Slang words for genitals

Hello all,
I’m trying my luck in writing down a mental regression story, because English isn’t my native language I do have a difficulty choosing the right childish slang words
I know that usually toddlers will call their butt “bum” and know weenie is a good slang for penis, but have no idea what’s the right slang for women genitals
googling for toddlers slang I’ve found that the most common words are “foo foo, twinkie, weewee, tootie, and hoo hoo” but when searched for one of those words in the forums and in other abdl forums I didn’t found any results including those words

so if a female toddler will have to refer to her genital in which slang word she will use?


Any, none. Toddlers tend to use whatever words the parents use when talking to them, which is why for both genders “privates” is very common.

Pee-pee seems to be a universal word for the place where pee comes from, whether boy or girl.

But as Danni said, that’s probably a function of the parents teaching the word.

Thanks for your and Dany’s respond
O.k I do understand that it depends, on what’ the parent is learning his.her child, but I do guess that there are some common slang words that parents used to learn their children
Lets take the following incident an 4-5 years old boy/girl is with his father.her mother in public showers (of public swimming pool) and feeling a shame to be naked
What usually he/she will say?
I don’t want everyone to see my ***?


You need to work on your child psychology a bit. A 4-5-year-old, unless previously sexually abused, would be pretty advanced to already self-aware of their body and associate negative feelings with being exposed, unless negative feelings about being nude were instilled in them earlier through parental behavior.

But I again point back to kids calling the place where “pee-pee” comes out their “pee-pee” unless their parents teach them a different name for it. Think about what your parents called your private area when you were of that age.