The Diaper Dimension: What are the Consequences the amazons would face if the Littles decided they had enough?

If they were watching closely, if they realized that the Amazons would probably try to take what little resources they had left to mitigate the casualties of the apocalypse.

Amazon society seems, largely, to consider their penchant for human trafficking and brainwashing normal. What did “good, normal white people” do when integration approached their schools? In what society have those in power not initially closed ranks against the “attackers”. Who are really fighting for what those in power are hoarding for themselves?

I see the Amazons as a fairly dark take on human nature. They would not take it lying down that “their” littles were fighting back. I imagine there would be an initial curb stomp, then a slide into domestication of littles and the extinction of all free Littles.

Maybe this will be a story for you to write? There comes a time when Littles start to beocme activists and wanting Amazon rights and be treated as Amazon.

That theme has found its way into several stories already, but it hasn’t been a complete point of focus yet.

Well i am in the opinion that if the LITTLE VS AMAZONS went to trial and the WORST of the AMAZONS were found guilty. they would go under the nanites and shrink them to little or as small as possible even tweener would be ok, then ALL the procedures that they do to a new little. i mean all of them are done to them then they are adopted out under court supervision and monitoring ,to live out her/his life as criminal little, subject to all normal little abuse.

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