Story request - Males getting padded


Trying to find a couple of stories that I just can’t seem to locate any more :frowning:
The first is about a guy being put back in diapers (original i know) by his wife and a close friend I believe, with conditioning him to enjoy being back in diapers being a main part of it. One of the main things I remember from the story is that every time he goes to pleasure himself, he is told no, which only makes the urge stronger to do so.

The second is about a male nurse who enjoys wearing diapers and finds a new love interest who is keen on giving her relationships more of what they desire. So she buys him more, going up to a diaper that last 24hours. He ends up wearing to work, with it getting more intense as it goes on. I think he gets a butt-plug put in at one stage, that the girl refers to it as “Daddy’s Dick(?)”.

If anyone can help that’d be great! I’ll try and think of more details and edit if possible.


The first one sounds a little familiar. I think it may have been written by Sally Kat.

Also found this old post of mine, thought I’d add it as I haven’t found these stories either.

One was about a guy house-sitting for his aunt. His cousin still wore diapers and slept in a nursery. The guy uses some of the cousins stuff and gets caught in the crib in diapers, after sleeping through an alarm and phone call, being caught sleeping in the crib.

The other is a husband/wife story where the wife hypnotised him due to being the reason they can’t have kids. So he starts wearing diapers and has trigger phrases like “dirty, wet, wet” or something like that.

The last one is about a guy going to an incontinence shop to buy diapers. Gets caught up in some scheme and ends up in the bathtub drinking something from a bottle and can’t hold his bladder. He’s put in diapers and given the solution to drink which makes his control worse but he believes is going to help him.

Sorry bout having a few stories, but any help is much appreciated.