Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

The MRI was done without incident, and Sharon held a sleeping little boy as they came back to Billy’s room. She put him down in his crib, laying on his back nursing his binky in his sleep. She made sure his Pooh Bear was within snuggling distance from his face, and covered him with his baby blanket.

Rick was waiting when she got back to the room, and explained to Sharon that he had called Phillis to let her know what all was happening.

April meanwhile, had hooked up a new IV bag to Billy and suggested “Why don’t you two go get some food. I don’t think I saw you eat at all today.” She said looking at Sharon.

“I am hungry, I guess I just forgot.” Sharon told her.

“You’re going to have to make sure you take care of yourself , Mommy can’t care for baby if she’s not healthy herself.” April admonished her with a smile. “Especially a Mommy that’s nursing.” she added.

Sharon hadn’t thought of that. She would have to pay more attention to what she ate and drank. “How long do you think he will sleep?” she asked.

“Oh, more than an hour I would guess. If he wakes up, I’ll be here.”

“Alright, let’s get some lunch Honey.” Sharon told Rick.

“After you M’Lady.” Rick said with a smile and a sweeping of his arm.

As they walked out of the PICU, Rick asked “So how did Billy do with the MRI this time?”.

“He did fine, April gave him medicine that knocked him out. He slept right through it.” Sharon answered. “I had my first experience nursing him in a room full of strangers though.” she added.

Rick smiled. “I bet you did fine though.”.

“Yeah, I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. If we’d have left to take care of it, he would have been down there for hours.” she responded.

“I understand why you bit the bullet then.” he told her.

They went through the line at the cafeteria and found a table in a corner. As they sat down Rick said “We need to talk about a few things.” looking serious.

“What things?” Sharon asked concerned.

“Well, Money for one thing. We weren’t exactly budgeting for any of this when we decided what we had to spend on Christmas.” He told her. “Not only did we stretch the budget on the toys and things we got, we’re going to have to go out and get some new toys that are more age appropriate for Billy. I don’t know how long he’s going to be like he is now, but I don’t think it’s going to change overnight. If we don’t, he won’t have much to play with for a while.” Rick explained.

“Wow, I didn’t even consider that. You’re right, he will need some baby toys or he’s going to get really bored. I don’t know that baby toys are going to keep him occupied either. I’m not sure how to handle that.” Sharon responded.

“I tell you what, I’ll ask Mom to pick up a couple of things and see how he responds to them. She can bring them by this evening. I think it would be a good idea if I went home tonight and spent some time with Becky.”.

“That’s a good idea about the toys, and yes, I want to make sure Becky doesn’t feel like she’s being neglected. It’s going to be a big enough change as it is when Billy goes home, best to head that off now.” Sharon agreed. “As far as money, I don’t know what to do. We’re going to need a crib and things in order to be able to care for him. Maybe I can talk to some of the girls and see if they have any things we can use.”.

Rick knew by ‘the girls’ she meant her friends around the neighborhood. He just wished she didn’t have to go begging help from friends. He made a good living, but they hadn’t been prepared for this at all. Not wanting to make Sharon worry about that, he kept silent.

“I don’t know, I’ll figure something out.” Rick told her.

“Should I try to find work?” Sharon asked.

“No. You worry about Billy, that’s your biggest concern right now. You don’t need the stress of starting a new job while trying to figure out how to take care of him. Let me worry about this for now.” Rick answered with a smile.

Sharon felt so lucky to have a husband that put family first. She knew so many others that didn’t. “Thank you Honey, you don’t know how much that means to me.” she told him with a smile.

After paying attention to their food for a bit, Sharon asked “What else did you have on your mind?”.

“Well, we have a vacation planned for next month. Should we cancel it?” he asked with a bit of a wince. He knew if they did, about two thirds of the money would be forfeited.

“No. Even if we have to trim some of the daily spending, we’re not going to cancel. The only way I would agree to that is, if Billy had a medical problem that required him to be here.” Sharon answered. “Besides, neither of the kids has been, and with any luck, Billy will get a bit better by then and Disney would probably be the best place to take him. Can you imagine how excited he’ll be when Pooh Bear gives him a big hug?” Sharon said with a grin.

Rick laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. That would make his day, I’m sure.”.

The two continued discussing the merit’s of Disney World as they finished their lunch. Soon they were heading back upstairs to Billy’s room. When they arrived in the PICU, April assured Sharon he’d been asleep, not even knowing that she was gone.

As they approached the doorway, Sharon pulled Rick aside. He gave her a questioning look, but turned to look through the glass into the room when she nodded her head in that direction. Billy was laying on his back, wide awake, looking intently at pooh bear, occasionally batting his head with an uncoordinated hand. They heard him made baby sounds around his binky through the open door.

Sharon couldn’t help but smile as she looked upon this cute baby boy, laying there in just a diaper (an obviously very wet diaper at that), having a very intent conversation with his bear. Occasionally, he would smile, kick his little legs and make a soft giggling sound.


Billy opened his eyes, and gave big a yawn, his arms and legs moving spasmodically as he did so. Fortunately, his binky stayed put on his lower jaw until he closed his mouth again and started nursing. He loved his binky. It just felt so good to nurse on it. Turning his head slightly, he saw Pooh Bear. Billy smiled. He loved his Pooh Bear so much! Nuzzling his face against the soft material, he couldn’t help but giggle.

Focusing his thoughts with great effort, Billy told Pooh “I love you, Pooh. You’re soft and snuggly and just great!” with another giggle. He tried to pull the bear in close for a big hug, but his hands wouldn’t cooperate, so he just snuggled his face against the soft stuffed animal and sighed contentedly, nursing his binky.

A moment later, he heard Mommy’s voice say “Hi Baby.”. He turned his head toward the sound and smiled a big smile, his binky falling to the crib.

“You just love Pooh Bear, don’t you?” Mommy asked as she picked Pooh up and laid him on Billy’s chest. Guiding his arms gently around Pooh, she said “Give Pooh Bear a great big hug.”.

Using all of his concentration, Billy managed to pull his arms closer to him and giggled as the soft material tickled his chin.

Giving him a moment to snuggle, Sharon noticed once again, just how wet his diaper was. “Terry wasn’t kidding. He’s soaked.” she thought. “You snuggle with Pooh Bear while Mommy changes your dipey, You’re soakin’ pee pee wet, baby boy.” she told him pressing down gently on his swollen diaper with he palm.

Billy giggled again as he felt Mommy push on his dipey, it tickled his tummy.

Sharon couldn’t help but laugh as she reached to get a dry diaper and the wipes. As she pulled the tapes from the wet Pamper, she noticed Billy had closed his eyes and nuzzled his face closer to Pooh. She pulled the diaper down and began wiping his diaper area, still watching his contented face. Not paying attention, she was surprised when a stream of pee began to spray on her shirt. Looking down, she realized he was peeing on her. Chuckling as she quickly pulled the wet diaper back up, she thought “That’ll teach you to let your guard down with a baby boy.”.

Looking at Rick, she laughed as he told her “Gotcha.” with a smile.

As she gingerly pulled the diaper back to make sure he was finished, it occurred to her “He has no idea that he just went pee.”, as Billy continued to snuggle the bear.

She resumed wiping his front down, and gently raised him up by his ankles as she slid the sopping wet diaper out from under him. As she wiped Billy’s bottom clean, she noticed there was wet spot larger than his bottom on the bed under him. Touching it, she felt it was soaked. “I’m gonna have to check his diaper more often from now on.” she thought as she shifted him over away from the wet sheet.

Placing the clean diaper under him, she laid him down and pulled the diaper snuggly up between his legs. She heard him sigh as she did so. Smiling, she taped the diaper closed, and gently picked him up. “Daddy’s gonna hold you for a bit Baby while I change the bed.” she told him.

Rick took Billy from Sharon. As he stood holding him, a thought occurred to him. “Lets get you turned around little fella.” as he turned Billy, placing one hand under his bottom so his thumb ran between Billy’s legs, up against the front of his diaper, the fingers grasping Billy’s thigh. Facing his body outward, Rick held his chest with his other forearm while supporting his wobbly head by holding his cheekbones with thumb and forefinger.

Rick knew that Billy had not had an opportunity to see himself since this whole thing started. Walking to the bathroom door, he pushed it all the way open with his foot. Standing with his back to the full length mirror mounted on the bathroom door, he said “Where’s Billy? Where’d he go?”. Turning around, facing Billy toward the mirror he said “There he is! There’s my baby boy.”.

Billy was captivated. He was looking at Daddy holding someone in his arms. This confused him. He knew that Daddy was holding him, because he could smell Daddy. He started to get anxious and kicked his legs. When he did, the baby in the mirror kicked his legs. That made him pause. Trying hard to figure this out, he moved his arms. The baby in the mirror wildly flailed his arms. Then it occurred to Billy, he was looking at himself. That made him feel better and he smiled.

Rick watched as Billy looked in the mirror. He felt the anxiety as Billy tensed up and then kicked his legs. He moved his arms and then relaxed with a smile. He wondered what was going through Billy’s thoughts in that process, but couldn’t hope to figure that out. All that really mattered is that Billy had smiled in the end. “See,” Rick told him as her shifted Billy so he could hold him with one arm. “my baby boy is right there.” He said as he took Billy’s hand and placed it on the mirror.

Billy felt the smooth surface of the mirror on his palm. He watched himself in the mirror for a moment, and them tried to put his other hand on it. Try as he might though, the best he could do is to hit the mirror as his hand moved on. This frustrated him. With the frustration, came a swelling of his emotions and he started to cry. The feeling continued to build as he cried louder and began kicking and flailing as the frustration mounted higher and higher.

Rick understood that Billy was frustrated because his body wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do. What surprised him was the intensity of Billy’s reaction. He was thrashing his arms wildly while kicking his legs, all the while crying loudly, red in the face. Trying to get him to settle, Rick shifted Billy in his arms to cradle him saying “It’s OK Billy, settle down.”. This had absolutely no effect.

Peter, appearing at his side, told Rick “It’s alright, he’s responding like he’s supposed to.”.

“What do you mean?” Rick asked as Sharon came over and attempted to put Billy’s binky in his mouth. He ignored it and continued to cry for a bit, before settling and she tried again. This time he took the pacifier and quieted.

“He’s in a difficult position really, he has the intellect at times of a nine year old, and the physical and emotional control of an infant. Consider how frustrated you would be if you couldn’t make your body do what you wanted. On top of that add the inability to control your emotions and you get what you just saw, essentially a temper tantrum.” he told Rick.

“Wow, I feel for him.” Rick said as he considered how all of that would make him feel if he were in Billy’s situation.

“That’s a good thing. You’re first instinct will be to correct him, ignore it for now. He has no control over this yet, and attempting to force that to happen will only make you both miserable. I know that nine years of interacting with him has set certain expectations of behavior, but they aren’t going to work anymore. You’ve got to start over with regard to what you expect of him.” Peter told them both.

Seeing Rick’s eyes become glassy he added “Hey, this is a difficult situation to be in. You’ve had nine years to figure out how to interact with Billy and what to reasonably expect from him. That isn’t going to just disappear in a heartbeat. It will take some time to get used to this. He’ll be fine as long as you take a second to consider what’s happening and why before you react.” as he placed a reassuring hand on Rick’s shoulder.

“There will be times he’ll react much more mature than an infant or toddler would, and then others when he’ll behave much less mature than a nine year old would. It will take him and you two a while to figure out all of this. Just try to understand what’s happening and why before you respond, and you’ll be fine.” Peter explained.

Rick felt terrible. He had automatically responded to Billy’s behavior as he would have a month ago. “He’s not nine anymore. You can’t treat him like he is.” he told himself. Shifting Billy, he pulled him close and kissed his forehead saying “I’m sorry Baby, I didn’t understand.”.

Billy feeling much better after having cried it out, snuggled close to Daddy. He felt safe in Daddy’s arms.

Sharon feeling for her husband, said “See, he’s snuggling, he understands you love him. He probably didn’t even hear you tell him to settle down.”.

“She’s probably right.” Rick thought, and felt much better for it. He leaned over and kissed his wife and told her. “I love you.” with an appreciative smile.

“I hope so. After all, we sleep in the same bed.” She said, and that made the three of them laugh.


Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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Snuggles and Tears Chapter 34

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