The Beauties of High School Babyhood by Ron564339

Hey everybody, I’m new around here. I feel kinda weird posting a story right away, but I didn’t seen any harm in it so here I go. I’ve actually written about six stories, but I really don’t know if they’re any good or not, I’ve only heard a few people’s opinions. So I’m lookin’ to get some criticism (positive or negative) about any of them.

I guess to start I’ll post the first part to a story I wrote about a year ago. It has about sixteen chapters that are about the length of this one. It’s called “The Beauties of High School Babyhood”.

Chapter 1: The Secret

James Regan probably had the best life that a seventeen-year old guy could have. He was a good student in school, he was the captain of the football team, he was very popular at his high school, he had tons of friends, and he was always dating the prettiest girls at his school. He was well-built as well as handsome, so he seemed to attract all of the girls very easily. He was currently going out with one of the prettier ones named Mary.

However, James was not, well, a jackass, as many popular teenagers tend to be. Part of the reason that he was so popular was just because he was such a nice guy. He always gave every person that he met his full attention, and he befriended and stood up for the kids that were considered outcasts or dorks. Most kids at the school felt really good about James and thought he was one of the coolest people that they knew.

Just ask Phillip Wesley. Phillip was only a freshman at James’ high school, and he was a quiet, skinny boy who wore glasses. He was a nice kid, but due to his diligence in his schoolwork and his overall shyness, he only had a few friends and he was often picked on by upperclassmen.

Phillip’s biggest bully was Steve Conner. Like James, Steve was well-built and popular. He also played on the football team and had a pretty girlfriend (who was named Kim). Unlike James, however, Steve always found it funny to do unkind things to and make fun of kids like Phillip because he found it to be funny. He would often forcefully bump into Phillip, trip him in the halls, or just loudly call him names, which would often result in laughter from other kids.

If James ever saw Steve do things like this, he would always tell Steve to “cut it out”, or “cool it”. Steve respected James, so he normally would stop when this happened. James would then give Phillip a pat on the back and say “Don’t let him get to you, Phillip, he just does it to get attention. You’re a cool kid, no matter what other people say”. This made Phillip really look up to James, almost like a big brother. James was one of the only people that ever gave Phillip the time of day. It also made a lot of kids like James better than Steve.

But James wasn’t quite perfect, despite what his outer appearance portrayed. Like everybody, he had his own little problems in life, and he did have to deal with many stresses as well. James’ main distinguishing factor, however, was something that nobody, not even his parents or close friends, knew about.

He never knew why, but James always had the desire to be a baby again. He loved his life, especially hanging out with his friends or roughing up people in football, but he would often fantasize about it all disappearing. He really didn’t know much about babies and he was never around them, but he could still imagine what it would be like to be cared for like a helpless little infant. He thought about what it would be like to wear a soft, thick baby diaper again, as well as what it would be like to wet himself or poop in the diaper. He imagined drinking from a baby bottle or sitting in a high chair and being spoon-fed. He pictured going to sleep in a crib with a mobile above him and a soft baby blanket covering him. He thought about being held by his mom or his girlfriend or cuddling a teddy bear. All of these thoughts were things that he wished he could do without the extreme ridiculousness of it all.

Although these thoughts always struck him as kind of odd, James had gotten so used to them that he didn’t really think much of it anymore. Since he never told anybody, it never came up, so he just ignored the weirdness of it and pretended that everyone had this desire. He didn’t let it affect his everyday life.

Well, occasionally, these desires came out and intruded in his life in small ways. A few times his desires were so strong that he couldn’t help himself from indulging a little bit in them. He tried to make a diaper for himself using towels or t-shirts, or he would suck his thumb and make babyish sounds. He always made sure no one found out about these things.

However, one day James was completely overcome by his desire for his old teddy bear. While his parents were gone, he scrounged through the attic and found it in one of the boxes. Once he found it, he hugged the bear as tight as he could, and he never wanted to lose him (the bear, James referred to it almost like a person). He had named his bear “Jimmy”, another form of his own name. Jimmy had light brown fur and two little white eyes. He had a small little smile, a plastic nose, and white padded feet.

James just couldn’t bring himself to put Jimmy back into the box, so he kept him underneath his bed. After his parents were asleep, James would clutch Jimmy in his arms and drift off to sleep. He even brought himself to suck his thumb a few times. Since he woke up to his own alarm clock each morning, he could lock his door each night and hide Jimmy again each morning. Therefore, no one ever knew about James’ rediscovery of his old stuffed animal. Well, until the day that James found out that he couldn’t keep his teddy hidden from EVERYONE.

The Beauties of High School Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 2: Jimmy is Exposed

The first person to find out about James’ rekindled love for Jimmy was his girlfriend, Mary. Oftentimes Mary and James would go to his room just to talk, cuddle, kiss, or sometimes have sex. Mary always found much comfort and security when she was with James, and James felt good knowing that he would always be there to help her out or protect her when she needed it. However, one night, James asked Mary to get one of his textbooks out from underneath his bed, and he had completely forgotten about Jimmy. Mary then noticed the bear and pulled it out. She found it very interesting that her boyfriend had a teddy bear underneath his bed.

“James, I didn’t know that you still had a teddy bear!” she exclaimed.

James kinda froze and nervousness overcame him. “Uh, um, it’s just an old th-thing from, from a long time ago,” he said as he searched for an explanation. “I must have just left it underneath my bed for the past few years.”

Mary saw right through this story. “Oh come on, James. You can tell me. I bet you still sleep with your teddy to help you fall asleep some nights, don’t you?”

James looked into her eyes, and he saw no point in denying it. “Yeah,” he sighed. “I still like to sleep with Jimmy sometimes.”

“He has a name!” Mary responded. “Awww, that’s so cute! You’re just like an adorable little boy, James! I can just picture you carrying around your teddy bear in your arms like a two-year old!”

James went a little red from these remarks, but for some reason it didn’t really bother him. He couldn’t deny it, he still liked his bear. He didn’t let it affect his mindset, and he still felt exactly as he had before.

It didn’t bother Mary, either. She liked seeing her boyfriend as a little child, since he was normally so laid back and cool at school, or just so rough and tough when he played football.

This didn’t stop her from telling one of her friends, however, and person by person, word got around, and soon all of her friends and most of the people at the school knew about James’ secret. James actually wasn’t surprised that this had happened, because even though he loved Mary, he knew that she couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.

As he walked down the halls over the next few days, many of the girls would just laugh at him and say in babyish voices, “Hey, James, where’s your teddy? Do you need a nap?”

Thankfully for James, they weren’t really serious. All of the girls really liked him, and they always told him later that they were just kidding. Because of this, although James blushed at these remarks, he played it very cool (besides, he kinda liked being baby-talked to, especially by the pretty girls). He just kind of smiled and replied, “Yeah, I’m still really attached to the little guy.”

Just like Mary, the other girls thought it was extremely cute that the captain of the football team still slept with a teddy bear, and you know how girls are when they find something cute. But it wasn’t really that big a deal to either James or them.

James’ guy friends were even worse. They constantly made fun of him and ragged on him for his secret. They even started calling him “Jimmy”, since that was a little kid’s nickname for him as well as the name of his bear. But just like the girls, they weren’t too harsh about it. Most were really close to him, and besides, if they dared to call him a “wuss”, they knew he could pretty much kick any of their asses.

Mostly, the guys were just relieved to find out that he wasn’t perfect. They had been constantly looking to find some flaw with him for years, just to make sure he was human. This was the major reason that they didn’t stop teasing him about it. But James took the joking in stride, and just laughed off each one of the jokes. The other guys couldn’t believe it; he didn’t seem embarrassed at all. Could anything ever get to this guy?

Despite his outer appearance, James still had his baby desires. The close call with his teddy bear made him lay off them for a while, but eventually they resurfaced and he couldn’t stop fantasizing about returning to his infancy.

After a while, James couldn’t resist his longings any more. For the first time, he decided, he would go to the drug store and buy some adult diapers. For some reason, diapers were the most intriguing part about being a baby. He wanted nothing more than a soft, thick, babyish diaper around his waist, and he knew the only ones that would fit his rather large waist would be the adult kinds that he had heard about. So James resolved that this would be the first day since his toddler-hood that he would wear a diaper again.

Chapter 3: The Diaper Purchase and Mary’s Visit

Coming home from school that day, James stopped by the drugstore. As he walked in, he noticed that the cashier was a cute girl that he knew from school named Jenny. As James walked in, Jenny said “Hey” to him, and he responded back the same way.

‘Damn!’ he thought as he walked down the toothpaste aisle. ‘How am I gonna buy diapers with her being up there?’ But his desires were too strong to let this deter him. ‘I just won’t say anything and she probably won’t ask’.

He nervously paced around, looking for the adult diaper section. Eventually he noticed a sign saying “Incontinence” above one of the aisles, so he made his way back there.

He hadn’t realized how many different brands of adult diapers that there were. He didn’t even know where to start. After nervously studying the different types of products, he realized that the “briefs” looked the most like diapers. He couldn’t help but get excited as he looked at diapers that would actually fit him.

But which brand to choose? He generally knew store brands were pretty crappy, so he decided for a bigger name brand. As he continued to look on, someone walked by, and he jumped a little.

‘Let me just get this over with,’ he thought. He just noticed a package of “Attends” that had a size that would fit his waist. As he picked up the package and got his courage up to go to the counter, he turned right around and bumped into Jenny. James locked up, not knowing what to say or do.

“Oh, James, I was just checking to see if you were finding everything. You’ve been back here for a while”. She then looked underneath his arm and saw the package of Attends.

“Uh, uh, yeah,” he stammered. “Everything’s fine, I just wanted to get these…these…”

“Diapers? Oh, ok. Just bring your diapers up to the counter and I’ll ring you up.” She turned and walked towards the counter.

‘No way out now,’ he thought. For some reason, he got a little surge when Jenny said “your diapers”. He followed her to the counter, trying to calm down and get his thoughts straight.

As Jenny started to ring up the Attends, she began to speak. “So James, why are you…”

“Buying diapers?” he quickly responded. “Well, uh, it’s my grandma, yeah, she uh, needs them, and, my mom, uh, she asked me to come to the store, and like, buy them, and stuff. Yeah.” He then nervously handed her the money for the Attends.

“Oh,” she replied as she took the money, finding it almost amusing watching the big bad football captain be so nervous. “That’s very nice, but I was just gonna ask why you’re going to the movie tomorrow night with Katie instead of Mary, that’s all.”

“Oh, right,” he said, feeling extremely stupid. “I just, uh, didn’t feel like going with her this time. Yeah, well, I gotta run, see ya!” he said as he grabbed the Attends and left the store quickly.

As he made his way to his car, Jenny thought 'Wow, James sure was acting funny today. Maybe he was a little embarrassed to be buying diapers or something. He didn’t even stay to get his change back! Come to think of it, those diapers were pretty large. His grandma must nearly have the same size waist as…James. Hey wait a sec. You don’t suppose…nah, couldn’t be…"

James was extremely relieved to get to his car, and especially relieved when no one was home when he got there. He was so happy that the endeavor was over, and more importantly, now he had diapers! He just couldn’t resist, he raced up to his room, eager to try one on.

Once inside, he locked the door, opened up the package, and pulled out one of the Attends. The smell immediately struck him as interesting, and he studied it as he unfolded it. The soft plastic cover and warm inside seemed to be very inviting.

He quickly stripped his clothes off and placed the Attend on the floor. He didn’t know exactly how to put it on, but he just laid on top of it with the tapes in the back.

Very excitedly, he pulled up the bottom part between him legs. He undid the tapes, and then completely pulled the left side around his waist, as tight as it would go. He was literally shaking with excitement, and he started to get an erection as well. The whole process must have triggered some memories he had of having his diaper changed or watching other babies being changed, because suddenly it became so real to him. He started to feel like a little baby again.

He next taped the left side, and then did the same with the right. As he sat up, he was filled with the most amazing feeling. His hips, butt, and genitals were completely covered in the soft, babyish material. He felt the front of the diaper and pressed it up against his body even more, exciting him emotionally and sexually.

He admired his diaper in the mirror. He loved the way it looked, and he felt more babyish than he ever had before. He put his thumb in his mouth and tried to look as babyish as possible. He could so easily imagine being a cute little baby boy again…

He went to go lay on his bed in his diaper. He wrapped himself in the covers and pretended that he was in a crib with a baby blanket over himself. He closed his eyes and completely engulfed himself in his fantasy. He couldn’t prevent himself from falling asleep.

A little later, a knock on James’ door woke him up. He expected his parents, but to James’ surprise, Mary’s voice called out to him:

“James, I know you’re in there. Come on baby, why do you have the door locked?”

Nervousness shot through James’ body. “Uh, I was just asleep. I’ll open it in a minute,” he yelled back. ‘Damn’ he thought. ‘What are the odds that she would show up on the day I bought diapers?’ He didn’t have time to think more, and he quickly packed up all of the Attends that were on the floor and threw them underneath his bed.

He then remembered that he had told Mary about a key to his room one time. He had mentioned where he kept it, and unfortunately, she must have already gotten it (he had probably slept through her first few knocks on the door, making her decide to go get the key).

This was verified because she then said, “Well, I have the key, so I’m coming in!”

Not knowing what to say, James quickly put his shirt and pants back on over his diaper. Just as he finished, Mary finished unlocking the door and opened it.

“Wow, you must have been pretty paranoid to lock your door while you slept, James,” she said.

“Uh, well, I didn’t really think about it, I just locked it. So, uh, why are you here?”

“To see you, silly. Come on, I missed you,” she said as she walked toward him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on his lips.

James tried to act natural, but he was extremely afraid that she would notice his diaper. He didn’t even really kiss her back since he was trying to figure out a way to get her to leave.

“I’m sorry, baby, but since I accidentally feel asleep, I just remembered that I need to get started on my homework. I hate to tell you that I want you to leave, but I should really get started on this stuff.”

“Well, if you must,” she said. Then, to James’ complete horror, she reached down and squeezed his butt. He just froze, knowing that she would realize that he was wearing a little extra something.

To his complete surprise, Mary didn’t mention anything at all about his diaper. She acted just completely normal and then said:

“But, you MUST come over to my house tomorrow after school to make up for it, ok? I have a little surprise for you.”

“Sure, that sounds great,” he said, eager for her to leave.

“All right, good. See ya,” she responded as she kissed him again. She then turned around and walked out of the room as he said “Bye”.

“Whew, that was close!” he said after she had gone. “I can’t believe the odds. But how in the hell did she not notice my diaper? Oh well, I’m just glad she didn’t, and as long as I show up tomorrow, I’m off the hook.”

He then proceeded to take off the diaper and he decided to steer clear of the Attends for the rest of the night. Hoping the next day would be a much better one, James began to wonder what Mary was thinking.

Chapter 4: The Ambush

The next day, after school, James drove over to Mary’s house for some quality time. James went up to Mary’s room (there was no one else home) and the two embraced each other and gave each other a quick kiss. James then sat down on her bed, thinking that she probably just wanted to talk about something on her mind.

Mary, however, had more in mind. As soon as James sat down, she playfully jumped on top of him and started kissing him. She ran her hands through his short, brown hair and up and down his somewhat burly chest. Although he was a little shocked, James definitely enjoyed it and went along with her, thinking that there was more to come.

While Mary caressed James, she began to talk to him. “James, you’re so hot! I love being with you and touching your body!”

“I love you too, Mary. You’re the best girl in the world!”

“You know what, James? Not only are you really hot, but you’re really cute too!” Mary said while she started to unbutton James’ shirt.

“I think you’re really cute too, Mary!”

“Thank you, James, but I don’t think you understand. I really think that you’re CUTE!” as she took off of his shirt

James wasn’t quite following her, but he tried to play along. “Uh, well, thanks, I guess, you’re really a cutie too, honey.”

“Let me put it this way, James,” she said in her sexiest voice as she started to unbutton his pants. “Don’t you want to be my baby? Don’t you want to be my little baby?”

Thinking that she was just getting into a little foreplay before they had sex (since James only heard her use that voice when she wanted to get it on), he responded “Oh yeah, sweetie, I want to be your baby.”

Suddenly, to James’ surprise, Mary jumped back away from him and yelled “Good! Come on, girls, you know the plan!”

Out of nowhere, Mary’s closet door slammed open and out popped Jenny (the girl from the drugstore) and three other girls: Katie, Kim, and Tasha.

While he was still lying on the bed, each one of them grabbed one of his arms or legs and held him down. James was in such shock that the thought of resisting didn’t even cross his mind yet.

“You know, James,” Mary said. “I thought that that was the case. After all, aren’t babies the only ones who wear diapers?”

James felt his face flush and his body go numb. ‘How does she know?’ he thought. As the other girls looked down at him with wide grins, he began to piece it together, thinking about how he had bought the diapers from Jenny and how Mary had felt his diapered butt the day before.

Seeing the look of surprise on James’ face, Mary began to explain. “Before I went to your house yesterday, I had a talk with Jenny. She told me you were acting funny yesterday, James. When I asked her why, she mentioned that fact that you were buying some diapers for your grandma, but I told her that your grandma lives far away from here. Jenny then mentioned how the diapers were pretty big anyway, so she guessed that the diapers must have been for you! I then decided to see for myself, and I know you would never think to lock your door before going to sleep. And you know, James, I’ve baby-sat before, and I can easily recognize a diapered bottom when I feel one, like I did yesterday. Since I know that you don’t wet the bed or have any urinary problems, I wondered why you would be buying diapers for yourself. Then it hit me: My boyfriend has been sleeping with his teddy bear, and now he’s wearing diapers. I realized that I’m not going out with a seventeen year old football player; I’m going out with a cute, little, diaper wearing baby boy!”

James was almost in a trance while he listened to her words. Once she finished, he began to speak:

“That…that’s not true!” he tried to convince her, feeling tears begin to well up in his eyes. “I…I just…”

“I don’t think so,” Mary said. “Face it, James, you may be a big, tough guy on the outside, but inside you’re just a little baby who wants to be diapered.”

As she said this, he became extremely embarrassed and began to cry, not only because of what she said, but because it was true. He couldn’t convince himself that what she said was not exactly what he wanted.

“There, there, James,” Mary said as she walked over and ran her fingers through his hair. “Don’t cry. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And after all, you have five professional baby-sitters here to take care of you. We all know exactly what to do with little babies like you!”

Somehow this didn’t exactly comfort him any. “But, but…”

“Shhh, just be quiet little one. Don’t worry, it’s ok, we don’t think it’s a bad thing. We like babies, we think they’re very cute, and I think you’ll make the cutest baby yet! Oh, and by the way, I wouldn’t suggest you trying to resist what we have in mind for this afternoon. I’m aware of the fact you could probably overpower the five of us, but if you do, you can be rest assured that you’re little ‘secret’ will be quite known throughout the school. And you know how I am with secrets, James. After all, everyone already knows about your little teddy bear, so I don’t think your football buddies would doubt that the football captain wears diapers, too!”

James suddenly realized that he she was right, and that he was helpless to the girls’ whims.

The Beauties of High School Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 5: James Gets His Wish

“But come on, ‘Jimmy’,” she said. “It’s obvious that you want to be a baby again away, so this way, everyone gets what they want! You get to be a baby, and we get to take care of you!”

“That’s not true!” James retorted. “I’m seventeen, I’m not a baby! And I don’t wanna be a baby!” He knew this wasn’t really true, but he didn’t think that this was the way he wanted to be babied. Plus, he didn’t want the girls to know that it was true.

Still, even though he was really embarrassed, James was also extremely excited. The blood was rushing through his body and he began to love the idea of these five cute girls treating him like a baby. He was helpless in the situation, and he kinda liked that.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” Mary said. “Well, enough chit-chat. You don’t look very much like a baby right now. I say we fix that.”

With that, she walked over to her closet while the other four girls continued to hold James in place. He didn’t really struggle, partly because of Mary’s threat to spread the news, but partly because he was about to get exactly what he had always wanted. As Mary looked through the closet, the other girls took off James’ pants and boxers, leaving him naked on the bed. He was kind of embarrassed, but they didn’t seem to think anything of it.

Mary then emerged with a diaper bag and a towel in her hands as she walked back over to James. She placed the towel down on her bed beside James and told the girls to put him on it.

“Da first thing dat da wittle baby needs is his dydee!” Mary said in the most babyish voice she could muster as the other girls moved him onto the towel. With this statement, Mary pulled four things out of the diaper bag: Some baby wipes, baby lotion, baby powder, and finally, an Attend adult diaper. Then she opened up the box of baby wipes and prepared to clean James “diaper” area.

As she got ready, James felt something in his penis. To add to his embarrassment, he felt the wonderful sensation of his penis becoming erect. As this happened, Katie said in a babyish voice: “I guess wittle Jimmy DOES want to be diapered!” The other girls giggled along with this as James burned with embarrassment and felt his dick get as hard as a rock. He couldn’t tell which more he was right now, embarrassed or excited.

Mary then took a baby wipe and began to rub down James hips and inner thighs as she continued to smile at him. As she touched his more “sensitive” areas with the wipe, James could feel himself get even more aroused. He had to admit, despite the cold, being wiped by Mary felt pleasing. Mary instructed the girls to lift his legs up while she wiped his butt, both the surface and the inside.

“Good thing I did this, James, you needed to have your bottom wiped anyway!” she said with an even bigger smile. As the girls lowered his legs down, Mary took the baby lotion and put some into her hand. She began to massage it onto his stomach, thighs, and genitals. All the while James became even more aroused and started to lose some of his embarrassment as he began to be engulfed in babyish bliss.

Next came the baby powder. Mary took the canister and gave a few firm shakes of it onto James’ pubic area. “We don’t want wittle Jimmy to get a diaper rash, now do we? And now he smells so baby fresh for his baby-sitters, like a good baby should! All right, now time for your bottom!” James was having a hard time not to enjoy what she was saying. Not only this, but the smell of the baby powder was simply amazing. He had always associated it with babies, so the smell just increased the idea that he was really a baby being cared for by these girls. He felt so weird to be embarrassed and happy at the same time, but he was slowly slipping further and further into his happiness.

She instructed the girls to life up James’ legs again, and this time she shook some of the powder onto his butt. While his legs were still up, she said “And now it’s time for Jimmy’s dydee!” as she unfolded the diaper and slid it underneath him. James’ heart really began to pound now. This was the part that he wanted. He just simply couldn’t believe that he was about to be diapered again, just like his girlfriend and her friends would diaper one of the babies that they took care of.

James’ legs were lowered, and Mary grabbed the bottom of the diaper. As she pulled it up over his waist (and erect penis, which she ignored), James began to fill up with complete excitement. It felt so warm, soft, and thick against his thighs and pubic area. This only continued to become even more powerful as Mary taped the tapes on tightly on the right side. Finally, as she pulled the diaper tightly around his other side, James felt like he was completely wrapped in babyish softness. Combined with the fact that there were four pretty girls looming over him when he was wearing a diaper, he became even more embarrassed, yet somehow excited. His embarrassment only added to his feeling of helplessness, but he absolutely LOVED it. He felt like such a cute little innocent baby boy who was now wearing a diaper because his girlfriend and her friends had put it on him. He pictured himself as a complete baby who needed to be cared for by five girls who thought he was the cutest little baby boy on the planet.

The other four girls just added to this feeling, because once his diaper was on, they couldn’t stop themselves from pretending that he was a real baby. They just found it so cute that the big football player that they knew was now wearing a diaper just like the little babies that they had taken care of so many times. They cooed James just like a baby while they pinched his cheek and lightly tickled his stomach. Katie put her face right over his and started saying things like “Awww, isn’t he just so adorable in his dydee?” Kim then remarked “It’s ok little baby, you can go pee pee in your diaper and we’ll be here to change you into a fresh new one!” Tasha followed that up by “I love taking care of babies who can’t help but wet themselves. I’m ready to change the baby’s diaper any time!”

Mary just sat back and laughed to herself. She was actually quite happy to see her boyfriend in diapers again. She also began to really see how much James liked this. ‘Wow, he really does want to be a baby again! That’s so adorable!’ she thought.

All kinds of thoughts were going on inside James’ head. He would have never thought he’d be put in a diaper by his girlfriend and baby-talked by four other girls, but he just simply loved all of it. It had taken a while for him to get used to the idea, but now he couldn’t stop himself from smiling like a little boy who gets a kiss from the girl that he likes. He completely forgot that he was one of the strongest, roughest, manliest guys that he knew; he now felt so cute and cuddly, and he loved the idea that these girls thought he was too. His babyish grin only increased the feelings in the room.

Mary wanted to keep this going, so she had a few more surprises to pull out of her (or I guess, James’) diaper bag. “All right, girls,” she said. “I know you think Jimmy is very cute, but we’re not done with him!” She then pulled out a baby blue T-shirt that was the right size for James’ shoulders but much shorter than his normal ones. She unfolded and showed it to the other girls: On it were letters that read “BABY JIMMY”. The girls pulled it up over his head and put his arms through it, and James saw that it came down slightly above his belly button, of course leaving his whole diaper exposed.

Mary then pulled out two socks: they were white, but they had light blue ribbons around the ankles. She put them on James’ feet and tied the ribbons in bows.

Finally, Mary pulled out one more item: it looked just like a baby bonnet that would fit James’ head. She pulled it over his head and tied a big bow around his chin. Afterwards, she remarked, “Now isn’t my baby boy just so precious! He’s just adorable. Yes he is! Yes he is!”

Mary wanted James to get the full experience, so she then lifted him up off the bed by his wrist and led him just like a mother does to her two-year old. She guided him to a mirror where he could see just how truly babyish he really looked.

As if the diaper wasn’t extremely babyish by itself, he couldn’t believe how much the bonnet made him look like a baby. It had a frilly little design and just made him feel like going “goo goo”. It was that babyish. Add in the fact that his shirt said “BABY JIMMY”, and James had trouble believing that he was seventeen instead of one and a half.

Once Mary knew James could see how much he truly looked like a baby, she decided to continue the treatment. “Now James,” she said. “You know as well as I do that babies can’t walk. They can only crawl. So go ahead, Jimmy, be a good baby and drop down on your knees!”

James slowly lowered himself down onto his hands and knees. It didn’t bother him to be taking orders from his girlfriend; in fact, he enjoyed it. He had always been the one that had to console her before now, and he had felt that he had to protect her and take care of her. But now he could let go of that responsibility and know that she was looking out for him now.

“Ok now, Jimmy,” Mary said in a babyish voice, the kinda voice that a mother uses when she talks to a new baby that she is still crazy over. “Be a good wittle bay-bee and crawl for us! Come on, now, you can do it!”

James felt a little silly (as if wearing a diaper and baby bonnet wasn’t silly enough), but he started to crawl around the room a little. However, he began to enjoy the feel of being admired by the girls, and while he crawled they couldn’t stop themselves from going “Awwww” and giggling.

“Ok, Jimmy,” Mary said. “I think all that crawling must have gotten you hungry. So I think it’s time to fill you up…with your ba-ba!”

The other girls just laughed, and James became a little shocked and embarrassed. “Ba-ba?” he asked. But as he finished saying it, he saw Jenny take out a baby bottle filled with milk from the diaper bag. It even had little cartoonish designs on it.

“Oh yes, da wittle baby needs to be fed from his ba-ba since he’s too wittle for a cup yet!” Jenny said. Mary led James out of her bedroom out into the living room, where she told him to lay down with his head and shoulders across his lap. As he did so, Jenny handed Mary the bottle, and without warning, she pushed the nipple into his mouth.

As the girls continued to go “Awwww”, James felt his penis become erect again. It had gone down without him noticing earlier, he must have gotten used to the idea of being a baby. But the bottle was a new sensation that turned him on all over again, and he felt so cuddly as he continued to nurse from the bottle. As he closed his eyes, Mary began to stroke his hair and whisper things like “Dat’s a good wittle Jimmy, drink up all your milk, we want you to be a big strong boy one day!”

As James finished the bottle, she took it out of his mouth. She had the other girls take a big, soft blanket out and laid it on the floor. She instructed James to lay down on it and close his eyes. While he did so, he could hear Mary getting something else. She told him to open his mouth and bite down, and as he did so, he felt his mouth close over something soft and rubbery. He opened his eyes and realized that Mary had put a pacifier in his mouth! The pacifier made his penis go rock hard again.

Mary then took out the other Jimmy, James’ teddy bear. James had no idea where she had gotten it from, but she put it in his arms. He couldn’t help but squeeze his teddy very tightly since he loved him so much.

This resulted in the loudest echo of "Awww"s yet. As he heard these, his still hard penis began to feel tingly, and he began to think that he might get off then and there. But he just continued to enjoy his fantasy coming to life completely, and a large smile came across his face while he kept the pacifier between his teeth.

“All right, girls,” Mary said. “I think it’s just about time to end our fun time with Jimmy here. I need some time alone with him. So say bye-bye to him!”

To James’ great surprise, the girls did not lean over and coo or baby-talk him like they had been doing. Instead, Jenny took the pacifier out of his mouth and all four girls gave him a big hug at one time, and they all kissed him on his cheeks as well, almost as if he was their boyfriend. Jenny then began to talk.

“You know, James,” she said. “I know this must have been pretty embarrassing for you, so we all thank you very much for being such a good sport. It really thrills all of us that a big tough guy like you would be our baby for the afternoon, and we all really wish each of our boyfriends would do the same. That was so sweet of you, even though I think you liked it almost as much as we did!”

The other girls all expressed their agreement with nods and short phrases, and each one thanked him before saying goodbye. It seemed to James that this made all of the embarrassment that he had felt well worth it. He loved the attention that he had gotten from the girls; it was just like he was the new baby that all of the pretty girls fawned over because they found him to be so adorable. He knew that they had babied him not because they wanted to make fun of him, but because they thought he was cute!

After saying their goodbyes, they all left. Jenny was the last to go, and as she did, she stuck the pacifier back in his mouth. Once they had gone Mary and James were alone.

Chapter 6: The Next Level

“You know, James, they were right,” Mary said. “I only did this for two reasons: I can’t get over how much I love seeing you as a baby, and secondly, I somehow knew that this is what you really wanted. Nonetheless, I was planning on giving you a little special ‘present’ that involved you being on top of me for being such a good baby. But after seeing how ‘excited’,” she said as she looked down at his diapered erection that he still managed to have, “you became when we put you in your diaper, I have a new idea.”

She then grabbed his wrist and led him over to the couch like he was her little boy. He didn’t say much since he was still in his babyish trance (and since he was still sucking on the pacifier), and besides, he was eager to see what Mary had in store for him. She sat down on the couch and motioned for him to lie down. He did so, with his shoulders and back resting on her lap and his head on a pillow at the edge of the couch. He still enjoyed the nice view that he had of her breasts, but he didn’t need them to stay aroused.

Pacifier still in his mouth, James closed his eyes as he heard Mary begin to baby-talk him again. In her cutesiest voice, she said things like “My little Jimmy is such a good little bay-bee! He drank all of his ba-ba, he’s being quiet like a good boy, and he just looks soooo precious in his bonnet!”

Each statement aroused James more and more, and Mary could tell. She knew that the more she could make James feel like a baby, the more aroused that he got. Plus, she also knew exactly where to touch James in order to pleasure him the most, so she then took her hand and started to slowly massage the front of his diaper while he lay across her lap.

As she did this, James’ body seemed to take over on its own. He began to let out soft moans around the pacifier, and his breathing became more intense. He then began to thrust his hips in sync with her hand movements over his diaper. The only thought in his mind was that he was a happy baby whose mommy was there to care for him. He continued to listen to Mary’s words as he became dangerously close to going over the edge.

“And if wittle Jimmy has to go pee-pee in his diapers, then mommy will just wipe him, powder his cute wittle bottom and put him in a new diaper!” As she finished this statement, she touched him in just the right spot. The combination of it all made James explode into his diaper. Biting down on the pacifier and letting out a large moan, James had the most powerful orgasm that he had had in a very long time.

Mary smiled as she watched him finish. She had even surprised herself; the whole idea of caring for James like he was a baby had begun to turn her on as well. She made a mental note of that for the next time that she and James made love.

James was still breathing hard, but the pacifier slipped out of his mouth. Now all of his babyish desires had been shot out of him, so he was now back into his normal state (apart from still being dressed like a baby).

“Mary,” he said. “That was the most incredible thing ever! This has been one of the happiest days of my life!” He slowly got up and undid his bonnet.

“Oh, James, it has been for me too!” Mary replied. She stood up as well, and she couldn’t resist giving James a huge kiss. As they pulled apart from each other, she said “Ok, James, I think you better get changed and then get outta here. My parents will be back soon.”

“All right, then,” he said. He went back to her room and changed back into his normal clothes (after cleaning himself of the diaper’s contents). He decided he’d take the diaper back so Mary wouldn’t have to deal with it. He then came back, kissed Mary goodbye, and walked out the door.

“And James,” she said as he walked out. “Remember, we can do this again ANY time you want!” James couldn’t keep himself from smiling. It HAD been a good day.

The Beauties of High School Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 7: Mary’s Discovery

As the next few weeks passed by, James got back into the normal swing of things. Surprisingly, neither Mary nor the other girls said anything to him when he spoke to them. In fact, after a few weird days, James got right back into the groove of his normal life. He continued to play football, spend time with Mary, and even stick up for kids like Phillip. Apparently the girls hadn’t exposed anything about the whole babying experience, although James felt that he was getting a little bit more attention from girls.

But James couldn’t help but think about Mary’s offer for him. He felt somewhat nervous asking her to go through with it again, but when he went over to her house one afternoon, he couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“Hey, Mary, do you think we could, uh, you know, do that thing we did last week?”

“What thing are you talking about James?” she asked him, but couldn’t keep herself from smiling. She of course knew exactly what he wanted, but she liked making him say it. He just looked like a cute little boy asking a pretty girl out on a date, and she enjoyed watching him try to get it out.

“You know, where you, uh, treat me like… I mean, where you put me in a…” For some reason, despite everything that had happened last time, he had the trouble getting the words out. He just felt funny mentioning the words “baby” or “diaper” knowing everything that he had gone through last time.

Mary just loved seeing him like this. He even started looking down at the floor and kicking his feet a little as he tried to get out the words. Deciding she couldn’t keep him in suspense any longer, she decided to speak.

“Ohhhhhh, does my wittle Jimmy want his mommy to put his diaper on him?” she cooed as she walked up to him and gave him a soft pat on his butt. James immediately gave a little jump of excitement as he felt his member begin to go hard again. He couldn’t stop himself from excitedly saying “Yeah mommy!”. He soon covered his mouth in embarrassment, but it didn’t last long as Mary then said “Ok, sweetie, let mommy Mary get your things! Now lie down on the bed like a good wittle boy!”

James did so as Mary went to get the diaper bag with James baby things. She first popped the pacifier in his mouth, which he began to suck with content. Mary then undressed him, diapered him, and put on his shirt, socks and bonnet just like she had the day before. From there, they both lied on the bed enjoying the feeling as Mary held James in her arms. He loved the feeling of being cared for by a loving mommy; she loved holding her boyfriend in her arms as if he really were a baby. They both were turned on by these feelings, and as Mary got more excited, she decided to push it further by telling James to speak some baby talk for her.

Despite feeling a little stupid, James began to coo and gurgle like a baby. He began to enjoy it a little, but it had a powerful effect on Mary. The combination of James’ good looks and strong body with the innocence and overall cuteness of his babyish voice and attire greatly turned her on. She even felt herself get slightly wet as her excitement continued. She couldn’t control herself anymore; she was about to engage in sex with James.

But as she began to make a move, James began to move away from her.

“Where does my wittle boy think he’s going?” she asked sweetly, despite being a little off guard.

“Well, uh, I gotta use the bathroom,” he responded, as he began to get up.

Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to increase both of their pleasure, Mary grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down saying “But silly Jimmy, babies don’t use the potty. That’s what wittle Jimmy’s dydee is for!”

James felt another surge of excitement; he had really wanted to try wetting his diaper, but he was way too embarrassed to try it, since it made him feel childish. But Mary’s statement was too inviting, and besides, the embarrassment excited him.

Thankfully, his erection had gone down a while back, but nonetheless, despite his efforts, he could just not pee in his diaper. Fifteen years of potty-training had a way of making it difficult.

Mary noticed this difficulty, and she saw an opportunity. “Does Jimmy need help going pee pee?” she asked. “Well, mommy knows the answer: the tickle monster!” With that, she began to wildly tickle James.

James always had been extremely ticklish, and Mary knew just how to do it. He immediately began to giggle as she continued to tickle his stomach, sides, neck, and armpits to the best of her ability, laughing the whole time. Considering that he had to pee fairly strongly, before he knew it, James began to wet his diaper.

Mary stopped tickling since she had made herself tired. But the action had done the trick; she could see the telltale signs in his crotch that James had indeed peed in his diaper.

It felt so wonderful to James. The damp, warm feeling in between his legs made the diaper that much more appealing, and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be as cute as possible. As he began to get hard again, he said in his most babyish voice:

“Mommy, I fink I went pee pee in my diaper. Pwease change me!”

This completely set Mary off. For a split second she saw James as the most adorable baby boy in a seventeen year-old’s body, and the image turned her on more than she ever had been before. Before James knew it, she got on top of him, tore the wet diaper off him, and began to have sex with him, with James still wearing his shirt and bonnet.

As they went, they somehow managed to keep their mommy/baby relationship. Between his grunts James made babyish coos and Mary was able to keep her cutesy, motherly like voice. Soon after, they both had very powerful orgasms and were amazed at how good they felt.

“James,” Mary said in her normal voice. “I think that was the most amazing sex that I ever had!” James couldn’t deny that he felt the same way.

With their new role-play, James and Mary’s sex-life was the best that it had ever been, although they opted to use condoms from then on. However, their normal lives appeared to be just the same as they had always been, and neither invited any of the other girls to another babying session again. That is, until one fateful day gave James a magnificent idea…

Chapter 8: James Isn’t Alone

Most of this day was fairly standard with nothing out of the ordinary. Like always, Steve had decided to pick on Phillip this day. This time, while Phillip was on his way to the school bus to go home, Steve knocked him down, causing many of the papers he was carrying to be spilt on the ground. As Steve walked off laughing, Phillip began to frantically gather up his papers before the bus left.

But it took him too long; before he had finished, the bus had already left. Phillip had no ride home now, and he couldn’t prevent himself from crying in anger and sadness as he finished gathering up his papers.

James caught sight of Phillip and decided to see what was wrong. ‘He doesn’t deserve this’ James thought. ‘He’s a good hardworking kid who is nice to everyone.’

“Hey Phil, what’s wrong?” James asked as he walked up to Phillip.

“It’s that bully, Steve!” Phillip responded through tears. “I never do anything to him, but he always has to make my life a living hell! He had no reason to knock my papers out of my hands, and now I’ve missed the bus! It’s just not fair!”

“It’s cool, Phil,” James said as he began to pick up some of the papers. Phillip always liked it when James called him “Phil”, it made him feel cooler for some reason. “I’ll sit down and talk to Steve, and I’ll give you a ride home today.”

“Really? Thanks, James, you’re the best!” Phillip responded as he wiped away his tears. They finished picking up the papers, went over to James’ car, and after Phillip put his backpack in James’ trunk, James drove Phillip home.

“Thanks a lot!” Phillip said as he got out of the car. James got out and opened the trunk so that Phillip could get his backpack out of it. Then, suddenly, Phillip bent over to get his bag, and James noticed something HUGE; Phillip was wearing a DIAPER! James was somehow able to control his excitement, hoping to find out more.

“Hey, uh, Phil?” he asked. “You don’t have any uh, kidney or urinary problems, do ya?”

“Huh?” Phillip said with a bit of a jump. “Uh, n-no, not that I know of.”

James felt kinda bad, but he had to pursue the subject. “So, uh, I hate to ask, but why are you wearing, a, you know, a diaper?”

Phillip literally froze for a few seconds. Then, without saying anything, he started to cry again. He quickly yanked his bag from the trunk and ran into his house between sobs, tears streaming down his face the whole time. He ran in and loudly slammed the door.

“Dammit!” James said. “I didn’t want to upset the poor guy. I’m so stupid, the kid already has enough to worry about.”

James obviously felt horrible. He was extremely enthralled by the fact that another teen was wearing a diaper to school, especially when he didn’t seem to need one. He thought deeply about the matter. He felt so bad for Phillip, and somehow felt angry at Steve for starting the whole situation. At first, James thought it would be best just to let Phillip know about his own babyish desires, knowing that this would make Phillip feel worlds better. Even though it may have been the best option, James decided against it. This was because an even better idea struck him; he knew a way that he could give Phillip exactly the two things that he had always wanted. First, however, he had to verify that Phillip really did have babyish desires, plus he needed to make Phillip feel better about the whole thing. So that night he decided to give Phillip a call.

Chapter 9: The Diaper Explanation

As soon as Phillip got on the phone, James quickly said “Phil, it’s James. Please don’t hang up.”

Phillip almost did, but he couldn’t. “What is it?” he asked in a voice that James felt sounded almost like defeat.

“Look, I’m sorry about today. I went about it wrong. But Phil, it’s not a big deal. I just wanna get straight what’s going on.”

“Ok,” Phillip said, not knowing whether he wanted to continue or not. But somehow he just couldn’t help but trust James.

“All right, I just wanna know, were you really wearing a diaper today?”

Phillip hesitated for a moment, but saw no point in denying it. “Yes, I was wearing a… a…”

“It’s cool, man,” James said. “I just wanna know. But uh, you gotta tell me, why were you wearing a diaper? You don’t have any medical problems, do you?”

Phillip sighed, not knowing how to explain it to James. “No, I don’t. But…you wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me,” James said. “Trust me, Phil, I won’t laugh. Whatever you were wearing it for can’t be that bad.”

Phillip still didn’t want to tell James, but he had always wanted to just let SOMEONE know about his desire to wear diapers and be treated like a baby. “Well, uh, James, I…I like to wear them.”

James got a shot of excitement when he heard this, but to Phillip’s surprise, he didn’t laugh. He just stayed calm and said “Is that all? There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, it’s just a diaper. No sweat.”

Phillip couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had totally expected James to burst out in laughter and call Phillip a baby.

“But don’t, don’t only babies wear diapers?” Phillip asked, even though he didn’t know why.

“You’re not a baby, are you, Phil? And you’re wearing them.”

“Well, uh, that’s not the whole story,” Phillip said, deciding he might as well take the whole plunge. If he could tell anyone about his babyish desires, it was James. Phillip then launched into a big explanation of how his deepest fantasy was to have a pretty girl put him in diapers and bottle-feed him, among other things. He didn’t know why, but he went into great detail about all of it. It was so nice for him to tell someone about it all, and he really trusted James a lot at this moment. He even explained that his desires were so strong that he had gone to the drugstore one day and bought some diapers, that he had been hiding them for a long time, and that he only wore it to school to get the “thrill” of doing so.

After hearing the explanation, James had to try his hardest not to yell out, “Me too!” But he had to hold back if he was going to put his plan into effect. So instead he said “You know, Phil, that ain’t so bad. I mean, so what, you want to be treated like a baby. I mean, I bet everyone feels that way to some degree sometimes.”

“Even…even you?” Phillip asked with hope.

“Are you kidding? Didn’t you hear the whole shebang about me still sleeping with my teddy bear? Last time I checked babies do sleep with stuffed animals.” James thought that this would be good enough to make Phillip feel better without James having to reveal all of his secrets just yet.

It did the trick; Phillip expressed how much better he felt, and he thanked James for being so understanding.

“But you know, Phil,” James said. I have to ask, aren’t you sick of Steve always treating you like crap?"

“Of course I am! But what can I do? I mean, he’s bigger than me, more athletic, more popular…”

“Hey, don’t worry, man. How 'bout this: I have a plan that will get Steve back for every time he knocked your lunch tray over or pushed you into the lockers.”


“Yeah, but first: You do have a camcorder, right? I thought you mentioned it to me one time.”

“Yeah, sure, my parents let me use theirs all the time.”

“All right, good. I just gotta get the finer details of my plan laid out. Alright, here’s all you have to do: this Saturday, I’m gonna come pick you up at your house around five o’clock. Have the camera ready and be prepared to busy for a few hours.”

“All right, I can do that.”

“Good. I have a feeling Steve is gonna learn what it’s like to be someone ‘smaller’.”

The Beauties of High School Babyhood by Ron564339

(Sub)-Chapter 10: James’ Plan

The next day, James found Kim, Steve’s girlfriend. She was also one of the girls that had babied James that day when he had gone over to Mary’s. He spoke with her privately.

“Hey, Kim, do you remember, you know, a while back, when we were at Mary’s house…”

Her face turned into a smile. “Oh, you mean when we put your cute little bottom in diapers?” Noticing his cheeks going slightly red, she then added. “Just kidding, James. But that is what you’re talking about, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” he said as he regained his composure. “Anyway, didn’t you and the other girls say that it would be nice if you could do that to your boyfriends?”

“Why, yes, James, that would be fantastic. But it’ll never happen; Steve and the other guys aren’t like you.”

“That’s ok,” he said. “I’ve got a deal for you, Mary, and the other girls. Here it is…”

As he told her, she smiled a big smile and said “That’s genius, James! It sounds awesome!”

“All right, so here’s the plan. You take care of the girls, and I’ll take care of Steve and Phillip. All you have to do is pick Steve up and take him to Mary’s house. Remember, Saturday, 6:30, at Mary’s. Ok?”

“You got it, James. This is gonna be great!”

Chapter 11: The Next Ambush

James and Steve had been really close in the past, but they had drifted apart over the past few years, mainly due to Steve’s newfound cockiness and bad treatment of other people. Nonetheless, James knew that they still had a bond, and that he could use it to put his plan into action. One day, he went up to talk to Steve in the hall.

“Hey Steve, you busy this Saturday evening?”

“I don’t think so. Why, what’s goin’ on?” Steve asked with curiosity.

“Well, Mary and Kim, they’ve been talking a lot recently. They feel they want some more excitement in their sex lives, so they came up with the idea that the four of us should get together and meet at Mary’s house. They’re real crazy, man, they want to ‘experiment’ with all of these different ideas…on us!”

This sounded very good to Steve. “Experiment, eh? Yeah, I have to admit, things have gotten a little boring between us. Count me in!”

“All right, just get a ride with Kim and you two show up at Mary’s house Saturday at 6:30. I think that it’ll be very…interesting.”

On Saturday, James went to pick up Phillip, and he took him over to Mary’s house. James instructed Phillip to hide in the closet with the camcorder until he asked him to come out.

Around 6:30, Steve and Kim showed up. Mary’s parents would be gone the whole weekend, so they wouldn’t be there. As Mary, James, Steve, and Kim settled in, Mary and Kim began to put on their best sexy voices.

“All right, boys,” Mary said. “Ready to experiment?”

“Yeah!” James and Steve chimed in.

“Good!” Kim said. She then reached into a small bag that she had and produced two pairs of hand-cuffs. “I think you two have been ‘bad’ boys and need to be put under control.”

Steve felt a little nervous, but when he saw the excited look on James’ face, he was willing to go forth and see how kinky these hand-cuffs could become. James took off his shirt, so Steve did the same.

Mary then proceeded to hand-cuff James to the head of her bed with no resistance from him. Not wanting to back out, Steve allowed Kim to do the same to him.

Once the boys were locked in, Mary and Kim began to undress James and Steve, starting with their shoes and socks, but then their belts and pants. Steve was beginning to like this. He could see why hand-cuffs were considered to be kinky.

But as he laid there in his boxers and began to really get into it, Mary and Kim stopped. Mary took out the key and unlocked James’ cuffs. As James began to put his clothes back on, Steve became very nervous.

“Wha…what’s goin’ on here?” he asked with a sense of panic in his voice.

“Ok, you can come out now!” James said. Right after he said this, Jenny, Katie and Tasha all came in through the door and Phillip emerged from the closet with the camcorder.

They all leaned over Steve with wide grins on their faces. Steve felt a mixture of fear and anger, not really knowing what to think of the situation.

Chapter 12: Steve Gets His

“James, what the hell is going on here?!”

“Oh, don’t worry Steve, we’re just having a little fun. Turns out that you like being the big dog around campus, so I came up with the wonderful idea that you should get to know what it feels like to be…smaller. In fact, as small as, I should say, a BABY!”

As James spoke, Steve felt such a large amount of confusion that he didn’t even notice that Kim had taken his boxers off of him and he was lying there naked cuffed to the bed.

“James, I don’t know what you and these girls think you’re doing, but un-cuff me right now!”

“I don’t think you get it, Steve. You see these four girls here? To them, you’re not seventeen years old, you’re only one year old. Kim and I are the only ones who know that you’re not a baby. And of course Phillip, our camera man, he knows too. But all the other girls see is a naked baby lying on a bed. And babies don’t go around being naked, do they Steve? They’re put into diapers, aren’t they?”

Steve really began to panic hearing James speak these words. He began to struggle as hard as he could, but the cuffs still held strong to the bed. He suddenly became furious when he saw Katie begin to unfold one of the Attends. ‘These people are crazy’ he thought. ‘James and Kim have gone insane. But what is the little geek doing here? And what do these girls think they’re doing?’

“Now you stop right there!” Steve yelled. “I am NOT going to wear that THING! I am seventeen, not some little ba…” But he was cut off as Jenny stuck a pacifier into his mouth. “Shhh, calm down little one. We’re here to put your diaper on you, everything will be fine.”

Steven spit out the pacifier right away and started kicking furiously. “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PUT THAT DIAPER ON ME!!!” he screamed as loud as he could.

But Steve’s anger turned to horror as each of the four girls (other than Kim) grabbed his legs and held him down. They were doing their job well. James had told them to pretend Steve was just a real baby in order for him to get the full effect. Kim and he were only there to direct the action. Kim picked up the pacifier, and tied a string into its holes. She then stuck it into Steve’s mouth despite him furiously shaking his head trying to keep her from doing so. She then tied the string behind his head, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t spit it out.

“Steve, you sure are noisy,” Kim said. “Listen, honey, since you’ve been so naughty the past few weeks, we’ve decided to put you in your place. I’ve always wanted to take care of a baby that I could call my own, and since that’s what you’ve acted like, that’s what I’m going to treat you as.”

Steve’s greatest fears were put into effect now that he realized that Kim was right. He still tried to struggle as much as he could, but his efforts were futile as the other girls were too much for him. And worst of all was that not only was that little punk Phillip watching, but he was taping the whole thing.

“Ok, girls, bottoms up!” Kim said. With that, the girls lifted up Steve’s legs.

“First off, our baby has been naughty, so he needs a spanking!” She then proceeded to give Steve a few good slaps on his butt. They did hurt his butt a little, but they hurt his pride a lot more. He was more embarrassed than he could ever remember.

Kim then took a baby wipe and proceeded to wipe Steve down. Steve felt even worse as all of the girls watched Kim clean him.

Finally, Kim took out the diaper. Tears started to well up in Steve’s eyes as he looked up at Kim with pleading eyes and shaking his head as if to say “Please, please, don’t put that on me!”

But Kim didn’t stop. She slid the diaper underneath Steve’s butt. As his legs were lowered, she pulled it up over his crotch and taped up the sides tightly around Steve’s waist.

All the girls then backed up to get a good look at Steve. If Steve thought the spanking was bad, this was ten times worse. The diaper felt so thick around his hips, and it felt so soft that he felt like the biggest sissy in the world. Not only that, but it made a loud crinkling noise as he moved. Worst of all, since his hands were bound, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t get the diaper to move at all. He was literally trapped inside a diaper that his girlfriend had put him into; he was basically as helpless as a baby.

As he desperately thrashed around, the girls just looked at him with smiles. They began to “aww” again and said things like “Doesn’t he look so cute playing in his diaper?”

Steve gave up trying to escape. Phillip then removed the tape from the camcorder and put a new one in. He went and hid the first one. He also produced a camera and took some snap shots of Steve as well.

James began to speak. “Ok, Steve, or should I say, baby Stevie, listen up. Now you’re in a diaper like a good boy should be. But we’re not done with you yet. Well, unless of course, you don’t do what we tell you. Because if you do resist us, you can be rest assured, that tape will be played on every TV screen in every classroom next week, and those pictures will be freely distributed. And then the whole school can see how cute little Stevie looks in his diaper and pacifier. So if you don’t want that to happen, I suggest you obey our commands. Are you going to?”

Steve knew that there was no way out for him. He hated this more than anything, but if this got out to anyone at school, he would be ridiculed and teased by every kid at school, even the freshmen. As much as he didn’t want to, he knew he’d have to agree. He nodded his head in agreement.

Chapter 13: Fun with Baby Stevie

Kim then undid his handcuffs. He had the urge to run or even take away Phillip’s camcorder (since he was taping again), but he knew better.

“Ok,” James said. “First of all, just lie back and relax while our girls prepare you.” Steve reluctantly lied back. Kim undid his pacifier but instructed him to keep sucking on it. As he did so, the other girls began to dress him in the baby bonnet, socks, and shirt that James had once worn, only this shirt said “BABY STEVIE”. As James told him again to relax, the girls all surrounded him and began to coo him, baby-talk him, and tickle him as he helplessly lay there feeling humiliated. It only got worse as James told him to smile make babyish gurgles and coos of his own. Steve was very reluctant at first, but another threat from James made him pretend like he was one and a half years old again.

Phillip was taping the whole endeavor and loving it. He couldn’t believe that the big bully that had always tipped his lunch tray over and call him names was now acting and being treated like a little baby. He was even sucking a pacifier and wearing a diaper! But as much as Phillip loved it, he couldn’t help but have somewhat of a desire that he was the one being cooed and adored by the girls.

Next James instructed Steve to let Kim guide him. As he did so, Kim sat down on the bed and put Steve over her knee. James told Steve to take out the pacifier and begin to cry loudly. Yet again, he reluctantly did so while Kim proceeded to spank his diapered bottom. Steve felt extremely sissy-like now, but there was nothing he could do. He could only bawl like an infant while Kim gave him a spanking. The other girls then begin to say “Don’t cry little Stevie! Mommy Kim is ready to give you your ba-ba!”

Next Kim sat Steve up in her lap and took a baby bottle filled with milk from Tasha. James instructed Steve to drink it as Kim shoved the nipple into his mouth.

It was now time for the final part. “Ok, baby,” he said. “I know you drank a lot of water today, I saw you do it. The last thing you have to do: it’s time for you to wet your diaper.”

Although Steve did know that he had to pee, he immediately yelled out “NO WAY! I am not pissing myself like a…a…baby!”

“Listen, Stevie, that’s what diapers are for,” Kim said. “And you ARE a baby. After all, only babies suck pacifiers and drink from baby bottles.”

“I don’t care, I am not wetting myself!”

“Fine,” James said. “Phillip is quite good at editing. With all of the footage we have now, I’m sure he can make it look exactly like you absolutely LOVE being our little baby for the day. And then maybe all of the girls at school can know little Stevie is really just a big baby on the inside! They might even offer to change your…”

“Ok, ok, fine,” Steve said through held back tears. He had to try hard, but eventually he was able to produce a stream of pee into his diaper. He finally did begin to sob as his diaper filled with him warm pee and he felt the dampness against his crotch and thighs.

“Good boy, Stevie,” James said. “Ok, you’ve been a good baby for the day. Now, I’ve hoped you’ve learned a lesson. From now on, you are going to be kind and nice to everyone, including freshman. If any one of us EVER catches you doing otherwise, the whole school will be able to see baby Stevie wet his diapers. You understand?”

Steve couldn’t believe this. But he was once again left with no choice. “Fine,” he sighed. “I’ll be nice from now on.”

“Good,” James said. “Girls, you can undress him now.” The girls then took Steve out of his baby clothes and handed him back his normal ones. Relieved to finally be free of this torture, Steve left without saying another word.

“That was AMAZING!” Phillip exclaimed. “I don’t believe that not only will Steve be nice to me from now on, but I can see him get a spanking or wet his diaper any time I want!”

“I have to admit, James,” Kim said. “I’ve always wanted to put Steve in his place. He does make a good baby,”

“It was great,” Mary said. “To see the great Steve Conner wet his diaper was classic.”

“I told you it would work,” he said. “But wait a sec, Kim. Remember that we had a deal. I upheld my end; you got to treat Steve like the baby he is. But now you have to uphold your part of the deal.”

“Oh!” Kim said. “I almost forgot!” Then, without warning, she turned to Phillip and smiled. She then grabbed his wrist and quickly led him towards the bed.

The Beauties of High School Babyhood by Ron564339

Here are the final parts to this story. Yeah, the ending really is kinda stupid, but hey, I did write this a while ago and I’ve been working on improving my endings. Thanks again to everyone who’s commented on the story.

Chapter 14: Phillip’s Turn

Phillip was so caught off guard that he didn’t have time to resist. Before he knew it, he was lying on the bed looking up at Kim and the other four girls.

“Wait a sec, what are you guys doing?” he nervously asked. This was an obvious question, however, since the girls had already began to undress Phillip. Without any resistance from him (due to his shock), they removed his glasses, shoes, socks, and shirt.

“Come on, girls, cut it out” he said meekly and still nervously. But they just continued to give him warm smiles and take off his clothes. His pants were now off of him, and he was left in just his briefs.

James just watched on during all of this, not saying a word. It was time for Phillip to get just what he wanted. James knew the feeling quite well. Fortunately for Phillip, however, James had instructed the girls to refrain as much as possible from making the experience embarrassing for Phillip.

Phillip had yet to offer any resistance, but he began to as Kim slid his briefs down to his ankles and then took them away. However, the other girls held him in place, and unlike James or Steve, Phillip was physically unable to overpower them.

Phillip was quite ashamed to be naked in front of five sixteen-year old girls, especially since he was only fourteen. But despite these feelings, unlike James and Steve, Phillip offered little resistance. He didn’t even say anything just yet because even though he felt kinda funny, he was more excited than he could remember being in a long time.

This excitement was magnified as he saw Kim pull out the baby wipes, powder, and a fresh diaper (this was a smaller size than the ones the girls had used for Steve and James). Phillip didn’t actually get sexual excitement from this like James did, but this was still his wildest fantasy in the world. The sight of the diaper completely dissolved any shame or embarrassment that he had, and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest as Kim got ready to diaper him.

Kim put on the sweetest voice that she could come up with. This voice was completely kind and warm, with no hint of ridicule or condescension. It was more like the voice of a mother that is very happy to see her newborn baby.

“Ok, I think it’s time for mommy to clean the baby up and put his diaper on him!” she said softly and lovingly. The other girls continued to smile at Phillip and hold him down, but at this point there was no need. He just relaxed and looked forward to what was coming.

Kim next took a baby wipe and began to rub down Phillips penis, scrotum, and the rest of his pubic area. The cool wiping sensation was very soothing to Phillip, and he began to emerge into a state of peace and content.

Kim then took the baby powder and gave a few shakes of it onto Phillip’s “diaper” area. It smelt so good to Phillip that it was almost intoxicating. He could feel himself becoming cuter and more like a helpless infant as he drifted even further into babyish bliss.

The girls lifted up his legs as Kim wiped and powdered his butt. She playfully added “Now my baby’s bottom smells all fresh and clean!”

Kim unfolded the Attend and put it underneath his butt. As his legs were lowered, Phillip completely enjoyed the soft feel of the diaper against his butt. He couldn’t help but smile widely as Kim pulled the diaper between his legs and over his waist. As she snugly taped up the two sides she said “Oh, Phillip is such a good baby! He’s such a cutey and I just love taking care of him!”

This made the experience that much more enjoyable for Phillip. He not only began to feel like a real baby again, but he started to view Kim as a mommy who loved him dearly. And the diaper! It was so soft, warm and comfortable that Phillip felt the most secure that he had ever felt in his life. He was so enchanted that he didn’t even notice James slip out of the room.

Kim was really beginning to enjoy this as well. She had always found Phillip to be somewhat of a cute boy, even if he was quiet and shy. But he looked simply adorable now, and she felt like he really loved her and that she could be there to protect him.

Kim continued to dress Phillip. However, she did not put a bonnet, shirt or socks on him; instead, she took a light blue footed sleeper out from underneath her bed (she later told him that it was an old one that she used to wear when she was about thirteen, and since Phillip was fairly small, it fit him perfectly). She slid his legs into the sleeper, put it over his shoulders, and then zipped it up. It fit like a glove, and Phillip’s whole body was covered in warmth and security. His smile only widened and the girls all adored him and softly pinched his cheeks in a playful manner.

Kim and Mary then picked Phillip up (he was fairly light as well). Mary grabbed his legs while Kim supported his head and shoulders. Kim lightly pinched his chin while she smiled and said “Now that’s my boy. He’s so special and mommy loves him so much.”
Mary and Kim carried him over to the couch. Phillip was small enough that Kim could sit him up in her lap without him being too much taller than her. She put one arm behind his back and supported him. Jenny had gone to get a baby bottle and filled it with milk, and when she returned, she handed it to Kim. Kim then gently inserted the nipple into Phillip’s mouth. Phillip eagerly began to suck on it, even placing his own hands around it to support it. Kim just continued to smile as Phillip finished up the bottle.

“That’s my special boy!” she said. “He finished his whole bottle like a good baby! But I bet he’s all tuckered out, so we’re going to go into the bedroom now.”

Mary and Kim picked Phillip up again and carried him back to the bedroom. Kim sat up against the head of the bed while Phillip laid his head up against his chest and let his legs relax. She took a new light blue pacifier and put it in his mouth. He happily sucked on it as he felt cuter than he ever had before. Tasha handed him a light blue baby blanket which he held in one arm, and Katie handed him a light brown teddy bear that he held in the other. After this, Tasha, Jenny and Katie all told him “night night” with smiles as they left Mary’s house after an evening of taking care of babies.

Kim put her arms around Phillip’s stomach and rested her head up against his. As he rested up against her, tightly held the blankie and teddy, and continued to suck on the pacifier while Mary continued to smile at him, Phillip felt the safest that he ever had in his whole life. He and Kim both dozed off as time ticked off of the clock.

About an hour later, both Phillip and Kim stirred. Phillip remembered where he was, and he was filled with joy again. This had been the best day of his life; not only had he seen Steve humiliated and dressed like a baby, but he himself had been lovingly babied by a beautiful girl who appeared to like babying him.

Mary then entered the room with a wide smile across her face. “Now that you two are awake, James has a surprise for you, Phillip. And I think you’ll be very happy to see it.”

As Kim continued to tightly hold him, Phillip wondered what on earth could make this evening any better.

Chapter 15: The Unification of the Babies

Suddenly, James seemed magically burst into the room. Phillip simply could not believe his eyes; there stood James, captain of the football team and major role model of Phillip, dressed in a baby bonnet, baby socks, a pacifier dangling from his neck, a diaper, and a shirt that read “BABY JIMMY”.

“Supwise!” James exclaimed. “Jimmy is so gwad dat he has a new baby fwiend!”

Phillip couldn’t help but deeply smile. He couldn’t believe it; in order to make him feel even better, James had dressed himself like a baby and was acting like one.

“Wow, James!” Phillip said. “This is so kind of you. I can’t believe you actually dressed like a baby just to make me feel better.”

“I don’t think you understand, Phillip,” Mary said. “James kept it from you for a bit, but just like you, ‘Jimmy’ loves being treated like a little baby, too. So now you two boys can be buddies while mommy Mary and mommy Kim take care of you!”

James put the pacifier in his mouth and fervently nodded while Mary spoke. Then, without warning, James began to wet his diaper. Phillip could see the front of it turn yellow as James stood there peeing into it.

The pacifier fell out of James’ mouth as he opened it. James gave a very playful and babyish smile and said “Baby Jimmy went pee pee in his dydee! Now mommy has to change him!”

Phillip just simply couldn’t believe it; just when he had thought the night couldn’t get better he found out James really did like being a baby too. It was too good to be true, but yet, it was happening before his very eyes.

Kim then smiled at Phillip and began to lightly tickle his stomach. “And does MY little baby need a diaper change too?” she asked.

Phillip’s diaper was still dry, but he did have to pee. It was difficult for him to get it to flow, but Phillip couldn’t resist the open invitation to let loose in his diaper. Soon, he had soaked it, and in a babyish tone he said “Yes mommy, me wet my dydee. Pwease change me!”

Kim and Mary then led their two “babies” over to the bed and simultaneously changed them into new diapers. All four of them were very tired by this point, so they all decided to hit the sack after a very eventful night.


The next few weeks sparked large changes in the boys and girls’ lives. Kim dumped Steve after she realized he was wrong for her, and of course he stopped picking on all of the other kids. But because of this, Steve became more liked and even made some friends with freshmen.

The crazy Saturday night sparked something else in Kim, because she then asked Phillip to be her boyfriend. She had found love for him outside of treating him like a baby, and since he had always had somewhat of a crush on her, Phillip eagerly accepted. Over the rest of the year Phillip treated her very well and she helped him boost his confidence and social skills. Due to this, he and Kim’s relationship blossomed beautifully despite their age difference. And by the way, yes, they did continue to have their baby sessions, which only made the relationship that much better.

Jenny, Katie, and Tasha continued their daily lives, but the three of them also continued to scheme and devise plans. They eventually tricked each of their boyfriends into being babied for an afternoon, and even though their boyfriends never asked to do it a second time, the girls knew that if they were forward enough, they could probably convince their boyfriends to give it another go if they ever wanted to see them in diapers.

James and Mary’s relationship continued to flourish as well, and their sex life was just as good as it ever had been. James also became close friends with Phillip, and they would occasionally have long conversations about the joys of infantilism, interesting things they had read on the internet, or which diaper was the best.

Due to Phillip’s friendship with James and his relationship with Kim, he became the most popular freshman on campus. So most of the kids at that high school never found out that two of the most popular kids at school liked being babied and put into diapers by their girlfriends.