State Fair Weekend Chapters 5 - 9

Chapter 5 Lunch time

As we walked down the stairs, the crinkling sound coming from my diaper seemed louder than I ever remembered. Aunt Cindy and Marcy were waiting for us in the kitchen and Aunt Cindy quickly noticed the thick Pamper easily visible beneath my shorts.

“I see we are still in diapers” Cindy said to my mom.

“Yes, counting his night time diaper, this is already the third time I have changed him today. I brought plenty of diapers, so I decided that since we have a busy day ahead, this will prevent Robbie from dampening our plans”. Everyone in the room laughed, except for me, but mommy has a way with words, and she was probably right.

Aunt Cindy had lunch ready for everyone. Her and mommy had chicken salad sandwiches and Marcy and I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Marcy helped me up into my booster seat at the table and said, “here little squirt, let me help you”. Marcy and I were good friends and never argued, even when she tried to mother me a bit too much.

Aunt Cindy shot her a look and told her “that will be enough of the little squirt comments, young lady”.

We ate our lunch, and each had big glass of iced tea, something that mommy would have limited if I wasn’t so well protected from accidents.

After we finished lunch, Aunt Cindy told Marcy and I that our big day was tomorrow and that we were going to the mall so her and mommy could do some shopping. “But,” she said, “if you and Marcy are good at the mall, we will go play miniature golf after dinner”.

After doing our lunch dishes, mommy went upstairs to our bedroom, returning with my Winnie the Pooh diaper bag. When she packed it at home, I hadn’t thought about her actually taking it out in public.

“Mommy, Winnie the Pooh is for babies, do you have to take that with us?’”

"Sweetie, Winnie the Pooh is for big boys too” she said reassuringly. “I’ll take it in case we need it, but I can leave it in the car. Now tomorrow we will not have easy access to our car and since we plan on being at the fair most of the day, we will probably need to take it in with us”.

Then she asked me, “do you need to potty before we leave?”

I didn’t think I had to, but I told her I would try, so she led me to the bathroom. I guess she wanted to make sure I got the front of my diaper pulled down alright and didn’t pee on myself or on Aunt Cindy’s floor.

After I pottied a little bit, mommy told me that I was big boy and we were using diapers to be cautious while visiting Aunt Cindy. Then she reminded me the diapers were just prevent accidents and that I still needed to let her know when I needed her to take me to potty.

Chapter 6 Marcy’s

Mommy moved my car seat to the back of Aunt Cindy’s car where Marcy was already waiting. Mommy then buckled me in next to her, with my dear old Winnie the Pooh diaper bag at my feet. Her and Aunt Cindy then got into the front seat. We backed out of the driveway and headed off towards the mall.

Marcy started chatting with me about what she had done this summer and how she was going to be in fourth grade this year. Then she said, “it’s not a big deal that you are wearing diapers, I think it’s kind of neat, we can pretend you’re my little baby”.

Marcy always wanted me to play house but pretending I was her baby was a bit much. After all, mommy told me I was a big boy and only wearing diapers to be cautious. I really didn’t mind when mommy diapered me this morning because Marcy already knew I wore diapers at night, so why was treating me this way.

Marcy noticed I was being quiet, so she asked me, “everything OK, Diaper Butt?”

Aunt Vicky spun her head around and said, “Marcy, I don’t want you calling him that either, enough of your teasing”.

The rest of the car ride was uneventful after this.

Chapter 7 The craft shop

Indianapolis is a large city and the mall was about a forty-five-minute drive. After about thirty minutes the iced tea I drank was starting show its presence in my bladder.

“How much farther mommy, I gotta pee?’ “About 15 to 20 minutes”, replied Aunt Cindy, “but there are a couple craft shops just up the street that I would like to take your mother to, so we can stop there”.

“Goody” I exclaimed. Mommy could tell by my voice, there was going to be similar situation as the arrival to Aunt Cindy’s house earlier today, if we didn’t hurry.

A few minutes later we pulled up to a small shop and mommy hopped out to help me with my car seat straps. “I’ll just carry you so we can get in there and find a bathroom”. But as she picked me up, I couldn’t help it and peed a little in my diaper.

Mommy whisked me into the store to find the bathroom. There was a middle-aged woman who was rearranging some nick knacks on a shelf near the back of the store.

“Excuse me mam, but can we use your restroom, my little boy really needs to potty?"

“I am sorry” she replied, our toilet isn’t working, but I have called the plumber”.

This was not what mommy was wanting to hear. “Can you hold it till the next store?” she asked me.

I shook my head no and mommy told me “OK, I guess that’s why you are wearing a diaper today”.

As Mommy was putting put me down, I was already finishing what I had started in my diaper. Mommy knew what I was doing, so after letting me stand there a minute, she led me by the hand back towards the front of the store. We meet Aunt Cindy and Macy at the front door.

“That was fast” said Aunt Cindy.

“Unfortunately, their bathroom is out of order, so we are headed to the car to change another wet diaper” mommy replied.

“Oh no” said Cindy, “Do you want to go to the next store?”

Mommy told her, “no you guys go in and look around, we’ll take care of this and join you inside in a jiffy”

Even though she hadn’t changed me in a car recently, in no time at all I had a fresh diaper on, and we headed back in to meet Aunt Cindy and Marcy.

Aunt Cindy and Marcy were standing near the front of the store talking with the owner as we re-entered the shop. The lady smiled as she noticed the top edge of my Pamper sticking out above my shorts
“Do you have a trash can nearby” Mommy asked holding the neatly rolled up, used diaper in her hand.

“Right here” she said, “sorry about the bathroom but I see you were prepared”, the store clerk added.

Aunt Cindy ended up buying a cute little collie dog figurine for Marcy and we were off to the next shop down the road. After a bit more shopping, we headed to the mall.

Chapter 8 Getting low on diapers and a single checkout line

As we pulled into the mall parking lot, I remember thinking that I had never seen such a big building. After Aunt Cindy parked the car, mommy came around to get me out of the back seat. But first, she reached into the diaper bag and retrieved one of the two remaining diapers.

“I’m dry, mommy” I proudly exclaimed. “That’s a good thing sweetie because you only have two diapers left in your diaper bag. I told you I wouldn’t carry it in to the mall so this is just in case”, she said as she slipped the Toddler Size Pamper into her purse. “You need to let me know if you need to go potty so we can make these two diapers last until we get back to Aunt Cindy’s house”.

Mommy and Aunt Cindy went from store to store but didn’t buy anything. After some shopping we stopped for a giant pretzel and a soda.

After we finished, mommy told Aunt Cindy that she wanted to go to the new Victoria’s Secret store. Aunt Cindy told mommy that she had just been there and that her and Marcy needed to go to the bathroom and offered to take me with her. Even though I felt like I could go, I told her that I didn’t so I could stay with mommy.

Maybe it was Marcy talking about me being her baby but even though Aunt Cindy has been changing my diapers my whole life, I only wanted mommy to help me in the bathroom.

It seemed like we were at the store forever, even though it was probably just a few minutes. Mommy picked out a new bra and we went and got into the only checkout line that was open.

“Mommy, I gotta pee” I told her.

“Robbie, you should have gone with your Aunt Cindy. You are just going to have to hold it or use your diaper” she sounded a bit frustrated.

As mommy was talking to the cashier, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I stood real still making the face that his mommy had already seen twice today. After getting her change from the cashier, we left Victoria’s Secret and met up with Aunt Cindy and Marcy.

“He should have gone with you guys, Robbie just wet his diaper again in the middle of the checkout line” mommy announced to them.

Aunt Cindy told her they had a nice family bathroom with an actual diaper changing area she could change me in.

“We can wait a little bit”, she replied, “I’m getting tired of running to find a place to change Little Robbie’s wet diapers because he can’t hold it five more minutes. He’ll be fine, these new Pampers are thicker and way more absorbent than just a few years ago. And, if I change him now, that will only leave one clean diaper for the rest of the day”, mommy added.

Chapter 9 Getting a little fussy

We were coming out of a pottery store when I saw the carousel and wanted to ride it. Mommy said no because there will be lots of rides at the fair tomorrow. When I started to whine and pout.

Aunt Cindy asked “Does Robbie still take naps? It sounds like he needs one”.

Mommy told her” fewer and fewer all the time but with all the excitement today, his crabby butt sure could use one”.

Marcy wanted to go to the toy store, but I was dragging my feet. Mommy squatted down to look me in the eye and asked, “Robbie, do you want me to spank you in front of all these people here in the mall?”

“No, mommy” I said, subconsciously reaching around to cover my soggy but well-padded bottom. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but the thick Pamper I had on would have offered considerable protection to my rear, had mommy given gave me a couple swats.

With my poutiness temporarily halted by the threat of a spanking, we headed to the toy store, there were so many fun things that I wanted but Aunt Cindy told us kids that she would buy us each one reasonably priced item.

“Here, how about this”, she said picking up a paddle ball game.

“No way, Jose” I replied. “I had one of them and when the string broke, mommy kept the paddle and used it on my bottom when I was bad”. Once again, everyone laughed but me. I ended up getting new clothes for my G.I. Joe and Marcy got new clothes for her Barbie.


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