Short Story: No Title Yet

This idea came to me whilst I was on the train. I have no idea what to call this so all suggestions are welcome. And please as always comment.

The stale smell of urine greeted my nostrils for the fourth time in four days. I winced internally as I readied myself for yet another argument.
“Lucy, did you wet the bed again?”
“Mom, I’m so sorry.”
I looked down at the discarded and clean Good Nite. It was there at the foot of the bed. It was crumpled slightly but the padding was still white, unlike the bed sheets.
“Why did you take it off?”
“Mom, I told you. I’m not a baby; I shouldn’t have to wear it. I couldn’t sleep with it on anyway.”
“Lucy, you’ve wet your bed. We haven’t had this in five years. You aren’t a little girl anymore. You should be able to accept this…its necessary, for now.”
“You can’t say I’m not a little girl when you want me back in diapers!”
“I don’t believe having a tantrum will convince me that you’re not a little girl. Why don’t you go and get showered?”
We both left the room, Lucy headed for the shower and I headed downstairs for breakfast.

Whilst my 15 year old daughter was busy cleaning herself in the shower I made her breakfast as always. Some things, no matter how hard we clashed just got done. And since my husband had run off with that brainless air hostess who was convinced her name was spelt “Hidi” Lucy and I clashed even more.

And now she was bedwetting again. It had happened before, when she was 10, just after we moved here. But now it was worse. I had ignored the occasional incidents last month. Even last week when she’d done it three nights out of six I hadn’t broached the subject. But she’d done it everyday since Monday. I was at the end of my tether. Surely she saw how much easier the Good Nites were compared to wet sheets?

Thinking about the sheets and knowing that my little girl would need at least another 5 minutes to get herself ready I went back up to her room and began stripping her bed. Picking up the Good Nite I placed it on her dresser beside her backpack. Making quick work of stripping her bed I went to open the drawer and put the protective garment back beside her other underwear.

I don’t know what struck me as I opened her drawer but I did know something wasn’t right as I looked at the neat stack of panties staring back at me. The pile was diminished somehow. The black knickers I had put in there yesterday were gone, as was the red pair. And the pale blue pair as well.

Lucy hadn’t worn them all to bed that was sure. I knew that because I’d seen the stained outline of those old white briefs underneath her nightshirt. So where were they? I opened Lucy’s backpack and found my answer. Staring back at me were two plastic zip-lock bags. One had the two of the missing panties in it and the other had the condensation as if it had been newly rinsed out.

“Mom? What are you doing in my bag?” I heard a panicked cry from behind me. Turning I saw my daughter standing in her bra and panties staring at me.
“Why are you taking extra pairs of panties to school, young lady?” I asked I knew the answer I just had to hear it said.
“You can’t go through my things like that!” Came the shrieked response.
I held up both zip-lock bags and stared at Lucy. She backed to her bed and sat on it dejectedly. I placed the empty bag down and my hand brushed the Good Nite. The soft crinkling garment was suddenly in my hand as I went to sit beside my only daughter.
“Are you having, problems?” I asked carefully.
“Its…well, you…” Lucy stammered before finally she confided. “Yes.”
Looking at my daughter she seemed to have shrunk back to the 10 year old who I had to put in Good Nites the last time.
“At school?” I asked softly. There was no response this time just a pronounced sniff. “Lucy you can’t go to school with three pairs of panties, what about the marks on your skirt?”
A very low tearful voice responded. “I have a spare skirt. And my gym shorts. I…well you washed them all before.”

And like a cascade last weeks events came rolling back to me. The extra washing, the fact that Lucy had been in three different outfits during the day. The weekend she had spent dashing between her room and the bathroom, it was like my house was suddenly home to a sneaky toddler trying to toilet train again.

The Good Nite felt safe between my fingers. If my baby girl was in these she would be ok. I had to help her. But if she wouldn’t where them at night, I couldn’t ask her, could I?
“Lucy do you think you should wear some protection to school?” I asked.
“No! What are you talking about?” She yelped slightly.
I pushed her slightly back and to my surprise she submissively allowed herself to move onto her back lying on her mattress. “Baby its ok. You can just wear one of these to school it’ll help if you have an accident.” I found myself saying I had no control over it. What surprised me even more was Lucy’s reaction. I braced myself for hysterics but she nodded and complied. It was unreal.
“I’ll try and make it Mommy.” She said sounding like a determined toddler.

Pulling down her panties and removing them completely I hooked the Good Nite over her legs with the practise that comes with having changed thousands of diapers. Lucy to her credit just stared blankly ahead and tried not to move. And in no time at all I had my little girl back in her trainers. Sitting her up I kissed her forehead.
“Now sweetheart, you finished getting dressed and Mommy will go and put your smelly sheets into wash.” I left Lucy she looked shell-shocked but not completely repulsed.

For me my heart and my head were at war. I knew I shouldn’t be asking my 15 year old daughter to wear what was effectively a pair of Pull-ups to school. But at the same time she was my little girl again, no teenage angst, no blazing row. She might have tried to resist me but as I was pulling her feet into her trainers she didn’t fight, she couldn’t of fought me with any intensity either. I was in the laundry and out before I knew it.

Lucy walked down the stairs slowly to the kitchen. I watched her every step. She was blushing all the time and had a strange gait as she moved. At first I put it down to her not being used to the extra padding between her legs but the way she moved stirred an old memory that came to me like a sign coming out of fog.

“Lucy sweetie, have you dribbled?” I asked calmly. The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. My 15 year old daughter looked back at me panicked and I was already striding over to her before she could answer. Hitching her skirt I felt her trainer it was warmer, slightly heavier it was…
“Damp.” I announced. “But it’ll be ok sweetheart. You go and sit and have your breakfast.”
“Mom I…I don’t know…” Lucy began but I was already ushering her to her spot at the table. As she sat I removed her plate and cut up her toast and jam before replacing it in front of her.

Lucy ate in auto pilot. She just carefully picked each piece without any of her usual happy banter. Myself, I took a hairbrush from my bag and began to work her long brown hair into two pig tails. Watching her chew and finish the last piece of toast I already had a cloth ready to wipe her face and hands. Drawing her seat back I pointed back to the bathroom. “Now go and clean your teeth honey. If we have time we can get you some fresh trainers before you head off to school.”

Somehow I knew, as she moved gingerly up back up the stairs to the bathroom, that I was lying but I still went dutifully into her bed room and took two more pairs of Good Nites from the packet. Opening the zip-lock bag and placing the panties back into the drawer I took the two garments and placed them into the bag and replaced the bag into her school bag. Watching the time tick away I heard the school bus round the corner to our street.
“Lucy, honey, you have to go.” I said approaching the bathroom door with the school bag.
“Mom you said you’d clean me up before I go.” Lucy stated with pleading eyes.
“I’m sorry baby I don’t have time to change clammy bottoms before the bus gets here.” I said with finality. I nodded in the direction of the front door and shrugged Lucy into her bag. Patting her rear and giving it an obvious squeeze I satisfied myself that she didn’t need changing already and sent my little girl down the stairs and off to school.

Watching the front door close I shook my head. Where had that come from? I sagged into a seat in the living room for a long while before moving again.

Lucy had seemed so much easier to control when she was dressed like that. We hadn’t screamed since I had woken her up, she hadn’t given me back chat. She’d done what I’d said. I just felt bad for sending her to school.
“Was it because I didn’t change her?” I pondered aloud. But it wasn’t. It was…It was…It was because my little girl was still having potty trouble. She shouldn’t have been going to nursery today, let alone school. I would have to tell somebody at her school. Her trainers hadn’t been that wet. But she’d need out of those wet things eventually. I would get her at home all to myself tomorrow but today somebody needed to know.

“The school nurse.” I blurted out. She’d have to know. She could change Lucy until she got back to her nice safe room. “Her room…” I needed to fix that. It wasn’t Lucy’s room. It was some big girl’s room. Not my little girls.

The phone was in my hand as I moved to the refrigerator. Finding the school number I got put through to the nurse almost immediately.
“Hello…yes this is Lucy’s mom. That’s right. Well she’s been having a little difficulty lately…no nothing like that. No she’s just having trouble making it to the potty in time. That’s right the potty. No, no. I’ve got her in a pair of trainers just now. And she’s got a couple of pairs in her bag. Its just she was a little bit wet when she left the house this morning…I know…always running late. But yes. Would you mind finding her and checking on her at break and lunch? You wouldn’t…excellent. Don’t worry about what she says. Yes that’s right. In her bag in a zip-lock bag. And if she is messy at all could you phone my cell? I just need to make sure…Thank you so much. Yes…thank you. Bye, Goodbye.”

The phone call rang through my head as I was in Lucy’s room. It was packed with unsuitable things. Her panties, so thin and unhelpful went into a trash bag. Her posters gone in an instant and the dark walls were so inappropriate. Looking around the room all her furniture was wrong. Even her bed was wrong and the mattress certainly needed replacing.

I took a deep breath. This was going to be a lot of work. Opening up Lucy’s computer, another thing that would have to come out of her room, I began to search. Finding myself on the Pampers sight almost immediately I found the Design-a-Nursery page. It didn’t take me long to find a design to accommodate all the supplies my little girl would need, but still leave enough floor space for her to play. A trip to some DIY sites and the Huggies just for good measure and I found myself printing off my design.

Staring at Lucy’s bed I noticed that the metal frame at the top of her bed, from which currently hung about three pieces of downing making it look like a harem bed, could be used to easily attach a gating system and some nice safe railings. And since it was still a normal double bed I could easily get a plastic mattress for it.

With a pen in my hand I wrote down what I’d need and what extras to buy. Smiling I took my car keys in my hand. Clothing might be an issue but as my little girl still had a girlish figure I new I could find some of the clothes I needed for her.

As I drew up in the mini-van to the DIY store I folded all the seats down. I had never understood why Jarrod had bought me a car to seat 6 when there was the three of us. However the extra space I now had would be perfect in letting me go and get everything my little girl needed for her bedroom.

First I had to cover those dark walls. Moving to the paint I found what I was looking for. Nice quick drying paint. A large can of white was what I needed to get rid of dark chocolate brown. Picking up the can of white I watched a young couple and there own little boy choose paints.
“Here Neil. You like blue, don’t you?” The mother asked the boy. The paint tin itself had some smiling faces on it and mentioned it was easily wiped clean and so after the nodding little boy was taken away I helped myself to a can of soft yellow. Finding some wallpapering supplies I chose a wonderful pink boarder with pictures of ballerinas and kittens on it to frame the walls.

Next I embarked on my quest for furniture and the first thing I found was a large desk nearly 6ft long and with 2ft wide. It was perfect it had 6 wide and long drawers and a wide gap underneath it. I didn’t need it as a desk but with only slight modification it would be a perfect changing table for my little girl.

Finding some thin strips of wood which where used to round off corners I picked them up. I didn’t have to worry about tools Jarrod had kindly left them all when he had left with his air-head air-hostess.

As I wandered around the store I saw little Neil again, although this time he was lying on his back having his diaper changed by his mommy in the middle of the soft furnishing aisle. I flicked my hand down to my own watch and realised that as it was so close to eleven my own little girl would probably be heading to the nurses office right now to have something similar done to her.

I smiled at the thought as I grabbed some bright pink cushions and bed spreads. Taking some pink spray paint from the end of an aisle my eyes were drawn to some lovely stencils. Picking some duckies, kitties and puppies I dropped them on top of my flat packed desk and kept moving around the store. As I neared the garden supplies I found what I was looking for. There were four sets of mesh fences and gates that would all be perfect for my little girl.

I stopped for a moment. Was this all too fast? Was what I was doing wrong? I looked down at my purchases. I was planning on taking my daughter’s room and turning it from her haven into something I had designed.

My cell interrupted my thoughts. “Hello?” I answered.
“Is this Lucy’s mom?” The school nurse stuttered slightly
“This is the school nurse. I’ve just had Lucy here. And you asked me to call…”
“That’s right. How was she?”
“Well…I’m not sure how to say this…she wasn’t…wasn’t just wet.”
“She had pooped?”
“I knew I should have kept her at home today.”
“Can you come in? After school. We must talk about better arrangements for her disability…”
“Of course. I’m just out getting her supplies now. I’ll see you at 4’o’clock.”

Grabbing the mesh I headed for the checkout.

My next stop was the supermarket. Probably one of the most important stops I was to make. Moving through the aisles I quickly grabbed some socket protectors and a pictorial reward chart. As I turned my shopping cart down the diaper aisle I had to make sure I got everything I needed in one stop.

Was my little girl still able to keep using a cup, did she need a sippy cup or a bottle? Being unable to decide I got both. What about cutlery? Knives, forks and spoons. She had eaten her breakfast with her hands. But then it was toast. I put a child’s set in the cart and added a plate just in case.

Finally moving to the diapers I began to look at the sizes on the side. Whilst I knew the Good Nites would fit they weren’t designed for messy accidents. Turning a packet of Pull-ups over in my hands I found they would fit. I chose the Feel’n’Learns for my little girl so hopefully she could get back into big girl panties. I also took two packets of adult diapers just in case.

Paying for all my purchases I drove back to the house knowing that I had only four hours to turn my little girl’s room back to how it should be.

Smiling as I entered the room I quickly opened the paint and began to whiten the walls. The carpet was a thin blue colour which had never matched the walls so I was only to happy to get back to a colour it did match. And as the white paint dried in the early afternoon sun I assembled the desk.

I had plenty of tools and it doesn’t take long to assemble anything if you read the instructions so in no time at all I was spraying the desk a bright pink colour. Taking the garden mesh panels I had also bought I sprayed them; at the same time turning my garage floor slightly pink with my inexperience with a spray can; but quickly adding the finishing touches to Lucy’s new furniture. Adding a hinge along one of the edging panels of the mesh I added a simple latch across the hinge to finish what were the four crib walls.

And as I waited for everything to dry I went and had some lunch. As I washed and sterilised the bottle and cutlery and finished my sandwich I thought about all of Lucy’s toys. Most were still in the attic but I would have to get her some new toys. And something to make up for her lack of computer. Thinking about her lack I brought out the Barbie reward chart I had bought her.

With a bold permanent marker I wrote her name on the top. Looking at the seven days I had to decide what we were recording. I considered accidents but that didn’t seem right. Night accidents went in the top row. Next it was followed with wet accidents and finally messy accidents. Using the dark cloud stickers I marked that Lucy had had four wet nights and had both wet and messy accidents today. Looking at the next rows I added trips to the potty. But no sunshine stickers were placed in them. And the final row I simply put Mommy’s Little Girl which had a big Barbie “B” in it for today.

Moving back upstairs I went and took all of the soft toys I thought I need from the attic and placed them outside the door, on sentry duty for my little girl. I then began to sort all the clothes she could keep and placed the rest in the garbage bag with her panties. Finding an old gym bag that would be perfect as a diaper bag I prepared to load that up after I had loaded up her new furniture.

Taking the old plastic bin and lining it with several plastic bags I prepared Lucy’s diaper pail before taking a sniff in the room. Although this time it wasn’t for the smell of diapers but for the smell of the pain. Finding the paint dry enough to begin the second coat I fetched my roller.

Applying the yellow paint I was happily surprised when one coat covered the room to my satisfaction. The boarder I applied with a strong adhesive as the paint stated that paste would take too long to dry. Taking my mesh walls upstairs I used some strong nails to sandwich the metal frame of the bed between the wooden edges I had bought. Using the biggest drill I had I fixed the pink mesh frames to the bed and stepped back. Except for the mattress and side protectors I was quite happy that my little girl finally had her crib back.

And after struggling the desk up to the room, a feat which took me 20 minutes in itself I was finally able to start making the finishing touches for my little girl’s bedroom.

Taking the big sheets of plastic I had bought I covered an old piece of foam which I had cut to the size of the desktop. Spraying on some of the stencils over the green foam I glue the plastic together to form a bag. Turning it inside out, to keep the paint away from my little one’s skin I sealed the plastic over the foam with Jarrod’s old glue gun.

At 3.45 I was finally ready. I stood in the room the windows open due to the smell of paint which was lingering slightly. But it was Friday night, so I might let my little girl stay up past her bed time.

The walls were now a soft yellow with a pink boarder on them. A large pink crib with mesh walls stood in the corner of the room with her now stuffed to the brim changing table, the desk with the foam mattress glued and nailed to it, was in the opposite corner and her old dresser was in the middle of another wall. This left plenty of floor space. All the sockets were now protected save for the one which had the nightlight sticking out of it. The curtains were now thick pink to block out the still bright day and a mobile was suspended across the top of the crib. All the posters along the wall were now gone except for Lucy’s potty chart. Her computer was now gone and in its place was a new V-tech toy computer and a pink Barbie TV.

I smiled at my handiwork. I had cleaned out everything that was inappropriate for my daughter and whilst she did have some panties left they were nice big and white. Most of her tight jeans were gone as they wouldn’t fit over her padded rear. As I packed my little girl’s bottle into her diaper bag I closed the door and smiled.

It was time to pick up my little girl.

I’m not quite sure what I expected when I walked into the school at four but I was met with by the nurse and ushered straight into the school’s office. There were no formalities exchanged here. I sat beside an embarrassed looking Lucy and opposite the nurse and Principal.

The Principal started first. "It’s good to see you at last. I am surprised it’s taken you so long to come and see us. We have been sending requests home with Lucy for almost a week now.
“Really?” I asked looking to Lucy who was staring down at feet.
“I take it from your response she never passed these onto you?”
“You’d be correct.” I said placing my hand over Lucy’s shoulder.
“Although you appear to have identified the problem by yourself.” The nurse interjected in hopes of sparing my little girl’s feelings, probably.
“Yes, well what mother would miss this?” I asked I was stroking Lucy’s hair. But she couldn’t lift her head instead she was sitting with all her weight over one leg. My hand instinctively went under her skirt and felt the warmth of her trainer.

Lucy looked at me with pleading eyes and I turned and looked at the nurse and the principal. It didn’t matter what they wanted to say my little girl needed a diaper change.
“Perhaps we should adjourn this meeting for another time?” The principal said. He was a smart man, or perhaps he had a little one of his own at home. I’d have to ask later.
“That would be fine, yes.” I smiled. I turned to the nurse. “Thank you so much for looking after her today. Do you have her last change?”
The nurse looked at me sadly. “She is in her last change. She was a bit too wet at lunchtime.”
“Oh I see. I have her diaper bag here. Is there somewhere I could…?” I trailed off. Lucy had completely stiffened under my arm. The redness of her cheeks had spread to her ears.
“You can use my office.” The nurse suggested helpfully.
“Thank you. You can lead the way.” I rose to stand.
“Shall I give you a call next week?” The principal asked giving way entirely to the changing of my little girl.
“That would be fine. We’ll try and work something out until then.”
“If Lucy would like some time off she is certainly not behind in any classes…” The principal stressed.
“I think we might just do that, don’t you sweetie?” I asked Lucy. It was the first time I’d seen her eyes. She nodded at me. I rose and shook the principal’s hand. Then followed the nurse to her office.

Once there I quickly placed Lucy up onto the examination table. Checking her Good Nite I found that she was in real danger of leaking. Feeling the three choices I had brought with me I discarded the Good Nite out of hand and placed her into the diaper. I might have been tempted to use the Pull-up but she looked so exhausted from her ordeal that I thought she shouldn’t have to worry about Cool Alerts.

Wiping her clean I cooed at her. “Don’t worry Lucy we’ll get through this together. I’m here to help you.”
“Mommy…I don’t want to be a baby.” Lucy grumbled.
“Its ok baby you won’t be like this forever.” I smiled. “Once we find out what’s making you so bad inside we’ll get you better.” I let my little girl drop off the table onto her feet and I took her hand. As I walked to the car I noticed that she had a little girl wiggle as she walked now. I tried my best not to smile as I lifted her into the car and buckled her in.

Taking her bottle I gave her some juice as we drove away from the school.

I’m not sure if Lucy slept or not on the way back to the house but either way her bottle was empty and she jerked up as I opened the car door. Lucy moved slowly into the house. Dumping her bag on the kitchen floor she began to move upstairs.

Moving up the stairs behind her I held Lucy’s shoulder for a moment her hand grasped around the door knob.
“Darling there’s something you should know about your room…”

Short Story: No Title Yet

This was awesome. I am very impressed. Carry on!

Short Story: No Title Yet

That wasn’t bad at all.

There are a few mistakes: you say ‘boarder’ instead of ‘border’ and in the painting section talk about ‘pain’ not ‘paint’ and then ‘paint’ when I’m not sure what you mean.

Also, I did think it was all happening rather fast.

I’d like to see Lucy’s reaction though.

Short Story: No Title Yet

Also in the first couple of sentences there’s a “where” instead of a “wear,” but those are just minor quibbles.

I like how she seems like the stereotypical mom-gone-crazy from a lot of AB/DL stories, but she’s aware that something abnormal is going on in her brainpan.

Short Story: No Title Yet

I liked it. It was a little too fast-paced, but it flowed well, and was written better than most of what can be found on the internet these days. I agree that the adjustment of the mother’s attitude to one of slight confusion was a nice touch.

Short Story: No Title Yet

Hmmity hmm. I liked it.

Not often that you see a familiar premise being given a injection of fresh life like this. Using the mother’s POV and making her slightly peculiar as you did was interesting. It could probably benefit from a little polishing and it did move quickly but it probably needed to for it to work. All in all, an enjoyable read.

I think GooNites is one word though.

Short Story: No Title Yet

[With a ‘D’ though].

Short Story: No Title Yet

an interesting read. keep up the good work

Good story

Keep up the good work I liked that story can’t wait to read more.

Short Story: No Title Yet

I’m not sure that I agree with those who say that it goes to fast- certainly, it could of been spaced out more and still have been just as good as it was, but I think that it felt like a very natural pace and development. For the story itself, I’m sure it has a great potential to be continued, if that is where you feel like going with it, but it’s definitely understood if you just want to be done with it. Great idea though.

Short Story: No Title Yet

I really like your story and keep up the great work.

Short Story: No Title Yet

Oh really? :lol:


Although I think there is enough here to put out maybe one more chapter at a reasonably high quality and I might try it on Friday however I can’t see myself adding a lot more chapters to this story.

Thanks for all the comments though. Just a shame nobody has thought of a title.

Short Story: No Title Yet

Erm, it really depends on what kind of direction the story has long term, but I stole this from a book I haven’t read;

My Daughter’s Keeper

or maybe

One Day, My Daughter had an Accident

or something a little less forbidding,

in fact, to be honest, I’m low on ideas: just thought I’d get the ball rolling.

Short Story: No Title Yet

wonderful story line keep up the good story

Short Story: No Title Yet

A Mother’s Perspective?

Short Story: No Title Yet

What needed to be said has already been said about the story. I did like it though. Since I’m dry on title ideas I’d say go for Nemo’s “My daughter’s Keeper.” It’s simple yet explanitory.

Short Story: No Title Yet

it was good real good. but i noticed something inform me if im wrong or not but i think the mother might somehow be forcing her to do this with like medication or something

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Short Story: No Title Yet

Sorry it took so long to get back to you but you are wrong.

The mother is not forcing her to do this with drugs.

Short Story: No Title Yet

This is a cute story… a little fast paced, but that is probably the style. I like it :slight_smile:

Short Story: No Title Yet

ok ok just seemed like a logical conclusion. wait does the mother have something to do with the whole thing