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Terra's Secret by Yawgmoth

[b]Author’s Note: Hello everyone, I am new to this whole tb/dl, story/fanfiction thing. I was told I should try it out by Gary (Joey Yami’s Dog) and I am following his advice. The idea for the plot line of this story I must also give credit to Gary for the idea. Any and all feedback would be great. I appreciate negative feedback as much as I do positive, but please whether it is positive or negative please tell me the reason why you think it is that way. This story occurs between when Terra runs away from Titans Tower after the first episode she was in until she returns to the tower in a later episode.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans. I also do not own any of the characters on the TV show. Also I am not attempting in any way shape or form to tread on Gary’s territory with the Teen Titans fanfiction.

Dedicated to Gary,
who was always there
to brighten my day.

Chapter 1[/b]

The thin blond lay asleep under the sheets on her bed. Dreams of soaring above Titans Tower flew through her head. Slade had employed her now; her friends had left her alone she owed them nothing. In Terra’s dream she maneuvered from rock to rock in mid air, as the wind blew her soft long hair she laughed. With a wave of her hand four massive rocks broke away from the ground and smashed into the tower leaving just rubble behind.

“That will teach them.” Said Terra.

From behind Starfire flew upward and with a single shimmering starbolt knocked the blond from the air. Terra screamed as her body hit the water below, the wetness soaking into her suit surrounding her body.
Terra awoke with a jump. Her gloved hand moved up and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She pushed the hair back from her face and clicked on the light.

“Phew! Thank God it was only a dre…”

Her eyes darted down as her brain finally registered the dampness between her legs. Terra threw the cover off of her and looked down and saw the wet material of her pink thong. The white sheets underneath her were a dark yellow. She leaped from the bed and started to clean up.

“I…I cant believe it. I stopped wetting the bed when I was ten!” She was at the brink of crying, “No need to worry…it was just an accident.”

Terra worked in the best silence she could manage for the last few remaining hours of darkness. She managed to flip the mattress over and throw away the wet sheets and thong. Slade would be getting up soon and would want her at the training room. She walked half naked in just her skimpy pink bra to her dresser. She undid the back of her bra and let it fall to the ground. Terra opened her dresser and pulled out a thin little red bra and put it on followed by a red t-shirt. She moved her hand down to the next drawer and opened it and looked at all her underwear.

“Hmm…which one?” She said as she pondered. “This one I wore that night I was out with Beast Boy.” She giggled as she held up the white thong with the words ‘naughty girl’ on them. “These will be perfect.” She lifted her legs and put the thong on and then put on some jeans.

Slade was awake; she passed him in the hallway on the way to the training room. He was heading upstairs to the command room. Terra walked downstairs into the center. With a loud buzzing noise the session began. Terra leapt up into the air as three spinning blades shot from the walls. As she fell a massive chunk of the wall flew off and rested underneath her feet. Laser cannons sprouted quickly from a hidden port and vaporized the slab of earth she was mounted on. Terra fell to the land below with a loud crack.

“So much…pain.” She gasped. “Slade…help…me.”

She could hear Slade’s footsteps coming toward her from far away. He had undoubtedly fired the lasers that brought her that fall. Then something took away from her intense pain. Her thong was feeling damp. She gasped as she felt a flow of pee increase, her tiny little underwear couldn’t absorb it all and quickly began flowing into her jeans her blue eyes widened as she saw a wet patch growing on her young crotch and a puddle of warm yellow pee grow beneath her.

“So it seems as though we have a little baby on our hands.” Said the calm sadistic voice of the madman Slade.

“It was an accident!” Terra screamed.

“And only babies have accidents Terra.” The masked villain raised his hand and brought it down across Terra’s face. “You will clean up this mess and then report to the meeting room, the hive representatives will be attending.”

“Whatever.” Said the girl as she struggled to her feet.

Slade had already begun leaving the room. She watched him go and the automated door slide shut behind him. With nothing to clean up the mess, Terra removed her shirt and began to mop up the puddle of urine. She looked down at herself, her tiny little bra perking up her petite breasts, wet pants and filthy underwear.

She giggled to herself, “I’m like a little baby.” She shook her head violently. “No, what am I talking about? What’s wrong with me?”

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 2

Terra was in her room changing her clothes. She had to hurry due to the meeting in afew minutes. Her urine soaked clothes were thrown in the corner, and she was at her dresser picking out a new outfit. She pulled out new jeans and a new white shirt. When she pulled open her underwear drawer Terra hesitated as she picked up a new thong, her large blue eyes moved over to the upper back corner of her drawer where there were three baby diapers from when she was ten and still a bedwetter.

“Maybe I should wear one of these instead, just in case.”

She pulled out the uppermost diaper and unfolded it infront of her. She smiled as the smell of fresh baby powder wafted across her nose. She leapt back onto her bed and lifted her small butt and slid the diaper underneath and spread her legs as she brought it up between them and then taped the sides.

“Terra! The hive representative has arrived! Report to the meeting room now!” Said Slade’s voice booming from the intercom in the room.

“Coming sir.” Terra replied, not sure if he could hear her or not.

She hopped off the bed and ran to the dresser. She threw on the white shirt and jeans then ran out the door to the meeting. Each step the blond girl took down the hallway and then down the stairs, if you listened closely you could hear a faint crinkling sound. She finally reached the large metal doors to the room and swung them open. She stepped in the room and saw the Hive representative; an old lady with white hair and a brown dress, and with her was the witch Jinx. Slade sat at the other end of the table glaring through his one eye at Terra.

“Sorry. I’m. Late.” She panted, gasping for air from the long run. “It. Wont. Happen. Again.”

Terra walked to the chair across from Jinx and sat down. Everyone turned to Slade as he begun talking.

“Welcome to my humble home Madam Tavoc.”

“Much obliged Mr. Slade. May I now inquire the reason behind inviting me here?” Said Madam Tavoc.

“Of course,” Slade said as he stood up. “I have recently invented a new cybernetics suit allowing the master to directly connect to the neural systems of the apprentice. Such a device would be invaluable to the Hive.”

“I see…and I suppose that is why you have requested that I bring a subordinate?” Inquired the white haired lady.

“Indeed. Now let me introduce my new apprentice Terra. She recently had left the Teen Titans and has come to me for more training. She will be displaying the suit for you today.” Said Slade as he pointed his finger toward Terra.

Terra remained in her seat quietly listening to the conversation at hand. When she was introduced she merely nodded her head toward the lady and shook her hand. Slade meanwhile walked around the large oak table and opened a closet revealing the battle suit. He held it up piece by piece to explain.

“This” he said as he picked up the chrome circlet “is the main neural connection.” He set it down and picked up the chrome knee and elbow bracers, “These allow enhanced reflexes and protection from falls.” Slade next picked up the steel breastplate. “This here is the real masterpiece, it hardwires itself into the nervous system of the apprentice and as a bonus allows protection like normal armor.” Afterward he picked up the bandage leg/arm/waist wrapping and the black bikini bottom. “These do not connect to the suit, but allow more mobility than normal clothing would.”

That’s when the reality of the situation hit Terra. She was going to have to test the suit. She would have to put it on for them, and she was wearing a diaper! She looked over to the closet that Slade had taken the suit from; maybe he would let her change in there. She stood up and walked to Slade and picked up the suit.

“I’ll go change in the closet.” Terra turned to the Hive representative. “It will be only a second miss.”

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 3

Terra stepped inside the closet, turned on the light, and locked the door. She took her shirt and pants off and put them in the corner. Sliding the breastplate over her head she fit it perfectly over her bra and was surprised at how well it fit.

“Wow this one must be specially made for girls, Slade thought of everything.”

She picked up the circlet and put it on the top of her head and slid her hair down over the band so it only showed the two cone-like antennas. The knee and elbow pads snapped on to their place with a click. Standing there fully armored in a diaper Terra held up the black bikini bottom.

“Well time to get this diaper off.” She said as she began to slide it down to her knees.

All of a sudden a warm flow of yellow pee began running down her leg. The blond teen gasped in horror and pulled the diaper back up and watched the undergarment become a grayish yellow.

“Oh no, what if it happens again during the demonstration?” She thought to herself. “Maybe I should keep it on.”

She put her legs into the bikini bottom and eased it up past the kneepads and up over the sopping wet sagging diaper. Terra turned and looked at herself in the closet mirror. She tucked in the parts of the diaper sticking out of the bottom and wrapped the bandages around her legs, arms, and torso. With one final glace in the mirror she tried to see if anyone would notice the bulge.

“I sure hope not…” She said very quietly to herself as she walked from the closet back into the meeting room.

Slade, Madam Tavoc, and Jinx were already standing at the exit ready to go to the training center. The masked madman and the representative walked ahead of the students talking of the suits capabilities. Terra walked along side of Jinx behind their masters.

“I’ve heard about you, you’re the earth mover kid.” Said the purple loving girl Jinx.

“Yes, and I’ve read your file at Titans Tower, you’re the hexing witch.” Said Terra sarcastically.

Jinx’s eyes were moving up and down the suit looking it over. They stopped and focused on the panty-like bikini bottom Terra was wearing. Even though Jinx would never admit it, she liked the ladies as much as she liked guys. But Terra’s panty area to Jinx seemed a bit…larger.
“Hey, does that suit make you fatter or something Terra? You look a bit fat around the butt.” Jabbed Jinx; with a swift move of her hand she slapped Terra on the rear. “Hey, what kind of bikini bottom is that? It feels thicker.”

Terra jumped as a result from the slap. It had pressed the warm wet diaper tight against her tiny butt and made her very horny. Terra had to use every inch of her will to not reach her hand down her diaper and vigorously rub herself, there were things to be done and Slade’s agenda had priority over hers.

“Yea it feels thicker to me too. Probably just another enhancement Slade put in.” Said Terra knowing very well what was causing that extra thickness.

“Oh, that makes sense.” Replied the witch.

Terra’s crotch was still begging for attention though. The wetness of the diaper and the excitement of the slap from Jinx had set her ablaze. Even though she couldn’t do much, Terra still wanted a bit of eye candy from Jinx. Four pebbles beneath Jinx lifted off the ground and shot straight up catching on Jinx’s skirt. With one last press of will Terra sent them up higher causing them to lift up Jinx’s skirt.

“AHHH!” Screamed Jinx at the top of her lungs.

Everyone stopped and turned around. Tavoc dropped her clipboard and even Slade’s eye widened. Jinx stood there with her skirt up and her black thong standing out as clear as day. Terra, even though she was still watching the scene, was putting up one of her own. Clutching her head she caused a minor tremor and then stopped it and stood up and shook herself. The pebbles fell from Jinx’s skirt but as two of them fell they cut the sides of her thong causing it to fall to the ground.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I lost control again Slade!” Said Terra pretending to cry.

“Just proof how much you need my training.” Replied the madman.

Everyone continued their walk toward the training room. Jinx was now also in the position Terra was in, the whole situation had made her very horny. Terra however got what she wanted; her diaper was now a little more wet.

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 4

The training room was massive. Although it appeared just a giant chrome room, it was filled with all different items of death ready to be sprung from the main control room. Terra had entered through the steel plated door; Slade, Tavoc, and Jinx were above in the control room.

“Ready my apprentice.” Said Slade as he flipped the switch turning the room on.

Terra leapt into the air and landed on a medium sized chunk of rock she had removed from below her. Three saw blades were flung from opposite ends of the room at the same time; before Terra could react they hit directly on her rock. She remained airborne on it for a second longer before it shattered and she fell to the ground. As she fell a laser grid across the floor flickered on, quickly Terra manipulated the crumbs of rock from the larger one and she managed to grab a hold of it before she were vaporized by the lasers.

“Phew, that was close.” Said the blonde to herself.

As she ascended further into the air she became once again aware of the sopping wet diaper between her legs. It was still warm much to her surprise, she smiled to herself and was shocked by the feeling the diaper had given to her. The feeling was cut short when out of the corner of her eye she saw some grappling hooks shoot from the wall at her. Terra, thinking quickly, willed the rock to do a full flip causing the hooks to miss her. On the upward arc of the flip Terra’s eyes widened as a loud grumbling came from her stomach.

“Eugh…” Moaned terra as her stomach did a violent twist.

At that same time a loud wet ‘blurt’ came from Terra’s butt. A literal river of warm liquid crap flowed from her into her small thin diaper. The back of her suit bulged a small bit, and due to the smallness of the diaper and the tightness of her bikini bottom the crap had nowhere to go but to the front, the whole diaper turned a dark brown and sagged under the new weight in it. Terra gasped and lost her concentration, she fell to the ground her armor making a loud clank as it connected with the floor.

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 5

Terra’s suit upon hitting the floor immediately began scanning Terra’s body searching for, and healing any injuries. Mere seconds after the impact Terra opened her eyes and stood up.

“Terra! You’ve embarrassed me enough already today!” Yelled Slade from the control center above.

“Yes my Master.” Replied Terra as she did a minor bow to him.

The bow caused the extremely filled diaper to once again press up against Terra. Her eyes went wide as her short term memory reminded her of her current choice of underwear. The door to the training center slid open and she could hear Slade’s footsteps nearing closer along with Jinx and Tavoc. She spun around and regained her composure as they approached her.

“Apprentice, relinquish your armor to Jinx. Miss Tavoc has requested that her student gives it a test run.”

“Master, forgive me for being so forgetful…” Terra hesitated. “but I forgot to wear clothing under the armor. For the sake of decency please excuse me while I go change instead of doing it here.”

Terra, without waiting for a reply, ran off toward the door. Each stride was causing the extremely soiled diaper to slide along her most private regions, and while constantly reminding her of her current state, but also making her extremely horny. As the blonde went through the threshold of the door she heard Slade’s voice yell to her.

“You have 5 minutes Apprentice!”

Terra navigated through the hallways and finally arrived at the meeting room closet that she changed in. Piece by piece she slid the armor and bandages off of her slender body until she was standing there in just her bra and diaper. Terra looked at herself in the mirror and could no longer contain herself. She thrusted her hand down the front of her dirty diaper and began vigorously rubbing herself until she, once again, came in her diaper.

“Wow…” Gasped Terra. “I really shouldn’t be getting off on stuff like this.”

She pulled her shirt up over her head and adjusted her bra afterwards. The diaper was beginning to leak at this moment and Terra pulled it off of her and tossed it into the trash can. Looking quickly at her pants she remembered that she didn’t bring any other underwear with her.

“This is just wonderful.” Terra said as she looked down at her watch, 2 minutes left. “No time to get to my room and back by now.”

Grabbing afew conveniently placed paper towels Terra began to quickly clean the mess off of her beautifully shaped butt. She took one last look at her pants and sighed as she slid them on without any underwear beneath.

“Oh well, looks like I’m going commando for now.”

The blonde girl grabbed the armor and ran down the hallways until she reached the training room. Before she opened the door she looked down at her watch and saw that the cleaning had taken her longer than she thought, she was now a minute late. Hesitantly she opened the door and walked in.

“Here is the armor for Jinx.”

“You are late Apprentice.” Replied Slade with visible anger.

“Sorry, I forgot the way to the meeting roo-”

“Silence! We will deal with your unpunctuality later.” Interupted Slade.

“Yes master.”

It took Terra all of her will power not to roll her eyes at Slade or reply with some rude comment. She merely nodded, knowing some form of punishment was ahead. Stepping forward she handed the armor to Jinx. Tavoc turned to the witch.

“Go change over there Jinx,” Tavoc pointed behind an obstacle. "it should provede sufficient privacy.

Jinx walked silently behind the obstacle, and afew seconds later Jinx came out clad in the armor. Slade nodded to the representative and they walked back into the control room along with the pantyless Terra.

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 6

Jinx’s test run of the cybernetic suit had gone quite well. Night had fallen and Tavoc had decided to remain at Slade’s headquarters for another day. Slade had commanded Terra to share her room with Jinx for the night, the two girls sat on Terra’s bed talking and looking at PopGirl-Teen Magazine.

“Hey Terra, look at this guy. He’s so hott isn’t he?” Said Jinx as she pointed toward a picture of a shirtless guy in the magazine.

“Yea, he’s ok looking.” Replied the blonde girl absentmindedly.

Terra was too distracted thinking about the day’s events with her different choice of underwear. She was still wearing nothing underneath her shorts and wanted desperately to put on a thong, or just incase, a diaper. The intercom in the suddenly clicked on startling both girls.

Slade’s voice boomed over the speaker. “Terra, your punishment for your tardiness will begin now. Report down to the main hall immediately.”

The apprentice rolled her blue eyes and got up off the bed. As she began to open the door Terra turned to Jinx. “Hey, you coming? Or are you going to stay here?”

Jinx looked up from the magazine and smiled a crooked smile. “I’ll wait here till you get back; I think I need some private time with this magazine alone if you know what I mean.” Jinx winked.

Terra nodded, knowing what Jinx meant. She walked out and closed the door behind her. Eventually, after a long walk down the extensive maze of hallways, she arrived at the main hall. The blue eyed girl gulped as she saw Slade sitting in his large stone dais with a single light on.

“Hello apprentice.”

Inside Terra’s room Jinx had begun snooping around. The witch had grew tired of her pantyless state, from when Terra used her powers and some rocks to cut them off by ‘accident’. Jinx had begun searching for a thong she could borrow.

“Hmmm…I wonder where she keeps them.” Said Jinx to herself.

Jinx continued to search around until she came to Terra’s dresser. Three drawers from the top she found a whole drawer of panties, bras, and thongs. Each one was skimpier than the last, and there was such a variety of colors. Jinx giggled as she pulled out a purple thong, lifted her skirt, and slid it up her legs.

Jinx took afew steps, and did a flip. “Wow! Terra sure knows how to pick comfortable thongs.”

Jinx walked back up to the dresser to push the drawer back in, but noticed a thicker looking pair of panties. She reached in and grabbed it, her eyes opened in shock realizing that it wasn’t panties, but a diaper instead. She moved her hand around inside the drawer and found afew more diapers.

“Wow that would explain why Terra’s below the belt area looked bigger.” Jinx said.

Jinx put the diapers back, and re-hid them under the massive amounts of panties and thongs. As she was doing so an evil grin crossed the hexist’s face.

“I wonder if Slade knows about this, I think some blackmail is in order.”

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 7

Terra gulped in terror. She knew that Slade would make her pay for her impudence. When he looked at her and motioned for her to come forward to him she broke out into a cold sweat.

“Apprentice you know the price of failure.”

Terra nodded. “Yes master, I do.”

Slade’s visible eye narrowed. “I gave you a time limit and you filed to comply with it. You acted as a child, and thus you will be punished as so.”

In a blur of speed Slade reached forward and grabbed Terra by the arm and brought the thin blond down over his knee. Slade’s gauntleted hand ripped Terra’s pants from her body and she lied there with her butt on full display. With ample force Slade brought his hand down over and over.

The pain from each smack sent a wave of pain through Terra. Within seconds the girl was brought to tears, and her rear was bright red. “Please…” Gasped Terra between tears. “…stop”

Slade laughed sadistically as he brought his hand down again. “The pain will never stop my dear apprentice.”

As the pain shot through her body Terra became aware of another problem. At each strike she felt her thighs become a little damper. Terra’s eyes widened in terror as she realized that each strike was making her pee a little. Another hard strike came down on her butt and she shrieked when she felt it connect and a small blast of hot piss came out of her.
Between Terra’s tears she thought to herself that if Slade noticed that she had pissed herself then he’d have her head on a pike. She prayed he hadn’t noticed. Finally after one more strike the hand of pain relented and it was over.

“I trust you have learned your lesson.” Said Slade coldly.

Terra started to pull on her pants. She was still crying. “Yes…sir…it wont…happen…again….I promise.”

“You are dismissed apprentice.”

Terra watched as the single light in the room turned off and the room went black. She fled back to her room with tears in her eyes, and a very wet crotch. From behind her in the now blackened room Jinx stepped out from behind a steel pillar. Terra was thankful that Slade had not noticed, and after what just happened she just wanted to go to bed.

Terra finally reached her room and walked in. For a moment the apprentice was confused as she looked around for Jinx. “Hmm…that’s funny. She was here when I left.”

The door swung open and Jinx was standing there. Her purple hair further accenting the evil grin adorned upon her face. “Terra, I know what you did when Slade spanked you. And I know what’s in your dresser drawer.”

Terra was taken back by these words. “Uhhh I don’t know what your talking about!”

Jinx figured she would deny it. The witch stepped forward and before Terra could stop her, Jinx’s hand moved and grabbed Terra’s private area. Her hand squeezed and pressed the fabric of Terra’s jeans against her very wet urine soaked crotch and Jinx smiled as the urine seeped through the fabric. Terra was in complete and utter shock.

“Oh really? Then explain this!” Jinx replied already knowing that Terra was as good as hers.

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 8

Terra stood there, her jaw dropping in horror. Jinx’s hand gripped tighter and tighter as the tiny amount of urine came through the fabric for her to see. The wet fabric along with Jinx’s hand on her crotch was quickly replacing the surprise and shock of all this with an intense feeling of sexual pleasure.

“Ummm….Slade was hitting me hard. Really hard, I had a little accident ok? No big deal. Slade’s a scary guy, you’d probably piss yourself too.” Replied Terra trying to regain her composure.

Jinx’s smile widened and she gripped and pressed harder on Terra through her jeans. “Oh Terra, your such a liar.”

The feeling of Jinx’s hand through the wet fabric was too much for the blonde girl. With a loud pleasure full moan Terra orgasmed into her piss soaked jeans. Jinx released her grip on Terra and wiped her hand off on the bed sheets. Slade’s apprentice fell down to her knees breathing heavily.
Jinx wasn’t done toying with the girl’s emotions just yet. The graceful little witch began walking toward the dresser containing Terra’s hidden diapers. She wanted to hear Terra’s excuse for this one. As Jinx’s slender hand reached for the dresser drawer the quick crackling of the intercom turning on distracted her attention. Both girls looked up at the ceiling.

Slade’s voice came on through the speaker. “Girls go to bed, tomorrow will be a long…long day.” His usual sadistic voice lingered for afew moments before the speaker clicked off, when the sound faded the door electronically locked.

Terra has stood up now. She walked to Jinx and put her hand on her shoulder. The purple haired witch turned around and looked at Terra. The blonde smiled and took her hand off and into her pocket, she was thinking Jinx believed her story about her wetting because of Slade. But now she had to explain the orgasm.

“Hey about that just afew seconds ago…sorry its just been so long since I saw Beast Boy…ya know what I mean?” Terra giggled.

Jinx went along with the lie. “Yea, Brother Blood at the academy doesn’t allow relationships between students, it happens to the best of us.”

Terra signed to herself, thanking God that Jinx had believed the blatant lie. She walked to her dresser and opened the drawer carefully so Jinx wouldn’t see inside and pulled out a cute little pair of low-rise white bikini panties. Terra smiled to jinx and walked into the bathroom.
Inside the bathroom Terra unzipped her jeans and threw them into the laundry hamper next to the sink. Getting a washcloth she ran it under some hot water and wrung it out so it was damp and warm. The blonde girl took afew min to carefully wipe/wash away all the leftover liquids from her 2 little accidents earlier. After she was done she threw the washcloth into the hamper as well, and dried herself off with a towel. She bent over and picked up her fresh panties and pulled them up her legs. With a cute little smile Terra struck a sexy pose for herself in the mirror and gave herself a little slap on the butt.
Outside the room when Terra went into the restroom Jinx let her smile fade. The witch concluded that the wetting could have been because of Slade, but the orgasm after was far from the real reason. Jinx could say for sure that Terra and Best Boy had done nothing more than kiss, she knew that from the secret cameras the HIVE had planted in Titans Tower so long ago. It was a positive fact to Jinx that Terra got off to peeing her pants, now she just had to prove Terra liked diapers as well. Right as the doorknob turned signaling that Terra was leaving the bathroom Jinx shot a hex at the lock causing it to lock and weld to the doorframe sealing them from the bathroom for the rest of the night once she closed the door.
Terra walked out from the bathroom, and closed the door, she was just in her new white panties and her shirt. She walked to the bed and pulled her shirt off over her head and revealed her cute little bra. Terra blushed a little as she climbed into the bed.

“Sorry about that, nothing you haven’t seen in the HIVE locker room I suppose.” Laughed Terra.

“Yea, I know. No worries.” Jinx laughed.

“Umm…Jinx, there’s only one bed as you’ve probably noticed. If you want you can sleep on the floor, or you can sleep on top of the sheets on my bed.”

“I’ll just sleep on the floor, I don’t want to bother you or anything.”

“Ok, see you in the morning.” Replied Terra as she clicked off the light.

When the room went dark Jinx’s devious smile manifested once more on her face as she laid there in the dark. With the bathroom door locked, and the door out locked there was no place for the blonde to go pee. ‘Yes,’ Jinx thought to herself, ‘this will be a very interesting night indeed.’

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 9

Afew minutes later both young teenage girls had both fallen asleep. As the clock ticked onward deeper into the night Terra’s bladder was beginning to fill with warm urine. The pressure was growing inside the small blond haired girl and she awoke slowly.
When her eyes opened Terra first was curious as to what time it was, and she looked at the digital clock on the wall displaying that it was 4 in the morning. The rock mover sighed to herself knowing that in a mere two hours Slade would be waking them up for more training with the suit.
Terra uncovered herself and stood up out of bed and began walking to the bathroom so she could relieve herself. Being ever so careful as to not wake Jinx up as she stepped over the witch she finally got to the door without making a sound. As she reached forward in the dark and grabbed hold of the doorknob and found that it was locked her eyes widened even more than they were already.

Terra gulped. “This isn’t good, I wonder when Slade had the electronic locks installed on the inner-room doors.”

The blonde walked back to bed, each step forward she felt the pressure of the built up fluid inside her just begging to be released like the water behind a dam. Once again being careful as she stepped over Jinx, however her foot lightly graced the sleeping girl’s back as she stepped over. Jinx stirred, and much to Terra’s relief she didn’t wake up.
When Terra got back to the bed and got back underneath the covers Jinx opened her eyes knowing that this was when all the excitement was going to happen. She looked upward at the clock and couldn’t believe she let herself fall asleep, if it wasn’t for Terra’s clumsiness she wouldn’t have been awake to see the upcoming event unfold.
Terra was trying her absolute hardest to fall back asleep, but with such a full bladder she soon come to the conclusion that it would be nigh impossible. After a mere fifteen minutes of trying to return to the peaceful oblivion of sleep the pressure on the blonde girl’s private area was unbearable. Terra was now squirming around in the bed trying desperately to hold her pee in.
Jinx slowly stood up from where she was sleeping on the floor without making a sound and walked bit by bit toward the light switch by the door. The same grin once again emerging on her face as the one when she fell asleep. As she approached the switch Jinx mentally noted her need to use the bathroom too, but she knew she could hold it until morning.
Terra was in absolute desperation by now. Her left hand was down her dainty bikini panties and she was holding herself like a little girl waiting to use the potty. If doing the “pee-pee dance” was possible while laying down then Terra was the first to accomplish it. She shot a quick look at the clock and saw it was only 4:17 AM and knew there would be nowhere to go until six.

“Ohhhhhh……” Terra moaned outloud in pain as she held back the torrent; she quickly silenced herself hoping Jinx had not heard.

“She can’t hold it forever…” Mumbled Jinx almost silently to herself as she finally reached the light switch.

The small blonde girl was exerting all her willpower and physical force to hold back the flood of urine from escaping from her privates and into her panties and bed. That’s when the best idea dawned on her, she remembered the baby diapers inside her dresser. ‘I’ll go put a diaper on, pee in it, and wait till morning when Jinx is in the bathroom to toss it out.’ Terra thought to herself.
She slowly moved out of bed, once again moving slowly as to not wake up the purple haired witch sleeping below her on the floor. She got to the large dresser soon enough, each step causing her to clench her muscles to hold back the pee from bursting out into her panties and running down her leg for all to see. With the utmost diligence she slid open her underwear drawer.
Jinx stood on the opposite side of the room standing ready at the light switch. She heard Terra get out of the bed and instantly knew the blonde girl was going to do exactly what Jinx knew she would. Terra was going for the diapers the witch had found earlier while snooping around. It was now a mere few seconds before she was busted.
Tears ran down Terra’s face, the pain of a full and pressurized bladder was too much for the girl to bear. She knew it was only afew seconds before her dam burst and all that warm hot urine would blast out of her and into her panties, she was determined however to let it go in the diaper instead. As she dig through her skimpy thongs and sexy panties she found a diaper and snatched it in her hand.
Terra took a step toward the bed and as her right leg went forward she felt a tiny little bit of hot pee squirt out from her pussy into her bikini style panties. Clenching herself tighter she once again started walking toward her bed. Each step she was reminded by the tiny bit of warm dampness that she had let a little go.
When she finally got into her bed for the third time that night she was shaking due to the immense pressure on her bladder. The diaper was clenched in her hand, and she began to pull down her slightly damp panties, as another tremor of pain went through her thin sexy body she knew she wouldn’t get them down and the diaper on in time. Her hand slid around the elastic waistband of the panties and her other hand went to go shove the diaper inside the panties.
At this moment Jinx sprung into action. With a flick of her finger the switch shot upward and the lights all came on. There was Terra with her hand down her panties with a diaper halfway shoved in. Jinx’s smile widened beyond all comprehension, and Terra was once again in complete shock.
The shock she was feeling was enough to fulfill Jinx’s plan. Terra’s bladder muscles stopped resisting and simply let the yellow river flow. Terra began to sob in horror as the flood of pee fled from her into her panties. The diaper was only halfway in and was absorbing almost none of the stream as a result. Terra tried to stop the ominous flow but to no prevail. The urine kept coming out in an ever steady stream, the fabric of the skanky thin panties stood no chance against the torrent of liquid. The wetness spread down the crotch area and into the bed soaking down into the sheets.
The result was an evily laughing Jinx, a sobbing Terra, bright yellow bikini panties, a dry diaper, and a pissed bed with a very obvious wet patch on it. Jinx stepped forward triumphantly.

“You little baby! You peed yourself like a little baby! And don’t try to lie yourself out of this one this time Terra! I can see the diaper you were going to use!” Jinx laughed out loud while pointing at the urine soaked blonde.

Terra’s head was down, her long beautiful blond hair down over her face. She was crying rather loudly. “It was an accident ok? Just leave me the hell alone!”

“Terra, there’s no use denying it. I know you were wearing a diaper the other day, I know you pissed and crapped yourself in it too! This just confirms it!” Jinx walked closer to Terra getting a full view of the damage. “No girl that just had a so called accident would have a ready supply of diapers! And why are you wearing panties and thongs??!?!? Its obvious you cant keep them dry!”

Terra just sat there in her own wet mess. She was crying uncontrollably, she knew Jinx had the upper hand at this point. She kept her head down as Jinx stepped forward and picked up the diaper, the witch put the diaper over the front of Terra’s pants area over the sopping wet yellow underwear and put it between her legs and taped it up once she got the baby diaper up from under her butt. Terra didn’t resist, she had lost a battle against herself, she had pissed her bed and her pants she thought to herself, ‘I deserve to be diapered like a child.’
Jinx finished and taped up the sides of the diaper, Terra all the while remained unmoving and sobbing as the crying subsided. Jinx, when she was done, sat next to Terra on the bed just outside the wet mark.

“There there Terra, its ok.” Jinx said comfortingly to Terra to help calm the girl down, all the while Jinx knew everything was going according to plan.

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Chapter 10

Jinx sat there patting Terra’s back gently as a mother would do to a sobbing child. The witch could feel the blonde’s little bra back strap across her back. Terra still remained softly sobbing. Her nose was running, and she was sniffling as a result. The streams of tears were drying in salty streaks down her face.

“Its…its not….ok!” Terra managed to speak between sobs. “I peed my pants…and my bed! And even if I didn’t…I would have done it in a…in a…diaper!”

Jinx sat still slowly still rubbing the earth mover’s back to help calm her down. For a moment Jinx once again felt the surmounting pressure in her bladder that had gathered overnight. She took a quick glance at the clock and noted she still had awhile to go before six, but Jinx had held her pee far longer than this in HIVE Training before so she figured she could still do it now with ease. The witch diminished the thought as quickly as it came and looked back to Terra.

“Terra its obvious you need these diapers. Its nothing to be ashamed about if you pee your pants and wet your bed. I mean…I’m sure many other fourteen year old girls piss their panties.” Stated Jinx with her ‘as-a-matter-of-fact’ voice.

Terra kept her head in the down position. Her large blue eyes still leaking tears, and looking down at the yellow patch between her legs on her white bed sheets. Slowly the blonde girl lifted her head, and brushed away the hair that was covering her face. She looked at Jinx with now pathetic eyes.

“Your right I suppose.” She said solemnly. “Maybe these are the best for someone like me.”

Jinx nodded to Terra in agreement. ‘Her agreeing with me makes this all the easier.’ Thought Jinx to herself as she offered her hand to help Terra up out of her mess. Terra took Jinx’s hand and she stood up, her new diaper crinkling as she did so. The witch smiled a toothy grin at her and gracefully took her hand from Terra’s and began walking toward the dresser.
As Jinx approached the large wooden clothes storage unit she once again felt a much stronger strain coming from her bladder. She had to go pee so bad, but she still kept the mentality that she could wait. Each step toward the dresser made the purple thong she was wearing rub up against her privates making the urge to go even stronger.
Afew steps later Jinx got to the dresser and opened the underwear drawer. Pushing aside the sexy underwear on top she uncovered the few diapers Terra had left inside. Jinx pulled them out and threw them behind her leaving only the very revealing underwear inside.
The witch spread her hands apart over the drawer and purple hex sparks arced from finger to finger. Terra’s eyes widened in horror when she realized what Jinx was going to do. The diapered blonde ran in full sprint to stop Jinx from destroying all her underwear and leaving her only with diapers.

Jinx’s head turned around slightly as Terra came running at her, her diaper was crinkling very loudly. “Too late!” She giggled.

The purple energy focused and shot from Jinx’s palms into the enormous amount of underwear. For a split second nothing happened then they all fell to shreds, mere shards of the sexual panties they were before.
However at that split moment when the energy hit, it also hit Terra’s silver thong she had gotten from Beast Boy as a present that one very special night. A small amount of the energy reflected off of it and it was Jinx’s turn for her eyes to widen in horror. The energy hit its creator in the abdomen.
For a second Jinx thought her hex had done nothing to her. She looked behind her to see Terra on the floor holding the diapers that she had only left for her to wear. Jinx kneeled down next to the blonde haired girl and started rubbing the front of her cute little baby diaper. The way Terra was sitting the cute panties beneath her diaper were a little bit visible mostly around the waistline.
That’s all when it hit Jinx. The hex that she herself had cast had taken root in her bladder. The pressure became unbearable for the little teenage witch of thirteen years of age. Still kneeling Jinx grabbed her stomach area clutching herself through her pink shirt. As the demands of her bladder grew in intensity Jinx shoved her hands up her short skirt and unto her stolen purple thong to try to suppress the flow of warm urine that was pressing against her like a dam ready to burst.
Terra began to take notice to Jinx’s little predicament. Slade’s apprentice picked up her hands and put them around the HIVE student’s waist and began to apply slight pressure to Jinx’s bladder.

“Its time for you to become a piss pants too Jinx.” Giggled Terra as she applied more pressure to Jinx.

The metaphorical dam holding back all of Jinx’s pee shattered. The trickle began slow at first, making the purple thong grow a darker shade of purple, then the flow increased into a raging river. The pee was blasting out unto the floor. Terra, thinking quickly, opened up one of the diapers and put it under the flow catching all the yellow liquid inside.

“I…I cant believe it…I couldn’t have!” Stuttered Jinx as the flow kept coming out of her into her thong and then into the diaper below. Slowly the flow ceased as the last drop fell from the purple fabric into the thirsty diaper. All the while Terra had her hand on the front of her diaper rubbing intensely, getting off on all this excitement.

“Well believe it because you’re a little pants wetter just like me!” Squealed Terra in delight as she picked up the diaper with her forefinger and thumb after she finished her job on herself.

Terra’s eyes glew yellow for a brief moment as she tore some tiny chunks of tile from the floor with her power and used them to hold up Jinx’s skirt for the second time in two days. Terra then took the newly peed diaper and put it between the still shocked Jinx’s legs and taped up the sides. The yellow glow around the tiles faded and they fell back into place as did Jinx’s skirt now with a very soaked diaper beneath it.

“This doesn’t mean anything! One of my hexes came back and hit me! Its not my fault.” Shouted Jinx trying to justify her accident to Terra.

Terra shrugged. “It still doesn’t give you an excuse for pissing the thong you stole from me, my last thong.” Terra thought for a moment. “But I do know how to make you like your diaper.”

Before the witch could react the energetic blonde girl leaped from her spot and unto Jinx. Terra put Jinx in a headlock with her right arm from behind her and with the left arm she reached underneath Jinx’s butt between her legs and began rubbing her very soaked diaper.
Jinx moaned in delight as she felt the slushy interior of the diaper moving against her thong and privates. The crinkling of her own diaper was also adding to the effect and Jinx was to her point of climax. A loud sigh exited her lips as she orgasmed all over the interior of her purple thong and diaper.

Terra released her grip on the diaper and began to talk. “See Jinx….that wasn’t so bad. I told you that you would like-” The door swung open and Tavoc was standing there.

“Jinx! We are leaving now! While the suit is very impressive Mister Slade wants far too much for it. Lets go.” Tavoc spoke with authority and class. Her eyebrow perked up when she saw Terra sitting on the floor in a diaper with even more diapers all around her, and Jinx kneeling right beside her.

Jinx slowly stood up, as she did so her soaked diaper was very visible to both Terra and Tavoc. The witch got to the doorframe and waved Terra goodbye, they walked through the door and it slid shut and it locked once more.
Terra looked to the digital clock on the wall and saw there was still about fifteen minutes until Slade would have her go down to training. “Just enough time.” Spoke Terra to herself. She carefully untapped the diaper and slid off her black and white urine saturated bikini panties and threw them in the corner. Then Terra put the diaper back on and redid the tapes.
Terra giggled to herself as she propped herself in the squatting position and pushed as hard as she could. Slowly a large load made its way into her diaper. She smiled like a small child would when it did something naughty.
Twelve minutes later after Terra had cleaned herself up and put on her wet panties and new clothes the door unlocked. Slade was standing there as it slid open, he threw the battle suit to his apprentice.

“Come child…there is so much to be done…”

The End.

Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth


The sun was shining on a day absent of clouds over Jump City. The Teen Titans were playing volleyball outside on top of Titan’s Tower, all except Raven. She was sitting near the edge of the roof meditating.
Robin hit the volleyball as hard as he could sending it soaring over the net. Cyborg leapt into the air and slammed the ball with his mechanical arm. The ball landed over near Raven.

“Hey! Toss it back over here Raven!” Yelled Beast Boy happily to Raven.

With her eyes still closed Raven sent the ball flying at Beast Boy with her black aura around it. The volleyball game began once more and this time Starfire hit it, then Beast Boy returned the serve, and Robin hit it back over. Cyborg, once again underestimating his strength, hit it and sent it much further this time.
The ball went speeding through the air, past Raven, over the edge of the tower and then it began to fall down toward the ground. All the titans, except Raven, let out a sigh of disappointment. But then all of a sudden the volleyball came shooting up over the side, it landed on the roof and rolled to Robin’s foot.
The Titan’s eyes lit up in joy as they saw their old friend Terra flying up into view on a giant chunk of earth. She leapt off the rock and smiled.

“Hey everyone! Still got that position open for joining the Titans?”

Re: Terra’s Secret by Yawgmoth

Man. where are the rest of this guys writings? Yawgmoth is pretty damn good.