the change

Mankind had changed dramatically over the last decade. Women had taken control of the government and businesses. Men on the other hand had been reduced to jobs that required little education and were comprised of mostly physical labor.
Tensions had risen between men and women, as men had become complacent. Women on the other hand had become the powerful force for change. With control of the economy and the government women had enacted various changes, most of which were beneficial to society. Several issues were still very real. Crime, mostly among men had become rampant. The government had presented various solutions but none of them were effective. Several radical feminist groups had presented solutions most of which caused men to be reduced to 2nd class citizens. The most dramatic of the solutions was extremely simple, “all men should be, in the eyes of the government, 1 year old”. This simple solution would prevent men from:
holding property
living independently
being eligible for loans
joining the military
and quite a few other things

This solution was surprisingly popular among st women, the only issue was that a 3 organization triumvirate, headed by women and men, used its immense resources to block the passage of any legislation that made men 2nd class citizens.
Things stayed the same until the faithful day when a terrorist organization killed 27 leaders of the 3 organizations. Instantly the way was paved to pass the age legislation.
It took all of 2 weeks.
Instantly enacted, the law robbed men of their money, property, businesses, right to vote, right to work, driving licenses, residential independence and much more. Things passed from men to the women closest to them and men were situated in houses with family, women who were interested in them, or orphanages (or as the media called them nurseries).
The most interesting part of the situation was the loss of the right to own property. Normal clothing was given to most men, but some women decided to change things up. Men under their control were put back in diapers and treated like adult babies. It took a little while for things to stabilize, but slowly and slowly more and more men were given this same treatment. Day cares for men began popping up all over the place and men spent their days watching tv, playing video games, or playing with other toys.
5 years out the adult baby treatment is almost completely pervasive. It is estimated that over 97% of all males wear diapers 24/7. Society is humming along and Men are no longer potty trained.

Is this the first part of some story notes? Or setting up a story?