Student's Pet - A Diaper Dimension Story (Ch. 8 6/29/17)

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Gotta point out a little detail I liked; playing with the fact that two words sound similar, and can be misheard. Seventh vs second. It’s not something that I’ve seen much in literature, or even in film for that matter. That’s probably due to the difficulty of making it believable without being unfair by completely obscuring it from the reader/viewer or forcing the reader/viewer to do a lot of extra work to decipher it.

Here though, it comes off without a hitch; it both assists, and is assisted by the interaction at hand.

The rest of it was good too, of course.
Mercedes may just be a little too much of the over-the-top, total bitch character. Kinda pulled me out of it a little, but that may just be me.

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As a spoiled seventh-grade girl on a power trip, supported by parents who think she can do no wrong? Totally believable. :slight_smile:

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Agreed, spoiled rich 7th grade girls are the nastiest human beings you’ll ever encounter.

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I guess I was lucky enough to have never encountered one.

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I was surrounded by them in middle school. They all went to the local Catholic high school, so I didn’t have to deal with them after 8th grade.

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Only one thing worse- when those creatures hit highschool and evolve (perhaps devolve?) into full-fledged narcissistic, psychotic bitches. And they don’t have to be rich to be a spoiled bitch.

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Student’s Pet
A Diaper Dimension Story

Part Eight

by Babystevie26

Eloise walked through the Little Store with her Mommy. She would’ve preferred to ride in the cart like she had been, but she couldn’t. Mommy had given her a special job.

“Hand me that yellow bottle, Ellie,” Mommy told her. Eloise obeyed, grabbing a bottle labeled “numbering lotion” and handed it to Mommy. Mommy thanked her and dropped it in the cart alongside the bags of diapers, wipe packages, and extra bottles and bibs.

While Sissie and Cathy were getting clothes for school, Eloise was helping Mommy shop for extra Little supplies so Cathy didn’t have to keep using Eloise’s. Much as Eloise would love to be clothes shopping, too, she was glad for this. She liked Cathy, but she didn’t want to share everything with her follow Little, nor get in trouble for not doing so. Mommy had made it very clear that Eloise wasn’t to complain about that, going so far as to bring out the Hairbrush to be sure there was no question of what would happen if Eloise kept whining or throwing fits. However, Mommy also promised to get Cathy enough things of her own that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Eloise’s job right now was to get things on the low shelves so Mommy didn’t have to bend over for everything. Eloise was doing a good job. Mommy told her so whenever she thanked her. She also told Eloise she was being a good example to other Littles in the store. That made Eloise smile.

Mommy was looking at flavored pacifiers when the urge hit Eloise. She recognized the sensation immediately and made no attempt to resist it. It had been such a long time since Eloise had possessed conscious control of her bowels that the idea she even could resist never occurred to her. Instead, as soon as she felt her belly rumble she stopped, bent her knees, and farted. That started the process that turned Eloise’s face red and made her grunt once or twice as she pushed. The sounds coming from Eloise would be rude coming from anyone else; they were the norm for a Little making a messy.

As Eloise finished, a feeling of relief washed over her. With a pleased sigh she looked up and saw Mommy smiling down at her.

“I think someone went poo-poo,” she said. “Was it baby Ellie?”

Eloise squirmed as Mommy lifted the Little up and over her shoulders. Eloise heard a loud sniff behind her.

“Pee-yew!” Mommy suddenly held Eloise far away from her. “She certainly did!”

Eloise laughed at her Mommy’s playful tone. She squealed as Mommy brought Eloise nose to nose for a bunny kiss.

“It’s about time to meet with Sissie and Cathy, anyway.” Mommy shifted the Little to her hip, resting Eloise’s thighs on her arm so as to not smush the mess inside Eloise’s dirty diaper.

As they proceeded to the potties that had changing areas for Littles, Mommy stopped to look at a package of bibs. A grown-up woman, pushing a Little boy in her own cart, stopped and sniffed the air. She leaned down to the Little in her cart and sniffed again.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mommy said, noticing the other grown-up. “I think you’re smelling mine.”

The grown-up was pulling back the waistband of her Little’s diaper as Mommy spoke. She looked at Mommy and smiled.

“So I am. Still, you can never be sure,” she patted her Little boy’s head. “Poopy pants can happen anytime, anywhere.”

“Don’t I know it.” Mommy laughed and patted Eloise’s bulging bottom.

Eloise looked at the Little boy. His face shined bright red from his mommy’s diaper check. He was trying his best to look away, so he likely didn’t see Eloise trying to wave at him. Eloise’s mommy was still talking to the boy’s mommy, who was watching Eloise.

“She’s so friendly,” the lady told Mommy. “What’s your name, cutie?”

“Eloise, ma’am,” came the prompt reply.

“Polite, too,” she said to Mommy. “What’s your secret?”

“No secret,” Mommy replied with a laugh. “Just love, patience, and firmness, applied as needed. Ellie here has been part of our family for almost her whole life.”

“Certainly explains why she’s so used to things,” the other lady sniffed loudly. She placed her hand on her Little’s head. “I’ve had my Rafael for the last year and a half and he still makes such a fuss when he needs a poopy change.”

The boy in the cart turned even redder and tried to turn away, only to wince as his mommy used the hand on his head to grip his black curls tightly and forcibly turn him to face Eloise and her mommy. Eloise frowned even as a smile grew on the lady’s face. In that moment Eloise understood what kind of grown-up the other lady was.

“Mommy…” Eloise tried to get her Mommy’s attention, only to be hushed

“Rafael?” she said instead. “Oh, of course! You’re Mrs. Ramirez. I should have realized… I’m Michelle Jaruwalski. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to respond to your messages yesterday.”

The other grown-up’s eyes widened and her smile flickered for just a moment. Then became normal as she spoke again.

“It’s quite all right. Elizabeth Ramirez, but obviously you know that.” She looked at Eloise. “I’d offer my hand to shake but since yours are full of Stinky Little Girl, I won’t make you move her around too much.”

“Don’t let yourself feel embarrassed.” Old advice, given when Eloise had truly been a child, rang in Eloise’s mind. “There’s grown-ups out there that love to embarrass Littles and watch them squirm. No matter what happens, be it bathtime, declarations that you made mommy a present, that means you pooped, diaper changes in front of strangers, or the grown-ups saying mean things about you like you can’t understand them. Your face turns red and too many grown-ups will want to see you redder.”

Ramirez watched Eloise as she spoke, but the Little’s expression didn’t change, nor did her pudgy cheeks lose any of their peach color to blushing red. Eloise knew how this routine worked. The grown-up would pounce as soon as she thought she had an opening; remarks about her diaper wouldn’t be enough. Her only regret was she had no way to communicate this to Rafael beyond example. Then an idea came to her.

“I made poopy!” Eloise announced. She bobbed up and down I’m her Mommy’s arms. It made her mess spread in her diaper, but that didn’t matter to Eloise. What did matter was the grown-up’s smile flickering again as Eloise squirmed in exactly the wrong way than she’d wanted. Rafael was now watching her more closely.

“You certainly did…” Ramirez said with a sniff. She turned to Mommy. “You’ve definitely got a knack. Allison is just a dear, as well. She’s always helping with little Rafe here. Still a child herself yet I’ve watched her change his diaper so efficiently that he barely has time to realize he’s wet.”

She bent down and kissed her Little on the top of his head. He whimpered, and the grown-up’s smile got bigger.

“I’m very proud of her, myself,” Mommy said. “Not even driving age and she has a maternal instinct that can put actual mothers to shame. I worry, though. It’s the kind of thing that can go to a girl’s head.”

“Is that what happened with Catherine?” Ramirez asked.

“Almost certainly.” Mommy nodded. “To hear Allie tell it, she saw that Little in wet panties and absolutely couldn’t ignore her.” Mommy sighed. “In truth, I think she’s in over her head.”

“I’m inclined to agree,” Ramirez said, frowning. “At that age, children tend to overreach.”

“That’s actually why we’ve put her in charge of Cathy. My husband’s at home sorting out the paperwork. On paper, we’re the ones adopting her, otherwise Allie has the mommy responsibilities. Even if she proves unable to handle things right now, it’ll be good for her in the long term.”

“I thought of doing much the same,” Ramirez said. She smiled and waved her hand. “My own daughter, she wants to show me she’s an adult. Once Catherine was adopted I’d planned to make my Mercedes her caretaker, just like you’re doing, and-”

Whatever the woman was going to say was interrupted by the entrance of two others. The first was a grown-up girl about Sissie’s age. She gripped the hand of and pulled along a big kid dressed like a Little. The big kid was crying and rubbing the arm as if it was in pain.

“Mamá, you will not believe what just happened!” the grown-up girl said. Eloise winced at the volume and pitch of the girl’s voice. When she opened her eyes she saw Rafael and the big kid shaking.

“Mercedes, watch your tone,” the other grown-up told her.

“But Mamá, I saw that dwarf that stole Cathy!”

Eloise felt her Mommy’s arm suddenly get stiff. The other grown-up looked at Mommy, then back to her daughter.

“Mercedes, not now.” Mrs. Ramirez gestured to Mommy. “I’m speaking to Mrs. Jaruwalski.

Eloise noticed the extra stress the woman put in their last name. Mercedes, however, did not.

“Do you know what that runt did? What she said to me?”

“Be quiet, Mercy,” Mrs. Ramirez snapped.

Mercy? Eloise thought. Eloise’s vocabulary did not contain the word “irony”, but that did not mean she couldn’t recognize it when she heard it. She also saw Mrs. Ramirez gesture her way.

“Right now you are acting less mature than the Little in the dirty diaper. Get yourself under control or you’ll be the biggest child in this store to get a spanking, today!”

Mercedes’ eyes went wide as her mommy made that threat. Eloise could relate. She didn’t like getting spanked, either. What confused Eloise for a moment was the angry look Mercedes gave her. As if it was Eloise’s fault she was getting scolded. Mrs. Ramirez turned to Eloise’s mommy.

“Alas, it seems it may be too early for mine as well,” she said. Mrs. Ramirez sounded friendly, but she was glaring at her daughter the whole time. “Maybe your daughter getting Catherine first was a blessing in disguise.”

“But Mamá-”

“Hush! You’ve embarrassed us both enough for one day!”

Mommy watched this for a moment before sitting Eloise in her shopping cart. Eloise was used to dirty diapers enough that she barely reacted as the mess in her diaper was squished.

“It was a pleasure to see you, Mrs. Ramirez, but I can see you’ve just gotten busy. I’ll leave you to it,” Mommy said to the other grown-up as she buckled Eloise into the cart

“Do not worry, Mrs. Jaruwalski,” Ramirez said quickly. “This won’t take long.”

“It’s fine. Best to be thorough with these matters, so don’t rush on my account. Ellie needs a clean diaper before she smells up the whole store, anyway.”

Ramirez frowned, but gave Mommy a nod.

“Very well. I hope we have a chance to speak again.”

With that she went back to scolding her daughter. Eloise tried to wave at Rafe and the big kid but if either saw her they didn’t wave back. Mercedes saw and shot a dirty look at Eloise before her mother grabbed her chin and forced her to look at her mommy.

Mommy didn’t say anything to Eloise as they made their way to the potties and changing rooms. Not even the usual assurance that she’d be in clean pants before she knew it. She also seemed to be going a bit faster than she usually pushed shopping carts. That part would have been fun of not for the rest of it.

When they arrived Mommy and Eloise found Sissie and Cathy waiting for them. Sissie sat on a bench by the potties with Cathy in her cart. Cathy looked like she’d been crying.

“Sissie!” Eloise cried out. Both Sissie and her Little looked at the approaching cart. A soon as Mommy saw Sissie’s face the cart picked up speed again, coming to a sudden halt next to Sissie’s. Mommy looked at Sissie, who looked pale.

“Allie, honey, what happened?” she asked. It was a moment before Sissie answered.

“I just called my school’s queen bee a bitch to her face.”

“Ooooh! Sissie said a Bad Word!”

“Eloise, hush.” Mommy addressed Sissie. “Care to elaborate?”

Allison launched into the tale of the encounter with Mercedes Ramirez. Eloise ignored them and looked to her fellow Little in the cart next door. Now that Eloise had a closer look, she could see Cathy had definitely been crying.

“Are you okay?” Eloise asked.

“I’ll be all right,” Cathy said. She sniffed. “Just let myself get a bit more upset than I meant to is all.”

Cathy sniffed again. Then again. Then cast a look at Eloise.

“What?” Eloise asked. Cathy stared at Eloise a long moment before she answered.

“How do you do that?” Cathy asked. “How do you just… sit there like being in a dirty diaper is the most normal thing in the world?” Cathy’s face became red. “I wet until I leaked and I’m mortified.”

Eloise looked at Cathy’s lower half and saw that Cathy had indeed leaked, going by the wet spots on her shortalls. She was also dripping just a little. Then she looked Cathy in the eyes.

“It is normal,” Eloise said. “We’re Littles. Where else are we going to pee-pee and poopy? The potty?” Eloise laughed. “Have you seen the size of a potty? We’d fall in and bwoosh,” Eloise spun her hand in circle. “Right down the drain.”

“My old place had a Little sized potty, I mean toilet.”

“Who emptied it?” Eloise asked.

“Not a potty-, toilet like that,” Cathy said. Then sighed. “Never mind, it’s embarrassing to talk about this.”

“Why? It’s just diaper stuff,” Eloise said. “And potty stuff, too, I guess.”

“Do you just casually talk about your own poop all the time?”

“Oh, yeah,” Eloise replied. “I’m always being asked ‘did Ellie make poo poo?’ or told I made a stinky. Whenever I’m playing with the other kids at school or the park there’s always that moment when we all notice the smell and-”

“How?!” Cathy exclaimed. “How can you be so… so blasé about being treated like a baby?”

Eloise looked at Cathy thoughtfully. She understood now. Almost every Little she’d ever met had this problem.

“I’m not being treated like a baby,” said the girl in the dirty diaper. “I’m being treated like a Little. If I were a baby Mommy and Daddy would expect me to actually try and use the potty, to graduate preschool, to drink from things other than bottles and sippies. They don’t expect any of that because I’m a Little.”

“You talk like there’s a difference,” Cathy said.

“There is a difference,” Eloise said. “Babies grow up.”

Cathy stared at Eloise.

“They really got to you, didn’t they?” Cathy replied finally. “You never had a chance.”

Eloise sighed and leaned forward on her seat. She rested her head in her arms and turned her face to Cathy.

“I was so sure you’d get it,” she said. “Because you’re smart, and you don’t put up fights over everything… but you’re still thinking you can be a grown-up, aren’cha?”

Cathy scowled at Eloise, but any retort was cut off by Mommy and Sissie, who had finished their talk and approached the Littles.

“Is everything all right here?” Mommy asked sternly, her eyes focused on Cathy. Eloise turned to face her Mommy.

“We were just talking,” said Eloise. Cathy said nothing.

Mommy looked from Cathy to Eloise.

“Fine,” Mommy said. “But if I think you two are arguing at least one of you is going to meet Mr. Hairbrush.”

Eloise gulped. Cathy’s face was red, but otherwise normal. She probably didn’t know what hairbrushes were like when they were used on a Little’s bottom rather than her top. Mommy reached into the cart and lifted Eloise out of it, then turned to Sissie.

“I’ll change stinky if you get leaky,” Mommy said to Sissie as she got Cathy out of her cart. Sissie nodded and the grown-ups collected a few of the new changing supplies from Mommy’s cart.

“Mom, did you get what I asked about?”

“Right there.” Mommy pointed at one of the bottles Eloise had helped get.

Sissie thanked Mommy and the grown-ups took their took their Littles into the potties to get their diapers changed. Inside there were potty stalls all along one side. The other was half sinks half changing tables.

Sissie took Cathy to the changing table at the end. Mommy laid Eloise down on the table right before it and started undoing the snaps on the bottom of her shortalls.

“Yeah, these are soaked through,” Eloise heard Sissie say. “Hey, Mom, can I get one of Cathy’s new outfits?”

“Have they been paid for?” Mommy asked as she pulled the hem of the shortalls to Eloise’s stomach. Sissie must have shaken her head because as Mommy began untaping Eloise’s diaper she said, “Then no. She’ll have to go without until the parking lot at least. More likely until we get to Ms. Mayhew’s.”

Eloise heard Cathy moan. She herself smiled at the mention of Gwennie’s Mommy. That meant her playdate with Gwennie was still on.

“We took stuff out of the carts when we came in.”

“That’s different,” Mommy said. “We took changing supplies. The store doesn’t mind that. Littles need clean diapers. Pants are optional.”

Eloise heard Sissie coo at Cathy, who was making sad sounds. Eloise made her decision then. With what was for her a minimum of squirming, Eloise slipped her arms into the shortalls and, from there, pushed the garment over her head and off of her entirely.

Mommy was too busy wiping Eloise’s bottom to notice anything was amiss until the Little flung the garment over the side of the changing table. She caught sight of the shortalls falling and threw a stern look Eloise’s way.

“Eloise Jaruwalski just what do you think you’re doing?”

Eloise cringed at her Mommy’s tone, but held firm.

“I wanna be like this!” she said. Mommy looked at Eloise, then over to where Sissie was changing Cathy. She nodded, then grabbed Eloise by the ankles, pulled her legs up so her bottom was exposed, then have Eloise five hard spanks on her bare butt. Eloise began to wail.

“That was for throwing your clothes on the floor,” Mommy said as she released Eloise’s legs and began to rub lotion onto her.

When both Littles had been changed, they were set on the floor outside the potties and placed under Sissie’s watchful eye while Mommy put all their stuff into her cart went to pay for everything. Sissie looked at them with her “Oh my goodness you are so adorable!” look on her face, but she didn’t say the words this time.

Without their shortalls, both Littles were now dressed in pastel t-shirts, their shoes and, of course, their diapers. Both of their faces were red, Eloise from crying after her spanking while Cathy kept pulling at the hem of her shirt. Cathy tugged at it even though it stubbornly refused to become long enough to cover her belly button, let alone her diaper. Eloise watched for a moment before grabbing one of Cathy’s hands in hers.

“It’s okay, Cathy,” Eloise said. “It’s less embarrassing 'cause we’re the same.”

Cathy looked at Eloise, then down at herself. To Eloise’s relief, she giggled.

“Yeah,” Cathy said with a shake of her head. “I guess we are.”

Eloise thought Cathy sounded sad as she said that. She got no time to dwell on this as Mommy came back at that moment. She handed a Sissie a diaper bag like the one used for Eloise.

“All the essentials for Cathy are there,” Mommy said as Sissie took the bag and started looking through it. “Everything else I took back to the car for now so we didn’t need to lug around shopping bags and Littles.”

Sissie nodded as she picked up Cathy. Eloise held up her arms for her Mommy to pick her up and Eloise and her family were off for more shopping.

Eloise hoped her stunt during her diaper change didn’t ruin her chance of going to the toy store…

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Bringing Eloise’s perspective into this creates a whole new wrinkle for Cathy. Here’s this Little who has known nothing but the treatment she has experienced her entire life, so she can’t imagine anything different. She has no idea that there are Littles out there who have jobs, live their own lives, struggle though it may be, but be independent.

The flip side of that coin is that Cathy admitted defeat to Allison, confessed that all Littles were just biding their time before the inevitable happened, and that she was relieved it was finally over. But she still seems determined to resist at least in some small measure, try in vain to convince her “adoptive” family that she’s not really an infant. Having reality shoved into her face like that, that Eloise is the endgame, not just wearing ridiculously thick diapers and being forced to use them, is a whole other hurdle for her to cross in order to really be “relieved”…

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Found an odd typo:

Whatever the woman was going to say was I by the entrance of two others.

I assume you meant “interrupted”.

Glad to see this back, I was just thinking about this story the other day. Good timing! :slight_smile:

Re: Student’s Pet - A Diaper Dimension Story (Ch. 8 6/29/17)

[QUOTE=TheOneWhoSees;69732]Found an odd typo:

I assume you meant “interrupted”.

Glad to see this back, I was just thinking about this story the other day. Good timing! :)[/QUOTE]
Likely. May be one of those cases where I changed my thought halfway through writing and didn’t correct properly

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I forgot to mention that you also have a lot (Ctrl-F counts 10) of asterisks at the beginnings and ends of random sentences for seemingly no reason. At least not any reason given in the post itself.

Re: Student’s Pet - A Diaper Dimension Story (Ch. 8 6/29/17)

I fixed them with the typo. No idea what that was about though. Could be some odd side effect of copy/pasting from the daily diaper board where I posted first.

This story is quickly becoming my favorite! Is it sad that I secretly want Cathy to go with Elizabeth and her daughter? Not forever though. Just to see how they really treat their littles. Anyway it’s a very good story!

i look forward to when the author posts some more of his excellent story as i am sure it still has a following

I wouldn’t hold my breath as the latest post was posted two years ago.

Edit: Also, I can’t see any activity from the author the last 18 months.

I lurk but not a heavy poster. And yeah, I hit a writer’s block way back when I never got back around to. I want to say that renewed interest might get me going but I honestly can’t make any promises. That said, I did have ideas, I always got stuck on how to get from A to B. I figure that out and the river may yet flow again.

I always live in hope that this awesome story gets some more added to it

I didn’t realize this had gotten more chapters till now and now that I’ve read them I really wish it had been continued. I have a feeling, if this story had been continued, the poor Betweener would be going back to school still in diapers and I have a feeling that the other girl might end up spending the weekend in diapers after her attitude with her mother at the mall. So she’ll really want to get revenge on Allision and I have a feeling whenever something she does fails she’ll humiliate the poor Betweener girl. I’m sure the other girl will make sure she always uses her diaper so her mother will keep her in them.