The Bet - Parts 1 and 2 - Jim

Is this the one?


Part 1

Julia and Kirsten were the type of girls that everyone
wanted. They were both 16 and tremendously beautiful. Julia
was about 5 feet 6 inches, 105 pounds with blonde hair and
blue eyes. Kirsten was 5 feet 4 inches, 105 pounds with
brown hair and brown eyes. They had been best friends since
they were little. They had a close friend named James.
James was 5 feet 9 inches and about 160 pounds. He had dark
hair and dark eyes and was in good physical condition. He
was a good athlete and was playing basketball at the time.
James had always been friends with Kirsten and Julia but
had grown especially close to Julia. He was torn between
being a really good friend and being in love with her.
Julia knew everything about James, she knew who all his
crushes were (except her of course) she knew who he
secretly didn’t like, she even knew he wet the bed until
his 8th grade year. James was 17 now and the three of them
were Juniors.
James and Julia were talking online one night and they
were teasing each other like they did a lot. Neither of
them ever took anything the other person said seriously and
they never really got mad at each other. Julia as always
brought up James bedwetting problem he used to have. James
was of course embarrassed so he had to think of something.
He decided if he could get Julia to lose some kind of
embarrassment bet with him he would be able to get some
dirt on her, cuz she had plenty more on him. His basketball
team was good but the team they were playing that Friday
was ranked in the state. He figured his team was really
better than the other team so he thought a bet up quick.
“Lets make a bet” James said, “If my team wins the
basketball game this Friday then next week you will be my
slave and do whatever I say starting Friday morning at
school until the end of the following Monday which we don’t
have school on If we lose, however, I will be yours and
Kirsten’s slave for that amount of time. We can do it then
cuz we don’t have school on Monday and our parents are
gonna be gone on vacation together then.”
Julia knew the team which James team was playing was
ranked so she quickly agreed figuring this would be an easy
way to have fun with James.
When Friday came the game did not go as James
expected. His team lost badly, and the girls were waiting
for him after the game to remind him of the bet. James knew
that the next weekend was going to be very, very long, and
with this thought he went to bed. Kirsten and Julia on the
other hand were nowhere near bed and were already planning
for the next weekend. They were both busy shopping. Kirsten
went down the food isle’s buying lots of pop and various
drinks. Julia on the other hand was busy picking out
pacifiers and baby bottles. Kirsten and Julia then met with
each other and headed to the back of the store where they
picked out several large packs of adult disposable diapers
while they giggled uncontrollably.
The rest of the weekend went on like a normal weekend
and James thought maybe the girls had forgotten all about
the bet he had made with them. Wednesday night when James
was talking online to Kirsten though she reminded James
about the “fun” they were gonna have the upcoming weekend.
James knew Kirsten and Julia plenty well enough to know
they were probably gonna put him through hell. While James
worried and wondered at what the weekend would hold in
store for him. Kirsten and Julia were busy thinking of all
the things they were gonna do with him. When Thursday night
came Julia called James and reminded him to come to her
house early on Friday morning.

Part 2

When James alarm went off early Friday morning he
groaned and slowly got ready for school. After he had
gotten himself into what he considered a presentable
condition he told his parents to have fun on their week
long cruise and then hopped in his car and headed to
Julia’s house. By the time he reached Julia’s house Julia’s
parents were just pulling out of their driveway to meet
James parents at the airport. When James entered in the
house through the garage he took off his shoes and went
inside. “Thirty minutes before school starts and Julia only
lives five minutes away” James said to himself. He wondered
why they wanted him here so early. When James entered the
living room both girls were sitting their smiling at him.
He knew something was up and it wasn’t gonna be good. Julia
told him to sit down and gave him a large cup of hot
chocolate. James loved hot chocolate and quickly drank it
down. When he was finished Kirsten said “Well Julia I
suppose you better tell him what is up”. Julia smiled as
she pulled out a disposable diaper.

Part 3

James turned white when he saw the diaper in her
“What the hell do you think you are gonna do with
that?” James asked in a shaky voice.
“I’m not gonna do anything with it” Julia said as she
“You are gonna put it on so we can see what you look
like in it.”
James shook his head and said “Don’t you think you are
taking this a bit far?”
“No,” Kirsten giggled, “and besides it is just for the
next 15 minutes before we leave for school and then you can
take it off. Remember, you said you would do anything we
asked,” said Julia.
Finally James agreed and went into the bathroom with
the diaper. After what seemed an eternity for the girls
waiting James came out in just the diaper and his shirt.
The second he walked out the door Julia and Kirsten snapped
picture after picture of him.
“Stop doing that,” pleaded James, “besides your not
gonna show those pictures to people, are you?”
“Of course not,” Kirsten said, "you are our friend.
“We are just keeping them so that you can’t back out
of the bet,” said Julia, “and now that we have these you
will have to do whatever we say.”
James knew that Kirsten and Julia had no desire to
hurt him. He also knew that there would be nothing they
could do to him that they would think was too embarrassing
for him to have to go through and his fears became reality
very quickly.
“First of all lay down so I can get that diaper on
your better,” said Julia.
“You obviously don’t know how to put a diaper on,”
Kirsten added. When Julia undid the diaper James began to
squirm violently because she exposed his naked body.
“Sit still!!!” commanded Julia, “besides you had
better get used to this anyway. Read him the rules,
James turned white as Kirsten read him the rules:

  1. you will wear a diaper at all times from now until
    Monday night when you go home.
  2. you will use the diapers when you have to go to the
    bathroom unless we tell you otherwise. an example of this
    is that you will be allowed to use the bathroom at lunch at
    school today.
  3. no one may change your diaper except Julia or I.
  4. you must eat and drink everything we give you
  5. you must let us dress you however we want when we are at
    the house.
  6. just be nice to us and we will make it much easier on
    you but remember, if your not nice, we always do have the

As Kirsten finished reading the rules Julia finished
taping the diaper snugly around him. Julia then told him to
go get his jeans on and assured him that the only two
people who would know he was wearing a diaper was Kirsten
and her. James was almost in a state of shock as the walked
out to the car. Kirsten carried a bag containing all her
school supplies but had the addition of two disposable
diapers, too.
The school day was divided up into seven class hours
and a lunch period. Neither Kirsten or Julia had first or
second hour with James but they told him they would be
checking in between classes to make sure he still had his
diaper on. Kirsten had third hour with James, and both of
them had fourth hour with him. After lunch he would have
fifth hour alone and both sixth and seventh hours with
Julia. When the got to school Julia had to prod James with
several more promises of only Kirsten and her ever finding
out about the diapers and promised him they were not
visible underneath his loose-fitting jeans. Both first and
second hours seemed to crawl for James. They were, however,
nothing compared to third hour. James began to squirm
around uncomfortably. He looked behind him to see a smiling
Kirsten who had taken her seat behind him. She could hardly
contain her laughter because she realized her “special” hot
chocolate had finally made its way to James aching bladder.

Part 4

“What’s the matter, James?” asked Kirsten as she
desperately tried to control her giggles. James’ face
turned red as he knew that he didn’t need to answer.
“Just think,” whispered Kirsten, “If you can wait
another 2 hours you can go in the toilet instead of your
diapers”. Kirsten said all this knowing there was no way
James would make it 2 hours and James knew that as well.
What happened next took Kirsten as much by surprise as it
did James.
Towards the end of class James was desperate for
relief. He shifted left and right and squirmed this way and
that. He was desperately concentrating on holding his pee
when Kirsten poked him in his back to get his attention to
say something to him. James never found out what she was
going to say. When she poked him he lost his concentration
and was filling the diapers with a warm flood of pee as he
turned around. His face turned red with embarrassment and
it took Kirsten only moments to realize what was happening.
Kirsten could no longer contain herself and she started
laughing out loud.
“Kirsten!!! do you have something you would like to
share with the rest of the class?” the teacher asked.
Kirsten acted as though she was thinking long and hard and
saw James squirm uncomfortably as she paused. Kirsten knew
there was no chance she would ever do something to James
like tell everyone what had just happened, but she was
enjoying watching him sweat it.
“No I don’t think so,” she replied. She watched James
sigh with relief.
About five minutes later class ended and as Kirsten
walked down the hall with her arm around James she quickly
found a corner where no one was and yanked him by his arm
into it. She stuck her hand down the front of James’ pants
and felt his diaper still very warm from its recent
wetting. He blushed badly as he looked down into her eyes.
She looked up at him smiling and she took her hand off the
warm diaper and wrapped her arm back around him. When Julia
saw them coming down the hall and she saw the smile on
Kirsten’s face she began to giggle. When James and Kirsten
reached her though she looked and James and said, “Damnit!
why couldn’t you wait till this hour so I could see you
when you did it?”
James just blushed more and they walked him to fourth
hour with one arm around him each. James didn’t realize how
many eyes were on him enviously as the two beautiful girls
walked him to his class. Every boy in the school was
jealous and wondered why he should get both of Kirsten’s
and Julia’s attention. The other boys, however, did not
realize exactly what position James was in either walking
down the hall in a wet diaper.
When they reached fourth hour Kirsten took the seat in
front of James and Julia took the seat behind him. Knowing
his uncomfortable wet state Julia whispered to him about
things that had happened in her first three classes and let
him alone about the wet diaper. James would have forgot
about his current state if every time he moved he hadn’t
felt the wetness of the diaper. When fourth hours end came,
the girls walked James out to the car and they headed out
to lunch. Kirsten drove them to Arby’s as James lay in the
back and Julia removed the wet diaper from him. Instead of
putting another diaper on him as James expected Julia
handed him his underwear and said, “We decided that we
weren’t gonna make you poop in your diapers at school, so
you had better make sure that you go before we leave
Arby’s. Besides, no worries, you will have plenty of
chances to do that over the next three days, right,
Kirsten?” said Julia.
“Of course,” answered Kirsten as she giggled
“especially after I make him lots and lots of refried beans
to eat!”
Both girls giggled and giggled and James looked as
though he was gonna throw up as he thought about what he
was gonna go through for the next few days. The one thing
James couldn’t complain about was even though it was
horribly embarrassing, He had somewhat enjoyed when Kirsten
had put her hand on the warm diapers and even better was
when Julia had just recently changed his wet one.
“At least they both don’t mind seeing me naked,” James
thought as they walked into Arby’s. After James told
Kirsten what he wanted and went into the bathroom to do as
the girls told him. Kirsten took the liberty to remind
Julia she probably ought to change his small Coke to a
super size if she wanted to see him wet his diaper before
seventh hour was complete. After James finished off his
food and the Coke, Kirsten led him out to the car to get a
new diaper on him. She taped his diaper on very snugly and
pulled his jeans back up on him just in time so he could
see Julia coming out of the restaurant with a totally
refilled cup of pop for him. They told him to drink it all
and the three of them headed back to school. James finished
his second super sized Coke and they all headed inside for
fifth hour.

Part 5

James hurried to 5th hour and quickly took his seat.
Fifth hour passed quickly and uneventfully and he headed
off to sixth hour. He sat down and soon Julia came in and
took her seat behind him. She talked to him some. About
half way through class she noticed he was squirming around.
Towards the end of class he was squirming almost non stop.
Finally class ended. When James took his seat in seventh
hour, which happened to be English class, Julia again sat
directly behind him. The English teacher divided the class
in pairs of two to read a couple chapters of “Romeo and
Juliat.” Since Julia was sitting directly behind James,
luck would have it that he was paired up with her. Normally
James would have been more than happy to work with Julia,
but today he just happened to be wearing diapers and was
minutes from wetting them. So he wasn’t exactly thrilled to
say the least to be paired with the one person who knew his
predicament. Julia read the first couple chapters and then
said, “Ok your turn now James.”
James, who had been paying attention to nothing
because he was concentrating on not wetting his diapers,
whispered, “No way, I can’t, I gotta pee too bad.”
“Just wet your diapers and get it over with,” Julia
whispered back.
“No way, not in school for the second time today,” he
“We’ll see about that,” said Julia, and with that she
quickly kissed him on the lips. James was so shocked he
completely lost control of his bladder and just flooded the
diapers. Julia had little time to notice this however
because the teachers voice said aloud, “JULIA!!! You are
supposed to be reading the play of ‘Romeo and Juliat’, not
acting it out!!!”
The whole class erupted with laughter and Julia was
still red when it quieted down. When she looked at James
though she smiled and said mockingly, “Don’t worry I’ll buy
you another Coke since you just lost the one you had
before.” James just blushed, Julia just lay her head on his
shoulder and said, “read the last chapter now, James.”
James had mixed emotions as he went to his locker to
end the school day. He was happy to be leaving school. He
was scared of what the girls might do to him when he went
home with him. He just knew one thing for sure. He wanted
out of the wet diaper badly. Kirsten met Julia and they
both headed over to James locker.
“I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” said Julia as she
smiled at James.
“Come on, buddy,” said Kirsten. “Come with me to the
car and I will get you changed.”
When they got to the car James lay down in the
backseat and Kirsten got the last clean diaper out. She
removed the wet diaper from him and threw it in a plastic
bag. Then she sprinkled his crotch with baby powder. This
was too much for James. He quickly became aroused. Kirsten
just kept right on going, though he could hear her trying
to quiet her giggles. She taped the diaper up nice and snug
and helped him with his jeans. When Julia got back to the
car James said, “Maybe you should be the one wearing the
diapers since you can’t wait a five-minute drive to yours
house to go to the bathroom.”
“No, no,” said Julia, “we aren’t going to my house, we
are going to your house so we can get your clothes so you
can spend the whole weekend with us!!”
“That’s right!!!” said Kirsten. “Not only are you
gonna be wetting diapers during the day, your gonna be a
bedwetter at night!!!”
At this both girls began laughing.
“So I guess you told her about me wetting the bed when
i was younger, huh?” James said to Julia.
“Of course not, James! I would never tell anyone your
secrets.” said Julia.
“YOU WERE A BEDWETTER!!!” laughed Kirsten. “Oh my
gosh, that is sooooo funny!!!”
James sighed as this was getting worse and worse. When
they got to his house they got all enough clothes to last
him the weekend. Julia and Kirsten had barely stopped
laughing before Julia said, “Hey James, make sure you bring
the plastic sheet that used to be on your bed along with
you so you don’t stain my mattress!”
Both girls just laughed and laughed. James just shook
his head and went to get the plastic sheet. When they had
everything they thought James should bring they all got
back in the car and they headed back to Julia’s house.

Part 6

When they arrived to Julia’s house the three of them
went into Julia’s room. Much to James dismay he saw sitting
over in the corner pacifiers, bottles, and several packages
of more diapers.
“You will be sleeping in my bed,” said Julia.
“Then again so will we.” James heart raced when he
heard this. Finally his dream he would get to sleep in
Julia’s bed with her!!! Then his heart slowed, he
remembered he would be very well diapered. He looked the
bed over, big enough for two people to sleep comfortably he
thought. Three people would have to cuddle very close
together though. Diapered or not, this won’t be that bad he
thought to himself. James then realized his second coke had
been catching up with him and he was now dancing a little
because he had to pee.
“Can I use the bathroom?” James asked the girls.
“You just don’t get it, do you?” asked Kirsten. "We
let you go poop at Arby’s because we didn’t want you to
have to wear a dirty diaper in school and have everyone
find out.
“From here on out though,” said Julia. “Pee, Poop,
even diarrhea, It’s DIAPERS, DIAPERS, ALL coming out in
your DIAPERS!!!”
Julia then smiled at him and walked around behind him.
She gently put her hands around his waste and began to
unbutton his jeans. She pulled them off him and led him
towards the bed. Kirsten pulled his arms up and helped him
get his shirt off and they gently pushed him down so he was
lying on the bed looking up at them. James was wondering
what in the hell was going on when he saw Kirsten look over
at Julia. They both looked down at him and smiled, and then
began to tickle him. James was so shocked he did not have
enough time to beg them to stop before he began wetting his
diapers. Both girls stopped tickling him and put their
hands on his diaper. They felt it turn soft and warm under
their hands and they both began to giggle. James just lay
on the bed in shock.
When the girls finished their laughing they gently
helped James down to the floor and Julia began to remove
his wet diaper. Kirsten went over and grabbed a clean
diaper and powder. When Julia took the wet diaper off him
and he realized he was completely naked he started to
protest. Kirsten quickly shoved a pacifier in his mouth
though and commanded him to keep it there. When Julia began
to powder James he got the same reaction to it as the first
time Kirsten did it to him. Julia just giggled and then
Julia taped the diapers snugly around him and made sure it
was secure and helped him to his feet. Julia and Kirsten
led James out to the living room where Kirsten got a
blanket and wrapped it around him. Julia went out in the
kitchen and began to fill a bottle with juice. Kirsten sat
down on one end of the couch and told James to lay down on
the couch and lay his head in her lap. She got a pillow to
help prop his head up and she laid his head on her lap and
gently stroked his hair. Julia came back in with the bottle
and handed it to Kirsten who removed the pacifier from
James mouth and told him to drink the bottle. Julia sat
down on the end of the couch and laid James legs up on her
lap. Kirsten and Julia began to talk of what they should do
with James for the rest of the night. They thought of doing
his hair or dressing him up or putting makeup on him but
decided to wait to do all that till another day. The
decided they would take him shopping to the mall since they
loved shopping and after that they would go see a movie.
James just listened to them as he lay motionless sucking on
the bottle wondering what would happen next.
Julia prepared a bag for James while Kirsten fed him
the rest of the bottle. Julia grabbed three extra diapers a
pacifier and a couple bottles and filled them with juice.
Kirsten finished feeding James and told him to get his
clothes on. They then took James out to Julia’s car and
they headed for the mall. When they arrived Julia handed
James the bag containing his diapers and said, “Don’t lose
this or you won’t be getting a change when you need it.”
James took the bag and the three of them walked in the
“Where should we go first??” asked Kirsten.
“I think the first thing we need to do is get some
more food in James so that we will be sure he will have
lots to fill his diaper with in the morning,” said Julia.
James groaned. Kirsten and Julia laughed and laughed.
Kirsten and Julia took James to a Chinese restaurant and
ordered him some orange chicken and rice.
“Just think, buddy,” said Kirsten cheerfully.
"Everything you eat is gonna end up in your diapers!!! "
“We will have to make sure to feed him lots of beans
and tacos tomorrow!!” said Julia.
“You will give my diarrhea, though,” groaned James.
“I know!!” said Julia cheerfully.
“That is gonna be a lot of fun for you!” said Kirsten
as she laughed.
“I can only promise you this,” said Julia. “You will
be a poopy mess when we are finished with you tomorrow!!!”
“Oh gross!!!” said James.
“Gross isn’t the word!” said Julia. “Its more like
messy, messy, messy!!!”
“I can’t wait to watch you poop in your diapers!” said
Kirsten as she put her arm around him and gave him a
squeeze . James just groaned more and finished up his meal.
When they were finished eating the girls dragged James
into every store imaginable. Neither of the girls were in
any want for money. James really couldn’t complain either
though because his parents had plenty themselves. When they
finished up shopping the girls took James to the movie
theater. As Julia turned the car off the girls heard a
familiar sound. pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. James was
wetting his diaper again. The girls laughed for what seemed
an hour to James but they finally got him changed into a
clean diaper.
Julia brought an extra diaper to change James out of
since she was quite sure by the amount of liquid they made
him drink there was no way on earth he would make it
through the movie dry. Julia bought them all some pop.
James, of course, ended up with the biggest size there was.
The girls decided to see the movie “Hannibal.” James
couldn’t object since he loved “Silence of the Lambs.”
As they were walking in Julia whispered to James,
“Now, buddy, I brought you and extra diaper so we could
change you after the movie, but if you wet your diapers
when you get scared I’m not getting up to change you in the
middle of the movie. So you will have to sit in them till
it is done.”
“Thanks a ton, Jules” James whispered back. James sat
in between Kirsten and Julia and they weren’t far in the
movie before both were cuddling to him. James, on the other
hand, wasn’t far into the movie before he soaked the
diapers, not because he was scared, but because the girls
had been feeding him liquid almost nonstop. When the movie
was over Julia changed James out at the car and got him in
a fresh diaper, then they headed home. When they arrived at
Julia’s James was told to sit on the couch and Julia and
Kirsten left the room to get ready. James knew it would be
a long night because he had drank so much pop at the movie.
When Kirsten and Julia called him in the room though he
knew it would be much longer than he originally thought. He
saw at least half a dozen bottles filled up and several
diapers on the floor. Kirsten was fitting the plastic sheet
onto Julia’s bed.
“Well James, we are gonna have a VERY busy day
tomorrow,” said Julia.
“So we are gonna get you around for bed cuz it is
“More like BEDWETTING TIME!!!” giggled Kirsten. When
James heard the way Kirsten said bedwetting time he knew he
was probably not gonna get much sleep. The girls then began
to get him ready for bed.

Part 7

Julia took out 4 diapers and began to cut the outer
plastic of 3 of them.
“Lay down,” said Kirsten. She took his pants off when
she found his diaper was dry she said, “You might wanna wet
this before I take it off you if you gotta go at all,
because as soon as your night diapers are on, whatever
comes out you sleep in.”
“Thanks, but I don’t gotta go,” said James. Kirsten
removed the dry diaper from James and began to sprinkle
quite a bit of powder on him.
“Don’t want you to get a rash from all the wetting you
are gonna be doing?” Kirsten giggled.
“Why the hell are you cutting holes in those?” James
said to Julia.
“So that I can put four of them on you” said Julia.
“Then when the first diaper fills it will be able to
leak out into the next one.”
“That’s why I am leaving the fourth diaper alone is so
that it won’t leak,” said Julia. She then began to put the
diapers on him.
When Julia got the fourth diaper on him James could
barely move. His legs were spread wide apart. Kirsten took
his shirt off and said, “He can sleep in just his diapers.”
Both girls giggled as James tried to get to his feet.
Julia and Kirsten helped him into the bed. Kirsten and
Julia both hopped in after they grabbed several bottles
each. Julia propped James head up into her lap as she sat
in the bed. James look down and could not believe the
number of bottles there were. Kirsten handed Julia a bottle
and Julia said, "Drink up buddy the sooner you are done the
sooner we can go to sleep.
“And the sooner you can start wetting the bed!!!”
Kirsten said.
James drank for what seemed an eternity to him. Bottle
after bottle finally he finished them all and Julia laid
his head back down on the pillow. Kirsten then got up and
turned out the lights and crawled back into the bed. Julia
pulled the covers up over the three of them. James was
laying in the middle of the bed in between the two girls.
As James expected it was a tight squeeze but the two girls
cuddled in close to him. James lay on his stomach with his
head turned towards Julia. The two girls cuddled their
heads in close to his and wrapped their arms around him.
Kirsten gently rubbed his back and Julia moved her face
momentarily closer his and gave him a quick kiss. James
quickly drifted to sleep but just as quickly found himself
awake. He could feel himself wetting and Kirsten was gently
rubbing the crotch of his diapers.
“Feels like bedwetting time has started,” Kirsten said
“I’m sure it will go on for quite a while, too,” said
Julia as she gave James a tight squeeze. James went on
wetting while Kirsten and Julia drifted to sleep cuddled to
him. James drifted in and out of consciousness with each
wetting. All three woke up abruptly though when Kirsten

Part 8

It didn’t take long for James to figure out what
Kirsten’s scream was from. Kirsten jumped out of bed like a
rocket. Julia looked at her friend and saw a dark stain on
her pajamas.
“He leaked all over me!!!” said a hysterical Kirsten.
“Thank God we put that plastic sheet on!!!” said Julia
as she looked at the wet sheets with horror. Then they both
looked over at James. His face was blushed beet red with
embarrassment and he lay curled up and shivering.
“Aww, I just wanted him to wet all over in his
diapers, not freeze to death” said Kirsten.
“I’ll get him changed, you go get a bunch of blankets
out of the closet and lay some on the floor and some for us
to cover up with. We will have to sleep on the floor for
the rest of the night,” said Julia as she started to remove
the soaked diapers from James. She then rediapered him the
same way she had. When she was finished she removed the wet
sheets from the bed and threw them in the wash. Then James
and Julia went out by Kirsten and snuggled up in the
blankets and fell asleep.

Part 9

Julia and Kirsten awoke James the next morning about
“Busy day!!!” said a smiling Julia as she pulled the
covers off him.
“I think we might have overdone the drinking thing
just a little,” said Kirsten as she felt absolutely soaked
diapers. She changed him into a new fresh clean diaper.
Unknown to the girls that while they were feeding James his
breakfast he was all ready feeling the pain in his stomach
that told him he desperately needed to poop. James was
quite desperate by the time breakfast was over and he
decided just to play on the mercy of the girls.
“Can you Please let me go to the bathroom?” James
begged. “Its worse than pee this time” he pleaded.
“Hell NO!” said Kirsten.
“This is what we have been waiting so patiently for!”
added Julia.
James fought about another half hour the girls didn’t
take their eyes off him the whole time. James finally could
take it no longer. He filled his diapers with a warm mess
of poop. Kirsten and Julia laughed as they watched.
“Now can you change me, please!!!” James begged.
“Nah,” said Julia “It just snowed we are all gonna go
outside and play.”
Julia and Kirsten dressed in their snow suits and then
turned their attention to James. Julia pulled out an old
snow suit she used to wear.
“This should keep you nice and warm and keep you
bundled up all nice and TIGHT!!!” Julia said with a smirk.
The stretched and stretched it till it finally fit over
James and they both giggled as they watched James face when
they zipped it up spreading his poopy mess all over his
backside. When they all got out side Julia and Kirsten both
ran at James tackling him and spreading the mess around in
his diaper even further. James wet his diaper several times
before they decided to come in for lunch and he was just a
“You got first messy diaper, Julia!!” said Kirsten.
“Fine but you are so changing the next one!” replied
“Lay down, buddy,” Julia said as she began to remove
his clothes. When she got to the diaper and undid it she
almost gagged at the smell.
“Oh that is so messy!!! I am feeling slightly bad for
you,” she said.
“Yeah,” said Kirsten sullenly, “but not so bad we
aren’t fixing you tacos and beans for lunch,” she added
with a smile.
When Julia finally got James cleaned up she was
relieved as he was. She got him a bottle and told him to
drink up and she went to help Kirsten fix the food. By the
time James was starting to finish his second bottle Julia
and Kirsten called him to the kitchen. They scooped him
lots of beans and gave him several tacos and plenty more to
drink. James finally finished his food and Julia told him
to lay across the couch like he had last night and to lay
his head in her lap. She gave him another bottle and told
him just to rest and relax. James was more than happy to
because he hadn’t really gotten enough sleep the night
before because of the non stop wetting the girls put him
through. He slowly drifted to sleep on her lap.
When James woke up he was wetting his diapers but that
was the least of his worries.
“Oh my gosh I feel so sick,” James moaned.
“Sounds like somebody needs to empty themselves out
into their diapers,” Kirsten giggled. Julia was about to
say something when she was interrupted with a wet fart.
James felt a thick stream of diarrhea fill the back of his
diapers. Julia and Kirsten fell on the floor in laughter
they weren’t even close to finishing when another wet fart
was heard and James filled the diapers with even more
diarrhea. This went on with James filling the diapers a
third time as well.
“Go stand on the kitchen floor” commanded Julia in
between laughs “I can’t have you get your poop all over the
James went into the kitchen and the girls laughed for
almost another 10 minutes straight. Julia came into the
kitchen with Kirsten close behind.
“You done squirting yet?” Julia asked with a smile.
“I think so, but I gotta pee now” James replied.
“Well go now cuz after you get changed you aren’t
getting a clean diaper for the next couple of hours,” said
Julia. James began to wet, psssssssssssssss the sound was a
cue to the girls to begin laughing again. About five
minutes after James was done wetting the diaper they quit
laughing. Julia looked at the clock.
“Oh geez it is 3 in the afternoon already, time flies
when you are having fun, huh, James??” Julia laughed.
Kirsten went over by James and looked at the diapers.
They had swelled absolutely huge but had not leaked.
“Wow that must be an umm rather interesting feeling to
be wearing that James.” Kirsten said and began to laugh.
“You know what is really funny though?” said Julia as
she began to laugh.
“Whats that?” asked Kirsten as she laughed, too.
“Its your turn to change him!!!” Julia said still
laughing. Kirsten stopped laughing and groaned.

Part 10

“This is gonna be so nasty!!!” Kirsten said aloud.
“Just be glad you aren’t wearing them” replied Julia.
“Very, very, true,” said Kirsten. She took James and
laid him down on a changing pad. When Kirsten untaped the
diapers she turned white.
“OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY GOSH” she whined. She moved the
diaper out from underneath him and then took some several
wipes and began to clean him off. It took several minutes
in all for Kirsten to get him completely clean. She then
powdered him extremely well and taped a diaper snugly in
place on him.
“Feel better, James?” Kirsten asked.
“Tons!!!” he replied.
“Well you make sure you eat very good for dinner
tonight so you can fill your diapers up nice and full for
Julia before we go to bed, ok?” said Kirsten.
James just rolled his eyes. When James and Kirsten
entered back in the kitchen Julia was waiting for them."
You know what would be great? I think we should have
James fill his diapers like that some night before bed and
let him sleep like that!" Julia said.
Kirsten giggled, “oh that would be hilarious” she
“Lets go get some pizza for dinner tonight,” said
“Sounds good to me!” said Kirsten.
The girls took turns getting ready while the other
girl watched James. Julia went and got ready first so
Kirsten sat down with James and began to talk to him.
“We might as well talk about something other than you
peeing and pooping in your diapers for a while till Julia
gets out,” said Kirsten.
“Ok sounds good to me,” replied James.
“Tell me all about your bedwetting, and don’t miss any
details!” Kirsten giggled.
James groaned and rolled his eyes.
“Oh c’mon, I won’t tell a soul, I promise, how old
were you when you stopped?” Kirsten asked.
“I stopped halfway through eighth grade,” answered
“Did you have to wear diapers?” Kirsten giggled as she
“Only when we went places away from home”
Kirsten smiled at him and said, “Why are you blushing
while telling me this, James? I mean, look at you now.”
James looked down and saw his diaper and blushed even
worse. Kirsten just laughed, and said, “You know we still
consider you our best friend, but there is no way we could
pass this up!! it’s just too much fun.”
“Yeah, I’d have a fun time making you wet the bed and
poop in a diaper, too”
James laughed as he thought of this.
“Well too bad that will never happen,” Kirsten said as
she smiled.
“We will see about that thought James….as soon as I
get the picture from you two and this week is over, I will
get my friendly revenge,” James thought to himself.
“James you still with me?” Kirsten asked as she saw
him deep in thought.
“Oh yeah, too bad, don’t worry though, I won’t hold
hard feelings against you two,” said James.
“Good,” said Kirsten, “cuz we still love ya!”
“Your turn,” said Julia as she came out of the
bathroom. Kirsten walked to the bathroom and Julia sat down
next to James.
“We would let you get ready, James, but you’re wearing
a diaper, so looks like your ready!” Julia said.
“Thanks a lot, Jules,” said James as sarcastically as
he could.
“Do you think I look pretty?” asked Julia.
“Yeah what’s new, though?” asked James.
“Thanks, I know!!!” said Julia as she giggled, “and
for that come over here.”
Kirsten came out of the bathroom all ready to go. She
saw Julia changing James diaper on the floor.
“Did he wet his diapers already again?” asked Kirsten.
“Yeah he just can’t seem to control his bladder at all
when I kiss him,” replied Julia.
Kirsten giggled and said, “all right lets go eat.”
“Don’t you think we should let James put some pants
over his diaper?” Julia asked.
Kirsten thought for a few seconds and smiled at James.
James face turned white.
“Yeah I guess so,” Kirsten giggled. James sighed in
relief, got his pants on, and they all walked out to the
car to leave.

Part 11

Kirsten came out of the bathroom all ready to go. She
saw Julia changing James’ diaper on the floor.
“Did he wet his diapers already again?” asked Kirsten.
“Yeah he just can’t seem to control his bladder at all
when I kiss him” replied Julia. Kirsten giggled and said,
“all right lets go eat.”
“Don’t you think we should let James put some pants
over his diaper?” Julia asked. Kirsten thought for a few
seconds and smiled at James. James face turned white.
“Yeah I guess so,” Kirsten giggled. James sighed with
relief, got his pants on, and they all walked out to the
car to go eat.
When they arrived at the pizza place Julia took James
to sit down while Kirsten ordered the pizza. After they
were seated James asked what they were gonna do when they
were done eating.
“Oh we are gonna have lots of fun,” promised Julia.
“First, we are gonna go rent some movies, when we get
home your pizza should be worked through your system and we
plan on you having some more messy diapers. We will have
some fun with your messy diapers for a bit, you’ll have to
wait and see what I mean by that. Then when I am done
changing those nasty things, we will put the movies in and
cuddle you up with us. Then we will watch the movies and
start feeding you bottles to get you ready for your
bedwetting tonight!!!”
“Wonderful!!!” James said in a sarcastic tone. Kirsten
then came back to the table with the pizza and they all
ate. James was given plenty more than he wanted and was
absolutely stuffed when they all got back into the car. The
girls drove to the movie store and took plenty of time
picking out two movies James really didn’t want to see.
“You will be busy drinking, anyways,” said Kirsten
when James complained. James stomach was starting to churn
when they were halfway home and he realized it was the all
too familiar feeling of him needing to poop.
When the arrived home James was in obvious pain and
“Just poop in your diapers so we can watch the
movies!” Julia said. James knew it was inevitable and that
the girls weren’t gonna let him off so he squatted down and
began to push. His stomach ached as he tried to push the
poop out but it was much more solid than it had been the
first two times. After about six or seven minutes James
finally worked it all out. He sighed with relief but was
quickly yanked up to his feet by Julia who told him to take
his jeans and shirt off. While James was doing this his
bladder started to release all he had drank the past few
hours. Julia had undressed him and let him back down on the
floor before James had finished wetting the diaper. James
sighed with relief as the aching in his bladder and bowels
had finally subsided.
“All right, James, I want you to stay laying on your
stomach no matter what we do,” Julia commanded.
“Yes, this is going to get a bit messy!” Kirsten said
as she got on the floor next to him. She then placed her
hands on the back of his diaper and began to press inward
on it spreading his poop around. James began to get up but
lay back down quickly when Julia said, “Sit down or you are
sleeping in it tonight!”
Kirsten kept rubbing the back of his diapers for a
good 15 minutes and James squirmed with discomfort as he
felt what used to be a rather solid bowel movement worked
into a thick paste across his backside. Kirsten then got up
and told him to stay laying on the ground till they
returned. When they did Julia was holding a large bowl.
“In case you didn’t notice we drank plenty tonight
too, so we got something to add to your diaper.”
“Hurry up while it is still warm!!!” Kirsten said.
James turned white as Julia pulled the front of his diaper
out and Kirsten poured the bowl filled with yellow liquid
down the front of his diaper. James jumped around as the
warm liquid ran down his skin and all around in his diapers
turning the pasty poop on his backside into a gooey mess.
James was literally seconds from throwing up when Kirsten
said, “Geez James, just kidding, James. Its only warm water
with yellow food coloring! even we aren’t that nasty!!!.”
The color returned to James’ face and he stopped
jumping up and down.
“Now stand still so we can rub it around some more or
your sleeping in it!” Julia said. James stood still and
began his squirming again as the girls worked the mess all
over his diapered area. After what seemed hours to James
but actually wasn’t that long, the girls finally got sick
of watching James squirm and decided to clean him up so
they could watch the movies.
“Your messy diaper this time,” said Kirsten.
“I know, go warm him up some bath water so we can wash
him and I’ll get him out of this diaper,” replied Julia.
Julia led James to another bathroom and lay him down
and quickly got the messy diaper off him. She wiped him
clean as best she could then turned the shower on and told
him to jump in. He was in there for about a minute when she
opened the shower curtain and turned the water off. “What
are you doing?” asked James? “I just wanted you to rinse
the rest of that mess off, not clean yourself. Kirsten and
I are going to wash you in the tub” said Julia.
James shifted uncomfortably as he stood before the
girls totally naked. “Hop in” said Kirsten. “It should be
just about the right temp” The warm water did feel good but
James could barely enjoy it. He was far to embarrassed at
being aroused as he sat in the water in front of the girls.
“Don’t be embarrassed James, We would think there was
something wrong with you if that didn’t happen” said Julia
with a smile. James tried to relax and did a good job minus
the 10 minutes Julia and Kirsten took alternating back and
forth as they washed his privates. Finally they shampooed
his hair and rinsed it out and told him to hop out of the
tub. Julia and Kirsten took two towels and dryed his body
and then stretched them on the floor and told him to lay
down on them. Kirsten left the room and Julia took several
diapers out and prepared them as she had the night before.
She told James that she added a couple extra diapers since
they were gonna watch the movies first and that he wasn’t
getting changed till morning. She then powdered him good
and began to diaper him. Kirsten returned with a light blue
one piece sleeper that had mittens in the hands and feet.
“This should keep our buddy nice and warm while he sleeps
tonight” Kirsten said mockingly. When Julia finished taping
on all the diapers They began to put the sleeper on him.
James was surprised at how well it fit when they zipped him
up. The only place it was very tight at all was where his
diapers bulged out quite noticeably. They then led him out
to the couch and Kirsten turned the first movie on.
Julia and Kirsten sat close together and James lay
across their laps with his head on Julia’s lap and his
upper body across Kirsten’s lap. The took turns feeding
James the bottles since his hands were useless in the
mittens of the sleeper. They only made James drink a few
bottles and then Julia commented that she didn’t want her
bed soaked again so they let him sit up in between them and
wrapped a blanket around the three of them. James made it
through the first movie but halfway through the second
movie he knew he would be going to bed in a wet diaper. As
the second movie neared its end James wet the diapers quite
a bit. His diapers were so thick however that they easily
and quickly absorbed all his pee and he could barely notice
that he had even wet. When the second movie ended the girls
decided James diapers should be able to hold a ton of pee.
So they decided to give him a few more bottles before bed.
When James lay down between the girls for bed his body was
filled with liquids and he knew it would probably be
another long night.
James listened to the girls crack jokes about
bedwetting for an hour or so before he finally fell asleep.
When James woke up he was wetting his diapers badly and as
she had been the night before, Kirsten was awake to tease
him about his wetting. James listened to another ten
minutes before she finally cuddled up close to him and went
to sleep. James woke up a few more times and felt the warm
liquid moving through his diapers, but he slept rather well
as he snuggled closely with the girls as they held on to
him and laid their heads on his chest.

Part 12

James woke up soaked, and squirmed around a bit trying
to get comfortable. His squirming woke Kirsten up. She
slowly opened her eyes and looked at the clock.
“It’s only seven, James, go back to sleep,” she said
as she yawned.
“How about I put these soaked diapers on you and you
go back to sleep,” said James.
“Aww did James go wettums in his didees?” Kirsten
"What do you think after all you made me drink?
replied James.
“FINE!!! I will change you so we can rest for a couple
more hours, then its time for you to dirty your diapers!!!”
Kirsten said.
With that she removed the soaked diapers from James
and taped a new one snugly to him. They then cuddled back
under the covers and fell asleep. The alarm went off at 10
AM. Kirsten and Julia both shook James as he tried to
ignore the alarm.
“Lets go, James, we got a busy day,” said Julia. “Last
full day, thank goodness” said James.
“Well we better make it the best then,” said Kirsten.
The girls fed him another big breakfast and by the
time he was finished he needed to pee badly again. Julia
and Kirsten watched as he squirmed around Kirsten got and
idea and she unzipped the sleeper from him and left him so
he was just in his diapers. James squirmed uncomfortably as
the girls sat and watched him standing in just his diaper.
He squirmed around and finally gave up and wet the diaper
in front of them. The girls giggled as they watched the
front of his diaper turn yellow.
“Can you change me now?” asked James.
“Nah, we will wait 'til you fill that up with some
poop first,” said Julia. The girls didn’t have to wait long
at about 11:30 James was squirming and dancing with a fresh
bladder of pee and a stomach ache that told him it was
gonna be messy. The girls had James lie across the couch
and Julia was feeding him bottles while Kirsten massaged
his stomach trying to force the poop into his diapers.
James finally gave in and let several warm streams of
diarrhea fill the diapers. The girls helped James sit up so
he wouldn’t leak. Julia quit feeding him the bottle but
Kirsten continued to massage his stomach and helped several
more streams of diarrhea into James diapers.
When James had finished the warm runny mess was all
over and he was very ready to be changed. Kirsten finally
took him in the bathroom and removed the dirty diapers and
let him hop in the shower. When he got out she let him dry
himself off and then she diapered him. James was fed more
tacos and beans for lunch and they laid him down for a nap.
James slept decent during the nap but was awakened again by
pains of needing to poop. Kirsten was right there as always
to mock him.
“Aww, does my little buddy need to go poopy??” She
“Well If I was you I would hold that as long as you
can!!” said Julia, “because we are gonna take you to the
mall again and then we are gonna go out to eat around six,
when we are done with that, then we will change you.”
James groaned as he thought about it. He knew he would
not be able to hold off messing the diaper long, and it was
only 2:30.

Part 13

“Lay down over here James” Julia said as she got
another diaper out. “I’m going to put another diaper on you
along with these plastic pants, because I don’t want you
dripping all over during dinner,” she said with a smile and
James lay down and let her put the extra diaper and
plastic pants on him. When he put his pants on he looked in
the mirror and saw a slight bulkiness to his diapered area.
“JULIA!!!” he complained.
“Would you rather walk around the mall and look like
maybe you are wearing a diaper or walk around without the
extra diaper and without the plastic pants and have
everyone KNOW from the smell that you are wearing a DIRTY
DIAPER?” Julia asked sarcastically.
James sighed and bent over in pain as his stomach
groaned from the pressure built up inside of him. Julia got
in the driver’s seat and Kirsten got in the backseat with
“Lay down across the seat and put your head in my lap
and listen,” said Kirsten as she helped him lay down.
“Just being the nice person I am, I’m gonna make a
suggestion for ya!!!” she said with a smile. James knew
that whichever way he decided his diapers were still gonna
be dirty.
“I think you should just fill your diapers up now
while your relaxed and laying down, it’s all gonna come out
sooner or later and I would think you would wanna be
stationary when it happens. Besides, your tummy has to be
killing you, just let it out,” Kirsten said smiling. James
knew she was right and buried his face in her lap. Kirsten
played with his hair as James tried to get in a position he
thought best to fill the diaper. Finally, James let go and
felt the diarrhea completely fill his diapers. He almost
started crying as he felt the warm semi-liquid poop spread
all over him. Kirsten and Julia giggled as they continued
to get closer to the mall. When they arrived Kirsten had to
prod him to get up.
“C’mon, you can’t keep your face their forever, even
though I know you would like to,” she said as she laughed.
James slowly got up and felt the still warm mess shifting
through out his diapers. Kirsten and Julia walked him
around from store to store as time just absolutely crawled
for James. The girls shopped non stop until dinner time and
only stopped once for a few minutes to let James fill the
diapers with a warm flood of pee and some fresh diarrhea
before they continued to look around. By the time they were
finished walking the mess covered James from front to back
and filled every inch of his diapers. Time crawled as James
sat in the mess during dinner and the girls once again
showed no mercy. James was given an extraordinary amount to
eat and was told he wasn’t getting changed until he
finished it. During dinner James wet heavily again and the
contents of his diapers spilled into his plastic pants.
James finally finished dinner and looked pleadingly at
“PLEASE change me!!!” he begged.
“Damn it, I forgot to bring any extra diaper to change
you into,” Julia said.
“DAMN IT JULIA!!!” James yelled.
The whole restaurant looked in their direction.
Kirsten seized the opportunity and said loud enough so that
everyone looking could here, “Take it easy James, I brought
a diaper to change you with,” she said as she held one up
so everyone could see. James turned beet red and
practically dragged Julia out of the restaurant and into
the mall. Kirsten shouted after Julia that she would stay
to pay the bill and meet them outside the diaper changing
rooms. When they got to the diaper changing rooms which
were right next to the girls bathroom, James looked in
horror as there seemed to be about a hundred teenage girls
standing around the area. James turned red as there was no
doubt in anyone’s mind who was gonna get changed. It was
easy for everyone to see he was struggling to walk in his
mess and Julia held a diaper in her hands as she led him
into the changing room. Julia removed the dirty diaper from
James. He could tell it looked every bit as nasty as it
felt when he saw a queasy look come across Julia’s face. It
took her a while to completely wipe him off but she finally
finished and was reaching for the clean diaper when she
bumped the diarrhea filled one and knocked it off the
changing counter onto the floor.
“Shit,” she said as she looked at James with a look of
“What’s wrong, Jules?” James asked as he couldn’t see
on the floor what she could see.
“Umm I Kind of accidentally bumped the messy diaper
off the counter,” she said.
“Well duh, I could see that” said James, “but what was
that look you gave me?”
“Well I kind of knocked it onto your pants and they
got shit all over them,” Julia said timidly.
Julia’s face turned from a look of horror to a smile.
When Julia and James walked out of the changing room
Kirsten was right outside the door waiting for them. When
Kirsten saw them she began to laugh uncontrollably and tons
of people looked to see what the girl was laughing so hard
“That is so mean, yet so funny!!!” she giggled as she
stared at James who was only wearing his shirt and a
perfectly visible white disposable diaper. James turned red
as many people looked at him. He counted his luck the
changing rooms were close to the car, and figured only a
couple hundred people had seen him. He prayed they were all
people he didn’t know. Julia put James pants in the trunk
as they smelled absolutely awful and then they got in the
car to go to Julia’s house. Kirsten didn’t stop laughing
the whole way home as Julia told her exactly what had
happened in the changing room. James just buried his face
in her lap again and tried not to think about all the
people who had saw him. When they got to the house Julia
threw James pants in the wash and they watched TV till
around 8:30. Julia then came up to James and told him if he
was smart he would empty as much out into his diapers as he
could, because Kirsten was going to get him diapered for
bed time. Kirsten walked in the room and added, “and once
you are diapered for bed you aren’t going to be changed
till morning.”
James filled the diaper with as much pee as he could
as he pushed until nothing would come out. Kirsten then
changed the wet diaper and took out several clean diapers
and prepared them as Julia had the two nights before. She
laid him down and taped diaper after diaper tightly to him
and then put the footed sleeper with mittens on him. James
had a hard time walking as he found he had a few more
diapers on than the last night.
“They might be uncomfortable now but you’ll be happy
you got them when you are wetting tonight,” said Julia.
“Wetting will be the least of his worries,” Kirsten
whispered to Julia. The girls giggled as knew James didn’t
realize with all the food he had eaten, plus the laxatives
Kirsten had slipped in his bottle she was about to feed
him, James dinner was not too far away from the back of his
diapers. James laid his head in Kirsten’s lap and sucked
down the bottle completely. Julia got a blanket and wrapped
James in it. Kirsten put a pacifier in his mouth and
stroked his hair while Julia gently began to rub and push
on his abdomen. The massage only felt good to James for
about 45 minutes as he suddenly realized with a slight pain
what the real intent of the massage was. James tried to sit
up but Kirsten gently pushed his head down and warned him
to k

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