The Demon Nursery! [Game] [Download Link] Alpha 0.03 Released 11/19/2021!

Good morning babys!

My name is Miah, I am a video game creator who has started her career this year, right now I am developing an ABDL game on Patreon called “A Whole Week In Diapers”, and now im developing this one, “The Demon Nursery”!

If you want to know more about the video game you can visit Patreon because all the official versions of the game will be published there, all the story and minigames that are created will only be accessible from Patreon!

I love you all and thank you for reading me, kisses~

History: This is the story of a very unruly young girl who suffers a car accident, when she wakes up she realizes that she is in a place that she does not recognize, a very strange one in which she will spend numerous adventures and puzzles with new friends and enemies that she will meet on your way out of that strange place, can you escape?

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You will also have access to the ChangeLog of all versions and the updates and unique content posts that I put up! It’s really worth joining n.n

Discord: ABDL Games | Miah

[Alpha, 0.02] [Game Update 11/14/2021] The Purgatory!
I have created a new background for the beginning of the story.

I have changed the visual image of the protagonist, both of the character and of the token that is seen when speaking.

I have been looking for a lot of tokens for the other secondary characters, I have also looked for visual images, all this is already in the files ready to be used, and you will soon see it in other posts!

You will have a new scene in this version, just before reaching purgatory.

The reception area with some characters is also created. I have a puzzle in mind for that room but it will be in the next version, I still have it half.

I have also started with the game’s HUD, although it still has a lot of work ahead of it.

Discord: ABDL Games | Miah

[Alpha, 0.03] [Game Update 11/19/2021] The Purgatory Reception!

In this update we have changes that you will see throughout the game, because I have been working on the HUD, I think it has been quite nice, you will be able to see it once you enter the reception of Purgatory.

In the HUD section you can see the part of the items, top left; in the center the area where you are; top right, the active mission, plus a coin counter that we’ll talk about now!

As you already know in post #164 we voted on which meter to put and the one you can see below on the left came out the winner. For now it will not be able to be used because it does not make sense in the story, but within 1 or 2 updates it will be operational!

Another thing that I mentioned to you is that there would be a secret room at the reception, since it has already been created, it is not difficult to find because it is so that you can see that the game is about puzzles even having an abdl theme.

And finally I have created a collectibles system, which are the coins that you see on the map, for now there are 3 in the game, I hope you find them all!


Discord: ABDL Games | Miah