Spring 2022 Short Story Contest Rules and Info

In memory of two of my dearest friends, this contest’s theme will be fairly simple and provide some flexibiliy for types of stories.

Theme: AB/DL firsts


  1. Stories must be posted using your account’s Anonymous Mode account. You can switch in and out of these using the directions at the end of this post.
  2. For this contest, diaper dimension stories are strongly discouraged
  3. Stories must be a minimum of 2500 words and must be new content.
  4. Smut is discouraged but is allowed
  5. Submissions may be edited until your anonymous mode account resets (typically 3 days after the last post with it)
  6. Submissions will close on 2022-06-30T05:00:00Z
  7. Please properly tag your stories including using the #complete tag as all stories should be complete when submitted. This will make things easier after the contest ends as we will change the owners of the story posts to your regular accounts and will move them to the proper place under #stories

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread.

NOTE: All threads allow replies with your regular accounts, only new topics require the use of your anonymous mode accounts, and as an additional precaution new threads must be manually approved by a moderator or admin.

How to switch in and out of Anonymous Mode

  1. Click your avatar in the upper-right corner of the page
  2. Click the Personal tab (that’s the person icon)
  3. Click Enter Anonymous Mode (to enter the Anonymous account) or Exit Anonymous Mode (to return to your normal account)
  4. Do NOT abuse your anonymous mode accounts in other forums. If you do, we will change your post to be owned by your regular account.
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This is @Danni posting a reply with her anonymous account so you can see what their posts look like. As you can see, other than the usernames they look like any other post. :slight_smile:

Do not anonymous accounts do have restrictions on them such as not being able to like posts.


Received a question via PM about the theme: No, the stories do not have to true. You can write a true story if you want, but definitely not requred. :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve been asked about whether or not I’m participating personally and how my post above would affect that. If I do it my post with the anonyous account won’t matter there is way more than 3 days left before the submission deadline so the account will reset to a new number by then, and more importantly I have access to @Draculaura’s, @clawdeen’s, and @Howleen’s anonymous acccounts. I think it is very safe to say that if I really want to particpate I can :wink:

(also, for those who don’t know, yes, with the exception of @ClawdiaWolf all the accounts named after Monster High characters are accounts belonging to the IRC bots :stuck_out_tongue:)

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This may be a dumb question, but I assume we post the stories in the “Completed stories” section, but do we put anything in particular in the thread title to indicate that it’s a contest entry?


At some point in the editing process I accidentally deleted a key detail apparently, but one I would have thought was obvious from the name of the category itself “Contest Submissions” :wink:

You post them here with your anonymous mode account. In fact, as a precaution as stated in the OP, you can only create new topics with those accounts and they must be manually approved as an extra precaution. :slight_smile:

If you can post new topics in Completed Stories at all there is something seriously screwed up in Discourse’s settings because even the mods aren’t supposed to be able to post there. It’s a legacy section that @Penguin just never got around to removing.

tagging the story as part of the contest will be handled by the @system account and a task that runs once a day. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering if we’re limited to one entry per person, or if we can submit more than one story. I’m thinking having multiple entries from the same person might mess up the voting system.

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My first instinct is to say just 1, but if you really want, you can submit 2, but wake sure you wait at least one week between submissions to give your anonymous mode account time to reset. :slight_smile: