“Open wide!”

Jessica obeyed, and another fork of vegetables was pushed into her mouth. She chewed, and swallowed.

They were sitting in the lunch room. Separate from the main hall and fall smaller, it consisted of rows of high chairs, a scant few toys for people who had finished eating, and a mural of cartoon food on the wall. Most of the students were being fed in the high chairs, while some who had advanced were either sitting in chairs or their caretakers’ laps being fed, while even fewer were feeding themselves under watchful eyes. Jessica, of course, thanks to Becky’s work, was always guaranteed a spot in a high chair being fed. Becky always had ways to ensure she stayed on the lowest rungs.

“Ops! Try to keep it in sweetie!” Becky said cheerily, scooping up food from Jessica’s bib and chin and putting it back in her mouth. "You’re going to have to do better then that if you ever want to feed yourself.

Jessica sighed. There it was. Becky had deliberately spilled the food, of course, then spoke loud enough to ensure everyone had heard.

Becky put on a fake pouty face. “Awww don’t be so sad. At least you can still eat solid food. No baby food for big girl Jessica! Yayy!”

Jessica rolled her eyes. However, knowing what Becky’s ‘rules’ for her were, she pretended to cheer along. To do otherwise would mean one of Becky’s secret punishments.

“All done!” Becky said. “Now sit tight until feeding time is over.”

The humiliated woman put her elbows on the high chair’s table and rested her chin on them. She looked around at the other students. It was pretty clear she didn’t belong with them. Of course, the others didn’t see it that way. Worse still, they often seemed to agree with that sentiment, but from the opposite end. To them, Becky was trying her best, and doing a wonderful job of helping Jessica and keeping her out of the lower rungs. The reality was far worse…

“Which test do you want to pass? The academic, or the potty training?” she had asked Jessica.

“Uhh… what? OW!” the diapered girl, squirming over Becky’s lap as she delivered as ‘reminder’ spanking, said.

“I’ll either let you pass the academic class or the next potty training. So, do you want to be a dumb diaper girl, or a smart baby?” She spanked Jessica again.

“I… OW! What?”

“Can’t decide? Alright. I’ll help you study for the academic test, but there is no way you are passing the potty test.”

Becky wouldn’t explain what that meant, and Jessica was more then nervous. Both tests were that day, and simultaneous. Becky had helped her study for the academic, going over different symbols and puzzles Jessica hadn’t seen before, so she was certain to have something up her sleeve.

“Alright caretakers! Bring your toddlers to the pre school home run in 25 minutes for the test. Remember, if they ask to use the bathroom, they have until the test begins. Good luck!”

“Come on Jessy!” Becky said, and opened the high chair. She let Jessica down then attached the leash to her romper. She picked up a back pack, slung it over her shoulder, and pulled the leash.

Becky led Jessica through the halls and away from the home room. Jessica at first didn’t know where they were going, but soon she recognized the halls. When Becky’s two big friends returned on either side of her, she began to panic.

“NO!” she said, pulling on the leash. “Please no!”

“Now now Jessica, wheres your paci? Don’t talk out, or you’ll get a spanking.”

Jessica was forcibly silenced with the pacifier and dragged into the diaper storage room. Once there, the door was locked, and Jessica’s shoulders were grabbed.

“Alright then Jessica, time for our next game,” the supposed caretaker took off her backpack and opened it up. She pulled out a massive zip lock bag full of brown beans, followed by two bottles of milk and two of water. “We agreed you could pass one test today. Since I helped you study for the academic test, we need to make sure you won’t pass the potty training one, as if you had a chance anyway. So, we got you two bottles of milk with your ‘special medicine’ added, and plenty of beans to ensure you are full of ammunition, and that you’ll be loud enough for everyone to hear. Then we have the water to rinse it all down to make you nice and soaked and hide the baked bean breath. Fair?”

“No!” Jessica screamed throw her pacifier, prompting a hard spank from one of the two boys. She stopped and let the pacifier be taken from her mouth. “No please! I can’t eat all that!”

“Oh I’m sure you can, and you’re going to.”

“No I won’t! I’ll tell.”

Becky sighed and shook her head. “You really are a stupid baby, aren’t you? Here’s the deal. You eat all this now, or I’ll be locking you in the diaper bin again and leaving. I’ll tell Mr. Eran you ran away, and you’ll spend the entire test period locked in there. You’ll fail anyway because you missed it, and when you get back you’ll have a nice, long spanking for running to look forward to. Or, you play along, eat it, fail the test, and don’t have to spend the next few hours in a pile of messy diapers.” She wrinkled her nose and looked at the box. “You made a lot of these anyway, might as well re-unite you with your work. Jacob? Jillian?”

They grabbed her shoulders. “NO please!” she sobbed. “I’ll do it.”

“Good girl,” Becky said, ruffling her hair. “Now, not a word of this to Mr. Eran, or it will seem like you are making excuses for your messy pampers, and Jacob and Jillian will be witnesses on my side. Then its back in the bin anyway, and a paddling to boot.”

The two boys held Jessica’s shoulders as Becky opened the bag. The smell came to Jessica even through the stench of the diapers, and after having just eaten, made her stomach turn.

“Why do you let her do this?” she asked one of the boys. She couldn’t tell them apart, but they were always helping with the schemes.

One shrugged his shoulders. “You mean why do we help our girlfriend rather then the bratty girl who spent years moving back grades? Gee I wonder. What do you think we can do with her that we can’t do with someone whose stuck in diapers?”


“Its beyond your mental status to get it now, but adults have fun in ways you don’t know about. Plus I pay them. No open up!”

The first spoonful was jammed in Jessica’s mouth, and she almost chocked.

“Now now, be careful! If I have to change your outfit to hide what we did I’ll fill your diaper with itching powder.”

Another spoonful. Jessica whined and chocked it down. More and more went down, and she watched the pile in the bag slowly shrink as her stomach became more and more bloated.

“Please, no more. I’m going to be sick! MPHH” she begged before being cut off by another spoon. Her stomach cramped horribly.

“Almost done! Open for the airplane! Good girl! Don’t worry, it will be coming out of you soon, just not the way you want it too.”

Next Jessica’s mouth was filled with the bottles, and she drank them down. When finished, she was painfully full, and felt her stomach pushing against the tapes of her diaper. She felt gas rising in her stomach, and burped loudly. One of the boys patted her back, and she burped again.

Becky waved a hand in front of her nose. “Whew! Stinky already. Remember now, no telling, or its back in the bin!” She grabbed the leash again, and after opening the door slightly to ensure no one was in the hall, pulled it through. Jessica waddled as best she could after, struggling not to bend over due to the painful cramping.

'Hello Mr. Eran!" Becky said happily when they reached the classroom. “We are here for today’s test. Oh, and Jessica said a naughty word, so she’ll need a spanking. Isn’t that right Jessica?”

“Yes Ms. Becky,” Jessica said. She of course had said no such thing, but Becky never gave up the chance to get her punished.

They were back in the now familiar home room, which had been re-arranged for test taking. Blinders had been added to the round tables, as had some separate desks, as the students weren’t considered mature enough for test taking. One, larger then most of the others, was marked with Jessica’s name.

Becky then leaned in close to the teacher. “The word was 'drat.”" She heard her whisper. “I don’t know if she knows what it means. She pointed to her diaper when she said it, so I think she thought it was messy, but it was just bunched up at the bottom.”

“I see,” Mr. Eran replied. "Well, we will deal with that later. For now she has the test. Jessica, do you remember the rules?’

Jessica nodded.

“90 minutes. That means until the clock looks like that.” He pointed at a drawing on the chalk board. “If you can keep from messing until then, you’ll get a gold star. Wetting is fine, we will work on that later.”

Jessica sighed. At her stage, avoiding wetting was considered beyond her, and she was only tested on messing. Since that was even deemed too difficult, she was giving humiliatingly short time periods, then normally expected to mess her diapers after anyway. She had been told if she did enough of them, she could try sitting on the potty.

She looked at the pink plastic potty that sat at the front of the class room to remind her what she was working for. Normally, using it meant all the caretakers and multiple eyes watching, hands ready to clean, and a standing ovation upon finishing. In any other world, it would be a humiliating predicament, and now it seemed a trophy beyond her grasp.

“At the same time, you have your basic intelligence function test. Good luck,” Mr. Eran said.

This test was a series of basic letter identification, simple math and counting, and puzzles. She closed her eyes and pictured all the practice examples. They had gone through a few of them, and for once, she felt prepared. She knew she had a good chance of passing this time.

Her stomach turned. The diaper test, on the other hand, was another matter.

“Before we begin,” the teacher said. “Jessica, do you think you need to go potty?”

“No,” Jessica said. Her stomach rolled over, but she saw Becky smiling behind the teacher and knew to keep lying.

“Do you think you’ll mess your diapers?”


“I’m giving you the chance now. If you think you won’t make it, say so now and this won’t count as a test. Its only a fail if you don’t know its coming. We can even let you use the potty now, and give you a treat if you do. Do you want to try, or do the test?”

Jessica looked at the potty. The thought of sitting on it in front of the class and using it was humiliating, but still more then she hoped for. “No, I don’t need to go potty.”

“Ok then, to your desk.”

Jessica went to her desk… Her stomach grumbled horribly. As she sat down, she heard a loud fart escape into her diaper, then a round of giggles from the class.

The teacher knocked on his desk. “Alright. The written test will come around in a half hour for those who are doing it. For now, sit still and do your best to keep your diapers clean. Good luck to you all on both aspects.”

Jessica struggled not to let anything else out. At this point it was too late, and anything solid in her diaper would be a fail. Becky waved and left the room, abandoning her to her fate.

Another fart came out, and there was more giggling.

Jessica was already near bursting. She wet herself, hoping it would at least erase some of the pressure, but she still heard another fart when she was done. Her diaper was soon soaked, and each movement and fart brought a squish. Even with the thick padding, after all the bottles she’d been fed, it felt like she was sitting in a puddle. More gas came out as the beans did their work, muffled by the now soaked diaper, but loud enough for the class to hear and react.

“Jessica, are you alright? I’d hate to fail someone this early,” the teacher asked.

“Yes, what do you mean?” Jessica said, repeating the line she had been given.

“Is that not you making noises?”

“What noises? The laughter?”

The teacher sighed. “No, the other noise. You hear it?”


“Do you know where its coming from?”

Jessica pretended to think, then shook her head. “No.” She wanted to tell him and run for the potty, but she knew the punishment from Becky and her friends would be worse then any messy diaper.

He sighed. “Alright, carry on.”

Her stomach turned again, loudly enough for the others to hear. She looked at the clock, and saw the hands had barely moved.

More gas was building up inside her. Her stomach ached and cramped, and she was desperate to get it out. She pushed slightly, and farted again, louder and longer then before. There was more laughter, and the teacher called the class to silence.

The relief only lasted a moment before it came again. She was full to the point of aching from the beans, and the laxatives made it feel like everything was pushing to get out.

Another fart escaped, and she pushed for more to feel the relief. Once again, it was short lived.

The written test was finally going around. She was third of the way through.

Her stomach was aching again. She began to relax and push a bit, hoping for some relief. She felt herself wet even more as she tried, a feeling that was so common now it was almost automatic. She began to fart, and it kept coming out, getting more giggles as it continued.

“Here, the test,” the person in front of her said. He reached behind himself, but it was out of range of her desk.

Groaning inwardly, Jessica stood up slightly, leaned forward and reach out. She felt the soaked padding hanging between her legs. She didn’t want to risk standing up, especially as she was pushing to release gas, but felt she had no choice. She reached, relaxed, and let more gas out.

She gasped. She knew she was taking a risk by relaxing, but the feeling still came as a shock. She felt hot mush pour out of her and into her diaper, which inflated behind her. She collapsed onto the desk, helpless as she messed herself to the chorus of laughter.

“I think Jessica messed herself,” the person sitting beside her said.

“Jessica, is that true?” the teacher asked.

She looked at the tattle tell, then at him. “No,” she said.

He sighed. “Its… its fine. Just do the rest of your test. Becky helped you study for that, remember?”

“Uh huh,” she said.

She opened the test, and, as so many times before since coming to this world, wanted to cry. Nothing was what she remembered. The symbols, the puzzles, the signs were all new. She should have known better then to trust Becky.

“Jessica?” the teacher said.

She looked up.

“We take our tests sitting down.”

Jessica sighed, and moved back to her chair, and felt herself mess again as she coached down. She took the test she knew she had no chance of passing then settled down into the mess, and her now all but confirmed fate.

“Come on Jessica, lets get your butt changed!”

Jessica winced. “Don’t say it like that. And you don’t get to change me!” She felt herself push her arms down to her sides and balled her fists.

Marianne laughed. “Awww, don’t throw a tantrum just because you have a stinky diaper.” She walked toward Jessica, who backed away.

“I don’t! I’m clean!”

“Then why won’t you let me check you?” She grabbed Jessica’s shoulder and reached to the back of her diaper.

Jessica pushed her hand away. “Because you don’t get to change me! YOu are younger then me!”

Marianne rolled her eyes. “Actually I do. I’m your babysitter. I’m a licensed babysitter, and you, legally, are a toddler level in over 30 categories. That makes me able to take care of you for short periods, and tonight our dad left me in charge.” She opened the back of her diaper. “Well, I guess you are clean, but we both know that was just luck. You’ve been wrong before.”

“That’s not!” Jessica began, but was silenced when Marianne pushed a pacifier in her mouth.

“No complaining. Go stand in the corner until you calm down and stop throwing temper tantrums.”

“ITs not a temper tantrum! This is unfair!”

She folded her arms. “OH it isn’t? Then why are you’re fists balled at your side like an angry baby?” Jessica noticed and moved her hands. “Classic sign of someone who is emotionally a toddler, number 25. Now, little girl, no talking with the paci and go stand in the corner or its a spanking.”

Jessica folded her arms. “You can’t make me.”

“Actually I can. This note says I can.” she held up a piece of paper written in the doctor’s handwriting. “You both saw him leave me in charge. I’m supposed to follow these instructions, and you are supposed to follow mine. Right her it says I can give you corner times, mouth soapings, or spankings if need be, and more if I call him first. Should I call daddy?” “Daddy” was something she only said to Jessica now.

Jessica glared and tried to stand her ground, but felt herself slowly backing down. She knew arguing would only end badly. She hung her head. “No, please don’t,” she said.

“Then go,” Marianne pointed to the corner, and Jessica walked to it. “Don’t be difficult. You know the drill. Hands on your head and paci in your mouth. Now.” Jessica pouted, obeyed. “Anyway, who are you to complain? All your babysitters and half your school teachers are younger then you to. You know that isn’t what makes someone a ‘baby level’ or a babysitter. Not in that way, anyway.”

Jessica stared blankly at the deep gold of the wall and listened to Marianne go on. She was right. At this point, almost everyone her age had moved on well into adulthood. Each year it got more and more humiliating as the age difference between her and the people in charge of her grew. Now, she was being babysat by someone she once saw as a younger adopted sister, and had to listen to her every command. “Now, there is a part of the instructions I am supposed to read to you. Ahem.” She cleared her throat. “Marianne, you are in charge as we discussed. Jessica is to be double diapered in her princes prints and plastic pants. Also, no sitting on the furniture unless she is on your lap. Just the mat, crib or high chair. I’m sorry, I know you are getting better, but we can’t be sure you’ll find out Jessica is messy in time, and don’t want to risk a leaky diaper ruining the couch.” Jessica blushed deeper. She couldn’t help but notice that the appology for her double diapers was directed at Marianne for not being trusted to tell when she was leaking, rather then at Jessica for not being able to tell when she was soaked. “She can pick between her cartoon onesies, no dresses since she won’t be going out. Give her her bath, ignore her if she complains. She may play with her dolls or coloring book and gets one hour of cartoons if she finishes two of her school pictures. Make sure she stays within in the lines.” ‘School pictures’- the hardest homework she was trusted with now was coloring in pictures and learning to stay in the lines, something they still failed her on. “Dinner is at 5:30, she can have the chopped chicken and mushy beans, we left you steak in the fridge. Since she was complaining at school, she is to have her nightly spanking at 7 PM. 30 spanks, half on her diaper, half bare. Bedtime at 8, read her a story if she needs it. If she complains, you may administer twenty minutes of corner time, five minutes of mouth soaping, or thirty spanks.”

Jessica glared into the corner and shook at each word. She had been working, trying to move up the ladder for years, and failed. She could remember when Marianne was in diapers, and watched her get promoted to pull ups, underwear, become allowed to take care of herself, graduate from year after year of school, and become an adult as Jessica went the opposite way. Now even Marianne was left in charge of her.

“So, we will get onto your bath and coloring books, but first I need to take a shower. I’ll be back down in time for the end of your punishment.”

Undistracted, Jessica’s mind wandered. She kept moving down, lower and lower, whenever she tried to move up. There was no way she’d succeed if she wasn’t even allowed to decide when she got her diapers changed. She had been thinking for a long time about another way. She had tried to play their game, perhaps she could make it another way.

She moved her hands off her head and reached down to her diaper. It was double thick and wrapped in an extra layer of plastic because someone else, younger then her, wasn’t trusted to tell if she messed herself and change her in time. Realistically, there was no reason why she shouldn’t be allowed to to say when she needed a change, or even change herself. The only reason why she couldn’t was a series of flukes and and a bizarre set of rules that meant failing in one way meant losing rights in another.

She shook her head. Realistically, there wasn’t a reason why unwatched, she couldn’t take it off. She had lived for decades without needing one. Right now, her babysitter was in the shower. Perhaps if she couldn’t make it by playing by their rules, she could make it by breaking them.

She moved out of the corner and looked around. Lights and a tv she wasn’t allowed to turn on or off, a fireplace she wasn’t allowed near, and couches she wasn’t allowed to sit on. The apology for that wasn’t even directed at her, but at Marianne. Marianne not being trusted to tell if she was leaking was something they apologized for, Jessica not being trusted to avoid leaky diapers was expected.

She walked over to the fireplace and put her hand on it. Somehow, the small act of rebellion was thrilling. She giggled and bounced, then forced herself to stop. She shouldn’t behave like a toddler if she wasn’t being made to.

She walked to the lights and flicked them on and off, then sat on the couch. She reached between the couch cushions looking for the television remote, felt something hard and plastic, and took it out.

When she looked at it she realized it wasn’t a remote. It was a phone. She tapped on the screen. It was Marianne’s phone. She looked toward the bathroom, where water was still flowing from the shower, and she could hear Marianne singing happily. Marianne, the only person who could stop her from leaving, was in the bathroom without her phone. Naked, helpless, and with no way to call out. She looked back at the fire place and the long steel pokers.

She picked it up. It was long, hard, and heavy. A plan formed in her mind. She walked toward the bathroom’s giant double door, knowing Marianne couldn’t hear her over the water and her own singing.

She tested the doors and found they were unlocked. She paused, thinking about what she was going to do. If she did this, there would be no way back. People would looking for her and there would be no question what happened. However, if she didn’t, she’d never get anywhere. She’d move back and back further into thicker and thicker diapers until it became her life, and lose the bet. Wasn’t this all a fake world anyway, made by the genie to test her in some unfair trial? If the game is rigged, you break rules and make your own game. This was going to be rough, but with a heavy steel bar, it be over quickly.

She lifted the heavy steel bar and pushed it between the handles of the double doors. She tried to shift them, and found there was no way to open it with the bar in place. Marianne was now locked in the bathroom with no way out. She smiled, and walked away.

She ran up two flights of stairs and into the doctor’s bathroom. She went into the master bathroom and looked in the closet. As expected, there were piles of underwear, running from full on baby diapers, to her own, to plain whites and pull ups. At the top, there were bags of panties and boxers. She giggled excitedly.

She tore off her plastic pants and diapers, threw them in the trash can and grabbed a pull up. She shook her head, and reached up for the panties. She tore the bag and pulled one on.

She ran out into the bedroom, into their closet, and went through their clothes. After a while she found a pants suit, the kind she used to wear, and put it on. She considered grabbing heels, but she needed to move quickly, so she stuck with flats. She then went through a stack of purses until she found one with money in it, took out the id cards, and left.

She ran down the stairs and to the front door. She could tell the shower had stopped, and heard footsteps. “Jessica?” Marianne’s voice said as she ran out the door.

Jessica breathed heavily. She wanted to panic and cheer in excitement at the same time, but forced herself to calm down. She needed to get downtown. If she could find a job, any job, and avoid detection for a few weeks as she worked… arguably, that would be a ‘success.’ Even if it didn’t count as one to the genie, it would prove to this world that she could live on her own.

She began walking. It was a long way, but she had made it before, normally at the wrong end of her leash, or holding someone’s hand. Still, it was still early in the day and she figured she could make it there before afternoon, ever earlier if she found a bus. It was a bright, sunny day, and she didn’t mind the walk.

She passed by the school. It was a weekend, but some of the sports teams were out practicing. She tsked. Today was a practice day, which meant there could be teams training all over town. If one of them recognized her, it be all over. She moved to the other side of the street, kept her head down and walked faster.

She could see the downtown core not far past the school. A long line of tall buildings in staggered steps stretched toward the sky and, if she was lucky, her freedom. The streets became busier and the side walks became more crowded, and soon she was standing amid office buildings and shops, any one of which might be her ticket.

She began checking doors for ‘help wanted’ posters. It didn’t need to be a fancy job, just something she could use to pay for her own living. She passed by building after building, and ended up in a park. It was huge, with a wide filed running along the street and a several wooded pathways going down the other. She could tell the edges of it by the line of buildings at the end, otherwise the size was obscured by trees. There was a group of girls running in two packs through the field. The first pack were all wearing shorts and identical shirts. The group behind them had the same shirts but lacked shorts, and were running in exposed diapers. Jessica could see them blushing from where she stood. She recognized the scene. It was the track group from her school. Those not yet in the thinner, plain white diapers were made to run without shorts for the first few practices. The explanation was that the motion of running made them even more susceptible both accidents and rashes, so the the staff needed to watch them closely. Jessica suspected that hazing rituals had more to do it. This became especially bad as some of the girls who were slower in their training would run in the diaper pack year after year as others moved ahead of them, and those that were were blushing an even deeper red then the others. Some of the girls in shorts were running behind the diapered group, and as some slowed down they would move up to them, spanking them while yelling ‘encouragement’ until they caught up. She made note

She heard a whacking sound coming from beside her. She saw a tall, black hared man spanking the diapered bottom of another who had his pants down to his ankles.

“I told you not to argue with me in public! You’ve been very naughty today! Bad boy!”

“OW! OW! OW! I’m sorry!” The other pleaded.

The taller man ignored his please and pulled the diaper down. "Please no! Bill, no! Not bare here! he complained, but was ignored as the diaper joined his pants around his knees. Jessica could see that it was a fully printed diaper, much like the ones she normally wore, though the rest of his clothes looked more mature. She wanted to walk on, but kept watching in fascination.

Eventually the spanking stopped, and Bill helped the other to his feet and helped him pull his pants up. They were both wearing suits, while only the smaller brunette had the tell tale bulge of a diaper under his pants. Jessica realized she had seen them before.

The brunette was sniffling, and the other pushed a pacifier in his mouth and handed him a teddy bear, leading to more whining. He shook a finger in his face. “Now, no more complaining, and no more slacking off! You are lucky they called me instead of the Testing Board, or this could be much worse. You go right back there and apologize for your behavior.”

“But its a weekend, and they were being mean!”

The taller one spoke compassionately. “I know sweetie, but sometimes you need to work on a weekend. And they weren’t being mean, they were just teasing you a bit about your special underwear. Its because your’re cute and they like you.”

“No one else there needs to wear one,” he grumbled.

“I know, but its ok. Michael, look at me.” He cupped his chin. “Remember, you aren’t worse off. Its what makes you special, right?”

He nodded, though he didn’t seem convinced. “It doesn’t feel that way. It feels like I’m a baby.”

“I know, but you aren’t. YOu still passed all the other tests and were allowed to work, right? They wouldn’t let you there if you didn’t deserve it. Aren’t you happy you are allowed to work? Huh?” He tickled him.

Michael giggled. “Yeah,” he said. “I know.”

“Not everyone does equally well on all the tests. Some people are in boxers but can’t work. Some people never athletics and wear diapers, but are experts in their fields. And some people are plenty smart, capable people, but still need a caretaker to change them and help them calm down with a pacifier and teddy. And aren’t you plenty smart?” He ruffled his hair.

The brunette was smiling now. “I don’t want her changing me. I want you.”

“I know but I have to work too. I don’t want any more arguing, ok? While you are at work, Ms. Statson is your caretaker. Remember, in every other way you are still a grown adult. Give her the extra diapers, the paci and the teddy I gave you, apologize, and let her know you’ll be listening to her from now on. Remember, she fills my role. If she checks your diaper or gives you a spanking, its not because she’s being mean, she’s helping you. No more running away. Alright?”

“Ok,” he leaned in for for a kiss, and the other pulled him in for a hug and pressed his lips against him before leading him by the hand across a street.

Jessica was slightly disturbed by the scene. As she never got out of the school, she was never certain how the rest of the world went. She realized someone could be considered a functioning adult in some ways and not in others, but it never occurred to her the difference could be so drastic. An intelligent, capable, working adult, with someone assigned at work and home to change their diapers? What an odd world.

“You know, just because they are both men, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with their relationship.”

Jessica almost gasped when she heard the woman speaking to her. She realized she had clearly looked at them with disgust. “Oh, no its not that its…”

The woman, a tall blond in what looked liked a guard’s uniform, didn’t let her finish. “You should be able to control your emotions more then that, and realize that different relationships work.” The couple had stopped and were watching, and more people began to look. Jessica did not want this attention right now, especially from what seemed to be a regulatory officer. She shuddered to remember her first encounter with one, spanking her on the first fateful day.

Michael was staring. “Wait, did you recognize that girl?” Jessica heard him say.

“What?” Bill asked.

He pointed back at Jessica. “Yeah, she was at the police station the night you were assigned to be my caretaker, wasn’t she?”

“Was she?”

Jessica turned away and ran into the park. She went down a winding, forested path, and kept moving until she knew she was out of sight. She stopped, panting, and started walking again.

She ended up in a clearing. A massive stone structure rose up beside her. It appeared ancient and crumbling, but well preserved none the less. It reminded her of a pyramid, but built in steps, and painted in bright reds and blues.

“Can you beleive that building is 12,000 years old?” someone asked.

"What? she said.

A man, wearing all beige clothes and a vest that said ‘tour guide’ on it, pointed at the building. “Its 12,000 years old. Just think of how much, even today, comes from it. Our government buildings are still built in its style.” Jessica realized that all the stepped buildings she had seen while heading downtown were just far larger versions of the same design.

“Are you here for a tour, or to apply for a job?”

“I uhhh…” she considered. A tour guide would be a reasonable job, and easy enough. Except… She looked at the building. It be fine if they gave her a list of what to say, but if anyone asked a question it would quickly become obvious she didn’t know as much about it as even the average person.

“Say, why are you looking confused? If you live in this city you should have heard this all before.”

Jessica turned and ran again, deeper into the park. The man shouted ‘hello’ after her but didn’t follow. When she was out of sight, she calmed down. She wiped her brow on her sleeve, and remained still until she caught her breath, then kept going. That was twice she was almost caught, the day wasn’t going well.

She heard footsteps. A girl, wearing the uniform of her school and panting, ran toward her.

Jessica almost shouted in fear, but the girl didn’t seem to recognize her. Jessica realized that, while she was well known at school, she had only ever been seen while dressed as a baby, on a leash and sucking a pacifier. She doubted the runner would draw the connection between the schools infamous diaper girl and the well dressed woman in front of her. Still, she didn’t want to risk it, and backed away.

The girl reached her and stopped, collapsing with her hands to her knees. Jessica saw she held a white diaper in one of her hands.

“Please,” she said. “You have to help me.”

“What?” Jessica said.

“I…” she blushed, then leaned into whisper. “I had an accident. A bad one.”

Jessica backed away as the smell made the girls point for her. “Eww,” she said instinctively and covered her nose.

The girl blushed and moved back. “I know, I’m sorry! I don’t normally its just I didn’t have time to go after lunch and running around started to make my stomach ache.”

“What do you want me to do?” Jessica asked.

“Please, you need to change me.” The girl looked behind her. “Now, before the others see.”


“Please! Half of them are already in pull ups! I’m supposed to be testing soon, but if they see that I messed…” she shuddered. “I’ll be back in prints running in the diaper pack. I can’t do that! I’m supposed to be one of the more mature ones, I couldn’t look them in the eye if I went back!”

“Just change yourself!”

She winced. “No they wouldn’t show me how yet! I know its weird but its just one thing I’ve been behind on. I,” she stopped as they heard foosteps coming around the corner. The girl looked at Jessica in panic.

“Its the staff! Quickly! Sit down!” she pointed at a park bench.


The girl stripped her shorts off, exposing her messy diaper. She pushed Jessica onto the bench, then sat in her lap.

“What are you…” Jessica’s eyes went wide, and almost gagged at the feeling and the smell of the runner’s messy diaper against her.

“Just trust me.” She undid Jessica’s suit jacket, leaned into her chest, and hugged her. “Pretend you’re comforting me.”

The footsteps came closer, and a man and a woman, both of whom Jessica recognized as teachers, passed by.

“It worked,” she said. She looked around. "But quickly. You need to change me before the runners come by. They will recognize me.


“The teachers didn’t see my face, so if they didn’t see my shirt or shorts they wouldn’t recognize me as a student. They saw my messy diaper and assumed I was a never grow old with a caretaker. We have a student like that in our school, still in almost baby diapers.” Jessica winced. “If the others see me… they will recognize me.” She got off Jessica’s lap and held the spare diaper out in both hands. “Please, change me? If they see me it would set me back.”

Jessica stood up and began to back away. “I don’t think I can.”

“Why not? You’re a full grown up, right? Dressed like that…” The girl looked at her. “That is an odd fitting suit. Say, do I know you?”

Jessica backed up faster. Footsteps were coming around, more of them. She began to panic, and struggled to keep it from showing on her face. Adults here rarely showed that kind of emotion, she couldn’t give it away now.

The girl’s eyes went wide. She gasped and pointed a finger. “Oh my god! Its you!”

“No. You don’t know me.”

“I do! I do! What are you doing? You can’t be here! I can’t believe I just asked a toddler level for a diaper change.”

The footsteps got nearer, and the running group came up.

“Cynthia? What are you doing? Why is your diaper messy.”

The girl, Cynthia, didn’t respond. She just kept pointing in shock at Jessica. “Its her!”

Jessica turned away and ran. Cynthia followed, shouting for her to wait. Jessica crossed came out of the woods and onto the side walk. She looked down the street and saw a line of cars coming, but ran out anyway. They stopped and honked, and she made it to the other side walk.

She looked back to see Cynthia, followed by the rest of the runners, stop on the other side. She knew they wouldn’t cross, almost no one broke rules in this world. The other girls crowded around Cynthia, and she suddenly realized she was now standing in a busy street in an exposed messy diaper, looked down and shouted. One of the teachers grabbed her hand and began to lead her away as she pleaded and pointed toward Jessica.

Jessica shook her head. Poor girl. She walked down the the street, around a corner, and out of view.

Eventually she found what she was looking for. An office building had a sign reading “Help Wanted, Apply Inside. Details Online.” There was a website listed underneath. Jessica opened the door and walked into a giant lobby. The floors were marbled in dark red and black, and golden pots held plants along the edges. Whatever they did here, they made a lot of money. Jessica walked toward a massive desk in the center of the room.

“Hello, I’m here to apply for the job being listed” She said to the smiling secretary.

“Alright, which job would that be?”

“Uhhh,” Jessica paused. The sign didn’t give any information. “The one listed on the sign there.” She pointed.

The secretary looked over her Jessica’s shoulder at the sign. “Yes,” she nodded slowly, as if confused. “And that website would lead you to a list of fifteen jobs. Which one were you looking at?”

Jessica tried to think. She didn’t even know what they did here. “The first one.”

The secretary looked at her blankly. “You were applying for vice CEO?”

Jessica winced inwardly. However, she knew better then to change her story now. Confidence worked, she had to fake it until she made it. “Yes,” she said.

"So you have the required two masters and minimum fifteen years experience? Why don’t I recognize you?’

“I mean, really any of the jobs would work.” Jessica winced again. Bad line.

The secretary nodded. “Alright. Whats your name?”

Jessica tried to think and wished she had thought this through earlier. “Cynthia,” she said.

“Cynthia what?”

“Cynthia… Michael.” It was the first name that came to her head, and she thought of the man being spanked earlier that day.

“I see. Any relation to Jordan Michael, CEO of Rike Shoes?”

“Yes! He’s my cousin.” The name sounded familiar. Jessica hoped she wouldn’t check, and if she did, she’d claim she misheard. It was always good to make them think you had a connection.

“I see. Well I’ll let you in to speak with someone, and they will take care of you.” She began typing into her computer.

“Is there a bathroom nearby?” Jessica asked. It was one of the things she hadn’t been allowed to do for years, and she had began to feel pressure.

The secretary looked at her face, then down at her waist. “Of course. If you have your proof of full training, that is.”

Jessica pretended to check her pockets. “I must have left it at home. I think my secretary put it in the wrong purse.”

“I see. We’ll then, I’m sorry but you’ll have to hold it. Since you’ve gone through the tests that should be no problem of course.”

“Of course.”

The secretary went back to typing on her computer, and after a moment she pointed down the hall. “Third door please, Mr. Owen’s office.”

Jessica went by her, knocked on the third door and was told to come in. She walked into a small, brown office, filled with book shelves, a broad desk and a single chair. The person at the desk, a dark haired man in a suit, pointed to the spare chair. She she sat down. On the bookself beside her she noticed a series of children’s books, followed by toy made of small metal bars with colorful beds on them. She looked nervously at it.

“So, Cynthia Michael, cousin of Jordan Micheal?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“And you are applying for any job, in particular the vice CEO?”

Jessica made herself match his smile. “Yes.” It was a long shot, but she figured if she got the job, that itself would be a success. If not, she’d just move on and try elsewhere. Always aim for the top, she told herself. It worked in her other life, why not here?

“And you are fully trained?”

“Of course.”

“I see. Where did you do your masters?”

Jessica searched her mind for any universities she had heard of and came up blank. “Yale and Harvard,” she said, hoping they existed in that world too.

“I see. Very impressive.”

Jessica sighed in relief.

"And what would your plan be as Vice CEO?

“Well I’d invest in…” She paused.

“Dollies and teddy bears?” he suggested.

“Yes! Of course.”

“Both growing markets.”

“I know!” she said.

“What about baby bottles and diapers? Those are always needed.”

“Yes. Consistent products.”

“Yes, like sunshine, lolipops and rainbows? What about nice smiles?”

Jessica began to panic again. “What do you mean?”

“Sunshine Lolipos corp and Rainbows Exporting. Nice Smiles is another fast growing company. Of course, you know all of that, given your experience.”

“Yes! Of course.”

“Would you like some water?”


He walked to a water cooler beside his desk, poured a cup and handed it to her. She hadn’t held an actual cup in years, and her hands shook nervously. She tried to drink and spilled some on her shirt.

“Oh, I’m sorry, a bit clumsy,” she laughed.

He laughed too. “Of course, you have passed all your athletic tests, right? Including co-ordination?” He put his elbows on his desk and his head in his hands, leaning closely to Jessica.

“Of course.” She replied.

“So you aren’t too clumsy?”


He smiled. “Well I’m sure you’ll be a great fit. Give me a moment?” He got up to leave.

“Yes. Where are you going?”

“Oh I’m… I’m going to get more people to interview you. Just sit tight, ok?”

He left and locked the door.

Jessica waited. Minutes passed. he began tapping her feet on the ground, then her hands on her knees. She looked at the closed door and wondered what was taking so long, but didn’t want to blow her chances by getting up and leaving now. It was a long shot, an odd con, but if it worked there was no way the genie would be able to argue with her. Vice CEO of a major company was a success, now matter how she did it.

More time passed. She began to feel her bladder ache. She wasn’t used to holding anything in anymore, and she didn’t know how long she’d last.

She looked around the office. It was strangely small for someone taking interviews for such a high position. Perhaps it wasn’t really his office, and just where they took in applicants? Perhaps it was only for the first layer of interviews?

She realized she hand’t asked what his position was, and didn’t even know what the company did. She began looking at the books on the shelves, looking for clues.

“Thinkers, Slower and Faster,” “The Development of the Mind,” “Emotional Intelligence.” He seemed to be some kind of psychiatrist. Why was he doing the interviews?

Her bladder began to ache again. She got up and went to the door. To her surprise, the handle refused to turn, and she realized it was locked.

Was this some kind of trap? A kidnapping? She tried to fight back the panic. No, she told herself. It must be a mistake. An automatic lock as he left.

She banged on it. “Hello? Anyone out there?”

The door opened slightly. Mr Owen poked his head in, and Jessica was suprised he was so close outside. “Yes?” he said.

“I need to go to the bahtroom,” she said.

He looked at her quizzically. “You need to take a bath? Why?” he asked.

“I mean the toilet!”

He nodded. “I see. And you’ve passed all your training levels for that, right? No more diapers for you?”


He nodded again. "I see. Well, there will be more help in a minute. Just hang tight.

She sat back down and waited patiently. After a few more minutes there were footsteps outside. SHe looked over happily as the door opened. To her horror, Dr. Jeffreyson walked in, followed immediately by Marianne. They both looked angrily at her.

“What!? What’s going on!?” Jessica shouted, looking from them to Mr. Owen.

“Did you really think this would work?” the doctor asked.

“I… How did…”

“How did what? Marianne went out the window, got her phone and put in a missing toddler level report, as she should. The report from the students in the park helped narrow it down.”

Jessica looked at Mr. Owen. “How did you know?”

“Really?” he replied. “I’m a trained caretaker and tester, not an interviewer. You clearly had no idea what was going on. No one applies for a job the way you did, no one would just say ‘any job’ and ask to be Vice CEO, no one would ‘forget’ their proofs, there were no records anywhere of you anywhere, and “Micheal” isn’t a last name. The secretary made up “Jordan Micheal of Rike Shoes” as a test, and when you went for it, she contacted me and sent a message to the authorities. I wanted to speak to you myself, and it was pretty clear you were at a low level. You failed basically every test I gave you.”

“So, those questions weren’t real?”

“No. 'Sunshine Lolipops” isn’t a real company, silly, and we wouldn’t be investing in dollies and teddy bears. You were very cute though, I’m going to be showing that video for a while. Nice try with the cup though, almost made it." He took out a remote control and hit a button. The back wall turned into a telivision, showing a video of her walking into the building.

Jessica then saw it as they did. Her, walking in, clearly lying to the secretary. Agreeing to all the silly things Mr. Owen said and spilling her water. Her staring at the toys and children’s books on his shelves. All of them laughing and snickering whenever she turned around. She really did look like a child pretending to be a grown up, and she began to cry.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! I was just trying to,” she was cut off by a pacifier, and Dr. Jeffreyson hugged her. “I know. I know what you were trying to do, but you have to realize we have these rules for your own good. How many did you break today? Locking Marianne in the bathroom, stealing clothes and money, running away, lying how many times?” He shook his head. “It isn’t’’ good Jessica.”

She nodded. “We will help you get better, and find something for you. But for now. Marianne?”

Jessica gulped as Marianne walked toward her, grabbed her wrist, sat down and pulled her over her lap. She didn’t struggle as the spanking began. The pain mounted, and she felt herself wet the pants she had tried so desperately to earn.

Humbled, Jessica leaned back in the seat and tried to hide, but did nothing to fit. The seat kept moving forward. Others passed by, giggling at the grown woman being pushed in a stroller.

The school came into view and got nearer. They got closer to it, but at the last minute, turned away. Jessica stared longingly at the school she once saw as an insult to be in and now saw as outside her reach. She looked forward toward her future, in the nursery. Words she had heard repeated over and over came back to her.

She went inside, and the staffed gushed over her. They didn’t talk to her, just made cooing noises and talked to Marianne and the doctor. Jessica ignored them, she really didn’t want to know what they were saying about her.

“Come on little one!” the nurse said. She reached down and helped Jessica out of the stroller.

They took her to a changing table, lifted her up and lay her down. They removed the diaper she was wearing, though it was still clean. Jessica closed her eyes and tried not to cry. Her legs were lifted up brought back down onto a much thicker pad. At any other level she’d have been asked to lift her legs herself, but now even that courtesy wasn’t extended. and she felt it lifted up and taped snugly onto her. She looked down at something she wished she never had to see. While the other diapers had four tapes, these only had one large tape per each, as she wasn’t expected to walk much. It had wide baby blue stripes on each side, and the middle was covered with cartoon animals, each wearing full print diapers themselves. The padding, aside from being thicker then the last, was far more awkward, and forced her legs apart and up in an odd cradled position. Memories came back to her of the warning she had so often received- once you were put back in full baby diapers, you almost never came out. She pulled long yellow striped stockings up to her knees and stood her up. The nurse lifted her arms up and pulled a bright yellow t shirt decorated with cartoon characters she didn’t recognize over her head. She looked questioningly at it.

“Oh, don’t worry sweetie. I know they were showing you big girl cartoons before, you’ll know those ones soon enough,” she said as she tied a bonnet under Jessica’s chin, matching the shirt both in its bright color and infantile design. While before she had her hair tied in pigtails- bad enough on their own- now her hair was cut shorter and pulled under a baby’s bonnet. She was told they could grow it out longer later, but her re-introduction to the nursery required her losing her ‘big girl’ pigtails. She growled at the ridiculousness of it all. It seemed every time she got used to one level of humiliating initialization, they found another, lower level to bring her down too. Now she wasn’t even allowed the curtesy of having her diaper covered, and was left in just the bonnet, shirt, socks, and diaper. She had once been told that ‘babies in the nursery had them uncovered because they needed constant diaper checks.’ That was long before she ever imagined she’d end up in the same position.

“There is a good baby! What a cute little baby you are!” the nurse said. Though she was younger then Jessica, according to the rules of this land, Jessica really was just a baby. “Oh, almost forgot.” She grabbed Jessica’s shoulders and turned her around. She forced her to bend over, pulled down her diaper, and inserted something into her from behind. Jessica yelped and stood back up. The nurse pulled her diaper back to her waist.

The nurse padded Jessica’s behind. “Just a little medical suppository to help you stay healthy, since we can’t give you regular vitamins here. It be too tough for you to chew or swallow them.”

Jessica nodded, though she new her agreement, or even understanding, wasn’t needed.

“They might upset your stomach, but that’s ok. That’s what those thick pampers are for!” the nurse giggled.

She sat Jessica on the ground and tickled her under the chin. “Now, we have to get ready for the other babies, so you be a good sweetie and sit here and play, ok?”

She handed Jessica a plastic box with holes, each a different shape, on the sides. She then handed her a pile of blocks that matched the hole’s shapes. “Here, why don’t you play with this? See if you can be a smart little baby!”

Jessica glared at the infantile toy. It was an insultingly simple puzzle. She picked up one of the blocks, slammed it on the box, and threw it away. She folded her arms and sat in a huff.

“Oh, thats ok sweetie. Don’t pout! This is one of the tougher ones for the smart babies, we’ll see if we can get you something simpler!” the nurse said. She looked at another, younger nurse, who scribbled something on a pad of paper.

A few minutes later another nurse came by and picked Jessica up off the ground and set her on her feet and held her tight as she walked. Jessica hated how the now ridiculously thick diapers made her waddle, and hated even more how they acted as if they needed to hold her up.

Jessica stumbled. The wide stanced waddle felt awkward and was hard to keep up. The nurse, however, didn’t seem to acknowledge this. Once again she looked at another nurse who scribbled something down. She patted Jessica’s bottom. “That’s ok sweetie. I know staying up can be hard, even with someone holding you up. We’ll see if we can get you a walker.”

Jessica knew better then to argue.

She was led, wearing only her shirt, diaper, bonnet and socks, toward the window. Jessica shook her head and tried to pull back, but the nurse kept going.

The nurse smacked her bottom hard. “Stop being a fussy baby! Just because your a full baby now doesn’t mean we can’t spank you, and we have extra paddles for the bigger Never Grow Olds like you.” She pushed a pacifier into Jessica’s mouth, and Jessica gave up fighting, knowing there was no chance.

She lifted her and sat her in a rocker facing outside, then buckled her in. It was a big, blue, soft seat that managed to envelope her entire body, crunched up as she was, and the straps left little room to escape. All her wiggling achieved was to make it bounce and play silly music. Plastic toys hung over her head and rotated slowly. Lower down, the plastic under the soft cloth cover crinkled, waiting to protect the chair from her expected wettings.

“Now you sit tight until its play time, ok? We need to take care of more babies coming in.”

Jessica looked desperately after her. Where she sat she’d be fully exposed to anyone walking by, including the entire school as they went in for the day. Dressed as she was, in her full baby diapers and nursery outfit, would make her unquestionably lower then anyone there. Worse still, the suppository was beginning to do its job, and she felt her stomach rumble.

“Is that really her?” one of the other nurses giggled.

“Yes, really. Watch.”

Jessica could see the reflection in the window. They were crowded around a phone. Jessica knew what they were watching, even before her own voice confirmed it.

“Yes… Cynthia Michael,” she heard herself say. She had seen the video a few times, it had gone viral under the title “Toddler Level Applies for Job,” with her actions accompanied by mocking, silly music. At least most of the comments decided she was cute.

People began to pass by, and the yard began to fill up. People stopped and gawked at the grown woman in a baby’s clothes, tied helplessly in a rocker. Jessica tried not to look at them, or at her own, humiliating reflection in the glare of the window. More and more people passed. Some took out cameras and pointed at her. She knew they were either looking at the video of her most recent failure, or just taking pictures. Neither was good.

She saw something else. Another pair of men were walking by. She recognized them as Micheal and Bill, the couple she had seen on the weekend, and again oh so long before. She remembered when she saw Michael diapered and sucking his pacifier, to be sent back to a pre school. Now he was there, in a suit, and walking out of arms reach of his caretaker.

He stopped and looked toward her. Their eyes met, and she could see the pacifier in his mouth. A rope extended from him, and Jessica realized he wasn’t walking free, he was on a leash held by Bill. It tightened, and he walked away along. Jessica sighed.

There were multiple ways to be tested in this world, and different kinds of successes and failures. Michael had found one at least, but she was still there, having moved so much further back in the same amount of time. She relaxed and didn’t even fight as she felt herself use her diaper, much to the amusement of the onlookers. Funny, she thought. She had been told that the uncovered diapers were so that she’d be checked and changed quickly, but now all the nurses were busy as dozens of others came by to gawk.

The world hadn’t ended yet, and she hadn’t gone back to the genie to see the end of the bet. Perhaps there was still a way to succeed in this world.

Jessica lounged on the ground, lazily piling blocks into towers and knocking them back down. It passed the time slowly, but it was better then nothing.

“No, see? If you don’t hit them, they can stay up longer! Now you try!” the sickeningly sweet voice of Valerie, her current caretaker, said. She bent down beside Jessica and piled some of the blocks to demonstrate. Jessica glared at her. She patted Jessica’s head, then moved on.

Jessica would have said something, but she knew it wouldn’t have gotten her anywhere. With her pacifier in her mouth, any arguing would only end with corner times. Even if they listened to her, the only result would be them smiling and nodding, patting her head for being a good baby and sharing her ideas, then leaving things exactly as they were while giggling about it behind her back. Jessica remembered watching a movie where a man was being tricked into an insane asylum and realized that once he was in there was no way out, because any argument he didn’t belong there would just sound like more signs of mental illness. Well, here it was the same, except instead of sounding crazy, any of her arguments were treated like the babbling of a baby. She could wax poetic as long as she wanted, and they’d pat her head, give her a teddy bear, and wonder if her whining meant she wanted a bottle or a diaper change. Never would they consider it a reason for her to get out.

The “here” she wanted out of was the same nursery she’d been in almost every school day now for… months? Years? She couldn’t tell. It was where she stayed when she wasn’t at home, sleeping in a crib and crawling around a playpen. It was good for her, they said, a place to be with people her own “age.” “Assigned age” might be more accurate, “level” was what they called it. The actual age of the people she was meant to be on level with made her shudder.


Jessica looked to her left where a baby- an actual baby- was crawling toward her. The room was full of them, ranging from the smallest newborns to toddlers taking their first steps. They all seemed perfectly at home in the massive nursery. Painted in bright rainbow colors and cartoon characters, and filled with cribs, high chairs, rockers and stuffed animals, with nurses walking around feeding bottles to the babies, it was perfectly suited for the intended residents. In this world, that included Jessica. Each of the babies, as well as Jessica, were dressed in simple t-shirts, exposed diapers, and bonnets, a fact that put Jessica uncomfortably close to their level. She sat up, hoping to at get some height on them.

A nurse was coming around checking diapers, tapping each baby on the back panel and front before opening them to check inside. Jessica closed her eyes and prayed she’d avoid her.

“AH!” she gasped as a cold hand opened her diaper and the other pushed her forward. She bit down hard on her pacifier. Watching the nurse go from infant to infant then arrive at Jessica and treat her in exactly the same way always got to her, no matter how long she spent in this bizarre world.

“All clean!” the nurse proclaimed, giving her a congratulatory pat on the head. She looked at the baby beside her. “Why don’t you play with little Melly? I bet you two would get a long. I saw you trying to talk to Mark earlier, but he’s almost a toddler, so he’s a bit too advanced for you.”

Jessica could have cried. The person in question, Mark, had come up to ask her why someone her size was still in diapers and in the nursery. She tried to look away and ignore him, and was punished for being anti-social.

“Are you still having trouble with those blocks?” the nurse asked. “Here, play with these.” She handed Jessica and Melly identical stuffed rabbits. Melly cooed over it and began biting its ear. “See? She’s got the hang of it. You two have fun, I have more diapers to check.”

Jessica grunted. She grabbed the rabbit by the head and threw it on the ground in front of her. She immediately knew she would regret it, bu

“Jessica! That is now how we play with our toys!” the nurse said, returning. She picked up the rabbit and handed it back to her. “See? Even Melly gets it.” Melly was making the rabbit bounce accross the ground. “Honestly I don’t know what to do with you. Come here.”

She grabbed Jessica by the wrist and pulled her up. “MMM MMM!” Jessica shook her head, pigtails flying, as she was dragged toward the spanking bench. “No!” She said finally, and again winced as she realized she had broken another rule.

The nurse rounded on Jessica and put a finger in her face. “Now. First of all, we don’t throw toys. Next, we don’t argue with grown ups. Then, we don’t speak with pacis in our mouths. Finally, if you can’t walk, we can restrict you to crawling again. Want that?”

Jessica shook her head.

“How many strikes is that?”

Jessica held up three fingers. She wasn’t expected to use numbers, the nurses used fingers when talking to her.

The nurse rolled her eyes. “No, this many.” She held up four. Jessica winced, she hadn’t counted the pulling as a strike since the nurse treated it as a mistake, but she could tell the nurse took it as her not counting properly. “For that, forty spanks, then corner time. Come on.”

“MMMM MMM!” Jessica whined as she was dragged to the spanking bench. A heavy wooden chair with no sides, it was made specifically to accommodate one adult with another hung over their lap, and was used almost exclusively for Jessica. Of all the things they decided she wasn’t too small for, they still considered her big enough to take a mature number of spanks.

The nurse say down and pulled Jessica over. She didn’t resist, it was a position she was all to used to, and knew better then to fight back.

“EEEP!” Jessica shouted. The first smack barely made an impact, but she knew it was getting worse. They always kept her diapers on now for spankings, not expecting her to be mature enough to control herself even that long, but after the first few spanks, she barely noticed the extra protection. The pain began to mount, and Jessica began to cry.

It was almost daily now they had some reason to spank her. The other day she had dropped a bottle when they unexpectedly decided to let her hold it on her own making it spill- a mistake they wouldn’t be making again, they told her. The day before she had sat right down after the diaper checker informed her she was messy, after they had told her she could try keeping it safe after being checked so she didn’t make more work for the changer. Aside from that, there were tantrums, arguing, not getting along with her ‘equals,’ the list went on.

The spanking was nearing its end, and Jessica was sobbing openly. It came almost naturally now, she had long since given up hiding her tears during punishments. The nurse picked her up and sat her on her lap. She stroked Jessica’s back and rocked her to calm her crying.

“Honestly, I don’t know what we are going to do with you. You just don’t seem to be learning! Even with just the time you’ve been here, you should be approaching toddler level, but you seem to be falling even further back.”

Jessica sobbed again, and the nurse wiped her tears.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll think of something. There is a place for everyone here. Maybe they are right about you.”

Jessica looked up at her, question in her eyes.

The nurse saw the look and patted her head. “Nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about. Just grown ups talking.”

The nursery was empty except for Jessica and a few of the nurses. She knew it was outside the normal hours she was expected to be there, though she had no idea why. She wasn’t expected to be able to tell time and was never told what was going on. Even if the plans concerned her, the best she could get was piecing it together from ‘adults’ who spoke about her as if she wasn’t there.

She sat cross legged on the floor, being watched by a single nurse who smiled at her whenever she looked over. The toys were all piled away, none were within reach of Jessica. That in itself was odd, normally she was given some kind of toy that was intended to ‘improve’ her capabilities, or at least entertain her at her expected age.

She looked back at the nurse again and considered asking, but thought better of it. The pacifier in her mouth was still a solid clue she wasn’t expected to talk, so she tried to guess what was happening on her own. Her outfit- a plain baby blue t shirt, exposed nursery printed diaper with her ‘favorite cartoon characters’ on them, soft pink booties and mittens, with her hair in the usual ribbon-bowed pigtails, was the sort of thing she wore at home or in stroller walks, but not the usual nursery uniform. Whatever she was here for, it wasn’t the nursery level ‘classes’ she took on school days. She shook her head. The lack of other babies- ACTUAL babies, she corrected herself- told her that anyway. After all, it wasn’t a school day, it was… What was it again? What were the days of the week here? Jessica couldn’t remember, and swore at herself.

“Its ok dear, it will make sense in a moment,” the nurse said, deciphering Jessica’s confused glances. “Someone very special is coming in who is going to be your new caretaker, and we are going to start something new! Isn’t that exciting!”

Part of Jessica wanted to role her eyes, but instead she smiled and nodded her thanks. It was more information then she usually got from adults who half the time seemed unsure if she could even speak properly. She had gone through several caretakers since she was demoted to the nursery under Becky’s reign. Most had followed a basic routine. Make sure she got to the nursery alright, check on her from time to time, monitor her progress or lack thereof, and leave most of the work to the nurses. They’d change her diapers a few times, fed her, play with her, show her off to their friends, give her a failing grade and get their credit and move on as she stayed in the nursery. It was a pattern she was used to, and didn’t worry about.

The door opened, and Jessica’s mouth followed suite. THAT was unexpected.

“Hey baby girl!” Marianne said, putting her hands on her knees and leaning over her.

“Wha…what are you doing here?” Jessica said as her pacifier fell out of her gaping mouth. The answer seemed obvious, but she didn’t want to accept it.

“I’m your new caretaker silly! And I’ll be spending a lot more time with you then those other ones since your such a special littler girl,” she ruffled Jessica’s hair and smiled.

“What!? Thats not fair! You’re younger! You’re… you’re…”

“Yes silly baby but all of your caretakers have been younger then you for a while. You know that doesn’t matter.”

“Yes but… but you’re… my younger sister!”

“Of course! So I know you better!”

“BUt you’re… youre…” Jessica felt tears welling up inside her. She tried to fight it, but he shame and sadness overcame her. This wasn’t just anyone, this was Marianne, someone she’d known for years and had once been seen as more mature then. She had watched her graduate from diapers into training pants, then panties, from elementary to high school, college and work, from bottles and being spoon fed to feeding herself, while Jessica struggled and fell back. Now she was hear, respected as an adult, taking care of Jessica as she sat in her diapers suckling pacifiers. She began sniffling, then started balling.

“ITS NOT FAIR!” she cried.

“Awww sweetie!” Marianne came forward and wrapped her in her arms. She sat on the ground, pulled Jessica into her lap, and began rocking her as she stroked her hair.

“Shhh tut tut, its ok. Wheres your paci baby girl?” She took the pacifier that had fallen out of Jessica’s mouth and put it back in. “Here, want the teddy? Want Mr. Bear?” She held up a stuff animal and wiggled it in front of Jessica.

Jessica shook her head, but Marianne pushed it toward her, and she cuddled it, finding reluctant comfort in its softness. Marianne continued to rock her in her lap until she stopped crying. She kissed her forehead.

“There, all better?” Marianne cooed, and Jessica nodded.

“Now, since our training before wasn’t working for you, we are going to try to do something else, ok?” She poked Jessica’s forehead and nose, making her go cross eyed, and giggled. Jessica nodded. “We are going to have a special route for such a special little girl. Its going to be fun, I promise! And then, when you succeed, you can show everyone what a good little baby you are and impress them!”

Jessica nodded, but wondered what it meant. She was going to 'show everyone what a good little baby" she was? How could that be true if she was going to get through training?

Marianne stood up and set her on the ground. She backed up a few steps then leaned forward again with her hands on her knees. “Now, come here baby girl!”

Jessica put a hand on the ground and began to stand up.

“Ah ah ah! That isn’t what good babies do! Come here like a baby!”

Jessica began to crawl, making Marianne giggle. “Almost there!” she said. “But not quite!”

Jessica looked at her in puzzlement.

Marianne backed up again. “Try again sweetie!”

Confused, Jessica began crawling. Marianne shook her head, and she stopped, then settled back down on her diaper.

“Good girl!” Marianne said. “That’s exactly right! That’s what a good little baby does. What else?”

Jessica looked around the room. Still wondering what she was supposed to be doing, she started crawling away from Marianne and toward a toy box.

“Good baby!” Marianne said again. She walked up to Jessica and put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. Jessica giggled. She didn’t understand what was going on, but after years of failing tests, it was nice to get praised for something.

“Now, whats one plus one?” she asked. “You can speak with your paci because its an adult asking a direct question.”

Though the numbers were different in this world, Jessica knew this one. “Two,” she lisped through the pacifier.

Marianne shook her head. “Noo noo, that’s a grown up’s answer. Try again?”

Jessica looked confused.

Marianne smiled. “Its ok, I know its hard for babies to learn these things. Nurse Lucy? Whats one plus one?”

“Two,” the nurse smiled.

“See? She’s a grown up, with a grown up answer. Now, you, a baby, tries. Whats one plus one?”

Jessica stared. “I don’t know,” she finally admitted.

“Good baby! What a good little baby!”

Jessica giggled again at the praise. She still didn’t understand. Was she meant to get them wrong?

“Now, since your so good at baby math, can you count like a baby?” she asked.

Jessica considered what was happening. For calling her, walking was bad, crawling was better, falling was good and crawling in the wrong direction got her the most praise. For math, the right answer was wrong and not knowing got her praise. So, to get praise again… “One…” she began, and Marianne raised her eyebrows. “Uhh… three, ten, a million?” She tried with a weak smile.

“Yes! Good baby!” Marianne cheered, and Jessica laughed. All the other nurse began clapping. Jessica knew the situation should be humiliating, even more so then being diapered, or even failing past tests. This was them saying she was so far off that the best they could expect from her was to be deliberately wrong and act like she never learned a thing. It SHOULD be humiliating. However, she didn’t feel that way. For so long she had tried to be good at anything at all and failed over and over. Now she seemed to be finally winning something, and the feeling was wonderful.

“Now, want a buh-buh?” Marianne asked, holding out a bottle of milk.

“Yeah yeah!” Jessica said, making grabby hands at the bottle, trying to imitate a baby.

“Here you go,” Marianne said. She handed the toy to Jessica, who dropped it and spilled the milk on the ground.

“Good baby! Good baby for spilling your milk and dropping the bottle. That’s exactly what a baby a baby would do. Hear, let me feed you.” She held the bottle to Jessica, who drank as messily as possible and spilled more of the milk on her shirt, earning more praise from Marianne. The bottle emptied quickly, and Jessica belched loudly then laughed. If nothing except acting like a baby would get her praise, then she’d do what she needed to do. Marianne smiled and pattered her back.

Marianne took her by the hand and lead her to the toy box. She took out a colorful plastic box with holes in different geometric shapes on the sides, followed by a series of plastic shapes.

“Now baby girl, this is an educational toy moderated for someone between one and two. Can you figure it out?”

Jessica looked at the toy. She picked up a triangle and began pushing it to the triangle hole.

“MMM MMM!” Marianne shook her head.

Jessica turned the cube to the square and tried to jam the triangle in. She failed, gave up and threw it on the ground, faking a tantrum.

“YES! Good baby! That’s exactly what a baby does. That two year old toy is way to hard for a young little baby like you,” she ruffled Jessica’s hair. “Here, play with these.” She began handing Jessica stuffed animals.

“Whats this?” Marianne said, holding up a stuffed elephant.

“Ummmm… a moo cow!”

“Yes! Good baby! And what does a cow say?”


“Good baby!” Marianne ruffled her hair and handed her the toy. Condescending as it was, Jessica couldn’t help but laugh in joy with each head rub.

Jessica began playing with the stuffed animals. Despite herself she had fun, throwing the toys around randomly and running them into each other with no regard for what the animals were supposed to be. This only delighted Marianne further.

Jessica through a cow particularly hard, and it bounced off a wall. She began to crawl toward it, then thought again. Instead, she formed a different plan.

The next part went against everything she was and wanted to be. She had always prided herself on being able to take care of herself. However, she knew she had to succeed, and if doing that meant acting like a baby, she’d be the best baby she would be.

Rather then go after the toy, she sat down, thought of all the times she had failed at tests, and began to scream and cry as loud as she could while pointing at the toy. She whined, and began to feel actual tears coming down her cheeks. TEARS! Over a toy! But she convinced herself she wanted it that badly, and her body reacted accordingly. She looked at Marianne through her tears, then back at the cow.

Marianne walked to the cow, picked it up and took it back. “Aww there you go sweetheart, and your such a good baby for crying and calling for help like that. You’re doing so well!”

Jessica giggled and went back to playing. She made the cow ‘run’ along the ground, then went to her knees and into a crawling position. She felt a loud fart come out into her diaper as she did. She blushed. Years of being banned from the toilet had gotten her used to diapers, and things like that slipped out more and more.

Instead of getting angry, Marianne praised her and patted her diaper. “Good baby! That’s exactly what a baby does.” She waggled a finger at Jessica. “Remember, I don’t want to my new baby ever trying to hold anything in. We used to try to train you to learn to hold it in so you could eventually use the potty, but that was silly of us, wasn’t it? Too hard for a baby like you. So, instead, we are going to train you to need your diapers as much as possible. If you ever feel like you need to burp, let out gas, wet or mess your diaper and think you might be able to hold it, I want you to ignore that naughty big girl thought and just go, ok? If it gets itchy you can cry for help, but don’t worry. We don’t want you to think about trying to notice when you make a stinky diaper, that’s for your caretaker.”

Jessica stared at her.

“Jessica? Are you holding anything in now?”

Jessica kept staring.

“Push everything Jessica! Day one of your special type of potty training starts now!”

Jessica closed her eyes and pushed everything. She felt herself fart, then something else begin to bulge out in both sides. After a moment, she let out a steady steam into her diaper. She gasped as it expanded beneath her. Then another fart, and to her surprise she felt herself mess her diaper with a series of toots. The familiar, warm feeling of mush packing her bottom returned, and she shivered.

“Good baby!” Marianne all but shouted. “What a good little baby, using your diapers like that! Ohhh I’m so proud of you!”

Jessica smiled at her.

“Now, Jessica, is you diaper messy?”

Jessica understood the game now, and if she need to play it she would. She giggled and shook her head.

“No? You didn’t mess your pampers?”

“Mmm mm!” Jessica shook her head again.

“Good baby! That’s exactly right!”

“Now,” she put a hand on Jessica’s bottom and pressed it, pushing her mess into her so she would feel it. Jessica cringed at the feel.

“You can feel its messy, right baby?”

Jessica cringed deeper but didn’t respond.

“I’m a grown up and you’re a baby, right baby girl?”

Jessica nodded.

“And babies should listen to grown ups?”

Jessica nodded again.

“I smell a stinky diaper, and I think its you. I’m telling you you have a wet and messy diaper, and you can feel it when I push.” She pushed again, and Jessica whined. “Now, what do good little babies like you do when you have a messy diaper and want a change?”

Jessica thought for a moment. What do babies do when they want a diaper change? She pushed her head back and began crying again. She realized how ridiculous she looked, sitting in a full diaper, crying because she wanted a ‘grown up’ to change her. If THAT wasn’t baby-ish, she didn’t know what was.

“Good baby!” Marianne said. “What a good little baby! I can’t believe how well you are doing. Now, lets get you changed.”

Marianne picked up the crying Jessica, carried her to the changing table and lay her down. Jessica settled into the pads and waited.

“Here, play with this while I clean you,” Marianne said, and handed Jessica a toy. She untaped her diaper and opened it up, then waved a hand in front of her nose. “Whew! That’s one stinky mess! What a good baby for making it!”

Jessica giggled. She had been punished over and over for this same thing, and now she was being praised, and it felt wonderful.

Marianne began wiping her down. “See? I always knew you’d be good at something. They tried over and over with different things, and sooo many people were almost ready to give up. But you know what? We always find something for everyone, and sometimes people are just good at being silly little babies. And that’s you!”

Jessica giggled. It was an awful thing to be called ‘good’ at, but she only needed one thing to prove that genie wrong. If this was it, then she was happy Marianne was giving her the chance. It would be easy at least. She pointed at her pacifier, hoping to speak.

“Yes baby girl, what is it?”

“Thank you Marianne,” Jessica said.

Marianne laughed. “No no silly. Marianne is the name grown ups call me. That’s too hard for babies to say. You can call me Mary.”

Jessica’s eyes went wide. “Ma…ry?” she asked.

“Yes! That’s the name little babies like you call me.”

Mary. The name brought back memories long since buried, from another life long ago. She remembered thinking Marianne seemed familiar, but with the name and age difference she never drew the connection. She never related the little girl she had first met, years younger then her, to the older, frumpy house keeper who had all but raised her but now… In her late 20s, with the actual name, it was undeniable.

“Marianne” from this world was “Mary” from hers, born a different year and different circumstances. She had always prided herself on her success over others, how she succeeded and others failed. Having someone older then her work for her had always seemed the ultimate proof, and she had even said so to the genie.

Now, here was the proof against. A different circumstance, different judgement, and there she was, far beneath someone younger then her.

Could it have been the same in her world? If they had both been born to similar families, would she have ended up working for her “Mary?” She looked up at her- intelligent, hard working, friendly… someone who could do well with the right backing, and she ended up working a punishing job for Jessica. But now here she was, changing Jessica’s diaper.

Jessica thought back on their relationship in the other world. It wasn’t that much different, really. She HAD changed Jessica’s diapers even, albeit in a different circumstance. She had taken care of her for most of her life, raised her, taught her a lot… the only difference is Jessica had looked down on her before, and up to her now. All that abuse, all that time dismissing her, and now Jessica saw how much she owed to her.

She had to succeed somehow. If being Mary’s ‘baby’ was the only way, she’d do it.

She looked back at Mary with a different kind of tears forming in her eyes. “Thank you Mary,” she said.

Jessica sat, strapped safely in her stroller, gleefully playing with her stuffed rabbit, Mr. Bun. She held it in front of her face, twisting its arms and ears back and forth, then pulled it into her chest to hug it.

A man and a woman, both in what Mary called “grown up weekend clothes”, were walking down the path in front of her. They were covering their mouths and giggling as they pointed at her. Jessica smiled and waved at them. She would have called out, but she had her pacifier in her mouth and it felt to good to open.

The couple burst out laughing and waved back. “Hi baby girl! Having fun with your teddy?” the man asked, and the woman nudged him in the chest saying “shhhh.”

Mary spoke from behind the stroller. “No, its ok, she likes being a good baby now.”

“Aww what a good baby girl! So cute!” The woman said. They both coached over Jessica. Jessica smiled as they pinched her cheeks and rubbed her head.

Mary continued pushing the stroller. They were going down a cement path through a wooded park. Jessica thought she remembered the park from a time long ago. She recalled being asked to change someone here and running away, then trying to find a job. It all seemed so silly to her now.

She waved at another couple, who smiled and waved back. Jessica giggled. She loved how everyone who passed her smiled and laughed. It was nice to know she spread joy, and Mary said its because they loved how cute she looked in her diapers and adorable baby outfits. She looked down at her outfit now. It was a green dress with a a bow around the waist and thin straps over her shoulders and a white shirt with frilly cuffs. It came with a matching green bonnet and ribbons to keep her hair in proper pigtails, and evens said “baby” across the chest and had a brown teddy on it, which she loved. Better yet, her skirt was short enough to show off her pretty diapers, decorated with her favorite cartoon characters, and she had nothing else below it but her knee length socks and patent leather shoes. Mary said it was so it was easier to check her diapers, but Jessica liked that she could look at the cartoon characters whenever she wanted, and people seemed to point at it a lot when they giggled at her, so she assumed they thought it was cute too.

Approaching footsteps took her out of her thoughts. A group of students in shorts, immediately followed by another group in plain white diapers, were running toward her. Jessica remembered the uniforms from her time in high school, but instantly pushed the memories out of her head as ‘naughty grown up thoughts’, and not befitting a good baby like her. Instead, she accepted them as actual grown ups, more mature then she is, and accomplishing something well beyond her. She smiled and waved, and, remembering her thoughts about her diapers and how people smiled at them, she held up her skirt.

The students all began laughing as they ran. They waved back at her. “Hiii baby!” they shouted together, then laughed. Jessica laughed back and waved. She watched as they went behind her, admiring the thin, plain white cloth of their diapers, and impressed that they were mature enough to last so long in them. She couldn’t fathom doing that and not leaking, or being able to tell when to go to the potty.

She settled back into her stroller and decided to go back to playing with her rabbit. However, when she looked at her hand, it was empty. She gasped, feeling her heart flutter. Frantically she began looking around the sides of her stroller. It was gone! She tried to think. She was playing with it in her hands, then people came by, she was waving at people, then it was gone. She tried to think of where it might have gone, but trying to make connections became difficult, so she pushed it out of her mind. She looked around again, getting worried, and felt tears forming.

She sat back down, put her head back and balled. She shouted and cried, waving her hands around.

The stroller stopped, and Mary came running around the front. She was also dressed in ‘grown up work clothes’- a light colored three piece suit, with a short jacket, low cut shirt and tight dress pants.

“Whats wrong sweetie?” she asked. “Are you ok?”

“My bunny!” she cried, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Oh!” Mary said. She stood up and looked back. “There it is!” She ran behind the stroller as Jessica kept crying, then back, holding the rabbit. “You dropped it on the path as you were waving silly!”

She rubbed Jessica’s head. Jessica smiled and laughed, then cuddled the rabbit closely, promising it she wouldn’t drop it again, and kissed it. She put her pacifier back in her mouth, realizing it must have dropped as she cried, and went back to playing with it.

Mary lifted Jessica’s skirt and sniffed. She waved a hand in front of her nose. “Whew! Someone’s got a stinky diaper! Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll be stopping soon and we’ll be a bit early for the meeting, so I can change you on one of the changing tables.”

Jessica looked at her questioningly. She looked down at her diaper and sniffed. Something DID smell bad, and she supposed it could be her diapers. She wiggled her bottom, and cringed. She recognized the feel of a full diaper, and realized Mary must have been right. She decided that she might have filled it when she was leaning out of the stroller to wave, or perhaps later when she was crying over her bunny. It amazed her how Mary was able to tell so quickly.

The stroller stopped soon, and Mary walked in front. She carried a Jessica’s diaper bag and a blanket, and Jessica watched her lay the blanket. She lay her down on the table. She came back, unbuckled Jessica, and carried her out toward the table.

“Uggh baby. You know normally stinky little girls who need their diapers changed are a bit lighter.”

Jessica frowned at the comment, and Mary poked her nose and laughed.

“I’m just teasing. You’re a good stinky little girl. In fact I think you’re the best stinky little girl!” Jessica giggled as Mary tickled her ribs. “Now, lets get your butt changed.”

She untapped the diaper. Jessica shivered first at the cold air, then the feel of the wipes. After a moment of watching, she lost interest in watching the grown up skills that followed. Instead, she held Mr. Bun in above her head and went back to playing.

“Now now, keep your shoulders down,” Mary said, and pushed her shoulders down.

Jessica hmphed at being taken out of her clothes. If she didn’t want her to wiggle, she should tie her down. Normally they did in bathrooms, and she realized the picnic table was different, but didn’t see why that would matter.

“Mom, why is that big girl getting a diaper change” a high pitched voice said.

Jessica looked at it to see a young boy pulling at his mother’s hand and pointing at her.

“She’s a never grow up. That means she didn’t pass any of her tests and she’s going to be like a baby forever. Its alright, you’re already past that. She is cute though, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” he said. Jessica smiled at the compliment and waved, and they both waved back. She then went back to playing with her toys.

“Lift your butt up!” Mary said, and Jessica did her part to help as she pulled her ankles into the air. She lay a diaper under her bottom, and put her back down. Jessica smiled as the warm padding was wrapped and tapped back around her. She cooed, luxuriating in the warm feeling, hugged her knees to her chest and rocked back and forth.

Mary laughed and patted her bottom. “Aww like those diapies? Your such a cute baby.”

Jessica giggled and held her legs tighter. Mary gasped and her eyes went wide.

“Jessica!” she said, with mock shock. She patted her bottom harder. “Again? I just changed you?”

Jessica looked at her questioningly, and she laughed.

“Don’t worry about it. We only brought the one spare diaper, so that will have to do until we are home, but I think they are thick enough to last. Good thing we keep you in the thickest printed baby diapers, eh?” She patted her again, then picked her up and set her on her lap. Jessica noticed a squish as she settled down, which she figured might have been what Mary meant. The train of thought ended quickly though as Jessica popped a bottle in her mouth, and Jessica closed her eyes and began drinking as she was rocked.

More footsteps came up, and Mary said something to a pair of men in suits. Their suits were similar to Mary’s, though without the cut in the shirt.

“Hello Marianne, is this her?”

“Yes! Just give me a second,” Mary replied.

Mary took her off her lap. She lay the blanket on the grass and took Jessica’s pink harness and leash out of the diaper bag. She put the harness over Jessica’s shoulders and buckled it behind her back, then tied the leash to the table so Jessica was stuck on the blanket. “Ok baby girl, grown ups are talking. Play with your rabbit and toys and have fun until we are done, ok?” She dropped a few blocks on the blanket.

Jessica nodded. She was grateful for the offer, grown up talk was normally boring and difficult to understand anyway. The droned on and on. Occasionally she would hear her name and look up, but she’d get lost again and go back to Mr. Bun and her blocks.

A while past. It was hard for Jessica to tell time, especially when she was distracted by her toys. However, she knew they must be done, because Mary unlocked her leash and carried her onto her lap.

The two men were still sitting across from her, and between them was a pile of papers.

“See this Jessica?” she pointed to a line on the papers.

Jessica nodded.

“We need you to sign here.”

Jessica looked at her puzzled.

“Do you know what this form means?”

She shook her head. Reading was hard adult work.

“Of course I know that,” she laughed. “These symbols make a contract. You know what that means?”

She shook her head again.

“Its an agreement. What this means is that you are going to become the new spokesbaby and model for the Fun-At-All-Sizes Company. See, they are a company that makes things for special people like you, who can’t handle grown up things. That means they make diapers, toys, books, clothes and furniture sized for bigger babies. In fact, they made those cute little diapers you are wearing now!”

She pointed at the diaper, and Jessica giggled. She liked the diapers she was wearing, they were comfy and had cute drawings on them.

“They made your stroller and high chair too. So, you are going to get to travel all over the world, showing off your cute pampered bum and onesies, getting your picture taken, and meeting all sorts of cute big babies like you! You’ll get to be in magazines and show everyone what a special little girl you are! You’ll even represent other babies to everyone! Isn’t that fun!” She began tickling Jessica, who laughed.

“So,” she took Jessica’s hand and covered one of her fingers in ink. “Just make a mark on this line, and you’ll get it all! Your picture everywhere, people smiling and cheering you, and all the attention you want!”

Jessica smiled and looked at the paperwork. What did she mean attention?

She heard more giggling behind her, and saw more people pointing and laughing at her. Suddenly she didn’t feel like laughing with them. They were laughing AT her, not with her. She looked down at her outfit. The ridiculous dress with the humiliating label, the pacifier, DIAPERS, and used ones at that.

“No,” she said, not caring as the pacifier dropped. The idea of it came was terrifying. Not just people around her laughing, not just one city and people she knew, but the entire world seeing her, playing with toys, in soaked diapers? That was supposed to be a good thing?

“What?” Mary asked.

She shook her head and tried to push herself off Mary’s lap. “No!” she said again. She couldn’t do it. Memories of years of her past successes, followed by years of humiliation came back. None would compare to this. The entire world would see her shame, her failure.

“Jessica, this is a way for you to really help.”

“No! I want down Marianne!” Jessica shouted. She knew it might help people in her situation, but it was too much to ask. She would be a joke! They didn’t want a spokesperson, they wanted a mascot, a play thing to wear silly costumes.

“Why did you call me…Nevermind. Jessica, we can support you. We can let you spend your time playing and keep you fed and clothed. But don’t you want to contribute something too? This is your way to do it! Its perfect for you, and it might be your last chance to really pass a test and succeed.”

“No! I don’t want it!” Jessica shouted.

She began struggling, trying to push her way out of Marianne’s lap and tear off the silly dress. A moment later she realized she’d be naked except for her diapers without it, and tried instead to pull her skirt down. Marianne tried to settle her down. She squirmed even more frantically, wanting out of the situation, and Marianne began to scold her and spank her, while apologizing to the men.

Except… where were the men? They began to look blurry. Jessica looked around. The trees were fading, and the people that were walking around the park disappeared. Soon even Mary began to get hard to focus on. The entire world went foggy, and Jessica felt like she was floating.

“Wow.” A familiar voice said.

“YOU!” Jessica shouted.

“WOOW,” he said again.



Jessica folded her arms angrily. “How dar…”


“THat wasn’t a…”

“Don’t make me say ‘wow’ again.”

“UGG!” Jessica shouted.

“Well well well, what do we have hear?” a he said.

The genie appeared in the fog in front of her. "If it isn’t Miss “I-Could-Totally-Succeed-At-Anything. Funny it didn’t work out that way. Hello again, Diaper Girl.”

“I… YOU!!! NO!”

“You… Yes I!”

She pointed behind herself. “What was THAT!”

The genie looked over where she was pointing. “That is fog, and behind that the eternal nothingness of non creation.”

“What?! I mean that world! That entire scenario! That world! What the hell?”

He turned his head to the side. “What do you mean? It was exactly what you asked for?”

“I didn’t ask to spend years and years in DIAPERS! What are you, some kind of pervert?”

The genie mocked anger. “Well now, what an accusation! How dare you! My perversions have nothing to do with this!”

Jessica glared at him. “They had public spankings and bondage as legal punishments, and it was literally full of people in short skirts, tight pants and diapers. How was that NOT a perverse world?”

“Look, we aren’t hear to judge.”


“Yes, as I said. Exactly what you asked for- a chance to be tested. I made a world where you were tested on everything. Your intelligence, fitness, potty training, all of it.”

“Yes and…”

“And you failed. First you failed, then you failed again, then you failed harder, then I gave you a chance to succeed at failing and you failed at failing.”

“Well that was unfair!”

“Unfair! There was literally nothing else I could do to make you win. I literally had “not mess your pants” as a standard of success, and you failed. Then I made “do mess your pants” as a standard of success, and you SOMEHOW still FAILED. You aren’t even medically incontinent you just can’t go one day without humiliating yourself.”


“Please, please tell me ANYTHING else I could have done to give you a chance.” He turned his ear and put a hand to it like a megaphone.

“It was just unfair! People were mean! And made it hard to pass!”

“Everyone had the same tests! You were the only one who kept failing”

“Well,” she thought, then snapped her fingers and pointed at him. “Ah ha! What about that bully! Uhh Be… Beck… Becka! That was it! She failed me on purpose!”

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “You mean Becky? Remembering names could have been a way to succeed. Literally the most basic, simplest way, but whatever.”

“Yes! Her! She bullied me! She threw me into a bucket of diapers and lied about the answers to my test!”

He put his hands to his cheeks and gaped. “Oh my! You had to deal with a bully! Imagine that! Literally no one else in history had to do that! And you had to tell when someone was lying? No ones ever been lied to before!”


His voice went from sounding sarcastic to compassionate. “Jessica, dealing with bullies was something you had to be tested on. You never had to do it growing up because you went to private schools and had a father who could sue the pants off of anyone who didn’t treat you like a princess. Now you got treated like a different kind of princess. No pants though, you’d have probably ruined those too.”

Jessica blushed. “I… I guess so. But what would you have done?”

“Probably remembered that there are video cameras all over that school and ask someone to watch? Or tell a teacher when she wasn’t looking? Or stand up and fight? Or realize she was lying to you and study on your own? Like, anything but sit down, cry, and fill your pampers again?”

“But… but… Thats not fair…”

“You could also have just talked to someone who remembered your previous meetings. Remember Melanie? Who knew about your fight with Beckie and literally defended you before?”

“I guess…”

“But the entire point was learning to rely on yourself. Instead, you looked for help, relied on others, and blamed others when that didn’t work. You assumed everything would be too easy, then gave up and complained when it wasn’t. You thought people would love you naturally, and didn’t realize you actually had to work to make relationships. You’re own pride, arrogance, laziness, and inability to keep going in the face of challenge or learn from past errors meant you ended up making the same mistakes over and over, and became a little baby. Then your pride meant you couldn’t even do that properly.”

“Meanwhile, Marianne, the woman who worked for you, helped you all your life, only to have you talk down to her, abuse her, then literally compared yourself to and said you were better then, succeed above you in the new world. So you can’t just make it anywhere because you are special and awesome, eh?”

Jessica hung her head. “I guess… but that was a twisted world!”

“Yes, and if I may quote you…” he switched to a perfect immitation of her voice. “I could make it in any circumstance.”

“Yes but…”

“ANY circumstance!”


“A-N-Y C-I-R-C-U-M-S-T-A-N-C-E. If that didn’t include a world where everyone wore diapers and was spanked into their mid twenties, thats your fault for being to vague. Its a contact. Not my fault you gave an obnoxious genie a blank check to control your life.”

“Uh, well…” Jessica fidgeted. He was right. In no way did was that world a fair test, but she had agreed. More importantly, there was no way to argue. She sighed. “Fine, you win.”

The genie smiled. “Now stink butt, about our deal?”

“I… what… ummm…”

“I was allowed to make one change to your life.”

Jessica began to panic. “Oh god. Please, please no. I’m sorry! I’ll do better!”

He waved off her complaints. “Don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as you think. Now…” He snapped his fingers, and the mist swirled around him.

There was a knock on the door. Jessica got up, looked at the clock, and gasped in shock.

She looked around herself in panic. There was a railing beside her bed. She gasped. She looked down at her blankets. They were pink and covered with flowers.

“No,” she said.

She looked at her pyjamas. It was a long onesie, and she noticed the familiar crinkle underneath them. There were stuffed animals lined on a shelf, covered with stuffed animals.

“NO!” she said. “Not this, please genie, not another baby world…”

Mary poked her head in through the door. It was the Mary she used to know, older, and worked for her. However, her face gave a different feeling, and she realized their relationship was different. “What was that Jessica? Something about a baby?”

Jessica shook her head nervously. “Nothing, nevermind.”

“Ok. The power turned some of the alarms off, so I knew you’d still be sleeping and decided to wake you. Sorry I’m a bit late.”

“I…” the memory of turning on the alarm the night before, something she never did in her old life, came back. “Thank you.”

“That’s arlight. Do you need help changing your diapers?”

Jessica’s throat caught. So she was diapered, she thought.

Mary laughed. “I’m just kidding. Though you know, sometimes I remember back to when you were that little and miss those days. Anyway, I’ll have breakfast ready when you are down.” She turned on the light and left.

Jessica looked around the room again. There were railings on her bed, but it was decorative, not a crib. The blankets did have flowers, but they were well designed embroidery, not childish prints. A memory came back, and she remembered liking them and buying them- buying them? she never did that before, other people did it for her.- There were stuffed animals on her shelf, but they were mementos, old toys she kept from when she was a child. She looked down at her pyjamas. They were long, but silken and in a deep red color. She remembered buying them, thinking they looked comfortable. She unzipped them, and squeezed her eyes shut.

As she expected, she was wearing a diaper. A wet diaper, at that. She looked at it again. She was wearing one, but it was definitely an adult diaper. No cartoon prints, soft and thin material, and made to look like regular underwear. She remembered buying them, they were the best quality available. That was the difference- in this world she was still rich, successful, on her way to being a CEO, and… incontinent. She’d always been incontinent. She figured it was just like that perverted genie to come up with something like this.

Memories of her life came back. It was almost the exact same life, minus one medical difference. Except… there were other differences. Rather then growing up arrogant and expecting things, she worked hard and earned them. Rather then talking down to people and treating her subordinates as lesser, she was kind and treated them with respect. Rather then surround herself only with people who had to work for her, she made real friends. Rather then just get handed diplomas from respected schools and jobs because of who her family was, she worked her way into top schools with her marks, earned her MBA. She still had money was fast tracked because of her family, but had earned each step.

The result was she was in much the same position, but rather then just being feared, she was respected and even loved. The greatest sign came with that one embarrassing medical issue. In her past life, it would have been used against here. IN this life, the few people who knew and helped her never used it against her and didn’t see her differently because of it. Before she thought she was happy because of her wealth and the status handed to her, now she was actually happy because of the people she knew, the relationships she built, and her pride from real, tangible accomplishments.

She got up, changed, and showered. She got a message from Kevin, still an employee but now also a friend who offered to carpool, saying "“There was traffic, and I was unable to get onto your street. Please meet me at the path by Morrin St.” It was the same message, but now she knew he sent it feeling comfortable he’d be treated fairly, rather then afraid of her response.

She put on one of her diapers- thankfully far thinner and more like actual underwear when the baby ones she had worn in the other world- and got dressed. As she left her room she noticed something. One of the stuffed animals on the wall had an unmistakable look to it. It was small, blue, had a mustache and beard. She laughed. If the genie wanted to idolize himself on her shelf, she’d let him. She went down the stairs.

Mary, also now a willing employed friend rather then a scared worker, had just put breakfast on the table. “Well hello Jessica! How are you?”

“I’m great! How are you?”

“Oh you know, busy as always. I packed your bag. Almost ready to go?”

Jessica smiled. She had failed all the tests, unfair as they were, but at least learned something. This was a better world, and a chance to really succeed.

“Yes. Thank you Mary,” Jessica said. “I mean, really, thank you.” She smiled and hugged Mary, and she hugged back.

(and that’s the exciting conclusion. I might end up writing some side stories in the same world to give background information. The first would likely feature Michael and Bill and be more relationship and exposition driven, if that goes over well the second would likely feature Becky and just describe her punishment after the cheerleading thing, so more kink driven)

Thanks for the the story, I like that she had her life changed for the better even after failing (and hopefully learned from it).

Yes I do too, though with some downsides. Honestly I would say her treatment was unfair, but wanted at least some good aspect.

Link to the promised sequel featuring Bill and Micheal: Made To Be Broken