Supersoft Product Line

This post references stories but contains no new fictional content. This is a meta-post.

The Supersoft product line was inspired by silly people upsetting the site moderators with incessant spam, so I gave the mods some not spam that would be fun for them to read instead. The brand created proved a popular one, so here are the products devised so far, in time order:

There are also two vignettes most readers will not have seen as they’re in the Donor’s Lounge:

I’m rather proud of Fluffies, Eco-Gaia and Velvetsafe, and accept that the others are rather weak. But I’m not seeking feedback here - feel free to share thoughts on the appropriate story posts if you do have comments.

This post is to both help readers find all of the related posts, and also to make an offer to the community: If you wish to include Supersoft products in your stories and fiction, go right ahead, with my blessing. I’ve done this myself, although I haven’t linked it here - it’s not a Supersoft story, it’s a story that uses Supersoft product features for fun effect.

If you want a product that’s not available then you can contact me and we’ll see if it’s an opportunity Supersoft should exploit, or you’re welcome to create a rival brand that sells competitor products sharing some or all of the Supersoft feature set, and add the new features yourself.

I would prefer that authors don’t create new products under the Supersoft brand - that’s partly because I’m a control freak, but it will also help readers differentiate between the crap I write and the innovative and well crafted stories that you write.

But feel free to use them, to craft competitors, and to explore the impact and implications of their use on your story characters.

This post sponsored by Supersoft Fluffies for Life


Thanks for making this post, I had somehow missed the Eco-Gaia “advertisement” when you posted it. The entire Supersoft product line has been a lot of fun to read.

FYI, when I click on the “contacts” link, it says it’s private.

Sorry, that one’s hidden away in the Donor’s Lounge.

@BabyAnna I really love your writing! I particularly enjoy stories about 24/7 wearing and incontinence (both chosen and otherwise), and I love the thought and care you put into your erotica. Thank you!