Story Idea/Commission Request

I have a commission request/story idea, and wanted to know if anyone was taking commissions or would be interested in working with me to create this story/potential universe:

Here’s my rough story idea, feel free to add suggestions: A newly engaged woman wakes up in the morning in an alternate reality where she is no longer in her home she shares with her female housemates, but rather in a childlike bedroom wearing a diaper. She’s no longer lives alone, she lives with her parents. She never went to college, because as she finds out, girls don’t go to college or live alone before marriage. In this universe, the girls are infantilized (not overly so, but with pacifiers and sippy cups and things), boys too, who are toilet trained before graduating high school. Girls are toilet trained by their husbands after being married, typically before having children.

She also finds that her fiancé has also been teleported into this new reality and they are newly engaged here as well, so the story is about them navigating this alternate universe. A universe in which the Women’s Rights movement of the 1800s-1900s never happened an alternative, yet familiar, culture emerged.

Hi, It’s been ages since I’ve written much abdl fiction but I have in the past and I write other stuff all the time, so I wouldn’t want to charge. But I’d love to chat with you and see if I can live up to your hopes and expectations. If you want send me a PM we can see how we connect and if I can write what you’d like.

Intriguing idea, I may keep note of this idea as it seems to be something I would enjoy writing. I also feel that this does have a possible AU as the concept is strong.

I’d be happy to consult! Let me know!