Something Old

The Diaper Princess
Written By *********
Plot by JayHawk

Chapter One – Welcome to the Colony

Jessica’s mother stopped the car and got out. It was a beautiful summer afternoon. Jessica was tired from a long car trip. She was a little sad about leaving her old friends behind. Jessica was from a rich family. Her father owned and ran the family business, but they had to move because her father decided to re-locate the company’s headquarters to an area which allowed for more space and privacy. Jessica’s mother had heard about a special colony that sounded interesting to her. It was a colony with about twenty homes. All the families had children and all the children were ages twelve and under. None of them were potty trained. Jessica’s mother had became friends with Mrs. Pratt who had a girl about Jessica’s age. Mrs. Pratt clued her in about how things at the colony were. The parents at the colony did not believe in traditional potty training methods. They believed that a child shouldn’t be potty trained until they began puberty. They had many reasons for this which Mrs. Aldag could understand. One major belief was that young children should not have to worry about making it to the bathroom. They conducted studies which proved that most children between the ages of 3 and 12 have frequent accidents because their bladder muscles are not fully developed until they begin puberty. Another belief these parents shared is that having their children in diapers, for whatever reason, made them much more respectful of their elders and made them very well behaved. Of course, all children will misbehave from time to time, but all the children at the colony were angels compared to kids outside of the colony. Mrs. Aldag had hoped this colony would help her daughter. Jessica was very snobby and a big show off. She had a bedwetting problem and had to wear diapers at night. Mrs. Aldag figured switching her to diapers twenty-four seven was worth a try.

After they were all moved in, it became time for bed. Mrs. Aldag helped her daughter get ready for bed. She got out a size six Pampered Princess for Girls diaper and began diapering her. Jessica was a very pretty and petite ten year old. She had shoulder length blonde hair, was about 4’5" and weighed around 65 pounds. Her diapers were mostly white on the outside with pink leak guards and a pink waistband with cute little bears and bunnies on the taping panel. They were thick and the inside padding was very soft, fluffy, and comfortable. Jessica wore only the best diapers that money could buy.

“Goodnight sweetie. I think you will really like it here,” Mrs. Aldag said. Jessica smiled. “I hope so Mommy. This place is kind of weird,” Jessica said. Mrs. Aldag tucked the covers over her daughter and left the room.

The next morning, Jessica’s diaper was soaked, but it hardly bothered her. She was used to waking up with soaked diapers, and her Pampered Princess diapers did a great job protecting her precious skin. Her mother came in as usual to change her, but this time instead of getting out her panties to wear, she got out another diaper and began diapering her.

“Mom? What are you doing?” she asked. Mrs. Aldag continued to put the diaper on her daughter.

“Sweetie, from now on you will be wearing diapers all day and all night. You won’t be potty trained until you get a little older. That’s how things are at this colony here. All the other kids wear diapers. I think it will be easier for all of us,” Mrs. Aldag explained. Jessica didn’t say much. She just said 'well, okay I guess that’s cool," and allowed her mother to diaper her. Jessica didn’t really mind being in diapers. After all, they were very comfy, and if all the other kids wore diapers, she knew she’d be the only one who wore the most fancy and expensive diapers. It would give her something to brag about.

After breakfast, Jessica decided to go out to the playground and see if there were any other kids around. She saw a few kids playing there. One was a girl who looked to be about six with medium blonde hair and blue eyes. Another was a girl about eleven with light brown hair and green eyes, and the other child was a boy who was about eight with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She walked over to them.

“Hi. Are you new here?” the eleven year old girl asked.

“Yes, we just moved here yesterday. My name is Jessica. I’m ten. My daddy is rich and owns his own company. We had to move here I guess,” she said, in her snobby voice.

“Oh, well my name is Katie. I’ve lived here all my life. I’m eleven. This is Emily, she’s six. And this is Josh, my friend. He’s eight. You can play with us if you want. We’re gonna play tag now,” she said.

“That’s cool,” Jessica said sarcastically. She played with them for a little while until they got sick of tag. They decided to go play on the swings. Emily was walking slowly towards the swings when she said “ut oh,” and stopped a little. She then began giggling.

“What’s with her?” Jessica asked.

“Oh nothing, she just wet her diaper,” Josh said.

“That’s too bad. I don’t wet my diaper I just wear it. What kind of diapers do you wear?” Jessica asked. Emily wore Pampers for Girls. They were similar to Jessica’s diapers but not quite as thick and fancy. Katie wore Luvs. They were a plain, unisex diaper with a crinkly plastic cover. They were nowhere near the same level as Jessica’s diapers, but they did the job of absorbing wetness just fine. Josh wore blue Huggies for Boys. All the diapers the children wore were size six, and they were all small enough to fit them.

“Oh, well I wear Pampered Princess diapers. They are the best diapers and only princesses like me get to wear them,” she said in a real snobby voice. Katie just looked at her in envy.

“Well pin a rose on your nose,” Katie said. Emily frowned. “She’s mean!”

“I am not. You’re just jealous cause you don’t have Pampered Princess diapers!” Jessica yelled back.

“Am not. I like my diapies. They are nice,” Emily said. Of course, the children were all jealous of her and wished they had the Pampered Princess diapers, but they didn’t admit it.

“Well I’m going back to my house. I’ll see you kids later I guess,” she said. She strutted back to her house and went into her room to play with her Barbie dolls and other toys.

After a week or so, Jessica was beginning to get used to the colony. She played with the kids occasionally, and they all became jealous of her. She only tolerated Katie, Emily and Josh and was a real brat towards any of the other children. She hardly ever wet her diapers during the day, because then she’d be just like the other kids and she wanted to be superior to them. She usually held it all in and after she was in bed, she’d completely soak her diaper. Jessica decided to go outside by the playground again and see who she could show off to this time. She played with Katie, Emily, and Josh for a while until Katie began wetting her diaper. All the kids that day were outside just wearing their diapers and t-shirts. It was very warm and sometimes their mothers dressed them this way. Jessica looked at Katie’s diaper.

“My gosh you are soaked Katie. Go get that thing changed!” Jessica said, as if having a wet diaper was the worst thing in the world.

“Nah its okay, I’m not that wet yet,” she said. Jessica just looked at her with this snobbish look on her face. “Well, I don’t wet my diaper,” she said.

“Yes you do,” said Emily who also had pee soaking through her diaper. “I’ve seen you get changed in the morning so you must wet,” she demanded.

“Well at least I don’t go during the day,” Jessica said with her nose high in the air. Emily pouted and went back to playing with the other children.

"Oh I gotta go, it’s supper time. You kids have fun in your wet diapers,’ she said while laughing.

“Shut up. You think you’re so great, don’t you?” Katie said.

“Yeah because I know I am,” Jessica said as she ran away towards her house. The other kids made faces at her. As she was out of sight, they began talking.

“Why she such a meany?” Emily asked Katie. Katie gave Emily a little hug.

“I don’t know Emm. Some kids are just like that. She thinks she’s all great because her daddy is rich and they have more money than us. Some people who have lots of money like to show off like that,” Katie said. Emily just nodded and went back to playing.

The next day, Jessica went back out to play. The other kids played with her and Jessica again talked to them like they were peasants and teased them. She was playing on the monkey bars, after being outside for a few hours when all of a sudden she felt something warm trickling into her diaper. She was peeing her diaper without even knowing it. She couldn’t believe she was actually peeing her diaper. She never did this during the day. She couldn’t help herself and began enjoying the feeling. Something just came over her that she couldn’t control. She felt warm and happy between her legs and a smile came across her face. She began to realize why the other kids never seemed to mind when they wet their diapies. Little Emily always seemed to be proud every time she wet hers. Jessica just sat on top of the monkey bars, smiling and enjoying every minute of her wet, warm diaper. “My gosh this is great,” she thought to herself. She was a little guilty about it at first but that feeling soon went away. Katie was trying to get her attention but Jessica was so tuned out and in her own little world, she didn’t hear anything.

“Jessica? Earth to Princess Jessica?? Hello??” Katie said. Jessica still didn’t answer so Katie climbed up the monkey bars and shook her a little. “Jessica??”


“Sorry to interrupt your little daydream about being a rich spoiled princess. But your Mommy came by and said you need to go home for supper soon,” Katie said.

Jessica smiled. “Uh, Katie? I wasn’t dreaming about being a princess. I, um… I was…I mean… I am wetting my…wetting my diaper! And I love it!” She muttered.

“Really? You do? I knew someday you’d come to your senses,” Katie said. Emily and Josh both giggled and said “she’s wetting her diaper!!!” Katie began wetting her diaper. “Guess what? I’m wetting too!” She said.

“Me too! And a lot,” Josh said. Emly giggled and looked down at her diaper.

“Ut oh! Me too!” Emily said while giggling. Jessica started a chain reaction. All the kids began wetting their diapers and soaked them, but it seemed Jessica was like a water faucet that someone turned on and left it that way. Jessica wet her diaper for several minutes. It was soaking wet, soggy, and mushy. Her smile only got bigger as she felt her warm, saturated diaper and that special feeling between her legs.

“Don’t you just love it?” Jessica asked Katie.

“Oh yeah. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a nice warm, wet diaper!” Katie said. Emily giggled put her hand on the front of her diaper. “Ooo I’m really wet,” she said giggling. “Yeah I think we should all go and get changed now,” Katie said.

From that moment on, Jessica forgot all about being a princess. She stopped being so snobby to the children and even gave Katie a little hug.

“I’m sorry I was so mean to you guys. I promise I won’t tease you again, okay?” she said. The kids all smiled and told her they forgave her. The kids went in to get changed. Jessica ran back home. She wondered what her mother would think about her wetting her diaper and was kind of shy to ask about getting changed.

“Oh, hi sweetie. All ready for supper?” Mrs. Aldag asked.

“Yeah, but, Mommy?” Jessica asked nervously.

“Yes? Is something wrong?”

“No. But uh. I need… I need my…I need my diaper changed,” she said. A big smile came across Mrs. Aldag’s face, like she was proud of her daughter for soaking her diaper.

“Really? You wet your diaper? That’s great, sweetie. You don’t have to be worried about it. It’s about time you started wetting during the day like the other kids, sweetie. I’ll bet you’re making some nice friends here,” she said. Jessica sighed happily and nodded. Mrs. Aldag took Jessica upstairs and laid her on her bed. She began taking her soaking wet diaper off.

“Oh My goodness, Jessica, your diaper is extremely wet! I guess you finally decided to allow yourself a good diaper wetting. It’s not good to hold it in all day,” her mother said. Jessica just smiled and giggled as her mother continued to change her diaper…

Chapter Two: Jessica Begins to Love her Diapers…

Jessica woke up to an extremely wet diaper, as usual. She was used to it. Her mom came in to check on her. “I’ll bet you’re soaked, huh?” Jessica nodded her head and smiles.

“That’s my girl. Let’s get you in a dry diaper and then we can have breakfast,” her mom said. She changed Jessica into a dry Pampered Princess diaper and helped her get dressed, then they had breakfast. Jessica wanted to go out to play with her new friends again.

“I’m so glad you’ve made new friends. I’ll bet they’re a lot of fun,” Mrs. Aldag said. Jessica smiled and nodded. “Yup Mommy I like them a lot. I’m glad we came to this place,” she said as she gave her mother a hug. Mrs. Aldag smiled and watched as her daughter ran outside to go play. Jessica went back to the playground and instantly found Katie, Josh, Emily, and some other neighborhood kids.

“Hi Katie! How long have you guys been out here?” Jessica asked.

“Not long we just got here,” Katie said. Emily was wearing nothing but a diaper and t-shirt. It seemed her mother liked to dress her that way, probably because Emily was still very young and her mom thought it was “cute.” Emily smiled at Jessica and said hello to her.

“Hey there Emily. You keeping dry?” she asked, jokingly.

“For now I am but I had a lotta juice for breakfast. I’m gonna be soaked later,” Emily said while giggling. Jessica, Katie, and Josh all giggled in unison.

“Let’s play tag,” Katie said. They all agreed this would be a good idea and began playing tag. They played tag for about an hour and then decided to go play in the sandbox. Emily was building a little sandcastle as she began to fidget and look down at her diaper. “Uh oh I think that juice coming out now,” she said happily. The kids all watched as the front of her diaper became yellow…and then a darker yellow. Emily finally finished peeing after about a minute. She sighed and smiled. “All done!” she said, keeping a smile on her face the entire time. Jessica smiled and giggled. “Wow Emily, you weren’t kidding before. You aren’t leaking, are you?” Emily shook her head. Her diaper wasn’t anywhere close to leaking, but it was quite soggy. Emily went back to playing, along with everyone else. Katie began wetting her diaper, but didn’t announce it until she was done. “Okay now I’m wet too. Now just Jessica and Josh gotta pee and then we can all be wet together,” she said while laughing. Jessica tried to pee but didn’t feel anything. “I don’t think I have to go yet. I guess I didn’t drink enough for breakfast,” she said. Josh didn’t have to go either.

After a while, the kids got sick of the sandbox and decided to play on the swings and monkey bars. They were all swinging when Josh began to slow down, almost coming to a complete stop.

“Is something wrong, Josh?” Katie asked.

“No, not really, just that I have to poop really bad,” he said. He began getting red in the face and making grunting noises and began filling his diaper.

“Uh oh, Joshie going poopie!” Emily said playfully.

“Hey, that makes me have to poop too,” Katie said. She turned red in the face, grunted, and felt a big BM push into her diaper. She wasn’t done yet, though. She felt more coming. “Wow Josh look what you started. I gotta go more,” she exclaimed. Josh just smiled and Emily giggled and announced she had to go too! Jessica laughed. “Wow, this is like a domino effect. But, I…I don’t gotta go. Sorry to ruin the effect,” she said. Emily giggled. “It…It’s okay. You will soon I sure. Uhh…here comes,” she said as she began to push out a load into her diaper. Katie continued to push and grunt and more poop went into her diaper. You could tell her diaper was loaded, even though she was wearing shorts. Her behind bulged out and of course, it smelled. Emily sighed as she finished filling her diaper. The three of them all went back to swinging like nothing was wrong.

“Weeeee this is fun,” Katie said.

“Yeah and it even funner doing dis in a poopy diaper,” Emily shouted. Jessica laughed and giggled at them, in a playful way. “Hehe, we’re so silly,” she said.

“Silly? Nah. We just like going in our diapers, that’s all!” Katie said. Jessica nodded. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” The kids played together for another hour. Jessica had soaked her diaper by this time, but was still not poopy. She had to go, but for some reason she was afraid to go in her diaper. Peeing was no problem, and though the other kids seemed to love being in poopy diapers, she just didn’t feel at ease enough to poop her diaper at the time. As the kids were playing, Emily’s mother came over to the playground.

“Emily, sweetie, we have to go shopping now. I’ll bet you need a diaper change by now too, right?” Emily nodded and smiled, proud of the production she made in her diaper.

“Yeah momma, I went poopy and pee pee. A lot mommy!” Emily said smugly. Her mother smiled. “Aww, that’s my good little girl. Let’s go get you cleaned up and then off to the store. Say goodbye to your friends, sweetie.” Emily said goodbye to the kids and went with her Mom. Jessica decided to play with Katie on the Monkey bars for a while.

“I really like you, Katie. I…I mean that. You’re a good friend. Can I come over to your house someday maybe?” Jessica asked sweetly.

“Sure Jessica, that would be cool. We could play with all my toys and stuff. There’s lots of neat things to do at my house. Wanna come over tomorrow?” Katie asked.

“Yeah! That would be great. I’ll ask my Mommy. I’m sure she’ll say yes. She likes that I’m making friends,” Jessica said happily. Katie smiled and nodded. “Well, I think I should go get changed now and then I think it’s gonna be lunch time. We’ll probably be out here later,” Katie said.

“Cool, I’ll be here after lunch then,” Jessica said. She began walking back towards her house as Katie shouted her name. Jessica turned around.

“Hey…try to relax Jess…you’ll go poopy but you gotta relax. Don’t be afraid,” she said. Jessica wondered how Katie knew, but didn’t question her. She just smiled and said “thanks Katie, I will” and walked home. When she got home, her mother changed her soggy diaper. Jessica was really beginning to enjoy wearing these diapers. Changing time was beginning to become more and more enjoyable to her.

“There, all dry again, princess. Jessica? I’ve noticed you haven’t gone poopy since you’ve been put back in diapers. Are you feeling okay?” her Mom asked as she taped her new diaper on her.

“Yes I’m okay Mommy. I… I just don’t have to poop yet, that’s all,” Jessica explained.

“Well, please try to poop today sweetie. Can you try for me?”

“Okay Mommy, I’ll try,” she said. They ate lunch and then watched TV for a while. Jessica went back outside to play for a while. She knew she had poop waiting to come out, but still no matter how hard she tried, nothing happened. Katie tried to get her to relax at the playground and had Jessica try to push it out, but nothing worked.

Later that night, Jessica’s mother was changing her into her night diaper and getting her ready for bed. “Sweetie, you still haven’t gone poopie. I suggest you try to go poopy tonight as you lie in bed, okay honey?” she kindly suggested. Jessica nodded and agreed to try. She wanted so much to poop her diaper and make her mommy happy. As she laid in bed that night, she kept thinking to herself “I gotta poopy in my diaper…I gotta poopy in my diaper. It’s gonna happen. I’m going to poop.” She kept saying this over and over in her mind until she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Jessica woke up about an hour earlier than usual. She awake to a strong sensation. She knew immediately what her body was about to do. She had to poop, and this time, there was no stopping it. She sat up and got on all fours and began to push and grunt. She felt a soft, warm mushy substance begin to fill into her diaper. She continued to push and grunt for about five minutes. Her diaper was completely loaded. It stunk awful, but that didn’t bother her. She smiled as she felt her mushy, lumpy diaper. As she sat down in it, she smiled even more, totally enjoying the feeling. She wondered to herself why she was so afraid to poop earlier; this was the greatest thing she had ever felt. She enjoyed her poopy diaper for a few minutes until her mother came in to check on her.

“Well, good morning sweetie. Did you sleep good? Oh…do I smell what I think I smell? Your went poopie?” Jessica’s mom said while smiling.

“Yes Mommy, I did. A lot!” she said proudly.

“Aww, that’s great honey. You’ve done what I asked Good girl,” she said while rubbing Jessica’s diaper. “Okay, lets get you changed and ready for breakfast,” she said. She happily changed Jessica’s extremely poopy filled diaper. Jessica smiled and giggled during the entire change, enjoying every minute of it.

Chapter Three: Jessica and Katie become close friends

A few weeks passed. Jessica and Katie started to form a very close bond with each other. They discovered they had a lot in common. They both like many of the same musical groups, they both loved their diapers, they both enjoyed roller skating and they liked the same TV shows. Jessica liked the other children too, but she thought of Katie as her “best friend” and began hanging out with just her. She’d go to Katie’s house often, and Katie would go to Jessica’s house. Jessica’s parents were so pleased that she was adjusting to the area so well and were very proud of her daughter for being such a nice friend and not being the brat she used to be.

One night, Jessica was talking on the phone with Katie. She had called her because she was bored and just wanted to talk. Katie decided to ask Jessica over to a sleepover.

“Hey Jess…can I ask you something?” Katie asked.

“Yeah, anything. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to ask if you wanna come over to my house tonight, for a sleepover,” Katie said.

“Yeah, that would be great! We’d have lots of fun. I’ll ask my mommy, can you hold on?” Jessica asked. Katie said sure. Jessica went to ask her mother if she could sleepover.

“That sounds like a great idea, sweetie. Sure, you can go. Just be sure to pack plenty of diapers,” she said with a grin on her face.

“Of course, mommy! Thanks!” Jessica said as she happily skipped back to her room.

“Hey, I can go! What time should I be there?” Jessica asked her friend.

“You can come here for dinner, I already asked my parents. So be here at 5:30,” Katie said happily.

“Cool, I’ll be there. See you then. Bye,” Jessica said. She hung up the phone and instantly got her suitcase and began packing. She packed her diapers and diapering supplies in her diaper bag. It wasn’t a babyish looking diaper bag, but more like a backpack.

“Jessi, do you need to be changed before you go?” her mother asked. Jessica shook her head. Her diaper was a little wet, but that didn’t bother her. She knew she’d get changed when her diaper was full, over at Katie’s house. Her mother smiled and hugged and kissed her goodbye and told her to be a good girl. Jessica nodded and left the house. She arrived at Katie’s house and rang the bell. Katie answered, wearing just a diaper and t-shirt.

“Hi Jess! Come in. If you want, make yourself more comfy. I never wear much clothes here, just my shirt and diaper. It’s a lot easier that way for changing time, too,” she said with a smile. Jessica instantly took her pants off and put them in her suitcase. She giggled. “Okay, I like that idea,” she said. Katie looked at her diaper and smiled.

“I see you’re a little wet, huh? Me too.” The two girls just giggled and went up to Katie’s room to put her things away. They eat dinner shortly after. Katie’s parents were very nice and they were very pleased to be meeting one of Katie’s new friends. They kept asking Jessica lots of questions, but she didn’t mind answering them. They were just being friendly. Katie’s mother reminded Jessica that if she needed to be changed at any time to let either her or Katie’s dad know, and they’d be happy to change her. After supper, Jessica and Katie went back up to her room to talk.

“So, what you wanna do first? We can watch TV, or play a game, or play video games, or play with dolls, whatever you want. You’re my guest tonight,” Katie said. Jessica smiled. “Let’s play a game. Do you like Monopoly Junior?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, I love that game. I’d love to,” Katie said. The two girls played the game. It took about an hour to finish. Katie won. “Good game, it was very close,” Katie said. Jessica nodded. They decided to go see what was on TV and went downstairs. They sat on the couch together and turned on the TV. Rugrats was on, a show they both enjoyed. “Cool, let’s watch this,” Jessica said. After about ten minutes, a commercial came on. Jessica knew she had to pee, but decided to see if Katie had to go too.

“Katie? Do you have to pee?”

“Uh, yeah, I think I do. Why?”

“Cause I do too, a lot. Wanna pee together? Let’s see who goes the most,” Jessica said. Katie giggled.

“Yeah, okay! On the count of three. Ready? One…two…THREE” Katie said as she began concentrating. She relaxed herself and became wetting her diaper, letting the pee flow fast as it began to soak up the padding of her diaper. Jessica began wetting hers, completely enjoying every minute of the sensation of the warm pee trickling down her skin and filling her diaper. Both girls kept a smile on their face. Jessica moved closer to Katie and started to cuddle with her. She was not a lesbian, but enjoyed cuddling with her good friend. Katie didn’t mind and cuddled right with her.

“I’m…I’m still peeing,” Jessica said proudly.

“Wow, you’re really filling your diaper, aren’t ya? I was done a few seconds ago and my diaper feels pretty soggy now,” she said. Jessica was silent for a few more seconds, still peeing and enjoying every moment. She finally finished, and her diaper was completely soaked, and it showed.

“Ahhh, there, I’m done too. I guess I win,” she said while giggling. Katie looked at the front of Jessica’s diaper and gasped. “Wow, you sure are wet! It isn’t gonna leak, is it?” Katie asked in a concerned tone.

“Nah, these diapers hold a lot. They are able to hold all my night wettings. It is very soggy, though. I guess we should get changed soon,” Jessica said.

“Yeah, but we can wait till Rugrats is over. I don’t wanna miss it. Besides, a wet diaper feels sooooo good when it’s still warm,” Katie said. Jessica nodded. The show came back on and the girls cuddled with each other until it ended. By this time, their diapers were beginning to get “cold” and they decided they’d better go get changed. They both walked into the living room where Katie’s parents were.

“Mommy?” Katie said.

“Yes, sweetie? You two are wet, right?” her mom asked. The girls both nodded. She smiled. “No problem. I’ll change Jessica and your daddy will change you, okay sweetie?” Katie nodded. “Okay Jessica. Just lay down on the floor here. I’ll go get your diaper bag,” Katie’s mom said. Jessica lay on the floor and waited as Katie’s mother got the diaper bag. She came back down shortly and proceeded to untape her diaper and slide it off. “My goodness. This is one full diaper. I thought Katie was a big wetter,” she said while smiling. Jessica smiled, “yeah, I go a lot sometimes.” Katie’s mother continued to change Jessica’s diaper. She really liked how Katie’s mother changed her. She seemed very gentle to her. Not that Jessica’s mother didn’t do a good job, but Katie’s mom just seemed extra gentle and kind during changes. Jessica figured it was because Katie’s mother had been changing Katie all of Katie’s life, and was more used to it.

After the girls were changed, they decided to go upstairs to play with toys. After an hour, Katie announced that she had to poop. “As long as we’re making a game out of when we go in our diapies, do you have to poop, too?” Katie asked. Jessica didn’t feel like she had to. "No, not yet, I don’t think.

“It’s okay. I’ll wait till you have to, then we can go together,” she said. Jessica liked that idea. “I’m sure I’ll have to go soon,” she said. They continued to play. After another thirty minutes, Jessica now had to poop. “Hey, I gotta go now. On three?”

“Okay! One…two…three!” Both girls stood up and hunched over a little and began grunting. Katie began filling her diaper first. She filled it almost to capacity and was very proud of what she had done. She sighed and sat down in it, smiling even more. “Oh yeah! I poopied so much,” she said. Jessica was still straining and grunting, but finally started to push her BM into her diaper. “I’m…still…goin,” she said while continuing to grunt and push.

“Oh, wow, you must be doing a real big one!” Katie exclaimed. Indeed, Jessica was filling her diaper full. When she had to poop, it always was a full load. Jessica finally announced she was done, and sat down to enjoy her messy diaper. Katie smiled and looked at her diaper. “Wow, I can tell you filled that one fuller than me! You win again!” Katie said. They both giggled. They stayed in their poopy diapers for several minutes before going to get changed.

“That’s a good girl, Jessica,” Katie’s mother said while removing her diaper. “Your mother had told me that you were having some problems pooping your diaper, but now I see it’s no problem at all.” Jessica smiled. “Yeah, I guess I was afraid at first but now it’s great. I love my diapers,” she said proudly. Katie’s mother smiled and finished changing her. The girls decided to go outside for a while to see if any kids were at the playground. Emily was the only kid there. She was happy when she saw Jessica and Katie approaching and began jumping up and down like an excited toddler who was just told she’s going to Disney World.

“Jessica! Katie!! You gonna play wif me?” Emily asked excitedly. Emily was six, but she acted a little babyish for her age. No one minded. It was cute. Jessica and Katie smiled. “Sure, we can play. What do you want to do,” Katie asked.

“First I gotta pee! Do you gotta pee?” Emily asked.

“No, we don’t. We were just changed. Go ahead, Emie. We’ll time you! See how fast you can pee your diaper,” Jessica said. Emily smiled. “Awwite, here I go!” Emily said. Jessica started her stopwatch and began counting as Emily peed in her diaper.

“Thirteen…fourteen…fifteen…sixteen…done yet?” Jessica asked. Emily shook her head. Jessica continued to count. “Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twen—”

“I done!” Emily interrupted. She felt the front of her diaper and began running around happily. “I wets a wot! But no leaky,” she said while giggling. Jessica and Katie laughed.

“You wanna keep playing, or get changed?” Katie asked her. Emily decided she would play for a while. She too loved the feeling of a freshly soaked diaper. The girls played a few games of “tag,” then they played on the swings. After a while, it got dark. Katie’s mother came outside and told us it was time to come in. Emily’s mother came over to the park to look for her daughter.

“Oh, there you are sweetie. It’s getting close to bedtime, let’s go inside,” she said while holding out her hand for Emily to grab on to.

“Okay Mommy. Hey Mommy, guess what!” Emily said.

“What, sweetie?”

“Mommy, lookie! I wet my diapee! I wet it a wot!!” She said happily. Her mother hugged her and kissed her cheek. “Aww, that’s my girl. Let’s go get you changed,” she said. Emily waved goodbye to Jessica and Katie and went inside with her mother.

The girls went inside and got changed into their pajamas. They both wet one more time before bed and got changed and then tucked in to bed. They laid in Katie’s room and talked for a few hours. Mostly about diapers and about what they’d do the next day. Jessica was really starting to like this place. After a while, they both grew tired and fell fast asleep. They both woke up the next morning with soaking wet diapers. Jessica had won the game, again, having the wettest diaper.

“I guess I gotta drink more and maybe I can win at this someday before I’m potty trained,” Katie said. Jessica giggled. “Yeah, drink a lot of Kool-Aid. That works for me,” she said.

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Something Old

Good story, but the guy who wrote it is a member here…

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Something Old

Nice one. One of my first reads matter of fact. Sure takes me back…

Something Old

And it’s irritatingly unfinished and I’m sure that the issue of finishing it or finding more actually came up here before?

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Something Old

Not only is it unfinished, it’s no longer available anywhere else except through the wayback machine. I would like to see it finished but I’d also like to see more like it and by that I mean stories that focus on life in a community where diapers at a later age are considered normal.

Something Old

He actually asked for someone to provide him with all written chapters last time it was brought up (or so I remember). Said something about there actually being more, but it being missing perhaps?

Something Old

I’d put 50p on their not existing…

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Re: Something Old

Sorry to bump this old thread, but I absolutely love this story. It was written by the person who now goes by the name “FredGSanford”, I think he posts on this board, anyways if there are more chapters I’d love to read them.

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Re: Something Old

I am know known as TheEngineDriver. I didn’t even know this post existed here till today. I tend to miss a lot when I don’t keep up with this place as often as I should.

Anyway - I’d love to post chapters 4 and 5 but sadly, I no longer have them. I lost a lot of my stuff over the years due to HD failures and minimal backups. If anyone does have chapters 4-5, please… PM me.

Re: Something Old

Pretty sure no one has them. We’ve looked before.

The other way to tell, is that if you google a sentence out of this, you get no hits, which isn’t obviously guaranteed, but goes a long way to suggest that it’s not posted anywhere.

Re: Something Old

Also - all the files from taht old website are located here:

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Re: Something Old

If someone had the time (and I’m currently working >100 hours per week and opening a restaurant as a separate project, so not me (hence not been around here much: not slept in months) they could probs archive a bunch, at least with a certain someone’s permission…

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Re: Something Old

Good luck with the restaurant and thanks for the stories Nemo.

Re: Something Old

Magical Trevor, as to your request; I would like to see it finished but I’d also like to see more like it and by that I mean stories that focus on life in a community where diapers at a later age are considered normal.

I know of a story like that, Not only are Kids allowed to continue, But Adults too!.
It was called “Diapertown USA”, but was never posted to this group.

A synopsis of the story;
The older of 2 brothers is a Closet TB. His parent Must know, because they tell him they are moving and that they are going to “Diapertown USA” !
It turns out they are also AB’s!!
The younger brother does not like the idea of moving, but gets more unhappy when he sees the Welcome Sign.

I have a few of the chapters, but not all. And, The PC they are on is Died at the moment. (I CAN get them though as they are on a Secondary H-D and not the Primary).
I know I am missing chapters 2-4, I have 1, 5 & 6. I do not think there were anymore after 6, but would Love to find them if there are.
I originally saved it as HTML pages not txt, doc, or rtf files!

CAN THE writer PWWWWEEEEEZZZZ update/finish the story.

You are asking for a update on a 8+ years old story … Check the time of the last post before you request things like that. Also the post is in a non-member forum. It might be that the original writer isent even a member here.

[ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:“Click image for larger version Name:zombie.jpg Views:1 Size:57.5 KB ID:120192”,“data-align”:“none”,“data-attachmentid”:“120192”,“data-size”:“custom”,“height”:“332”,“title”:“zombie.jpg”,“width”:“225”}[/ATTACH]

I think that says it all.

Remember what Zmokey the Zombie tells us: Only you can prevent thread necromancy. :stuck_out_tongue: