Summer job - By: Bob Smiley

Mindy Lynne sat across the desk from the imposing Ms. Renfield. Ms. Renfield
was the owner-operator of Water Works, an amusement park near Mindy’s home.
At this current moment, she was picking over Mindy’s job application with
a fine-tooth comb.
“So,” She said, eyeing Mindy’s job experience. “You’ve worked fast food.”
“That’s right.” Mindy said. “Starting last summer. But I quit about two weeks
ago, because I want to do something that has more to do with my career goal.”
“And what is that?” Asked Ms. Renfield.
“I’d like to be an actress. I need experience, though. I’m looking for some
summer work before I head to college in the fall.”
“An actress? That’s not a career, it’s a dream job.” Ms. Renfield smiled
dryly. “Never let it be said that I dashed a young girl’s dreams, though.
Here at Water Works, we have a number of actors dressed as any number of
characters roaming the park, entertaining children. We also have a children’s
theater that performs four shows daily.”
Mindy cleared her throat. “That sounds perfect.”
“Well, being an actress, I’m sure you’re aware that there is an audition
“That’s fine.” Mindy said.
Ms. Renfield stared at Mindy over the spectacles perched at the end of her
long, slender nose. “What other talents do you have?”
“Well, I play soccer, I can sing, um… I took gymnastics for four years in
grade school.” Mindy trailed off.
“That’s good enough.” Ms. Renfield said. “Meet me here tomorrow at ten for
your audition. Memorize this.” She handed Mindy a few pages of dialogue.

Mindy smiled. “Thank you. I can’t wait!” She took the material and headed
for the door of Ms. Renfield’s office.
“Don’t thank me yet. You haven’t got a part, just an audition.”
“I know.” Mindy said as she opened the office door. “But I’m sure you’ll
be impressed.” With that, Mindy headed out, brimming with confidence.
Mindy studied the lines all night. It was a pretty simple piece, a fairy
tale involving a princess trapped in a castle. The princess’ lines were highlighted,
and Mindy learned them in no time at all. She got to bed early, excited for
what was to come tomorrow.
Mindy woke feeling refreshed and ready for the day’s activities. She had
some oatmeal and gathered up her things, then headed for Water Works. All
the way there she ran her lines. She was confident in her abilities, but
the butterflies were still beginning to collect in her stomach. Mindy arrived
to the park at nine-thirty. It wasn’t open for the season yet, and there
was nobody around. Not knowing what else to do, Mindy waited by the ticket
taker’s booth.
After a few minutes, a man clad in overalls and a Water Works t-shirt approached
her from inside the park. “Are you Mindy Lynne?” He asked.
Mindy answered, “Yes. Why?”
“Come with me.” The man said. He let her through the gate, past the park
rides, and through a door marked ‘Employees Only’. Mindy found herself in
a small theater space. There sat Ms. Renfield, along with several others,
all of whom were probably trying for the same positions as Mindy.
“How did you know…” Mindy began, but she was cut off by Ms. Renfield.
“I told them to keep an eye out for you. We have cameras all around the park.
Security, you know.”
Ms. Renfield introduced Mindy to everyone else in the room. Among them were
two actors Mindy recognized from plays she’d seen at other area high schools.
As it turned out, there was only two other people trying for a spot at Water
Works. The others were returning Water Works employees, here to see the new
talent that would be joining them onstage. The two other actors had already
auditioned, and they sat in the front row, staring intently at Mindy. The
knot in Mindy’s stomach grew much bigger.
“Well, let’s see what you’ve got.” Said Ms. Renfield. Mindy was introduced
to Jake, a handsome blond-haired boy who was a sophomore in college. “Jake
will be reading the Prince’s part. You’ll be the Princess.”
Mindy and Jake performed the scene, and Mindy was sure she’d blown it. She
was nervous and worried about the other two people trying for a spot. After
it was over, Jake smiled and tried to reassure her, but it was Ms. Renfield’s
thoughts that really mattered.
“Okay, Mindy. Sing us a song.” Ms. Renfield said.
Mindy felt her skin grow pale. “What? I didn’t know I’d have to…”
“Part of acting is improvising. Improvise. Sing us your favorite song. You
have two minutes.”
Mindy took a deep breath and said, “Okay, this isn’t my favorite song, but
it’s what I have stuck in my head at the moment.” She launched into the last
song that had been on the radio right before she left the car. When she finished,
everyone seemed impressed. Mindy was feeling much more confident.
“Very good.” Ms. Renfield said. “Mindy, Jason, Shelly, please wait outside.”
Ms. Renfield motioned to the door Mindy had entered from. Mindy and her two
competitors waited outside. Inside, Ms. Renfield and crew decided who would
make the cut.
After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, the trio of would-be actors
were led back inside. Once seated, Ms. Renfield addressed them. “You all
gave superb auditions. However, we only have room for two. Those two are
Shelly and Mindy.”
Mindy clapped her hands together and laughed. She cut it short, however,
when she saw the disappointed look on Jason’s face. He left without saying
a word. Mindy went to congratulate Shelly, but Shelly blew her off. Apparently,
Shelly already knew some of the other actors.
‘Great.’ Thought Mindy. ‘Odd one out.’ Not that it really bothered her. She
had the job, and that was the most important part.
“Shelly, Mindy, come here.” Ms. Renfield motioned them over to her. “Congratulations.
Be here next Monday, 8 am sharp. You’ll have orientation of the park, and
then we’ll set to getting you character assignments.”
Mindy left the park with the feeling that she was walking on air. She’d made
the cut, and now she had a job she really looked forward to.
The following Monday, as instructed, Mindy made her way to Water Works. She
was greeted at the gate by the same gentleman as before, and once again led
to the theater. There she was joined by the cast members and other park actors.
Together they waited for Ms. Renfield. While waiting, Mindy overheard many
of the other employees talking about past experiences.
“Some of the people are just so rude. I just hate the older kids who just
come to make fun of you.” Said one girl.
“Some of the costumes are so embarrassing. I remember once I had to dress
like a little girl- the dress, the tights, pigtails, the whole nine yards.”
Said someone else.
Mindy started to get nervous when Jake tapped her on the shoulder. “Hi.”
He said. Sensing her growing uneasiness, he said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be
fine. They’re making a big deal about nothing.”
Mindy smiled. “Thanks.” She said.
“You did really great at the audition last week. I was impressed.”
“Thank you. I hope I do as well in the real thing. I wonder what part in
the play I’ll get.”
As she spoke, a brown-haired boy came over and stood near Jake. “Hate to
break it to you, but first-timers don’t get cast in the plays. Just veterans
like me and Jake.” he said.
Jake laughed and said, “Mindy, meet Ralph. Ralph, Mindy.” The two shook hands.
“Ralph here fancies himself to be an actor.” Jake finished.
“Nice to meet you.” Ralph said.
“So, if I don’t get a part in the play, what will I be doing?”
“Most likely you’ll just wander the park in costume- a clown, a bear, some
cartoon from television, something like that.” Ralph responded.
Just then, Ms. Renfield came through the door. Conversation stopped as the
actors drew near to hear what she had to say.
“Good morning all.” She began. Mindy stood near the front, next to Jake and
Ralph. Ms. Renfield continued, “I have your assignments for the first two
weeks already. As most of you know, the Children’s Theater plays run for
two weeks each, five plays total. I haven’t decided which one we’re doing
first, but I’ve narrowed it down to two and I know the cast who’ll be performing
first.” She read off the six performers for the Children’s Theater, then
called up the rest of the actors one by one and gave them a packet with their
assignments inside. Mindy opened her packet and was less than thrilled with
being given the part of the “Dancing Bear”.
“Sucks to be you.” Said Ralph, reading over her shoulder. “That requires
a bear costume that gets really hot in the afternoon. My suggestion- drink
lots of water. Otherwise, you’ll dehydrate. That happened to a girl two summers
ago. They ended up having to call the paramedics when she fainted.”
Mindy frowned, but Jake once again cheered her up, saying, “Don’t worry.
It’s not as bad as it seems. You’re free to roam the park and entertain people,
so you can pretty much go where you want. Just make sure you’re back here
an hour before the park closes for the parade.”
“Parade?” Mindy asked.
“Yeah, there’s a parade at the end of each day featuring all the characters
in the park. It’s hokey, but the kids dig it. You just basically walk around
this one mapped out route and waive to the kids. Then you go home and relax.”
Jake gave Mindy the thumbs.
“Mindy, Jake, come here.” Ms. Renfield called to them. They headed over to
her desk, where Shelly was waiting. “Jake, take these two new hires on a
tour of the park please. After that, take them to costuming and get their
costumes checked out to them.”
“No problem.” Jake said. “Follow me ladies.” With that, Mindy embarked on
her tour of her new work environs. Jake showed them the rides, concession
stands, and water slides that made up most of the park. He took special care
to point out the bathrooms to them.
“Know where the nearest bathroom is at all times.” Jake cautioned. “When
you’re trapped in a big bear suit or whatever, it takes longer than you’d
think to get it off and get to the bathroom.”
Mindy groaned. Shelly said, “Bear suit? I’m a clown. That can’t be that difficult.”
“You’d be surprised, Shelly.” Jake smiled. “Trust me.”
Once they were done with the tour, Jake took them to the costume area. There
they were handed their respective outfits, and Jake had them sign a couple
of forms stating they understood their roles as representatives of Water
Works, etc.
“There’s supposed to be one more form.” Jake thought out loud, rifling through
a stack of papers. “It’s the form holding you liable for damages to the costumes.”
After a few more minutes of searching through the paper files, he gave up.
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve filled out the necessary stuff to loan these
out to you, we have your info on file. I’ll get the forms and have you sign
them later. Any questions?”
Neither girl had any, so Jake finished by telling them to read the packets
they were given. They had more detailed information on each girl’s role at
the park for the first two weeks. “There’s a phone number on the back page
that you can call to reach Ms. Renfield if you do have any questions later
on. I’ll see you on opening day, this Friday, bright and early at eight in
the morning. Don’t be late.” They said their goodbyes and Mindy headed to
her car, bear suit and paperwork in hand.
‘How exciting.’ She thought. She could hardly wait for Friday.
That night, Mindy sat at home and read through the packet give her earlier
that day.
NAME: Mindy Lynne
POSITION: Dancing Bear
RESPONSIBILITIES: Entertain park guests, pose for pictures, perform in the
daily parade through Water Works. It is essential you remain lively throughout
the day. Your performance will be improvised, and will include much interaction
with the park guests. Hug children, greet guests, the like. If you have any
questions, see myself or any of the experienced Water Works performers.
PROVIDED MATERIALS: Bear suit. Water will also be provided from any of the
concession stands. You will be provided one meal per day from the concession
stands as well.
Good Luck,
Ms. Renfield
Tuesday morning Mindy tried the bear suit on for the first time. She stepped
in to the body of the outfit, and zipped it up. It zipped from the inside,
which was a blessing because the mitts at the end of each arm made it nearly
impossible to grip anything. Once inside, Mindy pulled on the mask. Mindy
saw out through the opening in the bear’s mouth, but just barely. She tried
to move around, but the bulk of the outfit and Mindy’s limited visibility
made her movements rather clumsy. The out fit was heavy, too. After just
fifteen minutes she was already sweating. ‘I don’t know how I’ll make it
through an entire day.’ Mindy thought to herself.
She decided she’d had enough of the dancing bear, and for the next fifteen
minutes Mindy struggled to remove her mask. After much hassle, she removed
it and then unzipped her suit. She stepped out and flopped on the bed to
rest. Her body was covered in sweat. Over the next few days, Mindy practiced
with the suit until she was finally comfortable with moving around in it.
It still took her forever to undress, though.
Friday morning arrived, and Mindy was at Water Works at eight am sharp. She
made her way, bear suit and all, to the employee’s entrance shown to her
in the park tour. She joined her fellow workers for an early meeting.
“So, excited for the first day?” Ralph asked her.
“Sure. I just hope everything goes smoothly.”
“You’ll do fine. Don’t sweat it.”
Mindy smiled. “That’s what I’m afraid of. This suit is so hot.”
“I don’t know what you’re complaining about.” Shelly snubbed. “Try going
around with this horrible clown makeup on your face. This grease paint is
going to give me a break out for sure.” Shelly was dressed in a bright clown
costume, face painted white with red triangles about and below her eyes.
“I’m sweating like a pig in this thing and it’s so big I always bump into
things.” Mindy complained.
“Whatever. Deal with it.” Came Shelley’s response.
“Children, children.” Ralph laughed.
Ms. Renfield entered and everyone grew silent. “Listen up.” She said. “This
weekend will be big. It’s opening weekend, the weather looks good, and I’m
expecting everyone to give 110%.” There were murmurs among the workers, but
Ms. Renfield didn’t seem to care.
After finishing her address to the general assembly, Ms. Renfield called
Mindy over to talk with her one on one. “Any questions about your role here?”
“No.” Replied Mindy. She was always intimidated around Ms. Renfield.
“Okay. You’ll start off in front of the ticket takers. Greet the crowd, mingle,
have your picture taken, the usual. If you need water, there’s a concession
stand just inside the park, to the right. No more than five minutes at a
time. At noon, you’ll take lunch. You can remove your suit if you want. At
one you’re free to just wander the park. Be friendly and interact with the
park guests. Be sure to be back here at four for the parade. Got it?”
Mindy nodded.
“Shelly, come here.” Ms. Renfield headed off in Shelly’s direction, presumably
to give her similar instructions.
Mindy, clad in a white tank top and shorts, stepped into her bear suit. She
zipped it up, and this time around, Jake was available to help her with the
head piece. “Thanks.” Came her muffled response to his actions.
“Don’t mention it.” Jake replied. He headed off to get ready for the first
Children’s Theater production. Mindy checked the clock. Fifteen minutes to
park opening. Already other performers were heading to their designated spots.
Mindy maneuvered to the water fountain, and found it surprisingly easy to
get a drink. After having her fill, she headed out to greet the park patrons.
The morning went well. After getting over her initial case of nerves, Mindy
began to really enjoy the role. She was very hot, though, and several times
had to break for water. By lunch, her bladder was almost full.
Back at the employee’s lounge, Mindy slipped out of her costume and headed
for the main concession stand at the middle of the park. She waited in line
and presented her meal ticket, got her pizza and coke, and sat down. She
was about to head for the restroom when she heard Jake’s voice behind her.

“Hey you, how’s it going?” He said as he sat down next to her.
“Fine. How are you?”
Jake rolled his eyes and groaned. “Well, the first performance went alright,
but during the second one, some kid got sick.”
Mindy smiled. “Seriously?”
“It was terrible. Right in the middle of my big entrance I hear, ‘Mommy I
don’t feel so good- BLAGH!’ Awful, man. Just awful.”
Both shared a good laugh, then Jake said, “So tell me about your morning.”
Mindy shrugged. “Not much to say, just getting used to being the dancing
They had been talking for a while, when Mindy spotted Ms. Renfield heading
their way.
“Shouldn’t you two be headed back to performing?” She glared at them.
“Why, what time is it?” Mindy asked.
“It’s one o’clock right now.” Ms. Renfield showed them her watch.
Jake stood up. “Sorry, we lost track of time.” He headed off for the Children’s
“And how about you?” Ms. Renfield turned an accusing eye to Mindy.
“I was just getting ready to go back out.” Mindy said. She scurried off towards
the lounge. She dressed quickly and rushed back outside to the park, passing
by Ms. Renfield on her way out.
Not long after, Mindy’s bladder began to ache. She cursed herself for not
dealing with it earlier. ‘Still,’ she thought, ‘I can hold out until after
the parade.’
As the day wore on, though, Mindy was not as certain that this would be the
case. The temperature got hotter, and Mindy had to make repeated trips to
the water fountains and concession stands for water. Each glass added to
Mindy’s misery, and the fact that she had to remain standing meant she had
no chance to relax. Soon, she was trying hard to keep her mind of her need
to pee. It was no use. Every time she passed by the girl’s room, she thought
of just one thing: how great a relief it would be to have an empty bladder.
“Mommy, mommy, I want a picture with the bear!” A small boy of no more than
five ran up to Mindy and hugged her firmly around the stomach. For a few
seconds, Mindy was sure she was going to lose it. She was able to maintain
just enough control on her bursting bladder to keep from wetting herself,
but it was too close for comfort.
Mindy tried to remain calm as the boy’s family snapped a picture and headed
off without even thanking her. Before he left the boy wanted to give her
one more hug. She leaned over, deciding the neck was a safer spot for him
to squeeze, but even bending over sent a stabbing pain through her abdomen.
Finally, it was just before four o’clock. ‘I’ll just be a little early for
the start of the parade.’ Mindy thought.
She raced back to the employee lounge, hoping to arrive before anyone else.
When she arrived, Shelly was already there. Without saying anything, Mindy
began to remove her mask. The padded mitts always made this difficult, but
Mindy was a bit stressed already, which only made matters worse. Every passing
second seemed like an eternity to her. After a few seconds, Mindy began to
really panic.
“Need help?” Shelly asked.
“I really need to pee.” Mindy said. “This stupid mask hold the suit on. I
have to get it off or…” She trailed off, having finally released the back
straps. Mindy began to once again go to work on the front straps, the last
things trapping her in her furry prison.
“Let me help you.” Shelly said.
“No, I got it.” Mindy finished with the front straps. She went to remove
the mask, but to her surprise, it stayed in place. Mindy was shocked. She
moved her hands to front, checking to make sure the straps had truly been
removed. Mindy put her hands on the back straps, and was amazed to find them
firmly in place. Shelly started laughing.
“You bitch!” Mindy yelled, realizing what Shelly had done to ‘help’ her.

Mindy set to work on the back straps once again, and as she did so, Shelly
took the opportunity to fasten one of the front straps. Mindy used one hand
to unfasten the strap, the other to keep Shelly from doing any more damage.
All this while battling her bladder, which was ready to give at any moment.
Mindy threw off her mask and started to unzip her suit, when Shelly once
again began to interfere.
“Stop it, I’m going to pee my pants.” Mindy yelled, then pushed Shelly to
the ground. Shelly continued to laugh.
All at once, Mindy felt a warm rush from between her legs. She placed one
fuzzy hand between her legs, checking to see if what she was feeling was
really true. To her horror she stood paralyzed as her bladder slowly emptied
itself, flooding her underwear and running down her inner thighs. The fast-flowing
stream overwhelmed her shorts, and began to run like twin yellow rivers down
each leg of the bear suit. Through it all, Mindy was to stunned to speak.
She looked down in disbelief as a dark stain marred the light brown fur of
the bear suit. Apparently it was too much for the suit, too, as drops of
urine fell from the suit and collected in small puddles on the white tiles
between Mindy’s feet.
When it was all over, Mindy stood still, a pale figure in a soaking wet costume.
Shelly, long since silent in amazement of what was transpiring before her
eyes, was gripped with another attack of laughter. Still on the floor, she
rolled to one side and then the other, pointing at Mindy and laughing.
“You really did it!” She said. “You really wet your pants. I made you pee
your pants!”
Just then, the door behind them opened, and Mindy turned around just in time
to see Ms. Renfield, flanked by Jake, make her way through the door.
“That was really the best part-” She was saying to Jake. She stopped short
when she saw Mindy. “What in the hell?”
Mindy burst in to tears. “I’m so sorry.” She sobbed. “I meant to go at lunch,
but I was late back and…”
“Get off the floor Shelly.” Ms. Renfield yelled. She grabbed Mindy by the
arm and led the girl, still crying, to her office. “Wait here.” She commanded.
Outside, she got Shelly’s side of the story. Jake listened in awe as Shelly
told Ms. Renfield how Mindy had burst threw the door, complaining of having
to pee. “She threw of her mask and before she could get any farther, she
just started going.” Shelly stammered. “She just wet her pants right in front
of me.”
“That’s enough.” Ms. Renfield said. “Jake, take over for me. You know the
parade route, you know the order we go in. I want you to lead it today. I
have other business to deal with.” Ms. Renfield made her way to the office.
There Mindy sat, wet in the crotch, cheeks stained with tears. Ms. Renfield
had pity for the poor girl, but was also furious.
“Do you know that that suit is dry-clean only? Do you know how much that
costs? It’s probably ruined! Nobody else will want to wear that now that
you’ve… you’ve… used it!”
“I’m so sorry.” Was all Mindy could offer.
“Sorry isn’t good enough.” Ms. Renfield was looking through the papers that
Mindy had signed when she received the costume. “Where is your liability
agreement?” She said.
“I didn’t sign one.” Mindy said.
“Jake didn’t have one. He said he’d have me sign it later.”
Ms. Renfield flew out the office door, and through the glass, Mindy watched
her interrogate Jake. He apparently confirmed Mindy’s story, and Ms. Renfield
and Jake returned to the office.
“I’m sorry Mindy. Without that liability agreement, I can’t hold you legally
responsible for the outfit. I didn’t want to have to do this, but in order
to recoup my losses from buying a new suit, I’m afraid I’m going to have
to let you go.”
Both Jake and Mindy were stunned. “Please, no, I’ll do anything!” Mindy said.
“That’s not fair. It’s not her fault, it’s mine. Fire me.” Jake said.
“You didn’t pee in the bear suit, she did.” Ms. Renfield answered.
“But I never gave her the form to sign. If she goes, I go.”
Ms. Renfield looked from Mindy to Jake, and back.
“I’ll do anything. Please don’t fire me.” Mindy repeated.
“Alright. I can’t afford to lose either of you. I’ll make you a deal.” Ms.
Renfield sat down. “Mindy, I will pay for this suit to be dry cleaned. I
will dock your wage and Jake’s wage to pay for the new suit.”
Mindy gave a weak smile. “Thank you.” She said. Jake nodded in agreement.
“In addition, seeing as we must… prevent any further, um, incidents… you
must wear diapers to work.” Ms. Renfield finished.
“What?” Mindy said, not quite sure if Ms. Renfield had actually said what
Mindy just heard.
“Adult diapers. Readily available to you, you must wear them to work. I can’t
afford you ruining any more suits.”
“But it was just once, it’s not an everyday occurrence.”
“Well, until you prove otherwise, that is a necessary part of this agreement.
Otherwise, I’ll have to let you go.”
“That’s fine.” Mindy said, crestfallen. “I’ll wear diapers.”
Jake suddenly felt more than a little uncomfortable. “I’ll just go attend
to the parade.”
“Don’t worry dear. I won’t hold it against you.” Ms. Renfield said. “You’re
free to clean up and go home. Leave the bear suit here. I just hope we can
have it cleaned by tomorrow.” With that, Ms. Renfield left the office.
Mindy waited until everyone had left to take part in the parade, then she
began to undress. The suit stuck to her legs, and her calves and inner thighs
tingled with a fierce itch. Mindy inspected herself in the mirror. Her shorts
still showed the tell-tale signs of her accident, and Mindy wasn’t looking
forward to the trip out through the park. She looked for something to tie
around her waist, but there was nothing. She gave up and decided to just
brave the crowds.
On her way through Water Works, Mindy moved quickly and kept her head down.
She concentrated on the feet of the passers-by, but she could still see a
few amused looks cast her way, and once or twice heard a teenager snicker
or young child comment on her condition. Finally, she was out of the park
and to her car. She drove home in silence, not bothering to turn on the radio.
Arriving home, Mindy headed straight to her room. She didn’t have the heart
to explain what had happened to her parents. Mindy moped around the house,
unsure if she really wanted to go through with her part of the bargain. Diapers
were embarrassing, and what would the other employees think of her? On the
other hand, it was good pay, an overall fun job, and where she definitely
didn’t want to go back to fast food.
Mindy still hadn’t made up her mind when she heard the doorbell ring. She
checked the clock. ‘Who would be coming over at nine at night?’ She thought.
Downstairs, she heard a familiar voice. She ran to the top of the stairs
and was surprised to see-
“Jake!” Mindy shouted, and ran to meet him.
“Aren’t you going to introduce me?” Her father, who was still holding the
door open, said.
“Dad, this is Jake, a friend from work. Jake, meet my father.”
“Nice to meet you.” Jake said as he shook Mindy’s father’s hand.
“Come upstairs, let’s talk.” Mindy took Jake by the hand and walked him to
her room.
“I felt bad about what happened today. You don’t have to wear diapers if
you don’t want.” Jake said.
Mindy’s heart soared. “Really? Did you get Ms. Renfield to agree to that?”
“No. But you know, she’s not the only job in town.”
“Yeah, but Jake, that’s my job.” Mindy slouched on her bed. “I’m willing
to do what’s necessary to keep it.”
Jake sat next to her. “So, it’s diapers then, huh.”
“Guess so.”
“Do you have them already?” Jake said.
“What?” Mindy was insulted. “No, I don’t need them. I don’t just keep them
around in case I screw up and pee my pants. I told you- it’s not an everyday
“No, I know, I believe you.” Said Jake, trying to calm her down. “Well, how
will you get some? You have to have them by tomorrow.”
Mindy groaned and fell back on her bed. “I guess I’ll have to go the store
tonight. God, that’s going to be so embarrassing.”
Jake put his hand on her knee. “C’mon, let’s go.” He smiled at her. “I’ll
take you. If anyone asks, we’re getting them for your grandmother.”
Mindy sat up and smiled. “You’re on.”
Together they left for the store. They took Jake’s car, a blue Subaru. Once
inside the store, they located the isle they needed and surveyed their choices.
They settled on some white disposables, size medium.
“One package or two?” Jake joked.
“Watch it, mister.” Mindy warned.
They laughed, and Jake reached for the package. As he did, Mindy reached
her hand out, but not for the diapers. She took hold of his hand and they
walked to the counter, hands clasped together. Mindy paid the cashier, who
didn’t seem to think anything of their purchase, and they left the store.
They arrived back at Mindy’s home, and Mindy opened her front door quietly
and stuck her head in. She glanced around and made sure the coast was clear.
The duo went quickly upstairs without incident, and Mindy stuffed the diapers
beneath her bed.
“Thanks.” She said, holding Jake’s hand in hers.
“No problem.”
“Yeah, okay. Well, see you tomorrow?” Mindy said in a hopeful tone.
“Of course you will. Bright and early.” Jake shut the door behind him.
“And diapered.” She finished, in a much more defeated voice.
Mindy had a rough night. She was unable to sleep as she was too busy thinking
of what the next day held in store for her. Would people laugh? Would they
even notice? Mindy began to worry. Finally, at around two in the morning,
her tired eyes closed and she got to sleep.
In her dream, Mindy wandered the park, almost naked. The only article of
clothing she wore was a huge white disposable diaper. Everyone was laughing
at her, teasing her, but Ms. Renfield ordered her to continue walking the
park. Throughout it all, Mindy persistently wet her diaper. By the end of
her dream, Mindy’s once-white garment was bloated, wet, and stained. It ballooned
out, straining at the tapes from Mindy’s wetting. Shelly was there, laughing
the loudest. Finally, she saw Jake. She tried to run to him, but with her
soiled diaper, the best she could do was waddle. She slowly made her way
to him, but when she got there, Jake pushed her away.
“Stupid baby.” She heard him say. Mindy fell to the ground in a heap, crying
and defeated. The crowd gathered around her, as once more she felt her diaper
grow warm and wet. ‘She’s peeing her diaper again!’ She could hear Shelly
say. But this time, the feeling seemed much more real.
Mindy awoke to the familiar feeling of warmth spreading over her legs. She
sat up and threw off her blanket. Even as she watched, a dark stain spread
over her sheet. It clung like a wet rag to her legs, and revealed the wet
pajamas beneath. Finally Mindy finished going, and she sat for a few minutes
in her wet bed, unable to believe what had just taken place.
‘What’s happening to me?’ She asked. “Maybe I really do need diapers.” She
said to herself. That set off a trigger inside her, and she began to cry.
This woke her mother up, who opened the door to find her college-bound daughter
sitting in a wet bed crying to herself.
“Don’t worry, honey.” Her mother said, hugging Mindy and trying to console
her. “Everybody has accidents.” Mindy was paying no attention. She was too
busy crying. Mindy’s mom ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair and
continued to try to calm her down.
Once Mindy stopped crying, her mother helped her to the bathroom, where Mindy
showered and cleaned up. Mindy returned to her room to find her mother had
changed her bed for her. She climbed beneath the fresh sheets and blankets
and quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.
The following morning, Mindy’s mother woke her. “You’re going to be late,
dear.” She said. She shook her sleepy daughter once more and Mindy responded.
“I’m up. I’ll be down in a minute.” Mindy stood and stretched. She had hoped
the wetting was just a bad dream, but seeing the fresh sheets and new pajamas,
Mindy knew it was not. She laid out her clothes, jean shorts and a t-shirt,
and then reached beneath her bed. She pulled out the package of diapers.
After checking to ensure her door was shut, Mindy carefully opened the bag.
The smell of the disposable diapers filled the room. It was not altogether
unpleasant, but it also wasn’t very comforting to Mindy.
Mindy pulled a diaper from the bag. She held it in her hands, and turned
it over several times. The white plastic lining felt cold beneath her fingers,
and Mindy was sure she’d never get used to such a bulky, intrusive garment.
She opened it up and laid it on her floor. Mindy removed her pajama bottoms
and sat down with the diaper between her legs. She laid back and pulled the
front of the diaper snug. With little difficulty, Mindy fastened the tapes.
‘Just like when I used to baby-sit.’ She thought. Mindy grimaced as the image
of her as an eighteen-year old being babysat and having her diapers changed
came to mind. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror.
Looming beneath the pajama top was the puffy white diaper. Mindy looked herself
over, first from the front, then the side, then she turned to look at the
back. This was where the diaper was most noticeable. It clung to her hips
and thighs in much the same way her underwear would, but it was thicker and
the plastic outer shell moved and crinkled with each motion. Mindy could
feel the diaper bunch up in between her legs. She’d have to get used to the
extra bulk.
Unable to look at the diaper any longer, Mindy pulled her shorts on. They
were baggier and helped to muffle the noise the diaper made. She threw her
bra and shirt on and looked at herself once more. The baggy clothes helped
mask the diaper, but not entirely. ‘Hopefully no one will be looking that
hard.’ Mindy thought.
She headed downstairs for the door. Mindy wanted to avoid her mother at all
costs, especially after what happened last night. She wasn’t too keen on
her mother discovering her diapers, either. Unfortunately, her mother cut
her off. “How are you feeling this morning.” She said, standing between Mindy
and the front door.
“Not bad.” Mindy replied.
Her mother gave her a piteous look. “Do you want to talk about anything?”
She said.
Mindy brushed by her mother and grabbed her car keys. “No, I don’t.” She
said shortly, hoping to end the conversation.
“If you want to talk, I’m here.” Mindy’s mother said as Mindy headed out
the door.
As Mindy drove to work, she thought about the whole situation. The diapers
weighed heavily on her mind. She hadn’t brought any extras, as she didn’t
plan on using the one she was wearing. She felt angry at Ms. Renfield for
suggesting that she needed them, but at the same time she was grateful she
still had the job. Mindy was also glad that Jake was understanding and didn’t
laugh at her. Shelly was her only concern. Would she tell the others what
had happened? Mindy practiced keeping a straight face and not blushing while
denying that she’d wet her pants. She stared into the rear-view mirror at
stoplights and said aloud, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve
never done that. You’re lying.”
Mindy was never a very good liar, but with this she was downright unconvincing.
She looked down at her crotch and stared at her jeans, the diaper bunching
up between her legs, and felt a hollowness in the pit of her stomach. Today
was going to be a long day.
Mindy parked her car and walked carefully to the employee lounge. The diaper
was barely noticeable, and most of the others were conversing when Mindy
walked in the door, making it even harder to hear it. Still, Mindy was not
convinced. She stood by herself in the corner, trying to keep a low profile.
Finally Ralph walked over to her.
“Hey, what’s up.” He said.
Mindy tried to play it cool, and responded with a simple, “Nothing.”
“So, I heard about the whole bear suit thing yesterday.” Ralph said.
Mindy swallowed hard. Her throat had suddenly become dry as a desert, and
her voice almost cracked as she said, “R-Really?”
“Yeah, that sucks. Sorry it had to happen on your first day.”
Mindy was a little confused. “It happens often?” She said. She hoped he wouldn’t
go into too much detail, but if she wasn’t the first person who’d wet themselves,
she’d feel much better.

Summer job - By: Bob Smiley

“Yeah, every once in a while. For some reason it happens to the girls more
often though. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because they’re always the ones
wearing the big suits or something.”
“Yeah, that suit was so hard to get off, you have no idea. I was so embarrassed.”
“It’s nothing to be ashamed off.” Ralph cut her off.
“Really?” Mindy was truly amazed at Ralph’s statements.
“Really. It was the stupid little kid who spilled the fruit punch on your
suit, not you.”
“Fruit punch?” Mindy started. Then she realized that this must have been
what Jake had told everyone when Mindy wasn’t in yesterday’s parade. She
recovered quickly, “Yeah, it sucked. Thankfully Ms. Renfield’s not making
me pay for the suit.”
“That’s good.”
Mindy was glad. Apparently, Ralph didn’t know about her diapers. If he didn’t
know, then there was a good chance that no one else did. Just then, Shelly
walked by and gave her a knowing sneer. Mindy wanted to walk right up to
her and punch her in her clown nose. Instead she just looked back to Ralph.
“So, have you seen Jake?”
“Yeah, he’s around here somewhere.” Ralph looked around the room. He pointed
to the other side and said, “There- talking to Ms. Renfield.” Sure enough,
Mindy saw Jake standing clear across the room, engaged in conversation with
Ms. Renfield.
‘Time to be brave.’ She thought. Mindy said good bye to Ralph, took a deep
breath, and headed across the room. The diaper gave off a slight crinkle,
which to Mindy sounded like a thunder clap. Ralph didn’t seem to notice,
though, and neither did anyone else Mindy passed by on her way to see Jake.

Ms. Renfield and Jake stopped talking rather suddenly as Mindy approached.
Jake looked slightly concerned. They both smiled at her, and Jake said, “Hi
there, Mindy. How are you today?”
“Not bad. How are you?”
“Great. Well, I better get ready for today. See you later.” He hurried off
without giving Mindy a chance to respond.
“Mindy, come into my office, please.” Ms. Renfield headed towards her desk.
‘This is rather ominous.’ Thought Mindy. She followed Ms. Renfield and sat
down in the same chair she’d sat in less than twenty-four hours earlier.
She wasn’t wet this time, but she was just as uncomfortable.
“Mindy, I have some bad news.” Ms. Renfield began.
“I knew it. The suit didn’t come back from the cleaner’s in time.” Mindy
Ms. Renfield sighed. “Please don’t interrupt. It did come back.” Ms. Renfield
pulled the suit out from a closet in the back of her office. “It’s terribly
stained, though.” Upon inspecting it, Mindy could plainly see a dark tell-tale
stain along the crotch. The fur was a dark brown, contrasting sharply with
the tan of the rest of the suit.
“Why don’t we go and buy another one? There’s got to be one somewhere in
this city.” Mindy said, determined to remain positive.
“Sorry, I already ordered one from our only supplier. I’ve done business
exclusively with them for years. Unfortunately, they’re on back order. It’ll
be at least two weeks.”
“So, I guess I’m still out of work, huh.” Mindy hung her head.
“I’m trying to think of another position we could have you do, but with your
diapers, those positions are rather limited. We don’t have any more full
costumes that aren’t already in use, and I don’t think you want to go around
with your diapers hanging out in the open-”
“Excuse me, Ms. Renfield?” Both Mindy and Ms. Renfield were startled to see
Shelly standing at the office door. “I couldn’t help but overhearing your
conversation, and I think it’s just awful what happened yesterday. Poor Mindy
shouldn’t be fired just because she wets her pants-”
Ms. Renfield didn’t take kindly to Shelly’s comments. “Get to the point Shelly.”

“Well, I found this baby outfit in costuming.” In her right hand, Shelly
held up a pink party dress and matching rubber pants, complete with over-sized
cartoonish ruffles along the back. In her left she had a baby bonnet, over-sized
as well, and a huge pacifier and baby booties. “Perhaps Mindy could be a
baby clown? Then she could follow me around and we could entertain the kids
as a team.”
Ms. Renfield thought about it for a minute. “That just might work. The best
way to hide your diapers would be to have them out in plain view. What do
you think, Mindy?”
Mindy was raging inside. She wanted to pin Shelly down until she peed her
pants. Then Mindy wanted to dress Shelly up as a baby, just so she could
see the look on poor Shelly’s face. She hated the idea. Hated it. “I don’t
know.” Was all she could say.
“Well, if not that, then I’m afraid I might still have to let you go. I’m
not going to pay you if you don’t work.”
“C’mon Mindy. It’ll be fun. You’ll be the baby clown, I’ll be the momma clown.”
Shelly grinned like an evil stepsister.
Mindy took a deep breath and made her choice. “Okay. I’ll do it.”
“Great.” Shelly tossed her the clothes.
“Try them on in the bathroom. Then come and find me.” Ms. Renfield said.
“I have to go make sure everyone else is getting ready.” With that, Mindy
and Shelly were left alone.
“This will be great.” Shelly said. “I hope you brought an extra diaper, little
Mindy.” Mindy wasn’t to thrilled with this arrangement. She took the clothes
and headed to the bathroom. She slipped her shorts off and pulled on the
panties. The ruffles and frills rustled as Mindy slid them on. Next she slipped
the party dress on. It too had many bows and ruffles, and the bottom of the
dress came only half way down the panties, leaving the better part of her
diapers exposed. The dress had a hoop in the bottom, causing it to stick
out, and making it impossible for Mindy to see beyond her waist. She tied
the bonnet on and slung the pacifier around her neck. It still had plastic
around the ball, indicating it hadn’t been used before. Mindy pulled the
plastic off and threw it away. Finally, Mindy pulled on the booties. This
was no easy task, as the extended dress made it difficult to reach her feet.
It took Mindy nearly ten minutes to get the booties tied on her feet, but
finally she was done. She looked herself up and down.
“This sucks.” Mindy said.
There was a knock on the door, and a voice from the other side said, “Are
you almost done in there?” It was Ms. Renfield.
“Yes.” Mindy replied. She walked to the door, swallowed her pride, and opened
the door. “Ta-da!” She said, faking excitement. She didn’t bother striking
a pose.
“Fabulous.” Ms. Renfield said. “Oh, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this
before. But you know what.”
“What?” Mindy asked.
“You’re diapers don’t show enough. I want to make it very obvious that you’re
the baby.”
“I think this pacifier should do it.” Mindy said, holding it up. “Or this
“No, no. It’s got to be the diapers. Put one or two more on. I want those
panties to be tight. They’re too slack.” Mindy gave her best puppy-dog look,
but Ms. Renfield wasn’t buying. “Clowns are about fun. Call it ‘comic exaggeration’.
The bigger, the better.”
Mindy was embarrassed that Ms. Renfield was talking about this in front of
everyone. “I didn’t bring any more.” She said in a small voice.
Ms. Renfield frowned. “How far away do you live?”
“Um, like ten minutes.” Mindy didn’t like where this was going.
“Take your car, go home, get more diapers.”
“I don’t know if there’s time.” Argued Mindy.
Ms. Renfield checked her watch. “It’s only eight fifteen now. We don’t open
for another forty-five minutes. You’ll have plenty of time.”
Mindy decided not to argue any more. She grabbed her keys and headed out.
She hustled through the park, where an eighteen-year old girl dressed as
a baby didn’t really draw much attention. However, once outside the park,
Mindy dreaded what would happen if somebody saw her. She got to her car and
tried to get inside. The only problem was that the enormous width of the
dress made it impossible to get inside. Mindy stomped her feet in frustration,
then checked to see if anyone was looking. She was alone. Mindy slipped of
the dress, leaving Mindy clad in just diapers, covered by the ruffled panties,
booties, bonnet, and the pacifier and t-shirt. She tossed the dress, now
sideways, into the backseat and started the car.
Moments later, Mindy was flying down the road. Luckily, her mother wouldn’t
be home to see her like this. ‘Then we’d really have something to talk about.’
Mindy thought.
Mindy arrived home in under seven minutes. She ran from her car, trying to
make her time outside as short as possible. She threw open her front door
and raced upstairs. Once there, she once again withdrew the bag of diapers
from beneath her bed. She pulled out a handful of diapers this time, and
laid them on her bed. She slid her panties down to her ankles and grabbed
the first diaper. ‘If it’s more diapers Ms. Renfield wants,’ thought Mindy
as she taped it on, ‘then it’s more diapers she’ll get.’ Two more diapers
followed, making it four in all. After that, the panties were definitely
tighter. They bulged out above the thick layers of diapers, and Mindy had
to work to bend over to push the diaper bag back beneath her bed.
After the package was once again hidden, Mindy waddled back downstairs. The
mass between her legs reminded her very much of trying to move in the bear
suit, but this time it was concentrated around her hips and between her legs.
Mindy kept her feet wide apart and made her way as quickly as possible to
her car, keeping her eyes on the pavement to avoid eye contact with anybody
who might be passing by. Halfway there, she heard a snicker from the street,
and she looked up. Mindy saw her paperboy, about to deliver her parents’
morning paper, almost fall off his bike while laughing at her.
“I’m an actor.” Was all she could say. He didn’t seem to hear her. Mindy
finished her journey to the car, started it up, and backed out. As she passed
by, the paperboy waved at her. He was still laughing.
Mindy sped along, trying not to get caught up in everything, when she passed
beneath a yellow light. She’d done it many times before, but on this particular
morning, there was a policeman waiting to turn. He saw Mindy run the light,
and recognized she was speeding, too. He flashed his lights, and Mindy groaned
as she looked for a place to pull over. Shortly thereafter the office was
approaching her window. He was a little startled at her dress, but still
tried to conduct himself in a professional manner.
“Do you know why I pulled you over?” He looked down on Mindy disapprovingly.
“No sir.” Mindy replied, her face beet red.
“You were speeding and you ran a yellow light. License and registration,
please.” It was then that Mindy realized she had left her wallet in the pocket
of her shorts at Water Works.
“I don’t have my license.” She said. She handed him the registration.
“What do you mean? You’re driving without a license?”
“No, I have it, but it’s at Water Works, the park just a little ways down
the road. I work there, I’m a performer.”
“I see.” The officer looked her up and down, grinned, and said, “What kind
of performer.”
“I’m an actor. You see, I’m supposed to be a baby clown, but the owner, Ms.
Renfield, said I needed more diapers…” Mindy stopped, realizing how silly
this sounded.
“I get the picture. Hold on.” The patrolman walked back to his car. Mindy
spent five of the longest minutes of her life waiting for him to return.
When he did, he handed her the registration. “I called Ms. Renfield. She
corroborated your story. You’re free to go. Have a good day at the park.”
The office chuckled as he walked off.
A wave of relief washed over Mindy. She started the car and was never so
happy to be on her way. When she got to the park, she grabbed her dress and
hurried inside. Already people were lining up outside. A couple of them stared
as she went by, but most people just figured she worked at the park. She
waddled through to the employee’s lounge. There, everyone was just finishing
up the morning meeting.
Ms. Renfield greeted Mindy. “Have any problem with the fuzz?” She asked.
“No, no problem. Just a bit embarrassing.” Mindy gestured to her bloated
midsection and baby booties.
“Okay, follow Shelly. She’ll help you get ready with the makeup.” Ms. Renfield
Shelly led Mindy to the back room. There, in front of a mirror, Shelly applied
white face paint, just as she had on, to Mindy. After that, she painted on
a beg red smile. Lastly, she strapped on a clown nose. “If I have to where
one of these, so do you.”
Shelly then helped Mindy into her dress. The diapers stuck out even more
than before, causing Shelly to cackle. “You’re such a cute wittle baby!”
“Shut up.” Mindy said. “You got me into this. Don’t think I’m going to forget
“Just be glad you’re getting paid.” Shelly snapped. “By the way, Ms. Renfield
wanted me to give this to you.” Shelly handed Mindy a teddy bear. It was
rather large, adding to the image of Mindy as a little girl. “You’re to keep
that with you at all times.” Shelly instructed. “Now let’s go, I already
have our instructions for today.”
When they left the makeup area, almost everyone had already gone outside
to prepare for the park’s opening. Mindy glanced at the clock. ‘Eight fifty-five.
Five minutes until the most humiliating Saturday of my life.’ Mindy sighed
and followed Shelly outside.
“We’re going to be wandering the middle of the park for the day.” Shelly
said. Mindy was trying her best to walk alongside Shelly, but with the thickness
of her diapers she was confined to waddling, making it rather difficult to
keep up. “It’s going to be another hot day, so drink lots of water. We have
lunch at one. Think you can keep your diapers dry that long?”
“Whatever.” Mindy sniped.
“Then, of course, there’s the four o’clock parade. After that, you’re free
to go. For today.”
By this time, Shelly and Mindy were in the middle of the park. They heard
the sounds of children yelling and running their way, and Shelly elbowed
Mindy in the ribs. “It’s show time, little girl!”
The morning past pretty uneventfully. Most of the kids laughed at Mindy’s
getup, but then again they were supposed to laugh at clowns, weren’t they?
Shelly and Mindy had actually worked out a pretty good routine, and had Mindy
not been so humiliated by her condition, she would have really enjoyed herself.
It was blistering hot, and whenever they had a chance, both girls dehydrated
themselves. With their face paint the water fountains were off limits, but
they made use of the concession stands’ water supply. Just after eleven thirty,
Mindy’s bladder was full.
“I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” Mindy started to head
for the girls’ room, but Shelly stopped her.
“I have to go, too. I’m going first. One of us has to stay to entertain the
children.” Shelly began to walk off, but Mindy protested.
“I have to pee so bad I can taste it!” She said, trying to keep her voice
down. She toddled after Shelly.
“If I don’t go I’m going to pee my pants.” Shelly said, getting angry.
“So will I!” Mindy responded.
“So? You’re the one in diapers. No one will notice if you do it!” Shelly
laughed and ran for the bathroom. Mindy couldn’t keep up, and after a few
paces, she resigned herself to staying behind. After what seemed like forever,
Shelly reappeared. “That feels so much better.” She said.
Mindy took off for the girls’ room. She checked for an empty stall, but there
was none. Each door was locked. Mindy waited another few minutes, and when
nobody came out, she began to get suspicious. She lowered herself down, and
tried to peek beneath the stalls. With her dress the way it was, though,
this proved to be impossible. By now she really needed to pee. She thought
of another bathroom, a little farther away. She headed out, and caught Shelly’s
eye as she did so. Shelly was in the middle of a performance, but still gave
her a knowing look.
“Bitch!” Mindy mumbled beneath her breath.
Mindy hurried off to the other bathroom, desperate to relieve the growing
pain in her bladder. Upon entry, Mindy saw that all the bathroom doors were
closed, just like the last one. With a sinking feeling creeping in her full
stomach, Mindy tried each door and found all of them were locked.
“Hello?” Mindy banged on the stall door nearest her. “Is anyone in here?”
There was no reply. “Enough of this.” She said to herself. She undid her
dress and hung it carefully over the stall’s sidewalls. “Much better.” Said
Mindy, commenting on her increased mobility.
She set her teddy bear next to the sink and got down on all fours, placing
the pacifier in her mouth to keep it from sliding along the dirty bathroom
floor. Upon peering beneath the entryway, Mindy found the stall empty, and
so she crawled underneath. She stood up, concentrating hard on keeping control
of her bladder.
The pressure was so intense now that Mindy had to keep one hand firmly pressed
between her legs while the other hand worked the panties down. Because they
were pressed tight against so many diapers, the panties weren’t budging.
Mindy pressed her legs together firmly and put one hand on each side of the
panties, near each hip. She bounced back and forth, trying to keep her desperate
situation under control. Mindy pulled on either side, and finally the panties
relinquished their hold around her waist. She managed to pull them down,
but because her legs were pinched together, they didn’t go any farther than
her inner thighs.
Mindy moved one hand back to the front of her diapers, squirming all the
while. She moved the panties down her legs, sliding the right side down a
little bit, then the left side. It was slow progress, made even harder by
the fact that Mindy was in constant movement, fidgeting and hopping back
and forth in the tiny stall. Finally the panties were beneath her knees.
Now she could concentrate on the diapers themselves.
At first Mindy tried to pull all four diapers down, but that didn’t work,
so she slid the diapers down one at a time. The first two slid down rather
easily, and Mindy was beginning to feel a little more confident that her
situation wasn’t hopeless. However, it was then that a small amount of urine
escaped her, and Mindy felt the inner padding of the diaper grow warm. She
pressed her legs together and put her hands between her thighs. She pressed
tight against the crotch of the diapers, trying to regain control. It was
no use. Her bladder ached at being denied for so long, and as soon as the
small trickle started, her muscles were ready to let go completely. It took
only a few seconds for the trickle to build to a full stream.
Mindy stood helpless as her bladder once again revolted. She felt the diapers
grow warm, the warmth of her own urine spreading like a heat wave through
the core of the diapers. It spread up the front of the diaper and back between
her legs, discoloring the diaper’s surface as it went. Like a man dying of
thirst, the padding of the diaper sucked up every last drop of urine. It
seemed to take forever for her bladder to finally empty itself. When it was
all over, the diaper felt ten pounds heavier. Mindy pulled down the third
diaper and looked downwards. The soiled diaper clung to her waist like a
wet rag. She removed the diaper and folded it up. She pulled up the remaining
three diapers and the panties and unlocked the stall.
After tossing the soiled diaper in the garbage, Mindy pulled on her dress.
She checked herself in the bathroom mirror and saw the bulk of her panties
were noticeably smaller. ‘Ms. Renfield won’t be happy.’ She sulked out of
the bathroom and headed off to meet Shelly.
“It took you long enough.” Shelly said as Mindy caught up with her. “I was
wondering how long it takes you to soak your Pampers.”
“For your information, despite your best efforts, I made it to the bathroom
without incident.” Mindy lied. It didn’t work.
“Bullshit.” Shelly sneered. “No matter. You’ll use every one of your diapers
by the time today is over. I’ll see to that.”
Mindy ignored this last comment and turned her attention to the children
coming down the pathway. She and Shelly worked with very little interruption
until it was time for lunch. Mindy was starved and couldn’t wait to sink
her teeth into some good food. Unfortunately, unlike yesterday, neither Ralph
nor Jake had lunch at one. She was stuck eating by herself. She went to change
out of her baby outfit, but she couldn’t find her clothes. She tore the employee
lounge apart, but turned up no sign of her street clothes.
Mindy gave up and decided to just go eat in costume. Besides, if she didn’t
go now, she wouldn’t have enough time to eat. She made her way to the main
concession tent, and waited in line. When she reached the front of the line,
Shelly was there, talking with her friend who worked in the concession stand.
Mindy handed the girl her ticket, and requested pizza.
After receiving her pizza and coke, Mindy headed to a table to eat. Because
of her dress, she took up one whole side of the table. Nobody sat with her,
which was okay by Mindy because after having such a traumatic morning, she
needed some time by herself to relax.
She finished her meal and looked around for Shelly. Not seeing her anywhere,
she walked over to Kathy, Shelly’s friend behind the counter, and asked her
if she’d seen Shelly.
“Aww, is baby missing her mommy?” Kathy asked in a patronizing baby voice.
“Just tell me where she is.” Mindy said through gritted teeth.
Kathy rolled her eyes. “She went back to the employee lounge.”
Mindy made her way through the park, heading for the lounge. On the way there,
she ran into Ms. Renfield, who pulled her aside and asked, “How many diapers
are you wearing?”
“You don’t look babyish enough. You’re walking like a teenager dressed in
a baby’s gown. You need to be more like a baby. How many?”
Mindy didn’t like where this was going. “Three.” She replied.
“Tomorrow, double it. Oh, and I’m going to the store tonight to get you some
more props. A baby bottle or a rattle or something. I really like this baby
clown idea.” With that, Ms. Renfield headed for the Children’s Theater.
Mindy hung her head. Would the panties even be able to fit over six diapers?
Would she be able to walk? “I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.” Sighed Mindy.
Upon entering the lounge, Shelly greeted Mindy with, “There’s my baby girl.”
Mindy shrugged it off. “C’mon, let’s go.”
They spent the rest of the day wandering the park, sometimes running little
sketches they’d prepared themselves, and sometimes just improvising. Occasionally
a child would request a picture or a hug, and Mindy would happily oblige.
She could see why Ms. Renfield enjoyed the baby clown idea. Mindy was pretty
popular with the kids. Soon she forgot about her diapered condition, and
really got into character. Because of her popularity, and the fact that Shelly
had been relatively civil, the time went by quickly.
When not entertaining, the girls once again stopped for drinks. With each
glass of water, Mindy couldn’t help but wonder where the end result would
wind up- her diapers or the toilet. Shelly obviously had the same thought,
as she cast several glances in Mindy’s direction. Several times in the afternoon
Shelly made use of the restroom. Mindy, however, didn’t feel the need, and
so she waited outside the bathrooms, and even gave a performance while Shelly
was ‘occupied’. She got a tip from the parents, she’d done so well. The day
was starting to look up.
Finally it was time to prepare for the parade. The actors all met at the
lounge, and Ms. Renfield decided the order. The parade route was simple and
most everyone had it memorized anyway, so very little time was spent reviewing
it. Mindy and Shelly would be together, as usual, and Shelly would be handing
out candy to the children as they passed. Mindy grabbed her teddy bear, which
she was becoming quite attached to, and got ready for the parade.
Just before they were about to start, Theresa, who was dressed as a princess,
broke her shoe heel. “I can’t go on without my shoes.” She said.
“Alright, we’ll just glue the heel back on.” Ms. Renfield said. “This should
only take a minute.”
It was then that Mindy started to feel the pressure on her bladder. “I’ll
be right back.” She said to Jake.
“Be quick, we only have a few minutes.” He said.
Mindy hurried to the employee bathroom, but the door was locked. She knocked,
and a voice from inside said, “I’ll be out in a minute.” It was Shelly’s
Mindy was about to scream. “How does she always know when I’m going to use
the bathroom?” She fumed. “You just went a half-an hour ago!” Mindy shouted.
“Just leave me alone! I’ll be out soon.” Shelly sounded stressed.
A few tense minutes later, Shelly opened the door. Her eyes were red, like
she’d been crying. “Are you okay?” Asked Mindy.
“I’m fine.” Said Shelly, and stormed off.
Had she not had to pee so badly, Mindy would’ve investigated a little. Instead,
she turned to use the bathroom.
“Okay, let’s go everyone.” Ms. Renfield said. “The shoe is fixed, let’s go
people, line up!”
‘This is not happening.’ Thought Mindy.
It was, and Mindy begrudgingly took her place in the parade procession. She
stood beside Shelly, who was strangely quiet. They started on their way through
the park, and for the first little while Mindy thought, ‘This won’t be so
bad. We’ll be back to the lounge in no time.’ But as the parade wore on,
Mindy’s situation grew more desperate. Soon she felt ready to burst. Jake
was up front at the head of the parade with Theresa and Shelly was distracted
with handing candy to the kids. Mindy tried to keep her mind off her bladder,
but it wouldn’t be denied. She cursed herself for drinking so much, then
cursed the weather. She waddled along haplessly, ignoring most of the children
who smiled and waved at her.
The pain in her side returned, warning Mindy of how close she was to once
again soiling herself. She was in so much pain she could barely walk, but
had to keep going to keep up with Shelly. Then, the thought hit her. ‘What
if I peed right here?’ Mindy tried to shrug the idea off, but the more she
thought about it, the more it made sense. ‘Nobody would know. No one is paying
attention to me specifically, and it’s so noisy, nobody would hear.’ Mindy
wrestled with the idea, then dismissed it. ‘No way am I peeing my pants-
er, diapers- on purpose.’
Mindy trudged on, confident she could stay dry, until the parade passed by
the water falls. Four jet streams of water, each one ten feet high, shot
from the center of a water pool, splashing onto the rocks below. Huge water
slides wound around the fountains, emptying out into a large pool. The sound
of all that rushing water was too much. Slowly, Mindy’s bladder relinquished
its hold, and Mindy created a geyser of her own, a flowing yellow eruption
emptying out into her diapers. She continued to walk as the horrible act
took place, and she eyed the crowd nervously to see if anyone noticed. It
didn’t seem anyone had, but that didn’t make it any easier to keep going.
Mindy’s diapers were now bloated and warm and the ruffled panties hung like
a weighted balloon, sagging noticeably between her legs. Mindy was thankful
that she was well diapered, as she could feel the excess liquid that the
first diaper hadn’t contained seeping out around the leg bands and being
absorbed by the middle diaper.
“I told you’d do it again.” Shelly smiled viciously.
Mindy felt a rush of tears well up suddenly, and she had to swallow hard
to avoid bursting into tears. ‘This isn’t fair.’ She thought. ‘Why is this
happening to me? And how does Shelly know what’s going on?’ Mindy tried to
keep her mind off of her condition, but with every step the flooded diapers
rubbed uncomfortably against her skin. If she didn’t get out of her wet diapers
soon, Mindy was sure she’d develop a rash. ‘Try explaining that one to mom.’
She grimaced. ‘Sorry mom, your teenage daughter has a diaper rash.’ Mindy
blushed just from the thought.
They were approaching the home stretch, and Mindy was never so relieved to
see the employee lounge coming in to view. Once inside, she avoided Shelly
and everyone else and headed straight for the bathroom. She locked the door
behind her and removed the baby dress. She slowly peeled off the ruffled
panties, revealing the engorged and discolored diapers below. All three were
warm and wet. Apparently Mindy had had a lot more to drink then she’d thought.
Now she was caught in quite a predicament. If she threw all three diapers
away, like she should, Ms. Renfield would no doubt notice and question her.
If she told her that she’d peed them all, that would surely doom her to a
full summer of diapers. On the other hand, Mindy wanted to be rid of the
soiled undergarments as soon as possible.
“Come here everyone, some final notes before you go home.” Ms. Renfield’s
voice sounded from outside the door.
Mindy took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing.” She said. She quickly pulled
the panties on, hiking up so that they held the diapers tight against her
skin. Mindy gave an anguished groan as the diapers resumed their annoying
position against Mindy’s delicate skin. She put the dress on and headed outside.

“Good job today, everyone. Just a reminder, next weekend is a late weekend,
so be prepared.” Ms. Renfield said.
“What’s that?” Mindy asked.
“It means that instead of the park closing at eight like it usually does,
we’ll close at eleven. It sucks.” Ralph responded.

Summer job - By: Bob Smiley

Mindy listened to the rest of Ms. Renfield’s speech, careful to avoid Shelly’s
gaze. At the end of it all, Ms. Renfield dismissed everyone, adding, “Mindy,
please see me in my office.”
Mindy followed Ms. Renfield into the room she’d been so many times over the
past few days. “I have your shorts, dear.” Ms. Renfield said. She handed
Mindy her jeans shorts, her license in the pocket. You shouldn’t leave them
laying around the costume department, we might think they belong here. See
you tomorrow. Don’t forget what we talked about today, Mindy."
“I won’t.” She replied.
Mindy was relieved to have her pants and keys back, and she headed straight
for the door. As she left, she heard Shelly say, “See you tomorrow, baby
Flustered, Mindy walked quickly to her car. She was still in the baby dress,
and as she opened the door, she realized she’d have to disrobe before entering.
She carefully removed the dress, aware that children and their parents were
still leaving the park. At this point though, she didn’t care. Mindy just
wanted to get home. She tossed her dress in the back seat, her shorts in
the front seat, and sat down.
A pool of urine worked its way to the diaper’s inner surface, pressed out
when Mindy sat down. Mindy boosted herself off the seat, letting the puddle
settle, then sat down much more slowly. As she started her car, Jake came
up to the window.
“Hey, Mindy.” He said, tapping on the closed window. Mindy rolled it down,
and Jake continued. “How’d it go today?”
“I’d rather not say.” Mindy said in a defeated tone.
“Oh. Sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s my own fault.” Mindy replied.
Jake smiled. “It’ll get better soon, I promise. Don’t worry about it.”
“I’m not that worried about it, I’m just worried about Shelly.” Mindy once
again felt tears welling up. She was enraged by the humiliation she’d suffered
at Shelly’s hands.
“Don’t worry about her, either.” Jake said confidently. “Just go home and
rest up. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Mindy headed home, careful to mind the speed limit. Upon arrival, she saw
her mother already home. Her father would be home shortly. “Just what I need.”
Mindy said.
Mindy grabbed her baby dress and headed inside. She tried moving as quickly
and as quietly as she could up to her room, as she could hear her mother
in the kitchen. She made it without being seen, and Mindy undressed briskly.
She stuffed the soiled diapers in a plastic bag she’s had lying on her floor,
and threw on her bathrobe. Mindy went downstairs to say hi to her mother.
She kept the conversation brief, and ended it with “I’m in the shower.” She
headed upstairs and into the bathroom.
The shower was nice and hot, a little warmer than Mindy usually liked it.
Today, however, it was perfect. She stepped out of the shower feeling relaxed
and rested. Mindy dried off and headed to her room, stopping at the top of
the stairs to tell her mom she wasn’t hungry. “I’m tired, I’m just going
to bed.”
“But honey, it’s only seven thirty.” Her mother protested.
“Please, it’s been a long day.” Mindy said. She didn’t feel like being explaining
“Okay, have a good night’s sleep. And be sure to set your alarm, I don’t
want to have to wake you up tomorrow.”
Mindy responded with a simple “Okay.” and then shut her door. After setting
her alarm, Mindy got into bed. She fell asleep almost as soon as her head
hit the pillow, and she slept soundly through the night. In the morning,
her sheets and pajamas were dry, much to Mindy delight. ‘Back to normal.’
She thought. Because it was Sunday, the park didn’t open until eleven. This
meant Mindy had some extra time to relax and wake up before rushing off to
work. Mindy found her way downstairs and had a relaxing breakfast of pancakes
and eggs.
“So, how are things at work?” Her mother asked.
Mindy shrugged. “They’re alright.”
“I noticed you didn’t have the bear suit with you last night.”
“Yeah, well. They gave me a new part.”
Mindy’s father came in and sat down at the breakfast table.
“What part is that?” Her mother continued.
Mindy paused. She figured this might help explain things if her mother ever
found the package of diapers under Mindy’s bed. “I’m a baby clown.” Her father
“It could be worse, you know.” He said.
“How?” She asked. “I walk around all day in a baby dress. I have pacifier
hanging around my neck. How could it be worse?” Mindy’s father was silent.
“That’s what I thought.” Mindy said.
“Well, it’s only for two weeks, right?” Her mother commented.
“Yeah, and I can’t wait for the two weeks to be up.” Mindy finished her meal
and stood up. “Well, time to get ready for work.” She left the table and
headed upstairs.
Once inside her room, Mindy shut the door and moved to her bed. She pulled
out the package of diapers and carefully withdrew six diapers from the plastic
packaging. ‘Here goes nothing.’ She thought. Mindy taped the diapers on tight,
one after another. At the end of it all she could barely touch her knees
together due to the bulk. On top of these came the plastic ruffled panties.
Knowing she wouldn’t be able to fit in the car with the dress on, she saved
it for when she got to work. Mindy finished dressing, grabbed a pair of sweats
to wear at lunch, and headed for the door. She was startled by a chuckle
coming from the front room, just a few feet away from the door.
“Come here, honey. Come look at our little girl.” Her dad sat in the chair,
reading the Sunday paper. Mindy’s mother joined him in the front room, and
the two of them remarked on Mindy’s costume.
“Where’s the dress?” Her mother asked. “And how did you get those ruffled
underwear to puff up so much?”
“Mom, don’t ask.” Mindy said firmly. “I’m leaving. Goodbye.”
As she walked out the door, she heard her father remark, “Do we have film
in the camera? We should take a picture of her.”
Mindy made her way to the car and upon sitting down, Mindy realized just
how much extra thickness the diapers provided. Mindy figured there must have
been a good inch or two of extra padding between the seat cushion and her
seat, and it took a little getting used to. On her way to Water Works, Mindy
flipped through the radio. She happened upon the weather report for her area,
and was delighted to hear some good news.
“It won’t be nearly as warm today as the past few days.” The weatherman said.
“Partially cloudy in the morning, and a high of about seventy in the late
“Perfect.” Said Mindy. She was elated. Less heat not only meant less customers,
but it also meant she wouldn’t drink as much, cutting down on her chances
of an unwanted accident. Mindy arrived at work and headed for the lounge.
Nobody seemed to mind her condition, and she dressed and applied her makeup
in peace.
Ms. Renfield had relatively little new information. She just congratulated
everyone on a good opening weekend, and let everyone know that she appreciated
their efforts. Shelly was late in arriving, and incurred Ms. Renfield’s scorn.
Mindy smiled to herself as Ms. Renfield reminded her, “We need to be sure
to be on time, Shelly.”
“I’m sorry, Ms. Renfield.” Shelly said. She had rings under her eyes and
looked pretty distraught.
Mindy was feeling rather good until Ms. Renfield dropped her final bit of
information. “And in case everyone hasn’t heard, Jake had a slight accident
last night. He’ll be out until at least Wednesday.” Murmurs and whispers
shot through the employee lounge, but Ms. Renfield refused to elaborate.
After the meeting was over, they still had about a half an hour until the
park opened. Mindy made her way over to Shelly, who was slow in getting ready.
“You okay?” She asked.
“Fine. Buzz off.” Shelly said.
“I’m just asking. You just seem upset, that’s all.”
“She’s fine.” Kathy stepped between Shelly and Mindy, and Mindy decided there
was no point in pursuing it.
“See you in a bit.” Mindy said, and left. She found Ralph, and asked him
what happened to Jake.
“He got hit playing street hockey last night. He messed his teeth up, and
had to get some emergency root canal or something. He’s okay, but his mouth
hurts and they’ve got him on pain pills. You can’t act when you’re all messed
“So, do you know where he lives?” Mindy asked. “Maybe we should go see him.”
“Yeah, sure I know where he lives.” He gave Mindy directions, and to Mindy’s
surprise it was only a few blocks from her house. She decided to drop by
after she was done at work.
Ms. Renfield interrupted her and Ralph’s conversation, and gave Mindy her
daily instructions. “You and Shelly will be up front by the ticket taker’s
booths.” She said. “You have lunch at two thirty. After that, wander the
park. The parade starts at five today, not four, so be here by about a quarter
to.” She began to walk off, but then Ms. Renfield turned back around and
said, “Oh, I almost forgot. Here.” She handed Mindy a large baby bottle,
complete with pink top and large yellow nipple.
Mindy faked excitement. “Gee- thanks.” She said.
“Don’t mention it. Now you’ll be the only one in the park who doesn’t have
to stop by every concession stand for water. You can just drink out of your
“How cute.” Ralph piped in.
“Don’t go there.” Mindy warned.
Finally, it was time for the park to open. Mindy checked for Shelly, and
found her in front of the makeup mirror, still applying her makeup. “Go on
ahead, I’ll be there soon.” She said to Mindy.
“Alright.” Mindy was a little unsure about the idea. “See you out there soon.”
“Yes, I told you, I’ll be there.” Shelly shooed her away.
Mindy waddled to the front of the park, and began to wave hello and greet
the people as they entered. As the weatherman had said, it wasn’t that warm,
but Mindy could still have used a drink or two. She couldn’t stop to fill
her bottle because she was the only one performing up front. Shortly, though,
Shelly joined her. After a little while, Shelly said, “I’m going to get a
drink. You coming?”
“It’s pretty busy Shelly. Maybe we should stay here.” Mindy said.
“I’m thirsty. You stay here if you want.”
“Okay.” Mindy said. Then she asked, “Could you do me a favor and fill up
my bottle?” Mindy figured there wouldn’t be any problem with it, as Shelly
had been nice to her for the better part of the morning. Mindy figured it
was as close to nice as Shelly got, anyway.
“Fine. Give it here.” Shelly took the bottle and disappeared.
Mindy was once again working alone. After a rather long absence, Shelly returned.
Mindy took a drink from the bottle, and instead of water tasted sweet cola.
“What’s this?”
“I decided to get a coke.” Shelly said. “I already drank mine, but I got
yours in the bottle. Is it okay?”
“It’s fine, it’s just really syrupy sweet. But thanks.” Mindy took another
Shelly gave her a smile. “No problem.”
The two continued to perform throughout the morning, and after an initial
rush, the crowd slowed down and gave them some time to rest. Despite her
earlier mood, Shelly was actually rather talkative now, and she and Mindy
had a nice conversation. Finally, it came time for lunch. They continued
their conversation on the way back to the employee lounge. Shelly slipped
out of her clown suit, and Mindy was in the process of removing her dress
when Shelly said, “I’m heading to the concession stand. Why don’t you give
me your ticket, and I’ll pick your food so you don’t have to wait in line
“Sure.” Mindy said. She was finally beginning to trust Shelly. She handed
her the meal ticket and said, “I’ll have a chili dog and some French fries.”

“Okay.” Shelly replied, and headed out. She took with her Mindy’s baby bottle,
now empty, and promised to get Mindy another coke.
Mindy continued the rather slow process of undressing. She removed the dress
and panties, and managed to slide all but two of the disposable diapers off.
They remained taped and in perfect condition. Mindy tried removing one more,
but it was held to the innermost diaper and Mindy’s skin by her sweat. She
finally gave up and just slipped the sweatpants over the two diapers. It
didn’t look too awful, but it was rather noisy. With each step came the rustling
of the plastic covering the diapers. Mindy was too hungry to care, though.
She made her way through the mingling crowd to the concession stand. “Over
here.” Shelly called. She waved to Mindy from across the room. Across from
Shelly was Ralph, and placed immediately beside him was Mindy’s food and
Mindy sat down and about how nice it was to not be sitting on six inches
of diapers. ‘Much better.’ She thought. She had no problems drinking straight
from the over-sized baby bottle, but without her dress and bonnet to go with
it Mindy did get a few looks from the passers-by. She and Ralph and Shelly
laughed and talked about their day so far, and Mindy dug into her chili dog.
It was loaded with chili, and even after the dog was gone, there was plenty
of chili left on the plate. Mindy finished it up with a fork and washed it
down with her coke.
“My aren’t you hungry.” Shelly commented.
“I don’t know how you could be with the quality of the food around here.
It’s all grease.” Ralph said.
“It’s okay.” Mindy said. “It’s tastes a little funny, though.”
“No, that’s normal for the chili dogs around here.” Ralph joked. All three
shared a laugh, and then Ralph said, “Well, time to get back to work.” He
headed on his way, and Shelly and Mindy headed back to the lounge to get
redressed. Once dressed, both girls took the opportunity to touch up their
clown makeup.
“How do I look?” Shelly asked.
“Very clown-like.” Mindy replied. “How about me?”
Shelly said nothing, but scrutinized her companion. She then reached over
and adjusted Mindy’s bonnet. She stepped back and took another long look.
“Perfect.” She said.
“You know, you’re not so bad.” Mindy said.
“What?” Shelly seemed taken aback by the remark.
Mindy quickly added “I mean, once I got to know you and you stopped making
fun of me for wearing diapers.”
Shelly just shrugged, a ho-hum look on her face. “I make fun of anyone who
wets their pants.”
Mindy was not prepared for that, and said “What do you mean? I wouldn’t have
done it if you wouldn’t have been fooling around with my costume. Thanks
to you I nearly got fired and I wound up wearing this.” She gestured to her
dress and diapers.
“Yeah well, it could be worse.” Shelly said.
“How? Tell me.” Mindy demanded. Shelly just turned and walked out the door,
leaving Mindy to fume. ‘Just when I thought she was becoming tolerable.’
Thought Mindy.
Mindy waddled out the door and caught up with Shelly. Neither said anything
to the other for a long time. They performed for the crowds and hugged the
children. Shortly after lunch, Mindy’s insides began to feel a little queasy.
She kept on, not wanting Shelly to find out she wasn’t feeling well, but
after a while it was pretty obvious.
Shelly broke the silence, asking, “What’s wrong with you?”
Mindy was about to respond, but she was gripped by an awful stomach cramp.
After a few seconds of discomfort, Mindy responded, “I don’t know. My stomach
is really bothering me.”
“That’s what happens when you eat an extra large chili dog.” Came Shelly’s
response. True, chili dogs usually weren’t good for Mindy’s system, but they
never gave her trouble like this. The two bottles full of coke probably hadn’t
helped either.
The duo kept on, Mindy performing despite her stomach problems. She tried
to stay around the bathrooms, just in case something should happen, but Ms.
Renfield approached them and asked, “Could you guys go back to working the
entrance gate? I know I promised you could wander the park, but it’s getting
busy again and Kevin’s just not keeping up with the crowd.”
Both girls agreed, Mindy a little more hesitantly. The front gates were a
ways away from the refuge of a bathroom stall. They headed to the front,
sent Kevin to wander around Water Works, and started in with their act. It
was then that Mindy’s stomach really became a liability. She got a few hugs
from the little kids and had to work at not pushing them away. All the while
Shelly kept going full speed ahead.
“Shelly, I have to go. I’ll be right back.” Mindy headed off.
“Where are you going?” Was Shelly’s reply.
Mindy didn’t bother answering. She went as fast as the thick diapers would
allow her legs to carry her to the nearest restroom. Fully expecting it to
be booby trapped by Shelly, Mindy entered the bathroom only to find the stalls
unlocked and ready for use. ‘Calm down Mindy. You’re getting paranoid.’ Mindy
reassured herself.
She entered the nearest stall and began to remove her dress. Her stomach
was churning and Mindy wasn’t sure if she would make it. She peeled off the
dress and went to work on the panties. They came slowly at first, but soon
she had them off, too. Next came the diapers. First one, then another, until
finally only two remained. Mindy doubled over as her stomach cramped up once
again. She had to sit down on the toilet seat, she hurt so much. Once the
muscle spasms had let up, she once again set to removing her diapers. She
carefully peeled off the top diaper, slowly sliding it down around her ankles
with the rest of them. The last diaper she removed as delicately as possible,
having to work it off slowly, inching first the right side down her thigh
and then the left. Her perspiration worked like adhesive with the thin plastic
shell, and it was all Mindy could do to keep from ripping it off at the tapes.
Little by little Mindy worked it down her slender legs, and finally she was
diaper-free. No sooner had she done so than another wave of cramps gripped
her torso. She flung open the toilet and sat down. She was so relieved that
she’d lasted this long. She could feel her bowels about to release, and just
relaxed and let it happen. Unfortunately, only gas escaped.
“Damn it!” Mindy cursed. This wasn’t what she’d expected. She did, however,
feel much better shortly after. ‘Maybe it was just gas.’ Thought Mindy. After
waiting a few more minutes, she sighed and pulled her diapers back on. They
were a little stretched out and they didn’t fit quite as nicely as before,
but they were still clean. Mindy finished dressing and headed back out to
meet Shelly.
“What took you so long?” Asked Shelly. “You didn’t piss in your diapers again,
did you?”
“Shut up.” Mindy snapped.
“Just curious.” Smiled Shelly.
They continued to pace the front section, doing as they normally did, and
continuing not to speak to each other except for performances. They day wore
on, and soon both girls sought more refreshment from the concession stand.
“C’mon, let’s go see Kathy and get a coke.” Shelly said.
“No way. We’re supposed to stay here.” Mindy said. In truth, she wasn’t opposed
to the idea, but she didn’t want to get in trouble.
“C’mon. They won’t notice us gone for an extra five minutes.” Shelly nagged.
Mindy caved. “Alright, let’s go.”
They headed to the center of the park, met up with Kathy, and ordered their
cokes. Kathy took care of it so there was no charge. “I’ll have a large glass,
and my girl here will take it in her bottle.” Shelly said. “Hey isn’t that
Jake?” She continued, pointing off to Mindy’s left.
“Where, I don’t see him.” Mindy said, looking eagerly for him.
“Must be just somebody who looked like him. My bad.” Shelly giggled.
“Whatever.” Mindy said. “I didn’t see Jake anywhere.”
Mindy and Shelly rested with their backs to the stand and watched the crowds
go by. It had been a rather busy afternoon, and they were happy to have a
chance to just observe for a while.
“Here you go.” Kathy handed Mindy her bottle, and Mindy took a drink. “Yuck.”
She said. “You should check the machine, it’s way too sweet. I think you
need to adjust the syrup.” Mindy finished.
Shelly took a drink and said, “Mine’s just fine. You’re just too sensitive.”
She walked off, leaving Mindy alone with her bottle.
Mindy waddled after her, and shouted, “Wait up.”
Shelly stopped and turned around, waiting for Mindy to catch up. The girls
began the trek up to the front together, but stopped when they heard a familiar
voice. “What are you girls doing back here?” It was Ms. Renfield, and she
did not look happy.
“Um, nothing Ms. Renfield.” Mindy stammered.
“We were just, um, getting drinks.” Shelly answered, holding up her coke.
She realized it was probably best not to advertise their indiscretion, and
quickly lowered her cup.
“We are going to have a talk after today’s parade. This is not acceptable.”
Ms. Renfield scolded. “Now get to the front of the park! You have a half
an hour until the parade.”
The girls walked back to the front, heads hung low. If anyone wanted a performance
on their way to the ticket taker’s, neither Mindy nor Shelly saw them. “Thanks
a lot.” Mindy said.
“Shut up.”
“You always get me into trouble.” Lamented Mindy.
“You’re just too stupid to not see it coming.” Replied Shelly. “Not my fault.”
Mindy glared at her accomplice, and took another drink from her bottle. They
finished their day up front without incident, although Mindy’s stomach was
once again bothering her. Mindy hoped she wouldn’t embarrass herself with
a gas attack during a performance. She didn’t, and was more than glad that
they were heading back to the lounge.
They met Ralph on his way to the lounge as well, and the trio walked back
together. Ralph tried to get a conversation started, but neither girl was
in the mood for idle chatter. Upon reaching the lounge, Ralph sought more
pleasant company. Shelly went her own way, too, and Mindy wasn’t sorry to
see her go. Her stomach was really cramping up again, and she found a corner
by herself to relax before the parade. Her stomach bubbled and churned. ‘Somewhere
between the pancakes and the chili dog, I really messed myself up.’ Thought
Mindy. She could feel another gas attack coming on, and as she was by herself,
she relaxed and let it come. However, this time it wasn’t just gas.
Mindy was standing, as she had too in the ridiculous dress she wore. Her
legs were far apart because the thickness of the six diapers she wore necessitated
it. Mindy took a deep breath and prepared for a potentially noisy outburst,
when all at once she pooped. A thick stream of diarrhea shot into her diapers,
startling her and causing Mindy to yelp. This drew some attention, but Mindy
quickly grew quiet, and everyone else returned to their conversation.
Mindy continued to poop. It came in waves, accompanied by stomach cramps.
Mindy hunched over, expelling waste with each spasm. It filled out the area
between Mindy’s legs quickly, and began to seep forward to the front of the
diaper. She began to pee as well, also involuntarily. It mixed with the near-liquid
mess already residing in her diapers to produce one of the most sickening
feelings young Mindy had ever had.
She stood paralyzed by muscle cramps, helplessly soiling herself in front
of a room full of people. Her gas exited with a loud noise, and this time
everyone heard. A couple of people laughed, a couple more commented, and
Mindy felt obliged to say, “Excuse me.” Not that it made a difference as
to what she was doing inside her diapers.
The mess became too much for the first diaper, and the warm mess ran flowed
like a brown river past the elastic gatherers. It stuck to her inner thigh,
causing Mindy to gag at the thought of what was going on. The slippery mess
continued to surge forward, and the diarrhea tide made its way to the waist
band of the first diaper. The weight of the movement caused a ridiculous
bulge at the front of the panties, and Mindy was glad that she was hunched
forward so no one could see it.
Then, as quickly as it started, it stopped. Mindy caught her breath and stood
upright, the flood of feces settling slightly as she did so. The panties,
already stretched taunt over the expanse of the diapers, were now bloated
and strained. At least they’d managed to hold in the stench that Mindy assumed
would have to accompany such an awful outpouring. Mindy wasn’t sure if she
should even try walking. She feared one step would cause the entire mass
to burst, and send the diaper’s contents cascading to the ground, exposing
Mindy’s shameful act. Slowly she put one foot in front of the other, and
began to move away from the wall.
Shelly, of course, was the first to spot Mindy’s trepidation. “Well, well,
little Mindy. Didn’t quite make it, did you? See, I told you it could be
worse. You didn’t believe me, so I had to show you.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Mindy whispered in a raspy, menacing
“Who got you the cokes? Who got you your meal? I told you you were ignorant.
You choked down every last bit of the muscle relaxant I was giving you. That’s
why your meal tasted funny, and your drinks, sweet.”
“You bitch!” Mindy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“My mom’s a nurse. She’s got all kinds of stuff around the house. With the
amount I gave you, I’d suggest you stay in diapers for a while once you get
home. Unless you want brown underwear, that is.” Shelly laughed at Mindy’s
stunned reaction.
“Okay people, let’s go, same route and procession as yesterday.” Ms. Renfield
said as she entered the room.
“C’mon baby.” Shelly said as she grabbed Mindy by the arm. “Let’s go on a
Mindy resisted, but Shelly pulled hard and Mindy followed the rest of the
participants out to the start of the parade. She was horrified. As she moved
along, both Mindy and Shelly heard a faint sloshing sound coming from Mindy’s
waist. It was awful. Seconds after the parade has started, Mindy once again
felt her bowels release. The diarrhea came in short bursts, accompanied by
stomach cramps. Mindy trudged on, feeling the weight in her diapers grow
by the second, but powerless to do anything about it.
“How we doing?” Shelly whispered to her.
“I’m going to kill you.” Was Mindy’s response.
“Nonsense. You’re to busy filling your britches, little baby.”

Mindy moved as slow as possible. She felt like she had a ten gallon water
balloon strapped around her midsection. The panties sagged beneath the weight,
but because they were comically big in the first place, most people didn’t
notice. Mindy tried to smile, but her body continued to expel the product
of her earlier meals, causing Mindy considerable discomfort. In between bowel
movements, Mindy’s bladder released steady streams of urine into the already
soupy mix.
Throughout the parade, Mindy’s bowel movements were punctuated by loud wet
farts. Luckily they were walking by themselves for the better part of the
parade, keeping some distance between those in front and those in back of
them. After a rather loud outburst, Shelly asked Mindy, “My goodness. How
much did you eat?”
Mindy had no choice but to relax. She attempted to remove herself from the
situation, to imagine herself on some distant island, alone and free from
the diapers and accidents. It didn’t work, as each spasm and wetting brought
Mindy back to the uncomfortable reality. She felt a tear begin to run down
her face, and she quickly gritted her teeth. Determined not to fall apart
in the face of devastating circumstances, Mindy actually increased her pace.
This surprised Shelly, who commented, “Easy tiger. Don’t burn yourself out
now.” She laughed. “Besides, don’t move to quickly or your diapers will leak!”
Mindy was sure her diapers were already overwhelmed, and her fears were confirmed
as more of the excess waste spread across her backside and slipped out between
her legs. Her inner thighs were now coated, and they burned and itched and
begged for relief. As they rounded the bend, Mindy realized they were coming
to the end of the parade. ‘Relief is in sight.’ She thought. With one last
trumpet blast, her bowels emptied themselves, and Mindy readied for the time
when she would be able to get cleaned up.
Mindy waddled with her legs farther apart then normal, her upper body leaned
slightly back to accommodate the mass of her soiled diapers. She walked almost
as if she was pregnant. Shelly laughed at her, a laugh so humiliating and
vicious that Mindy wished she could just curl up under a rock somewhere and
never come out.
As they ended their parade, everyone congregated in the lounge. They began
to clean up and get ready to go home. Mindy made a b-line for the bathroom.
She shut the door and locked it behind her. Alone for the first time since
she’d pooped her diapers, Mindy burst in to tears like she’d been wanting
to do for at least an hour. There was no holding back. The tears streaked
her clown makeup and soon Mindy’s face was streaked with tears. She didn’t
bother removing her dress. She knew the damage done, and didn’t need to see
it to know it was bad.
A knock at the door startled Mindy, and a voice from the other side asked,
“Are you okay, Mindy?” It was Ralph.
Mindy managed to choke out a response, offering “I’m fine.”
“Um, okay.” Ralph didn’t sound like he believed her. “Ms. Renfield wants
to see you in her office. Shelly’s there, too.”
Mindy groaned. Ms. Renfield was probably still upset about their disappearing
from their assigned position earlier in the afternoon. Mindy stifled her
tears and blew her nose. After washing off the remaining face paint, she
looked at herself in the mirror. Her face looked alright, but her eyes gave
her away. Her baby blues were glassy and red, and Mindy’s nose was running
too. She blew her nose once more, and took a deep breath. ‘Better get this
over with.’ She decided.
Mindy waddled too the door and reentered the main lounge area. Most of the
actors were already gone, but Ralph was there waiting. He approached her.
“You alright?”
Mindy shrugged. “I’m fine.” She lied.
“Did you want to go out after you talk to Ms. Renfield? I thought maybe we
“No.” Mindy cut him off. She realized how rude it must have seemed, so she
added, “I don’t feel well. Maybe tomorrow.”
“Oh. Okay.” Ralph said. He left, his shoulders hunched and his head low.
Mindy joined Shelly and Ms. Renfield in the back office.
“Please close the door and have a seat.” Commanded Ms. Renfield. Mindy shut
the door, but declined the chair.
“I’m okay.” She said. In truth, she couldn’t fathom sitting down in her current
state. Mindy didn’t want to think about what might happen to Ms. Renfield’s
chair. ‘I’d be gone for sure then.’ She thought.
“What’s wrong Mindy? I didn’t ask you to sit down.” Ms. Renfield said.
“I’d rather not.” Said Mindy, getting nervous. “I have terrible leg cramps,
and sitting down would just make them worse.” She was awfully proud of having
thought of such a good story on such short notice.
“Alright.” Ms. Renfield said. “Now listen, you two. You both knew where you
were supposed to be, and you left.” The girls nodded. “This is unacceptable.
If it happens again, you will be relieved of your duties here at the park.
Understand?” Both girls said yes. Ms. Renfield sniffed the air, and added,
“Does it smell funny in here to you?”
Shelly opened her mouth, and began with ‘Mindy pooped-’, but Mindy quickly
talked over here, much louder, saying “A little.”
Ms. Renfield sighed and said “That damn toilet must be backing up again.”
She smiled. “Unless there’s something you’re not telling us, Mindy.”
Shelly again tried to get a word in, but a swift kick to her heel shut her
up. As Ms. Renfield continued, Mindy quietly ran her hand down the back of
her dress, and over the butt of the panties. They felt three times larger
than when Mindy had put them on, and only drove home the terrible mess that
Mindy had made. ‘I didn’t eat that much, did I?’ She thought. It was then
that Mindy’s hand ran along a tear in the seam on the crotch of the panties.
The two halves of the garment were held together by only a few bare threads,
causing Mindy to panic. ‘I split the seams!’ She thought.
No wonder the smell was beginning to seep out. The middle of the diapers,
the part most inundated with the diarrhea, was now exposed. This meant the
ride home was going to be extra messy. Mindy once again felt like just disappearing.

Summer job - By: Bob Smiley

“Are you listening to me?” Ms. Renfield’s sharp voice snapped Mindy to attention.

“Yes ma’am.”
“Okay. That’s it for today, just remember what we talked about here, and
don’t let it happen again.”
The two girls left in silence. Shelly left immediately, and Mindy stayed
behind. She once again made her way to the restroom. She removed her dress
and gagged as the stench from her newly-exposed diapers hit her like ton
of bricks. Carefully, Mindy removed her panties and inspected the damage.
She was relieved to see it wasn’t a hopeless case. ‘A little sewing and these
will be good as new.’ It was a ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day.
Mindy quickly pulled on her old gray sweats that she’d brought with her and
began to waddle to the exit.
The parking lot was near empty and Mindy didn’t see anyone on her way to
her car. She threw the dress in the back and prepared herself for sitting
down. She put one foot in the car, braced herself with her right hand, and
then put her other foot in the car. Still bracing herself, she used her left
hand to shut the driver’s side door. ‘Now for the hard part.’ Thought Mindy.
Spreading her legs a good twelve inches, Mindy eased herself down onto the
hard seat.
As she did so, the mess in her diapers, which was growing ever colder, shot
into the very front of the diapers. It felt like Mindy had a pot of soup
in her pants, as it squished and shifted around her anatomy. Two puddles
seeped out from the diapers’ leg gatherers, and dark stains slowly spread
across the inside seams of the sweatpants. It was too late for Mindy to do
anything about it, and she looked on as another dark gray spot, presumably
caused by excess waste working it’s way over the waist band of her diapers,
stained the front of the sweatpants. Mindy shifted slightly, and could feel
the now all-to-familiar feelings of leaks at the back of the legs, too. She
decided it was hopeless to prevent anymore leakage, and started the car.
On the way home, Mindy shifted several times, never quite getting comfortable,
although she did succeed in spreading the poop over the better part of her
backside, throughout the diapers, and staining the better part of her sweats.
Arriving home, Mindy sat in the car for several minutes. She took a deep
breath and exhaled in a long, anguished sigh. She walked briskly to the house,
no longer concerned with her appearance in the bloated sweatpants. Once inside,
Mindy headed straight for her room and shut the door. She didn’t see her
parents, so her dirty secret was still safe. She grabbed her bathrobe and
ventured out to the bathroom.
Mindy stood in the shower and pulled her pants and diapers off at the same
time. The stench was now unbearable, and Mindy’s eyes watered a little. Mindy
made sure the diapers’ mess was contained by the sweats, and set the smelly
mess outside the bathtub. Now naked, she turned on the shower and let the
water soak her for nearly twenty minutes. She washed herself several times
but never felt truly clean. Mindy had another good long cry in the shower,
her tears carried away in the rinse water. She braced herself against the
shower wall and cried, her body heaving with each exiling of tears.
“Mindy, don’t take so long in there.” Her mother shouted through the locked
bathroom door. “You’re wasting water.” Mindy said nothing.
After the shower, Mindy felt somewhat better. She itched fiercely, and the
smell still lingered. She still felt very gassy, and was worried about a
repeat performance. Because of this, once she was back in her room, she put
on a diaper beneath a new pair of sweats and her favorite t-shirt. ‘Just
in case.’ Mindy assured herself.
Mindy crept downstairs, fearful of meeting her parents. She was aware of
a certain puffiness the diaper added, and the less contact she had with her
mom and dad, the better. Unfortunately for her, Mindy’s dad sat in the front
room watching television.
“Hi pumpkin.” He said. “How was work?”
Mindy stopped short. “Exhausting.” Was all she could think to say. She crept
forward, waiting for the diaper to give her away. It crackled slightly, but
her father either didn’t hear or didn’t think it strange, as he said nothing.
Mindy made her way to the kitchen, grabbed a garbage bag, and headed upstairs.
She stuffed the sweats and diapers in the bag, pressed the air out of it,
and tied it off. Carrying the garbage bag with her, Mindy went to her desk.
She grabbed her purse and car keys and headed downstairs.
“I’m going for a drive.” She announced.
“You just came home.” Her father said from the other room.
“I know, but my friend just had dental surgery, and I wanted to see how he’s
Her mother overheard this from the top of the stairs. “Oh, how is he?” She
“I’m sure he’ll survive. I just want to go cheer him up.”
“What’s that in your hand?” Her mother questioned, gesturing to the garbage
“Uh, it’s a surprise for him.” Mindy said. She knew better than to try to
lie to her mom, as her mother could tell. This time, however, her mother
let her get away with it.
“Okay.” Her mother shook her head, not completely sure of what was going
Mindy headed back to her car. To her relief, there was no sign of the liquid
mess that had worked it’s way through Mindy’s pants earlier. She hopped in
and headed for the only person who could make her feel better- Jake.
Upon arrival at Jake’s house, Mindy recognized Ralph’s car sitting in the
driveway. She made her way to the front door, knocked, and was greeted by
“Jake’s still pretty out of it.” He said.
“Oh.” Mindy replied, trying to hide her disappointment.
“The pain medication is strong, and he’ll be sleeping the better part of
tonight.” Ralph saw Mindy was upset, and said, “I was about to get something
to eat. You want to come?”
With nothing better to do, Mindy decided to join him. “Sure. Where you going?”

“Just down the street. There’s a little diner on the corner, The Eggnest.
They make great omelettes.”
Ralph and Mindy decided to walk, as it was only about five blocks away and
it was a warm summer night. Mindy was worried that her diaper would give
her away, but Ralph didn’t seem to notice. Mindy was relieved when he started
a conversation with her. She eagerly added her piece, not only because it
kept her mind off of the diapers, but because it helped cover up the noise,
too. That, and Ralph seemed like a pretty cool guy. Along the way, they talked
about work and school, and Ralph asked how Mindy was enjoying her job.
“It’s alright.” Mindy said. “I get along with almost everyone.”
“Except Shelly, right?”
Mindy grimaced at the mere mention of her name. “How did you know?”
Ralph laughed. “You don’t need to be psychic to figure that one out. It’s
pretty obvious by the way you two interact.”
They arrived at the diner and were seated in a booth by the bathroom. The
waitress brought them water, then left them alone to decide what they wanted
to eat. They continued to talk, moving on from work to music, sports, and
other topics that interested them. Mindy was surprised to find that Ralph
liked some of the same music as she did.
“You like Elf Power too?” Mindy laughed. “I didn’t think anybody else had
heard of them.”
“Yeah, I just downloaded their new album off the internet. It’s good. I’ll
burn it for you.”
“That is so wrong. It’s just like stealing.” Mindy said sarcastically.
“Yeah, but it’s cheaper. We’re not getting rich working the Water Works scene.”
Ralph countered.
The waitress took their orders, and Ralph had a sausage and cheese omelet.
Mindy played it safe and ordered the soup of the day, clam chowder.
“Not a big breakfast person, eh?” Ralph asked.
“I am, just not… today.” Mindy trailed off. Her stomach gurgled, as if on
cue, and Mindy was reminded of the day’s events. She was sure it was all
out of her system, but Mindy didn’t see any need to tempt fate.
Ralph and Mindy continued to talk and laugh, and Mindy was really beginning
to feel at ease. She’d completely forgotten about her diaper when she heard
a familiar voice at the front of the diner. It was Shelly.
“Great.” Mindy, who sat facing the entrance, tried to sink down below the
booth. It was no use.
Ralph was aware of the situation. “Don’t worry.” He whispered. “She probably
won’t even see you, and even if she does, what makes you think she’d bother
us away from work?”
“I just have a feeling.” Mindy sighed to herself.
The waitress brought their food, and Ralph set in to the omlette. Mindy sipped
her chowder, trying not to become preoccupied with the thought of Shelly
being in the same restaurant. Just then, Mindy felt the pressure begin to
build on her bowels once more, only this time she was well prepared. After
excusing herself, she made her way to the restroom and into the stall. She
had the diaper down around her ankles in no time, noting how much easier
it was with just one diaper than five or six. After finishing her business,
she washed her hands and went back outside to rejoin Ralph.
As soon as she stepped out of the girls’ room, Mindy wished she would’ve
stayed inside. Shelly had seen Ralph, and now stood tableside talking to
him. As Mindy approached, she looked up and smiled. “Why hello Mindy. How
are you?”
Mindy swallowed her anxiousness and replied, “Fine. How are you?”
“I’m great.” Shelly winked. “Glad to see you made it this time.”
Ralph got a confused look on his face, and looked to Mindy for an explanation.
“What’s she talking about?”
Mindy tried to speak, but the only noise that came from her throat was a
hoarse whisper. “I… I have no idea.”
“Sure you do.” Replied Shelly. “Do you want to tell him or should I?”
“No!” Mindy shouted.
“You see, Mindy has problems…” Shelly began as Mindy moved to try and stop
her. Mindy attempted to put her hand over Shelly’s mouth, but Shelly blurted
out the rest of the sentence before Mindy could stop her. “Getting to the
bathroom on time. She has accidents.”
Mindy stopped short, and looked at Ralph to see if he believed what Shelly
was saying. He looked at Mindy, then at Shelly, then back to Mindy. His face
was a mask disbelief and confusion. After a few tense moments, he began to
“Whatever.” He said, then laughed some more. “Mindy, sit down and let’s finish
eating. Shelly, we’ll see you tomorrow at work.”
Mindy breathed a huge sigh of relief, and went to sit down. She was so glad
that Ralph hadn’t fallen for Shelly’s treachery. Shelly, however, wasn’t
so easily put off.
“She wears diapers.” She stated. As it was late Sunday night, the diner was
deserted and Mindy wasn’t as bothered as she would have been by Shelly’s
loud voice and comments. Ralph only laughed harder, which served to infuriate
Shelly. “Fine. Watch.”
Mindy stood helpless as Shelly grabbed the glass of water from off the table.
Hooking the waistband of both the sweats and the diaper beneath her finger,
she pulled them back and proceeded to dump the entire glass of water down
the front of Mindy’s pants. The ice cold water splashed across Mindy’s exposed
skin before quickly seeping into the diaper. All three watched Mindy’s pants,
watched them puff out slightly as the diaper grew to accommodate the liquid.
The white sweats showed not a drop of moisture, and after a few seconds,
Ralph broke the silence.
“Um, Mindy. Why aren’t your pants wet?”
Before Mindy could respond, Shelly said, “I’ll leave you two to discuss.”
She walked off as if nothing had happened, leaving Mindy shattered and speechless.
Mindy ran from the diner and Ralph threw a twenty on the table. He glared
at Shelly as he ran out the door after Mindy. Nearly a block later, he finally
caught up with her. By now, Mindy was in tears. Ralph grabbed her and she
turned away. He took both her arms and pulled her into him, hugging her.
She continued to sob, and Ralph gently rocked her back and forth. When Mindy
had stopped crying, she worked up the courage to look at him face-to-face.
Ralph wiped away a lone tear from her eye and said, “I don’t care. I still
think you’re great.”
Mindy was shocked by Ralph’s statement, and it took her a moment before she
responded. “You… still want to hang out with me?”
“I thought you were the prettiest girl from the moment Jake introduced us.
After talking with you tonight, I see how much we have in common, and how
cool you really are. I don’t care what you wear. I still want to go out with
“Go out…” the concept seemed to much for Mindy to grasp. At this Mindy shook
her head. She pulled away from him and continued down the street. It had
all happened so fast, she didn’t know what to say or think. She left Ralph
standing on the corner alone. She ran on ahead and quickly left Ralph in
the distance. She didn’t look back.
When she got home, she ran to her room without a word, threw herself on the
bed, and cried into her pillow. After a good half-an hour, her tear ducts
were all dried out. Mindy sat up and realized she was still in the wet diaper.
She peeled it off, threw it in the trash, and laid back down in bed. Pulling
the covers up to her eyes, Mindy thought about everything that had happened.
It wasn’t that she didn’t think Ralph was nice, it was just such an awkward
thing to say at that time. She couldn’t handle it. Still, Mindy cursed herself
for not saying something. ‘I know what’s going to happen tomorrow.’ She thought.
‘Shelly will tell everyone, and not even Ralph will back me up.’
Just before falling asleep, Mindy made up her mind on how to resolve the
situation. ‘I’m going to march in to Ms. Renfield’s office first thing tomorrow.’
Thought Mindy. ‘And I’m going to quit.’

In her dreams, Mindy wandered through Water Works, only in her version it
was not the brightly-lit amusement park she worked at, it was instead a dark
and seedy midway. She walked through the park aimlessly, her attention drawn
to several sideshows and barkers promising spectacles and oddities.
One call in particular drew her in. The bearded man standing outside the
tent leered at the crowd, promising that inside awaited ‘world’s oldest baby.’
Mindy shuffled inside along with the rest of the patrons, paying no attention
to their mindless babble. Once inside, she saw herself, sitting alone behind
the bars of a cage. Thick diapers, obviously quite soiled, clung to her waist.
A dirty baby-doll dress hung over her shapely figure, made all the more ridiculous
by the exaggerated frills and bows that adorned it.
Mindy was suddenly aware of the crowd’s stunned silence. They’d seen bearded
ladies, strongmen, and even people without arms or legs, but apparently this
was the most freakish display of a human being they’d ever seen.
A far-away look came to the face of the baby-Mindy, and another dark stain
spread across the diaper’s bulging front. From somewhere in the crowd their
came a restrained, nervous laugh, and Mindy wasn’t sure if they found the
act of defilement funny or if they were just glad it wasn’t them behind the
A woman in a white gown appeared from out of nowhere, carrying powder and
a fresh diaper. She had a silly grin plastered to her face, and she stared
out into the crowd. Without looking at her charge, she led the baby-Mindy
to a changing table. With a woeful look in her eyes, Mindy laid back on the
table and prepared for another invasion of her privacy. The woman in white
untapped the baby-Mindy’s diaper and made a comical face at the stench released.
At this the crowd laughed out loud, all but Mindy. She stood transfixed by
the helpless figure spread out on the table. She stood motionless as the
baby-Mindy was cleaned, powdered, and taped into a new disposable diaper.
All the while Mindy heard the cat-calls and laughter of the crowd, all of
whom seemed to be growing more relaxed with laughing at the pitiful girl
in the baby-doll dress.
The woman in the white dress stood the baby-Mindy up and patted her on the
head. It reminded Mindy of the way a small child pets a subdued house pet.
The baby-Mindy was handed a baby bottle, and she began to feed even though
she didn’t seem to do so out of hunger. She stood with her legs spread wide,
forced apart by intruding plastic garment she was forced to wear. The crowd
cheered again, and this time Mindy heard a voice she recognized.
Without even looking she knew it was Ralph. She turned in the direction of
where the voice had come from, and her suspicions were confirmed. Ralph laughed
again, and beside him Mindy could see the outline of Jake. As she looked
around the crowd, she saw many people she recognized. Ms. Renfield, Kathy,
and of course, Shelly. All of them were delighting in the baby-Mindy’s obvious
discomfort, everyone except Shelly.
She was smiling, of that Mindy was sure. However, Shelly wasn’t laughing
at the baby-Mindy, wasn’t enjoying seeing the baby-Mindy soil herself for
the umpteenth time today. She was just smiling, quietly, to herself. Mindy
studied her face more closely, and saw something that really bothered her;
Shelly’s face registered a look that Mindy felt was very close to relief.

When she woke in the morning, Mindy was covered with a then layer of sweat.
The sheets beneath her were moist, too. A wave of relief washed over her
when Mindy realized that the horrible vision she’d seen was just a dream.
She felt her heart thudding in her chest, felt it gradually begin to slow
to a more normal pace as her body slowly woke up.
Mindy jumped out of bed and pulled down her sleeping shorts. Beneath them
was the diaper she’d put on the night before. She’d done so out of fear,
fear that she was indeed losing control and was on her way to being that
poor over-sized baby of her dreams. To her immense delight, the diaper was
dry. A little sweaty, having been pressed against her thighs for the better
part of the night, but there was no sign that Mindy’s bladder or bowels had
failed her throughout the evening. Mindy sat down on the bed, then laid back,
spreading her arms wide and stretching her limbs.
All at once, a wave of laughter came over Mindy, and she laughed long and
loud. She sat up, energized and more confident than she’d felt in a long
time. She wasn’t a baby. She didn’t need diapers. At least not all the time.
Shelly had tricked her once or twice, but that was no cause for alarm. She
began to get ready for another day of Water Works, calm and collected. Mindy
thought of what may lay ahead of her today, and while it wasn’t a very comforting
thought, she knew she’d be okay even if Ralph deserted her. ‘Besides,’ she
thought, ‘if he really is as great a guy as he seems, he’ll understand about
yesterday. I’ll forgive him his terrible timing, and he can forgive me for
running off without saying anything.’
Mindy’s mother and father had already left for work and Mindy was an only
child, so she had no qualms about walking downstairs with the diaper rustling
beneath her pajamas. She sat at the table and relaxed. She leisurely ate
her instant oatmeal and thumbed through the morning newspaper. After she
was done with breakfast, she finished dressing and grabbed the dress and
props she would use at Water Works. As she headed for the car, she laughed
at herself for thinking she’d tell Ms. Renfield she’d quit.

Mindy arrived at work just in time. She hurried inside, regretting her casual
morning. She made it on time, however, and took a seat ready for Ms. Renfield’s
morning address. She looked around and saw Ralph. He waved, and didn’t seem
to put off by last night’s fiasco at the diner. Mindy smiled to herself.
So far, today was going very, very well. Ms. Renfield talked for a while,
congratulating the crew on one of the best first week openings in park history.
“Keep this up, and I’ll take everyone to pizza next Monday.” She said.
There was a cheer from the workers, and during the applause. Mindy scanned
the crowd for Shelly, but couldn’t find her anywhere. ‘That would be a real
relief’ thought Mindy. Almost immediately she regretted being so mean, even
in her thoughts and Mindy turned her attention back to Ms. Renfield. She
listened attentively and when Ms. Renfield was done talking she went to find
Ralph. As it happened, he found her instead.
“Hey, Mindy,” he stated as soon as he was close enough to not have to shout.
“Sorry about last night. That was way out of line. I just got carried away
and I guess I didn’t think about how you must have been feeling-”
“That’s okay.” Mindy laughed at how Ralph was tripping over himself. “I’m
sorry I just ran off. You deserved more.”
Ralph smiled, and as he so Mindy took a moment to admire the way one side
of his mouth curled up just a bit more than the other. As they prepared for
the day’s activities, Mindy and Ralph made small talk, picking up on where
they’d left off the evening before. Ralph helped her tape on the five or
so extra diapers she’d brought with her and then helped her into the hoop
“How do I look?” Mindy kidded, and strutted down an imaginary runway, turned
and headed back to Ralph.
“You look fabulous.” Ralph said. The two shared a laugh, and Mindy didn’t
care if everyone in the world knew she was wearing diapers, she felt so secure
next to him.
“Hate to break up the party,” said Ms. Renfield as she approached them, “but
we’re going to open soon. Are you guys ready?”
“Sure.” Mindy said.
Ralph did his best Russian-sailor impression. He clicked the heels of his
feet together, brought his body to rigid attention, and saluted Ms. Renfield.
“Ready ven you are, captain.”
Mindy stifled a laugh, and even Ms. Renfield had trouble keeping a straight
face. “Alright, dismissed.” She headed in the other direction.
After Ms. Renfield was gone, Mindy looked around. “Have you seen Shelly?”
She asked Ralph. He shook his head no, and Mindy looked around the changing
area. There was no sign of her partner. “I guess I’ll see you out there.”
Mindy said to Ralph, then set about trying to locate Shelly. She asked around,
but nobody had seen her for awhile. As Mindy continued to look, she felt
the need to pee. Mindy groaned, realizing what a pain it was going to be
to get all her clothing off and back on again, but she was glad she wouldn’t
have to hold it rushed this time. For the first time she could remember Mindy
used the bathroom at Water Works. Shelly didn’t bother her and Mindy didn’t
even have to fight the diapers to get relief. After emerging from the bathroom
Mindy saw Shelly coming in the door. There were huge bags under eyes. She
stormed over to her locker and quickly began to get ready.
“A little more pissy than usual this morning, I see.” Mindy said as she came
up behind Shelly. Shelly turned around and glared at her. Mindy could see
Shelly had been crying. “What’s up with you?”
“I just had a bad night, okay? Now buzz off and let me get ready.” Shelly
turned back around began to dig her costume out of her bag. Mindy turned
to leave, but something caught her eye. There, at the bottom of Shelly’s
bag, tucked behind her clown wig and big red shoes, Mindy thought she saw…
A diaper.
Mindy waited until Shelly went to the bathroom to put on her makeup. She
looked around and ensured no one was paying attention to her. Carefully she
unzipped Shelly’s bag. She realized now that Shelly was one of few people
who brought her costume with her in a big duffle bag. Most people either
wore their costume or brought it in a plastic bag. Mindy ran her hand through
the bag, constantly scanning the room to make sure Shelly wasn’t going to
see her.
“Eureka.” Mindy said to herself. Even without pulling it out of the bag,
Mindy knew what she held in her hands. The soft plastic shell, the soft padding
beneath her fingertips- Shelly had diapers in her bag. Now Mindy just had
to find out why. She figured confrontation was no good considering her own
diapered state, so she decided to use a little stealth and cunning. Mindy
left to retrieve some items from her bag.
After grabbing her compact and lipstick from her bag and concealing them
in her diapers, Mindy joined a refreshed Shelly and they headed out for the
morning routine. Shelly said nothing more about the previous night; she hardly
said anything at all. Mindy didn’t mind though because Shelly also seemed
to lose interest in tormenting her diapered coworker. Shelly and Mindy were
assigned to the opening gates, so once the morning rush died down Mindy used
the opportunity to talk to Shelly.
“You ok? You seem out of it.” Mindy said.
“Whatever. I’m hung over.” There was some hesitation in her answer. Mindy
could smell a lie a mile away.
“Whatever.” Mindy turned back to the crowd. She began to wonder if something
more serious weren’t going on. Not that she wanted to hear Shelly’s problems.
Finally it was lunch break. Mindy’s bladder was beginning to need relief,
so before she ate she made her way to the crew room she came into in the
morning. It had the only crew-only bathroom on site. No crowd, no Shelly.
Mindy made her way to the restroom, into the stall, she gripped the frilly
rubber pants covering her many diapers and pulled them down, only to hear
a loud ripping sound…
Mindy held the pants with her left hand, and felt behind her with her right.
She felt her diapers, and above that, the elastic waist band of the rubber
pants. A knot formed in Mindy’s stomach. She finished removing the pants,
hoping somehow to find little damage. Instead, she was greeted by a huge
tear running all around the back of the pants. There was no way they could
be worn now. Mindy finished going to the bathroom in the toilet, but it was
little consolation to knowing that her diapers were going to be center stage
the rest of the day. How was she going to hide this from Ms. Renfield?
Mindy searched around the back of the dress, and found the cause of the rip:
a safety pin that had been placed in the pants and attached to the dress.
They were still on the dress, and had ripped through the pants when Mindy
removed them. There was no way to repair the damage; she’d have to buy new
ones at the store tonight. ‘I’m going to end up spending more money than
I make on this job.’ she thought.
She met back up with Shelly, who smiled for the first time that day when
she saw Mindy wore no rubber pants. From the look on Mindy’s face Shelly
knew there was no need to argue about what had happened.
“Sorry. Couldn’t resist.” Shelly said. Mindy looked like she wanted to explode.
“Too bad you’re face is white grease paint, 'cause I’m sure you’re pretty
red under there.” Mindy decided to ditch her partner and find Ralph.
Ralph was finishing his corndog. He saw Mindy coming, and heard the rustle
of her plastic undergarments over the din of the crowd. “Hiya!” He said,
mouth half full.
“How’s it going.” Mindy sat down in a heap. She told Ralph about what Shelly
had done, and Ralph had trouble keeping his voice down.
“You have to tell Ms. Renfield.” He said. “Shelly should be fired.”
“If I tell Ms. Renfield, I still have to own up to ripping the pants. I could
still be fired.” Mindy smiled and tried not to look to concerned. “I have
a plan though.”
Ralph returned her mischievous grin and said, “I love when you get that look.
I’ll go with you to the costume supply downtown after work. We can pick up
a new pair tonight.”
“Great.” Mindy smiled. “It’s a date.”
Mindy and Ralph said goodbye and Mindy rejoined Shelly. She seemed in a better
mood than before. Mindy was still fuming about the pants. They said little
to each other, just went into their act. After about an hour, Shelly got
a pained look on her face.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” She said suddenly. Mindy watched her go and
waited until Shelly entered the bathroom to follow. She slipped through the
crowd and Mindy followed Shelly into the bathroom. Mindy realized that she
would need to move slowly to avoid her diapers from rustling too loudly and
alerting Shelly as to her presence. When she opened the door however, she
found this wouldn’t be a problem. Two of the three faucets were turned on
and the water rushed loudly down the drain. Mindy bent over and waddled with
her head down by her knees, checking beneath the stalls. Only one was taken
and it was Shelly’s. Shelly didn’t see her though, so Mindy ducked into the
adjacent stall.
She removed her compact and held it to the ground. She used it to peek into
the stall beside her. Mindy caught just enough in her round mirror to know
that Shelly had just finished taping on a diaper. She smoothed out the sides
and then pulled up her tights. ‘Gotcha.’ thought Mindy. She left the stall
and the bathroom completely. She knew what she saw, but she didn’t know just
how she wanted to use this juicy bit of information. The rest of the day
passed, Shelly and Mindy worked the park, and Ms. Renfield was kept ignorant
to Mindy’s having ripped the pants.
Finally the day was over, and Mindy and Ralph headed back to her house before
going downtown to get the new pants. At the costume store, they were able
to find the exact pair, complete with white frilly ruffles. Mindy felt a
little silly buying them with Ralph, but she appreciated his willingness
to be there, and she was really getting to enjoy his easy-going manner.
After the costume store Mindy and Ralph had pizza. They talked movies and
music, and avoided discussing work. On the drive back home, Ralph looked
somewhat uncomfortable.
“What’s up?” Mindy asked.
“Well, I have something I want to say, but I kinda don’t know how to say
it.” Ralph said. He seemed genuinely tongue tied.
They arrived at Mindy’s house, and Ralph still couldn’t find the words. “You
sleep on it.” Mindy said as she hopped out of his car. “And tell me tomorrow.”
“Oh no, I couldn’t say this at work.” He blushed slightly.
“Who said anything about work? I figured you and I could have dinner tomorrow.”
Mindy looked at Ralph, hoping her advance hadn’t seemed too forward.
“Yeah, great.” Ralph seemed distracted. “Yeah, we’ll go out after work tomorrow,
I’ll tell you then.” They said goodnight and Ralph headed home.

Summer job - By: Bob Smiley

The next morning, Mindy was out of bed before her alarm. She wasn’t looking
forward to her time at work, but she couldn’t wait to see Ralph after work.
Upon arriving at Water Works Mindy met up with Ralph, who had a huge grin
on his face.
“Why aren’t you Mr. Sunshine.” Mindy said.
“I spoke to Jake last night. He’s up and around and feeling great. He’s enjoying
the pain killers the doc gave him.”
“That’s great.” Mindy smiled. “We should go see him after work.”
They were interrupted by Ms. Renfield. “Have you guys seen Shelly?” She asked.
Both shook their head no. “If you see her, let me know.” Ms. Renfield said.
Mindy excused herself to the bathroom. She made it a habit to use the bathroom
now just before she went out for the day, to cut down on any chance of an
‘accident’. This morning, however, the single-person bathroom was locked.
Mindy stood off to the side and waited, figuring it would only be a few minutes.
As she stood there, she heard what sounded like crying coming from inside.
She listened closely and realized that someone was, indeed, crying in the
bathroom. Mindy knocked on the door.
“Are you ok?” She asked. She had no idea who was in there, but she figured
this was as good a way to find out as any.
“Go away Mindy!” It was Shelly.
“Ms. Renfield’s looking for you.”
“I don’t care.” Was Shelly’s reply.
“If you don’t come out now, I’m going to tell Ms. Renfield.” Mindy threatened.
She waited for a response, and when none came, she said simply, “Fine. Where
is Ms. Renfield.” She began to walk a way, but stopped when she heard the
bathroom door open.
“Please don’t tell her.” Shelly said. Her head was sticking out of the open
door, and her cheeks were flush. Her voice was very small and scared, which
was unusual for Shelly. Mindy walked back to her, genuinely concerned. For
Shelly to be acting like this, especially to Mindy, something serious must
have happened.
“What’s wrong?” Mindy questioned.
“You… you can’t tell anyone.” Shelly said.
“I won’t. What happened.” Mindy stood at the door of the bathroom. As she
approached, Shelly drew back, making sure her body was out of view. Only
her head was visible from outside the bathroom, a pale scared face seemingly
floating in the hall.
“I can’t tell you. Come here.” She grabbed Mindy and pulled her inside.
“What’s going on?” Mindy was confused at first, but as she looked upon her
coworker, much more came to light. Shelly stood before her, eyes bloodshot,
skin ashen. What Mindy noticed most, however, was the dark stain running
down the inside of Shelly’s legs. The cloth that would have normally been
the bright orange of her clown suit was dark and discolored, and stuck out
from the rest of the fabric like a sore thumb. It was painfully obvious to
the most casual observer what had happened to poor Shelly.
“What happened?” Mindy said, then immediately winced at the question. When
this happened to her, it was the last thing she’d wanted someone to ask.
“What do you think?” Shelly said, again on the verge of tears. “I wet my
pants.” She wiped away a tear, and Mindy moved in to console her.
“Don’t cry. I’m sure it was just an accident.” At a time like this, Mindy
would have thought she’d be savoring seeing her former tormentor in such
a reduced state. However, looking at Shelly now, Mindy felt nothing but pity.
“It was, but…” Shelly looked at her with puppy-dog eyes. “It keeps happening.
I nearly peed my pants twice last week, and I…” She trailed off and stared
hard at her feet.
“You what?” Mindy was alarmed.
“I wet my bed. Three times last week, including last night.” Shelly pulled
away and sulked over to the corner. “And the night before that. That’s why
I had such a rough day yesterday. Then you found my diapers. I wasn’t going
to risk being seen with diapers, so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem if
I went without today-”
There was a knock at the door, and Ms. Renfield asked, “Shelly, are you in
there? You need to be in you place. And have you seen Mindy?” Shelly shot
a panic-stricken look at Mindy, and Mindy winked back.
“Don’t worry.” She whispered. “I’ll handle this.” She opened the bathroom
door and told Ms. Renfield, “Shelly’s feeling a little ill.”
“Oh.” Ms. Renfield commented. “Is she going to be alright?”
“I think she’ll be fine. I’ll stay with her until she’s feeling better, than
we’ll head right out to our places.”
“Okay. No need to hurry. Just make sure she’s well.” Ms. Renfield headed
outside. Mindy looked around the room, and saw that it was empty. She headed
back in to Shelly.
“We’re alone now. Tell me more.” Mindy leaned against the wall, while Shelly
sat on the toilet.
Shelly sniffled, then continued. “It started happening about three weeks
ago. It’s just like my bladder shrank or something. I don’t know why. At
first, I wasn’t that worried. It was just a slight spot every know and then.”
Shelly looked at her confidant, making sure Mindy was keeping a straight
face. Mindy’s face showed true concern, and Shelly continued. “Then, about
a week before school ended, it happened. Just after lunch, some friends and
I were heading back to school. We’d eaten at the pizza place just off campus.
I completely lost it and ended up soaking my pants and the backseat of Cindy’s
S.U.V. It was awful. They didn’t talk to me after that, except to make fun
of me, and tell anybody who’d listen what’d happened.”
“That’s awful.” Mindy said. Then she realized that was exactly how Shelly
had handled Mindy’s accident. Growing a little angry, she asked Shelly “So
why did you do that to me? I never made fun of you.”
“I know, but I just saw the opportunity to make someone else the scapegoat.
I figured it’d take the pressure of me, and no one would notice if-”
“If you wet yourself? Gee, glad I could be of assistance.” Mindy was beginning
to yell. For the first time since she’d began working at Water Works, Mindy
saw a frightened look cross Shelly’s face.
“It’s not just that.” Shelly tried to explain. “You and I were working so
closely. I guess I just thought that if you were already in diapers, and
embarrassed and stuff, then if I did have an accident, you wouldn’t tell
anyone.” Shelly hung her head in disgrace at just how childish the idea sounded.
“Why would you think that I’d do that in the first place. I had the perfect
chance to rat you out just a few minutes ago, but I didn’t.” Mindy had cooled
off a bit, but was still having trouble deciding what to make of Shelly’s
twisted logic.
“Thank you.” Shelly said in a quite voice. “I’m sorry. Really, I am.”
“That does me a lot of good. For the last week, I’ve dreaded coming to work.
You embarrassed me in front of friends, in front of Ralph!”
Shelly blushed and again apologized. Mindy was silent for a short while,
and then accepted Shelly’s statements. The two girls sat facing each other,
and talked about where to go from here. Mindy promised not to tell anyone
about Shelly’s problem, as long as Shelly promised not to tell anyone about
Mindy’s week in diapered hell.
“Back to the big issue.” Mindy said. “You should really go see a doctor.”
“I know, but it’s not the type of thing I really want to discuss with anyone,
much less a stranger. My family doctor’s out of town on vacation until a
week from Monday, but I’ve got an appointment to see her the day she gets
back.” Shelly stated. “I just hope I last that long.”
“Oh, no worries. I’m sure it won’t be anything permanent. Besides, after
a few days, you get used to the diapers.” Mindy said. There was an uncomfortable
moment of silence, during which Mindy wished she could take the rather revealing
statement back. She added, “So, I guess we should be going, huh?”, and rose
to her feet.
“I don’t see how I can go out there.” Shelly said, getting to her feet as
well. “My outfit is still stained.” Sure enough, as both girls looked upon
Shelly’s attire, the inner legs were still noticeably darker than the rest
of the material.
Mindy got an idea. “Wasn’t there another clown costume in wardrobe?” She
“Yeah, but that’s too big for me.” Shelly replied.
Mindy smirked slightly, and said “Okay. Here’s the plan. You become the baby.”
Shelly opened her mouth to protest, but Mindy held her hand up to stop her.
“Let me finish. You wear this costume- it’s small on me, it should fit you
fine. I have about six diapers on under here, you can have five. I guess
I’ll go diapered for one more day. Not that I’ll need it.” She added quickly.
“I’ll wear the clown suit, as I’m a little bigger than you are, and the size
shouldn’t be a problem.”
“I don’t know.” Shelly said. “I don’t think I can get used to diapers, and
the whole baby bonnet thing is just not me.” She was regaining her composure.
Mindy leveled a hard stare at the indignant girl, and said “You owe me one.
Think of this as payback.”
Shelly relented, and Mindy went to retrieve the clown costume from the wardrobe
department. The park had been open for nearly a half an hour now, but Mindy
wasn’t worried. She found the suit without much trouble, and returned to
the bathroom and Shelly. She removed the baby dress, bonnet, and ruffled
panties. One by one, Mindy peeled off five disposable diapers. She handed
them to Shelly, who took them along with the rest of the outfit into the
Mindy waited apprehensively for Shelly to present herself, but after waiting
several minutes Shelly was still in the stall. “Come on, it can’t take you
that long to change.” She goaded.
“Do I really have to wear this?” Shelly said over the top of the stall door.
Mindy laughed, not to be cruel, but because Shelly sounded like a real little
girl when she asked the question. “Yes. Come out and let momma see your new
clothes.” With a sigh, Shelly opened the door and stepped out. She almost
got stuck, as she wasn’t used to the hoop skirt. “Yeah, it’ll take you a
while to get used to that. But you look so cute. I need a picture.” Mindy
clapped her hand.
“Only if I get a picture of you now.” Shelly retorted. It was then Mindy
realized she stood before her in just a diaper and t-shirt.
“Oh!” Mindy felt suddenly modest. She quickly grabbed the overalls for the
clown suit and threw them on. She finished dressing and together the two
put on their makeup. Nearly forty-five minutes after it opened, Water Works
finally had its clowns.
“Well, this is a change.” Ms. Renfield said as they passed her on the way
out. “Are you feeling better, Shelly.” She said.
“Um, a little.”
“She’ll be fine.” Mindy said, and led her new baby by the hand out to the
Things were going well, and Mindy and Shelly wandered the park with no real
direction other than where the crowd was. Shelly seemed much more friendly
toward her one-time target, and Mindy couldn’t help but snicker to herself
as Shelly moved clumsily through the park, still getting used to her new
position. Mindy, on the other hand, was thrilled at the increased freedom
she was experiencing. Not expecting to be out of diapers, Mindy hadn’t brought
any underwear, but compared to the five or six undergarments she was used
to wearing, wearing just one was almost as good. As lunch time approached,
Shelly began to squirm.
“What’s wrong?” Mindy asked.
“I have to pee.” Shelly said. “I’ll be right back.” Mindy let her go, although
she thought it would have been funny to make Shelly stay and watch as she
slowly broke down and wet her diapers. A few moments later, Shelly returned,
“That was quick.”
Shelly cast a nervous glance around, then leaned close to Mindy’s ear and
whispered, “I didn’t, um, make it.”
“Really?” Mindy said, trying to hide her amusement.
“I told you, I just don’t have the control. It’s like it comes up more suddenly,
and when I try to hold it, it really, really hurts. I just have to release.”
“Okay, too much information. Just tell it to your doctor.” Mindy replied.
The two continued to perform, and Shelly made it to lunch time without further
incident. She did, however, manage to annoy Mindy to no end by asking if
it was obvious she’d wet herself.
“For the fiftieth time, no. Now stop asking me or I’m going to announce it
over the P.A. system.” Mindy said.
A shot of tear leapt across poor Shelly’s face. “You wouldn’t!” She said.
Then, a little less sure of herself, she asked, “Would you?”
Mindy laughed. “No. But don’t ask that question anymore.”
At lunch, Ralph joined Mindy and Shelly at their table. It was pizza all
the way around, and Ralph couldn’t help but comment. “You two seem to be
getting on a lot better. Is there something I don’t know about?”
Shelly looked at Mindy, then back to Ralph. “No, we just- had a bit of a
role reversal.”
Ralph played with the pacifier that hung around Shelly’s neck. “That’s obvious.”
Sensing some discomfort on Shelly’s part, he changed the subject. “So, yeah.
Mindy and I were going to visit Jake this afternoon-”
“Can I come?” Shelly asked.
“I was going to ask if there was anything you wanted me to tell him, Shelly.”
Ralph said, clearly annoyed.
“Sure. You can come.” Mindy said. She gave Ralph a glance that told him not
to argue, but he was still confused. Mindy figured at maybe it would do Shelly
some good.
Shelly got a rather skittish look in her eyes, and said, “I don’t have to,
not if you don’t want…”
“Aww, baby Shewwy, I think you likey Jake.” Ralph moved to pinch Shelly’s
cheek, but she slapped his hand away before he could complete the action.
“I do, I just…” Shelly ran out of words.
“Don’t worry. I know how much you really like Jake.” Ralph sat back and winked.
Shelly’s face went red.
“What are you talking about?” Asked Mindy. She looked at both her companions
for an answer, but neither would reveal anything further. “Do you like like
“Maybe.” Shelly said in a quiet voice.
Mindy clapped her hands together and threw her body back with such force
she nearly fell out of her seat. “That’s so cool. Does he know?”
“Nope.” Ralph said. "He is just clueless about little Shelly here’s deepest
“It’s not that deep, I just think he’s pretty cute.” Shelly smiled at the
mere thought of Jake. “Besides, I thought he was with you. That was another
reason I was kind of a bitch to you.”
“With me?” Mindy was genuinely surprised. “No.” She looked at Ralph, who
was obviously relieved with her answer. “I’ve got my eye on another boy.”
“Well, look at the time.” Ralph said. “Back to the old grind.” He picked
up his tray and left the girls to their conversations.
As Mindy and Shelly left the food court, Mindy continued to grill Shelly
on her feelings for Jake. After much arm-twisting, Shelly relented and agreed
to accompany Mindy and Ralph over to see their injured friend. In return,
Mindy promised not to say anything to Jake about Shelly’s crush, and also
agreed to drive Shelly home so she could change before they went.
As the day drew to a close, Mindy and Shelly finished their routines, and
headed inside. There was no parade on weekdays, so the pair removed their
makeup and Shelly followed Mindy to her house. Ralph rode with Mindy, and
along the way they discussed the day’s turn of events.
“It’s strange.” Mindy said. “I never thought we’d be anything more than enemies.
I guess I’m glad I got to know more about her, but it still bugs me that
she did those things to me.” Ralph listened with great interest as Mindy
went in to detail about all that Shelly had done to her, and the look on
his face when she was done was one of pure shock.
“I don’t think I could ever be friends with anyone who did that to me.” He
“Well, she seems to have changed for the better. Besides, I know something
about her that makes us even.”
“Oh, do tell.”
Mindy shook her head. “No, I promised not to. It’s rather personal.”
They arrived at Mindy’s house and Mindy showed her guests up to her room.
Once there, she closed the door. Removing the half-empty package of diapers
from beneath her bed, Mindy said, “Here’s the diapers for use with the baby
costume.” Shelly took them and said nothing.
“You’re going to give her all of those?” Ralph said, sounding somewhat disappointed.

“Yeah, why not?” Mindy asked.
“Just thought, you know, with your accidents of late…”
“Hasn’t she told you? I did that to her.” Shelly said. “I was being selfish
and immature. But that’s behind me now.” She said it more as if to convince
herself than anyone else in the room.
“Just checking.” Ralph finished.
“Okay, guys, out of my room. Time for me to change.” Mindy ushered her friends
out of her bedroom, then changed out of her clown overalls and into a short
pair of shorts and a baby T. She was especially excited to peel off the diaper
she’d been wearing all day, still dry and unused, and slip into a pair of
cotton panties for the first time in almost a week.
She joined her colleagues in the front room, and together they drove over
to Shelly’s house. They pulled into the driveway, Ralph in the back, Shelly
in the passenger seat, and Mindy behind the wheel. “Ralph, stay here.” Shelly
commanded as they came to a stop. “Mindy and I have something to discuss.”
Mindy looked confused, but still followed Shelly into the house. Shelly was
up the stairs and in her room in a flash, not wanting anyone to see her in
the baby doll dress and carrying the diapers. When Mindy walked into Shelly’s
room, the first thing she noticed was the stripped bed. Their were no sheets,
and a slight stain marked the middle of the mattress.
Shelly shut her door and explained. “I don’t really care what my parents
think, but I have a younger sister, Tracy, and I’d just die if she saw me
like this.” Mindy nodded. “That’s another reason why I haven’t told anyone
about my… problem.” With Mindy’s help, Shelly slipped out of the dress and
laid out some summer clothes.
“You might not want to wear that.” Mindy said, spying Shelly’s choice of
a loose-fitting sun dress. “The diapers will make to much noise beneath that.”
“Do you really think I should wear diapers during the day?” Shelly asked.
“Well, you’ve wet them once already today. If you don’t want to run the risk
of really embarrassing yourself in front of Ralph and Jake, I’d say it’d
be a safe bet.”
Shelly’s shoulders slumped, and in a slightly irritated tone she said, “You’re
right.” She flipped through her wardrobe, and Mindy suggested a pair of athletic
pants. They were baggy and ruffled when Shelly moved, so they’d be perfect.
Not only that, but the navy blue color could cover up any unexpected leaks
that might develop. “Okay, turn around.” Shelly said. Mindy faced the wall
while Shelly peeled off her soiled diaper, then slipped one of the clean
ones on. She’d been wearing it all day, so the tapes were already fastened.
When she was done, she told Mindy “Okay, you can turn around again. Just
trying to preserve a little of my dignity.” She smiled at Mindy
The two girls made small talk while Shelly finished dressing, and Mindy looked
over her C.D. collection. After she was dressed, Shelly shoved the diaper
package beneath a mound of shoes that took up the better part of her closet.
The girls headed back downstairs, and Mindy got her first glimpse of Tracy,
a girl of about sixteen that Mindy had seen around school. She was sitting
on the couch in the front room, zoning out on MTV.
“Tell mom I left for the evening.” Shelly said as she grabbed her purse.

“Whatever.” Was Tracy’s reply.
“What took you guys so long?” Ralph whined as they climbed back in Mindy’s
1994 Honda Civic.
“We’re girls, we’re allowed to take a long time when getting ready.” Shelly
kidded him.
“Besides, you want Shelly to look good for her date, don’t you?” Mindy laughed.
“It is not a date. I’m just going to see how Jake is doing.” Shelly responded.

It was about fifteen minutes from Shelly’s house to where Jake lived, and
as they pulled up to his house, Mindy saw Jake sitting in a chair near the
front room window. “He’s expecting us, huh?”
“Yeah, I called and told him we’d be coming over while you guys were in the
house.” Ralph flashed his cell phone.
Jake greeted them at the door, opening it before Mindy even had a chance
to knock. Jake stood before them in baggy sweats and a ratty t-shirt, his
hair unkempt and thick slippers on his feet. He’d obviously been in bed all
day. “Hey guys.” He said, a faraway, dazed look in his eyes. Jake showed
them upstairs, his movements made slow and clumsy by the painkillers he’d
been taking.
“You okay, man?” Ralph asked.
“As well as can be expected.” Jake replied. He slumped down in the chair
and put his feet up on a foot rest. “Have a seat.” He motioned to the couch.
Everyone sat down and tuned in to the movie Jake had on the television. Mindy
nudged Shelly and whispered, “Offer to get him something.”
“What?” Shelly asked.
“I don’t know a pillow or a coke or something.” Mindy said.
“Um, Jake, are you comfortable? Would you like a pillow or something?”
Jake looked a little bewildered by Shelly’s offer. After a short pause, he
said simply, “No thanks.”
After awhile, the movie wasn’t that interesting anymore, and the group broke
into general conversation. Jake asked how work was going, and everyone agreed
it much better now that the weather wasn’t as hot as it had been. Jake informed
his friends he expected to be gone from Water Works until the end of the
“What are you going to do until then?” Shelly asked.
“I don’t know. Just hang around here I guess. I’m going to be so out of it
from the pain pills, I probably won’t be able to do much else.”
“And you’re parents are still on vacation until when?” Mindy asked. She shot
a glance at Shelly, who was listening for the answer with great anticipation.
“Until next Wednesday.” Jake kept his responses short as it was the most
comfortable for his wounded mouth.
“So,” Shelly asked apprehensively, “whose going to cook for you and make
sure you get tucked in and things?”
Looking somewhat annoyed at Shelly’s insinuating that he still needed to
be ‘tucked in’, Jake said, “I don’t know. Me, I guess.”
“You shouldn’t have to do that. Not when you’re all dosed up on the medication.
Tell you what, I make a great chicken soup. It’ll go down easy. I’ll bring
some over to you tomorrow.” Shelly smiled.
“Um, sounds great.” Jake said, and looked at Ralph. He just shook his head
and smiled. “Well, I’m going to go to bed, so, I guess this is goodbye for
today.” Jake continued, getting to his feet. He showed the three of them
out, and locked the door behind them.
“You don’t think I came on too strong?” Shelly asked. Ralph and Mindy couldn’t
respond, as they were too busy laughing.
“Do you need me to tuck you in?” Ralph did his best Shelly imitation.
“Knock it off!” Shelly said, but even she had to laugh as Ralph continued
to dance around her like a fool and continued his impersonation. Mindy laughed
too, and soon all three were in hysterics.
All at once, Shelly’s laughter was cut short. Her legs locked at the knees,
Shelly stood helpless as all at once her bladder gave way. It felt like a
warm-water dam had burst in between her legs, as the diaper’s absorbent core
sucked up the sudden rush of fluid. Ralph continued to laugh, unaware of
what was going on, but Mindy noticed immediately, although she didn’t say
When it was all over, the diaper around her waist felt like a ton bricks
to Shelly. She took a cautious step forward, continuing her journey to the
car, but winced when she felt the damp undergarment rub against her most
delicate skin. Trying to act calm she kept the pace, but a voice in the back
of her head was screaming for her to stop. ‘It’s not going to leak, it’s
won’t leak. It can’t leak on me, not here.’
“What was that?” Ralph said, no fully recovered from his earlier laugh attack.
“Nothing.” Shelly said. She didn’t realize that she’d been talking out loud.
She moved pensively to the back seat, and sat down very slowly. She inhaled
a quick, short breath as she made contact with the seat, the liquid in the
diaper rising to the surface and pooling near the rear. Shelly slid back
in her seat and felt the moisture collect near the leg bands of the diaper.
Again she told herself that nothing was wrong and this was a natural occurrence
when one wets one’s diaper, but Shelly couldn’t remember the last time she
was in a wet diaper to judge.
“You okay?” Ralph asked, and Mindy made eye contact with Shelly through the
rear view mirror.
“I’m fine, just a bit of a stomach ache.” She said. Shelly was quiet for
the rest of the ride home.
Mindy pulled into the driveway of Shelly’s home, and turned to face her new-found
friend. “Here.” She handed Shelly a scrap of paper with her number on it.
“Call me if you want to talk.”
“Thanks.” Shelly smiled meekly, then moved to get out of the car. As she
exited, she felt a two damp patches on her pants, one on either cheek. Not
wanting to draw the ordeal out any more than necessary, she hurried in to
the house.
“Now, back to your place.” Ralph said.
Mindy threw it into reverse and turned her head to see behind her. As she
did so, she caught sight of two small stains on the seat where Shelly had
been sitting just moments before. Mindy subconsciously looked at Ralph, to
see if he’d noticed. He was oblivious as always, fiddling with the radio.
Mindy backed out and the two were on their way. During the ride home, Ralph
and Mindy talked about music and movies. Both of them were fans of science
fiction and scary flicks, and quizzed each other on some of the more recent
celluloid features they’d seen.
“Whose your favorite director?” Ralph asked.
“Stanley Kubrick. You?”
“Quentin Tarantino.”
Mindy then brought up sports, being a soccer girl herself, but Ralph wasn’t
much of a sports fan.
“I played baseball in grade school.” He said. “That’s about it.”
“So what do you want to do when you get out of college?” Mindy asked.
“I don’t know. I’d really like to act, but…”
“Me too!” Mindy said excitedly. “I’m hoping to go away to college for drama.”
“Where do you want to go to college?” Ralph questioned.
They talked for a little while longer, lamenting the price of universities
and the books required for study. Mindy pulled in to her driveway, alongside
Ralph’s car. Mindy, looking for a way to extend her time with Ralph, turned
to him and said, “Did you want to come inside for a bit?”
“Sure.” Ralph said. He tried not to seem to eager.
Once inside, Mindy led him to the downstairs, where a comfy couch and cable
television awaited. They flipped through the channel until they settled on
the Sci-Fi Channel. As luck would have it, they came in at the very beginning
of a movie. As Mindy watched the opening credits of ‘Gattaca’, Mindy felt
Ralph’s arm move across her shoulder. Smiling, she slid across the couch
and came to rest her head on his shoulder. Together they watched the movie,
neither one saying much, but still growing closer with each passing minute.
At the end of the movie, Mindy turned to Ralph and smiled sheepishly. “Ralph?”
She started.
After a long pause, Ralph looked at her quizzically and said, “Yes?”
Mindy felt totally comfortable around him, after all, he’d found out about
her diapers, hadn’t he? Still, the words she wanted to say kept sticking
in her throat. After a few aborted attempts and forming a sentence, Mindy
stopped. Laughing, she managed to blurt out, “This is really difficult.”
“I think I know where this is going.” Ralph said. He, too, was laughing,
a nervous laugh that betrayed him as to just how lacking in confidence he
was. Ralph swallowed, moved his tongue over the parched skin of his lips,
and whispered, “I need to tell you something.”
Mindy pulled back, looking her perspective new boyfriend square in the face.
She watched the light dance in the emerald green of Ralph’s eyes, smiled
a coy, half-smile with the side of her mouth, and replied, “What is it?”
“I want to go out with you. I really like you, I-” Ralph didn’t have a chance
to finish.
“Yes.” Mindy said simply.
“Yes, Ralph, I will go out with you.” She threw herself on him and wrapped
her arms around his neck in a seminal bear hug. Ralph broke away, pulled
back from her, and stared at her, saying nothing. Mindy, coming down from
the sudden emotional rush of what she’d assumed Ralph was going to ask her,
began to grow concerned. “What’s wrong?”
Ralph took a deep breath, then said, “Before you get all excited about being
my girlfriend, I need to tell you something and you have to promise me you
won’t get upset, you won’t think I’m creepy or weird, and you won’t hate
me.” Mindy nodded in agreement, and so Ralph continued, “I have something
of a confession. I wasn’t disgusted by the fact that you were wearing diapers
the other night, because, well…” Ralph, who had been up to this point staring
at his sneakers, looked up at Mindy and uttered, “I like the thought of you
in diapers.”
Mindy had thought she’d been prepared for anything Ralph might say, but this
statement caught her off guard. She realized by the scared look in Ralph’s
face that this really bothered him, so she tried to mask her bewilderment.
“What… do you mean?” She said slowly.
“Not all the time, it’s just, um…” Ralph struggled for the words to explain
his feelings. “The thought of you, in diapers, sometimes, is kind of, um,
“Arousing?” Mindy said, slightly on edge. “The idea of me in diapers is arousing?”
Ralph rushed to validate the statement, seeing Mindy was getting a little
offended. “Not in the way that Shelly forced you into them. You know, how
some guys like the whole cheerleader thing? When they’re getting it on with
their girls they like them to dress like a cheerleader?”
“Getting it on?” Mindy was working herself into a full rage.
“No! Let me start again.” Ralph was no standing, not feeling fully comfortable
with sitting on the same couch as Mindy. “I have a diaper fetish.” He felt
his face go flush. “The thought of a pretty girl in a diaper gets me excited.
I think you should know this because it’s a little unusual, and I didn’t
want you getting upset about it later in our relationship and breaking off
what I think is a pretty good friendship. I risked telling you now, because
I really want to make this work.”
Mindy stopped glaring, touched by Ralph’s painfully honest dialogue.
He continued, “I’m not saying I want you to wear diapers. The thought of
you having to wear them, of being stuck in them is completely not cool. I
just thought you should know.”
After a few moments of silence, the tension hanging in the air like a smothering
fog, Mindy said, “Man, you really suck at explaining yourself.”
After a few terribly awkward moments, Ralph said in a meek voice, “So- you’re
okay with that?”
“Let me explain something to you.” Mindy took him by the hand and led him
to the couch. Sitting beside him, she looked him straight in the eye and
said, “I don’t think I could ever get, um, ‘excited’ while wearing a diaper-
but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re a great guy, and yes, I still
want to go out with you.”
Ralph looked incredibly relieved. “You have no idea how hard that was.”
“I think I can probably imagine.” Mindy leaned over and kissed him on the
cheek, then whispered in his ear, “Besides- I never said never.” She smiled
like a wicked elf. Ralph nearly fainted as the blood left his brain.
Two hours later, they sat on Mindy’s roof, nestled snugly between two thick
sleeping bags and looking up at a clear night sky. His hand in hers, Ralph
had never felt more at ease. His secret confessed, the adrenaline had long
since coursed through his veins, but Ralph still felt the effects in his
joints. Not that he cared, there were many other things on his mind. Work,
home, the pending school year- all of that seemed like an eternity away when
he was with his girlfriend. He laughed out loud at the thought of Mindy as
his official ‘girlfriend’.
“What’s so funny?” Mindy said, growing groggy as the night wore on.
“Nothing.” Ralph replied.
Mindy sighed and then stood up. “I need to get to bed.” She said, gathering
up the sleeping bag. “We still have one more day of work before the midweek
break, and I’m going to fall asleep on my feet tomorrow if I don’t.”
Ralph and Mindy headed inside, and Ralph saw her to her room. They kissed
goodnight, said their goodbyes, and then kissed goodnight once more, ‘for
good measure’ thought Mindy. Ralph saw himself out, locking the door behind
him as he went. Ralph drove home slowly, tired himself. He crawled into bed
and fell asleep immediately, forgetting to set his alarm.

Summer job - By: Bob Smiley

“Ralph, wake up!” His older sister, Lea, shook him violently. Ralph lifted
his heavy head up off the pillow and groaned. “You overslept. You’re already
late for work.”
The words brought Ralph into an immediate state of coherence. He looked at
his clock and saw that Lea was right. He was due at work fifteen minutes
ago. Jumping out of bed, Ralph darted past his older sister and headed for
the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and ran a comb through his hair, then
ran back to his room to get dressed. After throwing on his outfit, he said
goodbye to his sister and left.
Racing down the road, Ralph cursed himself for not setting his alarm. Not
that he regretted why he’d been out so late the night before. He reached
Water Works in record time. He made his way to the meeting, and was fully
prepared to be chastised by Ms. Renfield. Surprisingly, she didn’t seem to
notice him come slinking into the room. Mindy motioned to him, and gestured
to an empty spot beside her. He crept over to his seat, and gave his girlfriend
a good morning hug.
Shelly sat on the other side of Mindy, and smiled at the two as the hugged.
Together they heard Ms. Renfield review the day’s plan, update everyone on
Jake’s condition, and remind everyone that they all had Wednesday and Thursday
off. There was much applause, and once it died down, Ms. Renfield excused
everyone to finish getting ready for the day.
“How are you?” Ralph greeted Mindy. They hugged each other, and Mindy responded.
“What’s with the touchy-feely routine?” Shelly inquired.
Mindy beamed at her. “We’re going out.”
Shelly’s mouth curved upward into a smile. “You’re kidding! That’s so cool.”
“Yeah, and now that I’m going out with her-” Ralph stepped between the two
girls, facing Shelly. He gave her a playful push backwards. “No messing with
my girlfriend.”
Shelly blushed bright red, causing her friends to laugh. “Don’t remind me
about that. I’m serious, you guys. I’m really sorry.” Her face showed genuine
“Don’t worry about it.” Mindy said. She said her goodbye to Ralph, then met
Shelly at the mirror and applied her clown face. They finished getting ready
and headed out to their places.
“How are things?” Mindy asked.
“Bad. It’s getting worse. I have like, no control. I’m also starting to get
really sick.” Shelly did indeed look pale.
“That’s it. Tomorrow you are going to a doctor if I have to drag you there!”
Mindy said. “It’s not healthy. Does your mother know?” Mindy startled herself
by sounding like her own mother.
“No.” Shelly avoided Mindy’s hard stare. “But I have her insurance information,
so we can go to my regular doctor’s office and see one of the other physicians.”
Mindy tried to perk her friend up by adding, “That way, you won’t have to
tell your normal doctor.” It didn’t seem to help Shelly’s mood. She waddled
along, a worried look showing through the face paint. “It’ll be alright.”
Mindy said.
The morning went by, Mindy and Shelly delighting the crowd, and talking when
it was slow. It was an overcast day, and the gray skies kept the huge crowds
away, so Mindy and Shelly had plenty of time to talk. Shortly before lunch,
Shelly was in the middle of a sentence when she grabbed her sides, and her
face contorted into a painful scowl.
“What’s wrong?” Mindy asked.
“Just getting some relief.” Shelly sighed. She finished her business, and
then added, “I don’t even try to stop it anymore. It hurts too much if I
do.” She began to walk off as quickly as the thick (and now wet) diapers
between her legs would allow.
“Are you okay?” Mindy asked, rushing to catch up with her.
“I’d like to not think about it right now.” Shelly said, changing the subject.
At lunch time, Ralph found the two girls sitting by themselves at a corner
table in the main concessions area. They were still dressed in costume, and
they ate their pizza carefully to avoid smearing their makeup.
“How is everyone?” Ralph asked jovially as he approached.
Mindy nodded hello, her mouth full, and Shelly added, “Alright.”
“You don’t look alright.” Ralph said. He sat down across from Shelly and
asked if something was wrong.
“I… don’t feel good.” She said.
“That’s a bummer. What a crappy thing to happen over your weekend.”
“Tell me about it.” Mindy piped up. “I’m going with her to the doctor tomorrow.”
“What?” Ralph looked hurt. “Our first day off from work as a couple, and
we won’t even see each other?” He saw the look in Mindy’s eyes and added
quickly, “Not that Shelly’s health isn’t important.”
“It won’t take all day.” Mindy said. “How about I meet you after we get done?”
“Cool. I’ll be at Jake’s.”
Mindy got sight of the excited look in Shelly’s eyes at the mention of her
crush, and said, “Great! Shelly and I will meet you there after the doctor’s
Ralph grinned wickedly. “It’ll be a double-date!”
Shelly groaned, “No. Don’t you dare tell him that I like him.” She became
a little more pleading with her next request. “And don’t tell him I’m going
to the doctor’s okay?” Ralph agreed, and the three finished their meals.

On their way back through the park, Mindy and Shelly talked about Jake. “Do
you think I have a chance?” Shelly said.
“I don’t know. I don’t think he has a girlfriend, so why not? You’re a nice
girl.” A week ago, Mindy would have never thought she’d be saying such a
thing about Shelly.
“I hope so. He seems really nice, and down to earth. Plus, he’s cute, but
he doesn’t have that I’m-cute-and-I-know-it attitude.” Shelly was so excited
thinking about him that she almost skipped back to the employee’s lounge.
Mindy laughed in spite of herself, and couldn’t help but wondering if that
is what she’d looked like just last night.
After resting for a few minutes in the lounge, the girls got up and readied
themselves for a few more hours of crowd-pleasing. They wandered through
the park, going where the crowds were, taking pictures and making balloon
animals (Shelly’s talent). Ms. Renfield passed by them, and stopped to watch
their performance.
The duo played around a bit more, than posed for a picture as requested by
the parents of a cute-looking five year-old. After the picture was snapped
and the patrons were gone, Shelly started looking a bit uncomfortable.
Mindy leaned over to her and whispered, “What’s the matter? Getting diaper
rash?” She was kidding of course, but Shelly wasn’t in the mood.
“I have to go again.” She confided.
“You’ve got plenty of diapers. Just go.” Mindy snickered.
“I don’t have to pee.”
Mindy looked at her. “You’re kidding?” She knew from first-hand experience
how hard the layers of diapers under Shelly’s dress were going to be to take
“No, I’m not.” Shelly said, a deadly serious tone in her voice. “I’ll be
She hurried off to find a girls’ room. Smiling at the kids as she passed
by, Shelly could feel the pressure growing. She hoped the trouble she’d been
having controlling her bladder would not carry over to her bowels. The thickness
of the diapers helped keep pressure between her legs, but Shelly could feel
her hold slipping as the minutes passed.
She ducked into the nearest bathroom, and realized it had only three stalls.
Two were in use, so Shelly took the only available stall. Upon stepping inside,
she realized why it was unused.
“Gross.” She commented upon seeing the uncleaned vomit of some unhappy park
patron. Evidently, someone couldn’t hold their hot dogs, and had bad aim
to boot. Shelly quickly saw her way out of the bathroom, leaving the mess
far behind. She headed over to the main concession stands, nearly doubling
over after she felt her bowels move. ‘Just hold on.’ She thought.
Shelly passed by the pizza place where Kathy worked, and Kathy greeted her
friend. “Hey, what’s going on?”
“Not now.” Shelly said, one hand on her stomach. She pushed by Kathy on her
way to the bathroom, feeling a little guilty for brushing her off. Without
more than a second’s hesitation, however, the pangs of guilt subsided and
were replaced by thoughts of how good it would be to relieve herself.
Once inside the bathroom, Shelly found she was alone. She picked the cleanest
stall and made her way inside. The bathroom was somewhat narrow, especially
given her hoop skirt, and Shelly found she couldn’t get it off inside the
stall. She walked back out of the stall and busied herself with loosening
the dress. The pain in her sides was a constant companion now, and Shelly
tried to push the thought of ‘not making it in time’ out of her mind.
Shelly pulled the dress over her head and headed into the stall in just her
diapers, frilly panties, and t-shirt, leaving the dress on the ground outside.
‘Now I know how Mindy felt.’ She thought. Shelly struggled to remove the
panties, trying to keep her mind occupied while her hands worked feverishly
to remove the garment. The panties down around her ankles, Shelly set to
work on the diapers. One by one, layer by layer, she peeled them off.
A sudden burst of gas escaped her, and Shelly blushed even though there was
no one around to hear. ‘Four diapers to go.’ She thought, then winced as
another sharp pain tore through her side. She groaned, and leaned back, resting
one hand on the back of the toilet. She tried to remove the remaining diapers
with one hand, but it was no use. Shelly’s bowels released another uncontrolled
gas attack, and then she slowly began to poop.
It was all she could do to keep from screaming. Shelly stood there, legs
spread wide, her torso looming over the toilet seat, one hand on the back
of the toilet and the other gripping the front of the outermost diaper. She
could feel the diaper grow warm and heavy, the plastic outer shell crinkling
slightly as it expanded. Without warning, Shelly’s bladder gave out, releasing
a warm stream of liquid into the diaper’s core. She listened as she soiled
herself against her will. When it was all over with, she collapsed in a heap
onto the toilet. Luckily, the seat was up, and Shelly was spared the feeling
of sitting her full diapers down onto a hard surface.
After spending a few minutes in revolted shock, Shelly stood up. She quietly
removed the three clean diapers, revealing a bloated and stained one that
sagged low around her waist. After undoing the tapes, Shelly removed the
diaper and threw it in the garbage. “Gross.” Shelly said as her nostrils
were assaulted by the unpleasant aroma of the diaper. She cleaned herself
up and got redressed in the diapers and gown. She felt much better, but was
none to happy to have soiled her diapers. “Time to find Mindy.” She said,
and headed outside.
Shelly caught up with her as Mindy was finishing up having her picture taken
with a pair of eight year-old twin boys. After that they two moved on, talking
as they went.
“How’d it go?”
Shelly blushed. “Too easy. Not good at all.”
Mindy thought for a minute. “We need to go see a doctor now. I’m telling
Ms. Renfield we’re talking a sick day.”
“You’re not telling her why, though, right?” Shelly wanted to know.
“No. I’ve got it handled. Trust me.” The duo found the park director and
let her know that Shelly was sick, and that Mindy wanted to go along to help
“Please, Ms. Renfield. I really would be too concerned staying her to be
any good.” Mindy pleaded.
“Well, there’s no point in having a sad clown is there?” Ms. Renfield conceded.
“Keep me informed, let me know if you’re not coming in tomorrow, okay?”
“Deal.” Agreed the girls in unison. They returned to the actor’s lounge and
removed their makeup. It was a hastily done job, and the odd white patches
near the hairline and black beneath the eyes looked odd, but it would only
add to enhance their claim of the urgency of the problem. They both brought
clothes, and Shelly wore a diaper beneath an old pair of jeans and a large
sweatshirt. Mindy dressed in a an old soccer warm-up, pants and jacket with
an old t-shirt.
The drove to the doctor’s office and for once Shelly was glad she belonged
to a big co-op that knew her by her patient number rather than by face. After
explaining it was an urgent matter, she was seated to see a doctor she’d
never seen before. Forty-five minutes later, she was in the doctor’s office
explaining, in painful detail, her situation. Mindy waited in the lobby,
reading a year-old Reader’s Digest, large type edition.
One hour passed. Mindy herself got up to use the restroom and was so glad
not to have to worry about the time it would take for the diapers to come
off. After that, it was back to the Digest.
Two hours passed. Mindy was worried Shelly would never come out. She’d made
her way through several old magazines by now, none of them any good. She
looked at the clock for the umpteenth time and finally Shelly emerged from
the back. She looked relieved, and the female doctor handed her a few slips
of paper and said goodbye. She came quickly over to Mindy and took her by
the elbow.
“Let’s go.” Shelly led her out to Mindy’s waiting vehicle. Once inside, and
only when she was sure the windows were rolled up, did Shelly tell Mindy
what’d happened. “It’s stress.” She explained. “I was stressed about stuff,
and then I got an infection, which is what the medicine is for.” She waived
one of the slips in her hand. “By the way, can we stop at a pharmacy somewhere,
preferably nowhere near my house?”
“No problem.” Mindy said. “So that’s it? They give you medicine for the infection
and then what?”
“Well.” Shelly lowered her voice, and looked at Mindy with big puppy dog
eyes. “Promise you won’t say anything to anybody.” She stressed the last
word. Mindy shook her head that she wouldn’t tell, and Shelly said, “I’m
going to see some counselor lady later this week.” Shelly let her breath
out and looked nervously at her new friend, waiting to see her reaction.
“Sounds great. I hope it helps.” Was all Mindy said.
Shelly smiled a look of relief. None of her other friends would have said
so little about it. “So, does this thing have a radio?” She asked. Mindy
and Shelly sang along to the eighties station on the way to the pharmacy.

In the parking lot, Shelly hesitated. “Okay. We need to get the prescription
and some diapers.” She mumbled the last word.
“What was that?” Mindy said. She honestly hadn’t been listening.
“The doctor recommended some overnight diapers, just until the medicine has
a chance to relieve the infections, you know…” she couldn’t think of anything
else to say, but didn’t want that sentence to just hang in the air.
“Gotcha.” Mindy said. “So, you’re about a medium, right? Same as me.” Mindy
sighed. “I never thought I’d say that.”
Inside, they dropped off Shelly’s prescription. They waited about fifteen
minutes, and when the pharmacist said, “Anything else?” Shelly blushed and
mumbled “No thank you.”
They made their way to the aisle with adult diapers. Shelly tried to act
like she wasn’t looking at them, but Mindy opted for the more direct route.
She found a medium package of adult diapers and handed them to Shelly. “Here
ya go.”
“Thanks.” Shelly moved towards them like it was a bag of week-old dirty diapers
that she was being handed.
“Never mind.” Mindy said. She turned and walked to the counter. Mindy set
the diapers on the counter and Shelly added her prescription. Shelly paid
and they headed back to the car. Shelly checked over her shoulder to ensure
that nobody she knew was in the parking lot as they came out, but Mindy just
laughed. “Don’t be so nervous, you give yourself away.” Mindy scolded. Mindy
put the diapers in her trunk and they drove back to the water park. Ralph
was waiting by Shelly’s car as they pulled up to it, and as she left the
passenger’s seat, he climbed in.
“So, are you two doing okay?” He asked. “Ms. Renfield said you guys went
to the doctor’s office because Shelly was sick. What’s going on?”
Shelly as caught off guard. “I’m just, um-”
“Sick. Just not feeling well.” Mindy chimed in.
“Sorry to hear that. Man, Jake’s gonna be bummed that you’re not coming to
Shelly perked up. “You told Jake I was coming?”
“Of course.” Ralph said. “I promised Jake this hot chick who has a crush
on him-” he was immediately slapped by both Mindy and Shelly.
“You didn’t really!” Shelly looked crushed.
“A little credit, please.” Ralph continued. “I simply told him that my new
girlfriend, Shelly, and myself were going to the Burger Barn for some quality
burgers. Now that his doctor has allowed him to eat solid food again, he’s
couldn’t be more excited. You should really come Shelly. Follow us over there.”
Shelly looked at Mindy, who was smiling brightly, and then back at Ralph.
She still seemed uncertain. Mindy put on the parking brake and jumped from
her car. She pulled Shelly over to the corner, where she was sure Ralph wouldn’t
hear them.
“I don’t think I should go. I’m wearing a diaper for god’s sake. What if
something happens?” Shelly had a point.
“That’s what diapers are for, silly.” Mindy countered. “Nobody can tell.
Your jeans hide it well.”
“I don’t want to go on my first date with Jake in diapers. What if he kisses
me- I’m going to remember the first time I kissed him because I was in Pampers!”
Mindy thought for a minute, then said, “Fine. We’ll both go in diapers.”
“What?” Shelly looked shocked.
“That way you can remember it as our first ever diaper double-date.” Mindy
said. “But you cannot tell anyone.”
“Duh. Done deal.” Shelly looked relieved as they shook hands. “Great. Now
to go back to my house and change.” Shelly said.
“Yeah, I guess I could use a change of clothes, too.”
“Me too.” Shelly said. Mindy was confused at first, then figured it would
be better not to ask. “Do you want to borrow some of my clothes? That way
we could just stop by my house, then on to Jake’s, than Burger Barn.” Shelly
“Sounds fine.” Mindy and Shelly got in their vehicles and Shelly led the
way back to her house. Along the way, Mindy explained that Shelly had an
infection, and that nothing more was to be said. Ralph had little interest
in Shelly’s situation, and wanted to hear about how his sweetie was doing.
Mindy liked Ralph’s attention. She liked seeing his reaction as she told
him about her day. He probably wasn’t that interested, but he put up the
energy to fake it. She thought about what his reactions would be like later
Upon arriving at the house, Shelly looked at Mindy, then at Mindy’s trunk.
“Why don’t you guys go on ahead, I have to get some clothes from my trunk.”
Mindy waived her boyfriend and Shelly on ahead. Thinking quickly, she wrapped
her coat around the diapers so nobody could see what she was carrying. She
shut her trunk and headed inside.
The girls headed upstairs to change after explaining that they would be ‘right
down’, so Ralph figured he had a good half an hour. He settled in on the
couch and watched ESPN’s coverage of the Scottish/Irish Midget Heritage Games.
As we watched little men compete in kilts, he thought about how watching
little men do anything made it a little more interesting. He raised an imaginary
glass of Guinness for all the little people of the world.
Upstairs, Mindy picked out a pair of loose fitting overalls to wear over
her sweatshirt. Shelly had good taste, she had to admit. Shelly went with
a loose sweater and a loose pair of jeans. Each wore a disposable diaper
underneath their jeans. Shelly added a pad to hers. She was taking no chances.
Mindy of course knew that her diaper wouldn’t be used (at least not unintentionally)
and was much less worried. Once they had picked their wardrobe out and suited
up, they checked each other out. The diapers didn’t show unless they bent
at the waist, and they weren’t too loud beneath the jeans. A slight swish,
but in the noisy atmosphere of the Barn, nothing would be noticed. Agreeing
that they were good to go, they retrieved Ralph from his place on the couch
and headed for Jake’s house.
Jake greeted them on their second knock. “I’ve been waiting.” He said.
Ralph smiled. “Sorry Jakey, these dames took so long in getting ready.” Mindy
came up behind her man and put her arms around his waist.
“Don’t act like you don’t love the results.” She purred in his ear.
“So who’s car are we taking?” Jake asked.
“My backseat is way too messy for four people, I just had my dog back there.”
Mindy said.
“I only drive a two-seater.” Shelly said. Her Civic Del Sol was nice, but
it did have its limitations.
“I would drive my friends, but I have been enjoying these pain killers the
doc gave me way too much, so I’m afraid I cannot.”
“We’ll just take two cars then.” Mindy said. “Shelly can take you, and Ralph
and I will go in my car.” She was already relishing her chance to play matchmaker.
“Sounds fine.” Jake said. They all agreed, and twenty minutes later the foursome
was across town in a booth at the Burger Barn. The restaurant was a local
favorite for it’s thick shakes (Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry only)
and their old-fashioned burgers that were as big as your face. The group
ate and joked, Ralph recanting about how he’d come to ask Mindy out, and
how tongue-tied and embarrassed he was, and Mindy said how flattered she
was with his honesty (there were no mention of diapers from either).
After about four cokes, Ralph got up to use the bathroom. “Mark this on your
calendars.” He joked. “I think you two girls have the biggest bladders of
any girl I’ve gone to dinner with.”
Mindy just smiled. “We have our ways.” Her eyes narrowed and she shot her
date a seductive glance. “Ask me later.”
Ralph excused himself and Shelly and Jake dominated the conversation. They
were getting along great, Jake laughing at every one of Shelly’s jokes (Mindy
thought it might just be the medication he’s on, but she said nothing).
Ralph returned, and shortly thereafter the bill came. Mindy excused herself
to the bathroom, and Shelly followed. Inside the bathroom, the girls were
“Well?” Mindy said. “How are you holding up?”
“Great.” Shelly looked star-struck.
“And how is your, um, support?”
Shelly bit her lip. “It’s wet. But it’s holding like a champ. No need to
worry. Jake’s getting a nice, simple kiss on the cheek tonight. We’ll save
the other stuff for later. Like our second date.” She said.
“Did he ask you out?” Mindy panicked for a minute, thinking she’d missed
it along the way.
“Not yet. But he will.” Shelly giggled. “He’d better!”
Mindy laughed. “Go get 'em girl.”
Upon emerging from the bathroom, their dates had paid the bill. It was now
ten pm on Thursday night, so the two said goodbye and Shelly drove Jake home.
She was quick about her goodbye, she did make it a simple kiss, but it was
a good kiss. She also made sure to kiss him before he had said anything about
a second date. Immediately after embracing, Jake asked her out on Saturday.
On their ride back to Ralph’s house Mindy and Ralph joked about the evening.
Neither had missed Shelly’s doe-eyed looks at Jake, and Ralph had seen enough
from his good friend to know that Jake found his spunky new friend pretty
attractive. They pulled in to Ralph’s driveway and Mindy turned off her lights.
Ralph yawned. “Thanks for the ride. Time to go catch some Zs.” He said. He
was exhausted from a long day at work. They kissed goodnight, and Ralph was
about to leave when he stopped, turned back around to Mindy and said, “What
did you mean by ‘you have your ways’?”
“I don’t know if you want to get into it right now. I mean, if you’re tired
and everything.” Mindy played hard to get. She realized she was nervous,
even though she knew, she was sure this is what she wanted to do.
Ralph sat back down in the seat. “No, no, now you’ve got my interest peaked.”
Ralph said. “I want to know.” He smiled. He wasn’t sure why he was smiling,
but he was sure that it was a good thing. “You know, my mom’s at a Tupperware
party and my dad’s bowling league is tonight. If there is something you’d
like to explain in my empty house, you can.”
Mindy shut of her car and led Ralph to his front door. She danced a little
while he unlocked the door, the butterflies in her stomach growing with every
second. Wordlessly she led him upstairs to the private bathroom he had across
the door from his bedroom.
“Close your eyes.” She said. He did so. Mindy unhooked the overalls she wore
and let the straps fall down. They dragged the rest of the garment with them,
and Mindy was able to step out of them in one swift motion. She stood opposite
her boyfriend, his eyes shut tight. His eyebrows danced and a smile crept
across his lips, but still he held his eyes closed. She took his hands in
hers. “When I said I had ways of dealing with what I had drank tonight, I
meant this.”
She moved his hands to her hips. Instead of jeans, Ralph felt the soft plastic
shell of a disposable diaper. With his eyes closed he worked his way down,
his thumbs feeling the tapes that held it in place, his fingers felling the
warmth of his girlfriend’s body beneath the diaper she’d worn all evening.
“Open your eyes.” She said. He did so, and drank in the sight that greeted
him. Mindy stood in a sweatshirt and a diaper. As he watched, the front of
the diaper grew dark, and Ralph watched and listened as his girlfriend wet
her diaper a few feet from the toilet. When she was finished, she pulled
him close. “You make me feel comfortable, no matter what happens. That’s
why I want to be your baby.”
“Thank you.” He said.
“Thank you.” She said, and kissed him. After what seemed like hours they
broke their embrace. “I, um, have a few extra diapers out in the car.” Mindy
didn’t bother to explain that she’d swiped them from the pack in her trunk
earlier. “Would you mind going out there and getting them. I figure you could
change me and then we could, I dunno, do whatever you want to do.”
Ralph sprinted to Mindy’s car to retrieve the diapers. There were so many
thoughts and feelings coursing through him right now, he could barely concentrate
on a single one. He didn’t know what exactly he wanted to do once he got
back inside and changed his girlfriend into a new diaper. One thing was for
sure, though; he didn’t feel like sleeping anymore.