Suggestion: I think there should be an expansion of the tags options

For example, the “girl” tag doesn’t have its opposite, “boy,” while some would argue it being redundant, I believe on the contrary. The “Boy” tag would indicate that boys are getting diapered, and there should be another tag, “Girls & Boys,” to indicate that both genders are being padded.

I think there should be tags added to the categories to indicate genre/setting, for example: “Fantasy,” “Sci-Fi,” “Isekai,” “Post-Apocalyptic,” “Mystery,” “Action,” “Horror,” and so on.

All-in-all, I think this is a topic worth considering and discussing on, even if not everyone would use these extra tags, I believe it’ll improve the reading experience overall.

I’ve always wanted a dead dove: do not eat tag. :grin: (They have it on AO3)

It’s not worth considering or discussing as long as you persist in posting shit wherever you feel like instead of where it actually belongs. To quote @Penguin “AGAIN?! God damn! Osmium is less dense than him. Between Claudia and myself we’ve told him more than once that suggestions go in Site Feedback. if I were you I’d just close the topic.”

Let me quote the very visible description of that section for you: