Story challenge: abdl themed post apocalypse story

I’ve been attempting to write a post apocalypse story with the MC being an ABDL. However, every attempt I made has crashed and burn after a while, because I keep getting distracted. I either escalate too much too fast and end up with a cliché monstrosity or I write myself into a corner.

I like to keep my options open, so my attempts were about having ‘several’ disasters hitting the earth, earth having colonies in space and the ultimate goal being, re-uniting back with them after the disaster(s) happened.

So this is to be a challenge. Anything any of you can think off, feel free to put it here. What should and shouldn’t be done and so and so.


I’m having some trouble understanding exactly what you’re asking for. Are you looking for already existing stories, or fresh ideas for a story you’re working on? Or are you asking somebody to write a story for you?

Okay, you’re right, I did kind of explain very badly what I wanted. To clarify, what I said above is true. I did write a story in that theme and it did crash and burn. But the reason I posted this topic is to ask for advice, suggestions in how one could write a good story in this theme. What cliché things to avoid. Or just if the basic idea is good or bad. so, let me explain the basic idea I have for the story I am/was writing.

In this story, three separate disasters hit the earth over a long period of time. In order to not make it TOO unbelievable, I wrote a history that explained how and why it was possible. But it isn’t necessary to explain the whole history thing here. So anyway, basically, three things happened. The first was inspired by the new Jurassic world movie that came out last year. So, yeah, mutant versions of dinosaurs out for human flesh roam that world. That’s the first disaster. Second disaster is related to the first and inspired by that tv show where the animal world rebels against the humans. I can’t recall the title. But something like that happens as well, except that they all grow to huge/enormous versions of themselves. That dangerous but harmless if you know what you’re doing black widow spider the size of a small dog? It’s now the size of a small car. And you know, shit-your-pants-terrifying. No joke.

That relatively harmless elephant? It’s now the size of those elephant lord of the rings knock off you saw in the (second/third) movie. Take whatever ‘good traits’ that an animal have, minimize them and then triple, double, triple again, quadrupole what you have then and then increase it another ten times and you would have what you expect if that happened to their ‘bad’ traits.

Finally, there was the part where I wanted to make everything even more dangerous than it already was so I added mythical beings as well. werewolves, vampires, elves, trolls, Dwarves, goblins, half Dwarves, half goblins (…insert race here) and they are all out for blood.

Now, I realized that doing this would stack the odds against us puny humans, like a lot. So I decided to give them a hand and give them a chance on survival. The threats I mentioned above, evolve over a couple of centuries. In other words, earth has broken the final frontier (space) and has space colonies (a la Gundam) planetary colonies, mecha’s (gundam again) and awesome battleships.

Now, you’re probably wondering: how is this related to diapers right? Well, maybe not diapers alone, but how could this be related to the abdl theme? Well, remember that the above is all setting the theme and explaining the basics. Near the end, before the disasters finally hit, the military had a secret super-human-soldier-project. You know, but something goes wrong and the characters grows up extremely slowly. Body functions included. Then the character is forced to flee the last human base and is forced to go to another base on the other side of America. However, the character looks like a young child, around ten maybe twelve ish (if I’m feeling generous) but is still 100% reliant on diapers since his body doesn’t want to grow up. So the character is forced to scavenge for diapers and related supplies.

Now, just imagine that by exploring the abandoned homes, that it isn’t too far fetched that he stumbles on abdl themed supplies. Diapers are diapers even if they are a bit childish right? A sleeper is warm during winter. A pacifier keeps the nightmares away… He gives a ‘reasonable’ excuse for every item and by the end, he is an abdl even if he doesn’t know the term.

That’s my story in a nutshell. Now, I just wanted to know what people could come up with. Idea’s, suggestions, plots, what NOT to do and what you SHOULD do. I hope this makes a bit more sense.

So, a basically cross between Shadowrun, Robotech and the Brobdingnag-part of Gulliver’s Travels? Interesting. Confusing and messy, but interesting. My advice would be to go back to the beginning. Decide for yourself what actually happened, what effects it had (and maybe how the hell the human race hasn’t died out) and maybe set up some kind of timeline. How far into the future are you? What happened when? Etc. Once all of this is in place, it’s generally easier to plan out the plot of the actual story.

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