the girls outside. They were helping her dig up the area along the edge of the house in the backyard. She wanted to put in some shrubs and flowers to brighten up the back porch.

Tom set down the box of old clothes the girls had originally come in. If they weren’t going to use the nursery for the girls, they may as well use it for something. He looked around for a moment longer. The changing table was stocked to the hilt with diapers and such. They weren’t going to need those anymore either, and wondered what they would do with them all. He turned around and looked at the crib he’d modified. He put a lot of pride into his craftsmanship, and thought it was probably one of the best pieces he’d ever made.

With a sigh, he headed out of the room and closed the door behind him. That’s when Christy came bounding up the stairs. He looked the girl over and laughed. She was covered from head to toe in dirt and potting soil.

“What?” she asked, stopping at the head of the stairs.

“I think there’s more dirt on you than there is in the backyard.” He said.

Christy giggled and started to run past him to her room. Tom reached out and pulled the girl back, grabbing hold of the straps to her coveralls.

Christy let out a grunt from the sudden stop. “Heeey, let me go silly.”

“I don’t think so, you’ve already tracked half the yard into the house.” Tom said as he looked at the footprints she was leaving on the floor. “What are you up to?”

“I need my hat, Julie doesn’t want my face to get sunburned.”

“Ah. Well, you wait right here, and I’ll grab your hat for you.” Tom said as he started towards the girl’s room.

“Get Susan’s too please.” She called after him.

Tom went into the girl’s room and Christy stood there waiting for him, when it occurred to her that she’d just seen him coming out of the mystery room. She and Susan had tried the door on separate occasions to no avail. Susan had even tried to pick it at one point; the door was well locked. She was starting to wonder what could possibly be in there when Tom came back into the hallway. She again forgot about the mystery room as she took the hats from him and was anxious to get back to the garden they were making.

“Please walk down the stairs hun, don’t run.” He called after her as she was bounding back down. She slowed herself and when she got to the bottom, continued to run back outside.

Tom smiled as he thought about how dirty she had gotten helping Julie and wondered if the girls were making more work for her than anything else. Julie wouldn’t mind though, she loved doing stuff with them. They both did.

He shook his head as he headed downstairs to get the vacuum cleaner, broom, and a dustpan to clean up the mess Christy just made.

A few hours later.

“Okay girls,” Julie says “I think we’ve done enough damage for one day. Let’s clean up the yard and put away the tools. We’ll go to town tomorrow and get the plants we need.”

They had made a lot of progress with the strip they were digging along the house. They had managed to remove the grass, dig down far enough to fill it back in with high-grade topsoil, fill it with the topsoil, add fertilizer, and till.

After they had cleaned up and put all the stuff away, Julie stood there staring at the girls. They were absolutely filthy, and were too busy having fun to even care. There wasn’t a clean spot left on their play clothes, their hands were almost black, and they had kept wiping their faces with those hands and had streaks of dirt all over the place.

“Look at you two. It’s a little early but I think the easiest way to take care of this is for both of you to go upstairs and take a shower.”

Susan and Christy looked each other over and started laughing. Christy reached out with her dirty fingers and smeared them across her sister’s face. Susan bent over and picked up a piece of dirt and jammed it down the front pocket of Christy’s coveralls. They started to laugh even harder.

“Hey, hey, that’s enough of that, it’s time to get cleaned up.” Julie told them, though she couldn’t help but laugh herself.

They started to race each other inside and Julie halted them before they even got up on the porch.

“There’s no way your going into my house like that. Take off your shoes and those nasty clothes.”

The girls giggled, sat down and undid their shoes and threw their clothes off. They continued to run upstairs in just their underwear.

Tom was coming out of the back door and had to move out of the way as the girls ran in.

He laughed as he said, “Whoa… streakers. What’s the world coming to?”

The girls laughed as they ran in and raced upstairs.

Julie picked up the sodden clothing and shook the dirt out of Christy’s pocket. Brian would be here early in the morning before she went to town and hoped maybe he’d preoccupy the girls for the day while she finished putting in the plants. She had a lot of fun with them, but didn’t know if their new strip of dirt would endure another round of the twins.

Tom continued outback and looked over the new soil.

“Wow, I’m surprised you had enough to fill it back in with those two.”

Julie laughed as she took her garden gloves off and threw everything into a pile to hose down later on before she threw them into the washer. She sat down on the steps leading up to the porch and patted the space next to her.

Tom sat down and she put her arm around her husband’s waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her waist and leaned his head against hers. They sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon and the warm fuzzy feelings of contentment.

Tom finally said, “I put the holding phase into the shell earlier. I think they’re fine in the stage they’re in.”

The holding phase allowed the regression to come to a halt, and held it there.

“Mmm.” Was all Julie said in agreement. She was still enjoying the moment and closed her eyes. She was kind of tired from all the digging. She’d get her second wind before too long though.

They sat together for a while longer before Julie got up and said, “Well, I better go check on the girls.”

“Yeah, I should think about getting dinner ready.” Tom replied.

They started to walk inside and Tom stopped, twirled his wife around, and pulled her to him. They embraced each other and stood there for several moments in a long deep passionate kiss. As they finished, Julie grabbed his butt with a smirk and turned away to go upstairs. Tom watched her walk away; he was always amazed, after so many years of marriage, at the power of her intoxication over him. His feelings for her were so strong, he often felt like he wanted to run to the top of the highest mountain, and shout with all his being, how much in love with her he was. Julie felt the same way about him.

They were looking forward to a night out when Brian got here.

Julie went upstairs and Susan was in her room toweling herself off. Christy was still in the shower. She went over to Susan’s dresser and pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt for her. She thought the Beauty and the Beast outfit was really nice for the evening, and got Christy’s clothes out on her bed for her as well.

Once they were clean and dressed, Christy wanted to go out and play on the swing. Susan followed her outside and they played and talked for a while until dinner was ready.

They ate their dinner and talked about the things they had done that day, the things they wanted to do tomorrow, and the possibilities of their girls club that Tom was going to start building later this week. He thought it would be really nice if he bought a spiral staircase to go up to the tree house (he really didn’t like the idea of them climbing up dangerous ladders or pieces of two-by-fours nailed to the tree).

After dinner they all sat down to a movie. Julie put in The Mask. She thought Jim Carry was one of the funniest actors she’d ever seen. The girls were happy to watch whatever was put in, and sat between Tom and Julie on the couch. They liked the movie too, but weren’t the Carry fans that Julie was.

The movie ended and Julie decided to go outside to fill her bird feeders while Tom showed the girls how to make things with origami paper.

“Ok, now fold the other wing back. Good. Now you have an origami plane.”

Susan fanned the wings out and threw it through the air. It flew all the way to the other side of the living room and hit the wall, crashing to the floor."

“That’s so cool. Paper planes never fly like there’re supposed to, but these do really well.” She said after she went over and picked it up.

Christy was finishing her second paper crane and held it up when she was done.

“Good job sweetie.” Tom told her

She smiled and set it down next to the first one she’d made. It was even better the second time. She grabbed another piece of paper and was about to make a third one when the urge to go to the bathroom hit her hard.

She jumped up and started sprinting upstairs to the bathroom.

Tom looked up and said, "Where are you going?

She didn’t stop to tell him and just shouted out, “I gotta pee. I’ll be right back.”

She ran upstairs and into the bathroom. She had barely made it in time.

After she was done, she washed her hands and headed back down the hallway to the stairs. She went down one step and stopped. She turned back around and walked over to the mystery door. She stood in front of it and stared at the doorknob. It just occurred to her that when she had seen Tom come out of there, she couldn’t remember seeing him lock it, though he could have after she’d went back outside.

She put her hand on the doorknob and stopped. She didn’t know why, but she was almost afraid to find out if it was open. She thought, ‘what could possibly be behind this door? Why did they keep it locked from us?’ She finally decided that it was kind of silly to be afraid of this room and tried the knob.

It turned.

She slowly opened the door and walked inside. What she saw blew her mind. She could only stand there and stare in disbelief as she took in what she was looking at. It was the last thing she had ever expected to see if she ever got a chance to look in this room.

Saving Twins by Babyme (or Lilme)

Some of the way I wrote things didn’t properly suggest what I was trying to convey. There were some errors I found too. Re-read this one and you’ll see why I reposted.

Chapter 17

The room was beautiful and aesthetic to the eyes. The walls were off-white, and there were small pink-stenciled bunnies along their borders near the ceiling. The baseboards were pink to accentuate the bunnies, and even the carpeting was a lighter shade of the color.

To the right was a beautiful mahogany crib with a stained finish. The bars on the sides were tall and carved into spirals. There was a large oval shaped hole in the end board at the back of the crib with three large carved hearts touching the sides of the hole and each other. In the bottom heart, there was a small piece of inserted fabric that looked like it was covering a speaker. There were white hems hanging from the bottom edges of the crib with pastel trims and nursery prints. Inside was a bumper guard and a comforter set with the same themes. On top of the blankets, were a dozen or so stuffed animals.

Built into the head of the crib, was a dresser. There were several small drawers and four larger ones below them. There were little metal heart shaped handles on hinges to open them with. There was a lamp and a baby monitor up on top of the dresser.

In the back corner of the room to the left side, there was a very comfortable looking glider chair. On the back of it was a small blanket with more of the nursery themes. There was a small table on one side, and a tall lamp on the other.

Straight ahead were two large windows that overlooked the weeping willows in the yard outside. The blinds were half drawn and there were soft-white curtains tied back to the sides.

Under the two windows on the floor was a mahogany toy chest with a long dome shaped lid. There were several different toys carved into the front of it, including a jack-in-the-box. The detail was rather stunning. There was another heart shaped handle for the lid.

Just to the left of the door was a changing table that was also made out of the mahogany. There was a small smooth railing that went around the top edges. The table portion was covered with a pad. Just below the table were shelves with small railings made of more heart shaped pieces. The shelves were in three sections; the left section was stocked with cloth diapers, the middle section with disposable diapers, and the right section with more cloth diapers. Just to the right of the changing table were drawers, also opened with the heart shaped handles. Above the set of drawers was a small platform stocked with wipes, powder, oil, creams, pins, and more.

In the corner to the right of the changing table were three diaper pails. The middle one was white; the other two were a soft shade of pink. The left one had Christy’s name on it and the right one had Susan’s name on it.

There were sliding louvered doors that went into a walk-in closet at the left side of the nursery. In front of the doors were piles of boxes, crates, and other various items Tom had stored in here, including two highchairs.

Christy was dumbfounded. She wasn’t quite sure what she was looking at. It was a nursery, yes. But there were a few things that didn’t really make sense to her. The crib and the changing table were a little too large for babies, for one. She didn’t understand why hers and her sister’s names were on two of the garbage cans in the corner either, or why there were three of them for that matter.

As it slowly dawned on her as to the whys, she could feel her body start to tingle and her head started spinning. ‘Why the heck would they want to put us in here?’ she thought.

Amongst all the confusion of her thoughts and feelings were mixed emotions of longing and memories of her own parents. As she stood there, the nursery continued to invoke more of these powerful feelings. The smell and look of this room was inviting and pleasant. Christy suddenly felt very small.

She didn’t understand any of it; it was perception overload. She turned around, walked out, quietly shut the door, and stood there for a few moments longer when Tom called to her from downstairs.

“Christy? Are you okay up there?”


“I’m coming.” She answered after being snapped out of her thoughts.

Tom was showing Susan another origami pattern as Christy slowly walked back into the room.

“Gee, I thought maybe you fell in.” He said with a smile

She returned the smile as she sat back down on the floor in front of the coffee table. She grabbed another piece of paper and slowly started making another paper crane, more consumed by her own thoughts than paying attention to the paper.

Tom gave her a puzzled look. He watched her make the crane for a moment; she seemed kind of distant. He thought something must be bothering her and asked, “Are you alright sweetie?”

“I’m fine.” Christy said

Tom stared at her for a moment. “You sure?”

“I hit my elbow on the way out of the bathroom, that’s all.” She lied.

Tom knew she wasn’t telling him the truth, but let it slide for now. Something had just happened but he wasn’t sure what. He’d try to coax it out of her later, figuring it was some trivial thing or another, possibly troubled by her recently newfound battle to get to the bathroom when she needed to. He went back to showing the girls some of the other things they could make with origami paper.

As the evening petered out, Tom and Julie put the girls to bed and went to their own room. All night long, Christy had been distant and withdrawn. This greatly concerned Tom. It could be something really simple, it could be some kind of pivotal turn in the breakdown, and it could be nothing. As he and Julie lay there in bed, he asked, “Did you notice the way Christy was acting tonight?”

“I’m not sure. She did seem like she was off in her own world.” Julie said

Tom continued, “Exactly. I don’t know what happened, she was making paper cranes when she went to the bathroom. When she came back she was like that. The only thing I can think of is maybe she’s getting upset at having to go so quickly all the time. Either that or maybe something has occurred with the regression. Perhaps she’s reached some kind of cross-road.”

Julie added, “Well, that’s very possible. We may also have stopped the regression too soon, though I don’t think that Susan needs to be regressed any further.”

“I agree.” Tom said. “Perhaps we misjudged the depth of Christy’s problems. I personally didn’t think she needed to go any further, though.”

“I didn’t think she needed to either, but then their problems are pretty complex.” As an after thought she said, “She could’ve relapsed too.”

Tom thought about this; “I think one of us should talk to her in the morning. See if we can get it out of her.”

“I’ll talk to her when I get her up in the morning.” Julie finished

With that said, they turned out their lamps and tried to go to sleep. It took tom a while, it was really bothering him that the change was so drastic. Whatever was wrong with her was pretty serious in his opinion.

Christy lay awake in her bed; she couldn’t sleep. She had been thinking about the nursery all day. Her recently heightened feelings and emotions were a lot for her to handle. Her mind kept darting to and fro between the thoughts of her parents, and Tom and Julie.

She was so confused about how she was feeling. She loved and missed her parents more than she could comprehend. Memories and feelings of her childhood kept surfacing. She missed those days, and she missed her parents. She also knew Tom and Julie loved her and she loved them. This made her feel guilty and ashamed.

The nursery had spurred all of this to the front of her mind. She continued to lie there as tears streamed down the sides of her face; the confusion and feelings were beyond her understanding. She wished she could just shove these thoughts out of her mind and forget about them, but they just wouldn’t go away.

Tom and Julie got up as the morning sun started to rise above the trees. They got dressed in their robes and started the daily grind. Tom went downstairs to start breakfast. Julie went into the girl’s room to get them up, Susan was already waking and swinging her feet out onto the floor. Christy was nowhere to be seen.

Julie said, “Good morning sleepy head. Where’s your sister?”

Susan yawned and said, “Don’t know, she wasn’t here when I woke up.”

Julie told her to go wash up for breakfast, and then headed downstairs. She looked in the living room and Christy wasn’t there. She went out to the kitchen where Tom had started cooking breakfast and didn’t see her there either.

“Did you see Christy?” She asked him

“Nope. She wasn’t in her room?”

“No. Now I’m getting worried.” Julie said.

They both started looking around downstairs for her. They checked both doors, and were still locked. She hadn’t gone outside. Julie started to panic and called out for her.


No one answered.

“Christy?” She said louder.

Susan came to the top of the stairs and said, “She’s up here.”

Both Tom and Julie went up, and Susan pointed to the nursery. She had noticed that the door was open just a hair and had gone in to see what was inside.

They went in and stopped. Christy was fast asleep in the crib. She was half covered in the blankets, and hugging one of the giant stuffed teddy bears with her thumb in her mouth.

“All through the night, I’ll be watching over you. And all through the night, I’ll be standing over you. And through bad dreams, I’ll be right there baby telling you that everything’s going to be alright. And when you cry, I’ll be there baby telling you, you were never nothing less than beautiful. So don’t you worry. I’m your Angel standing by.”

-Jewel: Angel Standing By

Chapter 18

Tom and Julie looked at each other for a moment. Suddenly, everything made sense. Tom realized he had forgot to lock the door. What was really interesting was that she had chosen to sleep in here.

Tom whispered, “I forgot to lock the door yesterday. I think she came in here after she went to the bathroom. That might explain the way she was acting. I’ll talk with her if you want to go talk to Susan.”

Julie nodded and then went out of the nursery. Tom walked over to the crib and leaned against the railing and watched Christy sleep for a minute as he gathered his thoughts. The girl looked so peaceful and content. He couldn’t help but smile at how small she looked inside the queen-sized crib.

He quietly folded down the railing and lowered it so he could sit on the edge of the mattress. Tom gently shook the girl’s shoulder to wake her up.

Christy slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him. As she awoke, it occurred to her where she was and she snapped upright, dropping the teddy bear she had grabbed in her sleep. She thought for sure she was going to get spanked for having come in here when she knew she wasn’t supposed to.

“Am I in trouble?” she squeaked out.

Tom smiled kindly and said, “Oh no sweetie, not at all. I was just wondering why you wanted to sleep in here?”

Christy looked down at her hands and shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s ok if you do, you know. We kept this room locked because we didn’t think you girls would want to.” Tom said, deciding that a little honesty was called for in this situation.

Christy looked confused and asked, “Why would you think we wanted to?”

“Sometimes people get confused, sweetie. They aren’t sure of themselves or their place in life. At times like that, it’s nice to have something or someone to fall back on and take a break.” Tom explained

Christy didn’t consciously make the connection between the way she was being treated and what Tom was saying, but it felt right. She was tired of all the confusion. The simplicity that this room suggested was a lot easier for her to relate to. She was starting to feel a little better, and looked around the nursery feeling content to be in here.

“I like the way it makes me feel.” She said

Tom asked, “Would you like this to be your room?”

Without hesitation, Christy said, “Yes.”

“It’s so pretty in here.” She added, changing the subject.

Tom smiled and put his arm around her. He said, “It’s very pleasant isn’t it. I enjoyed building this room. I think your going to be very happy in here”

For now, he would just let her settle in. He wanted to probe deeper as to why she came in here, but didn’t want to dredge up whatever had been bothering her. In time, she may share that with him, but didn’t appear to want to right now. The nursery seemed to be soothing her.

“What about Susan?” She asked

Susan and Christy had slept in the same room since they were babies. It hadn’t occurred to her until just now that they would be in separate rooms.

Tom said, “Susan will need to make her own choice. I don’t know if she’ll want to move in here, but if she does, she’s more than welcome to. The crib is big enough for the both of you; I made it that way. But that’s up to her.” He doubted that she would, though.

Christy nodded. That would take a little getting used to but she thought she could manage. She kind of hoped that her sister would want to sleep in here with her, though.

Tom stood up and said, “Well, I think we should get you dressed and go downstairs for some breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I’m starved.”

Christy smiled and started to slide off the edge of the crib and onto the floor. Tom reached out and grabbed her under her arms and lifted her to his side with a slight grunt. She thought this was kind of odd but let him carry her. She didn’t realize what he was doing until he started to set her down on the changing table.

He laid her down and she sat back up, wondering what was about to happen, though she had a good idea. He smiled as he reached out, gently pushing her back down and said, “It’s ok sweetie, lay down.”

She did as he asked and lay there. She hadn’t thought about the rest of what went with being in a nursery and was feeling a little weird about it, but it also felt right and made her feel good.

Tom grabbed hold of her pajama bottoms and slid them off, setting them on the head of the table. He then tore apart the sides of her wet pull-up, grabbed her ankles and lifted her bottom in the air, sliding the garment from under her.

Tom set her back down and balled the pull-up, tossing it in the middle diaper pail. He grabbed the wipes and started to clean her.

Christy suddenly felt very self-conscious. She was used to being seen naked by Tom and Julie, but this was different. This was a very personal act of love. The self-consciousness subsided, and she started thinking about the way this was making her feel. She let the feelings wash over her and felt small, helpless, and very loved. Christy began to forget all about the horrible way she had felt last night.

She drew in a sharp breath at the coolness of the wipes. They would have been in the warmer had they expected to be using them, he’d have to set a few things up in here later.

After that chore was done, he grabbed a very thick diaper from the middle shelf down below. Christy blushed as he unfolded it and set it on the table. He lifted her again and slid it underneath. He then sprinkled on a good portion of baby powder. The smell hit Christy’s nose and she closed her eyes. This was so right.

He grabbed another bottle with powder in it and covered her entire diaper area with it. This particular powder would remove the hair. They did this for obvious hygienic reasons as well as it adding to the effect of the regression.

Tom pulled the diaper up snugly between her legs, and taped it shut. After he lifted her onto the floor, he grabbed her pajama bottoms and helped her step into them.

He stroked the back of her head and said with a smile, “There, now that’s better isn’t it? How about we go downstairs and get that breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I’m very hungry.”

Christy smiled back. They walked out of the nursery and headed downstairs. She was used to the bulk of the pull-ups, but these were much thicker. They would take some getting used to, as would the loud crinkle they made as she walked.

She felt very peaceful. Her heightened senses from the shell were wrapping her in a blanket of warm fuzzy feelings and content.

It took some explaining for a very inquisitive Susan. She was sure they had the nursery up there for her and her sister, and Julie had to keep telling her that she didn’t have to be in there unless she wanted to.

Susan definitely didn’t want to. It’s not that she was upset at them planning to do so, but that she felt she was too old for a crib and nursery. She was a big girl. It didn’t occur to her to ask why they would want to put them in a there. Julie was thankful for the shell having its part in this, yet again.

The way they discovered the room could have had serious consequences. It could have undone all the hard work they had accomplished so far, and they would be back to square one. It seemed to have thrown Christy into a mild relapse, but that was all. Tom would tell her for sure. It was an accident and she didn’t blame him. It could have happened to anyone. They were lucky with how things were turning out.

Susan asked, “So, is Christy going to be in there now?”

“I don’t know hon. If she wants to be, she can.”

Susan thought it would be a strange thing, she and her sister always slept in the same room. On top of that, it would be like having a little sister. This struck her as very odd. The twins obviously didn’t see each other this way; it would be different. She kind of liked the idea. Christy had always been the more submissive of the two anyways, kind of like she looked to Susan for advice and strength.

She suddenly thought of the changing table she’d seen and asked, “Is she going to wear diapers?”

“If she chooses to stay in the nursery, yes.” Julie answered.

Susan giggled at that thought. She couldn’t wait to see if her sister ended up in diapers.

“If she does, I don’t want you picking on her about it.” Julie said. Susan had bothered her to no end, at first, when they put her in the pull-ups. She added, “If you do, I’ll put you in them too.”

Susan promised she wouldn’t. She thought it was cute, actually. She suddenly wondered if she would have to changer her at all.

“I won’t ever have to change her will I?” She asked

“No, Tom and I will take care of that.”

Susan was relieved to hear her say so. It might have been cute, but changing her sister’s diapers was another story. That would have been weird.

As they continued to talk, Tom and Christy came downstairs. Julie looked up at Christy and said, “Good morning sweetie.”

Christy said good morning and they all went out to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Susan could hear the diaper as her sister walked, and she giggled. She looked at her butt and could see the outline of it through her pajamas too.

Julie gave her a light swat on the behind and Susan said she was sorry. Christy stuck her tongue out at her sister as they sat down at the table. Both the girls giggled.

Tom and Julie were happy to see that it was all going over so well. Tom grabbed a couple of bowls from the cupboard and poured them some cereal. He gave Susan a cup of juice, and grabbed a sippy cup from one of the upper cupboards for Christy.

The girls sat and ate their breakfast as they chattered on about what they might do today. Julie reminded them that Brian would be here sometime this morning. They had forgotten all about that and were kind of nervous about meeting him. Julie assured them that Brian was very nice and would probably be happy to play with them.

After breakfast, Julie went upstairs with Susan to get her play clothes out for her. Tom took Christy to her new room and got her dressed. He moved the stuff out of the way of the closet, went in, and grabbed her a cute one-piece shirt with toddler themes on it. After he pulled it over her and snapped it in place, he grabbed her a pair of Osh Kosh coveralls and did the same. She lay there as he snapped up the legs and crotch, feeling so content to let him do so. She was getting very comfortable with the new way she was being treated, and loved the new clothes that were being put on her. At last, she felt truly safe and secure.

Tom helped her up and patted her on her behind as she headed out of the room to play with her sister. He looked around the nursery. He was going to have to put the stuff he was storing in here down in the basement, and was also going to need to hook up the monitor and get the next phase of the regression put into the player at the end of the crib. He’d talk with Julie later this morning after Brian got here.

Susan couldn’t wait to go out and play with Christy. She had a million questions for her. She was thrilled at the thought of having a little sister for a change. The possibilities were endless.

Chapter 18 to be continued…

This chapter ended up being so long, that I’m going to make it 19, instead of continuing 18. Author’s perogative

Sorry it took as long as it did. I struggled with this one, but I got it like I want it. Here it is… enjoy!

Chapter 19

Susan waited for Christy in the kitchen after she got dressed. After she came in, the girls started to run out of the backdoor onto the porch.

Julie yelled after them, “Walk! Don’t run. The swings will still be there.”

“Okay.” The girls replied in unison.

Racing each other everywhere they went seemed to be turning into a tradition. Tom and Julie had to keep yelling after them to slow it down.

They walked down the porch steps and out of the gate through the backyard fence. As soon as they were out of Julie’s sight, they bolted for what they considered to be the better of the two swings. What made one better than the other was beyond Tom and Julie; children often did such things, having to find rivalry somewhere.

Susan made it first and ran into it full force, letting her forward momentum carry her upwards as she hugged the seat. She swung back and forth like that as Christy slowed and walked the rest of the way to her swing.

Susan said, “Ha, I beat you.”

“So, I’ll get you next time.” Christy told her, and then stuck her tongue out.

Susan returned the gesture as she stood up and sat down in the seat. They giggled as they started pumping their legs, going higher and higher.

“Betcha I can jump further than you can.” Christy said

“Oh yeah?” Susan said as she jumped off, pin wheeling her arms through the air, and landed in the grass. She almost slipped; the grass was still wet with the morning dew.

Christy jumped off after pumping her legs harder a couple of times. She flew through the air and landed a foot further than her sister. As she hit the ground her feet slid out from under her, and she went down hard on her butt. It hurt a little but was mostly cushioned by the diaper.

She lay down on the grass and started laughing. Susan asked her if she was okay.

“Yeah. It rattled my teeth but I’m fine.” Christy told her as she tried to stop laughing.

Susan giggled and held her hand out to help her up. As she pulled her sister up, she noticed the snaps on the inside of the legs of her red coveralls.

They headed back over to the swings and sat for a moment. Susan looked more closely at her shirt underneath the bib and straps. Granted she herself was wearing coveralls with Minnie Mouse on it, but her sister’s had Winnie the Pooh on its bib and her shirt had little teddy bears drinking bottles on it.

She asked, “You like being dressed like that?”

Christy looked down at her clothes, and then at Susan’s.

“Like what?” she asked, confused.

Susan said, “Like a baby.”

“I’m not dressed any different than you are.”

“My clothes don’t open up in the legs.” Susan said as she pointed to the snaps. “I’m also not wearing a diaper.”

Christy stared off into the open field. She knew here sister was going to start in, and braced herself. Her sister could be kind of mean sometimes, even though she didn’t mean to be.

Christy finally said, “Please don’t make fun of me.”

“I’m not, I wanna know if you like being dressed that way?” Susan answered.

Though she thought it was kind of cute, she really didn’t understand why her sister would want to be a baby. Suddenly, as she was wondering if Christy liked wearing the diaper, it occurred to her that neither of them had been wetting the bed all of the time until recently. Christy did once in a while, but it was because of bad dreams. Why were they wetting the bed now? As her sister started to speak, the fleeting thought left her mind as quickly as it had entered.

Christy replied, “Yeah, it makes me feel better.”

Susan thought about this for a moment.

She said, “Feel better than what?”

Christy could feel herself getting a little upset. The feelings that had racked her last night started to surface and she hated feeling that way.

She looked at Susan and said, “It just makes me feel better. Drop it.”

“Sorrrrry.” Susan said, a little offended at her tone of voice.

Christy sighed and stared back out into the field. Her sister just didn’t understand. She wasn’t even sure she understood it. She just liked it. She started thinking about her parents, and wished they were here right now. Her heart ached for them.

“Do you remember that dream I was having?” She finally asked

“Yeah.” Susan said. How could she not remember, it woke her up half the time too. “It must have been pretty horrible.”

Christy continued on, “It was. It was about mom and dad, the night they didn’t come home. I hated that dream. It scared me really bad, Susan.”

Susan looked at her sister. She could see she was struggling to keep from crying. Now she felt really bad. She shouldn’t have bugged her about the clothes.

“I haven’t had that dream almost since we got here.” Christy finished.

Susan got up and grabbed her sister’s hands, pulling her out of the swing.

“I’m sorry Christy.” She said, and then hugged her.

Christy told her, “Tom and Julie really love us, you know.”

“I know.”

All of a sudden, Christy started to dash inside and stopped. She stood there pinching her thighs together. The urge to pee hit her hard. She started running in out of habit, forgetting she was wearing a diaper. But was she actually supposed to use it?

“What’s wrong?” Susan asked


She was thinking of running in to ask Tom what she was supposed to do, though she felt kind of silly about it. With the lack of control she had these days, the indecision made the decision for her, and she wet herself.

Susan watched, confused, as her sister blushed. It suddenly occurred to her what was happening.

She giggled and said, “Come on ya big baby, Tom or Julie will probably wanna change you.”

The girls headed inside. Tom was in the kitchen and Susan told him what happened. Christy still wasn’t sure if she was supposed to or not, and could only stand there when she tried to tell him.

Tom smiled and said it was ok. He took her upstairs and laid her on the changing table. As he was changing her, Christy wondered about something else. She couldn’t look at him as she asked and stared at the ceiling.

“Tom?” She started

“What, sweetheart?”

“If I have to… you know…” She beat around the bush

Tom stopped what he was doing and looked at her. “…Yes?”

“If I have to… go… you know…” She tried to ask and could only hold up two fingers.

Tom laughed and continued what he was doing.

Normally, there wouldn’t be any question as to what she was supposed to do. She would just go. But with the way she had found the nursery, things were backwards. Normally, the shell should have stripped her control first, before she was put into diapers. He put the next phase of the regression into the player in the crib earlier, but in the meantime, allowances would need to be made based on what she was comfortable with.

“If you want, when you have to go, you can come get Julie or myself and we’ll help you in the bathroom. We don’t want you taking your own diaper off, so please come get one of us.”

“Okay.” Was all she said.

Tom finished changing her and got her dressed again. They headed downstairs and Susan was waiting. She smirked at her sister as the started back outside. As they headed out of the door, a car pulled up in front of the barn.

Julie came out onto the porch and called into Tom, “It’s Brian. He’s here.”

They headed down the steps and out of the yard; Tom called back for the girls to come along. They were a little nervous about meeting Brian. Tom called for them again and they reluctantly made their way down and over.

Brian stepped out of the car and stretched. It had been a long ride. He was glad to be home and smiled as Julie hugged and kissed him.

She said, “Oh it’s so good to have you home.”

“It’s good to be here, mom.” He told her. “It’s been a long ride.”

Tom took his turn when Julie was done.

“I see you’re doing well.” Tom said as he pointed to the car. It was a mint-condition eighty’s style Camaro.

“Yeah, I made partner at the firm. I was going to surprise you but I guess the cat is out of the bag.” He said and laughed.

Susan and Christy stood and stared at him.

“So these must be the twins I’ve heard so much about.” He said smiling at the girls.

Christy took a step behind Julie, who in turn grabbed her hand and pulled her back around.

“Hi.” She said, not knowing what else to do.

“Well hello there.”

He looked over at Susan, who waved, and then said to Julie, “Gee, they look just like each other. How do you tell them apart?”

Susan giggled and said, "I’m Christy, and she’s Susan. It’s ok if you can’t tell us apart.

Christy giggled and Julie smiled. Rolling her eyes, She said, “This one is Christy and she’s Susan.”

Brian laughed and said, “I see, I just get here and your already making trouble for me.”

He reached into his car and came out with two huge candy bars. The girl’s eyes went wide when they saw them. Tom and Julie didn’t let them have a lot of sweets. Brian knew this (having been in their shoes once), and thought it might break the ice.

He exaggerated his tone of voice and looked disappointed as he told them, “Weeeell, I was going to let you have these but I don’t know now. You’ve got me so confused I can’t make up my mind.”

The girls let out a pout and said, “That’s not fair!”

He laughed again and handed over the candy. The girls started to run to the house to eat them with some milk and Tom called them back.

He said, “What do you say?”

“Thank you.” The girls said in unison

“Your welcome and enjoy, I’m sure I’m going to get into trouble for giving them to you.” Brian said with a wink to Tom and Julie.

They giggled and ran off to the house. Tom and Julie helped Brian bring his things into the house as they talked. They went upstairs and gave him the spare bed they now had in Susan’s room. Julie took off the plastic cover and put plain sheets and spreads on.

After he was situated, the three of them went down to the living room and sat talking for a while. Brian elaborated on his new position at the law firm. Tom and Julie gave him the lowdown on the local news and hubbub. There wasn’t much to tell though, there rarely was in country settings.

The five of them sat down at the table in the kitchen for lunch. Brian listened intently as the twins told him all about the tree house Tom was going to build them. He thought that was just fantastic and looked forward to helping out with it over the next week. They told him that even though he was a boy, he would be welcome in their girl’s club. He laughed and thanked them for the honor.

After lunch, Christy was due for another diaper change, which Julie took care of. After that they let their stomachs settle for a while, and Julie took off for town to get the shrubs and flowers she needed. The girls watched a little TV before deciding on a game of hide-n-seek with Brian. He thought these two were the cutest and funniest girls he’d ever met and loved playing with them.

He stood with his eyes covered by his arm, leaning against one of the big trees in the front yard.

“… Nineteen… twenty. Ready or not, here I come!” Brian shouted

He started around the side of the house towards the back yard. He checked behind the shrubs and bushes that were growing thick enough to hide one of them next to the house. Finding nothing, he continued on to the backyard. He looked at the barn but didn’t go in to search. They weren’t allowed in there unsupervised because of all the sharp tools Tom used.

He bent over and looked under the van. They were small enough to hide under there, but didn’t see either of them. As he stood back up, he heard one of them giggle. It had come from the back porch area.

“I wonder where they could be?” He said loud enough for them to hear.

He heard another giggle but didn’t head over to the back porch just yet. He looked in the van, and then made his way over to the side of the barn. He looked up and down the bushes that grew along the side. Seeing nothing, he made his way over into the fenced in yard.

Julie was planting some of the shrubs she’d come back from town with.

“You see the girls come through here? I just can’t find them.” He asked her in a loud voice.

Julie said, “I didn’t happen to see where they went to, hon. Perhaps you should check out behind the barn?” She winked at him and pointed to the porch

Brian smiled and nodded. He said, “Alright, I guess I’ll have to go check.”

He quietly made his way over to the porch and up the steps, being careful not to make a sound.

Christy had all she could do to stay quiet. She was trying to keep from giggling so she could listen for him. The suspense was killing her; all she could hear was Julie working on the side of the porch. Brian was just there, but now she couldn’t hear him.

She was tucked underneath the wicker love seat. It was just high enough for her to lie under. She wasn’t aware that her elbow was showing through the hem that draped down to the floor.

Brian saw it. He reached down and grabbed her arm and pulled her out.

As he pulled her out he shouted, “Got you!” He started to tickle her all over

Christy screamed in surprise. She started squirming and kicking and laughing as Brian tickled her. The girls were extremely ticklish, which was bad news for them because now Brian was going to take advantage of that every time he could. Tears started to roll down her cheeks, she was laughing so hard.

Suddenly Christy looked serious and begged for him to stop as she scrambled to get out from under him. She had just wet, but that wasn’t the problem. If he kept tickling her, she was going to mess herself too.

Brian let her up and asked if she was ok.

“I gotta go to the bathroom.” She said

“Ah, well, while you do that, I’m going to go find your sister. My fingers are still in tickling mode.” He wiggled his fingers at her and grinned.

She giggled and ran in to find Tom. He was in his study fooling around with his computer. After she told him what she needed, he led her upstairs to the bathroom and undressed her. When she was done, he took her to the nursery and put her in a dry diaper.

She went back outside, Brian and Susan were waiting for her. From the look of Susan’s dried tears, it would appear that she’d been discovered as well. The three of them continued to play for most of the afternoon.

Dinnertime rolled around and Tom got one of the highchairs for Christy. He placed her at the corner of the table between himself and Julie. She was a little self-conscious at first, but no one except Susan paid her any attention. Susan couldn’t help staring at her in the chair. Tom set Christy’s plate down and all of her food was cut up for her this time. Instead of the usual silverware they all used, Christy got a smaller fork with a plastic handle that had a Disney theme on it.

After dinner and another diaper change for Christy, they all went for walk. The evenings were getting cooler and the girls were given light jackets. While they were out, they came across a small patch of cattails on the side of the road in a marshy bog. Susan and Christy grabbed one each, picking off little bits of fluff and blowing it at each other, giggling and laughing.

When they got back to the house, it was about eight o’clock. Julie took Christy upstairs for a bath. She hadn’t taken a bath in several years, always showering. She was a little apprehensive of Julie washing her at first, but ended up enjoying it very much. The water was very warm and full of bubbles, it made her skin feel so soft. As Julie cleaned her of the day’s dirt and grime, she felt like she was being massaged. It was wonderful.

After the bath, it was Susan’s turn to take a shower. She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous about the bath her sister had gotten. But that was okay. She wasn’t sure she’d want someone washing her anyways.

Tom helped Susan get ready for bed after she was done. It was only about nine, but she was tired and felt like going to bed anyways. It had been such a busy day. Julie brought in Christy to say goodnight and Susan couldn’t help but giggle. Her sister had been put in very thick cloth diapers for the night and they showed very easily through the light cotton footed pajamas Julie had put on her. Christy even thought it was kind of funny and giggled herself.

They said their goodnights and Tom and Julie kissed Susan’s forehead, turned on the shell, and turned out the lights. They left the door open just a crack. They headed down to Christy’s new room and Tom lifted her into the crib. They gave her a kiss too and put the side of the crib up. Julie turned on the player that was in the bottom heart of the end-board, and the nightlight that was just above the end of the changing table. They left her door open just a crack.

They went back downstairs and chewed the fat with Brian for a while longer before turning in themselves.

“Their cute.” Brian said at one point. “They sure do take a lot out of you though.”

They all chuckled at this.

“The girls have come a long ways, but I also think there’s still a ways to go yet.” Tom said.

Julie added, “Yes, but we’re definitely making progress.”

The three of them continued to chat. They had so much to catch up on. The day had started off a little shaky, but in the end, it had been yet another great day.

A filler chapter for the most part…

Chapter 20

It had been four days since Brian had arrived. He and Tom were outside working on the tree house. They had the platform for the floor in place and were placing beams underneath for support. They came inside momentarily to get something to eat and drink. The girls were eating lunch at the table, as Julie sat and talked with them.

She looked up as they came in and asked, “How’s it coming out there guys?”

“So far, so good. We have the floor in place. After lunch we’ll probably wrap that up and start the walls.” Tom said

Brain added, “Yup, it’s looking good. You girls will have your club before the week is out.”

He reached out and tickled Susan just under her arm as she went to take a bite of her sandwich. She jumped at the surprise attack.

“Hey!” She said as she laughed

The girl’s stomachs were actually beginning to get a little sore from all the laughing when he did that. Christy didn’t mind at all; she liked the attention. Susan, though she liked the attention, was starting to get a little annoyed with it. After a while, it got to be overbearing.

Julie said, “You probably shouldn’t do that while they’re eating, she could choke.”

Susan stuck her tongue out at Brian and continued to eat her sandwich. He chuckled as he went about fixing his own lunch. Christy had finished hers about five minutes ago and was waiting to be let out of the highchair. She was full and felt a little tired, letting out a rather drawn out yawn as she watched everyone.

Two new things had happened since Tom put the next phase in the crib’s player. She had lost almost all of her ability to control her bladder; often finding herself wet when Tom or Julie checked her, but couldn’t remember having to go. She didn’t really think anything of it. What she did think something of was the recent problem of controlling her bowels. It started two days ago. Like the wetting at first, it felt like she was going to go, even though she was holding it. She had a close call yesterday evening, and another one this morning. She didn’t mind wet diapers, but didn’t want to mess them. It would just be too embarrassing.

Julie caught the yawn out of the corner of her eye as she watched the guys fix their lunch. With as active as the girls had become lately, she wanted to start putting Christy down for short cat-naps. Susan probably wouldn’t want to, but she would at least have her take some time out.

As she started to get Christy out of the highchair, she said, “I think it’s time for a nap, sweetie.”

Even though she felt a little tired, she didn’t want to miss anything and said, “I don’t need one, Julie. I’m okay.”

She smiled and told her, “Nope, it’s definitely time for a nap. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards, trust me.”

Christy asked with pleading eyes, “Do I really hafta?” She thought maybe she was joking.

Julie said, “Yes, only for an hour or so. At least lie down and rest. You don’t have to sleep if you don’t want to, but I want you to at least rest.”

As she started to take Christy upstairs, Susan asked, “Do I have to?”

“You can if you want to, but if you don’t, you should at least take some time out and maybe quietly watch a movie or some TV.” She told her.

Susan said, “I think I’ll just watch some TV.”

Christy asked, “How come she doesn’t hafta take a nap? That’s not fair!”

“You don’t need to worry about what Susan is doing, she’s going to take some time out too.” Julie told her.

Christy let out a pout as Julie led her upstairs. After changing her into a dry diaper and a t-shirt, she helped her into the crib for her nap. Julie told her pleasant dreams, giving her a pacifier (they didn’t like her sucking her thumb when she slept, it often caused problems with the teeth), and then drew the blinds and walked out, closing the door behind her. Christy, contently hugging her stuffed teddy bear, was asleep only five minutes later.

Brian put The Lion King into the DVD player for Susan. She loved that movie, but always cried when Mufasa died, it was so sad. She grabbed one of the big throw pillows, a small blanket, and curled up in the recliner.

Julie came back downstairs and decided to watch the movie with her. She lay down on the couch as it began. Something started to tug at Susan’s thoughts as they smiled at each other. Something wasn’t right. At first she thought it might be the absence of her sister, but that wasn’t it. She didn’t know what else it could be, but something was missing. She looked over at Julie again and found herself getting out of the recliner. She stood in front of her with the pillow and blanket in hand, and Julie scooted back far enough into the couch so that she could lie in front.

As they got themselves situated, Julie covered her with the blanket and put her arm around her. She lightly rested her chin on the girl’s head and smiled to herself as they continued to watch the movie. Less than an hour later, Susan fell asleep. She felt so warm and cozy tucked next to Julie; she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

It was almost time to get Christy up from her nap, but she didn’t want to wake Susan doing so. She was actually rather surprised that she fell asleep. The girl could be very stubborn when she wanted to be, and she hadn’t wanted to take a nap.

Julie started to think about a few of the things she needed to take care of over the next week or so as Susan slept on. School was going to start soon. She had some paperwork to fill out and send in. She had gotten certified to home school when they first got Brian. Obviously, the girls couldn’t go to school in the regressed state they were in. Julie hated this part of it all. She would teach them certain subjects to a degree, but in the state they were in, schooling could only be taken so far. She needed to smudge some of the work she had to mail in until they were capable of doing it themselves. She couldn’t help but feel like some kind of shady, backhanded, cheater. It would only be for a year or so until they started bringing the girls back up to their respective ages. The only other consolation she got from all of it was that the ends justified the means. At least she hoped they did.

Tom came in and was going to ask Julie if she’d seen the small level anywhere. When he saw Susan sleeping with her, he smiled and whispered his question.

Julie whispered, “No, but did you check the utility drawer in the kitchen?”

They often threw their tools in there when they were busy and in a hurry. Tom started to go find out when Julie added,

“Would you please get Christy up? I don’t want her oversleeping. Tell her she can come down and watch the rest of this movie, but to be quiet.”

Tom nodded and went upstairs. He gently woke her up and got her out of the crib. After changing and dressing her in a cute one-piece and some socks, he relayed Julie’s message as they walked downstairs. She quietly curled up in the recliner, still carrying the stuffed teddy bear. She really liked that teddy. It was over-sized, super soft, and made her feel little. She had even named him Mr. Bear.

The girls went outside to watch Tom and Brian work on their girl’s club after Susan woke up. It was such a beautiful day; Julie put the girls in sundresses. They were so excited to have their club and wanted to help. The guys told them there wasn’t much they could do, but not wanting to make them feel left out, had them hand off tools as they needed them.

As the guys preoccupied the twins, Julie was taking care of some laundry. She sat there thinking that it would be nice to take the girls out somewhere fun. She didn’t like keeping them around the house all the time without going out once in a while. The trick, was taking them somewhere fun and safe. They could be dressed down while out, but now Christy was in diapers and that had to be taken into account.

She knew just where they could go, though. She smiled as she thought of the fun they’d
have. She would talk to Tom and Brian tonight, and surprise the girls tomorrow. She was pretty sure they were going to like where they were going.

(this one is dedicated to a good friend. you know who you are) Enjoy…

Chapter 21

Christy lay awake in her crib. She was supposed to be taking a nap, but couldn’t sleep. Tom and Julie had told her earlier this morning that they would be taking her and her sister out later this afternoon for a surprise. How was she supposed to take a nap without knowing what fun exciting thing they would be doing later on?

As she lay there, Christy let out an exasperated sigh. She couldn’t even get comfortable, let alone try to shut her eyes and sleep; she was too excited. Where were they going? What were they going to do? All three of the adults had seemed rather excited about it.

Christy rolled from her side onto her back as she let out another sigh. She was thinking about calling for Tom or Julie to come get her out. She just couldn’t sleep. They had made it very clear that she was not to get out herself, and if she didn’t sleep, then she was to at least lay here and rest until they came and got her. The worst part was, she had no idea how long she’d been in here now. There was no clock. It felt like maybe an hour, but it could have been less. She decided to try and call for them anyways. The baby monitor was on and they should hear her.

“Tom, Julie? I really can’t sleep! Can I please get up?”

Several minutes went by and no one came. She called several more times and waited. Still no one came. She let out yet another sigh of discontent and stared at the ceiling. This had to be the longest hour of her life.

On top of that, she was pretty wet now too. Normally, she couldn’t even tell she had gone, like when she was playing with Susan or off doing her own thing. When lying still in the crib, she could feel the dampness spread downward when it happened, making her butt wet. She found this to be a somewhat pleasing, but odd sensation. It was warm for a while afterward, but didn’t take long to agitate her.

Now there was a new problem. Christy had to poop, and for some reason lately, she wasn’t very good at holding it. She got up on her knees, holding the side of the crib as she called out for Tom.

“Tom? Can you come an get me please?”

She waited a minute before calling again. She tried Julie’s name a few times after that. Still neither one of them came upstairs. Now she was getting upset, she really needed to go. Why wouldn’t they come? She thought of shouting out why she needed them, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Tom was inside occupying Susan during quiet-time, with a game of go-fish. Julie and Brian were sitting in the swing seat on the front porch. It had been such a nice week for him. It was great to be home and the girls were just fantastic. He was feeling kind of blue though; he only had two days left before he had to head back to work.

“I wish I didn’t have to go.” He told Julie.

Julie said, “It’s been a nice week hon, but you still have two days. Enjoy them.”

Brian nodded. “This is true.” he smiled and said.

Julie put her arm around him, giving him a hug. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Brian said, “Okay, none of that mushy stuff!”

As she started to laugh, Christy’s voice came through the receiver that was clipped to her jeans. Julie listened only for a moment, hearing that Christy just wanted out of her nap. She knew she hadn’t slept at all this afternoon, hearing her toss and turn in the crib, but still wasn’t going to let her out until quiet-time was over. Julie looked at her watch, noting there was still 20 minutes left.

Her attention went back to Brian as she pointed a finger at him and said, “I’ll have you know mister, you’re never too old for the mushy stuff.”

Brian ginned from ear to ear. He loved Tom and Julie so much. If it weren’t for them, there was no telling where he might be today. He didn’t really understand that back then, but looking back on it now in his thirties, he truly appreciated what it was they had done for him.

He was about to give her a sarcastic remark when Christy called out again.

Julie said, “I don’t think she’s going to give up. Reminds me of someone I once knew.”

Brian looked over both shoulders as she stared at him. He pointed to himself with a questioning look.

“Who… me?” he asked and then looked away saying innocently, “Not me! I think you have me confused with someone else. Perhaps Josh or Alice?”

Brain smiled and held his index fingers and thumbs in a circle above his head.

Laughing, Julie told him, “It may be a halo now, but I seem to recall little horns holding it up. In fact, if you look closely, you can still see the scuff marks where they used to be.”

Christy had called for Tom and then Julie through the receiver several times. Then there was silence. Just when she thought the girl had given up, she heard her crying and calling out of grievance. Something had just happened and she’d need to go find out what it was.

“I’ll be right back.” She said.

Brian watched her walk into the house. He sat there for almost ten minutes before he went inside too. He wondered what had happened to Christy, she sounded kind of upset. In the grand scheme of things though, she had nothing to worry about. Everything was being taken care of for her. Brain, though very happy with the life he’d made for himself, momentarily missed the days when he had no worries except to be changed, fed, and loved by Tom and Julie. Smiling to himself, he went into the living room and sat with Tom and Susan.

Susan shot a mock look of menace as she laid down the eight Tom had asked for. He chuckled and put the card with his own into the pile of pairs he had going, which was a bit bigger than hers. This was the third game in a row he was winning.

Susan folded her arms and said with jest, “I think you’re a cheater!”

Tom laughed and told her, “I most certainly am not. I can’t help it if I can count cards!”

Looking confused, she asked, “Count cards?”

“Yes. Some people have the ability to know what cards are what based on their odds of appearing, keeping track of their appearance, and so forth.”

“I knew you were cheating! I knew it” Susan proclaimed.

Tom laughed again and said, “I was just kidding, Susan. I would never cheat. That’s a very dishonest thing to do. I want you to know that if I ever thought you were cheating, I’d paddle that behind of yours!” He was only joking about the paddling, but continued on, “Besides, I know your not cheating.”

He glanced at her pile, and then at his pile, and started laughing. Susan shot him another menacing look and giggled. In the back of her mind, she hoped he was only kidding about the paddling. She thought cheating was very dishonest too, but made a mental note never to cheat Tom, just in case.

Brian came in the room, and as he sat down on the couch, he reached out and pinched Susan’s knee several times, making her jump. She liked him a lot but was getting really annoyed at being tickled all of the time. She didn’t mean to, but before she could stop herself she reached out and slapped his arm as hard as she could. It didn’t hurt him much, but the look on her face said she was very serious.

Tom reached out and firmly gripped her jaw and cheeks, turning her head towards his. Susan stared into his eyes with immediate dread and remorse. She knew she shouldn’t have hit Brian like that, but the emotions had just bubbled up inside her. She felt bad, but was more worried that she’d now be spanked for it.

Tom sternly said, “Hey! We don’t hit other people, Susan. Explain yourself!” and let go of her so she could talk

“I… he…” she stammered, panicking and trying to think of something to say.

Tom, with a slightly raised voice, said, “I want an answer! Why did you hit him?”

She looked at Brian with pleading eyes, who then raised his eyebrow, waiting for her response. With the both of them staring at her on the spot, she couldn’t think. She thought for sure Tom was going to spank her now.

Tom patiently added, “If you don’t have an answer, the two of us can stay home tonight and discuss your attitude while they go out and have fun.”

Her mind reeled. She hated being on the spot like this. It made her blush.

“Because he won’t stop tickling me.” She finally said, being the only thing she could think of to say.

Tom said, “That’s no reason to hit someone. If you didn’t want him tickling you, you should have asked him to stop.”

“I’m sorry Susan, I didn’t know it was bothering you like that.” Brian added.

She looked down at her hands, feeling rather guilty.

“You need to apologize.” Tom told her

She looked up at Brian, almost to the point of crying and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you. I feel really bad.”

Brian gave her a hug and told her it was ok.

“In the future, talk to me if you want something. I can’t go around explaining to everyone that I got beat up by a little girl.” Brian said and smiled at her.

Susan giggled and gave him a hug. They started the game over, dealing Brian in, when Julie came downstairs with Christy in hand. Her eyes were still a little puffy from crying, and Brian wondered what had happened.

“You okay sweetheart?” He asked her.

Christy bit on her lower lip and squeezed Julie’s hand.

“She’s ok, she just had a little accident is all.” Julie told him as she squeezed back.

Susan glanced at her sister, wondering what was so big about that? She wet herself all the time now, what difference did it make? She was going to ask what the big deal was when it suddenly dawned on her what Julie had meant. She quickly went back to her cards, glad that it wasn’t her.

Wanting to change the subject, Julie said, “Maybe you girls would like to do something different with your hair before we get you ready to go. We have a while yet.”

“Yeah! And maybe we can dress the same and everything.” Susan added.

Christy perked up at this. She definitely wanted to try something different with her hair, but the twins absolutely loved going out in public dressed and looking exactly the same.

Julie said, “Well sure, we’ll get everyone wondering who’s who.”

“Jeez, I already have trouble telling you two apart. Now you’re really going to confuse me.” Brian joked.

The girls giggled. Christy suddenly wondered about her diapers. She didn’t think anything of them when they were here, but where would they be going? Would people be able to see them? What about if she needed to be changed? Where were they going to do that? She thought for a moment that maybe she didn’t have to wear them for the night. The only two problems with that were, she liked wearing them, and she needed them. She’d wet herself without them.

“Umm, Julie? Won’t people see me?”

Julie looked confused and asked, “See you? What do you mean?”

Christy pointed to the diaper under her shorts.

“Oh. No sweetie, I’ll make sure they can’t. I don’t think anyone will notice anyways, with where we’re going. Trust me, we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Christy smiled at her. She knew that wherever they were going, Tom and Julie would take care of her and do it quietly.

Tom and Brian turned on the TV while the girls started talking about their hair. They went upstairs to Tom and Julie’s bedroom to work on it. She had a vanity desk and mirror for the girls to sit at so they could watch as Julie did her work. They had decided on some simple weaves and ponytails this time around. The girls talked and giggled as they took their turns sitting in front of the mirror. They couldn’t wait to find out where they were going and kept trying to goad it out of Julie, who kept shrugging off their “sly” questions.

After their hair had been fixed to perfection, Julie took them both to Christy’s room as she picked out some of the more discreet clothes for them to wear. Susan saw her getting two of everything and would have objected to being put into baby clothes except that they weren’t really babyish. Two pair of baggy shorts, two pair of shirts with pink hearts on them, and two pair of pink socks.

For just such occasions as this, Julie had gotten spandex shorts to put on over diapers to quiet them. She went into the bottom drawer of the crib’s dresser and got them. As Susan got her clothes on, Julie got Christy dressed in hers. She took them both downstairs for the guys to see, who were blown away at just how identical these two were when they even dressed the same.

Thirty minutes later, all five of them headed out to the van. Christy asked her sister for the third time if she was sure she couldn’t see her diaper. Susan rolled her eyes letting out an amused sigh, and told her for the final time that no, she couldn’t.

Tom got in the drivers seat, buckling himself in. Julie placed a large duffle bag in the back of the fan, and then helped the girls into their seatbelts in the backseat before getting in up front. Brain sat down between the girls, reaching over to tickle Christy. She jumped at his touch and giggled. Susan held her breath waiting for hers, but he only looked over at her and smiled as he patted her on the leg. She smiled back but felt kind of jealous and left out. She knew he didn’t tickle her because of earlier, but couldn’t help feeling that way anyways.

They took

Saving Twins by Babyme (or Lilme)

Don’t know what everyone is going to think about this chapter, but I got it the way I want it and I’m happy with it, so here it is, enjoy…

Chapter 22

Tom looked around the tree house, satisfied with his work. If it hadn’t been for Brian, it might have been a lot longer before it was finished. It had been two days since his son left. He hated to see him go, but he had his own life now.

Tom ducked down and went through the door and out on to the small patio they’d built on. He gave the house a last look-over before heading down the spiral stairs that wrapped around the tree’s trunk. It was an impressive tree house.

Inside, Julie was supervising some arts and crafts with the girls in the living room. Christy was making a mess with finger paints and Susan was gluing together Popsicle sticks trying to make a pencil holder for Tom. Whenever she was out in the barn with him while he was working on his furniture, he was always looking for one of his pencils; he never seemed to be able to remember where he set it down.

Christy had no hesitation about getting into the finger paints. She found that fun and messy stuff like this thrilled her to no end. Julie set up plastic on the floor and a canvas for her to work on. She looked rather cute standing there in the protective smock that was put on her, with paint all over her fingers and a dab on her cheek. Her work was starting to resemble Mr. Bear. It was crude but the resemblance showed.

Susan, given the choice between finger painting, the Popsicle sticks, or elbow macaroni and glue, chose the Popsicle sticks. The finger painting looked kind of fun, but she couldn’t help but think that it was kind of babyish and let her sister indulge in that one alone. She was very excited about the pencil holder though, and couldn’t wait to finish it for Tom. In her haste to do so, she had gotten Elmer’s glue all over her hands and some on her play clothes where she tried to wipe it off.

Julie said, “That’s really pretty Christy, it looks just like Mr. Bear.”

Christy smiled brightly and said, “Uh huh, and I’m gonna put a red ribbon on him too. I think he’d look so cute, don’t you?”

“I’ll bet he’d be the most handsome bear in this neck of the woods, sweetie.” Julie told her

Susan grabbed another stick and squeezed some glue onto the ends. She placed it in with the columns she had going, and as she tried to get it to stick in place, the glue on her fingers stuck to the other side and kept pulling it back off. Aggravated, she tried to wipe her hands off on her clothes again.

Julie laughed as she watched this, and grabbed the tub of baby wipes she knew she would be needing. After pulling one out, she knelt beside Susan and wiped her hands off for her.

Reaching out and wiggling her finger on Susan’s nose, she said, “Silly girl, there’s more glue on you than there is on your sticks. What are you making?”

“A pencil holder for Tom. He can never find his pencils out there.” She giggled and said.

Julie thought this was the funniest thing she’d ever heard and laughed. Tom was often a little forgetful when he was in the middle of doing something. She would often make jokes about tying a string to the pencil and the other end to his shirt. She had tried giving him a pencil holder for his workbench, but he always set the pencil down somewhere else. He was so into what he was doing, that he didn’t remember where he put it when he needed it again.

Susan looked confused by the laughter and asked, “What?”

“Oh nothing sweetheart. He’ll love it, trust me.” Julie said, knowing Tom would find the humor in it.

Susan smiled and went back to work on her project. Christy was finishing the red ribbon on Mr. Bear and then tore off the page, setting it aside to let it dry. She was going to start on a new painting when Julie came over before sitting down again to check her diaper. After maneuvering through the smock and clothing, she felt inside the legging and felt that it was damp.

Julie was going to start cleaning the finger paint off of her, when Tom came inside. He smiled at the girls and said,

“Guess what, girls?”

“What?” They replied in unison.

“Your tree house is officially done! You now have your girl’s club.”

The girl’s faces lit up at this news, and an excited Christy started to make her way past Julie to go outside to see their new club.

Julie grabbed her back and said, “Whoa, little one. Not so fast. We need to get you cleaned up and changed first.”

Christy wiped her hands on her smock trying to clean them, and said, “I’m not wet, really. I wanna go see the tree house.”

“You are too wet and you need to be changed first, I don’t want that rash getting any worse. The tree house will still be there when we’re done.” Julie told her.

Christy thought about this for a moment and decided to just let her change her, if that’s what would make the rash go away she was all for it. Since the morning after they went skating, the skin around her inner leg where the diaper opening was, had been pretty sore.

She sighed at the delay and said, “Okay, but only if Susan waits for me.”

“I’ll wait.” Susan said, though she really wanted to go out right now and check it out.

Julie smiled and said, “There, see? They’ll wait for you sweetie. Now, let’s get all this paint off before we go upstairs.”

She undid the ties at the back of the smock and took it off, setting it down on the plastic on the floor. As Christy held her hands out, Julie took some wipes and went about cleaning her fingers and her face.

Christy said, “I can’t wait to see it.”

“Me too.” Susan chimed in

" I still get to come up as an honorary member even though I’m just a boy, right?" Tom smirked and asked.

Christy giggled and said, “Well, we’ll hafta think about it. We can’t have any boys accidentally seeing our secret girl stuff.”

“Yeah, how do we know you won’t run off and tell all the other boys what you saw?” Susan added.

Julie said with a wink to her husband, “Because if he does, he’ll have to answer to me. Who do you think runs the show around here? Certainly not some silly boy!”

Tom rolled his eyes and they all laughed. Julie finished cleaning Christy, and led her upstairs to be changed. Tom and Susan went about cleaning up the living room after he’d gotten the glue cleaned off of her. They almost got everything put away when he looked at the Popsicle stick container that she’d been working on.

“So what are you making sweetie?” He asked her

She said, “Well, I didn’t want you to see it till it was done, but it’s a pencil holder for your workshop out in the barn, cause you always lose your pencils.”

Tom laughed and Susan looked confused again.

“What?” she asked even more puzzled this time.

Tom picked it up carefully and looked it over as he said, “Oh nothing, hon. You’re doing a really great job on it so far. I can’t wait to put all my pencils in it.”

He would put it out on the bench with about 20 some odd pencils in it so that she’d see he was “using” it, but knew if he didn’t keep buying pencils for it, they’d all just end up missing anyways. Maybe now he’d finally remember to start putting them back in when he was done.

He chuckled and asked, “Are you going to color it or put some pretty designs on it?”

“I was thinking about that. Maybe I could draw some flowers or some trees or something.” Susan told him.

Tom carefully set the holder back down, gave her a hug, and thanked her. Susan beamed up at him; glad she had made him happy. Julie and Christy came back downstairs and the four of them went outside to see their new girl’s club. They absolutely loved it. The stairs spiraled around the trunk of the tree up to a small patio. As they hurriedly climbed up to the top, Tom put his arm around Julie and they watched the girls race inside through the door.

The inside was awesome. There was a small table with four chairs in the center. The door had a window with curtains on it; the other three walls each had windows and curtains as well. Against one wall was a set of shelves that didn’t have anything on it yet, and in the corners towards the back were two pink beanbag chairs. There was one light over the table in the center, which there was a switch for just inside the door.

“This is too cool.” Susan said

Christy walked around the table, looking around as she headed to one of the beanbag chairs. She plopped down on it and laid back.

She said, “This is way too cool. We can hang out up here and play house.”

Susan looked at her sister for a second. For a moment, the thought of playing house seemed a little too childish, but then quickly found that she liked the idea. It had been so fun when they were little. They could get some of the stuffed toys from her sister’s crib. As she started thinking about some of the other stuff they could bring up here, something fabulous occurred to her.

“You can be the baby, and I’ll be the mommy.” She said, excited.

Christy sat up and said, "Yeah! And Mr. Bear can be the daddy.

The girls giggled and ran back down the stairs and into the house. They thanked Tom as they ran by, who laughed and told them they were welcome. They went up to Christy’s nursery and grabbed all the stuffed animals, including Mr. Bear. Before going back out to their girl’s club, they grabbed some games and some odds and ends to play house with.

They played for a while before dinner. Each of them played their roles to the fullest extent. Christy loved being the baby, even though she pretty much already was one. She talked in baby talk, crawled around on the floor, and did what her “mommy” and “Daddy” told her. Susan and Mr. Bear looked after all the babies, fed them, and played with them. The girls giggled and laughed as they played their game.

When dinner rolled around, they put everything on hold and went inside to eat. Tom and Julie were happy to see the twins having so much fun out in their girl’s club, as they listened to all the details. After dinner Tom undid the bib they now put on Christy for meals, pulled her out of the highchair and took her upstairs to use the bathroom, followed by a change into a dry diaper. The girls went back out to their club to play some more.

A few hours rolled by and they were still playing. They had pulled out one of the game boards and had it set up on the table. They each sat in one seat, and Mr. Bear and another stuffed animal sat in the other two seats. Christy rolled the dice for her teddy, then moved his game piece five spaces.

She said, “Ut oh Mr. Bear, you’re going to jail!”

Susan giggled and said, “Yeah, do not pass go, and do not collect two-hundred dollars.”

“I’ll take his two-hundred dollars.” Christy said as she grabbed the money from the bank.

Susan grabbed her sister’s hand and said, “Hey, you can’t do that!”

“How bout we split it? A hundred for me and a hundred for you?” she asked.

Susan played it up as she said, “Well, as the banker, that’s not very honest… buuuut, I suppose since we both get some, it’s ok.”

The girls giggled as they divvied up the two hundred dollars. Coincidently, both of their piles of money just happened to be much bigger than the stuffed toy’s piles.

Susan was about to roll the dice, when she suddenly needed to pee. She still had trouble getting to the bathroom on time, but was too wrapped up in the moment to dash off and go. Less than a minute later, it got worse and she crossed her legs and started to hop in her seat just slightly.

Christy recognized the pee pee dance when she saw it, and said, “You better go potty before you have another accident.”

Four times in the past month, Susan had failed to make it to the bathroom on time. It wouldn’t have been that bad for her if they were just little accidents, but once it let go, she couldn’t stop it. She felt embarrassed, but more disappointed with herself for the lack of control. The last two times it happened, she had cried too. She couldn’t stop herself as the recently unleashed feelings overtook her. Having to go find Tom or Julie with the bottom half of her play clothes all wet as well as crying about it, only made the feelings worse. Even though they didn’t think anything of it, Susan was afraid they’d stick her in diapers; She didn’t want to be put in them, she was a big girl.

Susan said with desperation in her voice, “I know. I better go, I’ll be right back.”

“I’m gonna come in too, I wanna grab my paci.” Christy said as she followed her sister out. She recently started wanting it during the daytime periodically, as well as at night.

Tom and Julie were sitting on the back porch as the girls made their way up. Susan had all she could do to walk and hold it at the same time. With each step she took, the pressure became greater, and her despair rose higher. Tom could see the girl was in trouble and was about to get up so he could pick her up and run her upstairs. Just as Susan was up on the last step of the porch, her bladder let go and she felt her thighs and legs growing wet.

“Julieeeee.” Susan cried out as she blushed red and the tears started overflowing.

Julie felt really bad for her. The poor girl made it out to be a bigger deal than it really was. She tried explaining this to her before, hoping that she’d understand that it was ok, but the lack of control over her feelings always overrode Julie’s words.

As she made her way over to comfort Susan, she said, “Sweetie, it’s ok. Don’t cry. We’ll just get you all cleaned up and changed into some dry clothes. No biggie.”

Susan couldn’t help it, and she continued to cry. Julie took her by the hand and started to lead her inside. She looked at her watch and stopped in the doorway saying to Tom,

“I think it’s time to call it a night. Why don’t the two of you pick up the tree house, and when you come inside, I’ll have bath water running for the girls.”

Tom said, “Sounds good to me, my love.”

After they got upstairs, Julie led Susan into the bathroom to get the tub running. She fussed with the knobs to get the temperature just right, and then added bubble bath soap. As the tub filled up and the bubbles rose, she started humming softly as she peeled the wet clothes off of Susan, and threw them into a pile to take to the washer.

Susan had stopped crying before they came into the bathroom, but still felt bad about wetting herself. She was a big girl and wasn’t supposed to have accidents. She didn’t know what Julie was humming, but it was soft and sweet, and was making her feel better. She suddenly wondered if the bath was for her, as she was being undressed right here in the bathroom.

“Julie?” She asked.

Smiling down at her, Julie said, “What, sweetie.”

“Is that for me?” Susan asked, pointing to the rising bath.

“Yes, hon. I thought tonight that maybe we could save some time and water, and the two of you could take a bath together.”

Susan wasn’t sure what to say. She wasn’t opposed to baths, though she hadn’t taken one in years. She preferred to shower, discreetly, washing her own self. Now she was going to be in a tub with her sister, while Julie washed them? On one hand, what did it matter, they were seen naked all the time, and saw each other naked all the time. On the other hand, she was a big girl and could wash herself!

“But I can wash myself.” Susan said

Julie told her, “I know sweetie. You can take care of yourself while I take care of Christy if you want. I just thought with how much you two love to play, that you’d like to play in the tub.”

Susan couldn’t think of any other reason to object. She supposed that she wouldn’t really mind taking a bath with her sister. They did have so much fun together. Julie stopped the water, and motioned for her to get it. She got into the tub and sat down, feeling the very warm water and bubbles surround her. It felt really nice, and she let herself slide down and sink under, staying there for a moment as she held her breath. She felt Julie’s hand pull up on her shoulder and she came back up, wiping the water and bubbles back from her eyes.

Christy came bounding in from the nursery where Tom had gotten her undressed for the bath. She stopped when she saw Julie sitting on the rim of the tub, and her sister wiping bubbles from her face.

“I need to wait?” She asked

Julie said, “Nope, hop right in sweetie. You two can play for a while once we get all cleaned.”

Christy smiled and got in the tub with her sister. Julie handed a bar of soap and a washcloth to Susan, and grabbed the little pail next to the tub to wash Christy’s hair with. As Susan washed herself, Julie poured water over Christy’s head, and then grabbed the baby shampoo. Christy sat there with her eyes tightly shut so no soap would sting them.

Julie told her, “Be a good girl and hold the pail for me while I wash your hair, sweetie.”

Christy blindly stuck her hands out to grab the pail, and Julie handed it to her. At first, Susan felt a little awkward sitting in the tub with her sister. Now she was fighting off the overwhelming urge to slap the water with her hand, and splash Christy, who wouldn’t even see it coming. She finally gave into the urge and did just that.

“Hey!” Christy said as she felt the water hit her. She giggled and splashed Susan back, hoping she was aiming right with the pail in one hand, and her eyes closed. She must have hit her, because Susan suddenly moved, sloshing the water in the tub, and giggled.

Julie laughed and said, “Ok, ok, I think you girls need to wait until I’m done. I already took a shower this morning and don’t need another one.”

The girls laughed as Julie finished scrubbing Christy’s head. She took the pail from her and started rinsing her off. Susan grabbed the normal shampoo from the rack on the wall and began washing her own hair as Julie cleaned the rest of Christy. When they were all done, she left the girls to play for a moment while she went into Susan’s room to lay out her pajamas and a pull-up.

As soon as she stepped away, they started a splashing war. Water went all over the walls of the tub and some on the floor as they sprayed each other. Susan stopped and scooped up a handful of the bubbles, and then blew them at Christy. They giggled as a piece landed on her cheek right below her eye.

Christy flicked away the bubbles and gave her sister a cold stare, before she started laughing. Susan grabbed her feet and pulled her forward, causing her to slide down and under the water. She came right back up and spit out soapy water, coughing a few times as water and mucous shot out of her nose, which stung the way it does when you accidentally get water in there.

“Ewwwww. Gross!” Susan shouted as she stood up and hopped out of the tub.

Christy giggled as she tried to wipe her nose with the back of her hand. Julie came in to see what the commotion was about; who laughed and told them bath time was over when she saw what it was about. She called for Tom, who came in a few moments later, and handed him a towel. He went over to the tub, helped Christy out, and started to dry her off as Julie did the same for Susan.

Tom took Christy to the nursery to get her ready for bed, and Julie took Susan to her room to help her get dressed. She grabbed the pull-up and held it out for Susan to step into.

As she stepped in, Susan said, “It’s only eight o’clock. How come we gotta go to bed?”

“It’s been a nice day, the sun is almost gone, and Tom and I would like a quiet evening.”

Susan was about to make her argument, when a yawn escaped her.

Julie didn’t miss a beat and said, “See, you’re tired. Mommies know best.”

She smiled as she pulled the pajama top over Susan’s head and outstretched arms, quickly tickling her under the arm before she pulled down on the top. Susan squirmed and giggled.

She was almost asleep in the van the other night when she had called Julie mommy, and so had no recollection of it. She found the word to be odd as she thought about her having just said it, but let it slide out of her thoughts, as she got ready for bed.

Tom, in the nursery with Christy, was getting her ready for bed. He dried her off with the towel and picked her up, setting her down on the changing table. He pulled out one of the cloth diapers and an insert from under the table, and went about getting her diapered for the night.

Christy prattled on about how cool their girl’s club was as Tom applied the lotions and powders. He pinned the diaper in place and was putting on the rubber pants when Julie came in with Susan.

“Alright girls, say goodnight.” Julie said

Christy looked up and over from the changing table and said, “Goodnight, Susan.”

“Goodnight, Christy.” Susan replied, and then yawned again.

The girls smiled at each other, and then Julie led Susan back to her room to tuck her in. Tom got Christy into one of her sleepers and carried her over to the crib. He handed her Mr. Bear and was pulling up the side when she asked,

“I’m kinda thirsty, can I have a cup of water before I go to bed?”

“I’ll tell you what sweetie, I’ll be right back with something for you, then I’ll tuck you in.”

After about five minutes, Tom returned with a bottle in hand. He handed it to her and she stared at it for a moment, before popping it in her mouth as she laid back. It was apple juice. She contently nursed her bottle and hugged her teddy, as he tucked the blankets over her, turned on the player in the crib and the nightlight by the changing table. He told her goodnight and left her door open just a crack.

Both girls were asleep less than twenty minutes later. Tom and Julie spent the rest of their evening curled up and cuddling in front of the TV.

It had been another nice day for everyone.

Chapter 23

Susan awoke as Christy cried for Tom or Julie. This was the third time in the past week that her sister had managed to wake her up from the next room over. From what she could hear when this happened, it would seem that Christy had woken up in a not so clean state of condition.

It was four-thirty in the morning as Susan glanced at the clock on her dresser. She was awake now and wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. It was the annoyance of being woken up that kept her from trying. There was no point. She lay there and listened as Tom and Julie’s door opened, and one of the two started walking to Christy’s room. It would appear that Tom had gotten up this time; the heavier footsteps gave him away.

As Susan continued to listen, Tom started humming a soft tune and her sister began to calm down. She rolled her eyes as she thought that Christy was overreacting. Granted the thought of sitting in her own mess made her cringe, but this was happening more and more often. Wouldn’t her sister get used to it? All she wanted to do was sleep in for another hour before Julie would have gotten her up anyways. Now thanks to her sister, she was up earlier than she needed to be and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Susan rolled her eyes again as she swung her feet over the side of the bed and got up. She may as well go downstairs and watch some TV. She stopped for a moment, taking off her pajama bottoms to remove her wet pull-up. After tossing it into the garbage in the corner of the room she got her bottoms back on, turned off the shell, and walked down to Christy’s room. She lightly knocked on the door as she stepped inside, and breathed only through her mouth.

Christy looked up and over to see who came in. Susan could see her eyes were wet, red, and puffy. She was laying on the changing table with her teddy under one arm, sucking on her paci. Tom looked up from what he was doing, stopped humming and asked,

“What do you need, sweetheart?”

Susan asked, “Can I go downstairs and watch TV?”

Tom went back to Christy’s needs as he said, “It’s kind of early. You can’t sleep?”

Susan could feel the annoyance resurface as she said, “Not with her crying like a baby!”

Christy tightened her grip on her teddy as she tensed up. She couldn’t help it, waking up to that upset her. She knew on some level that it wasn’t that big of a deal, but couldn’t stop herself from crying as the emotions overtook her. She drew in a sudden heaving breath, and wished her sister would just leave her room.

Tom stopped what he was doing again, and looked sternly at Susan, “Hey, watch the tone of voice, young lady! I’m sorry your sister woke you up, but she needs attention. If you want to go downstairs and watch TV, do it quietly and keep the volume down. I’ll be down shortly to make you some breakfast.”

Tom went back to what he was doing again and Susan left the nursery, heading down to the living room. She couldn’t resist the urge to stomp on the stairs as she walked down. It wasn’t loud enough to cause trouble, but loud enough to let him know she was cranky.

She turned on the TV and lay down on the couch, blankly flipping through the available channels. There weren’t many these days, as the block they put on them only allowed G rated shows to get through. It was Saturday morning though, which meant that all kinds of cartoons would be on. She found the Power Puff Girls and stopped there; in the mood she was in, she was only half interested but watched anyways.

Tom came down about ten minutes later after he managed to get Christy back to sleep. He sat on the edge of the couch and leaned closer to her as she watched her cartoon.

“Was that really necessary?” He asked her.

“What?” She asked as she stared at the TV, feeling herself blush. She knew what.

Tom turned her head towards his and said, “All I asked was that you kept quiet. I don’t think it was necessary to trample down the stairs like that. Do you?”

Susan stared at him, hoping he’d move on when she didn’t answer. A few moments went by and the awkward silence finally prompted the response from her.


Tom said, “I don’t know what side of the bed you woke up on this morning, but you better get a handle on your attitude.”

Tom stared her down for a few moments longer before he got up and went out to the kitchen. He had the feeling that it was going to be one of those days. Christy was already upset this morning and Susan was pushing it. As he went about getting their breakfast together, he couldn’t help but feel it was going to be a long day.

Tom and Susan ate their breakfast. He tried several times to start a conversation and lighten her mood, but she only said as much as she needed to. She didn’t feel like talking, but felt bad about giving him the cold shoulder. It bothered her to feel this way, but didn’t know what to do about it. She couldn’t shake the feelings.

Susan went back to the TV after breakfast. A little while later, Julie came downstairs with Christy and they went to the kitchen. As her cartoon finished, Tom came in to take her upstairs to help her get cleaned and dressed for the day. After washing up in the bathroom, he helped her get into her play clothes. They went back downstairs and Susan headed back to the living room.

Christy had taken her spot on the couch and was watching a different channel. Susan got between her and the TV and grabbed the remote from her.

“Hey! Give that back.” Christy said.

Susan told her, “I was watching TV, and your sitting in my spot. Move!”

Christy stood her ground and said, “No. Julie said I could watch TV. Give me the remote back!”

Susan reached out to grab Mr. Bear from her, but Christy saw it coming and held on tight. They pulled back and forth on the teddy in a battle of tug-o-war.

“Let him go Susan.” Christy said desperately.

“Get out of my spot.”

Christy shouted, “Let goooo.”

At this point, Julie came into the room to see what the commotion was about. Christy had grabbed one of the end pillows and was hitting Susan with it. Tom had already told her about the mood Susan was in this morning, and figured whatever it was, was probably instigated by her.

When she saw Julie, Susan let go of the bear and Christy snapped back into the couch. She dropped the pillow and hugged her teddy, scowling at her sister.

Julie asked, “What’s going on in here?”

Susan looked down at the floor. Christy spoke right up and said, “She stole the remote from me and just tried to take Mr. Bear!”

Susan looked back up and quickly added, “Yeah well she stole my spot on the couch and I was watching the TV.”

Julie took the remote from Susan, grabbed her by the arm and sat her down on the other end of the couch.

“You stay there,” She looked over at Christy “and you stay there.”

Julie pointed the remote at the TV and flipped through the channels until she found the Looney Toons, and then put the remote in her pocket.

Julie told the girls, “I don’t suggest that either one of you starts in because the next time I have to come in here, my hand is going to be landing on bare behinds! I don’t know what got into you this morning, Susan, but you better shape up!”

As Julie walked out of the room, the twins stuck their tongues out at each other. She went back to the kitchen where Tom was still drinking his coffee and reading his paper. She sat down and sighed.

“What was that about?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know. Both of the girls seem agitated this morning.”

Tom and Julie had just gotten their introduction to the periodic fights that the girls went through. Like any siblings or best friends, the girls had their bouts from time to time. It was quite normal, but they weren’t used to dealing with two children at the same time and were new to it.

Tom said, “I hope it doesn’t go on all day.”

“It better not. They’re going to be sorry if it does. I’ve already warned them.”

Tom nodded and said, “Perhaps we ought to keep them separated for the day. Keep them busy doing their own things.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Julie agreed.

They continued to talk and finished their coffee. Tom felt like working on some of his furniture out in the barn and thought maybe Susan would like to come out with him. He went out first and made sure there were pencils in the holder she’d made for him.

Julie took Christy upstairs for a diaper change and to get her out of her pajamas and into some play clothes for the day. After Julie helped her down from the changing table, she went into the toy box across the room and pulled out a puzzle. Julie asked her if she could help put it together and so the two of them laid out a solid platform on the floor to work on.

Out in the barn, Tom was working on his chairs again. There were all done, but now he needed to stain them. He and Susan set up a table to work on and pulled one of the chairs over to start the staining. He got out some masks for the both of them, and an apron for Susan.

Tom said, “Lets see. Chairs… check. Stain… check. Brushes… check. One little girl who’s about to make a mess… check.”

Susan giggled as Tom smiled and helped her put on her apron. He went to the bench to grab the masks, stopping to hold up her pencil holder to show her it helped.

Susan grinned and said, “Pencil holder… check!”

“We couldn’t do anything without that!” Tom told her as he set it down and walked over with the masks.

He pried open the can of stain, setting the lid aside. He was about to hand Susan one of the smaller brushes and remembered he had forgotten the rags.

Tom said, “I almost forgot. Would you please run inside and grab a couple of the old rags in the laundry room, sweetie.”

“Okay” Susan said as she dashed off to the house.

She was pretty excited about helping Tom with the painting as she bounded up the stairs to the back porch. She thought it was pretty cool that he liked his pencil holder and was using it. She had taken extra time to paint some grass and flowers on the side of it and thought it looked really pretty. She was glad he liked it.

Susan made her way in through the backdoor and into the kitchen. She made her way into the hallway towards the laundry room and stopped when she looked up. Christy was heading right for her, who stopped when she saw Susan. The girls were face-to-face, and just stared at each other for a moment.

“Get outta my way.” Christy said.

Susan was about to do no such thing and told her, “No way, I was here first, you move!”

Christy decided she just didn’t care and tried to go around her sister. Susan felt like being a pain and moved in her way. Christy sighed and tried to go around the other way. Her sister once again moved in the way.

“Stop it!” Christy told her.

Susan asked, “Stop what? You keep moving in my way!”

Christy had about enough of her sister and started to barge her way through. Susan lost a few steps as her sister forced herself into her, but ended up in a draw as she pushed back. Christy stopped pushing and stood up.

“What’s your problem?” Christy asked

Susan simply said, “You!”

Tom was walking in through the backdoor to come in and grab some trash bags that he’d also forgotten about.

Christy tried to dart around her sister again. Susan moved out of the way but stuck her foot out and she started to trip and fall, reaching out and grabbing the straps on Susan’s coveralls. The girls went down together.

As she was being pulled down, Susan’s foot struck the small stand below the mirror on the wall. The vase on top tipped over and rolled off the edge of the table with a crash as it hit the floor. Shards flew everywhere.

She was about to push herself up off of her sister, when a hand gripped her arm and yanked her up. Susan gave a startled yelp and protested as he dragged her into the living room. Julie had come down to find out what was going on. She and Tom had both seen the whole thing and helped Christy up, making sure she was okay. After seeing that she was, she scanned the broken shards on the floor. The vase was given to her by her grandmother many years ago. It was a treasured keepsake.

Christy saw the look on Julie’s face as she glanced at the broken vase. She started crying and said, “I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me!”

“I’m not happy with either of you today, Christy. I saw your sister trip you, the vase isn’t your fault, but I’m still not happy with your attitude. If your sister is bugging you, then you should have come and got me and I would have dealt with it. Instead, you decided to add to the problem and that’s why I’m very disappointed in you right now!”

Christy stared at the floor and meekly said, “I know. I’m sorry.”

“I think it’s time for a nap.” Julie said out of hand, as she led her crying upstairs.

Susan started to panic as she realized what was happening. Tom was undoing the straps to her coveralls, and pulled them down when he got them unbuttoned. She instinctively put her hands over her butt as she stood there, and started shaking her head.

“Please don’t. I’m sorry. Please.” Susan desperately begged.

Tom grabbed one of her arms as he said, “You were warned about your attitude. We’re not going to repeat ourselves. What you did to your sister was foolish. She could have been hurt, as could have you. Luckily, neither of you were, but now Julie’s vase is broken. That was a gift from her grandmother and it can’t be replaced!”

Susan started crying as he grabbed hold of her other arm to keep them out of the way. He had her pinned next to himself as he started spanking her. She cried out and thrashed about in his grip as his hand repeatedly came down hard on her behind. It seemed like a long time before he stopped, though it was only about twenty seconds or so. It hurt more than anything she’d felt before, and her legs soon turned to rubber as she started to sob uncontrollably.

When he finished, he let go of her to pull the coveralls back up. She couldn’t stand and sunk down onto her knees. It felt like her butt was on fire.

Tom reached down and helped her back up so he could get her dressed. He held her with one arm as she cried and managed to buckle the straps on the clothes. He led her over to the corner of the room and put her in it. She had all she could do to stand, but managed after she leaned into the walls.

“Don’t even think about moving until your told.” Tom said.

He left her and went to check on Christy upstairs. Susan stood there sobbing. Her mind was racing with thoughts of how unfair all of this was. Her behind was throbbing and she reached around to rub it, quickly discovering with a small yelp that it wasn’t such a good idea. A few minutes went by and she started to calm down. She wiped her running nose with the back of her sleeve and thought that it was all so unfair.

She heard Julie come downstairs and go into the kitchen.

Julie went into the closet and grabbed the dustpan and broom. As she headed back out into the hallway, she could hear the occasional sob Susan made from the living room. She stopped and looked down at the broken vase. She was very upset at its loss. Her grandmother had gotten that vase from her grandmother. It was to be handed down to a grandchild in the hopes that it would remain a family heirloom.

Tom came down and saw his wife staring at the broken pieces. He felt really bad for her.

He said, “I can’t understand what got into those two today. I’m so sorry about the vase Julie.”

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have left it out where something like this could happen. I should have had it safely packed away.” She sadly said.

She knelt down on the floor and started sweeping the shards around her into a pile. She was struggling to keep the tears from spilling over as she remembered how happy her grandmother was to be passing it on to her, with explicit instructions to make sure it went to one of her grandchildren.

Tom said, “No, it’s not your fault. Your grandmother wanted you to enjoy that vase. She would have given you a piece of her mind if she knew you packed it away.”

He was trying to cheer her up. He had met her grandmother a number of times years ago before she passed away. She was a sensible, practical, and humorous lady who would have made light of this situation.

“I know. I just can’t believe it’s gone. I know I can’t have any biological children, but I had hopes of giving it to one of our grandchildren just the same. I can’t believe those two today!” She said.

Susan listened to all of this from the living room. She felt horrible. She didn’t know why she had woken up in such a bad mood this morning. She knew Christy waking her up was just an excuse. She started thinking about how rotten she’d been to her all day. Instead of being a “big” sister and cheering her up, she had been mean and looking for an excuse to get into it with her. Now as a result, this special vase of Julie’s had been destroyed.

She stood there thinking that if her own mother had left her something like that, she would be heart broken if something had happened to it. That thought made her sick to her stomach. She was beginning to feel really horrible about the whole thing. She couldn’t help but think about the poor grandmother who would probably be heart broken herself at what had happened. Julie had every right to be upset with her.

For the first time since she was ten, Susan was sorry. She was truly sorry. She understood that she hadn’t thought things through today. She understood that she was responsible for her own actions. She couldn’t blame it on her sister, she couldn’t blame it on things being unfair, and she couldn’t blame it on her circumstances for the past five years. She was responsible for her own actions, and she didn’t think.

Susan started crying again, the pain in her behind forgotten. She felt so bad for Julie. The vase was gone and she couldn’t take it back. She started thinking that if she were Julie, she’d probably want to send her away. Why wouldn’t she? She knew she had gone too far. She’d been sent away before, but the thought of Tom and Julie doing it really hurt. She loved them so much. It didn’t occur to her that it was an illogical thought, but she started sobbing and became hysterical as those thoughts racked her mind.

Julie finished picking up the pieces and stood up. They heard Susan start crying again. They were about to make their way to the garbage in the kitchen when they heard her getting hysterical.

Between the heaving sobs, Susan kept saying over and over, “Please… don’t… send… me… away… I… love you… I’m… so sorry!”

She was so hysterical they could barely understand what she was saying. They looked at each other and headed for the living room, Julie set down the dustpan on the table in the hallway. They were upset with her, but had no intentions of sending her away. They both knew something major was happening here and needed to talk to her.

They headed into the living room and Julie said, “Susan, come here.”

Susan didn’t move out of the corner. Every fiber of her being was racked with the overwhelming sorrow and guilt she was now consumed with. Julie walked over to her and pulled her out of the corner.

Susan turned around and hugged Julie, burying her face into her chest as she sobbed.

Between the sobs she tried to say, “I’m so sorry, please don’t send me away!”

Julie hugged her and held the back of her head saying, “We’re not sending you anywhere, Susan. Shhhh… just calm down.”

It took a few minutes, but she finally got her to calm down a little. She led her over to the couch and sat down. Susan sat down and cringed, having forgotten about the state her behind was in. Tom sat on the other side of her. Susan stared at the floor, tears still streaming down her cheeks. She kept drawing in heaving breaths as one does after they cry like that.

Julie looked down at her and asked, “Why would you think we were going to send you away?”

“I broke your grandmother’s vase.” Susan blurted out.

Julie said, “Well, I am pretty upset about that, but I’m not going to send you away over it.”

Susan cried and said, “But it was so special to you, and I broke it because I was being mean to Christy. I didn’t mean to, but it got broken anyways and I can’t take it back. I want to but I can’t and I’m so sorry. I don’t blame you for wanting to send me away.”

Julie reached out lifted her head so she was looking at her.

“Now you listen here, Susan. Tom and I love you very much. Yes, we’re disappointed in the way you’ve been behaving today, and yes, we are upset about the vase and the way you’ve treated Christy, but that doesn’t change the fact that we love you. Nothing you could ever do would change that. Do you understand?” Julie asked.

Susan heaved again and said, “But what about your grandchildren, they’ll never get that vase now, and it’s because of me.”

Julie said, “It’s not the end of the world, sweetie. I can always start over with something new to hand down. I still love you.”

Julie smiled at her. Susan was still unsure of herself and tried to smile back. Julie suddenly thought that now would make a great time to tell her what they had in mind. She wanted it to be a surprise, but this was something that could drive home what she was trying to tell the girl.

She said, “And guess what? If you have a child of your own someday, it could very well go to them.”

Susan stared back, confused.

“We were going to surprise you girls, but I think you should know that Tom and I have decided to fully adopt the both of you. The paperwork has already been started. We love you so much and are more than happy to have you as a part of this family.”

Susan started to cry again, but out of joy. She asked, “Really?”

“Yes, really! You still think we’re going to send you away?” Tom asked.

Susan smiled and shook her head, wiping the tears away from her eyes. For the first time since she was ten, she felt truly accepted and loved. She hugged Julie, and then hugged Tom.

She said, “I’m so sorry about the vase though!”

“We know you are, and we’re glad that you were able to see beyond yourself and consider someone else’s feelings, as well as knowing and owing up to your mistakes. That’s the mark of maturity and responsibility.” Julie told her.

Susan smiled and said, “I love you so much.”

Tom reached out to wipe the rest of the tears away from her face, and said, “We love you too, sweetheart.”

“Can we go tell Christy the good news?” Susan asked.

Tom said, “I think that’s a great idea.”

The three of them got up and headed upstairs to the nursery.

Although her behind was very sore, this was one of the happiest days of Susan’s life. She felt like she was going to bust at the seams. She and her sister had a family now. They were a real family again.

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Chapter 24

The sun broke over the trees as the morning progressed. Julie was up and getting dressed. She let Tom sleep in this morning as she left their room to get the girls up and ready for the day.

She walked into Susan’s room and over to the windows, drawing back the shades to let the early morning light in. Julie sat down on the edge of her bed and gently rocked the girl’s shoulder. Susan stirred, opened her eyes, and smiled up at her.

“Time to get up, sleepyhead.” Julie said as she smiled back.

Susan yawned, saying, “G’morning mommy.”

Ever since the twins were officially adopted several weeks ago, Susan had taken to calling them mommy and daddy. She liked the way it sounded and the way it made her feel. It just seemed so right now that they were a family.

Julie pulled back the comforter and sheets, which were covered with the Power Puff Girls. It seemed to be Susan’s favorite cartoon, so she’d gotten her bedspreads with the theme. What had really made Susan’s day were the footed pajamas Julie had made for her. It was getting pretty cool outside these days, especially at night. When she saw the cozy fabric covered with the Power Puff Girls, she couldn’t resist. She had managed to finish it a few days ago. It wasn’t like Christy’s, which had snaps in the crotch and nursery themes on it, but did have a zipper going from neck to ankle on the back side (Julie thought it would be amusing that the girl wouldn’t be able to get out of it herself). Susan loved it.

Susan swung her feet over and hopped out of bed. She started to make her way out of the room to go downstairs and watch cartoons until breakfast was ready.

Julie grabbed her back and said, “Whoa there, Speedy Gonzales. Lets get you out of that pull-up first!”

Susan stood still as the back of her pajamas were unzipped and said, “Speedy Deedee?”

“Run that one by me again?” Julie said and laughed, reaching inside Susan’s pajamas to tear away the sides of the pull-up.

“Dexter’s Lab, silly. No Deedees! 'Cept you can’t keep us girls out you know!” Susan told her.

Julie pulled the garment down and out, balling it up and tossing it in the garbage. She was zipping the pajamas back up and said, “I’ll just have to take your word on that.”

Susan giggled and Julie gave her a playful swat on the behind when she was done with the zipper to let her know she could go. She shook her head and wondered what ever happened to the simple cartoons like Loony Toons and Popeye.

“Be quiet out in the hallway, daddy’s still sleeping. Okay?” Julie said.

Susan, half-way out of her room whispered, “'k.”

After she’d left the room, Julie went about making the bed. When she was done with that, she turned off the shell and headed down to Christy’s room. The door was open a crack and she quietly went inside, turning on the lamp on top of the crib’s dresser. She folded down the side of the crib and sat on the edge of the mattress. Christy was sprawled out on her back; the blankets were bunched up to one side of her. She had Mr. Bear tucked in one arm, and her other arm was laying next to her on the mattress with her nighttime bottle cradled in the loose palm of her hand, which was almost empty.

Julie took the bottle and set it up on the dresser. She gently rocked Christy’s shoulder to wake her up. She opened her eyes and smiled up at her, bringing up her hand to cover her mouth as she yawned.

Julie said, “Well, good morning sweetie!”

“Good morning, Julie.” Christy said as she yawned again.

Julie playfully pinched her just under the arm, making her giggle and squirm. She smiled as she helped Christy get out of the crib and led her over to the changing table. Her nighttime cloth diapers were so thick that she waddled slightly as she walked. They were definitely necessary though, as she often woke up so wet that if she wore the disposables to bed, they would have seriously leaked. Especially now that she was being given several bottles before bed, and even one to go to bed with.

Julie helped her up on the changing table and laid her down. Christy looked up and around the table as Julie started undoing the snaps on the legs of her sleeper.

“Where’s my paci?” She asked

Julie grabbed one from the platform of goodies and placed it in the girl’s mouth, who put her head back down and hugged her teddy as she was being changed.

Julie got the snaps undone and pulled her feet out, and then pulled the bottom half of the sleeper up beyond her waist. She grabbed the waistband of the rubber pants and yanked them down over the diaper and pulled them off, setting them aside. Before unpinning the diaper, she bent over and blew into Christy’s stomach, making her laugh and kick her feet.

“Stooop!” Christy laughed and said, trying to push Julie’s head away.

Mr. Bear tumbled to the floor as she squirmed about. Julie gave her a couple more before she did finally stop, then bending over to grab the teddy and hand it back to her. Christy took the bear and sat him on her stomach, to ward Julie off.

“There, Mr. Bear will protect me!” Christy said through her paci, giggling.

Julie laughed and told her as she went about unpinning the diaper, “Mr. Bear and I are in cahoots, you know. He knows that if he doesn’t let me tickle little girl’s tummies, then he will get the brunt of my tickling wrath!”

Christy giggled again and with a look of disappointment, said to Mr. Bear, “Ohhhh Mr. Bear, say it isn’t so. You’d take a tickle for me wouldn’t you? All those times I carry you everywhere, and look out for you, and hug you, and kiss you, and play with you?”

Julie leaned over, her head right behind the teddy. She took one of the bear’s arms and shook it at Christy and said in a deep voice, “You’re on your own kiddo!”

“Heeeey! That’s not nice!” She said to her teddy, and giggled again.

Julie laughed as she set the pins aside and pulled the soaked diaper back. She grabbed hold of Christy’s legs and lifted her bottom up as she pulled it out from under her. She grabbed a few wipes and went about gently cleaning the girl up. When she was done she took a disposable from the shelf underneath, unfolded it, and lifted her up again as she slid it under her. Christy continued to play with Mr. Bear as Julie went about rubbing in the creams and powders, pulling up the diaper and taping it shut when she was done. She pulled the sleeper back down and got her legs back inside them.

As she was redoing the snaps, Christy asked her, “Can we have pancakes for breakfast?”

“I think that sounds pretty good, actually.” Julie said.

“With lots and lots of maple syrup.” Christy added.

Julie smiled and said, “And don’t forget the butter. That’s the most important part!”

Julie helped her get down from the changing table, turned off the player in the crib (which now had the holding phase in it as well), and led her downstairs by the hand. Susan was sitting in the living room watching Dexter’s Lab. She smiled at her sister as Julie sat her down next to her. The two of them watched TV as Julie got coffee ready and fixed the girls their pancakes.

Tom came downstairs a few minutes later, always woken up by the smell of fresh brewing coffee. He went into the kitchen after saying good morning to the girls. Julie turned around to hand him a cup of coffee. He took it from her, set it down on the counter, and took her into his arms. He leaned back against the counter as he embraced her, kissed her, and then stood there staring into her beautiful eyes with his forehead against hers.

A few moments went by and Julie smiled and said, “The girl’s pancakes will burn.”

She started to turn around to the stove and Tom pulled her back, giving her a deep passionate kiss. She ran her arm up his back and hooked her leg around his as she returned the gesture. She planted another soft kiss on his lips before finally getting back to the pancakes.

When the food was ready, the girls were seated and given their breakfast. Tom cut Susan’s pancakes into fours for her, and Julie decided to feed Christy hers. She tied the bib on her after getting her into the highchair, and sat down in front.

Tom poured a cup of orange juice into a plastic cup for Susan. Julie set down a sippy cup for Christy on the table of the highchair.

“Can I have more syrup please?” Susan asked.

Tom handed her the syrup. She took it and started to squeeze out a large portion. Tom reached over and took the syrup back.

He said, “You don’t need that much, sweetie. We don’t want you to turn into a maple tree!”

Susan giggled and spread it around on her pancakes. She loved the stuff.

Julie forked off a good piece of pancake from Christy’s plate, and fed it to her. She sat in the highchair swinging her feet, as she was being fed. Occasionally, a droplet of syrup would drip from the fork as it was being placed in her mouth, either getting on her chin, or the bib. She would wipe her mouth with her hand, only managing to make her fingers sticky as well as her mouth. Julie found this amusing as well.

The girls finished their breakfast and Tom took Susan upstairs to get her cleaned and dressed for the day. Julie took a washcloth, wet it with warm water, and cleaned up Christy’s face and hands before taking her out of the highchair. They went up to the nursery and She got her into her play clothes for the day as well.

Once the girls were ready for their day, they went outside to play in their girl’s club. They had all kinds of dolls and toys up there now. They loved their little tree house. They ran up the stairs and inside. Susan did a belly flop onto one of the beanbag chairs. Christy sat down with Mr. Bear at the table.

Susan stood up and asked, “You wanna play house?”

“No, lets do something else.” Christy said.

“Hmmm, we could go play on the swings!”

Christy got up and walked over to the shelves, grabbing the crayons and coloring books, and said, “Lets color.”

“Okay, but I get Winnie The Pooh!” Susan told her.

Christy sat down at the table with her sister, handing her the coloring book she wanted. For herself, she took the Disney book and set the giant box of crayons down in the middle of the table. Susan took a green crayon, and started coloring the grassy section of the page she had opened to. Christy took a pink crayon, and started to color in the dress on Minnie Mouse.

The girls drew in their books for most of the morning, talking and giggling about everything and nothing. Things had always been great here even before they were adopted, but since that time, things seemed even better. It was everything… the atmosphere, the way they were treated, the way they felt, the fun things they always did, the little things Tom and Julie did that you didn’t think about but added to the feeling. The girls were so happy and content here.

At one point, Susan had run inside to use the bathroom. She was determined not to have any accidents today, and so didn’t wait around when she felt she had to go. Christy went in to get something to drink while she waited for her sister. Julie checked her diaper and took her upstairs to be changed. After she was taken care of, the girls went back outside to play. An hour or so rolled by and Susan had a great idea!

“Hey, lets pick some wild flowers for mommy.” Susan said.

Christy said, “You know we’re not sposed to go beyond the edge of the yard.”

“Yeah, but it’s just to pick some flowers, and besides, it’s not like we’re going way out into the field, just right to the edge of it.” Susan explained.

“Well, okay!” Christy finally said.

The girls giggled as they skipped over to the edge of the yard behind the barn. They went out about twenty feet into the tall grass and started picking what was left of the wild flowers. Most of them were gone this late in the year, but there were a few left here and there. After picking an assortment of available colors, the girls headed inside to give Julie her handful of flowers.

The girls proudly held the bouquet out and Julie ooo’d and ahh’d over them. She loved that the girls did stuff like this for her; it made her day.

“Their so pretty girls, thank you!” Julie said as she took the flowers and headed to the kitchen to put them in a vase.

As the girls followed her out, Christy said, “I picked all the red ones, Julie.”

“And I picked all the orange ones.” Susan added.

“Well their just lovely. I’m going to put them right here on the kitchen table so that we can enjoy them while we eat!” Julie explained to them.

The twins smiled and started to head back outside. Julie said, “Speaking of eating, I think it’s time for lunch. Why don’t you two wash your hands and I’ll have some sandwiches waiting for you.”

Susan and Christy headed for the bathroom to wash their hands. Julie added, “And I’ll overlook the fact that you went beyond the edge of the yard, this time. It’s lucky for you I get all mushy when little girls give me beautiful flowers.”

The girls giggled and ran upstairs to wash up. They came down five minutes later and Tom joined them. The girls ate their lunch and chattered on. Tom and Julie laughed at some of the funny things the girls would say. As they finished their lunch, both the girls couldn’t help letting out the occasional yawn. It had been a busy morning as the two of them played.

Tom said, “I think you girls could use a nap before any more playtime.”

Neither of them argued the point. Susan didn’t often take naps but wasn’t opposed to it when she was a little tired. She always felt so good afterwards.

“You can take a nap with me!” Christy said to Susan.

Susan wrinkled her nose and said, “In a crib? No way!”

Christy said, “Come on, it’s not like you’re a baby, it’s my crib. You’re just takin a nap with me.”

Christy felt like snuggling with her sister was all. They were having such a good day.

Susan looked at Julie, hoping she’d say something that would get her out of it.

Julie said, “That’s up to you sweetie, we don’t have a problem with it as long as you girls take your nap.”

That was not the answer she wanted to hear, but gave up and decided to humor her sister. It wasn’t that big of a deal, it wasn’t like it was her crib. The two of them were taken upstairs after lunch. Tom helped Susan take her shoes off, and Julie changed Christy before taking her over to the crib. The girls lay there as the side was put up, and Tom and Julie told them to have a good sleep as they turned on the monitor and left the room.

Susan looked around for a moment. Things seemed kind of odd from this perspective. In a crib this big, it almost seemed as though she were really little. As she was thinking about this, Christy reached over and squeezed her nose. Susan gave her an odd look, and then tickled her on her sides. The girls giggled and played for a moment before they heard Julie yell up to them to settle down and close their eyes.

They did so, and were soon asleep. When Tom came upstairs to get them up an hour later, he stopped in the doorway and smiled when he saw the girls in the crib. Christy was hugging Mr. Bear from behind on her side, and Susan was hugging Christy from behind on her side as well.

Later on after the girls had gotten up, the four of them decided to take an afternoon drive. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day. There wouldn’t be many of those left and they wanted to take advantage of it. Tom lazily drove down back roads, showing the girls some of the older houses that had been built in this area long ago. Some of them were really beautiful.

Some of the leaves on the trees had started to change. The girls would point out a tree every so often that was speckled with the colors. At one point, they came on an open field surrounded by a fence. There wer

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At one point, they came on an open field surrounded by a fence. There were dozens of cows grazing right near the road inside the fence. Tom stopped the van and let the girls out. They didn’t need to worry about the way they were dressed, they were in the middle of nowhere and few cars passed by.

“"Mooooooooo!" Susan shouted at one of the cows.

It looked up, flicked its ear a few times, and went back to eating the grass. The girls giggled and started mooing at all of them. Tom and Julie laughed as they watched the girls.

“They sure do smell!” Christy stated.

“Not any more than you do sometimes.” Susan told her and laughed.

Christy put her hands on her hips and said, "Hey! I don’t smell that bad!"”

The girls giggled and went back to mooing at the cows. Tom and Julie got the girls buckled back into their seats after another ten minutes and headed on their way. As they were passing through a small town, they went through the drive-thru at McDonalds for dinner. The girls each got a happy meal. They ate and played with their new toys on the back seat of the van as they drove home for the night. After they pulled into the driveway and parked the van, the girls went up to their club to play and to eat what was left of their meal.

An hour or so later, Tom came out and told them it was time to get ready for their bath. The girls took a moment to pick up their club, and then went inside the house. They were being followed up the stairs by Julie, and could hear Tom getting the water ready in the bathroom.

Christy looked at her sister and said, "Last one in is a rotten egg!"”

The girls started running up the stairs even though Julie tried to tell them to walk. Susan ran to her room and Christy ran to hers. Tom shut off the water to the tub and followed Susan in to her room to help her get ready for her bath.

Julie went into Christy’s room to find her hopping on one leg, trying to undo the snaps to her overalls. She tried to hurry and lost her balance, falling backwards on her butt. After she caught herself on the floor, she sat with her legs pulled up to her as she continued to undo the snaps.

Julie laughed as she unbuckled the shoulder straps for her. As she started to pull the overalls over her head, Christy stood up and stretched out her arms. After they were off, Julie undid the snaps to the pink one-piece and pulled it over the girl’s head. She tossed the clothes aside and Christy started to bolt out of the room.

Julie said, "Hey, get back here!"”

Christy pouted; her sister was going to beat her to the tub at this rate. She ran back over to Julie, who quickly untapped her diaper and pulled it off of her. After that was done, she took off for the tub. She was half out of the door when she heard Susan shriek as she ran into the bathroom, having seen the competition was so close.

Tom and Julie came out of the girls’ rooms and quickly headed to the bathroom, nervous that one of the girls were going to slip and fall with the way they were running. Susan hopped in the tub with a splash, followed by Christy.

“Ha ha… you’re the rotten egg!” Susan said and stuck her tongue out.

Christy giggled and said, "I’ll get you next time. It’s not my fault anyways, Julie was too slow!"”

“Hey, I say, I say I resemble that remark!” Julie said, trying to imitate Foghorn Leghorn.

Tom laughed and told the girls, "I’d appreciate it if there wasn’t a next time. I don’t want one of you to fall and hurt yourselves.”

Susan washed herself and Julie took care of Christy. After that chore was done, the girls splashed and played in the tub until the water turned cold. The girls got out and let Tom and Julie dry them off before they headed to their rooms.

Julie took out another pair of footed pajamas and laid them on the bed. She got out a pair of pull-ups and held them out for Susan to step into. After she pulled them up, she tickled the back of her neck. Susan giggled and scrunched her neck back. Julie grabbed the pajamas and held those out for her to step into. After she got them on her and the back was zipped, she tickled her under the back of her arm. Susan giggled again and squirmed.

"I better not do that huh? I don’t want you going to bed wet!” Julie prodded her.

Susan pouted and said, “I think you got me and Christy mixed up!”

Julie laughed and said, “Oh I don’t think so. You might be able to fool strangers, but I know which one of you is which!”

She reached out and tickled Susan’s sides. She giggled again as she jumped.

Tom wrapped Christy in the damp towel and picked her up, carrying her to the nursery. He set her down and gave her a last once-over with the towel before he picked her up and laid her down on the changing table. He picked Mr. Bear up off the floor where she’d left him before the bath, and handed him to her. She hugged her teddy as he stuck her pacifier in her mouth.

Tom grabbed a cloth diaper and some inserts from underneath, and went about getting her ready for the night. As he was applying the lotions and powders, Christy started nodding off. She was very tired now. He pulled the diaper up between her legs and pinned it in place. He pulled the rubber pants over her legs and up to her diaper, having to lift her legs up in the air to get the bottom side all the way up over. Christy stirred and stared sleepily at him as he did this, then drifted back to sleep.

Tom grabbed one of the footed sleepers from the dresser. He picked Christy up and set her down standing up on the floor. She swayed slightly as she struggled to stay awake. Tom quickly got the sleeper on her and picked her back up to lay her down in the crib. Once he picked her up, she was back out for the count. After he laid her down in the crib, he finished buttoning all the snaps.

He was putting up the side of the crib when Julie walked in with Susan to say goodnight. Tom put a finger over his lips to let them know she was already sleeping. Julie took Susan back to her room and tucked her into bed. After Tom got the player in the crib on, he turned on the nightlight, left the door open just a crack, and went to say goodnight to Susan.

“Goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy!” Susan said and yawned. She was groggy.

Goodnight sweetie, sleep tight. And don’t let those bed bugs bite!” Tom said and kissed her forhead.

Julie said her goodnights and gave her a kiss. They turned on the shell, turned out the lights, left her door open just a crack, and went downstairs. Susan was almost immediately asleep.

The two of them spent a while out on the back porch, talking over a cup of coffee. Things were almost complete. It had been a perfect day. It’s not that every day was going to be perfect, but it certainly lent itself to the feelings they were experiencing right now. The night air was fantastic, the mood of the day had been right, and the girls had a great day. They were enjoying the moment.

It had been a perfect day!

Chapter 25

White. No, not white, but light. So much light Christy couldn’t see anything. She brought her arm up to shield her eyes but it didn’t help. Just as the intense light was starting to hurt, it began to subside. It faded to normal daylight, and as her eyes began to adjust, she looked around. She was standing on a highway. There was a hill to her right and a flat stretch of road to her left.

Christy knew exactly where she was and started to panic. She looked down the flat stretch of road looking for the car she knew was coming, but didn’t see it yet.

In previous instances with this dream, she didn’t know what was going to happen until it happened. It didn’t occur to her that she remembered everything this time around, or that it was daylight instead of night. She also wasn’t aware that she was dreaming, in either case.

As she stood there waiting for events to unfold in front of her, Christy started to cry. She didn’t want to see what was coming. She began sobbing as the fear and dread overtook her senses. She decided that she wasn’t going to watch anything and buried her face in her hands as she wept.

She said out loud shaking her head, "No! No, no, no! Go away!"”

She tried to will the scenario away with all her being. She could feel that she was still standing on that highway though, and a light warm breeze brushed by her.

She shouted, "I can’t take this anymore! Stop it!”

No sooner did she finish saying that, when a woman’s sweet voice drifted through the air from behind her.

It said, "Ohhh pumpkin, that’s all behind you now, it’s time to move on.”

Christy stopped crying and her head shot up from her hands when she heard it. A shiver ran down her spine. It had been a long time since she’d heard it, but she knew that voice anywhere. She spun around on the heels of her feet to face the house that was behind her. She stared in disbelief at the two individuals standing on the front porch.

It was her mother and father.

Tears began to stream down Christy’s cheeks again. She ran up the pathway and up the steps of the porch to the waiting arms of her parents. She hugged them both and sobbed into their arms. Her mother stroked the back of her head as she cried and told her everything was going to be alright.

“"I miss you so much." Christy sobbed.

Her father said, "We know honey, but we never left you. We’ve always been right here with you."”

"Tom and Julie are taking really good care of you two girls, and they love you very much."” Her mother told her.

Christy said, "I know, and I really love them too, but I miss you so much."”

She stood there staring up at her parents. Her mother wiped the tears away from her face, seeing that Christy was struggling with something. She really did love Tom and Julie, but felt guilty about it. She felt like she was betraying her own parents.

"It’s ok to love them, Christy."” Her father said.

Christy said, "I just didn’t want you to think that I had forgotten about you."”

“We would never have thought any such thing, sweetie. You and Susan should be so happy. You have a great home now, and two parents who love you as much as we do. It’s time for you to move on. It’s time for you to let go. It’s ok; we love you and know you love us. Her mother told her.”

Christy rested her head on her mother’s shoulder and let them hold her. She knew it was time to move on, but didn’t want to let go just yet. She knew she would always miss them and there would be times, like right now, when she wished they could hold her just one more time. There was Tom and Julie, and she knew now that it was okay to love them, to be loved by them, to call them her own parents.

Christy gave them one more final squeeze before she let go. She stepped back and smiled at her mother and father, the tears still streaming down her cheeks. They smiled back and told her once again that everything was going to be alright. She could feel the unconsciousness creeping back over her again, and thought to herself as she slipped back into the depths of sleep that everything really was going to be fine. She had her sister. She had her parents. She had a home. She had a family.

Tom and Julie were, as usual, up with the rising sun and getting dressed for the morning routine. It had been such a great day yesterday and they were looking forward to another one. Things were going so well with the girls, much better than they had ever anticipated. They were so open, free, and full of love and caring.

Julie put on her robe and slippers. Tom went out and down to Susan’s room to get her up for the day. Julie made her way to the nursery to take care of Christy. She wondered what fun and creative things they might possibly be able to do today. She thought perhaps they might be able to take them out into the field or the edge of the woods and collect some of the leaves that had started to fall. She could give them each a binder and some wax paper, and they could preserve the leaves and label them later, teaching them about the types of trees they come from and what they do. It was fun and educational.

Julie made her way into the nursery and over to the crib. She turned on the light on top of the dresser and folded down the side of the crib. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, she gently rocked Christy’s shoulder and told her it was time to get up.

“Wake up Sweetie. It’s time to get up,” she said.

Christy stirred and looked up at her, smiling. Julie smiled back and stroked her hair back from her forehead.

She said, "Well good morning sleepyhead."”

“Good morning mommy,” Christy said as she sat up and hugged her.

Julie hugged her back, pleasantly surprised by the sudden reference. Her day was already made. She picked up Mr. Bear and handed him to her. She smiled to herself as she helped Christy out of the crib and led her over to the changing table. As she was helping her up, Susan popped her head in to say good morning to the both of them as she made her way downstairs. A few seconds later, Tom walked in.

“Christy looked up and over from the changing table and said,” Good morning daddy.”

“Good morning, sweetie. Did you have a good night’s sleep?” Tom smiled and asked her.

She said, “Uh huh. Mr. Bear keeps them mean ole bed bugs away.” And giggled.

Tom reached out and squeezed Mr. Bear’s nose, and then tickled Christy as Julie began undressing her. She giggled and shook her teddy’s arm at him. He smiled and started to leave the room, to get breakfast ready for the girls.

As he was leaving, Christy said, "I love you daddy, and you too mommy."”

“I love you too Christy.” Tom told her.

Julie pulled her foot out of the sleeper and tickled it, making her giggle. She said, "I love you so much, I’m going to give you another one."”

She tickled her foot again and Christy giggled and squirmed. Julie went about changing her and getting her dressed again for breakfast. They headed downstairs and the four of them talked about the possibilities of the day as they ate. Things were finally as they should be. It was going to be another great day!