Susan's Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Susan is a teen high school girl who finds herself in situations where by she is forced (by circumstances) into wetting herself at school and having to wear diapers. She also finds that a part of her likes being forced to wear diapers and treated like a little girl. It starts off pretty steamy, but honestly looses some steam towards the end. Enjoy

Susan’s Journey is considered a complete story in and of itself, but she has further adventures as a character in the next story I wrote; Katie’s Journey to Infantilism, then Danielle’s Journey to Infantilism, and finally Jennifer’s Journey to Infantilism.

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism

Part 1 - Nighttime Accident[/b]

Susan woke up on Friday morning with a big wet stain around her bottom. She threw the covers open to check just to make sure. She was so surprised. Her hand trembled as she slowly reached down to her crotch and felt the front of her blue-green little-mermaid pajamas. She was wet all right. And it was still warm. Then she realized that this was the third night in a row.

“Oh no! I’ve wet the bed again!” she cried out loud.

Linda, her mother, was just walking by at that moment and overheard what her poor daughter had said. “…‘again’ Susan? You’ve been having accidents without telling me havn’t you.”

Susan was trapped. She was laying there with a very large stain over the whole front of her PJ’s. There was a wide circle around her that was dark with piss. Susan felt so helpless, just like when she was 9 years old and wet the bed every night. Susan looked down at her mess and her eyes began to watter.

“… yes mommy. I uh… had a little accident.”

Susan’s mother couldn’t help but think how cute Susan was. She missed the days when little Susan crawled into bed in the middle of the night crying after a nightmare. The days when her little girl still needed her mommy. This was just too precious. Linda wanted to get a camera, but didn’t want to hurt the poor girl’s feelings. She glided over to her little angel.

“There, there, honey. It’s ok. You just… had a little accident. Sometimes even big girl’s can’t help themselves at night. You should have just told me earlier. This is the kind of thing where Mommys are experts. Now why don’t you let me clean this up for you, ok?”

Susan sure was tired of washing the sheets the last three days. She was glad to hear her mom offer to do the stinky work. She wiped away a tear and sniffled, “Really Mom? That’d be great.”

Linda smiled. Seeing her daughter fight back a tear and smile just warmed her heart. And now her big girl was actually happy to be changed by her mom. She got up off the bed and left room, “Stay put honey, I’ll be right back.”

Susan was afraid to get off the bed for fear her wet pajamas would drip on her carpet. Her mom would no doubt come back with a towel, she thought.

Linda came back into the room with a hand-bag slung over one arm, and a rolled up changing pad under the other. Susan sat up.

“Mom… What’s that for?” The surprised 16 year old asked.

“For you silly, we don’t want to make a mess.”

“Mom!” Susan cried. She started to get up, but her mother stopped her with one hand.

“Oh no you don’t young lady. Now we’re going to clean you up and change you, and I don’t want any squirming out of you or you’ll get a spanking!”

Linda’s mommy-mode was in full force. She had been in this situation many times before. Susan couldn’t believe it. She was just shocked. I mean, she’s a 16 year old girl. She’s in high school now! She can’t have her mom chang her like when she was in the 4th grade! Linda sat on the bed and held Susan down with one hand while she looked through her bag.

“But mom!”

“No buts young lady! Except the butt that I’m gonna spank if you don’t behave.”

Susan was shocked. Her mother was threatening to spank her. She just looked up at her mommy as she went through her diaper-bag pulling out the appropriate items. Baby-powder, baby-wipes, and … a pair of training pants??? There’s no way she’d still fit in those!

“Mom I…” Her mother grabbed her ankles quite firmly and lifted them up. Her little wet bottom was in the air as her mother slid a changing pad underneath her. She laid Susan back down gently and pulled down her pajama bottoms. Susan felt so small… so helpless. As her wet bottom touched the changing pad, she had flashbacks of when she was just a little girl, still being changed by her mom.

Then her mom pulled out a wad of baby-wipes from the container. She dug into Susan’s young flesh with the wipes, gently cleaning her. They were so cold! They shocked Susan at first and she almost sat up. But Linda just gently pushed her back down with he left hand while she continued wiping.

Susan just closed her eyes and held her hands close to her body in tight little fists. As her mother cleaned her more delicate parts it began to tickle. She fought back a giggle. Heaven forbid her mother find out that she was actually enjoying this! As her mother gently glided the wipes between Susan’s cheeks again and again, she couldn’t stand it any longer. It tickled so much and she started giggling. Giggling quickly turned to laughing as Linda kept wiping.

Linda noticed the brown streaks on the wipes, and also on Susan’s soaked panties. 'My my, Susan really needs to wipe better. She’s ruining her panties!"

When Linda was done wiping, Susan relaxed her muscles again. Her whole body had become tight from trying to fight back the giggles. As Linda popped open the container of baby-powder, an aroma filled the air. The smell of baby powder crossed Susan’s nose and suddenly she felt just like a little girl. Her mother patted a tiny mound of baby-powder into the palm of her hands and began massaging it into Susan’s skin.

Susan was feeling more and more like a little baby girl. She couldn’t admit it but she was enjoying her mother’s hands. Her gentle hands were so soothing and relaxing. Susan felt an urge she handn’t felt in years. Her hand began to glide towards her mouth and the tip of her thumb met her lips. She stopped herself. She couldn’t enjoy this! She had to retain some dignity. She bit on her fingernail. She wanted to suck on her thumb so badly. But why?

As her mother’s hands innocently brushed her clitterus she couldn’t help herself. She slid her thumb into her mouth and began sucking softly. She didn’t want to attract any attention from her mother. Just maybe she could just get away with it.

Linda was satisfied with her powdering job. She was going to get Susan a fresh pair of panties to wear to school, but when she looked over to Susan to ask her where they were, she saw her little girl laying there so peacefuly with her eyes shut and her thumb resting in her mouth. It was SO adorable. Linda’s eyes watered at her cute little girl’s regression.

Linda couldn’t help but notice the pair of girl’s pull-ups training pants laying next to the diaper bag. She had only pulled them out to get at the powder, but now she wondered if just maybe, they’d still fit her. They were afterall, made back before Huggies Good-nites, while pull-ups were still made in larger sizes. Maybe Susan’s size?

Linda was tempted to pick up the training-panties and gently guided them up the legs of her daughter. Susan would just look SO cute! But she didn’t want to wake her daughter just to have her try on training-panties that might be too tight.

Linda reached over and picked a stuffed animal off the dresser and slid it into Suzy’s arms. Susan hugged it tightly and sucked on her thumb. She rolled onto her side, displaying her white powdered bottom. Such a cute little girl.

Linda discretely pulled the blankets over her, turned off the lights, and decided to let Susan sleep a few more hours before going back to life as a big girl at high-school.

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 2 - Just for Fun, Right?

When Susan woke up and pulled her thumb out of her mouth and went to wipe it on her PJ’s like she had always done when she woke up as a little girl. But when her hand reached her thigh, she found only her soft powdered skin. She brought her fingers back up to her nose and sniffed the powder. She loved the aroma of the powder. It made her feel like when she was younger, before finals, or bells, periods, or … periods.

As sweet as her fingers smelled, they didn’t remain near her nose for long. She just closed her eyes and without let her hands dift towards her crotch. Her mind was still partially asleep. Fantasizing about wetting her bed again.

Susan couldn’t hide that she’d been wetting the bed the last few days, but she didn’t tell her mom exactly why. Lately, Susan had been having erotic dreams about wetting her pants. Last night, she dreamed that it was raining out, and she had forgotten her umbrella, so she took the opportunity to wet herself and enjoy the warm feeling in her already soaked blue-jeans. But when she wet in the dream, she wet the bed in real life!

They were accidents, it’s true, but they’d only been happening because she’d been falling asleep fantasizing about wetting. Susan’s fingers penetrated penetrated special place between her thighs. As her index and middle fingers slowly slid in and out of her vaginal lips, her thumb pressed against her clitorus.

Susan’s mind searched for the most arousing images and ideas as she played with herself. But all that came to her was an image of herself wearing those traning panties that her mother pulled out of the diaper-bag. Those training-panties were just so cute! They had disney characters on the front and back, and pink trim all around the waist and leg-bands. And at the crotch there were little flowers that fade when you get wet! Have you ever heard of anything more adorable?

As she thought of herself wearing those training-panties and watching the flowers fade away, the feeling in her groin became more intense. She sat up and took off her PJ-top so she could fondle one of her nipples while she played with herself. And then she saw them. Laying there at the foot of her bed was the training-panties. Her mother must have forgotten them.

Susan shook her head. It was really sinking in what had happened. How could she have let herself wet the bed again last night? And why didn’t she stop her mother from changing her? And how could she have just fallen asleep like that? “I can’t believe this…” she said to herself.

And yet she still hadn’t taken her eyes off of the training pants. She wanted to wear them so badly. She pushed herelf off her bed and turned her head away. “I’m too big for them anyway…” she started to say. But she kept looking back at the training pants. She was biting at the inside of her lower lip, as if she were hungry.

She walked over to her drawer and pulled out her pink-lace water-bra and put it on. Then she got out a tight fitting pink-top and slid it on. Next she had to put on some panties… But when she looked through the panty drawer, she just couldn’t find ANYTHING she wanted to wear. She kept glancing back at the training pants. They were still there.

Susan made up her mind. It couldn’t hurt to try them on! Just for fun, right? She made sure her door was locked and picked up the training panties. She made sure she knew which way was front, then she slid them up her legs and over her tight little ass. They fit! Snuggly, but beautifully. Susan just loved the way they hugged her tight ass and made her feel so innocent and protected, yet so sexy. She strutted over to her vanity mirror. They looked great! But she really needed a full-length mirror to look herself.

She grabbed a pair of light-blue jeans and slipped them over the pull-ups. All of her jeans were tight, but her training panties completelly disappeared under clothing. She opened the door to her bedroom and peaked out. She looked both ways. ‘Just act natural girl, and no one will know!’

It was an awfully long walk down the hall to the bathroom, but no one seemed to be around. She got in and locked the door behind her. Then she unzipped and let her jeans drop. They looked perfect! Susan just looked SOOO cute!! She turned this way and that, looking at herself. Susan felt giddy. Almost dizzy with happyness. She could actually fit into pull-ups training panties! And she looked so cute in them!

It occoured to Susan that she wanted to pee. Not that she needed to… but that she wanted to. Now our little Susan is quite open to anything she finds sexually exciting. She even once masturbated in a school bathroom with a cucumber. And the idea of wetting her training-panties really excited her. She picked up a cup off of the counter and filled it with water. She drained and refilled the whole cup three times even though she wasn’t thirsty. She could taste a hint of mouth-wash in the water, but she did’t care. She just wanted to really soak herself.

Susan sat on the toilet and waited. She rubbed the front of her crotch through the thickness of her training-panties. Then the door knob rattled. Susan freaked! She pulled her pants up and zipped them up. Where could she hide? “Who’s in there?” her dad yelled.

Susan waited a moment before speaking, “Uh… me?”

“Susan? What the hell are you still doing here? You missed the bus! Get your butt out here right now!”

OH Shit!!! Where could she hide? What could she change into? She unzipped her pants and started to pull them down, but then she stopped. What else could she wear? And where could she hide the training-panties without raising suspicion? She couldn’t leave them in the bathroom, because then they’d know what she was in there doing. And she couldn’t walk out holding them, because they’d REALLY know then. She stood there with her pants partially down and her training panties exposed for a few more seconds while she tried to think of a plan.

Dave banged on the door. “Come’on, move it! You’re going to make me late for work!”

She zipped up and buttoned her pants. “Uh, Just a second Dad.”

She flushed the toilet and opened the door trying to act as calm as possible. Her Dad grabbed her by the wrist and started dragging her towards the door.

“Dad, Wait, Dad!” She yelled, “I have to change!”

“Change?” Dave yelled, “For Christ sake Susan, I don’t have time for that. If I have to drop you off today then the only way I can get to work on time is if we leave NOW. I don’t even have time to shave now, I’ll have to do it at the stop lights.”

“But… but Dad!” she said, “I uh … need to get my backpack.”

Dave pulled Susan out the front door and whipped out his keys, “I put it in the car while you were in the bathroom.”

“When did you have time for that?”

Dave locked the door, “Do you even know how long you were in there? Girls! You were probably just standing there for an hour looking at yourself in the mirror, weren’t you?”

“Uhh… kind of.”

And so Susan went to school, in her little-girl training panties.

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 3 - Trapped in Training Panties

Susan got out of the car and went straight to the bathroom, even though she was already late. She dropped her backpack on the counter and checked herself in the mirror to make sure the training-pants weren’t showing. Thank God the bulk doesn’t show. In fact, the tightness of the training pants actually seemed to firm and tighten her ass. But she was so nervous about getting caught she couldn’t think of anything except someone noticing. “I’ve got to get these off” she thought.

Just then, a woman yelled, “Hey!”

Susan was shocked! She was so startled she almost wet herself. She spun around to see who it was. It was one of the security guards; a short latina woman in her thirties. She shined her flash-light at Susan even though it was fully-lighted bathroom. She could tell that Susan was up to something by her frightened reaction.

“What are you doing in here?” the guard said, “Class has already started!”

“Oh I uh… I uh, have to pee.”

“Well hurry up. You’re supposed to be in class.”

Susan’s heart was beating like a rabbit’s. She quickly went into one of the stalls, latched the door, and sat down. She was so scared she didn’t know what to do. I just HAVE to get out of these things before anyone finds out! She unzipped her pants and pulled them down. She grabbed the waist of her training-panties.

She was so afraid of getting caught that her hands were shaking. She slid her pull-ups down to her knees, but stopped. There was no way she could get the training-panties off without taking off her pants and shoes, and that would definately raise attention from the guard. Not to mention she realized that she had no where to put her training pants even if she got them off. Her pants and shirt were both tight-fitting. Her folded training pants were sure to show under her pink-top, and she left her backpack out by the mirror.

“Hurry up and pee already!” the guard yelled.

Susan’s whole body tightened. The guard knew that there should be some noise from her peeing right about now, but there wasn’t any. The funny thing was, Susan really DID have to pee, but she was so nervous she couldn’t! She tried to squeeze out some pee, as if her life depended on it, but her PC muscle was just so tight from being under such a huge pressure. Knowing that the guard was waiting outside the stall watching her legs didn’t help any.

She pushed and pushed on her bladder harder and harder, trying to force it open rather than relax her muscles. She needed to pee, NOW. She pushed so hard and yet she could feel the urine inside her so close to passing her lips, but just when she thought she felt something about to come out, she felt a movement in her bowels. She stopped pushing. If she pushed anymore, she would poop. Oh god, that’s the last thing I need.

The guard had been patient, but this was obviously a waste of her time, and of class time. “OK, pull up your pants and come’on out of there.”

Susan pulled her training panties up and pulled her jeans up. If only she had been more calm, she could have thought of a way out of this situation. She came out of the stall with her head hung low.

“It’s obvious you’re ditching class, and lied about why you’re in here.” The guard said, “I’m giving you a detention slip. If you ditch that, your detention time doubles. And if I catch you in here again without a hall-pass, you’ll be here on saturday scraping gum.”

“Detention? But I…”

“Susan,” the guard interrupted, “I’m disappointed in you. You’re usually such a good kid, and volunteer for school programs all the time.”

“You know my name?” Susan asked surprised.

“I don’t want to see you become one of the clowns on this campus who don’t take their education seriously. I want you to succeed.”

“Uh, thanks miss.” Susan blurted out.

“You can call me Janet.” She said.

“Thanks… Janet”

“Now get your butt to class!” Janet said.

Susan grabbed her backpack and rushed out the door. That was close. I’ll have to wait until after first period to get these off. Susan could feel the pressure on her bladder as she walked. All that pushing had made it difficult to hold it. She walked in small quick steps because long-steps seemed to increase the pressure even more.

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 4 - Can Susan hold it?

Susan finally got to her first period class, Math. When she opened the door, everyone turned to look at her, including the teacher. Oh no, they know! What am I going to do now? Susan was tempted to just let go of her bladder and soak her training pants. At least then she’d feel good for a few seconds.

“Susan! You’re 15 minutes late.” Mr Robinson said.

“Of course! That’s why they’re looking!” Susan thought. She could hardly believe she could let herself get so paranoid about her pull-ups being discovered. “Thank God” she said aloud.

“What was that Susan?” He asked.

“Oh, uh nothing.”

“Why are you so late today? Do you have an excuse?”

“Oh I was uh…. ummm…” Susan couldn’t think of what to say.

“You were in the bathroom!” her friend Katie whispered.

“Yeah, I was in the bathroom!” Susan blurted out.

That’s a good excuse AND it’s true.

“Oh really miss Moss? Just sit down. I’ll speak to you after class.”

Susan could tell he was irritated. He only calls people by their last name when the class has been misbehaving. And that after-class buisness didn’t sound very good. Susan walked to her seat, but in abnormally tiny steps. She didn’t want to add any more strain to her bladder. When she eased her butt into her seat, the feeling of pressure on her bladder seemed to multiply! She sat down very slowly, thinking that would ease things, but in reality, it only stressed her muscles more. As she sat down, a trickle of piss let loose in her training-pants.

As soon as she was seated she strained again to stop the flow. It was SO hard to stop the flow once it started, but somehow she managed to.

Katie leaned over to her and whipsered, “Hey Suzy, you OK? Do you have a headache or something?”

“No I just… uh… I’ll tell you later.”

“Susan! Come’on, we’re like sisters. You can tell me.”

Susan didn’t say anything.

Katie put her hand over her mouth, “Oh my God, your boyfriend got you pregnant didn’t he?”

“For Christ sake, I’m not pregnant!” Susan yelled.


A lot of people turned to look at her. Mr. Robinson stopped mid-problem and turned around. He waved his chalk at Susan and said, “That’s twice you’ve called God’s name in vain in my room. I had better not hear a word from you for the rest of the day, Miss Moses. Not a word!”

Susan was so emberrased she thought she’d die. She wanted to just crawl back into bed curl up in a ball and cry. She hung her head down and picked up her pencil. How long until this day would end?

After a few minutes, Katie leaned over to Susan again, “Wow Suzy. How far along are you girl? You know I thought I noticed you were gaining a few pounds, but I didn’t want to say nothin’ you know?”

Susan just stayed silent the entire period. The pressure on her bladder seemed to be growing more as the minutes went by. Or was Susan’s muscles just getting tired and weak from resisting? As the class continued, Susan couldn’t think of anything else but getting to the bathroom. She bounced her legs up and down, which seemed to help. At least it gave her something to do. Why couldn’t I be a boy, then I could just reach in my pants and hold it shut!

Katie could see Susan’s legs bouncing under her desk. “Suzy…? Do you have to use the restroom? You’re doing the… you know… pee pee dance.”

Susan finally whispered back to her, “Jesus Katie, I have to pee, OK? What’s the big deal?”

“It’s just that I havn’t seen you do that since you were in the 5th grade. And you’ve been acting like the way you did when you were in elementary school. You know… kind of like a brat.”

“Katie! I just have to pee, OK? How many times do I have to say it?”

“OK girl. It’s probably because the baby is putting pressure on your bladder or something.”

Susan didn’t respond. She had to concentrate on holding in the urine. She waited another ten minutes until she was sure she couldn’t make it till the end of class. She just had to ask to go to the bathroom!

She raised her hand up. It was too much of an effert to hold it up high, so she held it with her other arm, which was resting on the desk. It was an eternity before Mr. Robinson finished doing the problem on the board and asked, “Is there any questions?”

Susan was bouncing up and down in her chair, her knees obviously bobbing up and down and a concearned look on her face. She was biting her lower lip and making, “Mmmm” sounds to try and get Mr. Robinson’s attention.

“Yes, Miss Moss?”

“I need to go potty! … I mean, can I go to the bathroom?” Susan had apparently relied on hold habbits for this situation. The whole class laughed, thinking that Susan was just joking around, but Mr. Robins took her seriously.

“Oh really Miss Moss? Well according to my recollection, you just came from the bathroom 45 minutes ago. This is a two hour class. Students can either use the facilities before school, or during the 15 minute break after 1st period. If you can’t hold it for two hours, then maybe you should be put in diapers.”

The whole class roared. Everyone thought it was so hilarious, except Susan. She just hung her head down. Tears welled up in Susan’s eyes. How could she ever make it to break time without… breaking? She was also becomming aware of the movement in her bowels she had started and had to pinch her cheeks to keep it in check. Why did I push so hard on my bladder? When I go to the bathroom, I’ll have to wipe… At least it doesn’t matter if I stain these.

Susan watched the clock carefully. It seemed to move SO slow! Susan was squirming in her chair the whole class. She just didn’t want to wet her pants! As soon as the bell rang Susan started to stand, but no sooner did her butt leave the seat then Mr. Robinson yelled out angrily at her, “Susan!! Sit down!”

Susan almost jumped out of her pants. Mr. Robinson had scared her so much! She had almost forgotten about having to go to the bathroom… In fact, she had let loose! Susan’s hand instinctivly reached for her crotch. She was wetting herself right there as all the other students left the class-room. And as worried about it as she was, she was enjoying it!

She was finally letting loose the pressure on her bladder. She couldn’t seem to move out of her half-squating position, floating above her seat the whole time she wet herself. When she felt she was ready, she stopped the flow. She reached her hand back to her butt and felt for wetness. Her jeans were dry! Wow! These pull-ups sure are absorbant! And they don’t look bulky at all. Susan smiled and sat down. She had worried over nothing! She was wearing protection all along afterall.

Mr. Robinson walked over to her and stood beside her desk. “Is something funny, miss Moss?”

“No, I’m just happy” Susan said.

“Well it seems now that class is over, you arn’t dramatizing your bathroom needs are you?”

“Nope. I don’t need the bathroom anymore” Susan said with a smirk.

"Well then, I suppose you can stay here during break-time. But trust me, I will not tolerate disruptive behavior in my class. Nor will I tolerate swear words, which includes taking the Lord’s name in vain. I didn’t write the rules you know. But if you think college will be any easier…

Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Susan let loose and wet herself some more. Afterall, why not? She could and no one would know. When her bladder was empty, Susan wiggled around in the squishyness. She waited out the entire period in Mr. Robinsons’s class room. She couldn’t care less about anything, so long as she didn’t have to worry about her bladder troubles. In fact, she thought, “I should wear these to school everyday. I’d never need to use the bathroom again. I’ll just change in the bathroom on my way to PE.”

When the bell to end break rang, Mr. Robinson let Susan go. She couldn’t believe she had just wet herself while getting chewed out by that old tight-ass. Wetting your pants sure makes his lectures more tolerable.

On her way out she winked at Mr. Robinson, “Laters man. See you in class on Wednesday.”

Mr. Robinson gave her an angry look as she walked out. He sure didn’t like her change in attitude. But as she turned around, with her backpack slung over one arm, he saw the back of her jeans. She had a large dark-blue wet spot that covered her whole butt. He stared in disbelief and mumbled to himself, “Oh my God…”

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 5 - Physical Education

When Susan walked out the door, her friend Katie was sitting against the wall waiting. Katie jumped up to her feet.

“Man Suzy! It’s about time he let you out!”

“Yeah, and his classes are so BORING too! Stink-O.”

Katie got a serious look on her face. “…Susan. Why are you acting so weird?”

“I’m not acting weird!”

“Yes, you are.” Katie said, “You’re acting like a little brat.”

“Am not!”

“See! You’ve been talking the way you did in grade school!” Katie stepped closer to Susan and took her hand. The halls were now almost completely empty and it was very silent. “I’ve known you since Kindergarden Suzy. There must be a reason you’re acting like you’re a little kid. Is something wrong? Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

Susan looked down at her feet. “Oh, uh… It’s nothing really.”

Katie let go of Susan and put her hands in her pokets. They stood silent for a moment until Katie spoke, “So Suzy… Have you seen a therapist to help you deal with… you know… the baby?”

“Jesus Katie!” Susan yelled, “I said I’m not pregnant!”

Susan pushed Katie down and ran away. Katie couldn’t help but remember the last time Katie did the same thing, 6 years ago. As Katie watched Susan run down the hall, she couldn’t help but notice the dark stain on her ass. Did she sit in something?

Susan just headed straight for the bathroom. She figured she had plenty of time to change in the bathroom before going on to P.E. None of the P.E. classes take roll until ten minutes after the bell rings, so that everyone has time to change. And Susan sure needed a change.

As soon as Susan strolled into the bathroom she came face to face with Janet, the security guard who had given her detection that morning.

“I believe the bell to go to class has already rung. Arn’t you supposed to be rushing to class?”

Susan squirmed, “Oh uh, it’s just PE, and I uh…”

“Physical Education is still part of your education. Now get to class!”

Susan turned and rushed off to PE. As she went out, Janet caught a glimps of the back of Susan’s pants. Maybe that girl really does need to use the bathroom as often as she says?

Susan got to the locker rooms all right. She casually walked in. All her running had made her training panties squish and squeeze even more in the seat, and now there were tracts of piss-stains hanging from the wet spot on her ass and down the back of her legs. Susan just didn’t realize what so many people had seen! If only she had checked the back of her pants one last time, she would have known. But she assumed the the dampness she felt on her bottom was contained.

The locker rooms weren’t very full. Most of of the girls had already changed and gone out to where their class met. Susan figured she could just get her Gym shorts and change in a bathroom stall, then get rid of the training pants just like a maxi-pad. Easy as pie.

But as Susan walked in, her gym teacher, Miss Main was there. Miss Main was one of the younger teachers. She eventually wanted to be a science teacher, but she still needed more classes before she could teach science. Over the last summer, she joined the army reserve and was fresh from boot camp, perfect for high school gym. She looked up from her clipboard and said, “Susan Moses! Are you just now comming in? Move it!”

Susan walked quickly to her locker and tried to enter the combination. Three other girls were just sitting there, already in their gym cloths, just chatting about boys. Susan kept trying to enter her combination but it wasn’t working right. 'If Miss Main hadn’t rushed me I’d have gotten this right already!"she thought.

Miss Main came over to see if Susan was ready yet. “Susan! We’re running the mile today, and anyone not there, on time, will recieve zero credit. I don’t think I make it very easy to flunk Phys Ed, but each semester a few manage to fail…”

“I’m sorry Miss Main.” Susan blurted out as she finally got her lock open. She pulled her cloths out and quickly unbottoned her fly and zipped down her zipper. She almost pulld down her pants before she realised she was wearing pull-ups training pants. As she started to walk away, Miss Main grabbed her by the arm.

“Susan? Where do you think you’re going?”

“I was uh, I was just going to the bathroom to… You know, change.”

Miss Main looked confused, “Do you usually do that?”

Just then one of the girls hanging around nearby looked around and said, “Do you guys smell something”?

Miss Main let go of Susan’s arm and sniffed the air, “Yeah… Why does it smell like the boy’s locker room in here?”

Susan knew what they were smelling. She hadn’t realized that people might smell her pee. But Susan still thought that it wasn’t showing. She started to sneak away, but Miss Main grabbed her arm again.

Susan turned her head back at Miss Main and desperately pleaded, “Please Miss Main, I let me go to the bathroom. I need to get changed!”

“You certainly need to get changed all right…” Miss Main said, “But it looks like you’ve already gone to the bathroom!”

Susan was mortified. To make matters worse, those other three girls had overheard the whole thing. But she figured that maybe, just maybe if she denied it, no one would ever know for sure that Susan had wet herself. Afterall, they weren’t just going to pull down her pants and check, that’s law-suit material these days.

Susan turned her head away so they wouldn’t see her face. “No, I didn’t.” she said quite convincingly. But the other girls, and Miss Main could clearly see the wet spot on Susan’s butt.

“Susan wet her pants!” one girl said.

“Oh my god!” Another said.

“They’ll never believe this!” the third one said.

Tears welled up in Susan’s eyes as Miss Main took her by the wrist and escorted her to her office. Susan pulled in the opposite direction and spouted out, “I don’t wanna go! I don’t wanna go! You can’t make me, meanie!” She was begining to regress again. There was a time some years ago she would have done the exact same thing. And to be fair, it had been years since she had been in that kind of situation.

Miss Main dragged her into the small office and slammed the door. Tears were streaking down Susan’s face. Susan had to resist the urge to stick her thumb in her mouth. Instead she just wrapped her arms around herself and hugged tightly. Susan tried to explain to Miss Main, but she was sobbing so hard it was causing convulsions in her chest that broke up her speech. “I didn’t mean to! I just I I’m sor- Sorry!”

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 6 - Miss Main?

“Susan, I’m very disappointed in you…”

Susan stared at the floor. The tears were just streaming down her face and falling to the floor. Susan didn’t bother to wipe them away. There was no point. She just hung her head in shame.

“You should have just told me, and I would have helped you out.” Miss Main said in a soft voice.

Susan sniffled and looked up, wide eyed. Was Miss Main actually taking sympathy on her?

“Susan, I’m a mother, and I’ve seen my little Bobby go through this same problem. It took him till he was in kindergarden, but I trained him and now he doesn’t have accidents during the day anymore. I havn’t seen you have any other accidents so far this semester, it’s probably just a one time thing.”

Was Susan being compared to a kindergardener? Miss Main was actually smiling, and she never smiles at her students! Susan started wiping away her tears and sniffling. Where’s a kleenex when you need one?

Miss Main said, “Now let me help you with those…” with a tad of anticipation in her voice as she walked over to Susan. She put her hands on the hips of Susan’s pants. Susan’s blue-jeans were still unbuttoned and unzipped from when she started to undress in the locker room. As Miss Main slid her pants down, her smile disappeared as she saw what Susan was wearing.

Her training pants were yellow in the crotch area and the flowers had faded away. Her training panties sagged heavily. Miss Main just inched back a little and said, “Oh…”

“I can explain!” Susan blurted out, “You see, I uh, I umm….”

“It’s OK, Susan. I just didn’t know you needed training pants. The offices keep a fresh pair panties handy, just in case a girl comes to gym without wearing underwear. I had no idea you needed… extra protection. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll wear panties eventually.”

“But I do wear panties!” Susan yelled out.

“I mean big-girl panties, honey.” Miss Main said.

“But I wanna wear the big-girl panties, I won’t wet them, please!?”

“I’m sorry Susan, I don’t know if you’re allowed to wear big-girl underpants. I’d have to call your mother.”

“Oh please don’t!” Susan pleaded, “She can’t find out I wet myself!”

“OK Susan, I won’t tell your mother you had an accident. You can just go to the nurses office and they’ll change you right up. They’re better equiped there for people who have… your little problem.”

Miss Main wrote out a hall-pass to the nurses office while Susan pulled her pants back up and buttoned them. She thanked Miss Main for the pass then rushed out the door.

Thank goodness her mother wasn’t going to be called. That would be the most mortifying thing ever! But why was Miss Main acting so weird? ‘She was talking as if I always wore pull-ups!’

Susan went to the nurses office. She walked up to where the head nurse was and laid her hall pass on her desk. The head nurse was a woman in her late forties by the name of Mrs. Lyra Lyra. Mrs. Lyra looked up at Susan and in a cheerful voice said, “What can I help you with dear?”

Susan looked down at her feet and tried to get out what need to be said. "You see, I just um… well I have a problem, cause um… I kind of need, you know, a change of cloths… and Miss Main said you could help.

Mrs. Lyra reached over and took the hall pass. Her reason for going to the Nurses office was checked off as “other” and below that it clearly read: “Susan is a pants wetter and needs to be changed.”

“Oh my!” Mrs. Lyra said in surprise, “I havn’t had one of these since I worked at Jefferson Elementary! Come right this way dear…”

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 7 - The Nurse’s Office

Mrs. Lyra took Susan by the wrist. Susan just hung her head in shame. She was lead into the back room, where there were a number of relatively hard bunks that potruded from the walls. Each one had a wax-paper sheet over it and a dark-blue wool blanket at the foot of the bed.

These weren’t exactly the most comfortable beds in the world, just someplace for kids to rest until their mother’s came if they had the flu or a stomach ache. Most of them were empty, except for one. It was a boy she recognized from class.

Susan was led to one of the beds by Mrs. Lyra, “Lie down dear.”

Susan protested, “Lie down? But I just need…”

She stopped herself mid-sentance. How could she say she just needed a place to change into her gym-shorts with that boy there. He’d figure it out for sure! Susan quietly nodded and laid down. Mrs. Lyra turned away and hummed a tune as she walked away.

Susan felt so humiliated. She pulled the wool blanket up over her head as tears started to fill her eyes. The wax-paper sheet crickled with every movement she made, and the wool blanket was itchy. ‘Why me? I never wanted to pee my pants.’

Even as she thought this, Susan realized that statement wasn’t true. For the last three nites she had fallen asleep masturbating to the very thought of wetting her pants. She had a bit of a kink, for peeing her jeans. She imagined sitting on top of her boyfriend wearing her tight jeans and just letting the flow go through her panties and her jeans onto him.

But she never wanted to do it in front of a bunch of girls, or her gym teacher for god’s sake! As sexually liberated as she may be, she just didn’t swing that way. And she didn’t want to do it in pull-ups. She wanted to pee on her boyfriend! She imagined again her fantasy, letting the piss drip down from her jeans onto his hard, perfect chest.

She slid her hand into her jeans, instinctively motioning to play with herself. But she found the pull-ups were a tad too tight to allow it. She unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid the zipper down, so as not to make a sound. Then she slid the pull ups down just enough so she could get a couple fingers down there to play with her clit. She licked her middle finger and placed it on her clitorus. She slowly rubbed the little knob around. Suddenly, her problems didn’t seem so bad. With her other hand she reached back and felt the back of her wet jeans. In a low voice Susan groaned, “Uhhhhh…”

“Are you all right?” Lyra said as she pulled the blanket off. Susan pulled her hands away as quickly as she could, but it was quite obvious what she had been doing. Her pants were ubuttoned and unzipped, and her pull-ups were pulled down far enough to show her pubic hair.

“I’m fine.” Susan said in a hushed voice.

“I’m so relieved you’re feeling good! For a moment there I thought you had suddenly become sick. Now I brought the diaper bag so…”

“Shhh!” Susan said. She glanced over at the boy on the other bed. He was sound asleep.

“Oh I see…” Mrs. Lyra said. “It’s OK. There’s another place we can get you… cleaned up.”

Mrs. Lyra showed Susan to the nurse’s day-care center. A small room about the size of a bedroom. It usually stayed empty except on parent-teacher night, open-house night, and PTA meetings, in which there would normally be six kids held up. A few years ago, it was where all the bed’s extra sheets and blankets were kept for the nurse’s ward, but once they switched over to sanitized wax-paper sheets and throw-away wool blankets, there was never any need to sanitize old things that had been used by contageous patients.

The room was so beautiful now. The walls were all a light purple. There was a dresser full of baby-supplies in each drawer, and there was a toy chest filled to the brim. There were baby-blocks, and dolls, toy-cars, coloring books, and crayons. A crib would not look out of place. But instead, in the center of the room there was a luxurious bed. I had a soft and fluffy-pillow top mattress, with white sheets and a very lacy white canopy, that hung down from the cealing over the whole bed. It looked so beautiful, and that white flowing canopy looked just so comfortable.

“May I sit on it?” Susan asked.

“Of course… but first thing is first.”

Susan remembered her situation, “Yes, head nurse…”

“Please, just call me Lyra” she said with a smile.

Lyra guided Susan down to the floor and laid her out. Susan was nervous. And emberrased. ‘Why can’t I just change myself?’ Susan wondered.

“Off we go,” Lyra said as she pulled down Susan’s pants. Next she pulled Susan’s pull ups down her legs and then took them off, one leg at a time. “My, my, you sure soaked this one!” She said.

Susan’s hands covered her crotch. Lyra grabbed both of her hands and lifted them away. “Come now! We’re both ladies here.” Lyra said.

Susan just felt completely uncomfortable. It’d would have been different if she was there to have an infection taken care of or something. There was something different about this situation, probably that she felt she could do this herself. Lyra handed Susan a doll to hold on to so she wouldn’t get her hands in the way. Susan held the doll on her chest, so she could block her own view of Lyra changing her. It just felt uncomfortable.

Lyra proceeded to clean Susan down with baby-wipes. When Lyra started to lift Susan’s legs, Susan moved her body to help out, so that she could clean her bottom. Lyra’s wiping eventually lead to wiping between Susan’s cheeks. She wiped that area over and over and was going through a good number of baby-wipes doing so. Susan put down the doll and looked down at her, “You don’t have to do that area so many times you know.”

Lyra shook her head. “I guess you didn’t notice, but you had a bit of a poopy accident as well.”

“I did?” Susan said surprised. She hadn’t thought it was that bad, but thinking back she remembered when it must happened.

“Yes… but just a little bit.”

“Oh no!”

“It’s OK darling, it’s not your fault. You just can’t control yourself. But I’m afraid that your pull-ups arn’t going to do the job anymore. You’re going to need to be diapered from now on.”

“Diapered? I can’t wear daipers, I’m practically a grown woman.” Susan yelled.

“Susan, they make diapers for big-girls too. I have an adult diaper right in this bag that’s small enough to fit you. Now stop fussing.”

Lyra pulled out a dispossable adult-diaper, size small. Susan tried to reach for it, but Lyra just held it out of her reach. She unfolded it and tried to lift Susan’s bottom. But Susan resisted. She pushed her butt down. Susan squirmed and tried kicking her feet. “I don’t wanna wear diapers! I don’t wanna!”

Lyra pinned down Susan’s ankles with her hand and then sat on them. “Young lady, if you expect to be treated like an adult you had better start acting like one! You had better behave or you can put your messy training pants back on and go back to class. Is that understood?”

“Yes mo… uh, Yes Lyra.”

Lyra slid the diaper under Susan and lifted her legs. She then dusted in baby-powder and massaged it into Susan’s skin. High on her inner-thighs her skin was red and looked like a rash was forming. The smell of the powder calmed Susan and relaxed her. Lyra taped the diaper on to her and let her hand pad the thickness.

“All done. Isn’t that better?”

Susan let out a shy smile, “Yes Lyra.”

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 8 - Twenty Days In Diapers

Susan sat up. “Uh, Lyra… could I get my gym shorts from my backpack to wear?”

Lyra scratched her head. “But darling, you didn’t have a backpack when you came to see me.”

Susan realised she had left her backpack at the locker rooms. “Oh no! I left it behind. Now what am I going to do?”

Lyra reminded Susan that her curve hugging jeans weren’t likley to zip-up or button with her wearing a somewhat bulky diaper. Susan would simply have to stay in the day-care room in her diapers until the end of the school day when Lyra could leave her office.

Susan protested… well, whined is more like it. “Come on! Why can’t you just go get my backpack for me? I need it!”

Lyra explained some of the school policies to Susan. One of them is that Lyra could not leave the nurse’s office as long as she was on duty, which wouldn’t be until after school was over.

Susan looked down at the ground and wrapped her arms around her waist, “But… I can’t wait until after school. If I’m late for detention, they double it.”

Lyra nodded. She agreed to call a security guard to go search for her backpack and bring it back. She picked up Susan’s pants and training panties and left Susan in the room alone. On her way out, she mentioned it would probably be a while before a security guard could get around to “playing fetch”.

Susan just sat there for a while thinkking. She hugged her legs close to her body and rested her head on her knees. She felt like crying, but no tears built up in her eyes, even though she cried quite freely and often.

She lost track of time, just sitting there, in her pink cotton top diaper and socks. All this business with wetting and diapers was awfully distracting. It’s not that Susan would ever look down on someone for a bladder problem or something like that, but she didn’t like the thought of people around her thinking that of her. And everyone just seemed to assume one little wetting meant she did this on all the time.

She heard the bell ring and she looked up. It must have already been lunch time. She noticed the doll she had hugged earlier was still laying next to her. She picked it up and squeezed it tightly, then gave it a kiss on the head. It was one of those older dolls, the kind that were all cloth and no plastic.

Susan stood up and looked around. She held the doll to her chest as she investigated all the different things in the room. In the dresser, along with all the baby stuff, she found a drawer that had packages of panties of boy’s and girl’s panties still in the package. The boy’s underwear was boxer-briefs and the girl’s underwear was a package of hanes her-way trunk-cut panties with tiny prints of flowers all over them.

“She has lots of fresh panties right here! I can just wear these!” Susan tucked the doll under her arm and picked up the package of panties. She ripped open the plastic and started to pull them out. The door opened behind her. Startled, the doll dropped from under Susan’s arm. She turned around to face the door, still holding the panties.

Mrs. Lyra was standing there holding a brown bag and a large bottle of water. She had a stern look on her face. “Susan! Wasn’t it less than two hours ago I put your in those diapers? And you’re already getting into panties that don’t belong to you.”

“But Lyra, I don’t need diapers. I won’t wet myself again. Really! Miss Main said you had panties for girls who need them and…”

“Look Susan,” Lyra said, “Those panties are for girl’s who need them. But right now, you need diapers. There are certain rules that have to be followed and one of them is that when a student comes to the my office wet, he or she get’s changed into diapers. There are sanitation issues against letting a pants wetter go un-protected…”

“But I’m not a pants wetter!” Susan protested.

“Oh really? Well you’re jeans and training-panties tell a different story young lady.”

Susan was about to say something, but she stopped herself. She really had wet her pants. But does one wetting make a pants wetter? Feelings of emberrasment swelled up in her. Being a teenage girl is hard enough without something like this to live down. Lyra walked over to Susan and picked the doll up off the floor. She handed it to Susan, who gave it a good squeeze.

Susan turned her head away. “You could have let me change myself at least. It’s emberrassing.”

Lyra put her hand on Susan’s shoulder. "Darling, there are rules against that as well. All medical supplies must only be handled, applied and disposed of by a nurse. Students are not allowed to even wash their own scrapes, let alone clean more unsanitary messes here.

“But I can change myself.”

I’m sure you’re quite good at changing your diapers at home, but on campus you won’t be allowed to. It’s just against the rules."

Susan stopped her foot. “Rules, rules rules! Are you so up-tight? You can bend them long enough to let me wear panties!!”

Lyra took her hand off Susan’s shoulder and crossed her arms. “Now listen hear young lady, I didn’t become head nurse by breaking the rules. I…”

Susan rudely inturrupted, “Well then go get one of the other nurses who can put me back in panties!”

“There are none.” Lyra said coldly.

Susan was confused. Last year she came to school with the flu and saw a number of nurses all hanging around doing nothing. If anything there was more than enough nurses for the school. “But…”

“We had some budget cuts and they were all fired. They only kept me because I kept my nose clean and followed the rules to the letter. Most of the rules are intended to prevent law-suits and simply mustn’t be broken. As long as you need them, I will diaper you, change you, and dispose of your messy diapers in a secure bio-hazard marked disposle bin…”

“As long as I need them? But I don’t need them now!” Susan whined.

“Then you’ll just have to prove it.”

“Prove it…?” she asked

“Yes, the book says that if a student with a pants-wetting problem can stay dry for a month, he or she will be allowed to wear regular under-garments again, pending another accident.”

“A month!” Susan exclaimed.

“Is that a problem?” Lyra questioned.

“You bet it is!” Susan said.

“Then you’d best get used to wearing diapers at school. Because untill you can go a month at school with dry diapers, you won’t be allowed to wear panties in school. Every time you’re cought without your diapers, or caught trying to dispose of your soiled diapers during the school day, you will recieve detention and we’ll have to start counting your dry days all over.”

Susan realized the weight of what had been said. She walked over to the bed and sat down. The school was going to force her to wear diapers to class for a month. Maybe if she bought a couple of pairs of baggy jeans, and wore skirts more often, no one would know. Susan let out a small smile and looked back at Mrs. Lyra. “Don’t worry Lyra, you won’t see much of me the next month. I seriously doubt I’ll need you to change me during the month.”

Lyra sat down next to Susan on the bed, “Oh darling,” she said, “I’m afraid I’ll be seeing you every day from now on.”

Susan looked surprised at her.

“You see… you’ll have to report every morning before school to be diapered, and then again, after school for me to personally check your diapers to make sure you’re dry. If you’re a good girl, and you’re all dry, it’ll count as a dry day. If you can get twenty consecutive dry days, that’s four school weeks, you can go back to panties.”

So much for the honor system. If Susan didn’t show up for either her morning diapering, or her after-school diaper-check, she’d recieve a detention. Not to mention she’d have to start from scratch at earning 20 dry days. It sounded like the hardest part of this dry-day thing was going to be remembering to check in twice a day and getting to school on time.

“Can’t I put on my … uh, diapers before school so I don’t need a to check in every morning?”

“I’m afraid not.” Lyra said. "We’ve had cheaters in the past… one boy last year brought two pair of Depends to school everyday, so he could wet in one all day, and put then put on the dry one just before comming to see me. And we’ve also had students unproperly diaper themselves or wear cheap brands, which resulted in leaks. We just can’t have those unsanitary conditions.

So now all students wear school provided diapers and check in each morning and afternoon."

Susan smirked, “Um… All students?”

Mrs. Lyra chuckled. “I mean all students that need them!”

Susan giggled, “I guess that narrows it down to just me!”

They both laughed and felt better. Somehow, things just began to feel a little better for Susan. Nothing was really better per se, just her mood and outlook.

Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Part 9 - A good place to stop until I feel like writing more.

The rest of the day was easy, now that Susan was armed with her new outlook on her situation. She had been released from her feelings of guilt over wearing diapers. It wasn’t her fault for wearing them, or enjoying them really. Susan was happily playing with dolls she found in the room when Janet, the security officer showed up. Janet came to appologize and excuse Susan from her detention.

“My mother has the same problem,” Janet said, “… these work well for her.”

Janet handed Susan a coupon for Depends, size small. Susan thanked Janet for the coupon and her kindness.

At the end of the school day, Mrs. Lyra changed Susan into a fresh pair of panties (and she certainly needed to be changed by then). She gave Susan a swat on the butt and said, “Now Susan, you stay dry on your way home.” Susan giggled and blushed.

When she got home, she began searching the internet for someplace she could share her feelings with others. While her right hand clicked with the mouse, her left often drifted down to her crotch, feeling around, almost as if searching for the bulk of a diaper. She happened a site called It looked interesting, but just as she was about to read one of their online stories, her mother walked in! Susan quickly closed the window and logged off the computer.

She got up and went to head towards the living room. Her mother noticed that Susan was blushing but said nothing. Susan sat on the couch in the living room and flicked on the TV. She was unable to stop wondering if her mother had got a glimps of the web site she had visited.

That night she fell asleep on the couch watching “Singing in the Rain”, and dreamed that she and her boyfriend were walking home from school in a fierce rainstorm without umbrellas when her boyfriend broke into song….

I’m peeing in the rain

Yes peeing in the rain

What a wonderful feeling

Why should I refrain?

My bladder is pained

It’s stretched and it’s strained

So that’s why I’m peeing in the rain.

The tingle I feel

The warmth on my skin

But I can’t describe

What I feel within

There’s something so nice

Like sweet paradise

'Bout pissin and singing in the rain.

Susan Sings:

I’m peeing in the rain

Just peeing in the rain

The weather is pissy

but I can’t complain.

It’s just so relaxing

When I’m feeling strained

So that’s why I’m peeing in the rain

What a wonderful day

To just get away

With wetting your panties

And then you will say

There’s something so nice

Like sweet paradice

'Bout pissing your panties in the rain.


We’re peeing in the rain

Yes peeing in the rain

So come feel the shower

And join in the game

It just feels so keen

To soak your blue-jeans

We’re pissing, and singing, in the rain.

And of course, she woke up wet. Smiley

(This character has further adventures continued in “Katie’s Journey to Infantilism”)

Re: Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

Now suspension of disbelief I know but the Nurse says that she hasn’t had a pants wetting case since her elementary school days…ok…so where did she get the nursery at the day care center from? I thought the environment was a High School.

Re: Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

@Victor, The entire “Journey to Infantilism” trilogy (or is it tetralogy?) requires lots of suspension of disbelief. Just roll with it.

Re: Susan’s Journey to Infantilism by Susana (#1)

A LOT of AB stories require lots of suspension of belief. lol