Terry's Grandma - Urson

Terry slowly walked up to the door of the bright bluee house she had grown to fear. Barely able to move, she carfully raised her hand and knocked. She waited for a moment and when no answer came, she looked back to the car where her mother sat.
“Nobody home Mommy. Can we go now?”
Her mother’s stern look told her she was going to have to wait until “Grandma” came. The revving of her mother’s car sent chills down her spine. She turned, tears in her eyes and began to run after her mother as she pulled out of the driveway.
“Mommy! Please don’t leave me here! I’ll be good, I promise. I’ll do anything, just don’t make me stay at Grandma’s.” Terry said with tears now running freely down her face.
Her mother stopped the car at the end of the driveway and Terry suddenly had a ray of hope. Just as suddenly, her ray of hope was dashed as her mother turned and said, “Terry, you know that I have to do this. This is the only punnishment you seem to understand. Grandma never hurts you and nobody knows how she punnishes you. Now get back on that porch and wait for Grandma or I’ll make sure you stay here for the WEEK instead of just the WEEKEND!”
Terry didn’t want to stay at Grandma’s for any longer than completely necessary, so she ran back to the proch, just as the door opened. The bright cheery face of an older woman appeared behind the dcreen door.
“Well, Terry, I’m so glad you came to see your Grandma. I miss you little girl” The lady said
Terry knew this statement was only partially true. The lady standing before her, in a flower covered dress wasn’t her real grandmother, but a retired Nanny. The lady had met her mother in the waiting room of the police station when Terry had gotten into some trouble for painting some ditry words on the walls of her school. The lady greeted her mother and they had talked, the lady discussing the years of her experience in raising children to be proper gentlemen and ladies. At theat time, an idea formed in Terry’s mother’s mind. That was the begining of one of the worst ordeals of Terry’s young life.
Back in the present, the lady opened the screen door and hugged Terry, wrapping her arms all around the girl, then in a shocking show of strength, lifted Terry into her arms. She switched Terry to one arm and took Terry’s wrist in teh other.
“Wave bye-bye to mommy honey” The old woman said, her sweet, almost honey coated voice, putting the terror of what was to come into the girl.
Terry weakly waved to her mother, who waved back saying, “Now you be a good baby for Grandma sweetie. Mommy will be back to pick you up Sunday night.”
With that, her mother pulled away from the house and drove off, down the road. Terry knew what was comming and knew also there was no way to escape it. The old woman reached down into Terry’s jeans with two fingers and gave her a shocked look.
“What’s this? Did mommy forget to diaper you or is she finally going to potty train you?”
In actuality, her mother hadn’t let her use the toilet for quite a while before comming over and now that Terry was relaxing, so was her bladder. She began to fidget as the urge to pee became stronger. This alerted the woman to Terry’s predicament and she held the girl tighter.
“Let’s go inside honey, it’s too hot out today for little girls.”
The woman carried Terry inside the front door and set her in a playpen in the living room. The woman could tell Terry couldn’t hold it much longer and put the usual plan into action.
“Now honey, Mommy dressed you in training pants, and you have to tell Grandma when you need to use the potty. But if you pee or poopy yourself, Grandma will just diaper you and treat you like a baby.”
Terry immediately spoke up, “I gotta go potty gama.”, she said in her best little girl voice, trying to sound pitiful.
“You just got here honey. Your mommy is trying to potty train you, so you have to learn to hold your pee. I want you to hold it for another 10 minutes, then Grandma will take you to the potty, alright honey?”
The woman knew from the way that Terry was squirming, that she wouldn’t be able to hold it for 10 minutes. Terry also knew she couldn’t hold it for that long and began to cry as her bladder strained against release.
“Peese gama, me gotta go potty!”
“I know you gave to go honey, but just hold it. I tell you what, if you can wait for just 5 more minutes, I’ll take you to the potty.” The woman said, feeling a little pitty for the girl.
Terry had a chance now, just 5 mintues, she thought she might make that. The time seemed to move so slow, but finally 5 minutes passed, and as promised, “Grandma” was there to take her to the potty.
“Alright honey, such a good girl. You held it for 5 whole mintuesl”
Terry was lifted out of the playpen and taken into the bathroom. “Grandma” stood her in front of the toilet, which had a chile training seat on it, and pulled down her jeans and panties. She helped the girl onto the training seat and allowed Terry to “potty like a big girl”. When Terry ws finished, the woman wiped her and pulled up her panties, but not her jeans.
When Terry gave her a strange look, the woman said, “It’s kind’ve hot today, so I don’t think you’ll need these.”
Terry was very embarrassed, even though this woman had seen her naked before when she chaged the diapers Terry was most times forced to wear.
Terry was carried into the kitchen and sat in a haghchair. She waited for the tray to be secured. After the tray was attached, the woman tied a pink and white checkered bib around Terry’s neck and gave her a baby bottle.
“Finish this while I get lunch ready honey.” The woman said
Terry was slightly dejected. She thought that since she was acting like a “big girl” that Grandma would allow her to at least use the sippy cup instead of a baby bottle. Terry resigned herself to sucking in the gottle and finished it as quick as possible.
Grandma finished preparing lunch and brought it over to the table. She sat a plate in front of Terry and her own on the table. She lifted a plastic covered spoon and began to feed Terry. Applesauce and bits of cold turkey were menu this day. Suddenly Terry felt a huge cramp and was about to tell Grandma that she needed to use the “potty” again, when the old woman slipped a spoonful of applesauce into the girl’s mouth. Terry swallowed, but before she could say anything, her bowels released into her training panties.
The old woman immediately knew what had happened. Earlier that week, Terry’s mother had told her that she had started Terry on a high fiber diet and was going to give the girl a dose of laxitives before she dropped her off that weekend. The old woman had nearly forgotten about that but was quickly reminded as the sent of the girl’s pungent mess filled the room.
"She gave Terry a sad look, “Poor baby, I can smell that you messed yourself. I should have just put you in a diaper when you came in. It’s clear you’re not ready to potty train .”
Terry cried as she was lifted from the highchair and carried into her “nursery”. She was laid on the changing table. Grandma tried to calm the crying girl down by cooing and talking softly to her. When that didn’t help, she reached under the changing talbe and pulled a pacifier out. She gently slipped it into Terry’s mouth and rubbed her tummy. Slowly, the crying stopped and only sniffles remained. The woman removed Terry’s soiled training pants and began to clean her off with some baby wipes.
“Peese! No dipees gama. I not baby. I big girl.” Terry said, using baby talk. She hated her mother for restricting her to this degrading form of communication while she was at “Grandma’s”.
“It’s ok” The woman cooed. “Grandma still loves you baby. I know you try to be a big girl, but big girls don’t mess their panties. Big girl or baby, grandma still loves you. Now just relax sweetie.” the woman’s voice was like marshmallows dipped in honey and though still wimpering, Terry relaxed and accepted the diaper she knew was comming.
The woman pulled out baby lotion and sperad it all over the girl’s diaper area. Next came the powder, applied with tenderness, just as she would for any baby. The diaper was one of the thick disposables. It looked just like a Pampers, even down to the cartoon characters on the waistband. Terry’s botom was lifted as thewoman took hold of her ankles and pushed her knees to her chest. The diaper was then slipped under the waiting girl’s bottom. Terry began to cry again, but the woman just finished diapering her. When whe was finished, she picked up Terry and carried her to the rocking chair.
“Quiet honey, grandma has something to relax you sweetie.” The woman said while reaching to a nearby talbe and retrieving a baby bottle that had been sitting in a bottle warmer. She laid Terry in her lap and proceeded to slip the nipple into Terry’s mouth. Terry started shaking her head, trying to avoid the baby bottle. Grandma slapped Terry’s leg, just below her diapered butt, causing Terry to give the woman, her full attention.
“Now listen here little girl. Even though Grandma loves you, you have to listen to me and behave while you’re here. Understand?”
Terry gave in and took the nipple into her mouth and began to suckle. “That’s my good girl. There, there, isn’t that better? Just relax honey.”
Terry did indeed relax and began concentrating on finishing the bottle. Suddenly she felt her diaper becoming wet and began to cry again.
“What’s the matter honey? You got gas?” Grandma removed the nipple and set Terry over her shoulder. She began to pat Terry’s back, burping her. Terry continued crying. She had fought so hard against this punishment for so long now, but she began to think that she was turning int a big baby just the same. At that moment, Terry’s stomach heaved and she spit up on Grandma’s shoulder. Grandma grabbed a cloth diaper and cleaned Terry and herself off then resumed feeding Terry. Terry twisted her head and resisted taking the nipple. Grandma smaked Terry’s diaper and discovered the reason for the girl’s distress.
“Oh you poor baby, you’re wet! That’s the first time you’ve ever wet while I fed you! You’re really becomming a baby!”
The woman pulled Terry close and began to hug and rock her. She praised the girl on what a good baby she was for wetting while she was being fed, just like a real baby. All this attention and the stress of the day made Terry very tired and she soon fell asleep.
When Terry awoke, she discovered that she was in a the crib. She was dressed in a sailor’s suit top and a large cloth diaper with pink and flower covered plastic pants. Her socks were still on and her hair was now in two pony tails.
“Just like a little girl.” She thought to herself
She could hear the rain comming down outside through the slightly open window in the nursery. A flash of light and the crack of thunder sent the girl to the back corner of the crib, crying in terror. The room light came on and Grandma came in. She picked the frightened girl up, out of the crib. Terry continued crying as the old woman comforted her, rocking the terrified girl, in her arms. Slowly she carried Terry over to the rocking chair and set her down. Terry didn’t want to let go of the only seurity she had at that moment and hung on with all her might.
“It’s alright sweetie, Gramdma’s only going to shut the window so the storm doesn’t scare the baby.”
Terry released her “death grip” on the old woman and sat, huddled in the chair, sucking her thumb. Grandma closed the window and slowly picked up the quivering child. She set Terry on her lap and reached for a baby bottle in the warmer nearby. She gently slipped the warm bottle’s nipple into Terry’s mouth. Terry was still shaking, as another flash of light and thunder crack rocked the house. Terry shook with terror and gripped the baby bottle, nearly pulling it out of Grandma’s hands. The frightened girl began sucking, which seemed to calm her. The woman marveled at how much this 13 year old girl had regressed so much in the short time she had been comming to her house. The storm seemed to be the final catalyst in the girl’s transformation. She noticed that Terry was getting gas and pulled the nipple from her mouth. She began to slowly burp the girl, and sure enough, Terry burped. It was a loud one too. Terry was much calmer now and wrapped her arms around the old woman and cried into her shoulder.
Grandma patted Terry’s back and comforted her. After a while, Terry released the woman and sat looking into her eyes.
“Me wuv you gama. Me wuv you dis much.” Terry held out her arms as wide as they would go.
Terry had never expressed any kind of love for the old woman before, so the child’s sudden admission caused her to start to cry with happiness.
“Gama sad? Me mak gama ky?” Terry also began crying.
The old woman pulled Terry close and hugged her tightly, “Honey no! Grandma’s not sad, she just so happy that you love her so much!” This stopped Terry’s crying and they hugged for a while. It wasn’t long before Terry was asleep again.

When Terry awoke, she was laying in the crib, in a pink baby romper, with of course diapers underneath. Terry stretched for a moment and heard shouting comming form the kitchen.
“This was supposed to be a punishment, not something she liked!” Terry’s mother screamed
“I know Tammy, but the girl has virtually become an infant. She’s not the teen you left her Friday.” The old woman could smell the liquor on Tammy’s breath and knew she was in no condition to deal with this right now.
“Why don’t you stay here for the night and we’ll talk about this in the morning. The storm has washed out almost all the roads around here and you shouldn’t be driving in your condition.”
That was the last straw as far as the drunken woman was concerned. She threw up her hands and stormed out of the room, towards the nursery.
Her mother was furious that Terry had regressed. She wanted the girl to understand the humiliation of being a 13 year old, treated like a baby. Grandma on the other hand, suggested that the girl secretly wanted to be a baby ant that the treatment was making her into just that. A few moments later, Terry came into the room and grabbed her daughter out of the crib and removed her clothes, down to her diapers and plastic pants.
“So, you wanna be a baby? Well, that’s fine with me!” Tammy was ranting by this time. She lifted the girl onto the changing table and changed her daughter into the thickest diaper Terry had ever seen.
“Now you can piss and shit yourself all you want cause I ain’t gonna change ya! As far as I’m concerned, you can stay in that diaper forever!” A look of hatred came over Tammy’s face and this frightened Terry.
At that point, Tammy announced that she and her daugthter were leaving and not to expect them back anytime soon. The old woman knew that Tammy was drunk and might get them both killed if she tried to drive home.
“Tammy! I cannot in good conscience let you drive anywhere in your condition. You are both staying the night!” Grandma could be a hardcase when she wanted to, and Terry sensed that she was very angry right now.
“To Hell with you old woman! I’m leaving right now and so is Terry!” Tammy bellowed, furious at the assumption of authority over her.
“No Mommy! Me no wanna leave. Me luv gama and no wanna go!” Terry wretched her arm lose from her mother’s grasp.
Both women stared at Terry for a moment, then her mother’s face turned crimson with rage.
Tammy began searching for her car keys, but couldn’t find them. She suddenly heard a tinkling behind her and turned to see Grandma holding her keys.
“I was a decent pickpocket, in a time before you were born little girl.” A shadow grew over Grandma’s face.
Tammy, even drunk, knew she couldn’t best the old woman physically, but then she remembered something and bolted for the front door. Grandma was strong, but not very fast and Tammy was out the door and in her car before she could catch her. Tammy locked the doors and reached into the glove compartment, pulling her extra set of keys from inside. She started up the car and was down the driveway before Grandma was out of the house.
Meanwhile, inside the house. Terry fell to the ground, bawling her eyes out. Why was Mommy mad? What had she done? The girl was so confused.
Grandma came back in to the nursery and picked up Terry. She began to rock her untill she quieted down.
“Gama, wat me do? Why Mommy mad at me? Was I bad girl? Terry said, still on the verge of tears.
“No honey, you didn’t do anything. Mommy just had something to drink that makes her act bad, she’ll come back in the morning and everything will be ok.” The old woman wasn’t as sure of such things as she let on, but she didn’t want to frighten the girl anymore than she already was. Terry quiet down and slipped into a sound sleep on the old woman’s shoulder.
“It’s incredible!” Grandma thought to herself. “I don’t know what caused her to regress so fast, but I’ll bet her mother and her drinking had something to do with it. I’ll have to call my friend with Child Services if Tammy doesn’t come back” Grandma hoped that nothing happened to Tammy. She thought that if Tammy didn’t come back, that she could at least try to see if Terry could stay with her on a permanent basis.
Terry awoke in darkness and realized she was wet and messy. She thought to herself, “Sheese, I don’t know what happened, but I must have screwed up pretty bad for the old lady to let me mess myself this bad” She wanted changed, but remembered the rules; “Only babytalk at Grandma’s”
“Gama!” She called out and a few moments later, the old woman appeared.
“What’s the matter honey?” She rushed to the crib and lifted the girl out. She sniffed the air and realized what the problem was. “Oh, you poor baby. Let’s get my girl into some clean didees.”
Terry, laying over Grandma’s shoulder noticed the clock/calendar. It read Monday. She took a chance and spoke up in a “grown-up” voice
“What’s going on? It’s monday, what happend to sunday, and where’s my mom? She should be here to pick me up.” Terry was very confused
As soon as Grandma heard Terry speak in her normal voice, she hugged the girl even more, happy that she wasn’t severely traumatized by the weekend’s events.
“Oh Terry, I’m so glad you’re ok. I was so worried!”
Terry was, to say the least, a little shocked by Grandma’s words.
“What do you mean? I’m ok. What’s going on?” Terry said, now more confused than ever.
Grandma sat Terry down in the crib and proceeded to tell her what had happened in the last 36 hours. It was a fantastic story and Terry might not have believed it if it weren’t for the part about the thunderstorm. Theunder had always scared her to death, ever since the time she was almost struck by lightning. Terry considered everything that had happened and looked at Grandma, trying to figure out what to do now.
“So what happens now? Is mom comming back for me or what? Do I have to be a baby still?” Terry said, now more aware of her dirty diaper.
Grandma said, " I don’t know if your mother will be back when the booze wears off, but I hope for the best. Even if she doesn’t, you can stay here with me. I’ve become really fond of you since you started comming here. Second, no, you don’t have to be a baby, but I better get you out of that dirty diaper before you get a rash.” Grandma lifted Terry back out of the crib and carried her into the bathroom. She stood the girl in the tubg and removed her jumper and dirty diaper. She then left Terry to take a shower in peace.
After about half an hour, Terry came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. She looked around but Grandma was nowhere to be seen. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of juice. Just as she finished, Grandma came walking up the stairs from the basement, carrying a basket of clean clothes.
“Good, you’re out of the shower. I have your clothes here if you want them. I’m afraid I don’t have any “big girl” panties, but the training panties you wore are here, they should be ok.” The old woman’s voice sounded almost sad
Terry heard the sadness in Grandma’s voice. She had done some thinking in the shower and realized that if it weren’t for Grandma, she might have been in a very bad situation. She even thought it wasn’t really so bad being a baby. There were some times she even enjoyed the attention, the kind she no longer got from her mom. She kind of missed being a little girl, just loved for who she was and taken care of by someone.
Terry walked over to Grandma and hugged her. “Deese r big girl cloths, I still baby.”
Grandma nearly fainted when she heard Terry say this. “She does want to be a baby again.” she thought to herself. Grandma picked up Terry and carried her into the nursery. She placed her on the changing table and carefully removed the towel. Terry was powdered all over and had baby lotion smoothed into her diaper area. Grandma decided since it was a warm day, a disposeable would be best, so she removed one from beneath the table. She opened the diaper and slipped it under her grandbaby’s bottom. Grandma then went to the clothes basket and removed a baby blue jumper, just like the one Terry had worn not an hour before. She returned and slipped it over Terry’s head, vaneuvering her arms into it’s sleaves. Finally, she snapped the crotch over the girl’s amply padded bottom.
Terry looked up at her grandma and said, “Gama, I hungy, baba peese.”
Grandma smiled and gently lifted Terry up, carried her over to the rocking chair and laid her across her lap. She grabbed a baby bottle sitting in the nearby warmer and slipped the nipple into Terry’s mouth. Terry began sucking on the warm baby bottle of formula, happy being a cared for babygirl.
When Terry finished the bottle, Grandma placed a cloth diaper across her shoulder, remembering the last time she burped Terry, followed by the girl herself. She began patting Terry on the back, and much to Terry’s surprise, she burped loudly and spit up a bit. Grandma then carried Terry into the livingroom and placed her in the playpen.
“Now you be a good girl and play in here while Grandma does some chores. When I’m done we can play outside for a while, ok honey.”
“Yes gama, I good girl.”
Grandma went about the house for the better part of an hour doing minor things that needed doing when the doorbell chimed. She answered the door, only to find the frowning faces of two police officers.
“Good afternoon mamm. Are you Kathryn Braun?” one of the officer’s asked
“Yes. What can I do for you?”
“Is Terry Franks here?” the other officer asked
“Yes she is. What’s this about?” Grandma asked, growing more concerned by the moment.
“We have some bad news. There was an accident last night, her mother’s care swerved off the road and struck a tree. She died almost instantly.”
Terry, who was sitting in the playpen heard this and burst into tears. “Mommy! NO, no, it can’t be true. You’re lying.”
The officers looked confused for a moment. “We’re sorry, we didn’t realize that she was the woman’s daughter. Our information stated that the girl was 13, not 5 or 6.”
Grandma allowed the officers in while she lifted Terry out of the playpen and slipped a pacifier into her mouth. She cuddled the girl, while explaining the situation to the officers. Not wanting to be judgemental, the officers did nothing. They then stated that they needed someone to come down to the morgue and identify the body. Grandma said she would do it, but she needed to call someone to watch Terry while she was gone.
“That won’t be neccessary mamm.” said an icy voice from the front doorway
Grandma and the officers looked up and saw a rather large woman in a severe business suit, standing in the doorway.
“I’m Fran Bishop, from the Department of Child Services. I’m here to take Terry Franks into custody untill the state can find a relative or guardian for her.”
Terry took one look at the woman and began to cry, “Gama, no, me no wanna go! Me wanna stay wit u! Me wuv u!”
A look of extreme shock came over Mrs. Bishop’s face. “Is that Terry Franks?” She turned to the officers and said, “Officers, I want you to arrest that woman, this is child abuse! Treating a teenage girl like a baby! Madam, you one of of the sickest people I have ever come across and I will see you in jail for a very long time!”
The officers looked at one and another for a moment, then the senior of the two turned to Mrs. Bishop and said, “Sorry Mrs… uh, Bishop. We have heard the story behind the girl being dressed and treated in this fashion and don’t believe any laws have been broken.”
Mrs. Bishop was livid now. She pulled her identification from her purse and said, “By the authority of the Department of Child Care Services, I order you to arrest Kathryn Braun on charges of child abuse. I have the full backing of the District Attorney’s office.”
The officers were now left with no choice. They had to arrest Grandma. She went quietly, telling Terry it would be alright and that she would settle this as soon as possible. Mrs. Bishop sneered as the officers helped Grandma into the squad car.
“You’ll never see this child again. I’ll make sure of that, you sick bitch!” She seemed to definately be enjoying the situation.
Over the next week, there was a formal investigation. Grandma and Terry were questioned seperately. Terry didn’t seem very helpful when Mrs. Bishop questioned her, reverting to her infantile side when the woman walked into the room. This seemed to infuriate the large woman who took it as it was intended to be, an insult. Durring the week, Grandma was not permitted to see or come within 500 yards of Terry at any time. Terry was sent to a foster home for the week. They people there, though understanding, had a hard time dealing with a toddler in the body of a 13 year old girl. It seems the stress was too much for Terry and she regressed back to a toddler again. It was a very hard time for both Terry and Grandma.
On the day of the court hearing, Grandma was seated in the courtroom when Terry and Mrs. Bishop came in. Terry was dressed in “big girl” clothes, but Granma could tell that she was wearing some kind of diaper underneath.
The hearing plodded alone with both Grandma and Mrs. Bishop telling their side of the story. Mrs. Bishop made sure to tell the judge how “sick and demented” she thought Grandma was for treating Terry like a baby, even if the girl enjoyed it.
After both of the older women’s testimony was taken, the judge ordered Terry to be brought into his chambers so he could talk to her alone. The judge was a good man, and Terry could tell, this seemed to help her act in a more “grown up” manner. While the judge questioned Terry, Mrs. Bishop sat in the gallery, smiling, thinking this would be the final nail in Grandma’s coffin. When the judge and Terry returned to the courtroom, he ruled that she han not been abused and was returned to Grandma’s care. The judge also stated that Tery had told him the entire story. He told Mrs. Bishop that the only abuse that he felt Terry had suffered was at the hands of an alchoholic mother and a cold hearted and closed minded Child Care Services agent.
Grandma and Terry were so happy to be back together, that they stopped off at the ice cream parlor to celebrate. The stop had to be cut short due to a large wet spot on Terry’s pants. She told Grandma that the foster parents she had been placed with, had put her in some kind of “Adult” diaper. Grandma commented that it didn’t seem to work very well. They headed back to Grandma’s house and once there, Terry was diapered and redressed in a lemon yellow baby girl dress, footies, and a bib. Grandma put her into her highchair and fed her the remaining ice cream.
A week or so passed and one day, a registered letter came for Terry. Grandma signed for it and opened it while Terry was down for her afternoon nap. The letter was a notice that her mother’s will was going to be read and she was supposed to be there to recieve her inheritance. When Terry woke up, Grandma told her about the letter and let Terry read it. The will was scheduled to be read in two days. Terry knew there would be a problem. If she went to the reading dessed in diapers and baby clothes, they might think her not able to deal with the situation and appoint an executor for the estate. Grandma agreed that she should go dressed like a “big girl”.
“But Grandma, what happens if I wet myself? You know I can’t hold it very long anymore.” Terry looked worried
Grandma thought for a moment and said, "If you wear a long dress and I put a diaper cover over your diapers, nobody will notice, I’ll go with you in case you need a change. I’ll keep your changing supplies in my big purse instead of your regular diaper bag.
When the day of the will’s reading came, Terry was very nervous. Everything went pretty much as she expected. Tammy had very little besides the house she owned and some modest savings. Everything was sold and Terry officially moved into her nursery in Grandma’s house.
Many things happened to Terry over the years to come, some good, some bad, but that’s another story.