The Boy who Would be Man and Child Chapter 4

A mildly shorter chapter but the last line felt like more of an “End” than something I should continue with, so I’ll continue with it next chapter.

The Boy who Would be Man and Child Chapter 4-

One might think of a movie starring Jack Nicholson when describing this psychiatric facility. There were more modern features but the core principle behind what type of people are there is the same. There are the old, the young, the committed and self admitted. There were some who were so out of control they had to be restrained or at the very least, watched over twenty-four seven, and then there were the calm ones who rarely ever have outbursts. Despite those contrasts, one quality exists among all of them, a lack of an individual identity.

Every single one of them have been defined down to an uncannily precise point by the psychiatrists; they were defined because there were others like them before. Schizophrenics, suicides, the manically depressed, some people were so far gone that they no longer had coherency but somehow even garbled words and behaviors were enough for a poorly paid doctor to diagnose them, stealing their identity as a person and replacing it as a “patient.”

Some patients were cognizant enough to be aware of that. Others either don’t know or don’t care to know. Once morale is gone, and a persons spirit is broken, then a doctor can begin to apply logic and function to the reason why a person behaves the way he does. It’s sad, but when health care systems are cutting corners and insurance companies only allow the bare minimum in treatment, what does a psychiatrist, one that actually cares about his patients do? What about the Nurses, the orderlies, hell any of the staff?

Rhia is the one ray of sunshine, the one so cosmically different from any other patient to break the system down almost entirely. It’s gotten Nurses and Psychiatrists to show favoritism, its proven that a diagnoses is not always about logic and function, and it’s renewed the belief that even something as simple as a two year olds mind can still be so utterly complex and indescribable. Rhia doesn’t care where she’s at, Rhia doesn’t care who takes care of her. Rhia is a textbook example of the philisophical quote “I think therefore I am.” She doesn’t need a reason to be, nor does she have to follow certain sets of sociological behaviors. One day she may be able to talk like a normal person of three or four years old, the next she might not have that ability at all.

That is precisely why Nurse Rivers took such great affection towards Rhia. Out of all the patients she’s ever dealt with, Rhia was not some “chore” that needed to be dealt with. Rhia is the very reason Rivers ever became a Nurse in the first place, she would do anything to help a person mentally or physically, and sometimes helping a person means to realize that there’s nothing wrong with them in the first place. She hates Feinbergs treatments and therapy sessions with Rhia. He’s not trying to teach Elias how to control and balance the other personalities, he’s trying to teach him how to suppress them or even make them disappear all together. If a human mind is so complex that it needs to partition itself just to remain sane, why would multiple personalities ever be considered to be an insane condition? Insane, abnormal, mentally ill, wrong, call it what you want it all means the same thing, it means society deemed her as unacceptable and pharmacies are hard at work to reverse that opinion.

Despite this belief, Rivers knew she needed to maintain a certain attitude towards work just to keep a job. Something as outspoken as that could be deemed as interfering with the progress of curing a patient. The only thing she can do is be as nice to Rhia as she can, and she does so enough that people jokingly call Rhia “Rivers’ daughter.”

Rivers was working a double shift today, another nurse called in sick and she happily came in for the extra cash. Everyone has to pay the mortgage somehow. Unfortunately, for the Majority of her shift, Rhia was Dormant. Chase had taken over the night before and refused to fall asleep.

Things were pretty monotonous, most of the nurses didn’t even bother talking to the patients unless they came up to the nurses station first, and the only time they did actually pay attention was either at medication time or hour long session of group therapy held every day. For all the nurses and society cared, the patients were lifeless, brainless zombies. That was until around half past three in the afternoon.

The Dunn family, Mother, Father and Child walked in to visit Elias. Kayla had the teddy hidden in her backpack, Dave seemed to be purposely distracting himself and Sheila was completely focused on one thing, especially since, due to a previous phone call with Feinberg, she knew Chase was the one in charge at the time.

They all sat down in Feinberg’s office. Chase was still restrained to his bed and thus absent from the meeting.

Feinberg started off, “Lemme see the article. Now…are you absolutely sure -this- is the guy?”

Sheila responded, “Positive. I saw his face that night and remembered it very well. We’ve gotta show him this, it’s likely the very reason Chase exists right? All because of this man.”

“I still don’t know. Revenge can be a very powerful thing, so much so that taking it away might only make matters worse. If this is indeed that drunk driver and he finds out that a victim’s frantic mother killed him, that could only aggravate him more.”

“But eventually he’s going to find out,” Sheila reasoned. “I mean, Chase exists because Elias’s mind needed to be angry at something right? That’s what you said. I don’t expect that he’ll just “Disappear” but if we were to show him that he doesn’t need to be angry at this man anymore, maybe he’d be a little calmer, a little more cooperative.”

Feinberg chucked, “I see you’ve been studying a bit…”

“He’s my son, what else would I be doing?”

"Well…yeah, I’d do the same if I were in your shoes. In any case, lets be a little delicate about this, let me start off and take things slow alright?

He turned towards Kayla, “Are you really sure you want to be here?” Feinberg found out from the phone conversation that Sheila was bringing Kayla, not because she wanted it but because Kayla wanted it.

“Yeah…I mean it’s like mom said with the newspaper thing, I’d find out eventually right?”

He chuckled again, “I guess so.”

Down the gray and white corridors through what felt like an endless string of locked or lockable rooms, they were finally at Chase’s room. An orderly was with them, it wasn’t necessary as the restraints were capable enough on their own, but it’s always nice to have an extra helping hand around.

Upon entering, almost as quick as Feinberg opened the door, Chase shouted “What the hell do you want?! I told you I don’t give a shit about Elias or Rhia.”

“Chase, I only want to ask you two questions, just two and nothing more. Will you at least give me that?”

“Hmph, depends what they are.”

“You said you were angry at the drunk driver for what he did to you three. If given the chance, would you try and take his life?”

“Ya never asked me something like that before, change in that condescendin’ ass attitude?”

“You could say that.”

Chase hesitated for a few seconds, but declared “I’d do more than try. If I had the chance, I wouldn’t even bother trying to hold back. What’s your other question, hurry up I don’t have all day.” Ironic considering he wasn’t going anywhere or doing anything for a long time.

“Lets assume that you do take his life, and you were somehow given a “get out of jail free” pass, so to speak. What would you do then?”

That one actually puzzled chase. He had never thought of that, what would he do if his ultimate goal had actually been met and done with, that is a question he had to think through. His answer was nothing short of complete smart-ass like, “Don’t know, don’t care. Probably wouldn’t do anything.” In a moment of clarity, he did speak seriously, “After something like that, what else would there to be angry about?”

Like the green light on an intersection, everyone else nearly instantly knew it was okay to show him the paper. Feinberg had already okayed it, and Sheila held it close to his face for Chase to read. It was too shaky to read the majority of the article, but the headline was enough, “Drunk Driver John Filmore Killed by Crazed Mother.”

At that moment, the Dunn’s heard a familiar voice. It was a somber and lighter voice, It was Elias. “M….mom….where am I and why can’t I move?”

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Another well written chapter Jaks, good story so far, keep up the good work.

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This is a really good story.

It seems like Elias may actually be able to begin the road to recovery.

I can’t wait to see what other twists you may have in store for this story.

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An excellent chapter Jaks. Keep it up.

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I like the tension between Rivers and Feinberg here as well as the introduction of Chase. This chapter may be short, but it accomplishes a lot in terms of advancing the plot.

Not to sound like a broken record, but again, the biggest issue is voice and POV. Nurse Rivers seems like a focal character, at least for the first part of this chapter, but the voice isn’t hers. Instead, we are being given information from an unidentified narrator, which is problematic at this point in time.

The dialogue was noticeably weaker this time around and it felt a bit rushed. Take something like “What’s your other question, hurry up I don’t have all day.” and make it in-synch with natural speech patterns and you might have “What’s your other question?” he asked. “Hurry up! I don’t have all day.”

Lastly, this is a really minor detail that’s barely worth mentioning, but no newspaper would have a headline like that. I can’t even imagine a tabloid calling someone crazed in a headline without quotes around it.

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Hmm… It appears that Chase has gone dormant. The only question is for how long.

Jacks you have a wonderful talent and I wish I could write even half as good. Please do continue as I find this story really interesting and entertaining.