[SPAM warning] Supersoft Fluffies

Announcing Supersoft Fluffies, a new adult protection product.

A new paradigm in disposable garments designed to provide necessary protection from unwanted leaks and solids, Supersoft Fluffies assure your loved one stays secure.

Scientifically constructed to prevent expansion when wet Supersoft Fluffies offer extensive comfortable padding at all times, preventing clothing from getting too tight during wear. This exquisite soft comfort has been constructed with a high waist and generous fitting at the legs to maximise the sensation of all encompassing cover.

The science doesn’t stop there! Paper thin wearable electronics have been incorporated into the plastic exterior, avoiding the weight and bulk of batteries through innovative contact patches that generate the trace amounts of electricity required. The patches are carefully designed to react with urea and other unpleasant chemicals expelled by the body, converting their chemical energy into electricity. The remaining liquid is much less toxic, vastly reducing the risk of rash and improving comfort during extended wear.

A clever permeable membrane in the layers nearest the wearer’s skin draws the urine away from the body and provides a constant supply to the electronics. Clean moisture is permitted back through, offering the wearer tactile feedback on the state of the garment and whether it remains dry.

The electronics do make the plastic backing on Supersoft Fluffies thicker than wearers might be used to but this gives the waterproof cover extra strength and you’ll find the added functionality provided more than justifies any additional crinkling sounds: The electronic systems can interact with our patented Fluffies SuperApp, available on all modern mobile devices, and provide confirmation of whether the Supersoft Fluffies diaper has been used, whether it needs to be changed and, through artificially intelligent systems applying careful analysis of flow rate, previous usage and time of day, a prediction of when the next change is likely to be needed. The Fluffies SuperApp can even track usage and pre-order new supplies so that you never run out!

As many of the adults for whom Supersoft Fluffies are bought are vulnerable or in situations precluding direct access to their nether regions the Supersoft Fluffies are fastened with patent pending Eletabs®. While looking like normal disposable diaper tabs these record the fingerprint of the person fitting the Supersoft Fluffies diaper and will only open when the same fingerprint is matched to the person trying to undo each of the Eletabs®.

As the fingerprint matching is performed by the built in electronics it is impossible to remove the garment while dry, helping avoid any Supersoft Fluffies being wasted. So that this wont inhibit important scheduled activities such as bath time or a pre-bed change Supersoft Fluffies include a medicinal coating that induces temporary incontinence, guaranteeing swift use of the garment. This impermanent effect lasts only a few hours, with most of our happy customers regaining full control within a couple of days.

Customer feedback during testing revealed that an override for the fingerprint detection was highly desirable to support scenarios involving multiple carers (shift patterns, illness, etc) so it is possible to use the Fluffies SuperApp to override the initial fingerprint by capturing a new one on the mobile device. This is transmitted and programmed into the garment’s electronics, allowing new carer to open the Eletabs® to change the Supersoft Fluffies diaper. As this may otherwise negate the security offered by Eletabs® the addition of this feature has required additional electronic checks which mean that a non-invasive DNA comparison between the finger used to open the diaper and the person wearing it is made before the Eletabs® will open, with a match keeping the Supersoft Fluffies diaper firmly fastened.

Order now at all major adult medical suppliers (and a few minor ones) or read our customer testimonials to find out how they feel about Supersoft Fluffies.

Customer Testimonials

David from Ohio writes, “I bought a sample pack of Supersoft Fluffies for my wife Selena to help her with an occasional bedwetting problem. They were an instant success with not a single wet mattress since. Selena does now complain at times that she’s permanently in diapers but I think it’s a worthwhile exchange for that night time security.”

Fatima got in touch with us from Arizona, “I bought Supersoft Fluffies for my own use and didn’t know I couldn’t undo them myself. The first one I tried was totally saturated before I gave up and waddled out of my room to ask my housemate to help. She laughed but found the override easy to use. I had to promise to let her put me in a new one before she’d change me and I’m now on my third pack. Is there any way to override them myself?”

Supersoft Fluffies are even popular internationally. Hannah from Germany shared her experiences, “Hilfe, wie kann ich die Inkontinenz aufhalten? Mein Freund sagt, er habe es satt, meine Windel zu wechseln und es ist sehr teuer, neue zu kaufen”

But we think Charlene from Florida says it best, “Oh thank you thank you thank you for Supersoft Fluffies <3<3<3<3<3<3<3”

So order yours online today at http://SupersoftFluffiesForLife.com or Like us on InstaTwitFace for a free sample pack.


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