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*shy waves* Hi

Hey there,
I’ve been trying to find my way out of the dark tunnel of some pretty awful things that happened a few years ago and a friend suggested I look into some forums to try to find my way back into a sense of community. I’m a Big/little switch, a DL, the big to a wonderful baby boy, and a sometimes princess, currently without a big of my own. Outside of the lifestyle, I have a couple of degrees, Literature, Mathematics, and Computing Science (they said to choose and I said no : D), but due to the aforementioned awful things I am on permanent disability and am not currently working. Most of the writing I have ever done has been either essays or poetry, but it may be fun to try my hand at a story or two if I can get myself over how overwhelming that feels.

I’m hoping I can make some friends here and maybe find my way to writing a few things of my own.

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Welcome. And don’t worry about not having written too many stories before. I think it could be fun to have some poetry as well here (in addition to the haiku thread :wink: )