Shorted AB/DL Themed Story? by tab

Uh, hi, I just found this place, I’m not that much of a writer, though I love reading stories, and this place should provide me with loads of reading… though I did want to post this, which is possibly the shortest AB/DL themed story out there. All of 2 paragraphs.

He wore diapers. That’s all there was to it. He didn’t wear them because of an injury, nor did he wear them because he was retarded, even though many people thought that was why. He just wore them. He was never potty trained, the reason why was lost when his parents died, he was never taught about the ceramic beast in the bathroom by his grandparents, who took him in when his mom and dad were killed on their second honeymoon. He just wore them. It wasn’t even bad, because the kids never really figured it out. For the longest time, he would just laugh at the song-like words “I see London, I see France, I see, wait, those aren’t underpants!” It might have been odd to him, had he thought about it, but he never did. People just didn’t make fun of his diapers.

There was no need for anyone to say anything. He walked off-stage, and heard people clapping. The show was a success.