Silicon Valley: Diaper Demotion - Part 2 of 2

Silicon Valley: Diaper Demotion - Part II

The crowd were gathered in their seats for the big keynote at TechCrunch Disrupt. Bloggers, VCs, founders, and reporters all filled out the rows of tightly packed chairs. The hall in Moscone West was vast and outfitted with a huge stage and massive screens for the crowd to see all the action. Cameras were rolling and Emily Chang, the tech reporter for MSNBC, was on site with her crew.

Following a day of start up pitches, everyone was excited for the reveal of what they were told was the next big thing - something called Crinkle. There had been a press release full of buzzwords about VR, AR, wearables, etc, but none of them really understood what the app did. Of course, they were skeptical and jaded from many years of hyperbole about “revolutionary” and “magical” new products. Still, there was an electricity in the air as though they were about to witness something memorable.

Finally, the house lights went down and Gavin Belson appeared on stage. He was wearing a black turtle neck and blazer and spoke with a headset mic. “Thank you all for coming. We’re really excited about our presentation today. In my long career, I’ve never been more satisfied with a new product. I know you all thought that Gavin Belson was washed up when I was ousted from Hooli, but today, you’ll see that I’m still on top of my game! Everyone, let me introduce the founder of Crinkle, Amy Lee.”

Amy stepped out on stage with her tablet. “Thank you, Gavin, for all your support. We couldn’t have done it without your wisdom and guidance, and more importantly, your funding.” The audience chuckled.

“Today, we’re going to change the face of parenting forever. Imagine: what if you didn’t have to put up with naughtiness and misbehavior? What if you could teach children the life lessons they need so badly with just a few taps?

Well, now you can, thanks to the revolutionary Crinkle app. Crinkle combines cutting edge VR and wearable technology to make correcting bad behavior so much simpler and more fun. And it’s not just for children but also people who act like children.”

“But it’s so much easier to show you than to tell you. To help me do so, let me introduce Monica Hall. Many of you know Monica. You’ve had your proposals rejected by her, competed with her on Series A funding deals, been hounded by her for press coverage of her portfolio companies. That’s why I think you’ll all love our demonstration today.”

Monica walked out on stage looking like her normal self, except she was wearing the pink Crinkle collar. She was wearing an attractive navy blouse and white skirt and high heels. She stood next to Amy on stage looking nervous.

“This is a truly revolutionary product. It gives you complete control over naughty or rebellious children. When they act out, you can easily remove privileges and make them become the age they are acting. Forced regression has been proven as one of the most effective means of behavior modification. This ensures even the brattiest kids are quickly made sweet and polite.

As we’ve announced, this app enables you to control someone’s Age, Clothing and Behaviors. But today we’ve got …one more thing.

“We’re announcing two new sets of features for Crinkle - Scenes and Appearance. To help me demonstrate these, I’d like to introduce one of the valley’s hottest start ups, Pied Piper.”

Monica was shocked to see Richard, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Carla walk on stage. She had already been humiliated in front of her colleagues. But if she were humiliated in front of Richard and his crew, especially smartasses like Gilfoyle, she would never be able to live it down.

“I’ve licensed the Middle Out compression algorithm from Pied Piper and they were eager to come help with our demo today. Well, Richard was a bit reluctant, but we found ways of convincing him.”

“First, to show give you a taste of Scenes, here’s Carla Walton.” Carla was the sassy, diminutive programmer they had hired for her systems expertise. She had a down-to-earth punk rock style and always resented corporate suits like Monica.

“What’s up, Techcrunch! I’m going to show you Scenes. This is a truly magical feature. It’s a fully immersive virtual reality environment, but projected into the real world, so you can see it without wearing a bulky headset. It allows for some very creative punishments. We all know how bad Monica’s been, so why don’t we have some fun with her?”

Carla turned to Monica. “Hey sport,” she said dripping with sarcasm, “I hear it’s your birthday today.” Monica shook her head. “Aw, don’t be modest. You’re celebrating a very special day. And we’re having a surprise party for you!”

Carla tapped a Birthday Cake icon in the new Scenes tab of Crinkle. As Monica looked around, her environment changed from the huge convention hall to a small dining room like the one in her childhood home. It was festooned with pink ribbons, balloons and a banner that said, “Happy 3rd Birthday, Monica!”

Around dining room table were small children ranging from 4 to 8 years old. They were all dressed up and ready to celebrate her birthday. At the head of the table, was a toddler’s high chair. Luckily, Monica thought, it was way too small to fit her.

One of the girls, about 6 years old, got up from the table and walked over to Monica. “Happy Birf-day!” she said.

“It’s not my birthday!” Monica said. “And I’m definitely not three years old.”

“C’mon silly! Playtime is over. It’s time for cake!” she took Monica’s hand and Monica had to follow her over to the table.

As they walked toward the heavily decorated kid’s table, Monica noticed something strange. The table was getting closer to eye level. So were all the kids. She looked back at the girl who was holding her hand and saw that they were now almost equal in height!

They stopped next to the high chair. The girl turned around to face Monica with a slightly evil smirk. Monica was at eye level with her and still shrinking. She ended around a head shorter than the little girl, now staring up at the six year old. Her blouse was hanging off her shoulder and she wobbled in her heels. The skirt was in danger of falling off at any second. Looking down, she saw she still had her adult figure - breasts, hips and all - but was about the size of three year old.

“Don’t worry,” said the girl, “let big sister help you.” She put her hands under Monica’s armpits and lifted the miniaturized woman out of her clothes and up into the highchair. She swung though the air in her proverbial birthday suit, feeling the cold air on her skin. It was quite shocking and embarrassing.

However, she didn’t remain naked for long. As the highchair tray snapped into place, she immediately felt a thickly padded diaper forming around her bottom. This was followed by a tight yellow tank top that had a sparkly blue “3” with a princess crown on the front, and a frilly party skirt with glitter around her waste. She wore a pointy party hat strapped around her chin with a rubber band. The hat had a streaming ribbon at the top and said “Mommy’s Big Girl”. The birthday girl now looked the part.

Monica blinked rapidly. Just a few moments ago, she had been standing on the keynote stage in her adult clothes. Now, she was the guest of honor at a toddler’s birthday party, having been shrunken down, dressed up, and put on display in a high chair in front of the giggling children. It was like a bad dream come true.

The TechCrunch crowd was still watching on the giant flat screens. On stage, it looked as if a window onto the scene had appeared. They had never seen virtual reality so realistic, and certainly not to the naked eye. However, they didn’t have time to think about the technical aspects, because they were too engrossed in the humiliating spectacle of a former scourge of the Valley being reduced to a helpless baby brat. Their stunned silence gave way to laughter.

The children around the table looked excited. They seemed thoroughly aware and amused by Monica’s transformation. “I bet you thought you were too big for the kid’s table,” one girl giggled, “but now you’re the littlest one here!” As far as Monica could tell, she was also the only one wearing diapers.

As Monica squirmed in the highchair, the lights dimmed. In walked Carla holding a large chocolate birthday cake with three candles. “Happy Birthday” she sang. The children sang along with her.

“Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Baby Monica
Happy Birthday to you!

How old are you now?
How old are you now?”

The last line sounded sinister give her recent age demotion. Monica surprised herself by holding up three little fingers, while the children all laughed. She blushed as the chocolate cake was placed on the tray in front of her. Written in icing was a big “3” and a happy face. “Now blow out the candles and make a wish!” said Carla. “Maybe you should wish to graduate to training pants this year.” The table giggled.

Monica blew out the candles but only managed to get two out of three. She tried again and finally got the third one. “That’s okay, sweetie,” Carla condescended. “You might still get your wish…someday!”

Carla turned and addressed the crowd. “As you can see, Scenes not only creates a virtual environment, it automates the script and controls settings on the other tabs. That’s why Monica shrank automatically when she was led to the kids’ table and was diapered when she sat in the highchair without me doing a thing.

The Appearance settings even let us change the appearance of Monica’s body to further embarrass her. For example, reducing her height from a normal adult to that of a small child.

"There’s so much more that Crinkle can do.” She removed the candles and left the whole cake in front of Monica. “Now dig in, little birthday girl!”

Without wanting to, Monica began taking handfuls of cake and stuffing them in her mouth. The chocolate smeared all over her mouth and chin. She chewed with her mouth open, so half of the cake fell onto the tray. Soon, she was a total mess.

“Oh, someone’s a messy eater. Who’s mommy’s little piggy?” Carla said. Monica blushed. Carla made oinking sounds; the children laughed.

“Careful about eating so much, little piggy. You’ll never lose that baby fat!” Carla laughed, and Monica felt a rolling sensation in her body as she continued forcing cake into her mouth. Her breasts deflated under her tight tank top. Then her tummy got softer and rounder. Her thighs, hips and butt plumped up significantly. She her cheeks budged out to look more cherubic. Even her hands looked short and pudgy.

She finally stopped eating and looked down at her body. She wasn’t fat, just plump like a pear-shaped baby. Her hard body toned by many hours of yoga was gone and replaced by that of a roly poly toddler. Carla pinched her cheeks and jiggled her pudgy thighs in the baby seat. Then she held up a vanity mirror for Monica to see herself.

Monica would almost rather have been turned into a real toddler. Instead, with her dwarfish size, chubby cheeks, flat chest, and huge rump strapped in a highchair, she looked like an innocent helpless cupie doll version of herself.

“Please, Carla. This is too much!” Her voice sounded high and tiny. “You can dress me up and manipulate me like some doll, but body shaming me like this is just cruel! Think about what y-“ Monica let out a loud belch that ended her outburst. A blush spread across her chubby chipmunk cheeks.

“Our little princess ate a lot of cake very quickly. You must be feeling really full!” Carla winked at her, and Monica let out a deep rumbling fart into her diaper.

“No!” she cried. “I can’t do this here. Not in front of these little kids and all these people!”

“Sure, you can. Before you open presents, our chubby-wubby birthday girl needs to make a big present in her pants.”

This was obviously part of the sick storyline line of this scene, thought Monica. She was dreading performing the most babyish act imaginable in front of the titans of Silicon Valley. She let out a high-squeaking fart and began pooping her diapers. She could feel a big log of poop making its way into the back of her diapers. But unlike her earlier mess, this load was hard and solid. She had to push hard to get it out, especially sitting on the the hard chair and with her expanded butt filling out the thick diaper.

She grunted and strained, even though all she wanted to do was hold it in. Losing control and pooping was one thing; being forced to work hard to mess and humiliate herself was another level of embarrassment. The cake had also made her very gassy, and she farted loudly at regular intervals. Every time she pinched off a new log, there was a burst of flatulence, amplified over the massive PA system. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about what was happening in her diapers, even if her red and scrunched up face hadn’t given it away.

“Ewwww,” said one of the little girls. “She’s pooping her diapers like a baby!”

“Diaper baby! Diaper baby!” the kids chanted.

After a solid five minutes, Monica finally finished pooping with a final long squishy fart. Her chubby face, hands, shirt and lumpy diapers were now all stained brown. She squirmed in the her seat and tried to hold onto the last shred of her dignity by not crying. Even this attempt failed as she began wailing in her highchair and tears rolled down the smudged chocolate on her face.

Carla scooped the tantruming toddler out of her seat and bounced her on her hip, further mushing the mess around her chubby bottom. "There, there, little one. I know you want to be a big girl, but you’re still just a baby. You’ve made a real mess of your party outfit, Ms. Piggy!

But it’s your party, so I guess you can cry if you want to.” she laughed. Monica cried harder at this.

“Sorry, everyone,” she said turning to the children. “The presents will have to wait. This little one is cranky and needs her diaper changed. Who wants to help me?”

Many hands went up. Carla chose the 6-year old who had led Monica to the table. She then laid Monica’s short chubby body down on the table. “You’ve practiced on your dollies, so you know what to do,” she said to the little girl. The little girl then began to untape Monica’s diapers as she cried.

“Aw is someone embarrassed about having her poopy diaper changed in front of the whole party? Like a little dolly, by a girl your niece’s age? In your messy party costume with your chubby legs kicking in the air? Maybe next time, you won’t be such a greedy piggy.” Monica sobbed. “I think you’ve learned your lesson.”

The birthday party scene then dissolved in a pixelated vapor and returned to the convention stage. Monica was lying on the floor in her business attire and her body back to normal. The altered reality scene had faded as quickly as it had appeared. The crowd went wild in laughter and applause.

Amy returned to the stage. “Thank you, Carla! Fabulous demonstration. As you’ve seen, Crinkle is the most advanced diaper punishment app in the world. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. But let’s ask the audience. Do you think Monica has really learned her lesson?"

“No!” came shouts from all over the crowd. On the screen behind them was a live stream of Tweets and Instagram posts from the event, mostly with pics and videos of Monica pooping herself and being changed at her own birthday party.

"Very well, then. We’ve saved the best scenario for last. We all know about Monica’s friendship with Richard Hendriks, the founder of Pied Piper. What you probably don’t know is that Richard has had a crush on Monica since they met, but she refuses to go out with him. She likes the attention but will never ever sleep with him, because that would lessen her power over him. She enjoys making him feel like a bumbling teenager.”

“For our final demonstration, I think we should get these two lovebirds together on a dream date.” She launched the Crinkle app again and tapped a few icons and Monica was again transported to another scene.

Monica awoke as if from a daydream. She stood next to Richard at a fancy club in Union Square called Infusion Lounge. She wore a little black cocktail dress and her brown hair was full of lustrous curls. She wore tasteful make up and a beautiful jade necklace. For once, Richard was wearing a collared shirt and slacks instead of his usual hoody. Had the whole Crinkle debacle been just a nightmare?

“I’m glad we’re finally on a date, Monica,” said Richard, playing with the straw in his drink. “I didn’t even want to come here, but Russ Haneman and his billionaire friends recommended it. I don’t fit in with the high fashion crowd.”

“No, it’s definitely not your crowd. But if you want to hang out with me, you’ve got to be comfortable with my VC friends. They live a pretty high brow lifestyle.” While she considered herself down to earth, Monica had become a bit of a snob just spending so much of her time at work around the big egos of the Valley.

“Should we get another drink?” said Richard. His pink tropical drink with an umbrella and pineapple slice in it was almost finished. Monica’s much more sophisticated Martini glass was nearly empty as well, her third of the evening.

“Why don’t we go dance?” Monica smiled. She knew this would make Richard uncomfortable. She relished the idea of her sexily swaying on the dance floor while Richard awkwardly watched, unsure what to do with his body. It would give her even more of the upper hand physically.

“Um…ah…” said Richard. “Ok, sure.”

Monica grabbed his hand and led him out to the dance floor. It was throbbing with the latest DJ Khalid anthem. She began to move her hips to the beat. Richard glanced around nervously, feeling self-conscious.

Suddenly, a bouncer tapped her shoulder. “Excuse, miss! May I please see your ID?”

Monica was taken aback but she could see the man meant business. Luckily, she kept her ID in her dress in case they had gone to the bar. She reached between her breasts and pulled it out and handed it him. The man stared at her ID and then broke into a slight smile. “I’m afraid you’re in the wrong area, Miss.”

“What are you talking about?” she said, getting agitated.

Richard tried to intervene. “Uh is there a problem here?”

“Yes,” said the bouncer. “This young lady is not allowed to be in our over 21 section,” he turned around the ID and held it up for them. It was a library card with Monica’s name on it. It said, “Monica Hall, 4 years old, Junior Reader in Training". There was an ID picture of her with a pacifier and her hair in pig tails, and a cute rainbow at the top.

“Fortunately,” he said, “we have a section for children her age. It’s called Kidz Bop. We have so money rich tech executives with young kids that we needed to provide a daycare area for them. The kids have fun dancing and the adults enjoy seeing them perform. Follow me.”

He grabbed Monica’s hand and started leading her to the back of the club. Richard followed them, yelling ineffectually at the bouncer. “Hey! Where are you taking my date?”

They reached a large glass enclosed area that was much more brightly lit than the rest of the club. Inside, little girls and boys bopped around to music and played with oversized rubber balls and toys spread across the dance floor play area. Many of the girls were dressed for “going out” with fancy dance outfits.

Outside the glass there were adults watching, mostly the parents and their friends. They were chatting and cooing about how adorable the kids were.

“Ok let’s go,” the bound said, trying to lead Monica inside. She tugged at his hand, not wanting to go.

Just then, someone passed by. “Richard?” she said. It was Richard’s ex—girlfriend Winnie. He had broken up with her last summer over a coding dispute, and they hadn’t spoken since. She looked even more attractive than he remembered, cleaned up with makeup and a slinky red dress.

“Oh…uh…Hi, Winne.”

“Oh, it’s Monica!” she saw Monica struggling with the bouncer. “Is this your new girlfriend?”

“Well…not yet. But ah, we’re having a bit of an issue here. Can you help us?”

Just then, the bouncer opened the door and shoved Monica inside. Richard and Winnie followed her. The bouncer said a few words into his earpiece, and slammed the door shut behind them.

Inside the room, Monica took in her surroundings. It had the look of a giant nursery, with little touches like a disco ball that made it like a club for little kids. There was upbeat kid’s music blaring on the speakers. A big “Kidz Bop” sign hung on the wall behind the DJ, who was dressed like a clown. Little kids from preschoolers to grade schoolers ran around, doing cartwheels and tossing plush toys. There was a changing tables, baby supplies, and even cribs in the corner. It was then that she felt her dress changing and growing tighter.

She looked down and her little black dress had become a tight pink leotard. The upper half was decorated with sequins and ruffles. The bottom of her dress became a tutu that stuck straight out at the waist. Under the tutu, was triple padded diaper with cartoon ballerinas printed on it. A pair of tight pink tights with frills on the rear completed her outfit.

Catching her reflection in the glass, she looked like a big baby ballerina. Richard and Winnie gaped at her. She blushed in shame, her past Crinkle experiences suddenly rushing back to her.

The clown DJ blew a whistle. “Ok, kids, time out. Everyone clear the floor. It’s time for our special performance of the evening.”

“We have a little girl who was caught trying to play in the big girl area and talked back when she was asked to return to where she belongs.”

“Oooooo…” gasped the kids.

“You know what that means. She has to do the Naughty Dance hehe!” the DJ said with a clownish laugh. The kids giggled and applauded.

Then she heard the DJ from the main club come on the PA speakers. “Ladies and gentleman, hope you’re having a great evening. If you’d care to make your way to the Kidz Bop area in the back, we have a very special performance for you. Monica Hall is going to do the naughty dance for us.”

People began gathering outside the glass wall of the Kidz Bop room, laughing and pointing at Monica. Monica looking pleadingly at Richard, who just stood there with his mouth open. He knew he should be doing something to stop this, but he was also quite aroused with the sight of Monica in her diapers and baby ballerina outfit.

“Ok is everyone ready? Hehe” said the clown DJ. “I’m DJ Giggles! Little Monica’s going to do the Naughty Dance for us. Let’s start with Act I.”

The lights dimmed slightly and a spotlight appeared on Monica. Then the music began. It was a bouncy instrumental version of “I’m A Little Teapot” featuring kazoos and other silly sounds. Against her will, Monica began bopping to the music. She tilting from side to side, jumping up and down, and twirling around awkwardly in her big bulky diapers.

“Now sing!” said clown DJ. Monica surprised herself by beginning to belt out “I’m a Little Teapot” at the top of her lungs. Her pitch was off and she sounded very childish, even though she was normally a decent singer.

“I’m a little teapot short and stout!” She put her hands on her hips and swayed her huge diapered rear from side to side.

“Here is my handle, here is my spout!” She kept one hand on her hip and pointed to her diaper with the other hand.

“When I get all steamed up, hear me shout!” She spread her arms wide.

“Tip me over and pour me out!” She turned her back to the audience and bent over and began to wet her diaper. She heard an amplified hisssing sound over the speakers. The audience could see her diaper droop and discolor through the thin childish tights. She looked back over her shoulder, her face bright red.

The children and adults all clapped and laughed. Monica stood up and turned around. Just outside the glass, she could see Erlich, Dinesh and Gilfoyle laughing and pointing at her. What were they doing here? “Looks like Richard should have brought a diaper bag for this date,” said Gilfoyle in his sarcastic monotone.

“Bravo, Little Monica. You really know how to bop!" said DJ Giggles, “Don’t worry that you wet your little diaper in front of everyone. We’re fully equipped to deal with that, but not just yet. You’ve still got two more acts of your naughty dance! Ready for Act II?”

Old McDonald began to play. Again, the music was an uptempo version with wacky sound effects. This version had a country flair with fiddles, mouth harps and what sounded like a washtub. Monica was forced to dance again, but this time she didn’t sing.

“Old McDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O.” Monica put her hands at her waist and did an clumsy two step.

“And on this farm he had a pig. E-I-E-I-O. And this piggy had to fart. E-I-E-I-O.” The children giggled at the new lyrics. Monica do-si-do’d.

“With a fart fart here! And a fart fart there!” Each time Monica farted loudly and audibly over the speakers. “Here a fart, there a fart, everywhere a fart fart!” Monica’s face was neon red as she square danced around farting into her wet diaper.

The song began again. “Old MacDonald had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on this farm he a had a lamb. E-I-E-I-O. And this lamby had to poo. E-I-E-I-O” Monica winced, knowing what was coming next. “With a poo poo here and a poo poo there!"

Monica found herself filling her thick diaper as she continued dancing like a clumsy toddler. “Now! Do the hokey pokey and shake it all around!” Monica stuck out her massive frilled rear for the crowd and shook her butt all around. The mess was very visible through her tights, which were now much darker and lumpier. "

“Eww, her diaper’s all stinky and squishy!” yelled one kid.
“She’s a big stinky baby!” yelled another.

She would do anything to stop dancing but she couldn’t. She saw the delighted faces of both the kids and adults. Richard looked disgusted.

“Wonderful, baby! You’re a natural at this. Now, onto your final act. Act III - we call this the Humpty Dumpty song! This is the naughtiest part of the Naughty Dance”

A pink plastic rocking horse rose from the floor. It was small and looked like something a preschooler would use. The music began playing. It was a hip hop beat with a dull throbbing bass. She wanted to run out of the room in embarrassment. But instead, her diaper squished as she sat down on the horsie.

It turned out the horsie was mechanized. It began rocking and bucking in time with the beat. Bounced up and down on the seat, Monica could feel it mushing her poopy diaper around her butt. She looked over at Richard and their eyes met.

She noticed that Richard had put his arm around Winnie and they were standing very close. It almost looked like Richard was…turned on by her humiliation. Whereas before she was romantically and sexually in control, she now felt totally frustrated and helpless.

“Ride 'em cowgirl!” The DJ said. “Now let’s step it up.” He changed the beat to the 90’s anthem “Jump” by Kriss Kross. “Kris Kros will make ya’, Hump! Hump! Hump! Hump!” Monica found her diapered hips thrusting forward into the horsie in time with the song. How could she be shamelessly humping her poopy diaper while riding a plastic horsie in public? Her tutu flew up and down, accentuating her lewd movements.

The worst part was that she could feel herself becoming aroused. While she was grossed out by the smell, she couldn’t ignore the warm diaper against her privates. She began to flush even more and let out some soft moans. Richard saw this and, from a sudden impulse, turned and kissed Winnie. Winnie kissed him back and they started making out.

Monica watched Richard kissing his ex-girlfriend. She felt like such a dirty stinky baby. Her date, Richard - the dopey guy she could always rely on to boost her self esteem - was now hooking up with another woman as Monica was forced to masturbate in a full diaper. “Nooo!” she began to wail. “Anything but this! Please don’t — don’t make me come in my diapers!”

It was too late. She saw Richard grab Winnie’s ass and suddenly reached her humiliating climax. “Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” she screamed and began to shake violently on the horsie. She had been made to come in her diapers. The exhausted girl slumped over on the horse. The music faded out and and horsie disappeared into the floor. Monica was left sitting on the ground and crying like a baby in her wet, messy, and sticky diapers.

As she looked around at the many smiling faces, her crying grew into a full blown tantrum. She flipped over on her stomach and began to kick legs and bang her fists on the floor. “This not fair! Mommy! Daddy! Someone help me.”

“Wow, Richard, your date seems a little immature. What do you say we get out of here while the baby gets her diaper changed?”

Monica saw the two of them walk out together and kicked even harder. The scene faded away in a haze of pixels and Monica was left lying on the stage at TechCrunch still in her messy ballerina outfit and throwing a babyish tantrum.


After Monica’s performance, the audience erupted in applause. Amy walked back on stage. They were convinced that they had finally seen the future.

”Thank you for coming, everyone! Crinkle will be available in the App Store tomorrow. The Crinkle collar and projection kit will ship in time for the holidays.

“In the meantime, Monica will continue her tour to help us show the whole country the power of Crinkle for controlling little stinkers.”

Amy tapped one more button on her iPad and a stroller appeared. She lifted the crying girl into the stroller, strapped her in and stuck a pacifier into her mouth. As the crowd began to leave, convinced they had at last seen the future, Monica was wheeled off still pounding and kicking the foot of the stroller. Her days as VC were over, but her days as a helpless diaper doll were just beginning.

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