Thank you Penguin!

I think Penguin’s constant and extensive work to support the site goes frequently unrecognised. She’s putting amazing effort into supporting our community, including handling many tasks that most of us would find unpleasant and distressing.

Thank you Penguin.

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Apologies for necro-bumping my own thread but…

Penguin has put tremendous effort, unplanned and unpaid, into restoring the site this week after it suffered issues due to circumstances she could in no way have anticipated or prevented. That she restored full function so swiftly is remarkable and admirable.

Thank you again Penguin.

I want to second that thank you, and add that I think we all also appreciated that the IRC didn’t go down.

Oof, how did I miss this thread? Well it doesnt get said enough, so thank you Penguin for all your hardwork.