Sisterly Love - by Urson

Sisterly Love
By: Urson
Carrie had been waiting for weeks for her sister’s sleepover. Lydia
had promised that she could join in this time. It’s always hard being the new
kid in school, and since they moved to Augton, Carrie hadn’t made many friends.
Lydia, on the other hand, had fit in quite nicely. On the Thursday before the
sleepover, Carrie reminded Lydia of her promise. Lydia’s face clouded over and
was about to say something when their mother walked into the room.
“Ok girls, I know you’re excited about this weekend, but before
there are any misconceptions about what’s going to happen, I’m going to set a
few ground rules.” Mrs. Thompson punctuated the sentence with a “And they
better be followed, OR ELSE!” look
“Awww, Mom! This is supposed to be a free weekend! It’s not like
we’re planning on destroying the house or nothing.” Lydia whined
“It’s not that I don’t trust you two to behave, it’s just that I
want it clear what I will and will not allow. Nothing outrageous, just some
safety rules.” Mrs. Thompson smiled
“First, and foremost, NO BOYS IN THE HOUSE AT ALL!!! Second, If
there’s a problem, call your grandparents. Third, I want the house to be in the
same condition I left it, when I get home Sunday night. Last, but by no means
least, please try to get along.” She said as she turned to her younger daughter.
“Carrie, that means don’t irritate your sister. She’s letting you join her
sleepover and that’s very generous of her, so be considerate.” Then turning to
Lydia “Lydia, I’m very glad you let Carrie join your sleepover, but don’t try
to impress your friends by acting in charge because you’re not. Grandma Sadie
and Grandpa Joseph will be over to check on you two on Friday and Saturday
night. I’ve left a list of numbers on the fridge. My hotel number is there but
don’t call unless it’s an emergency. This convention could be my ticket to a
better job.”
The girls looked at each other, then back to their mother and said,
in unison, "Yes Mam.
Just then, a car horn sounded outside. Mrs. Thompson went to the
window and peeked out. “Ok, my cab is here. Now, I’ll see you girls when I get
home Sunday. Have a good weekend, and don’t get on each other’s nerves too
much, Please. I love you both.”
Mrs. Thompson quickly gathered up her luggage and walked out to the
cab. As the cab drove off, Lydia turned to her little sister.
“Carrie, I know mom said I’m not in charge of you this weekend, but
I am in charge of the sleepover, so don’t embarrass me by acting like a baby.
Carrie looked slightly indigent and gave Lydia a scowl, “I’m not a
baby and I don’t act like one either!”
“Oh yea? Then what about the last time I let you in one of my
sleepovers? You wet your sleeping bag and we had to spend the morning doing
laundry. That sounds babyish to me.” Lydia said with a gleam in her eye
Carrie was really getting steamed by now. “I was 5 years old!
Aren’t you ever gonna let that go? I haven’t wet the bed for over 3 years now,
and even if I still did, Mom said I’m not a baby, I just got a small …… bladder,
yea, that’s what it was.”
"Ok, ok! Don’t get your panties in an uproar, Sheesh. My
Friends will be here about 5pm, so we’ll have about two hours to get things ready
after school.
Lydia glanced over at the clock on the wall and noticed that it said
7:26 am.
“Holy shit! We’re gonna miss the bus. Come on!” she said and
quickly grabbed her sister by the arm, dragging her out the door, just in time
to see the bus pull up. They quickly boarded and went to sit with their
Angie waved to Lydia and took her books off the seat she had been
saving. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?”
Lydia brightened up a bit and said, “Well, first, I thought we’d
order some monster pizzas and watch Sleepless in Seattle. My mom gave me enough
money to rent a few movies and get enough food for all five of us.”
“Five of us? I thought it was just Tammy, Gabby, you, and me. Who
else did you invite?”
“My little sister, Carrie. My mom said if I let her join us, she’d
give me an extra 10 bucks, so I guess it’s like babysitting too.”
Angie looked depressed, “Your baby sister? Didn’t you tell me that
the last time she was allowed to join your sleepover, she wet her sleeping bag?”
Lydia nodded, “Yea, but that was like four years ago, she doesn’t
wet the bed anymore.”
Angie smiled evilly, “You know, it’s too bad she doesn’t wet the bed
anymore. I bet she’d look cute as a bug, in a diaper and baby dress.”
Lydia looked shocked for a moment, then giggled, “Yea, it would be
cute, but if my mom found out, I’d be in soo much trouble.”
“Your mom wouldn’t ever have to know, we could take a few pictures
and tell your sister that if she said anything, we’d pass the pictures around
school.” Angie said
Lydia thought for a moment, as the idea of Carrie in diapers and
baby clothes ran through her head.
“Ok, but we’re gonna have to work fast. Have Gabby bring her baby
brother’s stroller and baby stuff we’ll need. You pick up some Pampers, better
make it those new size 7 ones. Tammy baby-sits so she knows how to change
diapers and fix formula so she’ll show us how to take care of the NEW BABY!”
Lydia and Angie began laughing quietly.
As the girls laughed, they didn’t see Anna’s friend, Elkvyll,
sitting in the seat in front of them.

Chapter 2

The bus dropped the elementary students off before heading to the
Jr. High. Elkvyll caught up with Carrie in the hall, just before class.
“Carrie, um, are you going to your sister’s sleepover this weekend?”
she asked quietly
“Yea, what’s up? You wanna come too?” Carrie asked
“No, but I think your sister and her friends plan on making you the
center of attention.”
Carrie looked at Elkvyll curiously, “What do you mean?”
Elkvyll looked around, to be sure no one was listening, “I overheard
your sister and her friend, Angie say that they were gonna put you in diapers
and treat you like a baby. Worse, they plan on taking pictures and said if you
tell your mom, they’ll show them around the school. You’d never live it down!”
Carrie stared, unbelieving, “You’re kidding, right? Lydia wouldn’t
let them do that to me.”
“It was mostly her idea, I swear.” Elkvyll crossed her heart to show
her sincerity.
Elkvyll could almost see the steam coming from Carrie’s ears. “My
sister has done some mean things before, but I thought she loved me. I’m her
sister, for crying out loud!”
Carrie pulled Elkvyll close and whispered into her ear, “I got a
plan to make her pay if she tries to do it.” She quickly pulled out her
notebook, wrote down a phone number and passed it to Elkvyll. “If I don’t call
you by Saturday morning, call this number and tell my grandparents. If you
don’t hear from me, it means that Lydia has pulled her little joke. Lydia’s in
for a big surprise.”
Elkvyll put the scrap of paper in her pocket and both girls headed
for class.
School on the last day was boring, and neither Carrie, or Lydia paid much
attention, so the day dragged on. Finally when the bell run, Lydia quickly
emptied her locker and went to have a quick pow-wow with her friends, before the
big “event”. Gabby, and Angie were waiting when Tammy and Lydia walked into the
girls restroom…
“Does everyone know what they have to do?” Lydia asked
All the girls nodded and Lydia turned to Gabby, “Make sure you take a
fully stocked diaper bag, we need all the most babyish looking things,
pacifiers, baby bottles, a couple of bibs, and some baby clothes. Oh, don’t
forget some baby toys for her to play with.”
Lydia then turned to Angie, “Get the most babyish diapers you can
find, I know that Pampers has those new size 7 ones, but get the one that looks
the best.”
The girls quickly ended their meeting when the announcement for
their respective busses was called. They each headed home, gathering things and
planning for the surprise they were going to pull on Lydia’s little sister that

Chapter 3

Lydia and Carrie arrived home about the same
time. Lydia unlocked the door and they walked in. Lydia put her backpack down
by the door and said, “Hey, how about a quick snack before we start getting
ready for tonight?”
“Ok, sounds cool to me.” Carrie said, quickly
heading to the kitchen.
After a bowl of Cookies and Crème Ice Cream and
a fruit smoothie, both girls were ready to get down to work. They spent most of
the two hours getting the house clean and ready for the sleepover. Then, Lydia
gave Carrie the task of getting the sleeping bags ready, while she prepared the
snacks and looked through the newspapers for pizza place coupons. With only
about ten minutes before the guests were to arrive, Lydia asked Carrie to sit
down so she could talk to her.
“Sis, I know you haven’t wet the bed in three
years or so, but would you do me a big favor, just for tonight?” Lydia asked
Carrie saw this coming, but knew that if
Lydia’s plan went all the way, she would be sorry. “I’m not sure what your
getting at, but what’s the favor?” Carrie said, wearily looking at Lydia
Lydia heaved a sigh and pulled something from
behind her back, it was a Goodnites. Carrie jumped back and yelled, “What do
you think I am, a baby? I’m not wearing a diaper!”
Lydia knew her plan wouldn’t work if her sister
didn’t wet, so she looked sad and said, “I know it’s an awful lot to ask, but
nobody will know, and we’re gonna take a quick nap when the girls get her, so
we’re wide awake later. Please, just so nothing goes wrong?”
Lydia looked so sincere and Carrie knew she was
covered, in case of a problem so, she figured she’d play along with it, until
it go too weird. Carrie looked up at her sister, dejectedly and said, “Ok, but
you gotta promise me that you won’t tell your friends. I’m only doing this
cause I wanna make you happy.” Carrie stuck out her lower lip and gave a pouty
Carrie’s expression was so sad, that Lydia
almost called off the joke. She was about to tell Carrie all about it and stop
the whole thing, when the first guest arrived, it was Angie.
Angie burst through the back door and called
into the house, “Ello, anyone there?”
Lydia quickly passed Carrie the Goodnites and
told her to go upstairs and slip it on. As soon as Carrie was out of sight,
Angie pulled Lydia close and whispered to her, “I got Weston diapers, size 7.
They’re SOOOO CUTE!” and she pulled one from her overnight bag. The diaper was
white, with pink trim, there were cartoonish characters on the waistband and the
whole thing practically reeked of baby powder.
“Perfect.” Lydia said “She’ll look so adorable
in this!”
From the top of the stairs, Carrie watched
Lydia and Angie as they fawned over the cuteness of the diaper. She knew right
there and then, that her sister was still going to go through with the prank.
Silently, she cried. She couldn’t believe that her sister would do something as
mean as this. She quickly dried her eyes and slipped on the Goodnites. She
then made a big show of stomping down the stairs, so Lydia and Angie would have
time to put the diaper away.
Angie heard Carrie coming down the stairs and
quickly stuffed the diaper back into her bag. Lydia bent down to her sister and
said, “Do you have it on?” Carrie nodded and blushed slightly.
The other two girls arrived in short order, and
Lydia managed, both times, to get Carrie out of the room while she asked Gabby
and Tammy if they were ready for the “party”. Gabby had hidden the stroller
outside, but said she could only get a few supplies, and no clothes. Tammy
chimed in, saying that it was ok, she got some baby clothes from one of the
families she babysat for, which was good because they were girl clothes, a
dress, some rompers and three onsies. Once all the girls had arrived, Lydia
laid out the plan.
“First, we are gonna take a quick nap. Carrie
thinks it’s so we can stay up later tonight, but it’s just so we can make her
wet the Goodnites she’s wearing. Once she wets the Goodnites, we can suggest
she wear diapers to bed. Later, I’ll bring sodas in glasses out, Carrie gets
the blue glass. It will have half a sleeping pill in it. After she’s asleep,
we can dress her in the sleeper, and baby clothes, I pulled the playpen mom
stores in the attic down and put it in her room. We’ll put her to sleep in it
and tomorrow, the fun will begin.”

Chapter 4

As soon as everything was ready for later, Lydia said, “Ok, we
should take a quick nap now. We don’t wanna fall asleep to early tonight.”
All the girls, including Carrie, agreed. They rolled out the
sleeping bags. The older girl’s bags were basic camping bags, blue, green, red.
Carrie’s was her personal sleeping bag, a Bratz sleeping bag. Lydia looked at
her sister as she rolled out her bag and thought, “This is going to be too
After they laid down, it wasn’t long before Carrie fell asleep.
Lydia signaled to Angie, who brought a bowl of luke warm water out. Lydia
placed Carrie’s hand in the water and waited for the inevitable. Lydia, Angie,
Gabby, and Tammy, waited until they could hear the tell-tale sound of peeing,
then they went into action. Lydia carefully removed Carrie’s hand from the
water and Angie took the water away. Tammy took a towel and dried off Carrie’s
hand. Gabby made a bee line for the bathroom, so that Carrie couldn’t just dump
the diaper and say it never happened. They had just finished and the three were
sitting on their sleeping bags when Carrie woke up.
A look of terror crossed Carrie’s face and she quickly excused
herself to the bathroom, only to find it occupied. When Lydia reached the top
of the stairs, she could see Carrie doing the “pee dance”. Lydia came up behind
her and tapped her on the shoulder, startling her. Carrie hadn’t emptied her
bladder in the Goodnites as she slept, but when her sister scared her, she
finished the job. Unfortunately, the Goodnites couldn’t hold the capacity and
it began to leak, down Carrie’s legs. Carrie was mortified.
Lydia, seeing this, knew it would be easy to get her sister into a
diaper now. She quickly acted the concerned sister and apologized.
Carrie, still crying, looked up to her sister, and said, “What am I
gonna do now, if your friends see this, I’ll never live it down. They’ll never
let me be in one of you guy’s sleepovers again!”
Lydia said, “Calm down. I think I have a solution, but you gotta
trust me, ok?”
Carrie nodded, and Lydia quickly dragged her sister into her room,
just as the bathroom door swung open and Gabby headed downstairs.
Lydia quickly shut her door and had Carrie sit on a towel. “Listen,
the only way you’re gonna get through this is to trust me and do as I say. I
have a plan, but you aren’t gonna like it.” She put on a suitably sad face and
continued, “I wasn’t sure if the Goodnites was gonna work, so I bought a small
pack of diapers, just in case. It looks like it was a good decision.”
Carrie realized that her sister’s prank was now in full swing. She
had to go along with it until Elk called her grandparents tomorrow morning. She
gave Lydia a shocked look, “Real Diapers?? I don’t wanna wear baby diapers.
It’s bad enough I had to wear this thing.” She said as she pointed to the
Lydia patted her sister on the shoulder, “I know it’s embarrassing,
but, wouldn’t it be more embarrassing if you wet your pants or sleeping bag?”
Carrie twirled her ponytail in her hand, “Yea, but Diapers? Please
don’t make me wear them.”
Lydia was angry now, “Ok, you have a choice. One, you can wear the
diaper and still be in the sleepover with us, or two, you can not wear it and go
to bed at your normal bedtime, in your own room! That’s it, one or the other.”
Carrie lowered her eyes and sniffled, “It’s not fair, Mom said you
aren’t in charge of me.”
“Yea, but she did say that I was in charge of anything that involved
the sleepover. I don’t wanna be washing your sleeping bag on Saturday.” Lydia
reminded her sister
Dejected, Carrie agreed to Lydia’s terms. “Wait here, I’ll go get
the stuff and we’ll get you ready now, so we don’t have any problems.” Just as
she was about to leave the room, Lydia turned to Carrie, “Don’t worry, I know a
way to muffle the sound so nobody will know. All you gotta do is wear a nightie
and the diaper will be almost invisible.”
Quickly, Lydia raced down stairs and grabbed a diaper, baby wipes,
lotion, and powder. She ran back up to her room, leaving her cohorts giggling
in the front room. Upon entering her room, she found Carrie, naked from the
waist down and a Goodnites in her trash can.
“Ok, let’s get you cleaned up and ready for a night of fun.”
It didn’t take long for Lydia to clean up Carrie and put the diaper
on her. When she finished, Lydia walked over and pulled a pair of her own
underwear from her drawers. “This should take care of the noise.” She said as
she pulled the panties up Carrie’s legs and over her diaper
“They’re gonna see the diaper!” Carrie cried
“Don’t worry, just put on one of my nighties and they’ll never
know.” Lydia said as she passed Carrie the nightie
After slipping on the nightie, it was difficult to tell that Carrie
was wearing a diaper underneath it. Carrie looked over herself in her sisters
vanity mirror and, secure in her anonymity gathered up her wet clothes and went
to deposit them in the laundry basket. Lydia walked back down stairs and
gathered the girls around her.
“The plan is working perfect, don’t anyone say a thing about the
diaper. We don’t want to give everything away. Ok, let’s get ready to have a
good night, and when Carrie wakes up tomorrow, we’ll have a brand new baby girl
to take care of.”

Chapter 5

By the time Carrie got back downstairs, it was already 7:30 pm.
Carrie was very self-conscious about the diaper, even though she knew that the
other girls probably knew she was wearing it. Gabby was having a rough time,
not looking at Carrie’s diapered behind, so Lydia suggested that it was a good
time to order the food. They had coupons from several places, and finally
settled on a Megablock pizza from Antonio’s. Gabby called in the order while
everyone else got plates and silverware out. One by one, the girls went into
the bathroom to shower and dress for bed.
The pizza arrived so Tammy and Lydia went into the kitchen to get
drinks. While in the kitchen, Lydia set their plan in motion, she crushed a
sleeping pill and dumped it into the blue glass and filled all of them with
soda. Tammy carried the glasses out, passing one to each of the girls, making
sure that Carrie got the blue one. Once the pizza and drinks were doled out,
the movie marathon began. They watched Sleepless in Seattle first, and then The
Witches of Eastwick. Carrie started feeling strangely sleepy near the end of
the first movie, and by the middle of the second, she couldn’t hold her eyes
open. The odd drowsy feeling pulled at her, taking her farther and farther down
the road to dreamland. Try as she might, she couldn’t stay awake, and by the
end of the second movie, she was fast asleep.
Angie was the first to notice Carrie’s trouble staying awake. She
gently nudged Lydia and nodded toward Carrie. The two girls grinned at each
other, knowing that Carrie would soon be at their mercy.
Once the girls noticed that Carrie was fast asleep, they waited yet
another half hour, just to be sure, then began the transformation of Carrie.
They gently took her out of the sleeping bag and removed Carrie’s nightie and
panties, leaving the girl naked, except for the diaper around her waist. Tammy
pulled over the diaper bag that had been hidden on the back porch and retrieved
a onsie from it, along with changing supplies and a digital camera. Lydia put
two fingers into the leg of Carrie’s diaper, checking for wetness, and was
shocked when she discovered it was indeed wet, soaked rather.
“She must not have wanted to miss any of the movies.” She thought to
As soon as Carrie was fully dressed, Tammy began snapping off
pictures on the camera. Lydia started to unbutton Carrie’s onsie and Tammy
asked, “What’cha doing? You gonna go through with this, aren’t ya?”
Lydia giggled and said, “No, no, that’s not it, she’s soaked. It’s
probably a good thing we put this baby back into diapers, she would have soaked
her sleeping bag if we hadn’t.”
All the other girls looked shocked, then Angie spoke up, “You mean
she actually WET?!”
Lydia looked up from changing her sister and said, with a grin on
her face, “Wet? Soaked is more like it, just feel how heavy this diaper is” as
she passed the used diaper to her friend.
Angie held the diaper under the bottom and weighed it in her hand.
She seemed confused, “I thought your sister hadn’t wet the bed for a while?”
“She hasn’t wet the bed, before this, for about three years now,
it’s weird why she should start now.” She said, as she gave the matter some
thought “Ahh, it must be the sleeping pill. It probably put her into such a
deep sleep that she can’t feel the need to pee.”
Angie laughed, “This is perfect! Now when she asks us why she’s
being treated like a baby, we can show her the first diaper and tell her it’s
cause she acted like one.”
Tammy began snapping pictures as Lydia started changing Carrie’s
The girls gathered around as Lydia began to clean Carrie’s bottom
and lay a clean diaper under her. Powder was applied and the diaper taped up,
around Carrie’s waist. After Carrie was changed, Gabby pulled a bonnet and some
slippers that looked like booties, from the diaper bag. Lydia slipped them on
Carrie and placed the final touch, a Minnie Mouse pacifier, in her mouth. Much
to the girl’s surprise, Carrie began sucking contentedly on the pacifier, still
under the spell of the sleeping pill.

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Re: Sisterly Love - by Urson

Chapter 6

Carrie slowly began to wake up, but something was strange, then she
remembered the diaper. As she moved to get up, she noticed, she wasn’t in her
sleeping bag. She groggily looked around and discovered, she was laying in a
playpen. Worse yet, she was dressed in a onsie, and had a pacifier in her mouth
“So, they did it after all. I’m soo gonna get them back for this.”
She thought to herself.
Seconds later, a hand came into the playpen and stuck two fingers
into the leg of the diaper. Carrie screamed, “HEY!” letting the pacifier drop
and backed up. Tammy looked down at the young girl and giggled, still trying to
see if she had again wet the diaper.
“Hold still honey, Aunt Tammy has to check your didee. Can’t have
the baby getting diaper rash, now can we?” Tammy laid her hand on Carrie’s
stomach and held the smaller girl down while she placed two fingers into the leg
gather of Carrie’s diaper.
“Yep, wet!” Tammy said, loud enough so that the others could hear.
At Tammy’s pronouncement of Carrie’s wet diaper, the other girls
came running into the living room and began cooing and telling her what a good
baby she was. Carrie was almost brought to tears by the humiliation.
Lydia could see that Carrie was about to cry and said, “Alright
aunts, we don’t want the baby to cry, let’s just let Aunt Tammy change her and
we’ll all get breakfast ready.”
Tammy reached down and picked up the pacifier. She tried to put it
back into Carrie’s mouth, but Carrie wasn’t cooperating. “Now listen here baby
girl.” Tammy said
“I’m only gonna say this once. You are gonna be a good baby, or we are gonna
pass the pictures we took of you, all around town.” A sadistic grin slowly
appeared on Tammy’s face.
" I’ll get you all for this. When my mother…" Carrie began to say
as Tammy shoved the pacifier into her mouth.
“Didn’t you hear me kiddo? We’ve got pictures of you dressed in
baby clothes and sucking on a pacifier, laying in a playpen. Now, unless you
want them circulated around your school, you’re not gonna tell your mother one
word of what happened this weekend. Don’t think you can tell your mother we’ve
got the pictures either, Gabby, Angie, and I’ll be gone before your mother gets
home Sunday, so you’re stuck baby girl.” Tammy definitely seemed to be enjoying
Carrie’s torture.
Carrie was scared, if Elk didn’t get ahold of her grandparents
before tomorrow, the plan to get revenge on Lydia and all her friends wouldn’t

Chapter 7

Elkvyll waited by the phone all night, waiting for Carrie to call
and say that her sister hadn’t pulled the horrible prank. Carrie had told her
about some of the jokes Lydia had pulled before, but this was the worst.
Keeping Carrie as a baby for even one day was nasty. Noon came and still there
was no call. Elk pulled out the scrap of paper Carrie had given her and began
dialing the number on it. The phone rang once, twice, three times, on the
fourth ring, Elk was about to hang up and try later when the receiver on the
other end picked up.
“Hello” the voice of an elderly woman said
“Um, is this the home of Carrie Thompson’s grandparents?” Elkvyll
asked, shakily
“Yes it is, but she’s not here. She’s at her home, having a slumber
party with her sister.” The older woman said
“Yes Mam, I know that but, I was asked to call you if I didn’t hear
from Carrie this morning.”
“Who are you dearie?”
“I’m Elk, a friend of Carrie’s, and she told me to call you and tell
you what I told her yesterday.”
The old woman’s interest was piqued. “What did you tell my
granddaughter yesterday, young lady?”
“Well… On the bus, going to school yesterday I overheard Lydia and a
friend of hers, Angie, talking about a plan to… to…”
"To what dearie?
“They said they were gonna treat Carrie like a baby this weekend,
put her in diapers and everything. Lydia got all her friends who were coming to
the sleepover to help her.”
Mrs. Cauldwell knew that Lydia had a history of playing pranks on
Carrie, but this seemed downright nasty. She wasn’t sure that Lydia would do
“How can I be sure you’re telling the truth, young lady? I know my
granddaughters fight, but what you’re suggesting seems a bit mean spirited for
Elk thought for a moment, then remembered the conversation between
Lydia and Angie.
“I heard Lydia mention that Carrie had wet her sleeping bag the last
time she was allowed at one of her sleepovers. I don’t think Carrie would have
told anyone that. She was probably too embarrassed. Does that help prove what
I’m saying?”
Mrs. Cauldwell knew about the wetting incident, and also knew that
Carrie wouldn’t have told that to anyone. Lydia’s old friends had spread
stories around town that Carrie had worn diapers and wet them at the sleepover.
It made the poor girl’s life miserable for months before they moved to Augton.
“Are you still there?” Elk asked, hoping that the old woman hadn’t
just hung up on her.
“I’m still here dearie. Don’t worry, I’m going to go and check on
the girls right now. Thank you for being such a good friend to Carrie, she
really needs friends like you.”
Mrs. Cauldwell hung up the phone and quickly grabbed her keys before
heading out to the car. It would take ten minutes to get there, but she still
wanted to hurry. There was no knowing what Lydia and her friends, most of which
Mrs. Cauldwell had never liked, would do even with ten minutes.

Chapter 8

All the girls were in the living room, Lydia and her friends sat on
the floor around the playpen set up to house Carrie as they watched the early
Saturday morning cartoons. Carrie stewed in the playpen, hoping that Elk had
contacted her grandparents. She had endured two bottle feedings, three diaper
changes, and more “cooing” than she could handle this morning and it was really
getting on her nerves.
Angie glanced at the clock on the VCR and it said 10:00 am.
Suddenly, a vicious and evil idea popped into her head. She stood up and said,
“Hey, it’s still early. Most people aren’t out this early. Let’s take the baby
for a walk in Willow Shade Park. Since most of the kids her age will still be
watching cartoons, it won’t be too embarrassing and, we haven’t tried out the
baby stroller yet.” She looked around the room for support and all the older
girls got insidious grins as they pondered the idea.
Carrie began to really worry, she knew that little league would be
doing their tryouts either the first or second week of June. If any of her
friends that played in little league saw her like this, it would be the end of
her life in this town. No one would ever talk to her and she’d be an outcast
again, just like last time.
The girls quickly agreed that an outing was just what the “baby”
needed. Angie and Gabby held Carrie down as Lydia and Tammy dressed her in a
short, baby dress, with matching leggings and a bonnet. They struggled to put
her into the stroller but the 4 to 1 odds were just too much for Carrie, and she
was strapped in.
They packed a diaper bag and slipped it in the carrier on the back
of the stroller. Lydia bent down to Carrie as they walked out the door.
“You know, if you act like a baby girl and hide behind this…” she
said as she passed Carrie a stuffed bear “Maybe nobody will notice that you’re
not a baby.” She laughed and they walked out of the house and down the street
to the park.
Angie had been right, there weren’t many people at the park, and
Carrie was glad of that. A few mothers with their children, mostly toddlers and
very young kids, were in the park. Angie pushed the stroller over to the area
reserved for babies and young children. Lydia unstrapped her sister and placed
her in the play area.
“Now kiddo, you play nice with the other babies.” She said as she
urged Carrie forward toward a group of small children.
Some of the mothers gave Carrie strange looks and one even walked up
to Lydia and said, “Isn’t she a bit old to be wearing diapers and playing with
the babies?”
“Oh, it’s ok, she’s very big for her age, she’s only 4. Mom’s been
trying to potty train her for a few months now, with no success. Mom decided to
just let her wear diapers until she’s ready.”
The woman seemed skeptical for a moment, then shrugged her
shoulders. “I guess some kids just train later than others. Oh well, good
luck.” She said, then turned back to her little boy.
Carrie was dying of embarrassment. Forced to play in the toddler
area, with all the babies was bad enough, but to actually have her sister say
that Carrie was still potty training was almost more than she could handle.
Carrie walked back to the bench where the girls were sitting. She
was on the verge of tears. She gave the girls a vicious glare and said, “I’m
going to get you all back, no matter what I have to do, or how long it takes!
You’re gonna pay for this!”
Angie sneered, “There’s nothing you can do baby. We’re holding all
the cards and if you decide to tell or try to get us back, those pictures are
gonna make the rounds of your school.”
Carrie spent almost two hours, forcing herself to dwell on the
revenge she was going to reek on Lydia and the girls, while she played with the
babies. The thought that maybe Elk hadn’t been able to get a hold of her
grandparents, floated through her head. She had to shake it out. Elk wouldn’t
fail, it wasn’t in her nature to let a friend down.
Lydia went over to Carrie and picked her up, out of the toddler area
and placed her into the stroller.
“I think my baby sister has had enough sun today, besides, it’s time
for her nap.” Lydia said as she strapped Carrie into the stroller.
The girls pushed the stroller back down the block, toward home.

Chapter 9

Throughout the drive to her daughter’s house, Mrs. Cauldwell prayed
that the girl who phoned her was playing a joke, or mistaken. She didn’t want
to think Lydia was that spiteful toward her little sister. Her hopes died, as
she pulled around the corner, onto the street where her daughter’s house was.
She saw a group of four girls, pushing a stroller, and she recognized Lydia and
in the stroller was Carrie. Mrs. Cauldwell was furious. She pulled up to the
curb next to the girls and rolled down her window.
“LYDIA THOMPSON! You get in that house right now and take your
friends with you, I’ll be in to deal with all of you in a few minutes!”
Lydia was shocked to see her grandmother, veins almost popping out
of her forehead. “Grandma? Please, let me explain.”
Carrie’s eyes were wide. She’d never seen her grandmother so angry
“Are you deaf, little girl? I said get in that house!” Mrs.
Cauldwell could barely see straight, she was so mad at her granddaughter.
Angie saw that the old woman’s attention was on Lydia and tried to
sneak away, but Mrs. Cauldwell was too sharp for that.
“Don’t you move either little girl!” She said, pointing at Angie
“I’m going to be contacting each of you girl’s parents. I don’t think any of
you are going to be sitting down for quite some time.”
Tammy looked Mrs. Cauldwell in the face and said, “I don’t have to
listen to you. You’re not MY grandmother. You don’t have any authority over
me, and you can’t do anything to me.”
Mrs. Cauldwell was so shocked, she almost let her temper get the
best of her, but she calmed herself.
“You’re right little girl. I don’t have the authority to do
anything, but you’re a guest in my daughter’s house until she gets back
tomorrow, so I’m responsible for you. I’m going to call your mother and explain
that I’ll be getting the police involved. At the least, you’ll spend a few
months in the juvenile detention center. That will be the least of your
worries. I’m sure my daughter will be filing a law suit against each and
everyone of you for what you’ve done to Carrie here.” Mrs. Cauldwell could feel
the pounding of a headache beginning.
Tammy was shocked. How could this old woman involve the police in
this? It was just a prank. Nobody got hurt, did they?
Lydia quickly ran into the house and the other girls took the hint
and did the same. Carrie was crying as Mrs. Cauldwell got out of the car and
ran to her youngest granddaughter.
“Grandma!” Carrie cried “I was so scared that Elk couldn’t get a
hold of you. I thought it would be just like the last time.”
Mrs. Cauldwell managed to get Carrie calmed down and carried the
girl into the house, her ire raising with every word of Carrie’s story of what
had been done to her.
Once inside, she put Carrie down and told her to go upstairs and get
out of the baby clothes. She didn’t want to hurt her granddaughter’s pride, so
she thought it best that Carrie be allowed the dignity of taking off the diaper
and baby clothes herself. When Carrie was safely upstairs, Mrs. Cauldwell
walked into the living room. The girls were all there, talking to each other,
trying to find a way out of the situation they were in.
Mrs. Cauldwell scowled at her oldest granddaughter and her friends.
“Ok you juvenile delinquents. I’m going to give you two choices. One, I can
call each of your parents and have them come get you. When they get here, I’m
going to tell them exactly what has been going on and let them deal with your
punishment. The second choice is I call the police and tell them what has
happened. I can then let them call your parents. Be assured that either way,
you’re all going to get what’s coming to you.” She then fixed her eyes on
“Lydia, I thought that you were above this. I know some of the
pranks you’ve played on Carrie in the past, but this was… was… despicable. I
thought I knew who was the more mature of you two, but it seems that I was
wrong. Carrie told me about the pictures. I want them NOW!”
Lydia was terrified and sad at her grandmother’s disappointment and
anger with her. She quickly pulled the camera out and gave it to Mrs.
Mrs. Cauldwell turned back to the group and said, “Ok girls, what’s
it going to be? The choices are before you and it’s time to make a decision.
Do I call your parents, or the police?”
Gabby spoke first, on the verge of tears “Mam? My parents aren’t
home. Please don’t put me in jail.”
Mrs. Cauldwell studied the cringing form of the girl for a moment.
“Well, since your parents aren’t home, there’s not much choice…” Just as she
was about to pronounce judgment on Gabby, the phone rang.
Mrs. Cauldwell gave the girls a “STAY PUT!” glare and walked into
the kitchen to answer the phone.
“Thompson residence.” She said as she put the receiver to her ear
“Mom? What are you doing over? Is something wrong?” Mrs. Thompson
sounded very worried
“Gloria? Oh, I’m glad you called. I’ve got some news and I don’t
think you’re going to like it.”
“What? What news? Are the girls ok?”
“Oh the girls are fine, for the most part, though Lydia and her
little pack of hyenas are in for it when I call their parents”
“What? What happened Mom?”
With that, Mrs. Cauldwell proceeded to tell her daughter what had
occurred during her absence. When she finished, she could almost hear the
grinding of her daughter’s teeth over the phone.
“Mom, I’ll be on the next flight home. I was just calling to say
I’d be home early anyway. I got the job and was going to spring the good news
by taking the girls on a Mother-Daughters day out tomorrow. The events of the
last two days seemed to have changed my plans. Make sure that all of Lydia’s
friend’s Parents are contacted, I’ll deal with Lydia and Carrie when I get home
“There’s a small problem honey, one of the girls parents aren’t home
right now. I was just going to call the police and have them hold her until her
parents got back, but what do you think I should do?” Mrs. Cauldwell asked
“That would be Gabby. Her parents are away for the weekend, she was
going to stay until Monday. That won’t change. I have authority to deal with
her, and I’ll take care of it when I get home. If they still have the playpen
up, put her in it and make sure she doesn’t move till I get home.”
After getting instructions from her daughter, Mrs. Cauldwell went
back into the living room to deal with the girls. When she got back, the girls
were still sitting, just as they had been told. Mrs. Cauldwell walked up to
“Well little girl, it looks like you lucked out. That was my
daughter on the phone. She said that because your parents gave her permission
to punish you this weekend, she’s going to take care of you when she gets home
tonight. Until she gets back, you are to sit in the playpen you had set up for
Gabby looked at the old woman in shock. “You’re not going to treat
me like a baby, are you?”
“I’m not going to say, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but my
daughter just wanted you in the playpen when she got home, so SIT!” The old
woman grabbed Gabby’s arm and led her over to the playpen and helped her in.
Mrs. Cauldwell then turned back to the other girls. “Now, I want
both of you girl’s home phone numbers. If you decide not to cooperate, then
I’ll phone the police and then you can call them, from the police station.”

Chapter 10
After all the girls were quietly in their areas, Mrs. Cauldwell went
to check on Carrie. When she got up to her granddaughter’s room, she found the
door slightly ajar. As she peeked in, she got the shock of her life. There was
Carrie, lying on her bed, still in the diaper and baby dress she had worn
“Poor dear, she must have been so emotionally worn out that she fell
asleep before she could get undressed.” She thought to herself.
Mrs. Cauldwell walked over to Carrie’s bed and proceeded to slowly,
and gently take the dress off Carrie. The diaper was another matter, she found
it very wet and on the verge of leaking, but she remembered, it wasn’t wet when
she got Carrie out of the stroller. She chalked it up to stress and removed the
diaper. She didn’t want Carrie to sleep in her own waste, so she gently shook
Carrie to wake her up.
“Carrie? Honey? Wake up, you need to take a shower so you don’t
smell like pee.”
Carrie was very slow to wake up, her grandmother was right, in that
she was emotionally exhausted. Mrs. Cauldwell could see that Carrie was too
worn out to do it herself, so she took the girl into the bathroom and ran a
shallow bath. Carrie was so out of it, she could hardly move, so her
grandmother bathed her and dried her off. She redressed Carrie in her pajamas
and replaced her in bed.
About half an hour later, the doorbell rang and Mrs. Cauldwell
answered. It was Tammy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs. After showing them to
the living room, where Gabby was still sitting in the playpen, with the pacifier
still ensconced in her mouth. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs were a little shocked at the
sight, but when Mrs. Cauldwell explained the situation, they seemed to be
handling it better. All three adults sat down and Mrs. Cauldwell told Tammy’s
parents exactly what had occurred over the last two days. She showed them the
clothes and baby things that the girls had used on Carrie. Mrs. Jacobs was
outraged and Mr. Jacobs was wringing his hands, looking worried.
“Is there going to be any legal action taken in this matter?” Mr.
Jacobs asked
“That will be up to my daughter but, it is a possibility. This has
been the most humiliating two days of my granddaughter’s life and I don’t know
what, if any repercussions it may have on her. My daughter will be home in a
matter of hours, if you wish, you can contact her then to find out what her
decision is. In the meantime, I suggest you take your daughter in hand and deal
with her.”
Mrs. Cauldwell took Tammy’s parents into the dinning room, where
they found Tammy standing in the corner, quiet as a mouse. Mrs. Jacobs walked
up to her daughter.
“Alright young lady, turn around.”
When Tammy turned around, Mrs. Jacobs saw the pacifier and looked
over to Mrs. Cauldwell for an explanation.
“The girls were whining so I gave them pacifiers to keep them quiet
and perhaps teach them a little lesson about babyish behavior.” Mrs. Cauldwell
“Ahh, I see.” Said Mr. Jacobs, as he turned to Mrs. Cauldwell
“Well, I think she’s been quiet long enough. I want to hear what she has to say
for herself.”
He turned to his daughter. “You can take the pacifier out now
Tammy, and then you can tell us what’s going on here.”
Tammy took out the pacifier and looked down at the ground. Mrs.
Jacobs took Tammy’s chin and lifted her head up. “Don’t look at the ground,
young lady. Tell your father and me what happened.”
Tammy began tearing up as she slowly began to relate the plan that
Lydia, Gabby, Angie, and she, had cooked up. By the time she was finished, her
mother’s eyes were wider than dish plates and her mouth hung wide open. Her
father had a grim look on his face and everyone there could see he was clenching
and unclenching his fists.
It was a few minutes after Tammy finished the story that anyone
spoke. Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs both turned to Mrs. Cauldwell. Mrs. Jacobs spoke
“I’m terribly sorry! I can’t imagine what that poor girl went
through, but rest assured that Tammy will regret her part in this despicable
act.” Mrs. Jacobs said as she turned to her husband. She whispered something
into his ear and then they both nodded.
“My husband and I have come to a decision. Tammy?” Mrs. Jacobs
said, turning back to her daughter “First, you are going to get the tanning of
your life. You know we don’t normally use capital punishment. Your actions
this weekend are so detestable that we feel it is not only warranted, but
necessary. Your father will take care of that part of your punishment, I will
deal with the second part. Not only did you take part in this horrid plan, but
you also stole clothes, diapers, and other things from the family that you
babysat for. You are going to make restitution for that as well, young lady.”
Mr. Jacobs pulled a dining room chair out and sat down, while Mrs.
Jacobs took her daughter by the arm and led her to him. Mr. Jacobs pulled Tammy
over his lap and began to paddle her behind with vigor. While the spanking was
going on, Mrs. Jacobs pulled Mrs. Cauldwell aside.
“Where are the baby things that Tammy stole? I need to see what can
be returned and I need to get a diaper for my baby girl.”
Mrs. Cauldwell showed Mrs. Jacobs the stroller and all the supplies
on it. There were some things that looked like she could return them, but the
used diapers were going to have to be replaced. Mrs. Jacobs pulled a diaper,
wipes, powder and lotion from the bag. She then walked back to her husband and
wailing daughter. By this time, Mr. Jacobs was on his thirtieth smack, and
Tammy was bawling like a baby. Mrs. Jacobs tapped her husband on the shoulder
to stop the spanking. Tammy was crying relentlessly as her mother helped her
off her father’s lap. She then carefully sat Tammy on the ground and leaned her
back to a lying position. Tammy’s eyes grew as she saw what was in her mother’s
“MOM NO, NOT THAT!” she screamed as her mother pulled off her
pants. Tammy struggled for a moment until her father spoke up.
“Stop that! Now your mother and I both agreed. Since you and your
friends schemed to treat this girl, Carrie, like a baby for two days, we’re
going to do the same to you. We’ll see how you like sitting in a WET or POOPY
diaper! If you give either of us any trouble, you’ll be wearing a diaper for a
lot longer than two days.”
“Since these diapers won’t fit my big baby, I’ll use your big girl
panties to hold one in place until we can get some diapees that will fit you.”
Mrs. Jacobs said She reached down to where Tammy had dropped the pacifier and
picked it up. She put it in her mouth and removed it, to clean it off. She
then put the pacifier back into Tammy’s mouth and said, “Don’t you drop that.
Mommy and Daddy will spank the baby if she loses her paci.”
Tammy quickly clamped down on the pacifier as Mrs. Jacobs pulled
down her daughter’s panties. Tammy mother put lotion and baby powder on her
daughter’s diaper area and slipped the baby diaper into place. Mrs. Jacobs
pulled up Tammy’s panties to hold the diaper in place then she pulled Tammy to a
sitting position. Mr. Jacobs walked over and picked up his daughter, placing
her on his hip, as if carrying a small child. He then turned back to Mrs.
“We’re terribly sorry for the part Tammy played in this. We’ll go
along with what ever Mrs. Thompson thinks is appropriate recompense for Carrie’s
trauma. Please have your daughter call us when she’s ready to talk.”
Mrs. and Mr. Jacobs said their goodbyes and made Tammy apologize to
Carrie, before putting the crying girl in their car and driving away.

Re: Sisterly Love - by Urson

Chapter 11
Lydia watched from the upstairs window Tammy was carried to her
parent’s car. Lydia almost did a double take when she saw that Tammy didn’t
have any pants on and was definitely wearing a diaper under her panties. A
chill ran down Lydia’s spine as she noticed that Tammy still had her pacifier in
her mouth. Coupled with the diaper, Lydia could only imagine what was in store
for her friend.
The sound of footsteps on the stairs made Lydia quickly run to the
bed. She quickly sat down, just as the door opened.
“Don’t think I didn’t hear you running just a second ago, little
girl. I told you to stay on that bed until your mother got home. I’m going to
assume that you were watching your friend being carried to her parent’s car,
just like a little girl.” Mrs. Cauldwell said She slowly stepped into the
bedroom and closed the door behind her. Lydia was apprehensive at seeing her
grandmother hiding something behind her back as she slowly advanced toward the
“I don’t know what time your mother is going to be home tonight, and
I’m not going to let any of you move until she does get home. Seeing as you
aren’t allowed to move, I’m going to make sure none of you little girls makes a
mess.” With that, she revealed what she had been hiding, one of the diapers they
had used on Carrie.
“Lay back and don’t give me any trouble!” Mrs. Cauldwell said
“You can’t be serious grandma. That won’t even fit me. You… you
can’t make me wear it.”
“I can make you wear it, and it may not entirely fit, but your
panties will hold it in place.” She tossed the diaper on the bed and moved
Lydia so she was laying down.
“If you put up a fight, I’ll tan your hide and then put this diaper
on you, so it’s your choice. You can wear the diaper, or I can paddle you, then
you can wear the diaper anyway.”
It was then, that Mrs. Cauldwell noticed that Lydia didn’t have her
pacifier in. “Where’s your pacifier I gave you? You were instructed not to
take it out.”
Lydia whimpered, reached under the pillow and pulled the pacifier
out. Mrs. Cauldwell took it from her and walked into the bathroom. Lydia could
hear the water running. A few seconds later, her grandmother came back out, and
placed the, newly cleaned, pacifier into her mouth.
“Don’t let that come out again.”
Mrs. Cauldwell then reached down and began removing Lydia’s pants
and under panties. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of powder off her
daughter’s bureau and dusted Lydia’s soon to be diapered area with it. She
gently put the diaper in place and pulled Lydia’s panties up, trapping the
While Lydia blushed, nearly dying of embarrassment from just being
diapered by her grandmother, the old woman walked to the master bedroom’s bath
and did something with the door’s handle.
“I’ve locked your mother’s bathroom, and since you aren’t allowed to
leave this room, you better hope your mother gets home before you have to pee or
poop.” Mrs. Cauldwell said, with a stern face
Suddenly a thought flashed through Lydia’s mind. She heard her
grandmother say “before you have to pee or POOP???” Surely her grandmother
didn’t expect her to poop in this diaper, did she?
“Grandma, you don’t mean I have to actually poop in this thing if
mom doesn’t get home in time, do you?” Lydia mumbled hesitantly, around her
“Indeed I do little girl. You and your friends had no problem with
making Carrie pee her diaper, and I’m sure you probably would have let her poop
herself as well. It’s fitting you should suffer the same fate. Now remember, I
expect you to stay on that bed and not move off of it until your mother gets
home. If you move, I’ll take that playpen and put you outside in it, dressed
just like you are right now.”
Lydia’s eyes grew and she cringed back against the headboard,
swearing she wouldn’t move, ever.
It was four o’clock when Angie’s parents pulled up to the house.
They’d spent the drive over, thinking about what to do with their daughter.
Angie had been in trouble before, but nothing on this scale. When they got
inside, Mrs. Cauldwell explained the situation and took them to see their
daughter. Upon walking into the kitchen, Angie’s mother, Mrs. Kato, almost
choked on her gum and had to excuse herself. The sight of her daughter, dressed
like a baby and standing in a corner was difficult to take. Her emotions warred
inside. She wanted to take her daughter home and hold her as she had done when
Angie was little, and she was angry at the thought of what she and her friends
had done to Carrie. She took a minute to control herself before addressing her
daughter. Mr. Kato was giving Angie the lecture of her life. All the while,
Angie just stood there, paci ensconced in her mouth, tears running down her
face. Mrs. Kato walked up to her husband and daughter. Mr. Kato had just
finished his rant and Mrs. Kato turned to her daughter.
“Angela, your father and I discussed what we were going to do about
this on the drive over here.”
Mr. Kato calmed himself and said, “This is just the latest in a
series of messes that you’ve gotten yourself into. We, as your parents, feel
that we’ve failed to teach you right from wrong, and we weren’t sure what we
could do to rectify the situation. We’ve came to the conclusion that we think
everyone can live with.”
Mrs. Kato wrapped her arms around her daughter in a hug and
whispered in her ear. “Sweetie, we decided to make your punishment something
that will help you and us. We are going to give you a choice, either let us
baby your this summer, or we will let the juvenile justice system deal with
Angie’s tried to fling herself away from her mother, back against
the wall, but Mrs. Kato held her firm. Angie was crying, a look of terror on
her face.
“Y-y-you can’t mean that! You’d let me go to j-jail?” Angie said
“I know it seems unfair, but there’s nothing else we can do honey.
This was the worst thing you’ve ever done. You embarrassed and humiliated that
poor little girl. Mrs. Thompson might sue us. I think you’re getting off
pretty lightly.” Her mother said with tears now in her eyes as well
“Your mother’s right. Angela, we think that perhaps these next two
months will pull us closer as a family. We won’t treat you like a baby unless
you agree to it. You should know though, if you don’t agree to this, we’ll have
no choice but to turn you over to the authorities.” Mr. Kato was definitely
shaken at the thought of sending his little girl to jail.
Angie fought with the idea of being a baby. She had seen how
humiliated Carrie had been, and wondered if jail could be any worse that than.
After a few minutes, she realized that if she let her parents baby her, at least
she’d be with her parents and not some stranger.
Mrs. Kato could see that Angie had come to a decision. “Well angel,
what’s it going to be?”
Angie hugged her mother and said, “I’ll be your baby…Mommy.”
Mrs. Kato hugged her daughter back, then picked her up and carried
her into the living room. Mr. Kato went out to the car and got the things they
had picked up, anticipating their daughter’s decision. When he came back, Angie
was lying on the ground, naked from the waist down, a slightly wet diaper
sitting beside her. He handed his wife the bag and she removed a large
disposable diaper from it, along with powder, and baby wipes. It didn’t take
long to get Angie into her diaper and dressed in a onsie. Mrs. and Mr. Kato
apologized to Mrs. Cauldwell on Angie’s behalf, picked up their new baby
daughter and left.

Chapter 12

Gloria Thompson was exhausted. The trip had drained her reserves,
both physically and mentally. Adding on to that, what she had been told about
the goings on at home, it wore on her heavily. It was almost ten o’clock when
the cab pulled up into the driveway of her house. Once the driver had helped
her with her luggage, she tipped him and wearily walked up to the door. As she
reached for the knob of the front door, it opened. Standing there was her
mother, a sad look on her aging face. Mrs. Cauldwell helped her daughter move
her luggage into the house and sat her down in a recliner chair. She went into
the kitchen and returned with a cup of tea.
“Drink this honey, it’s a relaxing blend. It should help you calm
down before you have to deal with your daughter.” Her mother said, handing her
the cup
"Mom, I don’t know where I went wrong. Lydia’s been a handful, but
she’s never done anything this bad before. I just don’t know what to do with
her. Mrs. Thompson said, trying to hold back the tears
“I know it’s been hard since Ben’s death, but that girl… She’s been
walking all over you, and poor Carrie has been taking the brunt of it.” Mrs.
Cauldwell tried to keep her anger in check
“Where is Carrie? Sleeping I hope. She’s been through enough this
weekend. I’ll make it up to her. I don’t have to start this new job for a
couple of weeks, so I’ll have more time to spend with the girls.”
“I think Carrie’s up in her room. After I got here, I sent her up
to her room to remove the baby things that those girls put on her. When I went
up to check on her, I found her asleep, still dressed in the diaper and baby
clothes. The strange thing was, when I pulled her out of the stroller, I
could’ve sworn that the diaper was dry, but when I woke her up, it was soaked.”
“Oh Gods! I hope she hasn’t started wetting the bed again.” Mrs.
Thompson looked very concerned.
Mrs. Thompson took one last sip of the tea and got up from the
“You go home Mom, I’ll go deal with the girls. Where did you put
Gabriella and Lydia?”
“That Gabby girl, is in the playpen, in your den. Lydia is up in
your room. I’m guessing that they are either both asleep or too embarrassed to
make any noise. I put them both in a diaper because I wanted them to see how it
felt.” Mrs. Cauldwell grinned
“Very appropriate Mom. I’ll take it from here. Thanks for watching
things here. It’s a good thing you stopped by when you did.”
“It wasn’t an accident that I happened to stop by. One of Carrie’s
friends called me and told me what was going on over here. That girl deserves a
medal for being such a good friend.”
“One of Carrie’s friends? Who?”
“I think she said her name was Elk? Strange name for a girl, but
I’ve seen stranger.”
“Elkvyll? Ahh, that makes sense. I’m going to have to give that
girl a reward, once I deal with Lydia and Gabriella.”
Gloria waved goodbye as her mother drove off, then turned back into
the house and slowly made her way up to her bedroom, to confront her daughter.
The door to her room was shut, and it was quiet. She slowly opened the door.
Lydia was asleep, lying on her bed, with nothing on but a tee shirt, and a pair
of panties, under which she could see the diaper. The pacifier that her mother
had put in the girl’s mouth was still there. Gloria looked at her oldest
daughter and sighed. “If only they could stay little forever.” She thought to
She carefully shut the door, then moved to Carrie’s room. There was
a light under the door and when she opened it, she found her youngest daughter
curled up in a ball on her bed, whimpering.
She walked over to Carrie and gently sat on the edge of the bed. A
sudden wetness on her bottom told her the reason for Carrie’s condition.
“Honey?” she said softly “Are you ok?”
Bleary eyed, Carrie turned to her mother and wrapped her arms around
Gloria. “Oh Mommy, I wet the bed again. I haven’t wet for so many years. Why
am I doing it again?”
Gloria gently held Carrie close and tried to comfort her. “It’s ok
sweetie, don’t worry. It’s probably the stress from this weekend. I know
you’re not a baby anymore, and I won’t make you wear a diaper to sleep. You’re
more mature than your sister right now. I’m sure this will clear up in a few
“Really? You mean that?” Carrie said, trying to act as mature as
her mother believed she was
“Yes I do sweetie. What those girls did to you is unforgivable and
they’re going to be punished. In the mean time, I need you to be a big girl for
me and watch your baby sister, she’s in Mommy’s room, sleeping right now. Mommy
has to go to the store and I need a responsible young lady to keep an eye on the
babies. Can you do that for me?”
“I-I-I guess so. What do I do if they wake up?”
“Well, just tell them that Mommy wants them to stay where they are
until she gets back. I won’t be too long. I just need to pick up some things
for the babies. If they give you any trouble, tell them I’ll give them the
spanking of a lifetime when I get home. I also want you to tell me if either
Lydia or Gabby try to use the potty. Remember, they’re babies, and babies wear
diapers for a reason. Understand?”
“Ok, I probably should take a shower. I don’t wanna smell like a
baby when I take care of babies.”
Gloria patted Carrie’s head and said, “That’s my big girl.”
Carrie got undressed and went into the bathroom. Mrs. Thompson got
into her car and started it up, this in turn woke up Lydia.
Drowsily, Lydia began to get off the bed. She made it to the door
of the bedroom, when she realized it wasn’t hers. A shock went through her as
she remembered the happenings of the last six hours. She also remembered the
diaper and realized she still had the pacifier in her mouth. She walked to the
window and noticed it was dark, so it had to be after ten o’clock. She knew
that she had to pee. She had been asleep and she always needed to pee when she
woke up.
“But, grandma said that I couldn’t use the bathroom. Heck! I’m not
even supposed to be off the bed. Why isn’t she up here?” she thought to
Lydia crept to the bedroom door and opened it a sliver. She could
hear the shower in the main bathroom running. “Maybe Mom’s home?” she said
Slowly, she snuck to the bathroom door and tried the handle, it was
locked. She was getting a little desperate, so she knocked on the bathroom
Carrie answered, “Mom? You back so soon?”
“No, it’s me Carrie.” Lydia replied
“Little girl! Mommy said for you to stay put. She’s out for a bit
and she told me that you weren’t to move.” Carrie said, with a bit of
“Come on Carrie. I’m sorry for what we did, but I gotta go to the
bathroom!” Lydia was becoming more distressed as the sound of the water running
made it hard to hold the pee.
Carrie grinned, “Mommy said that babies wear diapers for a reason,
and if you don’t want a spanking, you should go back to her room.”
Lydia was getting very angry, “Let me in Carrie. I really need to
use the toilet. If you think I’m gonna pee in this diaper, you’re crazy.”
Carrie turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around her and slid
the door chain (put there so they could talk to someone in the hall without
relinquishing the bathroom) into place before opening the door.
Carrie could see that Lydia was indeed desperate and in a few
minutes, she would pee herself. “You had no problem with me peeing in a diaper.
Let’s see how you like it.” She stuck out her tongue to make her point.
Lydia pounded on the door, trying to batter her way in, but the door
chain held. Suddenly, she couldn’t hold it anymore, and she began to pee. The
diaper soaked it up well, but the feeling of wet padding was disgusting. Lydia
sank to her knees and began crying. Carrie removed the chain and picked up the
pacifier that had fallen on the floor. She quickly cleaned it off and slipped
it into Lydia’s mouth. Lydia was shocked and reached for her sister.
Carrie jumped back and said, “You’re in trouble now. Do you want to
be in more trouble? Mom said you should stay in her room. I won’t tell her you
disobeyed her, if you go back in there right now.”
Carrie could see the fire burning in Lydia’s eyes. “Don’t look at
me like that. You and your snotty friends did this to yourselves. It wasn’t my
idea to be a baby this weekend, or to take pictures and threaten me with them.
I thought you at least would respect me after all, I am your sister. I had no
idea that you would do something this despicable.”
Lydia stood up and turned her back on Carrie. “I don’t care. It’s
your fault, all your fault. If it weren’t for you, Dad would still be alive
and, and…”
Carrie stood stunned. Lydia blamed her for their father’s death?
No wonder she hated her so much. The words hurt more than any punch or nail
scratch that Lydia could have thrown. Carrie didn’t know what to say. The
magnitude of the situation overwhelmed her. Tears began flowing, “I think you
better go back to Mom’s room NOW!” she managed to say between sobs.
Lydia, still in tears, ran back to her mothers room. Carrie slowly
trudged back to her room, the shock of her sister’s allegation, clouding
everything else.

Chapter 13

Gloria walked into the house and realized it was way too quiet. She
placed her purchases on the ground, then walked upstairs. At the top of the
stairs is when she heard the crying, coming from both her room and Carrie’s.
She rushed to Carrie’s room and found her youngest daughter, curled up on her
bed, crying.
She knelt down beside Carrie’s bed, “What’s the matter honey?”
Carrie almost leapt into her mother’s arms, hysterical and barely
able to speak.
“M-m-mommy, Lydia… hates me. It’s m-my fault, all my fault.”
“What are you talking about sweetie? What’s your fault?” Gloria
tried to comfort Carrie.
“Daddy, you, everything, it’s all my fault.” Carrie collapsed into
another crying fit. Gloria held her gently and spoke softly.
“Honey, no. It’s not your fault. Daddy died because of something
that nobody could control. This weekend definitely wasn’t your fault. Now dry
those eyes sweetie, it’s ok.”
Gloria held Carrie for a few minutes until the girl calmed down.
Once she was sure that Carrie would be ok, she headed to her bedroom to deal
with Lydia.
As she approached her bedroom, she could hear Lydia crying and
mumbling to herself. When she opened the door, she found Lydia, also curled up,
on her bed. She walked up to the bed and sat down.
“Lydia, tell me what’s going on? Why would you do this horrible
thing to your sister?”
Lydia barely moved, she remained huddled up, crying and mumbling.
Gloria reached out and put her hand on Lydia’s shoulder, the girl cringed and
curled into a fetal position, hugging herself. Gloria was frightened. She
carefully took the shivering girl into her lap and began to soothe her by
speaking quietly and rubbing her back. It took almost half an hour before Lydia
responded, but she slowly began to uncoil herself. Gloria put her oldest
daughter back on the bed and knelt down beside her.
“Lydi? Tell Mommy what happened?” she said, gently coaxing her
Lydia slowly turned to face her mother. "I’m so sorry Mommy. I-I-I
told Carrie I hated her. I wanted to punish her for making Daddy go away.
Angie said Carrie would look cute as a baby, and I thought back to when she wet
her sleeping bag last time. I thought if I humiliated her, it would be enough,
but now I hate myself. I miss Daddy so much!"Lydia babbled for some time. When she finally stopped, Gloria
reached over and gently hugged her. “I know you miss Daddy honey, but what you
did to Carrie won’t bring him back. I also know you’re sorry, but that’s not
enough this time. I have to punish you. First off, I want you to know that I
love both my girls, very much. What I’m going to do is for the good of
everyone. Since you and your friends made Carrie act like a baby, I’m going to
do the same to you, but for longer. It’s the beginning of the summer, so I
won’t make you stay a baby for all of it.” She thought for a moment then
continued, “I’d say that half the summer should be punishment enough. One month
as a baby. From the reports that I got from your grandmother as to the other
girl’s punishment, I’d say you’re getting off light. Now, you stay on Mommy’s
bed and I’ll take care of you in a few minutes.”
She set Lydia back on the bed and covered her with the blanket
before going downstairs to check on Gabby. She walked down to the den and
listened at the door. She could hear moaning, and the crinkling of plastic
through the door
“That’s strange.” She thought to herself
Gloria gently opened the door as quietly as she could. As she
peeked in, she could see Gabby, laying in the playpen, rubbing herself through
the diaper, and sucking on the pacifier with enthusiasm. Gloria was about to
close the door but, when she stepped back, the floor creaked. Gabby immediately
stopped what she was doing and quickly righted herself, in the playpen. Gloria
walked in and Gabby’s face went crimson. Gloria closed the door and turned the
knob, locking it. She walked over to her desk and computer, which was on.
Gabby, seeing she was busted, began to sob and beg Gloria for forgiveness. To
her credit, Gloria took the sight of a teenage girl, relieving her “teenage
frustrations” while in a diaper, calmly.
“Gabby, I’m more than a bit confused here, would you please explain
what’s going on?” She asked the girl
Gabby wasn’t so calm, she had the look of a deer, caught in the
headlights of a speeding car. She tried to talk, but only managed to stammer
out some incoherent jabber. When she realized that she wasn’t helping, she
broke down and began sobbing. Gloria helped the crying girl out of the playpen
and sat with her on the leather couch. She cradled Gabby’s head against her
shoulder till the girl calmed down. Finally, after about ten minutes, Gabby was
calm enough to talk.
“I’m so sorry Mrs. Thompson. I let my own problems get out of
control. I feel so sorry for Carrie and I really hate myself for what I helped
the others do.”
“What problems are we referring to here Gabriella?” Gloria asked
Gabby sat up straight and sighed, “I’m an infantilist. That means,
I enjoy dressing and acting like a baby. I let my own desires to be a baby
again control my thinking. My parents… God, my parents! When they find out
about this, I’m dead! Dad’s gonna disown me, then kill me!” Gabby seemed very
“Whoa there. What are you talking about, I know your parents.
They’re good people. Sure, you’ll be punished, but Disowned? I don’t think
so.” Gloria reached over to comfort Gabby
“You don’t understand. I did a paper on infantilism for my social
studies class in school. When my dad read it, he said that people who dressed
and acted like babies were abominations, sick degenerates, that should be put
down for the good of us all.”
Gloria was shocked. She had know John Marcum for almost twenty
years. He had worked in the same hospital that she had done accounting for.
She never imagined he was so bigoted.
“Surely your mother wouldn’t let him do anything that drastic. I
mean your mother loves you more than life itself.” Gloria said, concerned
"Mom? She agrees with Dad. She was the one who made me redo the
report because it sounded like I sympathized with the “perverts” that I was
writing about. She told me that if she found out that I was one of those, and I
quote, “Sick, twisted, and perverted, animals”, she would throw me out. Of
course, I denied it. I told them it sounded sick and that I was just writing
about it to show the class how twisted some people were. I’ve been living in
fear of it since then. When the girls told me about the plan for Carrie, I
guess I pushed my desires onto her. "
Gloria was numb with shock and astonishment. What was the world
coming to when a parent would throw their only child out into the streets
because of something like this? She realized, she couldn’t tell Gabby’s
parents, not then, not ever. What was she going to do with the girl then? As
if a divine answer to her dilemma, the ringing of her phone, broke her from her
“Mrs. Thompson? I thought you weren’t going to be home until
“I got home a little earlier than expected. Umm, who’s this?”
“Oh, excuse me. This is Pamela Marcum, Gabriella’s mother. I
called to tell Gabriella that her father and I are having some problems. Our
car broke down in Kansas City and it can’t be fixed right away. We’re ok
otherwise. It’s good that I caught you at home then. Would it be alright if
Gabriella stayed with you for a few more days?”
“I don’t see why not. I was going to take the girls out for dinner
to celebrate my new job. How long will you need her to stay?” Gloria asked
“The mechanic says he will have to order the part for our car, so at
least till the end of the week. Is that a problem?” Mrs. Marcum said
“Oh no, not a problem at all. She’s such a sweet girl, it’s a
pleasure to have her.”
“Oh, and I would like to ask you to keep an eye on her. Last week I
caught her playing with herself. We don’t tolerate that sort of behavior, it’s
disgusting. Would you make sure she’s behaving herself then?” Gloria was
surprised at the tone of Pamela’s voice when she talked about masturbation, like
it was something unnatural.
“Ok, I’ll keep my eye’s open. I’ll tell Gabby you send your love.”

“Please don’t call her that, it’s bad enough that her friends do it.
“Gabby” sounds too much like a prostitute’s name.” Mrs. Marcum said, sounding
“Ohhh, alright, I remember that. Take care and be safe.”
“God willing, we’ll see you by the end of the week.” Mrs. Marcum
added, then hung up
Gloria sat for a moment, thinking about what had just been said.
Perhaps Gabby was telling the truth. She thought she knew the Marcums, but that
conversation didn’t sound anything like the people she remembered. Gloria had
always been raised to keep an open mind, no matter what. This was a strange
situation and she was more than a little shocked, both by Gabby’s admission and
the apparent attitude of her parents. She hung up the phone and turned to Gabby.
“I think I’m seeing your parents in a way I’ve never known before.
I understand why you’ve been hiding this from them. That was your parents by
the way. They said they’re ok, but it’s going to be until the end of the week
before they get back. Their car broke down and they can’t get it fixed for a
few days. This also begs the question, what am I going to do with you?” Gloria
said as she began to rub her temples
Gabby was on the verge of hysterics again. “You’re not gonna send
me to the police, are you?”
“No, I don’t think the police are the right people to resolve this
situation. I’m not even sure who are the “right” people to deal with this. For
now, I’ll take care of it. I was going to just punish you the same way as Lydia
but, seeing as you would probably enjoy it, I’m not sure if I can now.”
The hope in Gabby’s eyes vanished. She had always hoped some day to
have someone to treat her like a baby, but because this was supposed to be a
punishment, she knew that Mrs. Thompson wouldn’t do it.
“Are you wet Gabby?” Gloria asked
Embarrassed, Gabby said, “No, but I do have to use the restroom.”
Gloria grinned for a moment, “I know you probably want to use that
diaper.” Gabby’s face grew bright red at the suggestion “Here’s what we’ll do,
I’ll put you in one of the diapers I just bought, for Lydia’s punishment. We’ll
pretend we haven’t had this conversation and you’ll pretend like you don’t enjoy
being a baby. When your parents come back, they won’t know but, I will expect
you back here every morning for the next two months. Your punishment will be to
do housework around here. I can’t have you taking care of Carrie or Lydia, so
it will just be housework. I’ll tell Carrie and Lydia that because of the
situation, your punishment will be slightly different, but we can’t let on about
our true arrangement. Do you understand and agree?”
Gabby couldn’t agree fast enough. Gloria went back out and pulled
the necessary supplies from the shopping bags, then returned to the den. It
didn’t take long to change Gabby out of the smaller diaper and into a large
sized one. The last thing was an oversized onsie. Gloria placed the pacifier
into Gabby’s mouth and put her back in the playpen.
Gloria turned back, just as she was leaving the room. “Oh, I almost
forgot, you also must apologize to Carrie, she was really hurt by what you girls
did.” Gabby nodded then laid down and relaxed. Gloria could hear the sound of
peeing as she left the room.

Re: Sisterly Love - by Urson

Chapter 15

Carrie was awoken by someone shaking her shoulder. She opened her eyes
slowly as she began to hear a voice through the fog of sleep.

“Carrie honey. Carrie, wake up sweetie. It’s time to get up.” The voice
said, as the gentle shaking stopped

Carrie was about to fall back to sleep when she was assaulted by someone
tickling her mercilessly. Carrie curled up to keep the attacker off, but
it was no use. She flailed around and when her hand hit the bed near her
stomach, she froze, the bed was wet. Carrie was shocked and sat bolt
upright, her eyes slowly drifting to the yellow stain on her bedsheets.
She let loose with a flood of tears, putting her hands to her face to hide
her shame at having peed the bed once again.

Gloria had come in to wake up Carrie, only to find her bed once again wet.
She frowned and wondered what she was going to do. She didn’t want to put
Carrie in diapers, especially after what had happened to her during the
weekend. She was at a loss, but she needed to get her daughter up, so she
could get cleaned up and help with her new baby sister. She gently shook
Carrie’s shoulder but the girl was being obstinate, not wanting to get up.
Gloria realized that Carrie probably didn’t realize she was wet, so she
began tickling Carrie, and when Carrie’s hand hit the bed she realized
that she had wet the bed again. She sat upright and began bawling. Gloria
pulled her close and talked softly to her, trying to settle her down.
Slowly, Carrie stopped crying and got up from the bed.

“Mom, what am I going to do? This is the second time I’ve wet the bed. Is
there something wrong with me? M-m-maybe I am a b-baby, maybe I should be
in d-d-diapers.” She said, raising her big blue eyes to her mother

Gloria looked down at Carrie and gently caressed her hair.

“You’re not a baby sweetie, and lots of kids your age have a problem with
sleep wetting, so it’s not so uncommon. We’ve got a long day ahead,
especially with the new baby. Go get cleaned up and come down stairs, I
need to go over the situation with you.”

Carrie nodded and headed to the bathroom to shower. Gloria went into her
bedroom (she had slept on the couch in the living room) to check on Lydia.
Lydia was still asleep, holding the pillow, and much to her mother’s
surprise, sucking her thumb. Gloria gently walked over and put a finger
inside the girl’s diaper.

“Hmm, only a little wet, probably just sweat.” She thought

Gloria went downstairs, into the kitchen and began making breakfast. She
heard the water running as the pancakes rose, then stop, just as she began
piling them on plates. It wasn’t long before Carrie came bounding down the
stairs, and not long after that, the sound of soft footsteps, coming from
her bedroom. Carrie ran into the kitchen, sniffing the delicious sent of
the pancakes as she went.

“Honey, I’ll be back in a few minutes. I want to check on the baby. Eat
your breakfast, but don’t go anywhere. You can watch TV if you want, but
don’t leave the house.” Gloria said, as she placed a plate of pancakes in
front of her daughter then turned to go upstairs

Lydia had woken up and in her normal morning routine, she headed to the
bathroom, only to be reminded of her situation as she stepped off the bed.
The diaper she wore was only barely wet from a little sweat, but she had
to pee badly. Quietly, she made her way to the door of the bedroom and
opened it, only to find her mother on the other side.

“Liddy.” Gloria said “What did mommy tell you about the rules? Babies
don’t walk sweetie.” And with that, she picked up her daughter and laid
her back on the bed. She stuck two fingers through the leg gathers of the
onsie and diaper, testing to see if it was wet.

“Just a little wet. You’ll be ok till after we get some food in your
tummy, won’t you?” Gloria said as she nuzzled her daughter’s tummy with
her nose

Lydia was still in shock when her mother picked her up, placed one arm
around her back and the other under her diapered bottom, she was being
carried like a baby. The enormity of the situation hit her and she began
to sob, all thoughts of her needing to pee were gone, only the humiliation
remained. Gloria carried her daughter downstairs, cooing to her all the
way. When they got into the kitchen, Gloria set Lydia down in the new
highchair and began to strap her in. The straps were so tight, that Lydia
couldn’t get her legs together to hold back the tidal wave of pee that now
began gushing into her diaper. Gloria reached over to the counter and
pulled a bib and stepped behind the highchair. The bib flopped down in
front of Lydia and was tied in back.

“Oh, I almost forgot about Gabby.” Gloria thought to herself. She reached
over and grabbed two baby bottles. She handed one to Lydia. “Make a happy
bottle honey, mommy will be right back.”

Gloria headed to the den. When she opened the door, she found Gabby laying
in the playpen, sound asleep. The odor of the room told her that Gabby’s
diaper was more than wet.

“This is gonna be more of a job than I thought.” She thought to herself as
she quietly backed out of the room.

Gloria walked past the kitchen, as she gathered the supplies she’d need to
clean up a dirty diaper. She could see Lydia, struggling with the bottle,
trying to get it to work.

“She’ll get the hang of it in a few days. Practice makes perfect they
say.” Gloria thought

She pulled the diaper bag back into the den and carefully lifted Gabby out
of the playpen, setting the girl onto the leather couch. Gabby stirred as
she was lifted. Gloria cradled the girl, gently talking to her with
nonsensical “baby cooing”, and pressed her hands against the pacifier in
Gabby’s mouth.

"Ok, listen up baby girl. I’m gonna start your “punishment” now so, I want
you to act properly when we go into the kitchen for breakfast. Also,
here’s the rules I gave to Lydia:

No walking.

No talking.

Use your diaper for everything.

Act like a baby, that means crying when your wet, hungry, want attention,
and so on.

I’m going to dress and treat both of you like one-year old babies. Do you

Gabby nodded, clenching the pacifier to keep it from falling out.

“Oh, one more thing. When your mother called yesterday, she said she
caught you playing with yourself.”

Gabby turned her head and looked ashamed.

Gloria put her hand on Gabby’s cheek and turned her head back to looking
her in the eyes.

“Don’t look ashamed honey. It’s ok, I understand. It’s a natural part of
growing up and understanding your own body. There’s nothing wrong with it,
just don’t do it where anyone can see, otherwise, it might give away that
you’re enjoying your “punishment” a little too much.”

Gabby was stunned. Her mother had pounded into her head that masturbation
was evil and a sin against God. She basically said that it was the same as
having pre-marital sex, which was also a sin in God’s eyes. Gabby had read
all the books she could find on sexuality, trying to find out “where
babies come from” because her parents wouldn’t tell her anything, being
the prudes they were. To be able to “relieve” herself without the
condemning words of her parents was a gift beyond measure. Gabby smiled
and nodded.

Gloria then began the work of changing her first dirty diaper since Carrie
was a baby. She lifted up Gabby’s legs and placed a changing pad under
her, not wanting to mess up her leather couch. She gave the baby girl a
bottle then began unpeeling the messy diaper. By the time she was done,
Gabby had almost finished the bottle and her stomach was still rumbling.
She quickly slipped a onsie over Gabby’s head and pulled it into position
before fastening the snaps over the diaper. She picked Gabby up and
carried her into the kitchen. Lydia was still having trouble with her
bottle so, Gloria took her out of the highchair and put Gabby in. She sat
her daughter on her lap and reclined her into the same position as any
mother would, to nurse or feed their baby. She slipped the bottle into
Lydia’s mouth and angled it so it would flow better. It wasn’t long before
the bottle was drained.

Carrie had finished her pancakes and was putting the dishes into the sink
when her mother came in with Gabby. She watched as Lydia was fed her
bottle. When Lydia had finished her bottle, Gloria turned to Carrie.

"Honey, can you get two bibs out of the diaper bag, the babies need
something besides formula.

Gloria walked over to one of the grocery bags on the counter and pulled
out two jars of pureed baby food, setting on the table next to her chair
and one on the tray of the highchair. When Carrie came back with the bibs,
Gloria told her to tie one around Gabby’s neck and did the same to Lydia.
She then reached back into the grocery bag and pulled out two, rubber
covered, baby spoons and passed one to Carrie.

“I’ll feed Liddy here. I want you to get some practice taking care of a
baby, so you feed baby Gabby. Before we start however, I think this is a
good time for baby Gabby to apologize to Carrie for her participation in
this weekend’s events.” Gloria said as she set down and opened the jar of
baby food.

Gabby lowered her head and she began cry.

“Carrie, I’m so sorry. What we did to you was evil. I don’t expect you to
ever forgive me, I can’t even forgive myself for what we did. It will stay
with me forever. I’ll never forget the lesson I’ve learned this weekend
and, if there’s any way I can make it up to you, just tell me.”

Carrie was very surprised at the succinctness of Gabby’s apology.

“I don’t know if I can forgive any of you right now, it’s gonna take time.
But for now, I accept your apology in the spirit with which it was given,
that’s all I can do.” She said, as she tied the bib around Gabby’s neck.

Unstated, the rules had been reinstated and Gabby just sat in the
highchair, waiting to be fed the disgusting looking, baby food.

Sisterly Love
Chapter 16
By: Urson
Both Gabby and Lydia were gagging by the time their “breakfast” was
done, the baby food tasted awful. Gloria noticed when she had sat Lydia on her
lap, that the girl’s diaper was now soaked, and had an idea. When the girls
were done being fed, Gloria left Gabby strapped in the highchair and took Lydia
into the living room. She called for Carrie to come in and laid Lydia on a
blanket, on the floor.
When Carrie came in, Gloria turned to her and said, “Honey, I want
you to learn all there is to taking care of a baby. Your sister here is going
to help me do that. I want you to change your baby sister’s diaper, I’ll guide
you through it, just get the diaper bag and we’ll get started.”
Carrie grinned and ran to get the diaper bag. Lydia looked up at
her mother, trying to get some kind of reprieve from the humiliation she was
about to be forced to endure. Gloria looked down at her former-oldest daughter
and sighed.
“You brought this on yourself little girl. I’m just evening the
score a little. You’d better get used to having your big sister change your
diaper, she’s going to be helping me take care of you the entire month of your
Carrie trotted back into the living room, with the diaper bag and
set it down by Lydia. Gloria patted Carrie on the shoulder and began her
“Ok first, you have to determine if the baby is wet. Now with a
smaller baby it might not be as visible as it is on your baby sister, they don’t
wet as much. Stick two fingers into one of the leg gathers of the diaper, to
feel if it’s wet.”
Carrie grimaced at the idea of it, but gently stuck two fingers into
the leg gather. Yep, it was wet, soaked as a matter of fact. She quickly
pulled her fingers out and wiped them off with a wet wipe.
“Ok, now that you know the baby needs changing, the next thing is to
remove the wet, or dirty diaper, but first, we need to remove the onsie. Unsnap
the onsie and gently pull it up, revealing the diaper. Sometimes, it’s good to
pin the crotch of the onsie to the front, so it doesn’t get in the way while
you’re changing the baby. Pull back all the tape tabs on the diaper. Start on
one side and then go to the other.”
Carrie gently pulled off each tape and pulled back the front of the
diaper, the yellow stain and squishy feel of the diaper shocked her for a
moment. The idea that her sister actually had wet the diaper now sunk in.
Gloria noticed that Carrie was distracted and nudged her. Carrie,
startled by the nudge, regained her composure and turned to her mother.
“Ok, now once you have the diaper untaped, pull it back and lift up
the baby’s legs, pushing them, so their knees are almost at their chest. This
will cause the baby’s bottom to rise and let you pull the dirty diaper out from
under them. Obviously, since your baby sister is a much bigger baby, I’ll help
you with that part.”
Gloria took Lydia by the ankles and gently pushed her knees to her
chest. As her butt was lifted off the diaper, Carrie quickly pulled it out and
was about to roll it up and throw it away, when Gloria stopped her.
“Don’t throw it away yet sweetie, we need the diaper to put the
wipes in. Now, while the baby’s bottom is in the air, take the baby wipes and
carefully wipe the baby’s diaper area. Be thorough, make sure to clean all the
pee off. For baby girls, you have to get in every fold of skin, we don’t want
the baby to get diaper rash.”
Carrie grimaced again, this was more than a little weird. She
gently wiped her sister’s bottom and crotch, making sure to get everywhere.
Then, as her mother had told her, she threw the wipes in the diaper and rolled
it up, using the tapes to seal it shut.
“Now, take a clean diaper, open it up, and slide it under the baby’s
bottom. Next, we get some baby lotion and rub it over the baby’s bottom. Make
sure to get a good coating, because it will help prevent diaper rash if the baby
sits in a wet diaper for a while. Next, apply some baby powder and lay the baby
down on the clean diaper.” Gloria said as she lowered Lydia’s bottom onto the
clean diaper.
“Take a baby wipe and wipe off your hands, because if you try to
tape the diaper up now, the baby lotion and powder on your hands will gum up the
tapes and the diaper will be ruined.”
Carrie wiped off her hands and then pulled the diaper up, over the
front of her sister.
“Good, we’re almost done.” Gloria said as she reached into the
diaper bag and pulled out a pacifier. “The last thing is to tape up the diaper,
and make sure it’s snug. Normally, a baby’s diaper has only one tape on each
side, but since your sister’s has two, we have to do it differently. Tape the
bottom tapes on each side first, then do the top tapes. Make sure the gathers
at the legs and waist are snug, but not binding. Now, resnap the onsie and
you’re done. Now all we have is the clean up to do.”
Carrie taped up the diaper just as her mother instructed her,
snapped up the onsie and she gently patted Lydia on the front of the diaper,
grinning all the while.
Gloria watched the gentleness with which Carrie changed Lydia.
“She’s going to make a great mommy some day.” Gloria thought to herself
“Ok honey, the last thing we do is put the baby in a safe area,
while we clean up our hands. You always wash your hands after changing a baby’s
diaper. We want to be as germ free as possible around babies. Their immune
systems aren’t as good as yours and mine. We don’t have a play pen, so I’m
going just going to say that the blanket is a playpen.” She turned to Lydia,
“Now Liddy, you are in a playpen. I don’t want you moving from this blanket or,
when we get out your old playpen, the first place you’ll be using it is outside
on the front lawn. Get me?”
Lydia nodded, knowing full well that her mother wasn’t bluffing,
stayed put on the blanket. She tried to amuse herself with the baby toys her
sister had placed on the blanket, but it was no use, she was bored stiff.
As she sat on the blanket, she noticed that her cell phone was
sitting on the table, just in reach. She looked around, to see if her mother or
sister were looking and didn’t see either one. Carefully, she reached for the
phone, hoping to at least have a normal conversation for a bit, then hide the
phone. Carrie came out of the bathroom, and was walking down the stairs when
she saw Lydia grabbing the cell phone. She quietly walked down the stairs and
snuck up on her sister. She then grabbed the cell phone just as Lydia was about
to do the same.
“Naughty, naughty baby.” She said
She picked up a play phone from the blanket and handed it to Lydia.
“Baby can’t have big people phone but, here’s a phone you can call
all your friends on.” She said, as she began to demonstrate how the play phone
Carrie made the play phone ring twice and picked up the receiver,
placing it next to Lydia’s ear.
“It’s for you kiddo.” Carrie said

Chapter 17
After cleaning up from breakfast, Gloria put Gabby on the “playpen”
blanket and gave her the same instructions as Lydia. Carrie sat on the couch,
watching Lydia and Gabby, sitting on the blanket that her mother had designated
as the “playpen”. It was strange, seeing them in diapers, trying to keep from
being bored, with the few baby toys that lay about. Of all the pranks and dirty
tricks that Lydia had pulled in the past, that this was a new low. She
remembered the exchange with Lydia, the day before, when her sister had
basically accused her of being the cause for their father’s death. That had
hurt, worse than any humiliation she’d ever been subject to.
Carrie thought back. Their father had died in a car accident, the
other driver had died as well, it was a horrible day. Carrie had been two years
old at the time, her father had gone out in a snowstorm to get diapers for her
and had been broadsided by another driver, who had fallen asleep at the wheel.
Her eyes watered at the thought that Lydia might be right. What if
she was responsible for the accident. If her father hadn’t had to go out to get
diapers for her, he might still be alive. Teary eyed and sniffling, she jumped
of the couch and ran into the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around her mother
and looked up into her eyes.
“Mommy, why did daddy have to go out? Why couldn’t I have potty
trained sooner, then he wouldn’t have had to get diapers for me, then he
wouldn’t have died.” She cried
Her mother bent down, wrapping her arms around her youngest daughter
and held her tightly.
“Honey, it’s not your fault. We needed to get more than just
diapers for you, that day. We were out of milk and low on other things, and
there was something else.” She cupped her hands around Carrie’s chin.
“As far as diapers, you weren’t the only one who needed them. Lydi
was still wetting the bed at that time, so your daddy and I decided to put her
back into diapers at night, just until she stopped wetting the bed. After the
accident, neither one of you could stay dry during the day or night, so I just
diapered both of you until you were ready to be big girls. See honey? Daddy
was going to the store for more than just you, so you can’t say it’s your fault
he died.” She reached down and took Carrie’s hands in hers.
" I don’t want you telling this to Lydia, she doesn’t remember.
I’ll tell her when she’s ready. I told you because I don’t want you to think
that it was anything but an accident that daddy died. Understand me?"
Carrie nodded and gave her mother a huge hug, then went back out to
the living room and laid down on the couch to watch some TV. Since the “baby”
girls were in the room, Carrie was only allowed to have “little kid” programs on
the TV, so she was quickly bored and soon decided to go outside.
After a couple of hours outside, Carrie heard her mother call for
her to come in. The second she stepped in the door to the kitchen, the smell
hit her. The stink of a dirty diaper filled the entire area, and she could hear
Lydia bawling like a real baby.
Gloria had Lydia on her lap, leaning the girl against her shoulder
as she patted the crying “baby” girl’s back and soothed her.
“Now, now. It’s alright honey, babies go poopie in their diaper all
the time. You’ll get used to it after a week or so.” Gloria said as she rocked
her daughter
Lydia was trying to talk, but she was so upset that she was
hiccupping, making it difficult to say anything coherent.
“Hic, hic. I, hic, hate this!” Lydia cried
Gloria picked up the Lydia’s pacifier and slipped it into her mouth.
“It’s your own fault and you know, I don’t back down on punishments. You had
better get used to just using your diapers, or it’s going to be a very
uncomfortable month.” Gloria whispered to Lydia
Carrie watched on as her mother consoled her “baby” sister. The
stink of the dirty diaper was getting to her and she hoped fervently, that her
mother wouldn’t make her help with this diaper change.

Re: Sisterly Love - by Urson

Very good story I enjoyed it, thanks for posting it. I just hope the author meant “corporal punishment” not “capital punishment” when Tammy’s parents picked her up.

Re: Sisterly Love - by Urson

Youre right Dave, that is a major error you found. I checked the definition of capital punishment:

- The lawful infliction of death as a punishment; the death penalty. -

I’m sure the writer did not mean that. I think he meant something like pressing charges for child abuse or similar, but corporal punishment is also a possibility.

Re: Sisterly Love - by Urson

:laugh: That little girl will think twice before playing a trick on her sister like that again… very good story… My screen reader that i use to read long story’s had very little trouble pronouncing the words… very good and enjoyable