Sup, I'm Babykitty

Hello, I’m Babykitty. I’m a furry ABDL writer and have been an active/inactive low-tier member of the community for some time. Though I’m mostly known for pics I commission of my own characters and lesser appreciated characters.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy my content. I appreciate any form of feedback or criticism.

Welcome… again, I think.
I did reply to one of your stories but I don’t remember if I said an official welcome.

This is always good to hear. We don’t try to be mean, but sometimes people think so when we give criticism.

Anyway, have fun.

Welcome. And despite what you may have heard, we don’t bite. Most of us, at least. :wink:

Hello and welcome to the site. My cat and I look forward to reading your stories.

I already have stories posted on here if you want to read them.

Thanks you very much I will do that on my days off.

Hi. I tried to go to your profile so I could check out your stories but hitting enter on your name at the top of the thread didn’t take me to your page. I wanted to try that first before asking you to post links of the work you’re the most proud of or that kind of thing.
Looking forward to reading your stories.

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You should be able to click on their icon or name and their profile should pop up. Then click on their name and it’ll take you to their profile page. Search for ‘activity’ and ‘topics’ to see which topics they’ve started.

Alternatively, use the search function. :slight_smile:

I tried putting babykitty in the search and it only came up with the one result which was this topic and pressing enter on the username still doesn’t bring up any other results using jaws. I wonder if there’s anyone else who can try it.

On the search page, hit advanced search then there’s an option for “started by” type in the poster you’re looking for. It should autocomplete @Babykitty and then the results should show you all their started topics. I just tried it myself.

Actually, that doesn’t work in several circumstances:

  • if a category is set to be ignored by the search function
  • If the user’s profile is private (this will also prevent the user card popping up for non-staff when you click the username)
  • If the thread has had 0 activity in the past 3 years
  • If the user hasn’t logged in at least once in the past 3 years
  • If the user is trust level 0, only posts approved in the last 7 days are guarenteed to be searchable.

The notable exception is if you use a category specific search, then the last 3 cases are randomly not enforced.