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Sleep Tight...Little Sister by Drifter

“No!” Abigail cried, “I won’t let you do it!”

“And just how do you expect to stop me?” Abigail’s older sister sneered at her, “You know I have more power in my little finger than you could ever hope to possess.”

Looking at the two, it was easy to see the relationship. Though two years older at nineteen, Abigail’s sister Katelyn had the same long black hair, brown eyes, and slender physique of her younger sister. In fact, other than a slight height difference in Katelyn’s favor, the two were nearly identical.

However, appearance is where the similarities ended. Their personalities were polar opposites. Abigail was a generally happy person, who was always willing to give freely without thought of reward. She placed the needs of others far above her own, and would do anything she could to help out when help was needed. Katelyn, on the other hand, almost always had a scowl on her face. She thrived on the torment of others and would do anything in her power to outdo anyone she saw as a competitor…which, of course, was everybody.

But the real trouble came from the sisters’ lineage. As far back as could be traced, their family tree was full of wizards on both sides. Their parents had been two of the more prominent members of the magic society before their disappearance along with most of the High Council three months earlier. Since then, Abigail and Katelyn have been forced to fend for themselves. Though many other wizard families would have gladly helped Abigail, their fear of Katelyn was just too great.

Though Abigail came from the same line, her power was surprisingly weak. She could really only manage the simple magic of a novice, though her parents had insisted there was more power in her than anyone knew…including her. What she lacked in power, however, she made up for in heart.

On the other hand, Katelyn had inherited the real power of her family line. Even the magic of the masters came easily to her and were fairly easy to shape to her liking. She loved using her powers to humiliate both wizards and mortals alike. But now she had gone too far…and Abigail knew she had to stop her.

“I don’t know what I can do,” Abigail admitted, “but I will find a way to stop you if I must.”

Katelyn threw back her head and laughed. “Do you really think you could stop me? Not a chance! I was sick and tired of the so-called High Council telling me how I can and can’t use my powers. Now that their gone, I can do whatever I want.”

Abigail gritted her teeth and prepared for the worst. “You have to get through me first.”

An evil smirk crossed Katelyn’s face. “If you insist. Goodnight, Abby.” A bright flash of light filled Abigail’s sight for only a moment before she was thrown back. As her world faded into blackness, she saw her sister bending over her. “Sleep tight…little sister.”

Katelyn stood in the park. Around her, kids were playing on the playground while parents supervised, a couple was jogging by, dogs ran after Frisbees or just rolled around in the grass. All in all, it was a perfectly normal summer day. That was about to change.

She was only testing her power today, no need to do anything serious yet. A quick glance around the area gave her the first target…the children playing nearby while their parents sat idly by.

‘Tsk, tsk. What a shame,’ she thought, ‘The kids get to have all the fun while the parents can only sit. Well, let’s change that.’

With a thought and a quick wave of her hand, it was done. Parents rose from the benches, tore off shoes and jackets, and ran over to the playground. Some started swinging from monkey bars, others took to the swings, and still others were perfectly content to sit in the sand with their children. Yet to passer-bys, nothing seemed amiss…it was merely parents playing with their kids.

‘Hmmmm. Only temporary, but interesting. Now for the next batch.’ Katelyn turned to face a young couple jogging by hand in hand. A giggle, a thought, and a quick wave was all it took.

The young man began to struggle. ‘I need to take off a few pounds,’ he thought. His hair grew thinner while his gut grew wider. Wrinkles creased his face and hands. What hair remained turned white and gray. His thoughts turned from possible wedding plans to worries about the future. His clothing fit perfectly…that is to say it was very large in the middle. He slowed to a walk.

Meanwhile, the girl was having an easy time of the jog. ‘I haven’t felt this full of energy in years.’ Her hair began to pull itself into ponytails as it grew into a child’s cut. Her skin began looking fresher and healthier and what wrinkles she had faded away. Knowledge drifted away as her thoughts turned to cartoons and ice cream. Her jogging outfit had been replaced by purple overalls. She started skipping along.

Katelyn smiled at her accomplishment. The young couple now looked more like a seventy-something man out with his five-year-old granddaughter. But thanks to Katelyn’s magic, nobody even noticed the changes take place. ‘Still just temporary, but let’s just see how that girl fares when she grows out of her clothes…over a period of maybe thirty seconds.’ She basked in the thought of the woman’s future embarrassment as she turned toward her final target.

A boy of maybe ten years was playing fetch with his dog. An idea popped into Katelyn’s head. ‘Two years each time sounds good.’ A thought and a wave…just another temporary spell.

As the dog carried back the Frisbee from the other side of the field, the boy tugged on his loose pants. Again he threw, and again the dog retrieved, and the boy found himself holding up his jeans. He liked them loose, but this was ridiculous. He looked himself over, trying to figure out what was happening. But the dog dropped the Frisbee at his feet and whined for the boy to throw it. Without thinking, the boy scooped up the Frisbee and tossed it…it didn’t go nearly as far as it had been. The boy’s shirt now swamped him. He let go of his pants, but his shirt was more than adequate. A puppy walked up to him with the Frisbee in it’s mouth. Not knowing what else to do, the boy began crying like the four-year-old he now was.

Katelyn reveled in the cries of the boy. ‘He won’t remember anything, but it’s still fun.’ Due to her spell, nobody would hear the boy cry. In fact, all that any onlookers saw was a young boy playing with his puppy.

‘I guess that’s it for now. I can’t draw too much attention to myself just yet…not until I’m ready.’ Katelyn’s thoughts turned to a recently-cast permanent spell. She grinned. ‘Time to check in on my little sister.’

Abigail awoke with a start. Looking around she found that she was in her room, but something felt amiss. She sat up and slid out of bed. Her clothes were very loose and she had to use both hands to keep her pants up. ‘What’s going on?’ That was when she remembered her sister’s spell.

She burst out the bedroom door and ran down the hallway to the bathroom. ‘I have to see. I must know what she did.’ When she flicked the light on she got the fright of her life. Staring back at her from the mirror was not the happy and mature girl of seventeen she normally saw. Instead, a girl of twelve stared back at her.

“Noooo!” Tears welled in her eyes. Everything was as it had been. The freckles she had carried throughout her late preteen and early teen years were back, as were the crooked teeth from the year before she got her braces. Her chest was flat…she and her sister had been late bloomers. “How could she do this to me?”

“Simple,” came the reply from the doorway. Abigail spun to come face-to-chest with her sister. “I needed you out of the way. And now you are.”

“But I don’t want to be twelve!” Abigail shouted.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be for long.”


“The spell hasn’t run its course yet. You’ve still got quite a way to go.”

The realization of what her sister had done stunned Abigail into silence. And with such little power, she could do nothing to stop it.

“Come on, Abby. Let’s get some lunch.”

Katelyn grabbed Abigail’s arm and forced her to follow her into the kitchen. Abigail took a seat at the table, too shocked to resist her sister’s will. Katelyn waved her arm across the table before sitting down to eat her favorite food, pizza, which her magic had made. When she saw that Abigail wasn’t touching the food, she spoke.

“You might as well eat. You can’t do anything about it.” She pushed the pizza closer to her sister. “The spell doesn’t take long to work. After all, you’re twelve after only eight hours.”

Abigail grabbed for the pizza. She didn’t have an appetite, but she figured she wouldn’t have a chance against her sister if she got hungry later.

“Why are you acting so nice?” Abigail asked.

Katelyn shrugged, “Hey, you’re my sister. As long as you stay out of the way, I won’t need to do anything to you.”

Abigail stared at her sister. Though it was with evil intentions, Katelyn had just revealed a caring side that nobody had ever seen in her before.

“Besides, once you start acting you’re age, I won’t have to deal with you at all.”

‘Well, so much for the caring side.’

After they had eaten, Katelyn plopped down on the couch in the living room to watch television. Abigail returned to her room and reached under the bed. ‘Good, it’s still here.’ Her parent’s spell book, which Abigail had hidden from her sister soon after their disappearance, contained countless spells. Abigail only wished that one could help her.

She flipped through the book while listening for her sister. But Katelyn, as usual, was engrossed in the television. As afternoon slipped into evening without results, she began to lose hope. Suddenly, a small black pouch slid out from between two pages. Abigail set the book aside and picked up the pouch.

‘To Abigail: There is power within’ was stitched on the satin. On the reverse side, the stitching read ‘Drink to your life’.

Without giving it a second thought, Abigail opened the pouch. Inside lay a small, unmarked flask. Unstopping the flask and bringing it to her lips she thought, ‘Anything is better than this,’ and she drank. Nothing happened. She felt no different than she had before.

Just then, Katelyn walked into the room. She saw the book, the pouch, and the empty flask. “What are you doing? Give me that book!” she screamed as she snatched the book from the startled girl’s hands.

“So this is where it was all along.” She glared down at Abigail. “You hid it from me.”

Abigail quivered, not knowing precisely what her sister would do. A twisted smile formed on Katelyn’s lips.

“What did mom do when we were nine years old and did something bad?”

Abigail stared in horror. “No! Please no!”

“Oh, yes.” Katelyn grabbed her sister and sat down on the bed. Abigail’s oversized pants and panties fell away freely and Katelyn pulled up the large shirt. She brought her hand down with a sharp Smack! Abigail yelled, but it did no good. Again and again, Katelyn brought her hand down on the young girl’s backside. Again and again, Abigail yelled and cried. After many hard spanks, Katelyn set the sniffling girl back on her feet. Abigail rubbed her sore backside as she tried to control her sniffling.

“Now are you going to do that again?” Katelyn asked.

Abigail’s lip quivered. “N…no. I…I’m sowwy.”

Katelyn was caught off guard by her sister’s childish speech before she remembered how the spell worked. If she treated Abigail like a child, the regression would be faster. An idea formed in Katelyn’s twisted mind.

“Because you were a bad girl, you will go to bed early tonight,” she said, “So let’s get you ready.” She took the girl’s hand and led her to the closet. With a wave of her hand, the clothing dramatically changed.

Instead of merely replacing her sister’s clothes, Katelyn had modified every article of clothing to be a childish parody of its original form. Dresses became flowery sundresses, skirts and blouses merged to look frilly and childish, other clothes shifted into child versions of jeans, overalls, and shirts. Also, all of Abigail’s nightgowns had become either childish nightshirts, Disney pajama sets, or footed sleepers.

Katelyn pulled out a pair of Little Mermaid panties and a pajama set covered with Disney princesses. Though Abigail was still capable of clothing herself, Katelyn forced the girl’s hands away and dressed her as if she really were a little girl.

She then led Abigail back over to the bed and laid her in it without any resistance. As she left the room, she turned off the light and said, “Sometimes little girls like you have accidents at night, but I’m sure that won’t happen. Sleep tight…little sister.”

Abigail awoke suddenly with a cold, clammy feeling around her waist. As her mind cleared, she realized what had happened. Her sister had cast a spell on her to make her younger, sped it up by treating her like a child, and now here she was lying in a wet bed. Unfortunately, the only thing she was worried about at the moment was getting dry.

She slipped out of bed and padded across the room. If not for the wetness, her pants would have slipped freely off of her four-year-old frame. She opened the door and walked down the hall to her sister’s room. Light shone around the doorframe…Katelyn was still awake, trying to make sense of her parents’ spell book. Abigail knocked on the door.

“What is it, Abby?” Katelyn asked through the closed door.

“Me wet,” came the reply. Though part of Abigail’s mind knew what was happening, the dominant side of her mind was far too childlike.

Katelyn opened the door and looked down at her sister. Upon seeing the wetness covering the girl’s pants she exclaimed, “You sure have, kiddo. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Katelyn led Abigail into the bathroom. She removed the child’s pants and shirt, both which were wet. The Little Mermaid panties succumbed to gravity and fell to the floor. Katelyn held out her hand, causing a damp washcloth to appear in her palm. She cleaned the girl off while thinking of just how well the spell was working. Once she had finished, she carried Abigail back into the bedroom.

Returning to the closet, Katelyn used her power to make another change to her sister’s wardrobe. Reaching within, Katelyn retrieved a pink footed sleeper…and pull-ups.

Upon seeing the pull-ups in her sister’s hand, Abigail cried, “No! Me no wan’ puww-uwp. Me am big girl.”

Katelyn smiled at her sister’s childish remark. “No, Abby. You are a little girl, and little girls have accidents, so little girls wear pull-ups.”

Abigail stepped away and began to pout. “No wanna!”

Katelyn scowled. “Do you want another spanking?”

At that, Abigail’s expression changed to one of fear and she held her bare rear end.

“I didn’t think so. Now come over here.” Katelyn quickly put the pull-ups on her sister and zipped closed the sleeper.

“Back to bed now.” Katelyn scooped up her sister and carried her back to the bed. The young girl’s bulky pull-ups crinkled slightly with every movement. With a quick snap, Katelyn produced a small nightlight which she plugged in near the bed. Abigail stuck her thumb in her mouth as she watched her sister move around the room. Katelyn then turned off the light and left the room to return to her parents’ spell book, but not before saying, “Goodnight Abby. Sleep tight…little sister.”

Abigail awoke to a very odd sensation. Something wasn’t right. Everything looked bigger than it should be. She looked at her hands…and noticed her thumb. Popping it into her mouth, she began sucking on it as she tried to figure out what was wrong. She had been having a strange dream. Something about being a big girl and having a bad sister. That is when it came back to her.

She pulled her thumb from her mouth. Looking down at herself, she found that the sleeper was now too large. She felt clammy, she had wet again while she was sleeping, but her pull-ups had leaked when she grew too small for them. She judged her age to be right around two years old. She tested her tongue, but found that she could still only speak like a young child.

Katelyn walked in. “How’s my little sister today?”

Abigail decided to play along. She could not let her sister know that her mind was returning. “Me wet.”

Katelyn sighed. “Again? Ah, well.” As she picked up her sister, Abigail instinctively began sucking her thumb. It took her awhile to realize she was doing it, but could not bring herself to stop.

Instead of bringing the girl to the bathroom, Katelyn laid her sister down on a large towel on the floor by the closet. Searching around, Katelyn found the final change she had made to Abigail’s wardrobe the night before. Instead of panties or pull-ups, Abigail saw that Katelyn now held a disposable diaper.

The first thought in Abigail’s head was that the diaper looked warm and comfy. ‘No. I shouldn’t think like that,’ she chided herself.

Unzipping the overlarge sleeper and removing the pull-ups, Katelyn proceeded to clean the toddler with a damp cloth. She then slipped the diaper under Abigail, closed the front, and taped it shut. Throughout the entire process, Abigail continued to suck her thumb without a thought of stopping.

Katelyn then pulled a frilly Barney short-alls set from the closet. Lifting Abigail to her feet, Katelyn dressed the toddler in the purple shirt and short-alls and closed the snaps in the crotch. Though Abigail was forced to remove her thumb as the shirt was pulled on over her head, she immediately began sucking on it again once her arm was through the sleeve.

“It looks like you’re as little as you’ll get,” Katelyn said

‘Good,’ Abigail thought.

Katelyn then picked up the toddler and carried her to the kitchen where she proceeded to feed her oatmeal. Abigail was relieved that she wasn’t force-fed baby food. After the quick breakfast and ensuing clean-up, Katelyn dropped her sister into a playpen she had created in the living room. Abigail had to force herself to not grab any of the stuffed animals sharing the space with her…she had to avoid acting too childlike.

“Big sis has something to do, Abby,” Katelyn said, “But I’ll be right back.”

With that, Katelyn left the house. Abigail climbed out of the playpen, though her thumb remained in her mouth. Her mind was now clear. She ran to her sister’s room. Her diaper crinkled with every step, reminding her of its presence. When she walked in, she found that the spell book, as well as the empty pouch and flask, were still lying on the floor. Abigail went to the spell book and began searching for something, anything, that could help her.

However, everything in the book looked like gibberish. ‘Oh, no! I can’t read!’ Suddenly a thought struck her, and she picked up the pouch. Staring at the words, she slowly began to understand what they said. ‘To Abigail: There is power within…Drink to your life’. She took the flask and stared at it. There was still some left! ‘But I drank it all…what’s going on?’ As she watched, the flask slowly seemed to fill itself until it was full once more. Tipping her head back, and using both hands, she poured the liquid down her throat.

A wave of power struck her, throwing her to her back. She now understood what ‘Drink to your life’ meant. She needed to drink one dose per year…she was now only two, so two doses is all it took. Another wave of power swept over her. She began sucking her thumb to keep from screaming. Pain and power flowed through her. Wave after wave struck her, and soon her thumb did nothing to stop the cries tearing from her throat.

Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. Abigail sat up. Her cheeks were wet from the tears forced from her eyes. She felt an all too familiar wetness in her diaper. She was unsure of what had happened, but she knew she had found the help she needed to stop her sister.

Katelyn strode down the street, heading back home. She had successfully tested her power, leaving massive confusion behind her. As she reached the intersection of her street, she noticed a girl scout helping an old woman across.

“Oh, please,” she rolled her eyes, “It’s too easy.” A thought and a wave. In a matter of moments, the old woman, now in her twenties, was holding the hand of her three-year-old daughter as they crossed the street. Though the woman’s clothes had simply shrunk to fit, the toddler now wore a parody of her scout uniform. The blouse had a large cat on it wearing a girl scout beret, while the skirt was quite short, revealing the cloth diaper underneath.

Katelyn grinned and moved on. Oh, yes, the havoc she could create. As she walked toward her house, she noticed a mother across the street pushing her year-old daughter in a stroller. Another thought and a wave. The mother fell to the ground, babbling and sucking her thumb, while the daughter’s cries changed from mama, to mommy, to mom as their mental ages were switched.

Still more, she still craved more. A teenage boy walked past her with countless piercings, spiked and dyed hair, and a dog collar. A quick wave and a clean-cut six-year-old was walking down the street wearing an oversized shirt that said, ‘Be thankful I’m not your kid’.

Katelyn stood at the foot of her driveway. She wanted one more before she called it a day. She waited, and her patience was rewarded. The neighbors pulled into their driveway and got out of the car. The fifteen-year-old daughter, fourteen-year-old son, and both parents were perfect targets.

She smiled at them, crafted a spell, and waved. The son was first, and soon a smiling three-year-old boy wearing only a diaper stood where the teen had once been. The parents, two stunned to move, regressed together. They soon passed their son, both ending up as diaper-clad two-year-olds. The daughter spun around, trying to figure out what was happening. She saw Katelyn laughing. “You!” she shouted. She ran toward the wizard, but it was already too late. With each step she lost another year, until a four-year-old girl wearing only a pull-up stood before Katelyn.

“You should go play with your brothers and sister,” Katelyn said to the little girl.

“Otay!” She lisped. With a smile she ran back to her family, joining them as they toddled aimlessly around the lawn.

Katelyn laughed as she walked to her front door. Oh, the chaos! It was music to her ears. She reveled in the moment briefly before unlocking the door and going inside.

Abigail stood in her playpen, one thumb stuck firmly in her mouth, the other hand holding a small pink blanket. The toddler watched intently as her sister approached.

“Oh how I love it!” Katelyn said, “The confusion, the chaos, the power…it’s wonderful!” She stood next to the playpen and looked down at Abigail. “And how’s my little sister doing?”

“Me wet!” the toddler mumbled around her thumb.

“And stinky!” exclaimed Katelyn. This took Abigail by surprise…she hadn’t realized she had done more than wet.

“I don’t think I’m going to mess with this one,” Katelyn said as she picked up her sister and tickled her bare feet, eliciting a giggle from the girl, “That’s what magic is for.”

Abigail handed the blanket to her sister as Katelyn stood her on the floor, which she placed across her shoulder. With a snap, the toddler’s clothes disappeared, leaving her standing in only a wet and dirty diaper. A simple wave, and the diaper was gone, leaving behind a perfectly clean toddler holding a blanket.

“Well, you’re no threat now, Abby.” Katelyn laughed as she looked at her young sister standing before her. “I doubt you even know what magic is anymore.”

“I know more than you think.” Abigail’s enunciation was perfect, though her voice was still that of a small child.


“Our parents always said I have more power than even I know…and I guess it’s true.”

“But how?”

“Mom and dad left me a gift…just in case I ever needed it. Well, I need it now.”

“What are you going to do?” Katelyn felt true fear for the first time in her life.

Abigail smiled. “Don’t worry…I’ll be a good big sister to you.”

Katelyn now understood what Abigail intended to do. “No! Please don’t do it!”

“It is already done.”

Katelyn looked at herself. Her clothes were getting looser by the second and the floor kept getting nearer. She felt a shock, and realized it had come from the blanket. She pulled it off her shoulder and threw it to the ground…but it didn’t matter now.

“You put a spell on the blanket!” the ten-year-old shouted.

Abigail nodded as she picked up the blanket from where it had fallen. She felt a sharp tingle, and then watched as the floor slowly grew further away. Soon, an eight-year-old stood quietly watching her sister.

“Me no wanna be wittle!” the five-year-old cried.

Abigail grew quickly now, passing through puberty on the way up. She passed her original seventeen, passed eighteen, and eventually ended on nineteen-years-old…her sister’s original age.

Her sister’s regression slowed to a halt at two-years-old. She stood, bewildered, surrounded by a pool of her own clothes.

“Me sowwy! Me sowwy!” Katelyn cried.

“I know, Katie. That’s why I won’t make you suffer. You will soon forget all about being a big girl. You’ll just be a happy little girl.”

“No wanna! No wanna!”

“Sorry, Katie, but that is how it has to be.” Abigail picked up the toddler and held her close. Abigail’s spell was far more powerful than her sister’s. It would only take a few moments for Katelyn’s adult mind to fade…with no chance of it returning. Abigail hugged her sister as the spell finished it’s work.

Katelyn looked around and saw the blanket in Abigail’s hand. Now that the spell had run its course, the blanket was again no more than plain cloth.

“Blankie!” she cried.

Abigail wrapped the blanket around her sister. As the warmth of the blanket suffused Katelyn, she began sucking her thumb. Her eyes started drooping…she had expended too much energy as an adult to stay awake as a child.

With a quick snap, and a flash of light, Abigail was clothed in a plain shirt and jeans. ‘Finally, adult clothes!’ Katelyn, on the other hand, now wore only a disposable diaper. Katelyn laid against her sister’s chest.

Abigail walked into her sister’s room. A thought and a snap, and the room was perfectly suited for a toddler. The walls were painted baby pink, the closet was full of toddler clothes and diapers, toys and stuffed animals were everywhere, and the bed was now a toddler bed covered with pink sheets. Abigail lay her sister in the bed and wrapped the blankets close around her.

Walking out, she picked up the spell book, pouch, and flask from where they had been left. As she tried to turn off the lights with her free hand, she found that her thumb was stuck firmly in her mouth. Sheepishly, she pulled it out. ‘This may take some getting used to.’

As she flipped out the light she looked at her young sister, sleeping peacefully. “Goodnight, Katie. Sleep tight…little sister.”

Sleep Tight…Little Sister by Drifter

i like it

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