Seeking Reviewers


I’m a writer, and I’m trying to finish writing something I started during NaNoWriMo. I’d like some feedback on it, but I don’t feel like it’s very good right now, so I don’t want to post it here. I was wondering if anyone would like to take a look at it and see if it’s good enough to post to the story forums temporarily and get even more feedback as I revise it for publishing?

It’s great you want to improve and are seeking feedback. It might help attract potential reviewers if you said a little more about your story. Like what is your plot/ premise? Furries? Non- furries? Diapered males? Diapered females? Dommy-mommy? Sissy? Robo-nursery? Etc.

Diaper Fairies (not committed to that title yet) is one that I’m working on that I have not posted, and it has dom caregivers and sub test-subject.

The premise is basically an adult pre-college student signs up to be the guinea pig of a team of researchers to make her incontinent and treat her like a baby for a few days. I’m not really sure where I’m going to take the story, though, and as is the case with a lot of my work, I may need to work on characterization.

Oh, may I have a link to this story? I’ll give you reviews via PM on this site!

Do you intend to have magic in there? To what extent?

I think I recycled that idea into Little Experiments, and I have a few chapters posted on this site if you’d like to read them.

There are no magic elements in this one or the original, but there are sci-fi elements.

Unlike the original, though, Little Experiments probably isn’t officially publishable, as it takes place in a fandom created by someone else.

Ah, thanks for the information…out of curiosity, what sort of story do you seek to write after that one is done?

I was writing YAL, but I got side-tracked. Erotica allows me to explore really harsh topics without being judged for putting the character through awful stuff, so I’ve been hanging out here.

My usual work, though, outside of the stuff I post on this site, has misfit characters who are defeated by society in some way and then slowly re-learn what it’s like to be human, by things like maybe going to another dimension and having to become their hero or being taken in by the school bullies as found family and learning about how the world works, things like that.

I tend to be kind of “mean” to my protagonists because I don’t let them start out happy or well-adjusted; they kind of have to earn that.

This site lets me turn all of that up to eleven by not only choosing to abuse the character but by allowing them to get diapered and humiliated in various ways, but I should probably get used to writing normie stuff again.

Aaah, that’s an awesome writing ethos, a lot going right there!

Have you considered writing a main character who was defeated by society precisely because they won? They got what they wanted, they succeeded, but because of what society measures success by, they actually lose in all the ways that actually matter, and they need to unscrew themselves out of their trap (IE, start following their moral compass more and stop doing the bad things that they’ve been doing, even at the cost of their own personal success) before it’s too late and they lose everything forever.

That particular premise isn’t very close to my personal experience or preferred story type, but I have seen other works explore a premise similar to that. One kid-friendly one I can think of that kind of explores that topic is the kids’ movie Mega Mind.

I’m bothered that some of my readers don’t think I’m making the serious experiences/emotions in my stories realistic. Good writers draw from their own experiences, but I’m concerned that my readers don’t see my trying to create and tell realistic scenarios of abuse before moving on to the more fluffy stuff as communicating a valid experience. I wanted to write works that could speak to people, maybe not stories I post here, but in the other genres I want to tackle, but negative feedback on the scenes in one or two of my stories themselves has led me to question if I’m actually doing that or not. I don’t want to think I’m experience-blind, yet some of my readers are making me think that’s their impression of me.