Terry's First Visit to Grandma's - Urson

It was a warm spring night in April. The lights around the school were out, but the full moon shown brightly, revealing 3 figures
sneaking around the back of the schoolyard. The hissing sound of spraycans could be heard in the quiet night. Suddenly the three
figures were bathed in the light of a police care spotlight. A voice over the speaker said, “Stay right where you are, this is the police!”

Somewhere, across town, a phone rings, “Hello?”
“Mrs. Franks?” a voice asked
"Yes, who is this?
“This is the Boomtown Police department, we have your daughter down here.”
“What! What happened?”
“It seems that Terry was caught defacing public property. She and a couple of other girls were painting profanities on the school
walls when an officer noticed them and flashed his light. The girls were brought down here and when it was determined that they
were juveniles, you were immediately contacted. Would you please come down to the station.”
“Yes, of course. Is there any bail to be paid?”
“No mamm, in the case of juveniles, they are usually released into their parents custody unless they are considered a danger to the
public at large.”
“Thank you, I’ll be right down.”
Tammy hung up the phone and fumed, “That girl! This is the last straw. I just don’t know what to do with her.”
The drive to the police station wasn’t a pleasant one either, a large accident held Tammy up for almost a half an hour. The wait didn’t
help her mood either, and she fumed even more as she talked to the sergeant at the desk and was told it would be a while before
Terry would be out. “Damn paperwork!” Tammy thought to herself
Tammy sat down in the waiting area, next to an older woman.
“What brings you out this late miss. Somebody try to mug you too?” the old woman asked
“No, just here to pick up my delinquent daughter. That girl is enough to make a saint swear!”
“You poor thing. I know how hard it is to raise kids in these trying times, I’ve worked as a nanny for nearly 30 years and I’ve seen it
Tammy turned to face the old woman, “You’ve never had to deal with someone like my daughter, Terry. She’s constantly in trouble,
in school, at home, and now she’s been arrested for defacing public property. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. She doesn’t
respond to any punishment I’ve tried so far.”
Tammy lost herself in explaining to the old woman how Terry would laugh off spankings and always found a way to get out of being
grounded. She didn’t receive an allowance, so she didn’t have any finances to halt. Tammy couldn’t figure out what it was about the
woman that made it easy to pour her soul out to, or why she was sharing the intimate details of her family’s homelife with a
complete stranger. She finished by saying, “I just don’t know what I’m going to do this time, I’m out of ideas!”
The old woman nodded and said, “Yes, they grow up so fast, it’s always easier to deal with them when they’re still in diapers and a
Suddenly a light appeared in Tammy’s eyes as an idea formed.

Terry knew she was in trouble, this was the third time she had been caught, and this time they called her mom. As she walked out
of the back room into the waiting area, she saw her mother talking to an older woman. Terry walked up to the ladies as they finished
“Alright, I’ll bring her over tomorrow morning. Are you sure you’re ok with this?” Tammy said
“I think it sounds like a great idea. All children should be handled this way.” The old woman replied
Upon seeing Terry, the old woman got up, said good-bye to Tammy and walked out the door.
Tammy looked at her daughter, standing there with a quizzical look on her face, but before Terry could say anything, her mother
grabbed her by the arm and led her out to the car. The drive home was made in silence, as Terry was to afraid to say anything.
When they arrived home, the only thing her mother said to her was, “Go up to my room, sit on the bed and wait for me. If you get off
that bed, I’ll have your Uncle Ben come over and tan your hide.” Terry definitely didn’t want her Uncle to spank her. Her Uncle Ben
was a big man and believed heavily in corporal punishment, so she walked up to her mother’s room and, went in and sat on the bed.
The next thing she heard was the click of a lock. Terry suddenly remembered, her mother had put an external lock that could only
be opened with a key. Since there was no release on the inside of the room, Terry was stuck for the duration.
Terry heard the car in the driveway start and pull out. Her mother was leaving her alone. She sat on the bed and waited, for nearly
half an hour. She began to worry that her mother was going off and leaving her to rot. Worry turned to fear after an hour and she
started crying. She knew she hadn’t been the greatest daughter, but to leave her, locked in a room with no way out, really scared
She was on the brink of climbing out the window when she heard a car pull into the driveway. She could see her mother get out of
the car and carry several sacks into the house. It was another 45 minutes before she heard the lock click and the door open. Her
mother was standing in the doorway with an armful of things, but the light behind her made it hard to see what it was.
Tammy walked over to her dresser and put all the things on it. She then turned to her daughter.
“I have tried to raise you right. I taught you the difference between right and wrong, but you didn’t listen or didn’t care. I have decided
that the only way I am going to instill any morals into you is to start over”
Terry was confused, “What do you mean “start over”?”
Her mother reached over and turned the light over her dresser on so Terry could clearly see what she had placed there.
Terry’s mouth dropped to the floor when she saw; several disposable diapers, big enough to fit her, a baby bottle, full of some kind of
almond liquid, a baby bib, and a long tee shirt with a diapered teddybear holding a baby bottle, on it.
She looked at her mother and said, “You are crazy if you think I’m gonna wear that stuff!”
She was about to say something else, but Tammy cut her off, “You will wear this and behave like a good baby girl, or I will let you rot
in the detention home for a couple of months. You see, I talked to the officer that arrested you and he thought this idea was a good
one. If you decide not to go along with my little plan, I will call him and he will take you to the detention home until your trial and then
you might get a few more months.”
Terry knew she was beaten, she followed her mother’s instructions and laid on the bed. First her mother placed the baby bottle in
her mouth. Terry discovered the liquid in it was baby formula. Her mother then removed her daughter’s pants and panties, and pulled
out a straight razor. Terry released the bottle and began backing away from her mother.
“Baby girls don’t have hair down there. We are going to make the baby smooth so she doesn’t get diaper rash.”
The words “diaper rash” made Terry cringe but she carefully allowed her mother to place a pad under her and shave off the pubic hair
she was so proud of. She was then wiped down with a baby wipes and had baby lotion smoothed into her now sensitive diaper area.
Next she was sprinkled with generous amounts of baby powder and this too was smoothed into her skin. The final humiliation was
when her mother began talking baby talk to her as she gently placed a very large disposable diaper under her and laid her down on
it. The diaper was then carefully pulled up, over her now hairless crotch and taped around her waist. By this time, Terry had begun
crying from humiliation and hardly touched her bottle.
Her mother made her sit up while she removed her tee shirt and replaced it, with what she discovered was a onsie. The girl was
made to lay back and the onsie was snapped around her thoroughly bulging butt. Terry was led off the bed and over to a rocking
chair in the corner of her mother’s room. Tammy sat down and gently pulled Terry onto her lap. She took the bottle and held it to her
daughter’s lips. Dejected, Terry took the nipple and slowly started to nurse on the baby formula. It wasn’t long before she feel into a
deep sleep.

Terry awoke groggily. Looking around, she discovered she was in a baby’s crib, was wearing a onsie, and an obvious diaper
underneath. Memories flooded back into her quickly awakening mind. She remembered her mother diapering her and feeding her a
bottle. The crib, she noticed was slightly different from a normal baby crib. There was a net or mesh of some kind covering the top
and when she tried to push it out of the way so she could get out, she found it secured tightly. This began to worry her as she felt
the need to relieve herself. It was at that time, her mother made her entrance.
“Well, how’s my baby?” her mother said in a condescending tone
“Mom, please let me out of here, I gotta go!” Terry said, her need growing with every moment
“Need to go? Oh! I understand, well go then.”
Terry relaxed and waited for her mother to release the mesh over the crib. A few moments later, when she realized her mother wasn’t
going to let her out, she panicked
“Mom, let me out!” concern filled Terry’s face
“Let you out? For what? No, no, babies use their diapers.”
Terry let out with a string of obscenities that would have made a sailor blush. Her mother stood aback, shocked that her daughter
even knew such words. Tammy walked over to the dresser and pulled an object from one of the drawers. Terry couldn’t see what it
was but when her mother turned around, the giant pacifier was clear as day. Terry let loose with another barrage of curses. Her
mother turned and left the room. Terry squeezed her legs together, trying to prevent the natural process from continuing, it helped a
little. Tammy returned to the room with a bar of soap in one hand and a wet washcloth in the other.
“Neither 12 year old girls nor babies talk like that!” Tammy began soaping up the washcloth.
Terry clamped her hands over her mouth, knowing what was going to happen.
“Now, little girl, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Her mother said
Terry continued to keep her mouth covered. Tammy knew she was in for a fight, so she laid down the soap and picked up a
“I have your uncle’s number on speed dial here. If I have to dial his number, it’s going to cost you more than just a mouth scrubbing.”

Terry was concentrating so much on keeping her mouth from getting washed out that she forgot about her need to go potty.
Suddenly she felt a warm wet sensation in the diaper and her bowels cut loose at that exact moment. A look of terror fell over her
face and she let her hands fall as she started crying. Tammy took this opportunity to reach through the bars of the crib and begin to
scrub Terry’s mouth out. Terry sputtered and tried to spit out the soap but the humiliation of just having wet and dirtied her diaper
was too great and she continued crying as her mother finished her task.
Tammy then released the mesh netting over the crib and lowered the bars, she sat on the mattress and held her daughter to her
breast, stroking her hair and gently humming a lullaby. Terry was very upset, and just held onto her mother, crying herself out. When
Terry had stopped crying, Tammy laid the girl down on the mattress and began to unsnap her onsie. Terry began to whimper again.
To quiet her, Tammy slipped a large pacifier into the girl’s mouth and rubbed her tummy. She spoke softly, using soothing baby talk
to the harried girl. Tammy untapped the large pamper and lifted Terry’s legs to clean her off. She then slipped a clean diaper under
her bottom and began to smooth in baby lotion then powder. The diaper was brought up between Terry’s legs and fastened at her
waist. Tammy sat Terry up and removed the onsie and replaced it with a footed sleeper. She then led the girl over to the rocking
chair again and set Terry on her lap. Reaching over to the nearby night stand to retrieve a baby bottle, she began to rock Terry, still
cooing to the girl. She gently removed the pacifier and slipped the bottle into Terry’s mouth.
“Terry, I want you to know, I love you honey, and I’m doing this for your own good. Now tomorrow, I have to go to our of town for a
week, so I am sending you to stay with someone. This person will treat you just like I did today, and I expect you to behave like a
good baby for her. When I come back, you will be allowed to be a big girl again, and I won’t ever treat you like a baby here at home
again. If you misbehave again though, I will send you to this person’s home to spend a weekend. She will treat you just like a baby
and you will behave like one. When you are at this woman’s home, you will call her “Gama”, and will only talk in baby talk. She will
probably have some other rules, but these are mine. This is your punishment. I don’t want to do this to you, but nothing else I have
tried has worked. I hope you will learn your lesson.”
“I’m sorry mom. I promise to be good from now on.” Terry said from behind the bottle nipple
Tammy pulled the bottle from her daughter’s lips and hugged her for some time. The rest of the day, Terry was allowed to play in the
playpen in the front room. Her mother changed her when she needed it and gave her several bottles during the day. That night, Terry
slept uneasily, wondering who the person was who was going to watch her while her mother was away. Dreams of nuns treating her
like a baby in front of a class of her friends filled her mind.

When she awoke, Terry could feel someone moving her and putting clothes on her. She remembered the day before and became
fully awake. Her mother was putting pants on her. She could tell by the tightness in her crotch, her mother had diapered her before
dressing her. Tammy didn’t speak to her daughter during the preparations for the trip. To avoid last minute pleas for lenience, Tammy
placed a pacifier in Terry’s mouth. Terry was dressed and placed in the crib while her mother gathered items to be placed in Terry’s
“diaper bag”. When packing was finished, Tammy led Terry down to her Suburban and placed her in one of the built-in child seats.
She gave Terry a baby bottle and told her to “Make a happy bottle for mommy honey.”
The trip took all of about half an hour and by the time they arrived, Terry was fast asleep again. Tammy knew she couldn’t lift her
sleeping daughter out of the car, so she gently roused Terry. She led the tired girl to the front steps of a nice little house. As Terry
came to her senses, she could tell they were out in the country, and the house was a couple of hundred yards off the road.
“At least no one will see me treated like a baby.” Terry thought to herself as her mother rang the bell
An older woman answered the door. Terry immediately recognized the woman as the one her mother had been talking to in the
police station. A sudden precognitive shudder ran down Terry’s spine.
“So, this is the precious little girl I’ve heard so much about. My but you’re a cutie.” The woman said as she reached over and tickled
Terry under her chin.
Tammy handed the woman Terry’s diaper bag and said, “Here’s her diaper bag, it has enough clothes for the week, but if you need
anything, you know where we live.”
The woman smiled and nodded. “Now you just run along and I’ll get this little girl back to bed, she looks as if she’s about ready to
fall down right on the porch.” And with that, the old woman lifted a surprised Terry into her arms and laid the startled girl on her
Tammy leaned over and kissed Terry on the cheek, “Bye bye honey, now you be good for Grandma, ok baby?”
Terry was about to answer her mother as she would any other time, but then she remembered the rules her mother had set down the
day before. “Otay Mommy, me be dood dirl.” The embarrassed girl managed to squeak out.
The old woman giggled and Tammy said, “I set some rules for Terry last night, I know you probably have more, but I wanted this to
be a little more embarrassing for her. She must call you “Gama” and she may only talk in babytalk while she’s here.”
“I understand, and I have a few rules, but I’ll explain them once she gets up later. Say bye-bye to momma baby.”
“Bye-bye Mommy.” Terry managed a little wave then buried her face in the old woman’s shoulder, crying
“Bye honey, see you in a week.” Tammy then turned and walked to the Suburban
The old woman carried Terry into the house and into a back bedroom, made up to be her nursery. She laid the girl in a large crib and
removed her clothes, down to her diaper. She then placed a large pacifier in Terry’s mouth and proceeded to dress the girl in a footed
sleeper. Terry was covered with a huge baby blanket and given a Raggedy Ann doll and told to go “nite-nite”
Terry found it difficult to sleep as she had just gotten up a few hours ago, so she lay in the crib, wondering what the old woman was
going to do in the week to come. After an hour, the woman came into the nursery and let down the rail of the crib.
“Still awake? That’s ok, in a few days, you’ll get used to having a nap.” The old woman smiled and proceeded to remove the sleeper
“Now sweetheart, I want you to understand what’s going to happen this week. I will treat you like a 15 month old baby. That means, I
don’t expect you to do much talking, and like your mother said, you must use babytalk at all times. I also want you to remember,
you must use your diapers for everything.”
Terry cringed at the thought of using the diaper and being changed by this old woman.
" If you want changed, you must cry or give me some sign. Next, you are just learning to walk, so I don’t want you trying to walk by
yourself. You have to crawl unless supported by me." As she talked, the old woman slipped her fingers under the waistband of
Terry’s diaper
“Your mother told me all about your little escapades and what a “naughty little girl” you’ve been. When she suggested that I take you
in for a week, and try to make a “proper little lady” out of you, I thought it was a great idea. You know, I worked as a nanny for nearly
30 years. I raised children to be “gentleman and ladies” and using that experience to help your mother, gives me a feeling of being
useful again.” The woman then proceeded to dress Terry in a short, pink, ruffled dress and put her hair into pigtails with little flower
" Sorry dear, I tend to ramble. The last rule is the most important. You must obey me at all times. If you break any of my or your
mother’s rules, I will make sure your fanny glows bright red for a few hours. I also have other ways to make your stay with me
unpleasant. Let’s not talk about that right now though. You’re going to be the perfect little baby girl for me, aren’t you?"
Terry nodded, realizing that she didn’t have much choice. The old woman was surprisingly strong and Terry didn’t want to push her
luck. The woman picked up Terry and carried her into the kitchen, then sat her in a highchair, which also seemed a bit bigger than
normal. A bib was secured around Terry’s neck and a tray slid onto the highchair, at her waist. Terry was immobilized, unable to get
out of the chair. The old woman turned around and walked over to the kitchen stove and removed something from a pot. The then
turned around, carrying a baby bottle and held it up to Terry’s mouth.
“Now be a good girl, and make a happy bottle for Grandma. Grandma get the baby her lunch in a moment.” The old woman held the
bottle until Terry took hold of it and began to dejectedly suckle on the amber nipple.
While Terry nursed on the bottle, “Grandma” busied herself with preparing Terry’s lunch. Several jars of babyfood were opened and
warmed in a pot. When the food was warmed, she placed some in a sectioned plate and brought it over to the highchair. She pulled
a chair over and sat down, she then pulled a rubber covered “adult” spoon from the silverware drawer and scooped up some of the
cooked “baby” stew.
She lifted the spoon up to Terry, who was still nursing and didn’t want to eat the disgusting looking confection. Terry refused to take
the bottle away from her mouth so “Grandma” could feed her, so the old woman gripped the bottle and pulled it away from the girl.
“Come on honey, babies have to eat, and you need solid food.” With that, she shoved the spoon into Terry’s mouth.
Terry almost gagged at the consistency of the stew, even though the taste wasn’t as bad as she had imagined.
In between the stew, Terry is given bites of mushy carrots and some warm vanilla pudding. The meal went quietly and Grandma
made sure that Terry gets some on her face and bib.
“Babies are so messy.” Grandma said with a giggle
After lunch is finished, Grandma wiped Terry’s face off and removed the bib but didn’t let her out of the highchair right away.
“Wana git down gama.” Terry exclaims
“In a minute honey, Grandma has to get your bath ready, then after you’re all clean, we’re going to the store to get baby some
clothes and supplies.”
Terror filled Terry’s heart.
“If we go to the store, people, maybe people I know, will see me dressed like this.” She thinks to herself. “Nooo! Me no wanna go,
gama pees no!”
“Now sweetie, don’t give me any trouble. We are going shopping for my grandbaby and that’s that!” Grandma’s voice turned stern
and hard for a moment as she walked out of the kitchen.
Terry knew she was doomed. She fidgeted in the highchair, twisting and trying to unlatch the tray, only to find it was locked with a
“And just what do you think you are doing little girl? If you think you’re going to get out of that chair before I take you out, you’ve got
another think coming.” Terry nearly jumped out of her skin as Grandma suddenly appeared in the doorway
Without another word, Grandma had Terry out of the chair and into the nursery. She put a pacifier in Terry’s mouth and instructed
the girl not to remove it. She then undressed Terry, down to her diapers, then strapped the girl to the table.
“Now sweetie, I want you to wet and mess your diaper. I need to give you a bath and I don’t want to waste the diaper.” Terry’s eyes
grew large and Grandma sensed her apprehension.
“Think of it this way honey. If you wet and mess now, I may not have to change you till we get home from shopping. That’s one less
embarrassment you have to endure.”
Terry’s eyes pleaded with the old woman, but to no avail, and she began to wet herself. She felt a hand on her bottom as the diaper
grew warm. She looked up into the loving eyes of Grandma and relaxed. Suddenly she knew she had to poop and let it out, into the
waiting diaper. Grandma felt the diaper fill as she watched the girl’s humiliation grow. She rubbed the girl’s tummy and began to talk
to her in soft, relaxed tones, using nonsense words, like what you would use with a baby to calm them down.
“Good girl!” Grandma said “Now lets get that ucky diaper off the baby’s bottom”
Just as she was about to start changing Terry, the phone rang. “I’ll be right back honey, just relax.”
Terry desperately wanted out of that disgusting diaper. She began looking for the latch for the strap that held her to the table. The
strap however, remained intact, her arms pinned by it, were unable to reach either the latch, or the dirty diaper. After a moment, she
began to hear snippets of the conversation going on in the other room.
“She’s fine Tammy. We’re going shopping in a little bit. Got to get my new grandbaby some pretty clothes.” Grandma laughed “Yes,
yes, she seems to be behaving more, although I caught her trying to get out of her highchair this afternoon. Nothing major to report.”
Terry tried to listen but Grandma began talking softer and the conversation too low to hear.
As the old woman talked with Tammy, she could hear what sounded like a party in the background. The closer she listened, the
more she could hear Tammy slur her S’s and she had the happy drunk tone to her voice. When the old woman questioned Tammy
about it, she was politely to “mind her own business and take care of Terry”
Grandma walked back to the nursery, only to find Terry trying to get off the changing table.
“Now listen here little girl, you behave yourself. I know you don’t want to go out, but this IS a punishment after all. You should know
that you won’t be too embarrassed. The only people who will see you are people you don’t know and don’t know you. Now, let’s get
my grandbaby bathed.”
Grandma deftly removed Terry’s very full diaper and cleaned her messy bottom off with a rather large baby wipe. She then removed
the strap and lifted Terry into her arms. Terry was carried into the bathroom and set down. Grandma placed her elbow into the water
and proclaimed it “just warm enough for baby”. Terry was placed into the water and Grandma began washing her. During the bath,
Grandma cooed and chattered in soothing tones which seemed to make Terry relax.
When the bath was done, Grandma dried Terry off and wrapped the girl in a huge bath sheet. She carried her into the nursery and
set her on the changing table.
“Honey, Grandma’s going to make her little grandbaby nice and pretty. Then we’re going to go shopping at a nearby mall. You will be
dressed in diapers and baby clothes, and I suggest you act like a baby. People won’t think it’s so strange if you seem to be a large
toddler.” With this said, Grandma pulled a couple of diapers out from underneath the changing table and strapped Terry down once
Grandma began removing the plastic back of one of the diapers and set it inside the other diaper. Terry didn’t understand what she
was doing, until Grandma put something around the “inner diaper” to hold it in place. Terry began to cry and started trying to get off
the changing table again.
“Stop that this instant! This is just so I won’t have to change you for a while.” Grandma said
“Pees gama. I no wanna ware it ebebody ill see it!” Terry cried
Grandma brought the diaper over to the table and began to slowly rub Terry’s tummy, cooing to her and explaining that it was natural
for babies to be seen in diapers. Terry continued to cry as Grandma pushed Terry’s knees up to her chin, lifting her bottom off the
ground. Grandma applied baby lotion to Terry’s bottom and crotch, then slowly lowered the girl’s bottom onto the thick diaper.
Powder was sprinkled onto her diaper area and the diaper itself was pulled over and secured. The diaper was, (as Grandma knew)
easily seen and would be quite visible under the short dress that she would put on Terry.
Terry continued to cry and beg not to be treated this way as Grandma put pink socks on her feet and tied her long hair in pigtails.
Terry was then unstop and made to sit up while Grandma slipped the short, pink, ruffled, baby dress onto her grandbaby. The final
touch was the maryjane shoes.
Grandma lifted Terry off the changing table and led her by the hand over to a full length mirror. Terry looked into the mirror and was
shocked to see herself. She truly did look like a large toddler or a very young girl. There was no trace of her true age anywhere. She
looked back to Grandma and used her most pitiful gaze to try to get Grandma to soften her punishment. Grandma just stood there,
unmoved by the girl’s performance.
“Give it up little girl, I’ve taken care of hundreds of boys and girls and I’ve seen it all. You can’t get me to lighten up with that “sad
puppy dog” face. I’ve seen it thousands of times.”
“This old woman is a tough customer!” thought Terry
Terry watched as the old woman filled her “diaper bag”, stuffing toys, diapers, wipes, powder, and other things she would need. After
the bag was full, Terry was lifted from the floor and carried outside and over to Grandma’s car. Terry was placed in a child seat and
strapped in. Grandma gave Terry a pacifier and her “Raggedy Ann” doll to keep the girl quiet during the long trip.
They drove for an hour, but it seemed much shorter to Terry. She was so concerned about someone seeing her that time just slipped
away. They pulled into a mid sized mall and Grandma pulled a stroller from the trunk. Terry was sat in the stroller and strapped in.
Terry didn’t want to be seen in her condition by anyone, so she hid her face behind the doll. Casually, Grandma and Terry strolled
through the mall, stopping in certain shops to try on clothes or buy toys for “Baby Terry”. Terry was relieved when they started to
leave the mall, no one had even questioned the fact of a “big girl” being treated like a baby. Even though Terry was small for her age,
she was still 12, and knew she couldn’t really pass off as a toddler.
Suddenly Grandma stopped the stroller for a moment, then she rolled it over to a couple standing outside a clothing store.
“Ida?” Grandma said
The woman turned and smiled, “Kate? Kate Braun? Why I haven’t seen you in years, how are you?”
Grandma smiled back, “Good to see you, I’m doing the best I can since Ted died.”
“Ted’s dead? Oh, I’m sorry dear. My condolences. How did it happen?”
“He had a heart attack and passed away about four years ago.” Grandma almost cried
The other woman hugged Grandma and suddenly noticed Terry sitting in the stroller.
“Who’s this cutie, your Granddaughter?” the woman asked
“No, just babysitting for a friend. This little one’s mommy had to make a business trip and asked me to watch her for the week.”
“Well, you always did love kids. How old is she.” The woman patted Terry on the head
“That’s a long stor…”
“All done Aunt Ida. What do you think?” Terry couldn’t see who said it, but she thought the voice sounded familiar somehow.
“It’s fine Carrie. We’ll add it to the rest.” Ida said
Terry heard the name “Carrie” and a sense of fear ran through her. She knew the voice. It belonged to a girl from her school. A girl
that Terry and her friends had teased and harassed quite a bit, Carrie Buttler. Terry buried her face in the doll and tried to remain
quiet so as not to draw Carrie’s attention to her. Carrie walked over to her aunt and uncle, to show them the ensemble she had
“Carrie, this is Mrs. Braun. She’s an old friend of mine.” Ida looked to Grandma “Kate, this is my niece, Carrie. Carrie is visiting us
for the summer so her parents can take a trip to Europe.”
“Nice to meet you Mrs. Braun.” Said Carrie
“Nice to meet you too dear. My, such a polite young lady. Your mother and father raised you very well.” Grandma said, stressing the
“polite” part for Terry to hear.
“This is little Terry. Terry can you say Hi, to the nice people?” Grandma nudged Terry
Terry was terrified and held the doll to block anyone from seeing her face.
“The poor thing’s a little shy.” Grandma said
Carrie walked up to the stroller and said, “That’s alright Mrs. Braun, I baby-sit for a lot of kids her age, and I can usually get them to
warm up to me.”
Carrie looked in the stroller and froze in her tracks, then she nearly fell backwards laughing. Terry started crying.
“Carrie! That was very rude, you made the poor thing cry!” Ida shouted
“Sorry Aunt Ida, but I just noticed that she’s not a little girl, she goes to school with me.” Carrie gasped out between laughs.
“What? That’s impossible, this child can’t be more than 6 or 7 and you’re nearly 13.” Ida said
Carrie slowed her laughter, and said, "Her name is Terry alright, but it’s Terry Franks, she’s in some of my classes. I recognized her
the second I looked in the stroller. She and her friends harass me and my friends because we get better grades. They say we’re
“nerds” and “geeks. Oh Man! Wait till I tell everyone, I saw Terry Franks dressed in a diaper and baby clothes, being pushed in a
stroller. She’ll never live it down!”
Ida just stared at Grandma, “Is that true?”
Grandma pulled Terry from the stroller and held the crying girl to her shoulder, patting her on the back to quiet her down. “I’m afraid it
is Ida.” Grandma said, and proceeded to tell Ida the entire story of how Terry came to be in her present situation.
After explaining everything, Grandma asked Carrie not to say anything to anyone about Terry’s punishment
“I’m sorry Mrs. Braun, but this is too good to be true. Terry deserves to be humiliated after what she and her “bitchy” friends have
done to some of my friends. I’m not going to let an opportunity like this to get by me.” Carrie said sarcastically while staring down at
“CARRIE MAY BUTTLER!! You will apologize to Mrs. Braun right now and not say a word of what you’ve seen here. Is that
understood?” Ida said, with shock and surprise at her niece’s behavior
Carrie turned to her aunt and said, “No, I’m sorry. No, I’m not sorry! Aunt Ida, you have no idea just what this little wench and her
“click” have put me and my friends through. They held Jennifer O’neal down and shaved her from head to toe. Jennifer wanted so
badly to be in their group and they told her, that was the only way they would let her in. After they shaved her, they shoved her out of
the girls locker room with no clothes on and locked the door.”
Terry suddenly forgot her baby-talk rule and spoke up, “Hey! I wasn’t even there when that happened, I never did anything to cause
anyone any physical harm!”
Grandma reached into the stroller and stuffed a pacifier into Terry’s mouth before the girl could say another word.
“Yea sure. What about the time you threw that blueberry pie at Patty Duffy, it ruined her prom dress and they had to throw it out.”
Carrie said angrily
Grandma looked at Terry, “Is that true young lady? You can talk as an adult for the moment.”
Terry looked on the verge of crying again, “No! I didn’t throw any pie, it came from behind me.”
Carrie gave Terry a contemptuous grunt and said, “Bullshit, Lynn Bankroft, one of your own friends told everyone she saw you do it!”
“She probably would have, she and I were on the “outs” at the time and she was protecting her boyfriend. Even Patty didn’t believe I
did it, that’s why she asked her parents not to make me pay for the dress. Ask her yourself if you don’t believe me.”
Carrie knew that if Patty thought Terry had thrown the pie, she would have told her parents so, as she always had a great
relationship with them. The statement seemed to calm Carrie. She looked up to Grandma and apologized and promised not to
breath a word of Terry’s punishment to anyone. Her Aunt knew what kind of damage a rumor could cause to Terry. Suddenly, she
had an idea to ensure her niece’s silence.
“Carrie, I want you to stay here with Terry while I talk to Mrs. Braun for a moment.” Ida said
This made Carrie very nervous but she obeyed and stayed with Terry.
Terry pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and whispered to Carrie, "Look, I’m sorry for all the things that Gen and the others did to
you and your friends. I didn’t find out about Jennifer until the next day in school, I was out with the flu when it happened. When Gen
told me what they did to Jennifer, I told them I wasn’t going to talk to them until they apologized and let Jennifer in. As for Patty,
even though I was told I didn’t have to pay for the dress, I did. I felt bad that she had to throw out such a beautiful dress.
The women talked for a few minutes and Grandma gave Ida a shocked look at a few points during the conversation. When they
finished, both women walked over to the girls.
“Carrie, your uncle and I have to go out of town for a few days, starting tomorrow. Mrs. Braun has agreed to allow you to stay at her
house during our absence. I’ll be sending over your “CLOTHES” and other supplies with you tonight.” Ida said, stressing the word
Carrie turned pale. She knew what her aunt meant by “CLOTHES”
“No! You can’t do that, I don’t want her to see me like that. It’s alright for you or Mom to see me, but Mrs. Braun is a stranger, plus
Terry’s staying there. I DEFINITELY don’t want her to see me like that.” Carrie whined
“No buts young lady. I’ve already explained to Mrs. Braun about your special needs and she has agreed to take you in for a day or
so. We were going to hire your regular sitter, but Mrs. Braun has agreed to do this as a favor for an old friend. I know that you don’t
like Terry and her friends tease you and your friends, but I can’t let you spread a rumor about what you saw here today. All I’m doing
is giving Terry and equal amount of blackmail information on you, just to be sure you don’t do something you’ll both regret”
Carrie’s heart sank, Aunt Ida was her favorite aunt and to do this was very nearly the worst thing she could have done. Carrie
decided right there and then, she’d never forgive her aunt for this.
The rest of the day, Terry couldn’t stop wondering what the entire conversation with Carrie’s aunt had been all about. She tried to ask
grandma in babytalk, the rule having been reinstated after the incident, but Grandma would only say, “Wait and you’ll see.” Their last
stop was the medical supply store, there Grandma picked up about 50 or so adult cloth diapers and 20 pairs of plastic pant. Terry
wondered about this because Grandma always kept her in disposables.
When they were done shopping, Grandma took Terry to a nearby restaurant and made her sit in a highchair while she was fed baby
food and given a baby bottle warmed by the kitchen, just for her. By the end of the meal, Terry was on the verge of crying, from the
embarrassment she suffered. To top it off, she wet her diaper and needed to be changed. Grandma took her into the ladies restroom
and put a changing pad on the floor, just as a woman walked in. The woman stood aghast at the sight of Terry standing there in
diapers and a short dress.
“WHAT IS THAT CHILD DOING IN DIAPERS!” the woman nearly screamed
Terry immediately started crying. Grandma held Terry close, comforting her and gave the woman a look that could have frozen
molten lava.
“I’ll have you know miss, that my granddaughter has a bladder and bowel control problem and wears diapers to keep her clothes
clean, and we just came from a costume party. Are you happy now, Terry is a sensitive girl, and you’ve made her cry?”
The woman turned pale and apologized profusely for the misunderstanding. Terry calmed down after a few minutes. Grandma laid
Terry down on the changing pad and changed her diaper very quickly as to avoid any more incidents. Terry slept on the way back to
Grandma’s house, waking up only when she was lifted into Grandma’s arms and carried into the house.
Terry was placed in the playpen in the living room and told to play nice till bedtime which was at 7:30. About 7:00 Terry realized she
had to poop, and knowing that she couldn’t get out of the diaper or into the bathroom , she forced herself to mess the diaper, again,
she was so embarrassed that she was barely able to keep from crying. Terry managed a weak call to Grandma, at the same time as
the doorbell rang.
Grandma went to answer the front door, looked at Terry who was near crying, and said, “Just a minute sweetie. You wouldn’t want to
keep our guest waiting outside would you?”
Grandma opened the door and standing there was Carrie Buttler, dressed in a sunshine yellow baby dress, including rumba panties.
Terry could tell that Carrie was diapered, as her bottom was really puffed out. Carrie looked in the house, saw Terry sitting in the
playpen, began crying and turned, burying her face in her aunt’s coat.
“Aunt Ida, how could you do this to me? I hate you! Now she’ll be telling everyone in school that I like to wear diapers and be a
baby.” Carrie sniveled into her aunt’s coat
“Nonsense Carrie, remember that Terry is also in diapers and baby clothes, and I doubt that she’ll be very willing to reveal anything
because someone is bound to ask how she discovered it. She’d then have to tell about how she was also in diapers and treated as a
baby. I doubt she wants anyone to find that out, isn’t that right Terry?” Ida said, looking over to Terry
Terry nodded, and it seemed to comfort Carrie. Carefully Carrie entered the house. Ida put a pacifier in Carrie’s mouth and sat her in
the playpen beside Terry.
“Now listen to me girls, Terry is being treated like a baby girl because she’s being punished. Carrie on the other hand, is and
infantilist, or a Teen Baby, she like to dress and be treated like a baby. You girls will be together for the next couple of days, so I
suggest you get along and play nice. I don’t want to hear of either of you saying a word of what happened here, to any other kids.
Because if you do,” and with that, Ida pulled out an instamatic camera and snapped two pictures before the girls could cover their
faces. “I will have to send these pictures to your school and then neither one of you will like what happens. This isn’t a threat, just a
way of insuring nobody gets hurt.”
Ida handed Grandma, Carrie’s diaper bag and suitcase. “There’s enough clothes in the suitcase for two or three days, and diapers
enough for five, just incase we’re stuck and can’t get back.” Ida then looked back to Carrie and said, “Now Carrie, I talked to Mrs.
Braun and she told me that Terry has certain rules she has to follow, you will have to follow the same rules while you’re here. Of
course, it’s nothing that you wouldn’t do at my house. Now I’ll see you in a few days honey, be a good girl for Grandma.” Ida bent
over the playpen and kissed Carrie on the forehead, then walked out the door.
As soon as Ida was out the door, Carrie began to smell a dirty diaper and looked at Terry, who was still trying not to cry.
“Mrs. Braun, I think Terry needs her diapers changed.” Carrie said
“That can wait for a moment, first I would like to aquaint you with the rules of the house for babies. First, babies call me “Gama” and
only talk in babytalk. Second, you are not allowed to walk without my help, you have to crawl anywhere you go or I’ll carry you.
Third, and I don’t expect any problem with you, you must use your diapers for everything. If you need to be changed, I expect to you
to cry like a baby should or give me some other sign. Is that understood.” Grandma said
Carrie grinned and nodded, “Yeth gama”
Grandma grinned and reached into the playpen and lifted Terry out.
“Yes, I think you definitely need a diaper change little girl.” Grandma said to Terry
Grandma laid Terry out on the floor next to the playpen and positioned a changing pad under her.
“Gama, no. No chang me here, chang me bedroom!” Terry whimpered
“Nonsense, there’s nobody here but a “Grandma” and a couple of “Babies”. No reason to be embarrassed sweetie.” Grandma said as
she began untapping Terry’s dirty diaper
Terry was very embarrassed. She looked to Carrie, but Carrie was more interested in the toys in the playpen then Terry’s diaper
change. Terry was relieved and turned back to Grandma, and promptly received a pacifier to occupy her. As she sucked on the
pacifier, she hardly noticed the process of being changed. After Terry was changed, both the girls were taken back into the nursery.
Terry was laid in the crib while Carrie was laid on the changing table. Grandma checked Carrie’s diaper and finding it dry, she
dressed the girl in a footed sleeper and slipped her pacifier into her mouth before laying her in the crib. Terry was next. Grandma
figured that since Terry had just been changed a half an hour before, she would still be dry. Terry was also dressed in a footed
sleeper, but where Carrie’s was yellow and had little bears on it, Terry’s was pink with baby dolls on it. The girls were each given a
bottle of warm formula and told to go to sleep. Grandma knew the girls would need to talk, so she made a show of turning off the
baby monitor. She thought, “I’ll turn it on after they’re asleep.”
Once Grandma had left the room, Terry looked at Carrie and winced, not knowing quite what to say. She thought for a moment and
decided that the best thing was to be honest and forward.
“Carrie? Do you really LIKE to wear diapers and be treated like a baby?”
Carrie pulled her bottle from her mouth, “Yea, I do. I can’t explain it, but my aunt says it’s called “Infantilism”. Basically it means that
sometimes I feel so stressed out, that being a baby and having no responsibilities, is the only way to feel better.”
Carrie looked away for a second and shyly asked, “How did you get put into diapers?”
Terry sighed, “I got caught by the police, spray painting the school walls. My mom thought that this was the only punishment that I
couldn’t laugh off, and Boy was she right. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll behave from now on. I don’t want to repeat this, although, I
kinda, sorta, almost, like the attention. But I definitely don’t like pooping my diaper, it’s gross.”
Carrie giggled and said, “Yea, pooping is more of a boy thing, cause they don’t have to worry about infections or anything. I have to
poop my diapers when I play baby, cause my aunt says, “Babies poopy their diapers and if you’re a baby, then so do you.” , but
she’s cool and changes me right away if I poop.”
Carrie looked around, checking to see if anyone was near. “Ya know what I think?”
“No what?” Terry asked
“I think you might be an “Infantilist” too, you’re just too scared to admit it.” Carrie whispered
Terry glanced to her right then her left. She then whispered back, “I think I might be too, but only I don’t like going outside dressed
as a baby, cause I don’t want anybody to know, but “Gama”.”
Suddenly Carrie gave a distressed look and began to poop herself. Terry could tell what was happening and began to call Grandma.
“Gama. Gama, Cawwie poopy.”
Grandma heard Terry’s call and walked back into the nursery.
“You two should be sleeping, babies need their sleep, but I don’t want one of my girls to sleep in a poopy diaper.” With that,
Grandma lifted Carrie out of the crib and laid her on the changing table.
It took only a few minutes to clean and rediaper Carrie. Then Grandma laid her back in the crib and said, “It’s time you two went to
sleep. I’m turning on the baby monitor and I don’t want to hear another peep out of either of you. Nighty night.” Grandma leaned over
the railing of the crib and kissed both girls on the forehead before raising the railing and turning out the lights. Carrie and Terry
relaxed, suckling on their bottles. It wasn’t ten minutes before both exhausted girls were asleep.
Terry awoke sometime in the middle of the night. She heard a noise and felt someone moving her. She glance up sleepily and saw
Grandma changing her diaper. When Grandma saw Terry had awoke, she gently slipped a pacifier into her mouth and began rubbing
her tummy so as to relax the girl. Terry, still waking up, took the pacifier and allowed Grandma to change her diapers with a
minimum of fuss. When Terry was changed, Grandma lifted her up and carried her to the rocking chair. After setting the girl on her
lap, Grandma removed Terry’s pacifier and slipped a baby bottle into her mouth. Terry was still not fully awake, so she slowly began
suckling on the bottle. Terry was asleep again before half the bottle was gone.
It was well after sunrise when Terry was again awakened. She sat up in the crib and looked around. Carrie was nowhere to be found
and the house was quiet. Her wet diaper was beginning to feel cold and uncomfortable. She felt alone and began, to her
astonishment, whimper and cry. Not long after she started crying, she heard the basement door open and close. Grandma walked
into the room, picked up the crying girl and began to rock her while slipping a pacifier into her mouth.
“There, there sweetie. It’s alright, Grandma’s here.” Grandma said in her most maternal voice.
She carried Terry over to the changing table and laid the girl on it, while slipping two fingers into the front of her diaper.
“My, you’re a wet little girl. Grandma will fix that in a moment sweetie.”
Grandma untapped Terry’s wet diaper and said, “Honey, did you wet the bed before you came to visit Grandma?”
That was when the realization hit Terry. No she hadn’t wet the bed before coming to Grandma’s. Terry shook her head and began to
“It’s alright honey, after being in diapers for a couple of days and not using the potty, it’s only natural for you to start wetting in your
sleep again. It will probably take a week or two for you to be dry at night again after you go home. Not a big problem.” Grandma tried
to comfort the worried girl
After Terry was cleaned up, Grandma picked up several cloth diapers and began to fold them. Terry gave Grandma a questioning
look. Grandma just laughed and said, "I just want to see how you do in cloth diapers today. You’re going to look more the baby in
these, but don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere today. "
Terry was relieved that Grandma wasn’t going to embarrass her by taking her out in cloth diapers and rubber panties. Grandma
picked up a pair of pink, rubber panties and slid them over Terry’s ample diaper, then sat her up while she slid a very short baby
dress over Terry’s head. Terry looked at the pink flowers on the dress and thought that this would indeed look cute on a baby. It was
about this time when a wailing came from the living room. Grandma placed booties on Terry’s feet and a baby bonnet, and placed
her back in the crib before leaving. A few moments later, the wailing stopped and Grandma came back into the nursery, carrying a
very unhappy looking Carrie. Grandma place Carrie on the changing table and began to undo her snap plastic panties.
“My, my, you’re the second very wet baby I’ve had to change. I think you girls can play in the back yard until lunch. Carrie honey,
remember though, Terry can’t walk, so take it easy on her, she’s not as big a girl as you.”
“Otay Gama, I ty be good girl.” Carrie said as Grandma finished changing her
Grandma dressed Carrie in a pink romper and baby shoes, and sent the girls outside to play. Grandma watched the girls play in the
back yard. Terry and Carrie sat in the sand box, building a castle and digging. Both girls were having so much fun, that they didn’t
even realize that it was lunch time until Grandma came out to get them.
Grandma took one look at the sand covered girls and said, “You two are the dirtiest babies I have ever seen, I’m gonna have to give
you both a bath.”
Grandma carried Terry, while leading Carrie by the hand into the house and upstairs to the bathroom. Both girls were stripped down
to their diapers and sat on the floor. Grandma began running the bath water and testing it’s temperature. She pulled out a changing
pad and placed it on the floor and reached over, taking Terry first and carefully removing her diaper, which was soaked and dirty.
Grandma cleaned Terry and put her in the tub. She next took off Carrie’s diaper and plastic panties, cleaned her up and put her in
the tub. Both girls were a little embarrassed to be seen naked by the other, but soon got over it as Grandma washed them from head
to toe. She paid close attention to the diaper area, “Just to be sure my babies don’t get diaper rash.” Terry and Carrie were then
dried off and carried into the nursery where they were dressed in clean diapers and tee shirts.
After everyone was clean, the girls were carried downstairs and placed into highchairs, bibed, and fed a prueed baby food of chicken
and vegetables. Lunch was a messy affair and both girls needed to be wiped off afterwards. When the cleaning was done, Carrie was
placed in a playpen and Terry in a baby swing, and givin toys to occupy her.
It didn’t take long for lunch to settle and sleep to fill the girls eyes.
Grandma came in to check on the girls and the condition of their diapers and found both asleep, Carrie in the playpen and Terry in
her swing. She carried both girls up to the nursery and changed them without waking either one. They were laid into the crib and
didn’t wake up for nearly two hours.
The next few days were the same, diaper changes, playing in the back yard, and even a trip to the Ice Cream Palace, where each
girl got a cup of their favorite flavor. Carrie left on Thursday, and it was hard for either one to say goodbye, they had become close
friends, and each was sure that there would be some changes when they went back to school on Monday.
By Friday, Terry was used to using her diaper and acting like a baby, so much so, that when her mother came to pick her up on
Saturday, she hardly recognized her daughter. Terry seemed almost to enjoy her time as a baby and Tammy didn’t like that at all.
There was a conference by Grandma and Tammy, just to be sure Terry was sufficiently punished. Grandma didn’t tell Tammy about
the friendship between the girls, or that Carrie had even stayed there at all. Tammy was satisfied that Terry had learned her lesson.
As Terry left, Grandma could see that the training panties that she had Terry wear, were slightly wet, and knew that Terry would
probably be visiting her a lot in the months and years to come