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8 - Breaking Barriers

Emily’s bottom felt slightly more bulky than anything else as they walked down the hall. The price of absorbency seemed to be added thickness. But she’d been in it for so long now, that she wasn’t as irked over it than she was initially; but would still like to be dry again. The cool weather outside was working its magic as Emily almost felt a little chilly down below, yoga pants not being enough to protect her from the cold, especially when her own pee would eventually work against her and become cold as well; something she didn’t like to think about.

The nonexistent eyes she could feel ogling her slightly-pronounced bottom were beginning to be too much for one day. It felt like she was running on fumes at this point, longing for the safety and comfort they’d find back home. She could only make a silent prayer of thanks that nobody had found out what she was wearing…To her knowledge, of course.

Joyce had been sure to reinforce her little girl’s efforts today with only the highest of praise. When they were the only two to occupy the hallway, Joyce made sure to assume her motherly duties and give Emily a gentle pat on the bottom, causing the unexpecting girl to give a slight leap forward from utter shock.

“Hey….” Emily looked at Joyce with a telltale pouty face. Whether she intended to or not, Joyce tried her hardest not to crumble when she could see the slightest blush blooming on her puffed-out cheeks. As much as she wanted to respect Emily right now, it only made her want to tease her girl more…But she’d been through enough for today, she’d have to respect that.

“I’m sorry…” Joyce chose to rub her shoulder this time instead of her bottom. “I just want you to know I’m so proud of you…and grateful. You mean the world to me.”

Emily shuffled a little bit from hearing those words, still getting used to Joyce’s open affection for her. Deep down as she burned though, the sentiments were certainly not unwelcomed. “Th-…thank you….” Emily mumbled her best thanks. While it may have been easy for Joyce, openly expressing gratitude for the things she’d been put through was hard to tackle. They weren’t hated, but they weren’t exactly normal for the woman either. In a way Joyce had the easy part. She didn’t have to give up all responsibility, which was weird in a way to consider as a bad thing…

They didn’t prod each other any further in the hall, as they reached sanctuary once more and the inside was just how they left it.

Joyce was the first to re-initiate the conversation as she closed the door behind Emily. “So…” She looked expectantly at Emily, who upon sitting down had her face quickly transition from a look of complacency to one of shock and surprise.
Crap! Emily in the span of mere moments forgot what she was currently taped in, and could already feel her cooling bodily fluids be released ever so slightly from the thirsty pads she’d just squished from sitting. Trying to maintain her composure, she refocused back on what Joyce was getting at, which she had no idea was.

“What?” Emily tried to gather herself.

“I know today was scary, going out in your diaper and even using it…” Emily didn’t want to be reminded…But it stung less hearing the words from Joyce. “Do you want to keep going? Now that we’re home?”

It wasn’t something Emily considered, another blind spot she felt dumb for leaving so ignored. But even she couldn’t lie to herself when she knew today had been pretty exhausting. So many trials and tribulations to go out in public in a diaper…and use it…However…she looked at Joyce, her ray of sunshine that enveloped her further every waking moment…It was almost shocking to herself trying to come to terms with her response. Caught in the duality of being an adult and…a baby, which did she prefer right now? It was honestly starting to scare her.

In a way, it almost felt like it’d be liberating to stop being a baby for the day. It was honestly kind of hard to work her way into this kind of mood, but thinking back to yesterday from her cuddle time with Joyce she almost longed for it? That to her wasn’t a chore and was actually relaxing…And by being an adult again wouldn’t that mean she’d have to do more things? And if she was tired right now, why add more to her worklist? Was it okay to keep being babied by Joyce? It was so confusing! Emily didn’t know which to choose, weighing the growings pros and cons to each side, unable to make a decision.

She couldn’t come to an answer, and merely whimpered, “I don’t know…”

Joyce was a bit surprised at her answer. The girl looked to be actually struggling with the question and couldn’t find an answer. Had what they been doing have that much of an effect on her? In a way Joyce was glad Emily could warm up to something like this; it meant everything to have her little girl accept a role like this, but all the same she hated to see her struggle.

“Emmy…” Joyce bending her knees took both of Emily’s idle hands, calling her out of her internal dilemma. “Would you like it if I decided for you?” she gave her a reassuring squeeze.

It was her decision. Her choice that dictated her own life that she was supposed to be the master of. An adult who had made a living for themself, found a home, a boyfriend, learned to cook and clean and wake up on her own and get dressed. And yet, and yet, why? Why did it feel so rewarding to just let Joyce pick up the pieces for her? To let her guide Emily to wherever she saw fit? The sudden dependence within her left a small piece bitter, but it was overshadowed by the monumental longing to be taken care of. To be closer with Joyce.

In a simple nod, ready to try from her conflicted decision, she nodded. “Yes…”

“Okay then…” Joyce said in a quiet, matter-of-fact voice. “Chin up, then, my little kitten! We’ve got a diaper to get you out of.”

Emily couldn’t help but smile knowing Joyce had taken the reigns again, content in some way to just sit there and let her untie her shoes. Yes, she was acting like a complete kid right now, but Joyce was happy. And by extension, so was Emily.

Now in only her socks, Emily waited patiently for Joyce to take off hers, long forgetting about the diaper she was pressed into until Joyce guided her back onto her feet, feeling the slight added weight from her recent accident. She tried not to think about it though and kept her eyes and thoughts on what was happening right now, in this moment.

Back in Emily’s room, Joyce laid the girl down, her heart racing for knowing what was to come. This would be the fourth time she’d been through this song and dance, and she was only just beginning to show the slightest signs of comfortability with it. Heck, she was only awake for two of the three times it had already happened!

Off came the socks first, which revealed the girl’s bare feet, and Joyce making sure no barefoot in the house went untickled, resulted in the involuntary giggles and squirming coming from Emily. After enough pleading cries to stop, Joyce finally conceded and moved on to the rest of the procedure. The pants came next, leading Emily to blush a bit, still learning to be partly naked in the presence of Joyce. What Emily hadn’t expected next though was the shirt, leaving her chest bare, minus the bra.

“W-wait what? Joyce? I thought you were…changing me….” Emily found it hard to get the more embarrassing words out of her mouth, tapering off into a mumble, as she couldn’t even make eye contact with the person who had now the majority of her clothes in hand.

“Silly, I am changing you! But mommy needs to make sure her little girl is always clean, you know.”

The helpless and partly distraught girl couldn’t make heads or tails of what she was getting at. Every waking moment was always a surprise.
“What do you mean? You don’t need to take off my shirt to change a diaper….” It was hard to say the words with confidence again.

Joyce couldn’t help but chuckle as Emily struggled to connect the dots. It was always so cute watching her flounder in simple curiosity, just to feel and see her raw emotions be stimulated by shock and surprise, knowing they’d always settle into relaxation and comfort. The adventure could always be scary for her charge, but reaching the destination was worth every single second of it. Now that they were back home and safe, Joyce could relish in these moments, knowing Emily probably felt even more accustomed now knowing the indoors were not nearly as prying as the public!

“A clean diaper doesn’t always mean a clean baby, my wittle girl.” It was hard to resist the cooing now that they were alone, and the words made Emily squirm in a fuzzy way. “I think it’s time for someone to take a bath, don’t you?”

A bath? Well, Emily didn’t have a chance to use the bathroom that morning. In more ways than one. She did miss out on her daily routine, but if they were still in ‘play’ mode, then how was she…? Emily looked back to Joyce, red in the face for unspoken confirmation. Joyce only returned a loving smile as only the tapes tearing from plastic could be heard.

“Are you….going to…you know…”

Joyce finished the words for her. “Bathe you?”

Emily, flustered, quietly nodded her head.

“Well, I can’t trust you to be in the bathroom by yourself, right? Much less take a bath. Little Emmy needs mommy’s supervision at all times.” She rubbed Emily’s cheek at that statement.

The words made her feeling so little…so incapable of doing things by herself, meaning she had to rely on Joyce even more. While the talk and change riddled her with obvious embarrassment, the joy that welled up inside of her was unmistakable. In all this time she’d spent with Joyce, it all felt like grooming, for this kind of moment when she’d grow closer to Joyce like this. Emily didn’t know why she was feeling this way, but like in any other moment of uncertainty, she simply resigned herself to go with the flow.

Joyce collected her ankles in the air and slid the used diaper from underneath her, passively taking a look at how well-used it was. Unfortunately, Emily’s one accident was nowhere near to using up the entire thing…but Joyce wasn’t going to force the poor girl to sit in it. Not when she had only wet one for the second time. It would be a gradual transition of course, but Joyce couldn’t help but keep getting caught in her fantasies of the future. Emily had become her everything and she’d trade nothing else in the world for it.

“Alright,” Joyce stood Emily up and off the bed, who was currently only in a bra right now. “Let’s get you cleaned up now, hm?”

“You’re just gonna leave me naked?” Emily stammered in a weak protest, as her old habits kept one hand in front of her nether regions and the other on her behind.

“You can’t wear clothes into the bath, silly. Then they’d get wet!” Joyce intentionally misunderstood her words as she watched Emily fuss. It was clear though she was getting used to being naked around Joyce though, even if decency commanded her to hide her most precious parts. It was about pushing Emily a little bit further each time, though never too far outside her comfort zone.

“But I think mommy forgot one last thing to take off,” Joyce nodded over to Emily’s last piece of dignity. Her bra.

“C-can’t I just take it off in the bathroom?” Emily so desperately wanted to maintain any shred of dignity she could hang on to. Things were moving fast and she wanted some way to fight the tide.

“Emmy, honey, turn around for me please.”

Wordlessly, Emily followed her instructions, almost ready to cry from what was to come. Guided by Joyce, she knew it was okay on some level to be handled like this, but it didn’t make things easier. The adult inside of her was fighting now, but the more accepting part of her was clearly winning the battle.

“Shhh shhh, it’s alright. It’s just getting ready for bathtime, that’s all.”

Emily’s emotions weren’t ready for when she heard the click of the strap coming undone, now hanging lifelessly. Out of instinct, Emily took the hand that was covering her behind to support the unhooked garment she still had on. But slowly and gently, a second set of hands slid them off of her, leaving her chest bare and body completely and truly exposed. Reorganizing her efforts, now one arm covered her chest and the other her front. A bare backside was something she’d have to accept.

“Alright my little exhibitionist,” Joyce did her best to try and lighten the mood. “Let’s get somebody in the tub now. Don’t you think?”

“Mhm…” Emily’s words were few and far between now, taking all of her mental fortitude to stay composed. Even if she wanted to be okay with this, overwriting what trained instinct told her was a difficult task to manage. As loving as it was, Emily could feel Joyce watching over her, caught in a mix of happiness and fear.

Emily wasn’t budging though, trapped in her own internal dilemma again. Joyce almost let out a sigh, watching her little girl struggle like this time and time again. But from what past experiences taught, Emily tended to respond well with a little shock to the system.

“Does somebody want mommy to carry them as well?” Joyce whisked a yelping Emily into the air, as she quickly wrapped her arms around Joyce’s neck and waist with her legs. Her morals berated her and screamed indecency as her bare chest pressed against someone who was modest enough to be clothed, and for her crotch as well. It was even more of a bitter pill to swallow with her butt on full display. But to who? There was only she and Joyce in the apartment after all…

Burying her head from the shame, Emily in a muffled cry spoke. “Can you please let me down?”

“Maybe when we get to the bathroom,” Joyce replied. She didn’t like forcing Emily into situations like these, but it was the best way to get over the slump. “I know you might be a bit embarrassed right now, but you already know I’ve seen everything you have, right?”

A bit embarrassing didn’t even describe, but Emily knew there was truth to her words. Since day one excluding the diaper changes Joyce had changed Emily’s clothes the first time they met. She could remember it like it was yesterday; waking up in a nightgown and different underwear, no bra too. By that logic, she had no right to be embarrassed, but even then….

Joyce rubbed the small girl’s back while they made their brief trek to the bathroom. It felt short for Joyce but like an eternity for Emily. Every subtle movement and shift Joyce made while Emily sat there naked came back to her in critical and vivid detail. Down to Joyce’s hands, which supported her naked thighs and fingers that just edged on the cheeks to her bottom. She hated it as much as it started to become alluring to her; another step to the bonding process.

Joyce had already unlocked the bathroom before they left that morning, already planning to do something like this should Emily have wanted to continue. Honestly she didn’t expect it, but would have given herself a literal pat on the back for planning anyways. Had she not been occupied with a naked Emily, of course.
Inside and with the door closed, the warm and contained bathroom atmosphere enveloped Emily. The entirety of the apartment was kept well-heated, but nothing compared to being laid bare as soon as she got out the bath. It almost helped her forget the circumstances she was in right now.

“Could you…let me down now. Please?” The contact between the two had certainly been intimate but Emily wanted to collect herself. Joyce may have been a bit more accepting than her, but Emily was still getting accustomed to her new attire.

“Under one condition, hon.”

“What’s that?” Just from hearing the unknown terms Emily’s heart skipped a beat. What could it be? What more did Joyce want from her?

“If I let you down, you have to promise me one thing. I don’t want you to try and cover up, okay?”

No no she couldn’t be serious. This was too much! Emily didn’t want to be so exposed in front of the person she cherished so much. It felt…wrong. She didn’t know how she was supposed to get closer to Joyce, but this was a means she didn’t want to follow through with. What was natural was being challenged yet again and anything other than protest seemed impossible! Yet at the same time, all of their past moments came flooding back, contradicting everything she was trying to stand for right now, especially when Joyce first…pleasured her. Even now…it was just a compilation of everything she’d experienced thus far. She just wanted Joyce to make the bad feelings go away…

The silence had gone on long enough and Joyce started to coax. “Emmy, you should know by now shame isn’t something you should ever feel when you’re with me. If you want to feel sad, or angry, then sometimes that can’t be helped. But always and I mean always, at the end of the day, you’ll be my special little girl. It’s my job to keep you happy, you know? So far I’ve fed you, changed you, pampered you and more. You liked that, didn’t you?”

Once more Emily could only nod, letting the words talk her down from the ledge. This wasn’t manipulation, because even the rational side of Emily knew it was true.

“And now I need to clean you. You don’t want to be dirty, right?”

Emily shook her head. Everything came so simply when it was through Joyce’s words.

“No, of course not!” Joyce laughed a little. “There’s no need to feel embarrassed being naked around me sweetie. Embarrassment and shame aren’t allowed when I’m here with you, okay?”

Emily nodded once more, taking in the pure words of only acceptance and embrace, devoid of anything impure or negative.

Joyce cooed. “Good! Now if I let you down can you promise to be a happy little girl for me?”

She didn’t feel like herself anymore, not when Joyce talked to her that way. Everything felt so real, the way she was cared for and handled made it too believable to think otherwise. Emily wanted to cry from happiness right now. She’d still be a little red-faced, but she could manage if Joyce said it was okay.

One final time Emily nodded her head, and then she could feel Joyce’s grip loosen, announcing touchdown when Emily’s feet made a slight plop noise when they connected to the tiled floor.

“There she is! Right as rain!” And red as a rose. Joyce could see her tiny smile as she looked away, with a face as red as a tomato. She’d keep the last part to herself though. This was already more than perfect. Emily rubbed one of her arms uncomfortably with the other while she shuffled everso bashfully. Her heart felt ready to jump out of her chest the more she stood still. Doing as Joyce asked she tried her hardest not to cover up again; her breasts and privates on full display. But every time she’d sneak a glance at Joyce’s gaze, it was never a look of disdain, disgust or negativity. It was pure warmth. The acceptance was wonderfully heartbreaking, and it felt even the slightest bit more comfortable to be on full display, and realize there were no repercussions for it.

“Phew!” Joyce said in relief. “Had you given mommy any more trouble I might have had to get in the bath with you!” She ruffled the hair on the top of Emily’s head, a new sense of shock overcoming her.

What? Was she kidding? She had to be joking! Right? Emily quietly watched, beet red while Joyce started to fill the bath, speculating what it might have been like to bathe with Joyce. Just to imagine seeing her whole figure…W-w-w-wait! Get it together! Emily quickly chased the thoughts out of her head, trying to focus on the task at hand. It was an understatement to say she felt out of her element being naked in front of someone else, but needless to say Joyce’s casualness towards it was a godsend. Joyce always knew how to make Emily feel better and this moment only made her grow more trusting of the fact.

Joyce’s hand monitored the gushing water until it had reached the perfect temperature, catching the midway just between too hot and lukewarm. She almost felt a little sad, when the thought hit her. It wouldn’t be much of a bath without any bubbles or toys…damn! Joyce quietly chastised herself, a failure of a mommy who couldn’t even give her little one something to be entertained with. But…Joyce snuck a look at Emily’s bare backside once more, watching her longingly. Emily wouldn’t mind, she was easy to please. It didn’t make Joyce’s infraction any less significant, but on the surface Emily would be alright. That just meant it was another fun bathtime to look forward to down the road.

Gathering towels, a sponge, soaps, shampoos and an empty cup Joyce set up her workstation whilst Emily watched quietly nearby, still trying to sort through her own emotions.

Joyce set a towel for the amenities and another to kneel on. A much larger one was kept folded for Emily. “I know we didn’t get any food into you while we were out, so maybe we could have a late lunch?”

“Whatever’s fine…” Emily said, still trying to find her words.

“We could order out, you know?”

“Really? From where?” This caught Emily’s attention, out of both curiosity and a strange sadness. Takeout on any night was good, but a night without Joyce’s cooking was…questionable. Hence why she was having second thoughts.

“Sandwiches? Pizza? Sushi? I want you to pick for a change. Wittle Emmy gets to pick tonight!” Joyce fired her loving coos towards Emily, who kept her tingling feelings to herself.

It was the first time Emily actually had the reigns. She’d honestly been so used to being cooked such amazing meals that she’d partly forgotten what it was like to cook for herself. It was a little strange to realize that…“I’m not sure…Can I have some time to think?”

“Of course.” Joyce finished tying her hair up into a bun and rolling up her sleeves. Then for no reason whatsoever, she snuck over to Emily, giving her a warm hug. Of course in return it caused the naked girl to jump, still adjusting to her naked display.

“Wh- why are you…?” Not in a voice of protest, but general concern and curiosity.

“Can’t mommy hug her little girl when she feels like it? Or maybe I’ll have to tickle my way into one!” In tune with the build-up in her voice, Joyce’s fingers quickly scurried up and down Emily’s sides, resulting in an immediate squirm of thrashes and cries as she struggled to fend of the tickle tormentor. Somehow finding a chance to escape, whether it was a sign of mercy from Joyce she didn’t know, Emily bolted to the other side of the tub, trying to cover her sides from any further attacks. With a distraught look on her face, she could only watch the playfully vicious Joyce give her a motherly grin.

“Not funny…” Emily pouted, establishing a safe distance between the two.

“Awww…I’m sorry Emmy. I didn’t mean to chase you away!” Joyce opened her arms in a wide, welcoming stance. “Do you forgive me?” She did look genuinely apologetic.

Emily shuffled with uncertainty, trying to discern whether or not Joyce had a trick up her sleeve. But the hug did seem nice…so maybe…Carefully, Emily edged closer back to her former enemy, toe by toe, the only sounds in the room being the bathroom fan and the mini waterfall filling the tub. Within a few tile’s distance, Joyce slightly leaped forward, latching her arms around her cautious prey.

“Gotcha!” Joyce playfully shouted.

Oh no! Not again! Emily started to squirm, anticipating another tickle attack at a moment’s notice. Her earlier escape was starting to feel like a fluke though, because now it was clear Joyce didn’t want her wriggling away. But during her futile efforts, it became clear Joyce had no intents to attack.

The two slumped to the floor, with Emily overshadowed by Joyce’s larger figure and placed in her lap, returning the hug in the best way she could by latching onto her arms. Even if Emily’s cheeks were burning right now and she was naked, she was more focused on enjoying the moment.

A little more time passed until Joyce finally released Emily for good, content with their cuddling and judging it was time to turn off the faucet. The expansive tub was filled and it was time to get a certain somebody clean. Had she not taken a shower this morning she’d almost have felt obliged to join her. But that might be a bit too much right now…Joyce wasn’t sure how Emily would read the situation then.

Joyce clasped her hands together. “Alright! In the tub, missy.”

Already reminiscent of their hugging, Emily edged one foot into the tub, feeling the immediate shift in temperature as she acclimated to the near-hot water. It did feel good, certainly pleasant enough to wash the day’s fatigue and dirt away. Though, the last part was just added for effect. In Joyce’s care, there was no way Emily had even come close to a speck of blemish that would harm her shine. Even as they were separated right now in the flesh, Emily could feel Joyce’s emotions wrapping her in a pleasant, snug cocoon that didn’t want to let her go; and Emily didn’t want to leave.

Lowering herself into the rewarding bathwater with these thoughts was nothing short of bliss and sweet serenity. And to top it all off, Emily started to feel like puddy when she could hear Joyce’s hums follow behind her from ear to ear, indications of Joyce already getting to work.

“Does my little kitten like being pampered like this?” Joyce calmly spoke as she eased Emily further into the water, just enough to submerge her black and shimmering hair.

“Mhm…” Emily spoke in a quiet whisper. She was too entranced to fully give a response.

Joyce’s smile only grew wider when the ecstasy written all over Emily was emanating. Slowly, Joyce traced one of her fingers over Emily’s head in circular motions, dancing across her nape.

“Now tell me, what does little Emmy want to smell like? Lavender, lotus or peach?”

“Pick for me, please…” Emily quietly moaned, too busy enjoying the sensation from her scalp being massaged.

Well, if Joyce had ever thought Emily were in pure bliss, now would be it. She’d have to keep moments like these in mind whenever Emily might need a breather. But…Joyce was in the mood for peaches, she wouldn’t mind that smell moving around the house. Not that Emily could have ever made a wrong choice. Oh, just to dote on someone else who was willing was such an indescribable feeling! Emily…if only she knew how important she was.

Joyce doused the sponge in the bodywash, dipping it into the bathwater and helping Emily back into a sitting position, her wet hair hanging heavy, collected into a smooth mass. She watched as the wet hairs fell in line as they left the water; unperturbed by anything that touched them.

“Alright, Emmy. It might feel a little strange at first, but bear with me, okay?”

Emily absent-mindedly nodded as Joyce started to scrub with the fruity-scented sponge up and down her back, gentle with the utmost care in each and every up and down motion. Trying to relish every moment, the distant fact hurt that they wouldn’t be able to do something like this for a bit. A week in fact. Joyce felt a little selfish voice inside her head, entertaining the thought at what it might be like if Emily didn’t have to work at all. Then she’d always be here, ready for her mommy to look after her…No!

What was she thinking? It was just a simple fantasy. Nothing more. Emily was an adult, and even Joyce didn’t think Emily would want to surrender herself completely, and that was more than understandable. Besides, it wasn’t like Joyce could put her life down either. Yes, there was a very special spot reserved exclusively for Emily now, but right now that couldn’t be her everything. She couldn’t exactly stop working. Prestige came at a price.

This was only the second time they bonded like this before. Joyce was fortunate enough to have gotten this far and should already be grateful. Besides, it only had yet to get better and more rewarding for the both of them. Joyce settled her sights and thoughts on those moments, those which weren’t far off in the future. [HR][/HR]
A good hour went by in the bathroom, both Joyce and Emily soaking in every possible moment. Emily had certainly gotten a bit jumpy when Joyce cleaned her more…sensitive parts, but Emily let it happen nonetheless. Joyce carried on the conversation for the both of them, as the girl in the tub was simply too intoxicated to invest herself. Joyce scooped one last batch of water into the cup and let it trickle into a full-on pour over Emily’s head, washing the rest of the conditioner away.

“I know you’re having a good time, honey, but I think it’s time we get you out of there. I can’t have my baby girl turning into a raisin on me!”

Slowly being drawn back into the atmosphere of reality, Emily was sad to see the bathwater go, watching as Joyce opened their exit and the warm, steamy crowd flushed out. Immediately as the water level began to sink, not even the heated fan could convince Emily it wasn’t chilly. Trying to hang on for as long as she could, the water reached a point where she couldn’t fully submerge herself anymore and she was just teasing herself at that point. Standing up finally, there was thankfully Joyce with a towel she could have mistaken for a blanket waiting for her. It was a towel Joyce would sometimes use for her torso, going as far down to just above her ankles. With that size comparison, it might as well have been a blanket to Emily.

Draped in her robe Emily felt safe from the harsh temperatures yet again.

“There we go. Now she smells perfect!” Joyce gave her an exaggerated sniff as she rocked her from side to side. It was always fun when they could be together like this.
This was true. Even Emily was pleased with how she smelled. Not that it was bad before, but now a certain scent had been emphasized yet again. Earlier this morning it would have been the lavender Joyce powdered her waist in… As she sat there though, stewing in her thoughts, a sudden urge struck her, one that bloomed confusion and worry inside of her.

Just as a hunch, Joyce couldn’t help but think she saw a shift in Emily’s demeanor. “Something wrong?”

“Er….I…” Emily could feel the embarrassment coming back to her in troves and under a different mask. It was a new problem she hadn’t faced with Joyce before. To even consider mentioning it pushed what she thought could be the most shameful to new limits.

“Do you need to pee?” Joyce blankly asked, fairly hit the nail on the head. Of course Emily would still have trouble mentioning those kinds of things, so it was her job to draw them out of her.

“No…” Emily sheepishly tried to look in any other direction than where Joyce was. Knowing her, it probably wouldn’t take much longer to build from there. Peeing was one thing. So it was only logical next she’d guess…

“Is it maybe for something else?” Joyce danced around the exact words, trying to keep her girl in one piece.

Awkwardly, trusting in the time the two had taken to build such a stronger bond, Emily nodded her head.

So that’s what it was…Joyce almost bit the side of her lip, pondering over what to do. Messing was obviously too soon for Emily. Baby steps. And Joyce wouldn’t go to get her a diaper just to put her through that, no. It had to come much more naturally, not forced circumstances like this.

“Maybe Emmy’s ready to use the big girl toilet?” Joyce suggested, still trying to maintain the parental role. Keeping it in the realm of babying would surely resonate with her.

Emily’s heart found its rapid pace again as she realized Joyce was giving her a free pass on this one, which she couldn’t be thankful enough for. Emily couldn’t even begin to imagine the kind of taboo she’d commit to use a diaper like that. It was unthinkable.

Joyce stretched out her hand and guided Emily back to her feet, undoing the towel for her and letting it unravel on the ground. Naked again, Emily let Joyce guide her over to the toilet. But once Emily sat down, she couldn’t help but notice the pair of legs she wouldn’t look any higher than were fixed in place. Facing her.

“Uhm…Joyce?” Emily was a little afraid to ask, already expecting a certain answer.

“What is it honey?”

“Could I have some…you know…”


Emily let her head do the talking for her again.

“Emmy, you know I can’t leave you here alone. What kind of mommy would I be if I left you unsupervised?”

She responded in tears, as Joyce gave her yet another painful test. Everything around them faded away, until the only things that remained were Emily, Joyce and the porcelain throne.

“Please…” Emily half-mouthed not wanting things to happen like this. The pressure was building.

“Emmy…” Joyce got on her knees, lowering enough to catch Emily’s downward gaze. “Remember when I said you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed around me?”

“I know…but!–” Joyce quickly cut her off.

And, this is one of those moments sweety.”

“I don’t want to do this Joyce…Please let me go on my own…!”

Joyce came to a conclusion, dealing Emily with her ultimatum. She didn’t feel happy doing this, but just like before bathtime, these sorts of things took encouragement.

“Okay Emmy,” Joyce took her hands with Emily’s. “I’m not going to make you go potty in front of me if you don’t want to.”

Really? Did she mean it? Emily could feel an internal sigh of relief knowing she could be at ease now.

No! Why did there have to be a but?

“You have three choices, okay?”

Emily silently listened with attentive ears.

“One, you can use the toilet for me and I’ll make sure my big girl does a good job.”

Oh how she hated that idea. Joyce may have bathed her, made her pee herself, but poop?

“Two, I can get you one of your diapers, and you can mess in that, and show me you’re not ready for the toilet.”

Absolutely it was out of the question. She cherished the toilet far too much to do something like that, but a strange submissive part of her couldn’t help but laugh in glee at how she was being talked down to. It made her feel so tight in Joyce’s arms and so dependent!

“Or three, I can let you use the toilet on your own, but I leave and we stop this for the rest of the night.”

Option three…sounded the most ideal to her rational side. But then what? Emily hated to admit how their intimacy was growing on her and to know how she’d feel empty for the rest of the night was an annoying thought she couldn’t bear. She knew it was the most practical, and yet why couldn’t she bring herself to say those words?!

“I’ll give you the count to three. Okay?”

Three seconds? That wasn’t fair! How could she give her this bombshell of a dilemma and give her mere moments to decide? It was so frustrating! Emily loved what they had. There, she said it. But to put it at stake like this? Joyce always knew how to push her buttons, Emily was always in the palm of her hand…

“One…” Joyce wasn’t sure what Emily would choose. The mommy in her of course wanted option two, but both of them knew it’d never happen. Not now. She’d have to settle for option one, but even then Joyce had her doubts.

“Two…” To even let a second pass was a little shocking to Joyce. Could she really be struggling that much? Oh, how could she being doing this to Emily! She was a monster, putting her little girl on the fence like this. Forcing her to make such difficult decisions. She had half a mind to call off the deal and give Emily her private time with no repercussions…

Still maintaining her calm composure though, “Three…”

Before the next regular interval between seconds could pass a tiny voice broken the silence and her bubble of confusion and distress popped, when a flustered voice finally squeaked its response, “One!”

Joyce looked at Emily, her eyes sealed shut as if she couldn’t even believe her own words.

“One?”Joyce had to confirm. Yet again the small package had delivered her another surprise.

“Y…yes…” Emily trembled, knowing what it would entail. She continuously beat and berated herself trying to figure out what could have possibly urged her to go with option one, the very one she tried to get herself out of! But it hurt…trying to be honest with herself. Both she and likely Joyce knew she was starting become attached to this. She couldn’t let it go now. This wasn’t something she wanted to go through yet all the other fun things they’d do together is what she kept her eyes on.

Joyce kept her small doubletake silent as she beamed with pride for how brave Emily was being. It made her hate herself more for forcing Emily’s hand like this but at the same time was focused on pushing Emily’s limits. It was like stretching out a sock. Every time you try to slip it over something bigger, it starts to handle that much more space now. Slowly but surely Emily was becoming more okay with more demanding situations. Emily’d already made leaps and bounds, and she loved her all the more for it.

Emily took a deep breath, bracing herself for what was to come. Before she even started adding to the pressure her mind was racing, a crying fit ready to start again. She didn’t even know she could cry this much in one sitting. Her adrenaline was pumping and all she could do was sit still and hang on to her rock, each hand locked with the other.

Joyce found herself even lost in thought, quickly jumping back to the frontlines. This was no time to be spacing out. She had to be there for Emily, once and if she crashed…

Her body was clearly resisting, trying to convince her of the foolishness she was committing right now. Emily knew that all too well. Joyce was what kept her going though. Never in her life had she been so dependent on someone before, not even Jack. In the span of more than a week lingering feelings of attachment and inseparable sentiment were taking form. Why was she thinking about all these things right now? Being so close to Joyce? Naked on a toilet, going number two in front of the one person she wanted to be with the most. But it was alright, right? Joyce said so after all.

“You can do it…come on…In one…nice…biiig push!” Joyce cheered on her soldier who was doing the impossible. While Joyce never exactly wanted Emily to use the toilet when they had their mommy time together, the value in an experience like this was unmistakable. Right here, right now they were breaking down barriers, opening little Emily up to new possibilities.

Her muscles tensed as she could feel it coming, the mass inside of her would be let go, right in front of her. She was being watched used the toilet like she couldn’t be trusted. She was small…she wasn’t independent…

It didn’t feel real. The absence of privacy, a setting that had been commonplace for decades was now nonexistent. Removing something so crucial, so essential to the bathroom procedure was incomprehensible. Which is why when it finally released, when she finally pushed it all out, hearing the shameful, childish plop in the water announcing what she’d done for the whole world to know.

Emily didn’t make a noise this time, other than staring back at Joyce, her bottom lip quivering the everslightest with a look on her face that told Joyce even Emily didn’t know what to do with herself.

The lighthouse which called the ship back to shore though was that same, glowing smile. The one that always kept Emily from wandering astray, to lose herself in the darkness and despair. In this vast, unknown world Emily had just begun to explore, her guide waited right there for her with open arms.

“Good girl.”

It was Emily to initiate the hug this time, still partly on the toilet seat. She was disgusted with herself but she needed Joyce more than ever now, who was more than happy to oblige.

“I…Is th-that enough?” Emily sobbed into Joyce’s shoulder, forgetting about her still wet hair, dripping over Joyce’s shirt.

“That was perfect, Emily. You did plenty.”
The strength she had to do her business on the toilet was physically and mentally draining, having to contradict second nature as she knew it. Anything she had left in her body to support her muscles had been completely redirected to just hang on to Joyce.

Joyce reassuringly stroked her hair.“It might feel scary, but you did it and I want you to know how proud I am of you. I won’t force you to do anymore difficult things tonight, don’t worry. You just relax and be proud for me, okay?”

Emily wasn’t sure how proud she could feel right now, but in her scrambled state she could only nod yes over and over. She didn’t know whether it was to convince Joyce or herself.

“Don’t ever feel ashamed for using the potty in front of me, okay?” Joyce made sure they had complete eye contact now. “You don’t ever need to hide anything from me, okay?” While she was weak, Joyce would make sure to slip only positive reinforcement before Emily put herself back together. She only wanted Emily to feel good things; be happy about this.

“Mhm…” Emily kept sniffling, still exhausted from her deed.

“Now do you want to finish getting cleaned up?” Joyce didn’t pay the water blotch on her shoulder any mind.

Back to her quiet teary self Emily agreed and let herself be wrapped up again.

Joyce finished the hard part for her, using a blowdryer and dabbing her all over with another towel to get her nice and dry until not a single drop of water remained. And as Emily sat there lazily and blinked her eyes slowly it was hard to not see the wave of fatigue she was suddenly struck by.

“Is someone a bit sleepy?” Joyce poked. It wasn’t surprising after all she’d been through. She’d hardly even slept during the ride home.

Emily yawned in response, fast to accept the hold Joyce let her confide in. In a princess carry the world started to fade away, suspended in a coming dreamland. Joyce watched her hang there so peacefully and reflected on how vulnerable she’d become in the span of a single day. It was Emily’s way of extending her trust to Joyce, who would never trample on such a priceless treasure. Planting her lips on the top of Emily’s exposed forehead, she whispered a goodnight to Emily and held her still for a moment longer.

In a lowered voice though Joyce let out a sigh, watching Emily with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“Weren’t you the one that was gonna pick lunch?" She sighed, then smiled. "Guess it’s dinner now…”

Yay!!! I’m so happy you posted another chapter to this story. I love how slowly Joyce is easing Emily into her new role. Not to mention the level of apprehension Emily shows at every new situation she has thrown at her. This story is more believable than alot of the stories I’ve read. At least the progression of the story is.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words! And sorry for not replying sooner, it’s usually the post and get back to writing sort of thing haha. I’ve had a few people mention the pacing I’m going for and I suppose it’s to develop their relationship more and of course believably “break in” Emily. Although it tends to make the story a bit more lengthy, I think it makes the end product that much more fun to look forward to. I did multiple postings because I’m hoping to support all three on some level, or at least invest more time into each one when I have certain ideas I want to get down or at least build towards, without putting it in a setting where it’d be deemed inappropriate or not very realistic for the story/universe that’s been constructed. I’m glad you like it and there’s sure to be more!

Ooooooh! Another great chapter! Glad this story is back and that they’ll be future updates, hopefully soonish…? :slight_smile: Keep up the awesome work!

Hey, I’m still reading this. Just wanted to let you know, but I otherwise don’t have much to say.

Though, the one thing that I thought didn’t work too well was Joyce cheering Emily on while she’s on the toilet. It just reads in a rather patronizing manner, not at all encouraging or helpful to Emily’s struggle with embarrassment. Or at least, I feel it conflicts with Joyce’s otherwise “careful” manner of helping. How casual she was about Emily’s nudity really worked to help make it more comfortable; by contrast, highlighting the act of using the toilet–as she’s doing it–would be more likely a detriment to the building of trust.

Could just be me, but it just doesn’t seem to fit.

Anyway, I liked everything else, including the rest of that sequence. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and in regards to that sequence I can see how it can be interpreted in that way. The way I envisioned the scene when writing it was more to be more encouraging to Emily than anything else which always came off as Joyce’s plan. In terms of giving her the three options and putting Emily on the spot like that, it ultimately sets up for Emily getting used to being around Joyce in any way, shape or form. Reading it a few more times around I can see how the mood might feel off compared to the rest of the story thus far. Particularly the way I worded Joyce’s words and Emily’s internal struggle may not feel so in line with everything else. What I was hoping to go for was Joyce once again pushing Emily slightly outside of her comfort zone, and how to move further down the rabbit hole Emily is discovering more feelings about herself that are adding to her own personal excitement. The idea of her feeling small and dependent is becoming something that even Emily is attracted to, but I suppose a better job could have been done illustrating that scene. Joyce’s cheering wasn’t to attack or damage Emily in any sort of way but to add to the atmosphere that brings the two closer and eliminate that barrier of privacy between the two because they can be so close together like this and still be able to move forward. Always with Emily’s best interest at heart, I never intended nor plan to write Joyce into a figure that becomes intentionally harmful towards Emily or looks to wrongfully damage her.

I suppose what I’m saying is that I intended the scene to be another significant moment where they bring themselves together and further capitalize on this goal of earning each others trust and forgetting the idea of shame.

I hope that may have answered your question or provided any form of clarity. But I really appreciate you mentioning that note, because I hadn’t considered the delivery to that moment maybe could have been tweaked a little better. Thanks for your feedback and I hope you continue to enjoy reading!

9 - Behind the Scenes

She tossed and turned, stirred, tangling herself in her own hair as she shifted from pillow to pillow. The fact she’d even been moving at all was a sign the sleeping girl had just begun to properly enjoy the luxuries of a privileged lifestyle. When she finally came to, she let out an unintentionally unreserved moan as she stretched, letting the whispers of the waking world call her back from a deep sleep.

Emily’s eyes opened to face one of the many window panels adjacent to her bed, a slight parting in the curtains to reveal a night sky lifted by a bustling skyline. The room was dark, minus for the orange glow that came from the lamp on the nearest nightstand. Getting her bearings, she curiously rolled over to the other side, hearing a crinkle murmur underneath the covers. The clock read 7:27 PM, confirming her view outside.

One hand on the covers, she lifted them up to peer inside, following her shadowed torso, seeing she was now in the same monkey shirt she’d been in from yesterday’s play. What was more important though was the obvious medical diaper she was taped into; identical in every aspect as all her other ones had been.

Her heart began to shuffle just from recalling the recent events, remembering the toilet in the bathroom. But where was Joyce? Did she put her to bed? Emily started to recall how exhausted she felt from earlier, distant fragments about falling asleep in Joyce’s arms. The sleep still had yet to be shaken out of her. Only by moving around would she give her mind some clarity. Her silent thoughts remained unperturbed from the distant noise pollution that the countless flights separated her from.

With a yawn and rubbing her eyes, Emily idly spoke to no one in the room. “Where are you…Joyce?”

Sweeping her blankets to the side, Emily hopped out of bed, mildly attentive of how the diaper conformed to every movement she made. Looking at it reminded her of Joyce…specifically how it made her…her baby girl. A strange smile crept on Emily’s face just from thinking such things, but she tried not to lose herself in such gushy thoughts. Padding across the carpeted floor and to the nearly closed doorway, it revealed an illuminated hallway that lead to an even brighter living room. But in her brisk movements, Emily could feel the slightest breeze kiss the higher parts of her thighs, reminding her she was just walking in a shirt and diaper right now.

Had she really not noticed? Emily’s sleep-lingering eyes widened a bit at the unusual discovery. It would probably be for the best if she got some pants to cover up…But then a strange suggestion popped into her mind. Maybe it would be better if she…didn’t? The second voice in her head was just as shocking as her actions right now. Maybe…maybe Joyce would be happier if she didn’t put anything else on…Her heart thumped at the thought of doing something like this for her. Never had she acted out like this of her own volition. It was always Joyce who initiated stuff like this. No matter how much she tried to talk herself out of it though Emily couldn’t help but wonder if staying barely clothed like this would be for the better. Maybe this stuff really was rubbing off on her…As scary as it was, it meant she was that much closer to Joyce…

With a slower pace, Emily chose not to turn back and inched closer towards the kitchen. Her nose started to perk at the sudden smells that teased her. The scent was familiar, and for that reason she knew how delicious the food must have been to permeate such an alluring aroma. Trying to be as quiet as a mouse (or kitten, rather) Emily caught the sight of a busy Joyce, who had changed shirts since the bath and looked to be setting plates.

A sudden sense of mischief entered Emily’s mind, already bombarded with so many bold thoughts today. Carefully, she snuck up behind the turned Joyce, growing closer and closer…right until…

“BOO!” Joyce shouted, making a complete one-eighty as she tricked the trickster.

Clearly not prepared for the counterattack, Emily found herself to be the one jumping with a yelp as her socked feet slipped and her bottom hit the ground. The floor was hard and she could feel it too, a little upset over her massive blunder and for letting the tables be turned so easily.

“How did you know?” Emily tried to hide her aggravation while she accepted the two hands pulling her back to her feet. Joyce could only look down on her (literally) with a loving grin.

“Mommy’s intuition?” Joyce suggested, giving her a brief hug. Caringly she patted the diapered girl’s bottom. “Does your tushy hurt from hitting the mean floor?”

“No…” Emily said dismissively, finding herself already flustered once more.

Joyce couldn’t help but leave a slight giggle to herself. Emily had made an honest effort, but she’d already known the diapered girl was nearby for quite a bit. Even amongst the takeout food giving off its smells of chicken, meats and rice, that peach smell she’d spent so long rubbing into the girl was unmistakable. Not to mention her diaper crinkled louder for others than she thought. For the caring mother’s ear at least. Mother. Yes, Joyce was a mommy, and it made her giddy to even think about her realized dream. It made her even happier though to share these moments with Emily. Regardless, she wouldn’t tell Emily how loud she actually was, lest she leave her feeling more self-conscious. Speaking of which, Joyce’s eyes quickly scanned Emily’s figure up and down, who had chosen to stay in the clothes she dressed her in.

Seeing Emily stay how Joyce had dressed her pulled at the heartstrings in a way she couldn’t even begin to describe. It was adorable to think of Emily, wanting to be waited on hand and foot and being the master of only her own happiness, leaving the rest to her caring guardian. The further things moved along, it would make it that much harder to tear off the band-aid when the Sunday night would come to an end; and a week of prohibited intimacy would begin. They’d always have their cuddle moments, of course. But never could it reach this level when they’d be busy all day. She remembered first trying to envision Emily in the underwear she had first gotten her. It wasn’t ever sexual, but simply the act of it in how it suggested her shamelessness; willing to parade around the house however she pleased. It was those carefree feelings Joyce would hope Emily could come to learn and love. And watching her now, seeing Emily could put her padded bottom on full display; well, it made those wishful thoughts of Joyce that much more of a reality. Emily hadn’t known it, but her small plan to stay in just a diaper worked masterfully.

It was the delightful subtleties like this that worked to be the nuts & bolts of a contraption that could run flawlessly and beautifully. It was the little things.

“Since someone decided to have a late nap today,” Joyce spoke with heavy yet playful emphasis towards Emily. “Mommy decided to order for the both of us.”

“You could have woken me up to ask, you know.” Emily retorted. She was perfectly fine with Joyce choosing the food, but didn’t mind being woken up either.

Joyce had already started to pull out the white containers labeled with Chinese characters, acting as a thin barrier to the delicious smelling contents inside. “Nonsense. I expect you to keep a regularly scheduled nap, which you still had five minutes for by the way.” More like a mother, she spoke in a tutting voice, the kind that put Emily in a small space she didn’t want to crawl out of and only snuggle into. “It’s how you can keep up with such a busy day, you know?”

Emily conceded to Joyce’s absolute words, moving to get her plate until she was denied, having been told to take her place at the table. And of course it wouldn’t be a proper meal without Emily’s sippy cup, already filled with the sweet apple juice that catered to Emily so well.

“You don’t mind Chinese food, right? I know it might not be like I what I usually cook around here, but I think it’d be nice for a change.”

Emily immediately shook her head, hoping not to cause a misunderstanding. “No, this is fine! A night when neither of us have to cook is a good night, I’d say.”

“I’ll be sure to cook you something delicious tomorrow to make up for it, okay?”

Emily stammered internally for a second, trying to comprehend how this could have been a misdeed by Joyce’s thought process. She didn’t try to dwell on it too much though, as past experience taught it chalked up to her boundless generosity. Her kindness never seemed reserved around Emily. She’d never exploit the soft spot Joyce had for her, but to know she was that special made her heart beat fast.

Joyce had taken the liberty in serving the both of them as well, fairly distributing servings of chicken, rice, ribs and lo mein. In a way the slightly sweet and seasoned tastes reminded Emily of a simpler time, when she’d be lounging around her old apartment and couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger in the kitchen, but was enough to open a door and hand someone some money.

Equally enjoying the meal, Joyce sipped her glass of water while she washed down the food. Eating like this was nice every once in a while. In a strange way, it almost reminded her of how human she was, if you could even put it to that extreme. Even Joyce thought the reason was laughable, but there was something about indulging in cheap luxuries like this that made her feel like everyone else. A big house, high paying job and anything she could ever want a few calls away could easily go to someone’s head. She was proud of herself though, sporting the kind of mental fortitude that would keep her from ever having such delusions. But a reminder like this was still nice.

In an odd way Joyce almost felt a little cruel from pampering Emily like this. Not that Emily would ever become spoiled rotten, but Joyce feared if Emily got to close to her she’d feel these sort of feelings for being in high society for so long. It was like going from just raw shrimp to being dipped in cocktail sauce. The taste was so good you simply couldn’t just stop yourself at a moment’s notice. But if Emily allowed her to, Joyce would never let such a fate befall Emily. She’d do everything in her power to prevent her fall from grace and keep her happy.

“How about we watch a movie after we eat?” Joyce suggested in between bites of food. “A good way to send a little girl off to beddie-bye.”

Emily concurred, trying to not get so joyfully hung up on the babytalk. If she had kept doing that she’d be lost in her own thoughts all night. But with each word she could feel the bubbly feelings try to resurface.

“And I want you to stay hydrated for me, okay?” Joyce to emphasize her point had already taken Emily’s half empty sippy cup and returned it back to her once it was filled up again. “We can’t have you shrivelling up now, can we? ”

Emily by now had figured what she was more loosely referring to, the kind of situations that always left her feeling apprehensive and distraught. But the warmth Joyce always basked her in was starting to feel like it was enough to handle the similar sensation in her diaper. Just the thought alone already had her legs squirming beneath the table. Joyce’s attentive ear could pick up on it, but she decided not to call it to attention.

The house could have felt like a glass box at times. Because the apartment fell on a corner of the building it got the most spots to see the vast city from. Even in the kitchen, a glass panel spanned nearly from the floor to the ceiling across from them both, as the busy and bustling lights unapologetically disturbed the black night. She’d have to take Emily out on the balcony at some point, when one of those rare occasions would come and it wouldn’t be so windy. She could see the moment playing out in her head already, being able to expose her to a vast word of dynamic colors that gave off such a fierce glow as they faded into nothing, and the marching armies of cars as they bathed in the orange auras the streetlamps emitted… By day the varying lights from advertisements and buildings went quiet. And by night, well, needless to say it was a colorful and bright one. Seeing out of one of the windows may have looked spectacular, but being outside and so high up was on a whole different level.

“Mommy’s stuffed,” Joyce interrupted the silence, content with her daydreaming. “And by the looks of your untouched plate, I’ll assume you’re done too?”

Sheepishly Emily gave her a noise of confirmation, as Joyce already started to clean.

Excusing herself from her seat, Emily took a second to remember she was in a diaper once again now that it was brought back into view, but quickly doubled down on moving to the living room.

“Ah ah! And where do you think you’re going?” The sudden words froze her in place, and she could feel herself stiffen. What did she do wrong? Emily awkwardly gave a turn, with an unintentionally innocent look on her face.

Turning around, a sudden wet and cold piece of cloth was kissing her lips, or smothering the whole area for that matter. Out of reflex she backed away from it, but the washcloth closed the distance faster than she could make it.

“You know if you let me wipe your face you could be out of here sooner than you think, you know.” Joyce jokingly chastised.

Unable to realize her own foolishness, Emily couldn’t look Joyce in the eyes while her eyebrows were a dead giveaway to her emotions, letting her carer finish the job. Suddenly the diaper felt much more present around her waist, almost deeming something like this as appropriate.

“Free to go!” Joyce took Emily by the shoulders and spun her back around towards the hallway and with both hands made direct contact to her padded bottom with a loving pat. It wasn’t the force of her push that had Emily rushing, but it was the contact being made with her everso embarrassing underwear. Joyce could only giggle to herself when she saw the crinkly and flustered rump disappear around the corner. She knew Emily was enjoying this too, which made it feel that much more special.

Emily out of sight and with a reluctant hand slightly rubbed the back of her diaper, where Joyce had made contact. She touched it as if Joyce had left something there, but of course she didn’t. It only made her face redder though when she fully registered she was touching her own diaper. Feeling the plastic backing taped around her waist made it a bit too real, and could feel herself retreating into her shell again. But she wouldn’t. If she had made it this far…surely she could keep going for a bit longer.

Joyce followed not too long after, throwing away the empty boxes and storing what was left. She could see the black hair that rounded Emily’s head peak just above the couch and could see she draped over her lower half with a nearby blanket. Grabbing the remote and sitting herself right beside Emily, Joyce started to surf for movies. Nothing struck itself as really unique or special. It was all the same generic movie approaches that had the same washed-up tropes written all over them. So if that’s what it came to, Joyce decided they might as well go all in.

“How about this one?”

The selected movie was clearly a horror film, depicted with a severed hand laying still in a closeup shot. A strange bug was wrapped in between its fingers, as it seemed to compliment the title in some way reading as “Night of the Firefly.”

“Uhm…okay. This is fine.” Emily made her words quick and rushed. She scratched the side of her head out of baseless paranoia.

Joyce had given her a look of concern, already putting a hand on her blanketed leg.

“You know we don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to, right? We could pick something less scary maybe?”

“Wh-What do you mean?” Emily started off in a stammered voice, levelling it out into a partially brave front. “This is fine, really!”

Her efforts to overcompensate were as easy to read through as it was to look through a window. But, Joyce would indulge her if she wanted. Maybe Emily was just getting herself worked up. Maybe she even liked to be scared? Joyce hadn’t considered that last part.

“Okay then. Here’s your sippy by the way. Drink up, remember?”

Joyce grabbed the sippy cup from the coffee table and put it into Emily’s hands, who willingly accepted. She suddenly was feeling thirsty again, and was thankful for the cool drink to calm her nerves.

“Ready to start it?” Joyce already had pressed the ‘rent’ button and was ready to hit play next.

Taking a breath for herself, Emily gave her the nod and Joyce hit the ‘select’ button. Swiping away on her tablet that happened to be nearby, the lights in the living room had dimmed until they were totally lifeless, enveloping the room in a darkness except for the glowing tv and the lights from the nearby windows which realistically did nothing to illuminate the room. The light coming from the screen bounced off the couch and the two girl’s figures as they got comfortable. Joyce pulled a pillow over to support her posture as she partially laid on her side, with her torso propped up. Emily still sat like normal with her legs folded by her side on the expansive cushion, feeling her uneasy feet shuffle as they rubbed together. It was okay. She could do this. It was just a movie! [HR][/HR]
“Agh! What are you–AHHH!” The poor victim sobbed uncontrollably as she was dressed in cuts and bruises, who had just finished escaping her tormentor after being dealt a nasty gash to the side of her head. She had just escaped, and Emily’s heart cheered for the hopeless girl, but her escape was shortly cut off by the grotesque creature that sunk its pincers into her fragile neck and collarbone.

The screen had shrunk to half its size, for Emily at least. Her hands that covered her eyes split their fingers ever so slightly to satisfy the small part inside of her that wanted to be brave and keep watching, but it was a downhill battle. She’d given up on her juice at least ten minutes ago since things had become so tense in the movie; too afraid to reveal more of the screen whilst she snuck in a sip.

It was scary, and Emily was swimming in regret right now as her bladder became painfully tense. Suddenly the darkened apartment didn’t feel so safe anymore…who knows what could have been lurking in the dark? Ugh, yes she was an adult, but horror was clearly not her forte! For her entire life she strayed from the unsettling genre, so why did she think she could handle it now? She was a rock stuck in a hard place.

“Emmy,” The girl visibly jumped at the sudden sound of a female voice. The movie had reached a moment of peace, the calm before the storm, and the coincidence was simply too unnerving. But the distress on her face dissipated into relief when she suddenly remembered Joyce was at her side. “Maybe it’s time we stopped the movie?”

Oh so how much Emily wanted it to stop, but she couldn’t chicken out now, not when Joyce had already went and bought the movie! She wouldn’t be a buzzkill. That wouldn’t be fair. Her needless resolve could just keep the tears from the fear the movie struck into her heart from coming out. She was scared. She wanted to feel safe.

A hand from seemingly nowhere then made contact on her lonely shoulder, as Emily yelped from the unknown attacker! The tight pressure she was focused on holding cracked the slightest bit, making the tiniest spurt into her dry pad.

“Relax…” Joyce soothed, taking her eyes of the movie and stroking her arm. “It’s only just a movie. The monsters aren’t going to get you.” Clearly she’d been wrong about the possible thrill Emily might have been seeking for.

“I know…it’s just…” The words were difficult to express on how she could explain the fear of being caught by something that she knew wasn’t real. The irrational part inside of her for whatever reason wanted to make it real, or at least used that as a basis to make her tremble and shake.

“When you’re scared can you at least be a little more honest with me?” The movie reflected off of Joyce’s unwavering eyes, her full attention focused on Emily.

“O…Okay…I’m sorry…” Emily could feel another one of her failures being drawn out into the open, laid plain as day for Joyce to see. But like with each and every vulnerable moment she had, Joyce didn’t act on it. At least not in a cruel way.

The same hand that soothed her shoulder pulled Emily over to the laying Joyce and turned Emily into the little spoon in their positioning. The same arm then locked itself around Emily’s waist after adjusting the blanket she had to cover them both.

“Then at least learn to snuggle with me if you feel scared, okay? Mommy won’t let the monsters get you.”

The movie that had been tormenting her for the past forty-five minutes had suddenly lost its effect on Emily. Being wrapped in the strong, loving embrace of Joyce put her in a bubble that nothing from the outside world could pop. She was back in paradise again and it felt euphoric, just to feel the warmth radiate from the body behind her. As off-putting as it sounded, there was even a certain charm to when she leaned her head against Joyce’s plentiful chest. The mushy feelings inside of her that had started to take shape borrowed her lips for a brief moment, making a small voice just loud enough to hear over the movie’s suspenseful music.


Joyce could feel even her heart skip a little from hearing her. Leaning in a little close with an enchanting and hypnotic whisper to Emily’s ear she spoke.


Combined with the pressure Joyce applied to her abdomen, the bursting pressure she already felt down below synergized into an unstoppable force as she could feel the pent-up stress inside of her suddenly leak out of her in a bodily-liquid form. Emily couldn’t hide her exasperated gasp blended with a sigh as the hot stream of urine flooded her diaper. She tried to squirm, afraid of leaking on the couch no matter how much the thing could absorb. A life majorly lived in panties told her no matter what she’d stain the couch, but Joyce wasn’t letting go.

“Just let it happen. I’m here, so don’t worry…”

Emily silently cried for real this time as she sorted her difficult emotions. The scary movie was the least of her worries when she was so conflicted already; happy to be loved by Joyce but shocked to lose control of her still very-adult bladder. But as embarrassing as it was and unnatural it felt, consciously aware of the pee following the flow of gravity and seeping to one side of her diaper, the tiniest most miniscule and insignificantly small part of her knew it wasn’t as bad as last time.

“Good girl…” Joyce soothed when she could feel Emily start to settle down. The end of their Sunday night was nearing its end, and Joyce wanted to spend the last of their waking time interlocked together just like this. With the hand around Emily’s waist, she pat the front of Emily’s warmer-than-before diaper, making Emily feel even smaller on the inside. Her submissive instincts were writhing in joy and pleasure right now; a side Emily never knew existed within her, and was still unsure of it herself in these moments now. It was hidden away, behind a brick wall that Joyce brought a sledge hammer to every time they experienced some new form of intimacy together. It was only a matter of time until the bricks would collapse completely and the two could truly be enveloped in each other’s warmth.

In mere moments the atmosphere changed from a horror and a thriller to a field of rosy flowers and a shining sun, basking anything in its infinite gaze in a shower of positivity and reinforcement. The cherry on top was when Emily could feel a pair of lips press themself against her upturned temple. Had Joyce seen Emily’s face, it probably would have been one of the widest, most bashful smiles she’d ever seen on the girl. But the shift from the outline of her cheek told Joyce enough. [HR][/HR]
“There’s my sleepy girl,” Joyce cooed as she held the bundle in her arms, able to see the slight discoloration in her diaper. The tv was off and the night they wanted to last forever had finally come to an end.

Emily quietly stirred but the kind-hearted words made her gush.

“No more scary movies for you, missy. Got it?”

“Mhm…” Emily sluggishly moaned. Joyce was right. She suddenly didn’t feel the need to be so brave around Joyce anymore, because being scared gave her an excuse to confide in her protector.

“Now it’s time to get someone some shuteye,” Joyce explained in a motherly tone. “We need all our energy tomorrow to be a big girl.” The words made even Joyce feel sad to say.

Joyce carried Emily into her room, setting her down on the bed with care as she looked at Emily’s diaper with a sad expression. It was probably for the best if she took it off, to eliminate any unpleasant surprises in the morning. It’d be better to start Emily off in an adult mindset for tomorrow for when she went to work. Curse the weekends for not being longer! Against her maternal judgement, the room suddenly sounded with the noise of adhesives tearing from plastic.

“Try and stay awake for a little bit longer, Emmy. I just need to slip some big girl underwear on you.”

Grabbing her a pair of the luxury panties Joyce bought her so long ago, she snaked them up the drowsy girl’s legs who was too tired to worry about being naked. From a force of habit her fingers ran along the pantie’s waistline as if they were a diaper a doting mother would make sure fit.

“Goodnight Emily…” Joyce lowered her voice, trying not to disturb the sleepy woman who was fading fast. Pecking her on the cheek she made her exit, opening and moving to close the door.

“Goodnight…Mmm…oo……mmm…” Joyce had frozen in place from hearing Emily’s drunken mumbles. Between her murmurs her ears desperately wanted to hear what they think they did, believing Emily had just tried to call out to her. Not as Joyce, but as mommy. Trying to keep herself reserved, she moved into her office trying to not let her assumptions influence her emotions. Regardless of what she did or did not hear, it hardly changed the fact that this was one of the best weekends she’d experienced in a long time. In fact, it was undoubtedly the best. [HR][/HR]
The alarm buzzed rudely into Emily’s ears, who wanted to drop herself off the face of the earth and bask in the darkness she knew as sleep forever. Trying to put coherent thoughts together, her first order of business was sitting up to get her eyes open and stir the first embers of energy within her. There could never be “Five more minutes” with her on a weekday. Five would become ten, and ten would become twenty. Sleep was a dangerous game she didn’t want to gamble with, because whether it was with cards or Zs the house still always won.

“I get it, I get it.” Emily bitterly spat as she silenced the blaring noise trapped in the tiny box. She could see she kicked the blanket off herself last night, and with a bare leg and half her crotch on display she was still in the pink money shirt and now a pair of mismatching bright blue & white striped panties. They were so much more thin and felt relatively soft as well, but the same benefits weren’t as great to these than they were admittedly with diapers. Aside from the comfier cushioning (which she was still ashamed to admit), panties unfortunately didn’t come with the motherly Joyce that loved to fawn over Emily so much. Not that Joyce was ever distant, no matter what she wore; but when in her more childish underwear, both Emily and Joyce assumed a respective role that knew just how to satisfy their urges in the most pleasant ways. Some urges others were more honest with themselves about. But to temporarily forget the past and focus on the present, there was a more important issue at hand.

Coffee. [HR][/HR]
“Ms. Summers!” John Holland stood from his seat with an open hand. His hair showed the slightest signs of a beginning gray, as he fixed the collar to his fitted button-up, tucked into the waistline of his black slacks. “I’m glad you called me here for a meeting! But I have to say, you did catch me off guard when I heard Frontier wanted to do business with our company, BabyCare. The gap in targeted demographics it what I’m getting at I suppose!” he laughed.

“Mr. Holland, the pleasure is mine.” Joyce returned his shake while she was in a blouse, business skirt and heels. “I didn’t want today to be too formal,” she gestured to the near-empty restaurant they were in, basing it off of the professionally dressed bartender and diverse array of alcohol to be an expensive establishment. “Admittedly, I was hoping to relay a special order through you. For a client of mine. While it’s not through Frontier it’s still business all the same.”

Holland’s smile shifted partway into a tilted expression of curiosity. “Oh?” It seemed the misleading invitation didn’t have him annoyed or bothered on the surface, which was hopefully a good sign.

“I wanted to take this to the top of the chain because the order is so unorthodox, to say the least,” she explained. “They were hoping you would be able to put some furniture together for them?”

“Baby furniture? We already sell anything a parent could need, though?” Mr. Holland, a wise businessman still missed the point.

“Right, of course. But I suppose they were looking to get what you had except in a bigger form? To support someone of a bigger size maybe? If you understand what I’m getting at?”

“For…adults, I presume?”


“Ms. Summers, I can’t exactly put a one time order through for anyone that asks, even if they’re someone represented by your stature. As much as we are providers for consumers, I can’t exactly focus company resources for selfish reasons. Especially if it won’t be turning over a long term profit.”

This was expected of course. Even Joyce knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

“And I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Which is why I was wondering if you might have a prototype team on hand that could maybe carry this order out for my client?”

“Ms. Summers,” Mr. Holland began. “Although this meeting has caught my interest, and I would like to help you on a personal level to help this friend of yours out, but my business can’t satisfy the needs for a single person.”

“Even if price was no issue?”

“Even at that.” he sighed. He did want to help Joyce, regardless of it being a strange request. He didn’t want to worsen relations with a potential business partner that worked a field so close to his.

It’s okay. This was accounted for too. Money would still entice the man, but that was only a warm up to her true offer.

“Mr. Holland, Frontier from our long-term care beds alone we have experienced a widespread consumer response across the country from homes, nursing care units and hospitals. Internationally even. Without going into detail, the figures we experience annually from that alone turn profits over nearly fourfold what it takes to make them. Hasn’t BabyCare always been looking for an opportunity to extend itself into some similar markets you already operate in?”

That was natural for any business. But the things Joyce was mentioning had intrigued the man.

“Many of our medical care products receive countless awards and customer feedback as top of the line, pristine, and high-quality manufacturing for anything we sell. As it should be. A fun thing design team has been thinking of though is including a bit more ‘color’ to some of our products. Medical beds, crutches, walkers, braces, I won’t be the first to admit that all those things we sell can look relatively bland. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Mr. Holland already saw where this was going, but it wasn’t an unwelcomed direction. Out of respect despite her calculated pitch to downplay her own company Mr. Holland remained silent but still just as curious.

“We’ve already been having talks with the board, you know. But off the record, you didn’t hear it from me.” It wasn’t a risk to leak information like this, they’d be able to manage just fine without BabyCare’s helping hand. “Our statistics returned unsurprising results on how many of our customers that are in the younger age group and need these things are often disappointed by not the functionality but the look to them. And who can complain? Getting to the point, we were already preparing to come to you with an offer and buy an exclusive license for some of your company’s more popular mascots and characters.”
So that’s what it was. They wanted BabyCare’s designs and logos.

“Whether I came to you now or the board approaches you formally later this was still a plan in the works. However I wanted to come to you now with my own little request as a sign of good faith and prospect a healthy relationship. If you’re able to help me now for my friend, I will be more than happy to not only compensate you out of my own pocket, but also get some gears turning a bit faster back at Frontier.”

The deal was enticing. BabyCare had always thought of outreaching to other companies, but many of the larger shareholders wanted them to build larger hospital beds and the like from the ground up. But now they could have an offer on their front doorstep. Details would certainly have to be hashed out and final figures be decided, but the Mr. Holland could feel himself falling for the bait.

“Ms. Summers, if you need furniture to care for someone bigger than the size we retail to, wouldn’t your own company be a much better idea? Assuming this deal does go through, you could even use our designs for added effect.”

Joyce almost wanted to gag from the disgusting thought. Seeing Emily nap in a hospital bed with rails shattered the fantasy, and even mocked it. How was she supposed to feel small if she were being treated like a health patient? It seemed cruel, to both herself and Emily. For it to truly work they needed to be as genuine as possible. Superficial knockoffs with some cutesy designs on them almost sounded like an insult. Mr. Holland wasn’t at fault for suggesting something like that, though. He had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went.

“I tried to explain the same thing,” she lied. “But my client was pretty adamant on it coming specifically from your company. Or at least for it to be as genuine as it’d be for a normal child.” The illusion was fragile how Joyce was ‘asking for a friend,’ but she reserved the right to deny any direct accusations and she figured Mr. Holland wasn’t in a position to. The last thing he’d want is to upset a potential partnership.

“I see.” Mr. Holland looked to be considering something. Joyce tried not to get her hopes up. There were always alternatives if he refused.

The more Mr. Holland weighed his options now, the more it felt like it was possible to meet Joyce’s demands. He did certainly have a few experimental teams on hand, and he could always see to them being paid a little extra for their efforts if they kept quiet about what they were working on. Not that the contracts they had already signed wouldn’t cover that. The blueprints for the basics like a crib and presumably a changing table need only be upscaled, maybe switched out for some higher quality materials. He wanted to get off on the right foot with Joyce.
Some other things might take some modifications…but it was starting to look more and more doable.

“We’d need the measurements of whomever this is for to adjust to the right size and weight. I should have a group capable of pushing something like this out, depending on what your client might be looking for.”

Joyce limited her smile to one that reflected the content feeling of a successful deal, and not that of a doting mother. She could already imagine the countless things in her head that she wanted, how she could indulge in her fantasies the most. All the bits and pieces she’d need to get offhand would be more than doable. But BabyCare was the heart of it all, and she’d just gotten the keys to the kingdom.

With her hands in her lap she maintained her outward composure. “Absolutely. I’ll be sure to send you the details. And be sure to let me know what it comes to. Payment won’t be an issue.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Ms. Summers.” Mr. Holland shook her hand once more. “I look forward to doing some more ‘typical’ business with you and your company. And for simplicity’s sake have your client choose from our already available designs, please. The goal is just to make a larger version of what we already have, correct?” The business they did would be good, but none of it would ever compare to this moment.

“I’ll be sure to,” Joyce replied. “I’m glad we could come to an agreement, Mr. Holland.”

“I could say the same to you, Ms. Summers.”

Mr. Holland backed out his chair and stood up, getting ready to leave.

“Oh!” Joyce moderately exclaimed. “I know I invited you here for business, Mr. Holland but you didn’t expect me to send you on your way with at least a free meal, did you?”

Being in these professional situations often made Mr. Holland disregard the setting they were in, forgetting their original purposes. It had been a bit since he’d actually been invited out to lunch and actually would eat. The gesture was appreciated nonetheless.

“Sorry,” he tried to laugh it off. “Old habits tend to repeat themselves!” he politely sat back down. He didn’t have anywhere important to be, or at least didn’t want to go. Some part of him wanted to stay and invest time into this relationship, as despite the professional talk Joyce felt more like a friend even if she looked much younger than he was. The feeling was mutual though, as Joyce both appreciated him as a businessman and hopefully a contractor of sorts.

“But,” he interjected. “Forgive me if I’m being rude, and choose not to respond if you want. But why is it that your client wants baby furniture for an adult?” The question had oddly been nagging him, and he couldn’t figure out why.

“Mr. Holland,” Joyce took a sip from the glass of water a waiter delivered. “You should know better than to pry on one’s more hidden lifestyle.”

There was a moment of silence until Joyce laughed off the unneeded tension in the room, indicating that the mood was still intact.

“More importantly, I’m starving,” Joyce gave a relaxed sigh. “What looks good on the menu to you?” [HR][/HR]
Over forty-eight hours had passed since Joyce’s meeting with Mr. Holland, and she now found herself in a new setting that wasn’t unfamiliar. Parking the car and stepping out she closed the door and couldn’t help but feel excitement as her eyes sparkled with anticipation. It was Wednesday and they were halfway through the week. Emily and Joyce were as close and social as they always were come after working hours, but Joyce had been cunningly quiet about these errands she’d been running. Each and every box that would arrive at her apartment she was sure to hide away in her storage room and keep locked. She never figured Emily to go snooping, because she likely had nothing to be suspicious of but Joyce was still determined to keep things quiet. Emily knew Joyce would be returning to this stop at some point, but she didn’t know when…

The bell noise filled the room when Joyce walked inside as she could see her friend dealing with a different client at the moment. In the middle of their conversation at the front desk, Joyce could see her eyes shift from the person she was talking to her for just a moment and then back.

“It was good seeing you Jack. I hope the suit works out well for your party!” Amy waved as the man with his new set of clothing politely excused himself from the store. Until the opening and closing door finally came to a rest, Joyce and Amy eyed each other wildly in an impatient manner.

“Oh! Joyce!” Amy started to happily shout once it was just the two of them. “My head was just, bursting with ideas ever since you and Emily left on Sunday!” The limited capacity for imagination in her showed as she bustled about, possibly forgetting the pen she had positioned behind her ear. “I’ve rarely ever done something like this before and to revisit this kind of design was so much fun!” Joyce couldn’t muster in a word when her hands were joined to Amy’s. “Please tell me you want to make more outfits for her!”

Joyce was honestly a little shocked. She’d never seen Amy be so forward with a simple order like this. Sure it wasn’t run-of-the-mill but Joyce didn’t know business like this could have such a secondhand effect on her.

“I take it you had fun making them?” Joyce asked, thinking outside a few moments earlier that she was the one who was excited. How wrong she was.

“Definitely! Now come come! You didn’t come all this way to hear me boast, did you?” Amy hurriedly ushered Joyce into the back room where they always did business. The setting was similar to when they were here a few days ago, only now there were five mannequins lined up sporting……simply adorable clothing!

“This is…?” Joyce could feel her joy lagging behind the disbelief in her voice. Taking in the wide array of dynamic and colorful outfits.

“Each and every outfit I made was too much fun! Thinking of how I could emphasize this,” she tried to verbalize her masterful creation process. “childish, feeling in each and every small and little detail!”

Sneaking glances at each and every outfit, all simply too stunning to take her eyes off of, wanted to weep tears for her well-placed trust in Amy’s handiwork. They looked perfect!

“Let’s go through them one by one,” Amy started her along the end of the line and debuted the first one, which was unmistakably a pink and white-striped onesie.

“I wanted to go for a material that didn’t feel thin, but was soft and can stretch pretty well,” Amy explained. “There’s an additional lining on the inside, but this way she’ll feel nice and soft on the outside.”

Joyce was already gushing just from trying to imagine Emily in it, whilst she toddled and moved around the apartment. It would make their playtime into a reality, and there’d be no mistaking what role Emmy was in. It looked authentic, because it was. It was beautiful!

There was a splayed out collar to it, interestingly enough which Joyce made an observation of. There wasn’t anything wrong with it and in fact somehow made it even more adorable.

“The shoulders are also fitted to be pretty close to her arm size, so they won’t look baggy,” Amy tugged at the mentioned area. “As for the legs openings I rounded the edge off in with something a bit more durable. There won’t be any chafing and it’s actually a little squishy if you feel through the fabric, but it’ll hug her thighs well.”

Joyce gave it a test squeeze and confirmed Amy’s words, imagining just how content Emily would feel in these. What caught her attention next were the white pouches, one sewn on each side at the waist level. They were just large enough to maybe fit a hand in each of them.

“Are these pockets?” Joyce curiously asked. She had no objections to them but they were completely white unlike the rest of the design.

“Mhm! I figured Emily might want to have some way of holding on to a few things. Not much of course, since that’s your job,” Amy playfully jabbed, forgetting the restricted composure she had had last time they met, causing Joyce to blush when out of sight. “And at the same time she might just want somewhere to put her hands. So, do you like it so far?”

“It’s amazing.” Joyce could barely put the words together from how only one out of three different outfit styles left her already content.

“Good, I’m glad.” Amy was always happy to see the joy of her works rub off on someone else. “But I know you’re still probably wondering how you’re supposed to get this on and off of her. Well look no further and take a look at the back!” Finishing her mini speech, Amy spun the mannequin on its pivot to reveal the backside, which had three medium-sized white buttons arranged on the back, holding the flap in place.

“I made sure to leave some room in there beyond your normal panties, and the stretch factor should account for anything that might get larger. Emily shouldn’t ever feel uncomfortable when she lies on her back, which is why I went with the smaller buttons, but if she’s on a hard surface like tiles or wood you might hear some scraping.” Amy warned. Snaps would have been rounded off on the end to better combat this, but the buttons offered an unrivaled support. Amy demonstrated as she stretched open the slits and pulled them out from behind the buttons, whilst Joyce watched with fascination. Eventually she’d be doing the same thing, only for Emily.

“So, any questions comments or complaints? If anything I’d like to get Emily to try some of these on before they leave the shop…But I understand they’re a gift. They’re fitted exactly to my numbers though, but a tiny margin of error can always be pesky like that. She should be fine though.”

“No, this is perfect! You’ve done more than you needed to and the results are stunning! Are these all ready to take home?”

“Yep! I worked through day and night to see all these finished,” she sighed as the slight bags under her eyes became clear now. “But it was worth it,” she smiled. “It was a rush order, after all. And I couldn’t just let these things sit. I was just too driven to make them! But come on, there’s still four more outfits to show you!”

Joyce had already been getting ahead of the fashion show by looking at the green alteration. It was identical in every way except for the button stitching and pink, which had been swapped with a mint green. Here Joyce had no complaints at all either. But it was the next double set that things started to look different.

“And these,” the two walked over to stand right in front of them. “Are her sleepers!”

Rather than stopping at just the upper half of the body, the sleeper took full use of it. Amy had stuck to a similar color scheme to match the duo, as Joyce stared at the light pink adult-sized sleeper that stopped itself at the hands, feet, and crept slightly up the neck. On all the ends their material cuffed as it hugged the wrists and just above the ankles on the end, allowing for a slight bit more freedom on the inside. It wasn’t baggy though, as at the waist the sleeper seemed to hug nicely around the mannequin’s curve and provide structural integrity. Joyce could also notice that at the legs it didn’t look like a V-shape but seemed a bit more of a outward curve, as if it supported some more ‘pronounced’ underwear.

“I designed it to hug just all the right parts. I even kept in mind that she might not be wearing panties in this, like all her outfits, so I gave her a little extra space at the crotch area so the V at the legs wouldn’t press into her.”

Joyce couldn’t be thankful enough to have a seamstress as attentive as Amy; and would be sure to tip her on top of her already paid efforts.

Directly down the middle Joyce could see a zipper track buried behind the slightly bunched fabric to hide the seam. A fat plastic white zipper hung symmetrically though, emphasizing the most infantile aspects about the outfit in all the right ways.

“Not much else to say about this one, other than how I kept it thin and made sure the material was breathable. I remember you saying she didn’t want to be too stuffy, but I made sure it didn’t feel like she was wearing a bag either.”

Once again Amy was always tactful in her approach and left no stone unturned. Which is why Joyce was even more delightfully surprised with the next mention.

“And, I remember we had talked about it which I think was my personal favorite touch to this outfit,” Amy had flared the neck up a little, showing that there were snap inserts lined along the sides and the back of the neck. No, she couldn’t have!

“Ta-daa!” Amy cheered as she produced an attachment from behind the mannequin. Holding it out so Joyce could see better, it was an attachable hood that matched the sleepers color, minus a dark pink line that ran just along the edge. But most importantly, most adorably, it donned an irresistibly cute pair of large cat ears on them! Amy had listened! Joyce almost forgot about them completely!

Amy could hide her excitement either as she gave a toothy smile, already snapping it into place. She then draped it over the model’s head and gave Joyce a good look.

Joyce was starting to feel ancy, almost wishing she postponed the pick-up date until the weekend. How was she supposed to wait this long knowing she had such an adorable wardrobe for Emily! Curse Amy! She had done far too well for her own good. It was going to be torture trying to keep these things under wraps. She had half a mind to beg Emily to try these on immediately when she got home! But she wouldn’t of course. That’d spoil everything.

“And the next sleeper is exactly the same, with it’s own special hood,” Amy gestured to the next one over, which was the same mint green as the onesie but without the stripes. “But the alteration you wanted is this one.” It was clear just from looking at it what Amy was referring to. The zipper seam that was on the front of the pink sleeper was nowhere to be seen on this one., and was in fact on the back. Turning the display, the zipper was on the back and ran up to the neck as well, but the zipper was buried away within an insert Amy used two fingers to fish out.

“I was thinking of how to restrict the wearer from being able to take it off very easily, and I didn’t think you’d want a lock on here. Those things can be a bit dicey….” Amy started having flashbacks from previous clientele. “So I took a much more softcore approach. There’s a small space in between the fabric the zipper fits in, and anyone who has full use of their arms, AKA not the wearer the zipper only takes a couple fingers to get out. But if you’re in the sleeper then good luck. It’s one thing to bend your arms but another to move your fingers.”
This had Joyce imagining countless scenarios as well, encouraging that feeling of dependency in Emily and helping her learn to rely on others more. So many key items were essential to reinforcing this feeling of infancy Joyce wanted to convey and foster so desperately, and she already knew Emily might get a little excited with these outfits too.

“And the next and final outfit, is her playdress! I’d have to say this is probably my favorite…”

Joyce couldn’t help but agree with her, taking in the stunning sight. Like denim, it was a dark blue dress with shoulder straps that were topped on the edge with white buttons, sewn on with a thick light yellow thread, that accented the custommade yellow shirt underneath. The dress fanned out into a skirt that only stopped a little halfway past the thigh, meaning a twirl or gust of wind would put what’s beneath on full display. Joyce’s favorite addition she could see though was the obvious front pocket sewn on the stomach, large enough to stick both hands in. Large, thick stitches ran along the outside of it, obviously intended to be noticed, including the large pink paw embroidered on the front of the pocket, simplified with three small circles along the top of a much larger one to signify the palm.

“Because the material is so sturdy it can take some punishment if she likes to be energetic, and that shirt underneath actually functions more like a onesie. Take a look.”

Curiously, Joyce lifted the front of the skirt to see the yellow shirt extending below and wrapping around the crotch, connected by three white snaps below. She then also took note of the material lining inside the skirt, glad to see Amy had made sure it would at least feel comfy for Emily when she wore it.

“Amy…” Joyce found herself hugging the longtime companion, who brought her tears of joy to know end. “Thank you so much for what you’ve done! You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“I’m glad I was the one you came to for this,” Amy returned the hug. “Like I said, orders like this don’t come very often. It’s been a while since I could work on clothes as cute as this. Do you think Emily could be brought in for a fitting next time? I honestly would like to see how they fit…” Emily was the target audience in mind when she designed these clothes after all. While she knew herself these creations was cute, they’d look even better if she could see them on someone in the flesh.

“I’ll see if I can warm Emily up to it. I can’t make any promises though…” Joyce did want to share Emily’s debut with the very person who made it possible, but respecting Emily’s privacy came first. Once she saw these clothes though, it wouldn’t take long to connect the dots and learn Amy helped collaborate to make these clothes. Then the secret would indirectly be out. But Emily would probably be okay with it, once she explained Amy’s stance.

“I suppose I’ll have to let it go with that.” Amy partly spoke in a glum voice. “But! I made a few small additions to all of them, that I think you’ll appreciate.”

Bringing Joyce up to each and every one of the neckholes, not only could she see a loop to hang on a hook if need be, but there was a tiny label on the inside of each of them with Emily’s name etched in thread along all five outfits.

“Now we know who they belong to!” Amy joked, resulting in profuse thanks of gratitude from Joyce. “But if you’ll notice with the other four,” Amy motioned to the onesies and sleepers. “That same signature mark is on all of them.”

Bringing Joyce around to the back of all of them, right where the left buttcheek would be on its wearer there was that same four circle paw like on the pocket of the dress. Only now did Joyce start to associate it with a cat’s paw. Amy had really gone in on the tiny unifying theme, Joyce could only find the entire set that much more exquisite. It almost reminded her of the mark Amy put on all of her clothes…

Amy’s craft was like that of an artist, and she always liked to hide a personal mark for her long-term clients as a sign to prove it as Amy’s work and to be part of a collection. Amy’s mark for Joyce was a series of three small circles or dots, cleverly hidden somewhere in the interior. But for Emily’s set she’d taken a much more bold approach and proudly displayed them somewhere on the front. It was cute, and fitting in a way. These clothes were meant for a person who was completely dependent on another and only knew how to be happy, play and sleep. They only knew how to be the most adorable baby they could possibly be. So to take such a contrast and print her signature on the outside of Emily’s baby clothes, it reflected a sentiment that Emily could come out of her shell and be herself when she wore these. As it should be.

“All of these are safe to wash, but it goes without saying they’re going to be their best if you get them professionally done.” Amy advised.

“That won’t be an issue,” Joyce said dismissively. “I’ll just send them off with the rest of my outfits whenever I get the cleaning service.” Again, it was a no questions type of deal where they simply took your clothes and washed them. Nothing need be talked about or mentioned.

Before the two had gone their separate ways, they made sure to leave time for coffee first, setting themselves up at the couch where they had a splendid view of Emily’s new infant wardrobe. Assuming everything moved along smoothly, this certainly would not be the last time Joyce had Amy make clothes for Emily. She was simply too talented not to do business with. Seeing how spectacularly well she pulled off these designs it made the simpler things that much more limitless and the more diverse ones that much more to wonder about.

Grabbing five individual boxes, Amy slipped off the covers of each one and carefully folded and placed them in the boxes, putting the covers back on. To ensure not even the slightest mishap occurred, Amy even helped Joyce load them into the trunk of her car and they both gave each other a final hug before Joyce departed.

Back on the road, she sighed longingly as the fashion show came to an end, and it would be a long and excruciatingly painful wait until these ever saw the light of day again. All in due time though. All in due time.

She missed riding in the backseat with Emily already. Charles was busy now with driving Emily, not that Joyce minded, but she still wanted the girl’s company. Joyce couldn’t help but sneak a little peak on the surveillance, watching as the girl lounged on the couch like it was nobody’s business. Content with the sight and respecting of Emily, she quickly closed the display and turned on the ignition. The lonely car ride home was boring, but she occupied herself with formulating a plan to sneak the clothes in the back room without Emily noticing… [HR][/HR]Sorry I wasn’t too quick about getting this one out! (Less downtime in between the last two chapters at least!) In all seriousness though, writing chapters for this story I find myself a bit more hung up on, trying to figure the best approach for things later down the line. Be sure to leave your feedback and thanks for reading!

Can’t wait to see her reaction to her new wardrobe and nursery!

Adorable! Emily will look so cute in those! Along with her new nursery and diapers Joyce ordered, Emily is in for quite the surprise!

I enjoyed this chapter. It was clearly a chapter that’s building up to something bigger. I am curious why she went to babycare instead of carpenter or cabinet maker. She could of had full control of the overall style of the nursery furniture and wouldn’t of had to deal with anyone associated with her company. The outfits seem adorable. I can’t wait to see how this progression into the play/lifestyle effects Emily. Will she embrace it with open arms or will it make her uncomfortable.

Thankies for posting :slight_smile:

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Seriously though, really happy to see more of this, and great writing as usual. This is one of the most immersive stories I know.

The horror movie scene was fun, if a little predictable (I guess like most horror movies :P). Overall there’s not much to critique, I think. I’m personally starting to really enjoy the fact that the only real conflict is Emily’s trepidation. With the setup of this last chapter, I’m guessing she’ll have some more barriers to overcome during their next playtime.

There are some typos here and there, like:

“Try and stay awake for a little bit longer, Emmy. I just need to sleep some big girl underwear on you.”

but it’s pretty minor stuff.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Will you be continuing this story?

Good question!

10 - Loose Ends and New Beginnings

“Joyce, I’ll be back!” Emily called from the other side of the Apartment, who was busy slipping her shoes on. She already had her jacket on and a duffel bag set beside her.

“Back?” Joyce curiously called in return. It was hard to hear Emily over the paper shredder. These pesky receipts were starting to stack up and they were accumulated evidence. “Hang on, wait there for me!” She checked the clock and could see it was nearly 7:30 at night. Where could she be going at this time? Emily was an adult (at least out of their playtime) and shouldn’t have the right to be questioned as to where she went, but it certainly wasn’t like her usual routine.

Folding her glasses and setting them on the desk, her bare feet traversed the wooden floors, her steps becoming more and more audible to Emily, making the distance between them nonexistent. Just as it was described, Emily was already kicking her feet into the Converse Joyce had bought her for a good fit, and had a large bag slung over her shoulder.

“Where are you going?” Joyce poked out of curiosity. As weird as it felt, she found it odd to imagine Emily leaving the house unless she was with her. Not because Emily couldn’t be trusted, but it was only when they were both leaving the house or for work that it came off as ordinary.

“I think it’s high time I finally go and get the rest of my clothes? Is it okay if I bring some of my stuff back here?” Emily asked for assurance. Everything Joyce had provided her with was plentiful and beautiful, but there was still a piece of herself stranded in what was starting to feel like an old chapter to a book in the midst of pleasant foreshadowing. It was Jack’s place. She’d put it off for long enough, and she did want her clothes and other few possessions back.

“Of-of course!” Joyce still slightly stammered. “You can just keep them in your room with the rest of your stuff. There’s no issue.” She had hoped Emily was beginning to feel comfortable enough around here, even though her usual catnaps were enough to suggest that.

“Are you…sure?” Emily asked with uncertainty. It was one thing for Joyce to buy her things with her money; making them her purchases and her items. But it felt oddly strange to bring in an outside piece of her life into another person’s home. Admittedly, it felt invasive; despite the chemistry they already had.

“Emily,” Joyce started with a sorrowful smile. “You should know better than to be so hung up on things like that.” While it was never explicitly discussed, apparently Joyce had been the only one jumping to conclusions and getting ahead of themselves. “I was hoping you were starting to think of this as your home…” her voice grew a little quiet at the end. “But!” she quickly interjected herself. “If you do ever decide to leave, that’s understandable as well…” The second line openly came off as tad bit more melancholic than the first. To even openly suggest the possibility was a painful reminder of how the outcome could jeopardize her calculated and deep-seeded plan, but more importantly the bond they’d formed together and the future they could have. Thoughts like that were scary to Joyce. Her heart pleaded to her brain to stop thinking such things.

“Well…” Emily shyly turned part of her face away, a bit embarrassed to be bombarded with such heavy and emotionally-invested topics. “I haven’t really planned to…leave…” Emily found herself choosing her words carefully, in a way that expressed her intent without coming off as a homeless freeloader. “And I…” the longer she spoke the harder it was to lift the words and propel them from her mouth. “Kind of like being with you, here…But I think I should start paying rent!” Emily quickly tried to assert her moral compass and justify some fair reason to make living here acceptable. “It’s only fair since you already do so-”

A pair of sweatered arms wrapped around Emily and the soft, brown hair of a familiar face pressed against her cheek.

“Then there’s no problem!” Joyce beamed. “You can live here for as long as you’d like Emily,” she glowed, pulling herself back just a bit so they could be face to face. “But your money belongs to you,” she looked a bit more serious. “How you choose to spend it is entirely up to you, but I won’t accept it.” Joyce had put her foot down.

“But that’s not fair to you Joyce. I’m an adult. I work, and I should at least pay something for living here-”

“And you already do.” Joyce interrupted. “Maybe you were just in need of some shelter the first few days I found you, but I think we’re a bit more than just strangers at this point?” Joyce couldn’t help but smile knowing even herself that it could have very well been the understatement of the year. After everything they’d been through together, it was impossible to think of Emily as just another face. She’d become something essential, as in turn the same was for Emily in her heart, despite trying to be an adult in defiance to it.

Emily’s face read like a book when she grew red from hearing those words, already having flashbacks of the person she wanted as a landlord; a person who bathed her naked and diapered her on multiple occasions. Not to mention she watched her go both number one and two…With that kind of rationale, even she was starting to feel foolish for suggesting such adult things; in the face of a person who cared for her in her most vulnerable state.

“And, I’ll have you know you do in fact have rent!” Joyce retorted, spinning the girl who was moments from heading out and planting themselves back on the floor with the smaller one’s waist locked in arms. In an exaggerated motion she rubbed their cheeks together as she made playful noises. “You pay me in snuggles and cuddles each and every day!” Joyce cooed. “And it looks like rent’s due again!” She squeezed Emily and hoped to never let her go. Beyond being the key that unlocked the hole in her heart she always wanted to fill and reciprocate with, having another soul in the expansive apartment was something nice in itself.

Emily called herself an adult, which was true. But now she was only an adult some of the time, meaning the rest was dedicated to the babyhood she indulged in with Joyce. That in itself was more than enough, and the idea of money even being remotely involved sullied the innocence and purity of what they had. Besides, how could a mother expect to charge her own baby?

Emily couldn’t help but laugh from Joyce’s touchy manner, and kept her happy remarks quiet. For Joyce to take in and pay for another resident, it was a mere drop in the bucket as far as her salary went. And despite the unspoken flow of things, telling Emily she had a place here, it never felt right to act on it. Had it not been for Joyce’s encouraging attitude to even want something like this, as opposed to an indifferent attitude, Emily would have never considered letting a setup as one-sided as this go on. She’d have to set aside her own hardwired selflessness and allow Joyce to draw out and splay the selfish feelings within her. Although it was traditionally wrong to be selfish and spoiled like this…it was something Joyce revelled in being able to make possible in another person, because it meant the opportunity to do for someone else. By becoming the thing a respectable adult would tell her to stray from, it was the best possible way she could show her gratitude to Joyce.

“Okay, okay! I’ll stop talking about it,” Emily giggled. “Can you let me get going now? I don’t want to be back too late.” Friday would finally be upon them the next morning. Saturdays and Sundays were free days. Although, they’d transitioned from simple lazy days since being with Joyce, assuming a much more special nature. Intimate….and infantile.

“Alright,” Joyce conceded as if it were against her better judgement. “Just give me a second to get my shoes on.”


“Really?” Joyce looked at her as if the confusion were hers. “Did you think I was going to make you walk around the city in the middle of a windy night, when there’s two cars between me and Charles?”

Emily found herself being offered a helping hand she was too polite to initially ask for. It was the reservedness in her that Joyce was trying to discourage, hoping for Emily to lean on her a bit more. But it was clear they still had work to do, since if she hadn’t stopped her paper shredding to come see Emily, she’d have been gone an awful while.

“Unless you want to walk all night with your stuff?” Joyce waited for a response with a smirk. She didn’t need an answer, because they were both thinking the same thing.

“Well…if you don’t mind…” her face looked troubled again.

“Give me just a minute.” Joyce was already slipping her socks on. [HR][/HR]
From inside the car and in the passenger seat, apart from the quiet hum coming from the car’s engine and the surrounding vehicles, the ride was silent from other than idle chatter. Emily and Joyce sat in the front, with the more motherly of the two’s hands behind the wheel. Emily had given her the address, still recent from a year-long memory of being there. Each block they passed and the closer they got, what she was doing felt that much more surreal.

Jack was probably home, he never worked this late, and he usually went out on weekends. Why? Why did she have to remember these things?! Just thinking about how they left off, how he left her high and dry…it made her seethe with anger…confusion….and sadness. Hopefully she could be in and out as fast as possible, so she could pack away this painful box of memories and never see them again. The only thing she could hope for now is if he made good on his promise.

A hand was suddenly squeezing her knee, connected to an arm that led to the body of Joyce.

“…Thanks.” Emily spoke. Joyce always seemed to be reading her mind, even when she least expected it.

“Just look forward to tomorrow,” Joyce’s words had excitement infused in them. “If you’re not too tired we can have our playtime a little sooner than planned for.” From only one weekend session, Joyce was already itching for more. Babying Emily and simply enjoying the idea of motherhood was like candy to her sweet tooth, and you simply couldn’t stop at one. But her urges always came second to Emily’s own pace. Ultimately she ran the show and would decide how things go, but within that scope Joyce would be sure to lead her little girl along…

“O…okay…” Emily looked away and out the window, still trying to swallow her pride from wanting such things and forgetting her troubling thoughts. She in herself was becoming hooked, even if a sense of guilt was weighing her for wanting to be babied by Joyce too…But she also knew from how they first discussed the terms, Joyce was looking for something far more intense in not necessarily the physical but emotional sense. A brief example was what she did in her diapers…Her diapers. The thought of them belonging to her drummed up such squeamish feelings. All it’d take for Joyce to change her was a single wetting. Deep down she knew Joyce was reserving herself, and would never trample over Emily’s cautious ease into the process, but it must have been difficult for Joyce in her own way. She wanted something that Emily was taking a long time to give. It was frustrating trying to provide as her baby when she herself was still trying to adjust to it. There were things that had been considered unspeakable before, like peeing in a diaper and being stark naked; yet they were oddly digestible now…The phenomena from her interactions with Joyce made the incomprehensible somehow commonplace, which now was as bewildering as it was strangely alluring.

These endless pits of thought and self-reflection were always the worst when she couldn’t keep herself from continuously falling, but it was those simple gestures Joyce would always make that woke her up from her dream and return her to simplicity. It almost made her want Joyce to read her own mind…so she could lay herself bare and let the everso knowledgeable and kind woman sort the pieces out for her.

“Alright my little thinker, we’re here.” Joyce spoke as the car pulled off the road and into a small lot, followed by the car easing into a halt. Out the windshield Emily could see the same brick building she’d shuffled out of over a week ago. It reminded her of how she had been a much more disheveled and distraught person, who even put themselves in pain…To think a puddle on the sidewalk could have blessed her with Joyce…The world certainly worked in mysterious ways. But her thoughts came full circle being back here, being introduced to a familiar sight. What was something she walked away from was now something she returned to, hopefully for the last time.


“Should I wait out here?” Joyce asked, hoping to respect Emily’s boundaries. While this was a part of Emily’s life she wasn’t well-versed in, she knew the gist of how this had been a long-term partner. She wouldn’t want to inappropriately include herself unless Emily had requested her help.

“I’m not sure how much stuff I have, actually…” her words tried to shroud her obvious intent. “I might be a while, so you might get bored here.” Emily awkwardly wrestled her thumbs.

As cute as it was and Joyce knew what she was getting at, a much more clear response would be needed for something like this. Maybe she could be like that when as a baby, but Emily to some degree could not be careless with a moment like this.

“Emily,” Joyce caught her full and undivided attention. “I need either a yes or no, please. Be honest with me.”

The internal struggle didn’t last long, when the gravity of going back to Jack’s by herself was sinking in. The flare and fire within her seemed to be put out from trying to imagine confrontation. Maybe it was the rain from day one that was making her so gloomy right now. Regardless of the poetic thoughts, she wanted Joyce.

“P…please come with me…” her quiet voice pleaded.

A content smile crept on her face, happy to see Emily assume a brave attitude, even if she was shy about it. Joyce wasn’t ever looking for perfection from her, because she’d be more than happy to make up the difference. As long as Emily told her it was okay she’d be happy to help.

“Let’s get a move on then, hm?”

With the bag over Emily’s shoulder the pair crossed the street and walked up to the door. Emily hadn’t bothered ringing the room’s bell from the entrance. She tried the same entrance code both she and Jack knew, which struck her with a bitter taste when it worked. It was another sign of how Jack went about kicking her out so half-assedly. The lobby was as empty as always and the nostalgia Emily was already feeling was anything but happy. It was uncomfortable to say the least.

“What floor is it?” Joyce asked, a finger already positioned to hit the elevator panel.

“The fourth.” Emily kept her words brief. The more she talked the more she felt like she’d crumble. The distance between she and her ex was becoming unbearable as miles turned to hundreds of yards, to hundreds of feet. It was then for the first time Emily received a friendly arm around the shoulder without blushing. She knew she needed the comfort.

Wordlessly, Emily walked down the hall, the same one with the mediocre flooring and decently-painted walls. Room 403 was still missing the zero symbol that should have been screwed into the wall between four and three. It was empty, much like when Jack snatched the zero away from her. It was a painful reminder she had hoped to forget about, but this sort of ‘therapy’ only prodded it further.
Bob was still blasting his rock music from the next door over, without any regard for the complaints he’d get the night before. Every night she’d be banging on his wall, getting him to try and turn it down. Peaceful negotiations broke down about a week after they started, seeing as they were getting nowhere. Clearly it didn’t bother Jack though, because hearing the music now was enough to speak for itself.

Room 408. This was it.

Joyce stayed silent, giving Emily every moment she could possibly ever need. Time could go on for centuries and they wouldn’t have needed to leave this spot. This moment wasn’t essential to Emily in any way to encourage her play with Joyce, no. This was something she needed to overcome as a person. Closure.

Drawing out her hand and letting it freeze for a few moments, Emily rapped her knuckles on the wooden door, with a force that did not convey anger but a forced neutral response.

“One second!” An old voice called from the other end. Emily could almost feel her ears flinch from hearing him. The voicemail was all she could think of now, how he suddenly discarded her and left her like a piece of trash. She could only think of all the things that made her hate him!

With the sliding of a chain and click of a lock, the door swung open to reveal the womanly pair to the lazed Jack, who was in a loose t-shirt and shorts. The sight didn’t register surprise on his face until a few moments later, reading the unpleasant expression on his Ex’s face, and the neutral expression from Joyce who was a complete stranger to him.

“Ah…Emily…” Jack rubbed the side of his hair awkwardly. He hadn’t been expecting to see her so soon. Or at all, for that matter…”I take it you’re here for your stuff?”

“Yeah. I am.” She tried to keep herself reserved.

“Er, right.” The awkward atmosphere was potent. Thick and heavy. He was still trying to piece together who the woman with her was. Out of all Emily’s friends he’d never seen this one, who had such a beautiful face and figure hiding behind her jacket…how could he possibly forget someone as stunning as this? He set aside his turning gears to leave some space in the doorway. “Come in…”

Emily didn’t wait for any more confirmation, whilst Jack and Joyce exchanged very brief but formal greetings.

“Want me to come with you?” Joyce asked behind Emily, whose turquoise Converse were already moving with a purpose and destination in mind. Jack could only listen and watch in awe. Here his ex was, picking up the rest of her life while a complete and utter goddess to his eyes and ears seductively walked around his apartment. Her mere presence suddenly made him self-conscious of his laid-back attire, just as much as the state of the apartment. It was relatively clean, but the bobs and bits left about became that much more apparent.

“Yes please,” Emily maintained her rigid front, not wanting to give Jack any sign of despair or defeat. Weakness was not an option.

“We shouldn’t be too long,” Joyce looked back at Jack. “Please don’t mind us.”

Damn! She was even polite! Had Emily told her what happened between them? Even he knew it wasn’t the best way to let someone go, but it still didn’t change the fact he’d done it. In a mere week his ex already seemed to have found her footing again. It was off-putting…

Emily walked into the room she used to share with Jack. The covers had been poorly drawn up the bed, and the pillows lacked uniformity. Jack never was big on picking up after himself, and to remember a note like that made Emily hate herself more for still being so invested. Opening the closet, she could see her clothes looked to be untouched. A few things she thought to find though were actually missing. She was too steamed to actually ask about them though. The atmosphere from being in this place was now suffocating; a place she used to be able to call home. How different it felt now. Before she could lounge anywhere she wanted around here without needing anyone’s permission, but she felt like a stranger now. She didn’t think a breakup could affect her like this, and it only made her want to sever her ties with this place even more.

Without even bothering to fold, she kept shoving outfit after outfit into the bag, deviating more and more from the actual reason for why she came here. She didn’t even need to speak to Jack to become so heated! It was a good thing Joyce came, she didn’t know if she’d be able to keep her cool.

“You know if you folded them beforehand we won’t have to when we get home,” Joyce butted in, gently taking Emily’s frustrated arm. Emily stopped looking at the rapidly changing fabrics and colors to look at Joyce. It was a foolish thing to think that she could hide her tears from her. Emily tried to be as a silent as possible, so not to alert a third party. Her hands clenched the thick fabric of Joyce’s jacket, who was happy to be a crutch for her little girl.

“Would you be able to give us a moment, please?” Joyce turned her head back on the only male in the apartment, who couldn’t help but find himself watching. Her voice carried a tone that was polite, but underlined with the sentiment that she didn’t appreciate onlookers.

“Right! Erm…sorry.” Jack shuffled out of view, trying to plant himself in the nearby kitchen. His mind was racing with fascination as his mind was occupied with the sudden stranger. Home? Was Emily living with this woman? The more he thought about how she looked, the more otherworldly she seemed. Something about her screamed high class, yet to see her kind words spoken to another was so…attractive. He didn’t even consider his own shamelessness for ogling at one of Emily’s friends, the person he dumped. Emily was wearing clothes he’d never seen her in either. Did she get them for her? What was her name? Jack was dying to know.

Joyce helped resume the packing process in a much more neat fashion. She kept comments to herself from seeing all her various outfits, trying to make the process as streamlined as possible. She moved over to the underwear drawer to get those articles of clothing, passively noticing the inferior materials and softness they had compared to the ones she bought Emily. Not in a manner as if she ridiculed Emily’s choice in clothes or financial ability, no. Just that she was that much more happy to be able to do for Emily. She’d have to buy her more underwear of the same quality…

“There’s still your bathroom stuff if you want it.” Jack suddenly appeared again, trying to inject himself into the conversation despite it not being his place.

“I’m fine.” Emily blankly said. She didn’t want any more reminders of this place than she needed, and the thought of having to be here any longer just to sort through frivolous things sounded too stressful.

The packing continued for about ten more minutes until there was nothing left to take, or anything Emily wanted at least.

“All done?” Joyce asked, clasping her hands together.

“Mhm…” Emily nodded with sorrowful feelings. They were by no means aimed at Joyce, but Emily couldn’t feel the need to keep her emotions in check at the moment. Joyce understood well enough though and zipped the duffel bag closed.

“We’ll be taking our leave now.” Joyce called to Jack as the pair briskly moved to the door. He was trying to make himself look busy on his phone from the kitchen.

“Oh um, okay.” Jack stiffly spoke. “And, uh, Emily,” he continued, catching her attention. “You….you look good.”

Why…why did he have to say that? Emily could feel her face contort, brows furrow and anger seethe in between her teeth. Without a word or second glance she opened the door and broke out into a near-stomp down the hall. She wanted to scream, from hearing those words. Kindness from someone who had been such an ass and kicked her to the curb, and he got to play it off like it was nothing? No, no, no! It doesn’t get to work like that! And she burned with rage, she didn’t even realize it herself that tears were rolling down her cheeks. As if somewhere from a sixth sense she had known, Emily turned and buried her face into the person that was already waiting for her and she hugged dearly.

“Why…” she mumbled through her sobs as she pressed in the coat. “Why! Why does he get to be like that? Why does it only hurt ME so much?!” Emily cried, standing in the middle of a place that had lost its familiar feeling. The only thing that kept her from beating her fists into the cushion was that the cushion was Joyce, and she could never harm someone as generous as her.

Joyce couldn’t give her any words, as even she ached for the poor Emily. The only effective consolement she could offer was the physical contact she was already giving. Emily hugged tight and never wanted to let go. It was the only thing that prevented a meltdown she’d put off for so long.

How could a year of her life have gone to waste? To be as if she were the only person who cared! Not even the one she’d spent it with even gave a damn! WHY? Why did only her heart have to be so vulnerable like this? Jack’s words were cruel, even if he hadn’t meant it to be that way. Regardless, Emily still held it against him. Even when the flame between them was put out, the embers that remained were still scorching…

“Let’s head on back to the car,” Joyce comforted, still holding Emily close. “You can unwind once you sit down.” Emily could feel the suggestions already loosen the tension in her muscles. She sniffled and nodded as they kept moving forward, unable to leave the apartment unscathed, but it would have been a lie if either of them had expected things to go smoothly.

“Ah…I forgot my phone….” Emily could feel herself wanting to cry again in the elevator. She had checked something on her phone and left it on the nightstand…But everything inside of her wanted nothing to do with the place again. It was an important piece though, and Joyce had just gotten it for her…she was such a failure.

“Here, go unlock the car.” Joyce balled the keys in her hand. “I’ll go and get it for you,” she patted her back. “Where did you leave it?”

“On the nightstand…in the room. I’m sorry, really. I didn’t mean to I was just…”

“Stop dwelling on the little stuff.” Joyce spoke in a simple voice. “I’ll be back to make you go back to your bubbly self, okay?” Emily was the only one to step off the elevator and already back into the lobby. She was already feeling better to get some distance and happy encouragement.

“Okay…” Emily finally looked Joyce in the eyes with a puffy-eyed smile, until the metal doors closed again between them. Joyce then sighed, as the metal box moved back up. She wasn’t exactly keen on going back here either, since if what Emily had said to be true, then Jack seriously was taking their breakup far too lightly. To so effortlessly drop her fragile Emily almost openly irked her a little. For Emily’s sake though she’d keep up appearances in front of this guy for a little longer though.

Jack had been a little sad not to see Emily go but the person with her. Maybe a little for Emily, but certainly more the stranger. Had they been on different terms, Jack could almost imagine himself even trying to get closer to that enchantress…If only. His fantasies were interrupted though by the knock on the door again. Were they back? They couldn’t be! With a misplaced sense of urgency he opened to door once again, only to see the magnificent Joyce standing in the doorway.

“Oh! Hi again!” Jack was caught by her beauty yet again, a small smile on his face.

“Hi,” Joyce didn’t reciprocate the fascination. “Emily forgot her phone, if you don’t mind I could just…?”

“Of course! Get whatever you need.” Jack repeated the same motion as he did last time. This had to be a second chance! Even Emily wasn’t here now. It was a sign! “Uh, hey…I’m Jack by the way. Emily probably told you already…” her blank expression direct toward him insinuated they probably weren’t the best of words…”And…you are?” He shamelessly fished for a name, with the kind of carelessness Joyce had only liked to see in Emily. His was of a much more malicious and beginnings of a lecherous kind…With no regard to the affiliation she had with his ex, his disregard for this was downright stupid, or that much cruel to move ahead despite knowing this.

“Joyce. Nice to meet you.” Joyce kept moving. She walked into the bedroom as they had left it ten minutes earlier. Forgetting Emily’s instructions for a brief moment, she decided to check the room at random and pulled back the covers for whatever reason. Apart from the sheets being tussled, there was something else Joyce’s eyes couldn’t mistake. At first glance, the feelings that flooded her mind weren’t for her total loss of respect for Jack, nor to the connection he was trying to form with her. They were devoid of personal feelings for herself or Jack. It was only for Emily, as a sudden sense of relief struck her from realizing Emily never saw what was underneath the covers. Nonchalantly, a pink thong lay discarded on the bed as if it were nobody’s business. To the cheap decor in the house it also added to the theme of a bachelor, of someone who didn’t know the first thing about commitment. She tried not to scoff, as her concern for Emily was placed to the side, and the afterthoughts of Jack and her sudden disdain for him came to her forefront and in full swing. Grabbing the phone off the nightstand, she didn’t want to spend a moment longer in there. Someone much more important was waiting for her.

“Oh um hey, wait a sec…!” Jack couldn’t process that the moment they had together was ending faster than he thought. Her hand was already going for the knob and he hadn’t taken the chance yet to establish anything.

“Jack,” Joyce maintained her calm demeanor, but it was a weak disguise for the true annoyance she felt underneath. “I can’t blame Emily for wanting to love you, and she seemed like she really did,” she was becoming too invested in a matter that didn’t concern her. So why was she so pissed off? “People love and want to be loved. There’s nothing wrong with that.” She wasn’t even sure if these words were getting through to Jack, but his recent actions and sights left Joyce too annoyed to not say anything. “But to betray that love, that trust, and to trample over it so easily and discard it? That makes you complete and utter scum. There’s a way of handling things that you seemed to have completely disregarded.” Her rage was feeding into a cycle that she knew she had to put to rest. The man who tried to look complacent was killing her! His seeming lack of remorse was the cherry on top of the malice she felt towards him.

“Joyce…but,” Jack tried to find the right words, anything to preserve the mood between them. There had to be something he could say, something he could do! Maybe–

The door slammed shut, and Joyce was gone. The goddess he let get away. Emily was the last thing he could think about now, not when a prize as shiny as her could slip away.

“Damn…” he spat out to no one. He sighed as he looked over to the wall. Bob’s music was starting to get loud again… [HR][/HR]
From Jack’s place to the car, the walk was thankfully enough for Joyce to let off the rest of her steam. She couldn’t help but feel a little heated back there, so it was nice when the cool air outside enveloped her. Just across the street, she could see Emily’s face through the tinted windshield, reminding her of what she just witnessed. Emily didn’t need to know what was up there, did she? It was already clear enough how much of an ass Jack was, so there was no reason to make Emily feel even worse. At least not for a bit. It’d be better if they just put this to the side and focus on getting home. Then a little detour popped into Joyce’s mind.

“Sorry I took so long,” Joyce placed the phone in Emily’s hand, who had been quiet. “Someone tied up the elevator.”

“It’s fine. I just want to get away from here…” She was already feeling sad again just from looking at the building. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “But you should know not everyone could have done what you did, you know. Revisiting something like that? I’ll let it go from here, but you should be proud.” She’d been as positive and reinforcing like when she’d baby Emily, only now it was much more geared towards Emily as an individual and independent; much less her as a mother signing songs of praise.

Cruising down the road, a few seconds went by when Emily finally came to and understood they were taking a different route.

“Hey,” she adjusted her somewhat reclined position. “Where are you taking us?”

Intentionally in a suspicious voice, Joyce spoke. “Noooowhere…”

“I’m not really in the mood to do anything Joyce,” Emily apologized, already finding a new thing to be sad about. She didn’t want to be a buzzkill, but wasn’t feeling up to anything either. They had work tomorrow.

“That’s okay, neither am I.” Joyce agreed. She kept driving.

“Then where are you taking us?” Emily was already being drawn into one of Joyce’s secret plans; an adventure she’d find herself in before she even realized it.

“We need to make a little stop before we go home. I just remembered I needed something.”

So it was an errand? Joyce kept her guessing whenever she asked, the mood being lightened with each and every incorrect answer.

“Pencils?” Joyce started to laugh. “Why would we need pencils? At this time of night?” It wasn’t a laugh of ridicule, but fun amusement at her determination.

“I don’t know…” Emily sheepishly complained. “You won’t tell me where we’re going!”

“Alright, alright. I’ll give you a hint.” Joyce paused, trying to think of one. One came to her mind though when she suddenly spoke. “It involves dairy.”


“So you need to pick up milk?”

“Sort of,” Joyce toyed with how to answer the question. “You’re getting warmer.”

“…Ice cream?”

“Hot! Red hot!” Joyce started with a few sizzling noises.

“Milk…ice cream…milkshakes?”

“Bingo!” Joyce cheered as they parked near the sidewalk. On Emily’s side there was a large display for a place called Shake Stop. She’d heard of the place before, but the prices were a bit high for dairy treats…”So do you know what you’re getting?” Joyce asked, already expecting the girl to have a flavor in mind.

“Ah, well I mean I’ve never been here before,” she admitted. “I’m not so sure I’m in the mood for a shake though…thanks for trying to cheer me up.” Emily had figured out Joyce’s plan, and she was appreciative, but wasn’t willing.

“Suit yourself,” Joyce shrugged. “At least walk in with me, won’t you?” Joyce kept coaxing until Emily agreed, both of them stepping out and rushing between sanctuaries, caught in the wild winds during their short trek.

“Brrrr!” Joyce chilled as she hugged Emily all over inside. A little shocked, Emily wobbled just a little from the sudden contact. “I need to keep you around more often, you always seem to warm me up!” Joyce casually flirted.

No one was in line and there were a few groups already seated down with their own drinks. Joyce took the lead with Emily in tow as they approached the wide board of orders.
“You don’t have any allergies, right?” Joyce turned her face back to Emily expectantly.

“No, but like I said I’m fine.” Emily tried to remain resolute. Looking around though, some of the smoothies and milkshakes did look good…

“Hi, can I help you two tonight?” The attendant asked from behind the counter, prompting Emily and Joyce to come forward.

“Hi, I’ll take a large peanut butter and oreo milkshake please,” Joyce answered, then turned back to Emily. “And what do you want?”

Emily looked at Joyce with the slightest bit of annoyance, the kind that still meant she very much liked Joyce, but was bothered with how she couldn’t take no for an answer. It was that generosity of hers again. Her adamant and commanding side always gave her such a tingly feeling though…

The silence must have been too long for Joyce though, because she spoke again. “You can order something if you want, or, I can order something for you?” She had a playfully evil grin, showing off her pearly whites.

“Banana, then.” Emily answered. “A banana smoothie please.”

“Just banana?” The worker read back to her. He was just doing his job, but it somehow felt as if he were questioning her imagination for flavor. Joyce too, considering her next action.

“With strawberry, please. And make that a large as well.” Joyce added. “Try and be a little more adventurous.” Joyce playful chastised Emily, who was trying her best to not look spoiled at this moment.

“And will that be everything?”

“Yes please,” Emily surprisingly answered. She didn’t want Joyce to try and buy a third drink, lest she have asked herself or simply felt like it.

“Oookay…” he started as he began to punch numbers into the cash register. “$8.75 please.”

$8.75?! For two drinks? That was outrageous! Emily was the only one struck in awe though as Joyce casually swiped her card into the machine.

“They should be ready in a few minutes,” the worker said as he handed Joyce a receipt and pierced the duplicate one on a spike of already stacked receipts. He carried what was probably the order slip over to his coworker and they made haste in getting to work.

“You didn’t have to answer for me, you know.” Joyce joked while they waited.

“I could say the same to you.” Emily found herself being swept into the game. “For all I know, you could have gotten four more shakes if I didn’t stop you!”

She chuckled hearing such unusual words from the typically reserved girl, especially when it came to money. “Is that what I am to you? A maniac that likes to spend money?” Joyce pulled Emily in for another hug, without any real regard for how it looked to others.

“Maybe…” Emily kept the joke running, but could feel the smallest seeds of truth in her mind. In no way at all did it affect how good of a person Joyce was, though.

“Thank you for the waiting, here’s your order.” The worker interrupted their joyful banter and set their drinks on the counter, both of which already had a straw in it.

“Thank you very much, have a good night.” Joyce slipped a few bills into the tip jar, grabbing their cups and handing the banana one to Emily.

It was awfully cold, so much so that Emily used her sleeve almost like a glove around her hand then picked up the drink again. It alleviated some of the direct cold to her skin, but even she was starting to get a bit thirsty for a delicious treat now.

“Do you want to have them here or at home?” Joyce offered, finally giving her a choice.

“”Home, please.” Emily answered, already sucking from the straw. It was pure, liquidized fruit that maintained all its sweet and savoury flavor! She had been reluctant with a large at first, but at the pace she was going now, she couldn’t help but be thankful for Joyce to plan ahead like this.

“It’s good, I take it?” Joyce read her partner like an open book. She took a sip of her own milkshake and was equally as satisfied. Relative to other places the prices for here were high, but in Joyce’s position a few dollars made no real difference in the grand scheme. For someone as hardworking as her, she’d at least earned this much to treat herself and others, right?

Emily could only nod her head, with a mouth occupied from a straw. She took the lead in going back outside and to the car, almost ready to hop from foot to foot from the wind.
They each took their own breath of relief when they were back inside the heated and warm car. Having accomplished their original goal and getting themselves a reward to top it off, they turned back on the path home.

“Thanks, Joyce…” Emily suddenly changed the mood with a heavier topic. “I know I said earlier I wasn’t in the mood, and Jack had me pretty banged up. Yet you still insisted on doing this for me.” At a set of lights they could both get a good look at each other. “Thank you.”

Those rare moments Joyce could see Emily with such an unwavering resolve in her eyes made her feel strange, to go from someone who could be so bashful to a fully fledged adult. It made Joyce happy to see her in either form, particularly the former, but as a person Emily was astonishingly amazing.

“You’re very welcome, Emily. I’m just glad you’re happy now. Sad feelings don’t suit you, you know.”

The last remark had suddenly killed the flare in Emily, as she was back to her squishy self, but this didn’t make Joyce think any less of her; relishing in these moments all the more.

“If you want to thank me, keep at least some of your smoothie in the cup, please! I want to try it when we get back!” Joyce with her free hand switched Emily’s drink out for her own, which had still been mostly untouched. “Keep yourself busy with that one.” There wasn’t much left to the drive, and Joyce was curious to taste hers as well.

Giggling over Joyce’s almost serious reaction to the smoothie crisis, she started to experience the taste of oreo and peanut butter, which tasted just as good. [HR][/HR]
Thursday passed and so came Friday. Joyce got off early and came home to an empty apartment to do officework, without anything else to really do other than marvel at her many purchases for Emily. Things were coming together, but they weren’t completely ready yet…The decisive moment would be on the special date marked on her calendar. After meeting with many people and getting many jobs and items delivered and done, it would all be ready then.

Now that she had grown used to it, her downtime without Emily had become….dreadfully boring. It wasn’t a lie when she said Emily brought some sort of life to the house. Not even her fantasizing could keep her occupied anymore. This weekend would be fun, but next week it would be thousands of times better! She’d have to be her usual self and focus on the present than what would come in the future. If not Emily might start getting suspicious… Oh it was so difficult keeping secrets from her! But! It was for the greater good. It would be worth it, every second of the painful wait.

A few more hours went by, and then a few more. It was already 6 and Joyce was starting to get concerned. She was never this late! What was wrong? Could she be late? Was she hurt? The countless possibilities Joyce racked in her brain were troubling and annoying. Whatever forces were at work here, they were severely cutting into her Emmy-time!

While Joyce slowly descended into madness, the sound of a door opening and closing could be heard. Was it Emily?

“Unbelievable…” Joyce could hear a voice scoff around the corner, a set of shoes slipping off.

“Emil-?” Joyce poked her head around the corner, ask for the girl as she saw who came in. It was certainly Emily, but it wasn’t. Almost like a doppelganger, this one looked certainly more exhausted, with bags underneath her eyes and her sluggish posture. Had she only known what kind of ecstasy she had felt from taking off her shoes, Joyce herself would be feeling the same kind of relief. But at this point Emily looked as if she were running on fumes, her last leg.

“What happened?” Joyce rushed to her with concern. She’d never seen Emily once like this.

“They worked us overtime today,” Emily wiped her eyes, trying to keep herself alert. ”Because they had to close down my department after today for review and possible renovation. In other words I’m out of work next week until further notice. Therefore we were worked to the bone so we could get as much done as possible today.” Emily sighed.

“Out of work? So you’re not working next week? Are they paying you?”

Emily who was somewhat satisfied with the turnout to that question replied, “We’re on paid leave, but slightly less than our working salaries,” she explained. “In other words I guess I’m on vacation?” even Emily started to smile then when past the fatigue she could recognize her situation.

“Really? That’s great!” Joyce gave her a celebratory hug. “Here’s to your time off!” She planted a kiss on Emily’s cheek, who became warm on contact. The lines between them were slowly blurring, based on what was constituted as mommy-affection and Joyce-affection. They were both okay with it though, as it only meant they could grow closer.

“Enjoy your time off, then! I’ll get started on dinner soon. I just need to check a few emails.” Joyce announced while she stood back up, already walking back to her office.

“Ah…wait!” Emily suddenly found herself raising her voice, keeping it to almost a troubled whisper now. She couldn’t look Joyce in the eyes when she said it, so she found herself looking from left to right. “Didn’t you say we we’re gonna….you know?”

Already from her cluttered expressions Joyce knew exactly what she meant, but chose not to act on it yet.

“‘You know’…what?” Joyce came back closer to Emily, who was standing now.

Emily knew exactly what kind of games Joyce was playing, who pretended to play dumb.

“Stop teasing me, Joyce. You….know what I mean….” The red-faced tomato whined.

“You’re gonna have to tell me what you want my itty-bitty girl if I’m supposed to understand!” Joyce booped her on the nose, getting even closer. “Tell me, what do you want?”

Emily looked at Joyce almost annoyed, who was making her be honest with herself and lay it out in the open. Then again, that’s what being shameless was all about…Joyce’s past words echoed in her mind…where shame and embarrassment weren’t allowed.

“I…want…” Emily managed the first two words, already feeling both emotionally and physically tolled from those alone.

“Mhm?” Joyce kept her ignorant act going, happy to see Emily was finally demonstrating her growth, by asking to be retrieved from it, in a weird way.

“You to…” Her mind raced and her cheeks could have very well been on fire at this point. Had you told her she’d be saying these very words over a week ago, she’d never have believed them!

“B-ba…” This hurdle was the toughest to cross, but why? It was just a simple word! Just say it!

Joyce waited patiently but was almost on the edge of her metaphorical seat. It was the word she needed to hear, the one they both wanted to hear! With this, it would become definitively clear that Emily wasn’t just fulfilling Joyce’s desires anymore, no…This was a sign of mutual enjoyment! Joyce’s heart fluttered at the sweet and innocent thought!

“B-ba…by me…” The phrase felt foreign in her own tongue. Something that defied her very nature came from her set of lungs and she actually announced it to someone else. But it wasn’t just someone else, it was Joyce.

“You want me to baby you?” her voice came back as one of confirmation and neither disbelief or ridicule. “Is that what you want, Emily?”

“Y-yes…” No longer was it Joyce asking Emily to go along with this, but instead it was the exact opposite! Oh how the tables had been turned. Who would have thought it was the baby asking the mother for special treatment?

“Then let me hear you say it again. Loud and clear this time Emily.” Emily might have thought it as cruel, but now Emily finally had a chance to get used to being honest with such embarrassing things. Something that could become commonplace would no longer be strange to talk about after all.

“I…want you to b-baby me.” Emily rushed the words out of her mouth faster this time, slightly louder. “There….I said it.” she still couldn’t make eye contact with Joyce, but this was more than enough.

“That was perfect,” Joyce smiled with her loving gaze. “You did very good, Emmy.”

There it was, that special name Joyce had for her whenever it was their intimate play. The two-syllable word that could make Emily puddy and simply melt in Joyce’s hand. And she was ecstatic when it happened. It returned her to a mindset that was becoming familiar and she was well-acquainted with. Joyce was no longer Joyce. She was…she was…mommy.

“Now,” her soft voice began, already slipping a finger into the waistband of Emily’s business skirt. She pulled it back ever so slightly to give Joyce an angled view at the underwear she was wearing underneath, causing Emily to look away once more, but offered no resistance.

“I think it’s time we got you in something a bit more age-appropriate? What do you think?” The motherly Joyce suggested, who was already slipping the zipper down on her skirt.

This was it. The weekend the both of them had been waiting for. Emily could only beam with a bashful excitement as Joyce talked to her more and more in such a way where she had full control and held all the cards. All Emily needed to do was enjoy herself.

Emily didn’t respond, but her request to do this only moments ago carried enough of an answer. Here she was, standing in front of the entrance, while Joyce slid off her skirt and she stepped out of it willingly. After being stark naked in Joyce’s embrace, suddenly something like this didn’t bother her as much anymore. If she could be around Joyce in just a shirt and diaper, what did a simple pair of panties mean to her? She could almost laugh at her own rapid change in mindset. All thanks to Joyce.

All that she was in now was a blouse, socks, and her blue underwear. A pair Joyce had bought her. Everything she was wearing, who she was, all in this moment, belonged to Joyce. She wanted to belong to her.

“Now how about we change you into something much softer? Hm? Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Emily shuffled her feet as she quietly nodded; feeling her now exposed thighs start to warm from the apartment.

“Then let’s get a move on. I’m sure you’re itching to get out of those panties, and then it’ll be straight to naptime for you missy.”

“W-what do you mean? I just got back?” Emily partly complained. She didn’t want to have to go down as soon as they started their baby time…

“And that’s exactly why, Emmy.” Joyce hoisted the half-naked girl into the air, moving to her room. She lowered her voice closer to her ear, as if she were already trying to communicate with someone tired and sleepy. “You’ve had a busy day, which is why we need to get you all fresh and restored.” She knew how to put emphasis on all the right words. “That way we can have lots more fun and cuddle time when you’re awake. Make sense?”

“Mhm…” Emily was already finding Joyce’s shoulder pretty comfortable. She knew Joyce was right about the tired part, already feeling sleepy given the position to relax. But what made her heart race was that there was one last step before she could take a nap. Something essential to this entire process.

“Maybe if you can go down for about forty minutes mommy can have some delicious food ready for when you wake up. Do you think you could be my big helper and rest up for me?”

It was silly to think sleeping was somehow beneficial to Joyce, but Emily was becoming more and more prone to giving in to the mommy-logic. Her realized fatigue was another deterrent to combat it as well, not that she wanted to fight it in the first place.

“Okay…” Emily yawned. She was already laid back on the bed.

“Such a good helper!” Joyce cooed as she already fished out her medical diaper. The days for these were numbered, and that was something to appreciate. She couldn’t wait to see the surprised, bashful, and secretly excited expressions on Emily’s face once her new diapers came. These would have to do for the time being though.

Emily was just ready to pass out as soon as she could feel her bottom lift and press into a new cushion, a feeling and sensation that wasn’t so foreign to her anymore. The sweet smells of powder came next as the light sprinkles lightly tapped her crotch area. There was a cool feeling from the shroud on her lower half, but it felt good in a way. The only thing that could stir her was when Joyce had taken the next step to rub some into her backside, but her former embarrassed protests were now just blushes and slight shifts. With the final tape, Emily could register a snug feeling around her waist and she was already fading in and out of reality.

“Welcome to the first day of your vacation, Emmy.” Joyce pecked Emily on the forehead. She helped her get under the covers. “Now you have a nice good rest for me, okay? We’ll have lots of time to be together, so don’t feel any rush to finish your nap, alright?”

Incapable of making coherent responses at this point, Emily made a mumble that was at best a yes and at worst a sleepy mumble. She didn’t actually need Joyce to tell her to get a good rest. She was more than capable of that herself. How easily Emily could fall into the flow of things now though was nothing short of magical to Joyce. They were reaching a point where this was mutually fulfilling, and Joyce at the thought shed a few tears of joy, to know that she wasn’t the only one anymore.

With one last thankful look at the Emily who had gone out like a light, she inched the door to a near-close as she switched gears to the new task at hand, now that she was done putting her baby girl to bed. Checking the time, she reasoned she could finish painting and get dinner started if she made good with her time. Nap after nap, it was becoming easier to read Emily, which made the establishment of a routine between a mother and her baby that much more real.

Hopefully the brushes hadn’t dried too much? [HR][/HR]
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